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  1. 1. SOCIETY OF PETROLEUM ENGINEERS SECTION ANNUAL REPORT RETURN THIS FORM TO THE SPE SECTIONS MANAGER NO LATER THAN 1 JUNE. Please submit electronically as a Word document, if possible. If handwritten, please use black ink or type. Attach additional sheets if needed. Please limit total submission (report and attachments) to 100 pages or less. Please include only 1 example of newsletters, meeting minutes, etc. If necessary, you may state “additional documentation available upon request”. Where applicable, please distinguish between the ongoing annual events or programs and those initiatives that were new or begun during the past section year. Section GULF COAST SECTION Section Year August 1, 2005 to July 31, 2006 , inclusive (month)(year) (month)(year) 1. Technical Dissemination 1.1 List all regular meetings of the section, meeting topics, attendance and sponsors (if any) – continued on next page The ongoing regular meetings (monthly and periodic meetings) of the Gulf Coast Section (GCS) include the following area and study group meetings: General Meeting, Digital Energy Study Group, Safety and Environment Study Group, Career Management Study Group, Northside Study Group, Drilling Study Group, Westside Study Group, Reservoir Engineering Study Group, Facilities and Construction Study Group, Completions and Production Study Group, Permian Basin Study Group, Petro-Tech Study Group, International Study Group, Emerging Leaders Program and, Business Development Study Group. With a few exceptions, all of the GCS regularly scheduled meetings are luncheon meetings, complete with a cash bar, a good meal, announcements of interest and a guest speaker. The guest speakers are usually awarded a souvenir for the occasion (of nominal value, less than $25). A member committee administers each meeting and is responsible for the conduct of all of their meetings. Luncheon meetings are held to a strict schedule beginning with fellowship at 11 a.m. and concluding promptly at 1 p.m. Due to the large number of regularly scheduled meetings within the GCS, management of program topics and schedules is coordinated by a Section officer in charge of “Programs”. Although the GCS is non-profit, each group is encouraged to make a nominal profit on their meetings to account for incidental expenses, contribute to GCS scholarship and other community service programs and, build up the GCS cash reserve. The profit target during this program year was 15 percent to build up the Section reserve. 1
  2. 2. 1.1.1 General Meeting (Holly Camilli, Chair): Date Name of Speaker /Job Title Company/Affiliation of Speaker Title/Topic of Speech Attendance (Note if Distinguished Lecturer) Sept. 8, Louis W. Powers Powers Petroleum Consultants World Oil Supply and Demand: How Vulnerable 105 2005 Petroleum Consultant Are We? Oct. 13, Giovanni Paccaloni, Sr. Advisor ENI-AGIP SPE Values, Mission Support, Energy 59 2005 SPE Past President Sustainability Nov. 10, Aubrey McClendon Chesapeake Energy Corporation An Independent's Perspective on the Natural Gas 131 2005 Chairman and CEO Industry Dec. 8, John Olson Sanders Morris Harris 2006 Energy Investing Dynamics 61 2005 Sr. VP/Chief Investment Officer (Joint Meeting with API) Jan. 9, Iskander R. Diyashev Sibneft The Oil Industry in Russia 198 2006 Chief Engineer (Joint Meeting with International Study Group) Distinguished Lecturer Feb. 9, Douglas C. Nester Prime Offshore Surviving in the Independent Oil and Gas 53 2006 Chief Operations Officer Business: Finding Your Niche Mar. 9, Thomas M. Cordano ExxonMobil LNG: The Future of Natural Gas 73 2006 Pres. LNG Market Dev. Apr. 26, John Morgan John M. Campbell & Co. LNG: What's Happening-And Why 52 2006 President May 11, Steve Holditch, Chairman Petroleum Engineering. Dept. Manpower Issues for the Oil and Gas Industry 34 2006 SPE Past President Texas A&M University 2
  3. 3. 1.1.2 Northside Study Group (Larry S. Foster, Chair): Date Name of Speaker/Job Title Company/Affiliation of Speaker Title/Topic of Speech Attendance (Note if Distinguished Lecturer) Sept. 13, Kevin Tanner Schlumberger Understanding Hydraulically Induced Fractures 30 2005 Senior Production Engineer using Micro-seismic Monitoring Oct. 11, Michael L. Verm Kerr-McGee Kerr-McGee: Developing Bohai Bay 49 2005 Vice President China Petroleum Ltd. Nov. 8, James Pappas Devon Energy A Review of Subsea Tree Types, Configurations, 35 2005 Senior Engineering Advisor Corporation and Installation Methods Dec. 13, W.A. Jentsch, Jr. JLSJ Enterprises, Inc Changing Dynamics in the Oil and Gas Industry; 42 2005 President A Call for Public Awareness and Understanding Jan. 10, Bob Meize Anadarko Petroleum Implementing a Worldwide Deep Water Rig 66 2006 Worldwide Deepwater Drilling Strategy Manager Distinguished Lecturer Feb. 14, Vincent C. Roes Shell First Deepwater Application of Dynamic 34 2006 Mars/Ursa Rig Opns. Mgr. Exploration and Production Annular Pressure Control Succeeds Mar 14, Larry E. Hartman ChevronTexaco Emerging Technology for De-Liquification of 57 2006 Petroleum Engineer Offshore Gas Wells Apr. 14, Kishore Mohanty University of Houston Application of Lab-on-a-chip Technology to The 20 2006 Professor Upstream Petroleum Industry May 9, Mike K. Hauser, Upstream Chevron Real-Time Asset Management From Vision to 30 2006 i-field Program Manager Engagement – An Operator’s Experience Jun. 13, Don Howard MMS Hurricane Preparedness – 2006 Readiness Plan 50 2006 Staff Engineer (est.) 3
  4. 4. 1.1.3 Westside Study Group (Steve Baumgartner, Chair): Date Name of Speaker Company/Affiliation of Speaker Title/Topic of Speech Attendance (Note if Distinguished Lecturer) Sept. 14, Joseph Lach Knowledge Reservoir Reservoir Drivers in the Selection of Wet Versus 57 2005 VP Subsurface Consulting Engineering Dry Tree Facilities Distinguished Lecturer Oct. 19, Lee Matthews Cornerstone N.G. Engineering Horizontal Completion Practices in the Barnett 105 2005 President Shale Nov.16, Rick Fowler Dominion Exploration & Rigel Deepwater Field Appraisal and 45 2005 Gen. Mgr. Deepwater Dev. Production Development Dec. 14, James Rodgerson BJ Services Optimizing Treatment Coverage in Horizontal 71 2005 Region Engineer Barnett Shale Wells Using External Casing Perforating Jan. 18, Robert Pourciau Chevron Insights into Deepwater Frac-Pack Completions 105 2006 Sr. Completions.Engrg. Advisor Using Radioactive Tracers Feb. 15, Larry Britt NSI Technologies, Inc. Water as a Fracturing Fluid: When Does It Work 111 2006 Engineering Manager and When Does It Fail? Mar. 15, Rocky Seale Packers Plus Energy Services Multi-Stage Hydraulic Fracturing in Openhole 102 2006 International Operations Manager Horizontal Wells Apr. 19, Daniel M. Jarvie, President Humble Geological Services Symposium: 112 2006 West Texas – Barnett Shale Bill Grieser, Technical Specialist Halliburton Energy Services Various Topics Including: Kent A. Bowker, Manager Bowker Petroleum LLC Exploring for & Producing Shale Gas Gary Schein, Region Technical BJ Services Managing Development Manager Fracture Technology Lee Matthews, President Cornerstone N.G. Engineering Others. Steve Sadoskas, Bus. Dev. Mgr. Pinnacle Technologies Dick Leonard, Bus. Dev. Mgr. ProTechnics John MacKay, Bus. Dev. Mgr. Welltec Dick Zinno, Chief Geophysicist Weatherford May 17, Bernardo Maldonado Baker Oil Tools Extreme and Ultra High Pressure/High 47 2006 Manager, Product Line Strategy Temperature Completion Technologies and Gaps 4
  5. 5. 1.1.4 Facilities & Construction Study Group (Sally Jabaley, Program Chair): Date Name of Speaker/ Job Title Company/Affiliation of Speaker Title/Topic of Speech Attendance (Note if Distinguished Lecturer) Sept. 20, Jim Hooper Fugro-McClelland Mississippi Delta Seafloor Failures during 59 2005 Senior Engineer Hurricane Ivan Oct. 18, John Alexander, Project Manager Mustang Engineering Challenges of Deepwater Brownfield Projects in 62 2005 Richard Livingston, Engineer the Gulf of Mexico Nov. 15, Margaret Mills BHP Billiton Oil and Gas Markets and Pricing 28 2005 VP, Crude Oil Marketing Jan 17, Cory Weinbel, General Manager Cal-Dive Overview of Independence Hub Project 108 2006 Production Facilities Division Feb. 21, Ben Poblete Lloyd’s Register Americas Lessons Learned During the Development of 46 2006 HSE & Senior Risk Manager Maintenance and Material Handling Strategies for Novel Offshore Platforms Mar. 21, Candida Scott IHS Energy LNG Cost Estimation - Working 65 2006 Sr. Dir., Econ.& Cons. Software with Blinders On Apr. 18, Karl VanBrocklin ConocoPhillips Magnolia ETLP, a Gulf of Mexico Deepwater 89 2006 Facility Engineer-GOM Div. Project Apr. 20, Bob Ineson, Dir. North Am. Gas CERA LNG Train: Driven by Technology and 53 2006 AG Gelotti, VP LNG Supply Shell North America LNG Innovation Workshop Edgar Kuipers, Dir. Mkt. Access Shell North America LNG Andy Wolford, Founder Risknology Kyle Cuellar, Sr. Cons. Engr. Ortloff David Coyle, Sr. Tech. Mgr, KBR Peter Noble, Floating Sys. Div. ConocoPhillips Joe Nelson, Project Engrg. Mgr. Mustang Engineering Mark McCadden, Lt Commander Coast Guard Tony Bingham, Global Bus. Mgr. Lloyd’s Register May 23, David Knoll, Project Manager Shell E&P Mars Recovery after Hurricane Katrina 83 2006 Mars Project Jun. 20, John W. Lyon ExxonMobil Guiding Principles and Business Ethics - 80 2006 VP Global Synthetics Bus. Unit Operating with Integrity" (est.) 5
  6. 6. 1.1.5 Business Development Study Group (Rich Munn, Chair): Date Name of Speaker Company/Affiliation of Speaker Title/Topic of Speech Attendance (Note if Distinguished Lecturer) Nov. 16, Tony Lentini, VP Apache Corp. How Well Are We Weathering the Storms? 49 2005 Eugene Kim, Sr., Analyst Wood MacKenzie Gulf of Mexico Activities Following Hurricane Tim Parker, Sr VP E&P Dominion E&P Katrina Jan. 18, David Marcell, Managing Dir. Tristone Capital M & A & D Activities: Contrasting Merger, 112 2006 Randy King, Managing Partner Petrie Parkman & Co Negotiated and Auction Transactions in Today’s Bill Brittan, President & Founder EnergyNet New Market. Mar.8, Garry Tanner, Senior VP & COO EnerPlus Res. Fund Creating Value for the Investor and E&P 92 2006 Paul Lee, Dir., Corporate Finance Linn Energy Company Through Multiple Financial Kolja Rockov, EVP & CFO Pioneer Nat. Res. Instruments. May 17, Mark Schumacher, Team Leader EnCana, USA Unconventional Gas Plays – Barnett Shale, 86 2006 Sam Langford, Mgr. Bus. Dev. & Newfield Exploration Woodford Shale and Other Basins Central Oklahoma; Jerry Dominey, Team Leader, Shell E&P Americas Unconventional Resources 6
  7. 7. 1.1.6 Drilling Study Group (Anjali Prasad, Chair): Date Name of Speaker Company/Affiliation Title/Topic of Speech Attendance (Note if Distinguished Lecturer) of Speaker Sept. 14, David Tubbs Burlington Implementation of a Slim Hole Casing 92 2005 Engineering Advisor Resources Design Utilizing Expandable Tubulars in the East Texas Bossier Oct. 12, Gary West Baroid/Halliburton Versatility with High Performance Drilling 23 2005 Technical Manager Fluids Nov. 9, Rick Stone Signa Engineering Managed Pressure Drilling 74 2005 President and CEO Dec. 1, Alan Orr Helmerich and Payne Flex Forward, A Look at the Development 34 2005 VP Engineering and Design of New Flex Rigs Jan. 11, Brett Chandler Grant Prideco Recent Advancements in Drill Pipe 71 2006 Marketing & Product Manager, Drilling Services Technology Feb. 8, Ed Tollefsen Schlumberger Formation Pressures While Drilling 56 2006 New Technology Leader, Drilling & Measurements Change the Way We Drill Mar. 8, Keith Brents Smith Services One Trip Window Milling + Directional 45 2006 Wellbore Departure Group Drilling th Apr. 12, Kate Baker, Distinguished Advisor, E&P Segment BP 5 Annual Drilling Symposium 87 2006 Kevin Carey, Gen. Mgr., Global Deepwater Chevron David Mannon, Sr. VP & COO Parker Drilling Don’t Get Left Behind – Identifying the Rick Mitchell, VP Worldwide Drilling Devon Needs, Challenges and Requirements for Phil Pattillo, Distinguished Advisor, Tubulars BP Future Oil and Gas Drilling Tim Probert, Sr. VP Drlg. & Formation Evaluation Halliburton Chris Seaver – President and CEO Hydril May 10, Bobbie Jo Kull, Drlg. Engr., Rock Mechanics Team Chevron ROP Predictor Tool for Real-Time Bit 68 2006 Christine Guerrero, Drlg. Engr., Rock Mech. Team. Optimization 7
  8. 8. 1.1.7 Reservoir Study Group (Chuck Wagner, Chair): Date Name of Speaker/Job title Company/Affiliation Title/Topic of Speech Attendance (Note if Distinguished Lecturer) of Speaker Aug. 24, Jim Crompton, I - Fields Architect Chevron Reservoir & Digital Oil Field 104 2005 & Exhibitors (8) Technology providers Technology Showcase Sept. 20, Aubrey McClendon Chesapeake Energy Chesapeake Energy and Engineering Postponed – 2005 Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Challenges in the Mid-Continent Hurricane Oct. 27, Joseph Gladbach Randall & Dewey Reservoir – Reserves Issues in a High Price 58 2005 Managing Director Environment Nov. 17, Ray Mentzer ExxonMobil LNG in the US Natural Gas Market 49 2005 US LNG Regulatory Manager Jan. 26, Aubrey McClendon Chesapeake Energy Chesapeake Energy and Engineering 95 2006 Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Challenges in the Mid-Continent Feb. 23, Richard Jones Apache Corp. Quantifying By-Passed Oil Reserves in the 54 2006 Senior Staff Reservoir Engineer Forties Field Mar. 23, Mark Williams Chevron Assessing Dynamic Reservoir Uncertainty: 129 2006 Reservoir Management Consultant Integrating Experimental Design with Field Development Planning Apr. 27, Bill Haskett Decision Strategies Evaluation of Unconventional Resource 41 2006 Principal, Exploration & Production Plays May 25, Randy Tolman ExxonMobil Advanced Multizoned Stimulation 93 2006 Operations Superintendent Technology 8
  9. 9. 1.1.8 Completions and Production Study Group (David Flores, Chair): Date Name of Speaker Company/Affiliation Title/Topic of Speech Attendance (Note if Distinguished Lecturer) of Speaker Sept. 15, Richard Spears, Managing Director Spears and Assc. Investing in Oilfield Technologies – 44 2005 Distinguished Lecturer Why Rig Count Doesn’t Matter Anymore Oct. 18, Jackie LaFontaine Shell E&P How Do We Make the First Completion on 86 2005 Well Performance Manager a Deepwater Project As Good As the Last One? Nov. 17, Joel Johns TecWel Applied Ultrasonic Technology in Well 17 2005 Sales & Marketing Manager Bore Leak Detection Dec. 15, David Mason Shell International A Comparison of the Performance of 48 2005 Sr. Production Technologist Exploration & Recent Sand Control Completions in the Production Mokoko Abana Field Offshore Cameroon Jan. 19, Craig L. Cipolla Pinnacle Technologies The Truth About Hydraulic Fracturing – 87 2006 VP Engineering Services It’s More Complicated Than We Would Distinguished Lecturer Like to Admit Mar. 16, Kevin Renfro Anadarko Petroleum A Follow Up to the Deepest Completions in 98 2006 Project Advisor the GOM Apr. 20, Mike Vincent Carbo Ceramics Completion and Production: Field Results: 72 2006 Consultant Effect of Proppant Strength and Sieve Distribution Upon Well Productivity May 18, Karen Olson Shell E&P Multiphase Non-Darcy Pressure Drop In 26 2006 Completion Team Leader Deepwater GOM Hydraulic Fracturing 9
  10. 10. 1.1.9 International Study Group ( Skip Koshak, Chair): Date Name of Speaker/Job title Company/Affiliation Title/Topic of Speech Attendance (Note if Distinguished Lecturer) of Speaker Sep. 15, Matt Simmons Simmons & Co. Twilight in the Desert? 178 2005 Chairman and Chief Executive Officer International Oct. 11, Michael L. Verm, VP Kerr-McGee Developing Bohai Bay 46 2005 Kerr-McGee China Petroleum Limited Nov. 8, Mike Grecco Chevron Southeast Asia 22 2005 Strategic Planning and Business Manager Jan. 9, Iskander R. Diyashev,Chief Engineer Sibneft The Oil Industry in Russia (Jt. Mtg. w/ 198 2006 Distinguished Lecturer General Mtg. Study Group) Mar. 24, Kurt Hillman, Production VP Amerada Hess International Joint Ventures, How to Keep 50 2006 Distinguished Lecturer Yours on Track May 5, John J. Weust Marathon Oil Major Issues in Platform and Facility 50 2006 Manager, Corporate Emergency Response Team Company Recovery: The People Factor. (est.) Jun.13, R. M. Shivers III ATP Oil and Gas Gulf of Mexico vs. North Sea 50 2006 Vice-President Projects (est.) 1.1.10 Safety and Environment Study Group (Carole Fleming, Chair): Date Name of Speaker/Job title Company/Affiliation Title/Topic of Speech Attendance (Note if Distinguished Lecturer) of Speaker Nov. 9, Jay E. Russell Substance Abuse Vulnerability 6 R.A.I.D Corps Inc. 2005 President Assessments Jan. 11, Jason Rose Michael Stapleton Facility Security and Recent Trends in 10 2006 Associate of Maritime Security Associates Both Domestic and International Bombings Mar. 8, Marilyn Bullman How Do You Know Your Behavior Based 11 Halliburton 2006 S.H.A.R.P Facilitator Process Is Working? Jun. 14, Sanjeev Saraf ioMosaic Managing LNG Risks 15 2006 Partner Corporation (est.) 10
  11. 11. 1.1.11 Permian Basin Study Group ( James Rodgerson, Chair) Date Name of Speaker Company/Affiliation Title/Topic of Speech Attendance (Note if Distinguished Lecturer) of Speaker Sept. 12, Steve Cheung Chevron The Latest in Ways to Improve Asset 48 2005 Project Leader, Conformance Control Value Through Better Water Management Distinguished Lecturer Oct. 19, Doug Walser BJ Services Taking Advantage of the Low Density 24 2005 Permian Region Engineer Differential Between Proppant and Carrier Fluid in the Permian Basin Nov. 15, Chris Peterson Kinder Morgan Enhanced Gravity Drainage Through 36 2005 Senior Reservoir Engineer Immiscible CO2 Injection in the Yates Field Jan. 13, Jeff Simmons Occidental An Integral Cog of a Successful Company 85 2006 Manager, Integrated Reservoir Management Petroleum Feb. 21, Adrian Goodisman Scotia Waterous Permian A&D Activity 26 2006 Managing Director Mar. 21, Jeff Harris BJ Services Successful Stimulation of Open Hole 39 2006 Region Engineer Carbonate Formations using Coiled Tubing Apr. 19, Daniel M. Jarvie, President Humble Geological Symposium: 112 2006 Services West Texas – Barnett Shale Bill Grieser, Technical Specialist Halliburton Energy Various Topics Including: Services Exploring for & Producing Shale Gas Kent A. Bowker, Manager Bowker Petroleum Managing Development LLC Fracture Technology Gary Schein, Region Technical Manager BJ Services Others. Lee Matthews, President Cornerstone N.G. Engineering Steve Sadoskas, Bus. Dev. Mgr. Pinnacle Tech. Dick Leonard, Bus. Dev. Mgr. ProTechnics John MacKay, Bus. Dev. Mgr. Welltec Dick Zinno, Chief Geophysicist Weatherford 11
  12. 12. 1.1.12 Digital Energy Study Group (Mike Strathman, Chair): Date Name of Speaker Co. Affiliation of Title/Topic of Speech Attendance (Note if Distinguished Lecturer) Speaker Aug. 24, Jim Crompton, I - Fields Architect Chevron Reservoir & Digital Oil Field 104 2005 & Exhibitors (8) Technology providers Technology Showcase Oct. 18, Robert Aydelotte ExxonMobil Data Management - A Big Challenge 24 2005 Staff Engineer Getting Bigger Nov. 29, Reid G Smith RG Smith & Assoc. Darcy’s Law applied to Knowledge Flow 20 2005 Managing Director Dec. 29, Kurt McCaslin Kerr McGee and Business Process Management Software 110 2005 Director of Technology Technology providers & Exhibitors (8) Feb. More than 40 speakers Operating, Service Digital Energy 2006 Conference 584 21-22, and Software 2006 companies 1.1.13 Petro-Tech Study Group (Kimberly B. Dollens, Chair): Date Name of Speaker/Job Title Co. Affiliation of Title/Topic of Speech Attendance (Note if Distinguished Lecturer) Speaker Nov. 8, Charles J. Hager Yuma E&P Company, Future Direction of Skill Sets for Reservoir 55 2005 VP, Acquisitions Inc. Engineer Technologists Jan. 10, K. C. Whittemore Yuma E&P Skill Sets for Geological Technologists 61 2006 VP, Business Development Company, Inc. Mar. 14, Dr. David Pelton Petroskills The Time Has Come, the Walrus Said, to 53 2006 Director, Instructional Competencies Talk of Many Things – Resume Writing May 9, Alan Brown Schlumberger Seismic to Simulation 28 2006 PhD Technical Consultant June 13, Charles Rimer Noble Energy, Inc Drilling 101 50 2006 Director of Operations Services (est.) 12
  13. 13. 1.1.14 Emerging Leaders Program (John McLaughlin, Chair): ELP Developmental Programs: Date Name of Speaker/Job Title Co. Affiliation of Title/Topic of Speech Attendance (Note if Distinguished Lecturer) Speaker Sept. 13, Arjun N. Murti Goldman, Sachs & A Wall Street Analyst’s View - $105 Oil 50 2005 Managing Director and Business Unit Leader Co. Forecast Oct. 19, Brad Bowman ExxonMobil Building Leadership Qualities 12 2005 US Reservoir Operations Technical Manager Nov. 16, Robert Palmer Occidental Leadership & Experiences to Overcome 14 2005 Chief Prod./Opns. Engineer, Worldwide Dec. 1, Michael Economides University of Energy Geopolitics 90 2005 Professor Houston Jan. 11, Don P. Roesle Ryder Scott Leadership Lessons 13 2006 CEO Company Feb. 15, Charles Christopher BP America CO2 & Climate Change–How Big of a 61 2006 CO2 Program Manager Problem is it? What is Industry Doing About it? Feb. 22, Alana C. Smith Big Brothers Big Big Brothers Big Sisters Volunteering 35 2006 Bowl for Kids’ Sake Administrator Sisters Opportunities 13
  14. 14. Anadarko Petroleum, Emerging Engineers Conference Mark Pease, Sr. VP Woods McKenzie, Opening Keynote Eugene Kim, Sr. Analyst, Occidental Dev., “The Impacts of the Record 2005 Nigel Hopkinson, Sr. VP, Ryder Scott, Hurricane Season”, John Hodgin, President Fekete, “Negotiating International Contracts – David Anderson, Technical Advisor, Object Reservoir, Oxy’s Middle East Perspective”, Adam Farris, VP of Technology, ExxonMobil, “The Boom Continues – Unconventional Kris Nygaard, Supervisor Upstream Research, Mar. 30-31, Consultant Gas Plays: Barnett & Fayetteville Shales”, Bridget Mueller, Consultant 110 2006 Chevron, “Building the Business Case for Tech: Michelle Pflueger, Prod. Engr. Anadarko, Case Study for the Oil and Gas Industry”, Jay Graham, Sr. Staff Engr. Shell, “Tight Gas Completions”, Kelda McFee, Prod. Engr. BJ Services, “Can you hear me now? Action through Lee Dillenbeck, Product Line Research Leader Hughes Christiansen Effective Messaging” David Curry, former SPE Tech Editor, TAMU, “International Opportunities Panel” Tom Blasingame, Professor, ExxonMobil “Technical Paper Writing Panel”, Rich Kruger, VP Closing Keynote Apr. 19, Alan Stubblefield Southwestern The Components of Leadership 9 2006 Senior Vice President Energy May 31, Ellen M. Coopersmith Decision Use of Decision Analysis in the Oil 40 2006 Founder Frameworks Industry (est.) ELP Outreach/Networking Programs: Date Purpose of Activity Activity Type Location Attendance Sept. 15, ELP Monthly Networking Social Industry Networking, Sherlock’s 20 2005 SPE Membership Sept. 29, ELP Monthly Networking Social Industry Networking, Bennigan’s @ Galleria & Polar Ice 88 2005 (Broomball & Mixer) SPE Membership Galleria Oct. 10, ELP ATCE Young Professionals Networking Industry Networking Metropolitan Downtown Tavern 15 2005 Social SPE & Student Members at ATCE Oct. 20, ELP Monthly Networking Social Industry Networking, Red Lion Pub 15 2005 SPE Membership Oct. 22, Houston Grand Opera Event Industry Networking Wortham Theater Center 7 2005 14
  15. 15. Jan. 20, ELP Hockey Night (Aeros) Industry Networking, Toyota Center 25 2006 ELP name- recognition Feb. 22, ELP Monthly Networking Social Industry Networking, Flying Saucer 30 2006 SPE Membership Mar. 30, EEC Networking Social Industry Networking Fox and Hound 81 2006 EEC Attendees & SPE Student Mbrs. Apr. 20, ELP Monthly Networking Social Industry Networking, Front Porch 15 2006 SPE Membership Apr. 26, ELP Community Outreach: Big Brothers Big Charity/Community Palace Lanes (New Initiative that raised 40 2006 Sisters ‘Bowl for Kids Sake” Outreach Event ~$5,000 for charity) TBD ELP Field Day Industry Networking, Spotts Park 50 SPE Membership (est.) 1.1.15 Career Management Study Group ( Claude Thorp, Chair): In a new initiative, the January meeting was filmed in order to share the topic with colleges and SPE Student Chapters. Date Name of Speaker/Job Title Co. Affiliation of Title/Topic of Speech Attendance (Note if Distinguished Lecturer) Speaker Nov. 16, Elbert W. Link Consultant TSPE – Engineering Leadership Forum - 100 2005 Consultant Ethics Jan. 25, Susan Howes Anadarko Petroleum Career Development – Take Charge of Your 97 2006 Engineering Recruiting and Training Manager Corporation Career Jeff Lelek BP Houston Subsurface SDDN Leader Jeff Corey ConocoPhillips Recruiting Manager Feb. 22, Dr. David Pelton PetroSkills Don’t Let the Workplace Get You Down 16 2006 Professional Communicator Mar. 22, Robin Kessler The Interview Coach Prove Your Competence: How to Thrive in 19 2006 President Today’s Competency-Based Companies 15
  16. 16. 1.2 Did an SPE officer (SPE President, Past President, President-Elect, or Treasurer) visit during the section year? Date of Visit Name SPE Office Held Attendance Aug. 26, Stephen Graham SPEI Director, Operations Americas 100 2005 SPE-GCS Kickoff meeting Oct. 13, Giovanni Paccaloni SPE Past President 59 2005 Speaker for General Meeting Oct. 13, Eve Sprunt SPE President 335 2005 Attendee at 70th Anniversary Celebration Oct. 20, Mark Rubin SPEI Executive Director 12 2005 SPE-GCS Board Meeting May 11, Steve Holditch SPE Past President 34 2006 Speaker for General Meeting 1.3 List all study-group meetings, with attendance numbers, of the section. All study group meetings were reported in detail individually in this report (pp. 2-15). All study groups with the exception of Business Development, Completions & Production, Petro-Tech, International, Safety and Environment, Digital Energy and Emerging Leaders Program schedule their meetings on a monthly basis from September or October through May or June. Some may take off during December, depending on the difficulty of arrangements and major scheduling conflicts with other meetings, whether local or international. Most study groups conduct luncheon meetings. On special occasions, evening meetings are held but they are rare. List all short courses, seminars, and workshops, with attendance numbers, sponsored by the section. Date Title/Short Description of Activity Funds Attendance Raised Sept. 21, “Ethics for the Practicing Engineer” covers the common morality, personal ethics, and professional +$1465 133 2005 ethics issues that the engineer faces as a professional. The class discusses the role of professional and technical engineering society codes of ethics, and the Engineering Practices Act. (Continuing Ed.) Oct. 10, ELP 4th Annual Petrobowl (Dallas Convention Center, Dallas, TX). Outreach to SPE Student Chapters +$212 150 2005 through an annual quiz-bowl competition at the ATCE.(PetroSkills sponsorship). Thirteen (13) teams (est.) competed. Oct. 10, ELP ATCE Young Professionals Networking Social (Metropolitan Downtown Tavern, Dallas, TX): -$318 15 2005 Industry networking among ATCE attendees & SPE student members (est.) Nov. 8, “Ethics for the Practicing Engineer” covers the common morality, personal ethics, and professional +$287 46 2005 ethics issues that the engineer faces as a professional. The class discusses the role of professional and technical engineering society codes of ethics, and the Engineering Practices Act. (Continuing Ed.) 16
  17. 17. Feb. 22, “Unconventional Reservoirs – Barnett Shale formation from Outcrop to Surface” covers the evaluation +$851 114 2006 of Barnett Shale outcrops to better understand the vertical and lateral distribution of the various lithofacies that are common throughout the Barnett Shale. (Continuing Education) Mar. 30-31, Emerging Engineers Conference/Golf Tournament (Anadarko Petroleum Corporation/The Oaks Course +$16,114 110 2006 - The Woodlands). Two-day conference focused on career development & networking (Anadarko (Conference) Petroleum, ExxonMobil Production, Occidental Development, Chevron sponsorship) 76 (Golf) 18 (Others) Apr. 4, “Oil Patch Orientation” exposes non-technical personnel to an audio-visual guided tour through the oil +$3546 98 2006 patch, from discovery through depletion of fields. (Continuing Education) May 18, “Ethics for the Practicing Engineer” covers the common morality, personal ethics, and professional +$3000 19 2006 ethics issues that the engineer faces as a professional. The class discusses the role of professional and (est.) technical engineering society codes of ethics, and the Engineering Practices Act. (Continuing Ed.) June 2006 ELP Roughneck Camp. Introduction of SPE-GCS to Houston-area summer interns and new-hires n/a 125 29,2006 involving ice-breakers, keynote speakers, and a networking social. (est.) July ??, +$3500 100 “Oil Patch Orientation” exposes non-technical personnel to an audio-visual guided tour through the oil 2006 (est.) (est.) patch, from discovery through depletion of fields. (Continuing Education) 1.5 List all technical conferences, exhibitions and symposia, with attendance numbers, sponsored by the section. Emerging Leaders Program (ELP): 4th Annual PetroBowl (@ SPE ATCE), Oct. 10, 2005, Dallas, Texas. Sixteen (or 13 as stated above?) student chapter teams registered to compete from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., and the attendance in the room during any hour varied from 100 to 300 persons as active students and alumni came in to support their alma maters during the competition. Business Process Management Software Technology Showcase: On December 9, 2005, the Digital Energy Study Group hosted the second in a series of technology showcases, aimed at business process management software. The purpose was to expose SPE members to an exciting and powerful genre of software, which is underutilized in the energy industry. Eight vendors made presentations about their capabilities (IBM, K2.Net, Documentum, File Net, Microsoft, SAP, Open Text and Fuego ). This format is a new initiative and has the advantage of maximizing exposure to technologies in a short period of time. This saves time for operators and the software sellers. The keynote speaker was Kurt McCaslin, Director of Technology, Kerr-McGee, who described application of Business Process Management software within Kerr McGee. Attendance was approximately 110. Sixth Annual Digital Energy Conference: This event is becoming the industry event for oil and gas, focused on the application of digital technologies and associated processes in the energy business. This year there were 584 in attendance at the two-day event on February 21 & 22, 2006. The survey responses indicated more than 80 percent of the attendees felt it was valuable content and worth their time. Keynote speakers on the first day included Steve Hinchman, Senior Vice President of World Wide Production for Marathon Oil Company, who spoke on the need for new ways to work to be competitive in the future, and how those new work methods will be enabled by technology. Dr. Carla O’Dell, President of 17
  18. 18. the American Productivity and Quality Center (APQC) provided an entertaining luncheon speech on the value of knowledge and how it can be measured. She leveraged APQC’s experiences in other industries. The second day was packed with two C-level panels. One presented the challenges the industry faces and the second responded to those with technology solutions. This was an innovation for this year’s event to drive attendance into the second day and by the response it succeeded. These panels included: Ron Mobed, CEO of IHS Energy; Don Paul, SVP and CTO of Chevron; John Gibson, CEO of Paradigm Geo; Bertrand DuCastel, Schlumberger Fellow; Alan Huffman, CEO of FusionGEO; and Jerome Beaudoin, CIO of Devon Energy. One of the indicators of success is the number of conferences spawning recently that address the same kind of issues, notably SPE Intelligent Energy and a number of for-profit seminars presented by AQPC and others. This proves that the vision that the SPE GCS has for digital energy is both correct and timely, and interest is anticipated to accelerate in the coming years. In a new initiative this year, SPE-GCS partnered with the SPEI conference organizational staff from Richardson. It was a success and helped keep conference costs under control. The conference also met its financial targets and contributed more than $50,000 to the SPE-GCS scholarship funds. Emerging Leaders Program (ELP): 2nd Annual Emerging Engineers Conference (EEC), March 30–31, 2006, Anadarko Petroleum, Houston, Texas – The conference was attended by 110 young engineering professionals representing 25 companies, increasing attendance by 160 percent over last year. The conference boasted upper management speakers from four larger employers, as well as presentations on technical skills, interpersonal skills, current events, and new technology. The networking social was also well-attended by 81 of the registrants. The golf networking event held in conjunction with the conference drew 76 golfers including 18 non-conference attendees. Net profit from the event was just under $15,000. This profit was directly due to higher attendance and more sponsorships, thus offsetting higher expenses and establishing a premier event. The intangible benefits of highlighting the ELP, reaching a broad audience for SPE, and establishing the EEC as a premier event are, at this time, immeasurable. Awards and Scholarship Banquet: An inspirational evening on May 11, 2006, where the multi-faceted technical and leadership achievements of several generations of superstars in the energy industry were celebrated by more than 330 attendees. The keynote speaker was Bill White, Mayor of Houston. The audience included: 1) SPE-GCS scholarship winners (high school seniors who will be engineering majors) and their parents; 2) SPE Scholarship renewals (petroleum engineering majors who are current college students) and their parents; 3) SPE award winners from the Science Engineering Fair of Houston in the Chemistry, Physics, Engineering, Earth & Space Science and Environmental Science (who are middle school and high school students) and their parents; 4)SPE-GCS Emerging Leaders Program (ELP) members (SPE members with less than 10 years industry experience); 5) SPE Legion of Honor members (50 continuous years of SPE membership); 6) SPE Auxiliary members (SPE-GCS spouses’ organization); 7) Various winners of SPE section and regional awards who were recognized for volunteerism; and, 8) SPE members and their spouses. The ELP was designed to identify and develop future leaders for SPE, to recognize and affirm the leadership potential of young members and to strengthen SPE through ELP initiatives. Awards Banquet Sponsors included $500 table sponsors: AMEC Paragon, Anadarko, Baker Hughes Inc, BJ Services (2 tables for total of $1000), BP, Chevron, Deep Gulf Energy LP, ExxonMobil, Grant Prideco, Hexion Oilfield Technology Group, Houston Exploration, Schlumberger Information Systems, and Weatherford. 18
  19. 19. Electric Submersible Pump (ESP) Workshop: April 23 - 27th, 2007, The Waterway Marriott, The Woodlands, Texas. The 24th ESP Workshop will be conducted in April of 2007. The ESP Workshop committee has decided to run the workshop every other year so that it would not be competing with the SPE European Artificial Lift Forum which runs every even numbered year in Aberdeen. This is a new initiative since 2006 is the first year that the ESP workshop has not been held. The goal of the alternating years is to enhance participation and quality of presentations while furthering the technology of Electrical Submersible Pumping Systems and the application of the system. Additional technical conferences, exhibitions and symposia: Reservoir & Digital Energy Oil Field Technology Showcase: August 24, 2005, co-hosted by the Digital Energy and Reservoir Study Groups focused on reservoir software (Eight vendors made presentations about their capabilities and the keynote speaker was Jim Crompton, Chevron I - fields Architect), 104 attended. GCS Kickoff Meeting: Section Goals and Study Group Workshop, August 26, 2004, AMEC Paragon - 10777 Clay Road, Houston, TX 77041, USA, 100 attended. 5th Annual Drilling Study Group Symposium, “Don’t Get Left Behind – Identifying the Needs, Challenges and Requirements for Future Oil and Gas Drilling”, April 12, 2006, 87 attended. “West Texas – Barnett Shale Symposium”, Westside and Permian Basin Study Groups First Joint symposium, April 19, 2006, 112 attended. (New Initiative) Facilities and Construction Study Group Workshop: “LNG Train: Driven by Technology and Innovation Workshop”, April 20, 2006, 53 attended. 1.6 List ways your section shares technology with other sections, the Society and other industry groups. GCS Technology Transfer Committee (TTC): The TTC is charged with improving the dissemination process of technological information. In a new initiative begun during this section year, the TTC explored ways to implement technology transfer recommendations in the Long Range Plan. The committee remains composed of the three main segments of industry to address dissemination issues: a broad base of operators, service companies and independent consultants working to determine methods to efficiently capture and share technical content as it emerges from the committee events. The group met as small teams throughout the year and during open conference calls. Based upon input from the Programs and Communications groups – two sectors that interlace with technology transfer, the focus items address potential means to further disseminate the results of high interest topics accomplished by the section. This year has proven to be an active year but last minute email alerts were required for many first class events. Recognizing busy volunteer workloads, the TTC identified a test case to capture on audio/video feed and present on the website. The committee realizes packaging and ease of use are paramount to getting information to the membership. One area of growing interest is IPOD technology which the committee will explore and test during the coming year. The group continues to identify new technology as it becomes available and will point it toward the appropriate 19
  20. 20. study groups. They have been working with the GCS Webmaster to investigate options for improving ways to make this information accessible to the general membership effectively. The TTC feels this is a good opportunity to implement advances in video and audio streaming technology to support the excellent work accomplished by the study group committees. The focus will be on reaching members who are unable to attend a monthly study group meeting. This is not intended to replace the effectiveness of meeting face to face and networking which the TTC feels remains the best means of technology transfer, but to address the feedback received from members who simply have scheduling conflicts or heavy workloads. The TTC plans to work closely with all committees to implement this strategy. A June, 2006 breakfast meeting is scheduled to plan and implement the above strategy. Pricing structure will be discussed in detail with a market plan taking into consideration advancement of video and audio streaming technology. In a new initiative, the January meeting of the Career Management Study Group was filmed in order to share the topic with colleges and SPE Student Chapters. The title of the panel discussion was “Career Development – Take Charge of Your Career.” 20
  21. 21. 2. Section Operations 2.1 Officers – List current officers. SPE Office Held Name Beginning-Term End-Term Section Chair Bryant Mueller, Schlumberger August 1, 2005 July 31, 2006 Vice-Chair Roger Hite, Business Fundamentals -ditto- -ditto- Secretary Allen Shook, BlackRock Energy Capital -ditto- -ditto- Treasurer Art Schroeder, Energy Valley -ditto- -ditto- Vice-Treasurer Bill Bowers, Hanover Company -ditto- -ditto- Career Management Claude Thorp, Collarini and Assoc. -ditto- -ditto- Communications Pat Lawrence, ConocoPhillips. -ditto- -ditto- Community Services Ricky Pena Jr., Anadarko Petroleum Corp. -ditto- -ditto- Membership Randy Woods, ExxonMobil Corp. -ditto- -ditto- Programs Open -ditto- -ditto- Social Activities Bruce Davis, TransAtlantic Energy -ditto- -ditto- Technology Transfer Don Duttlinger, PTTC -ditto- -ditto- Director Ken Arnold, AMEC Paragon Engrg. Services -ditto- July 31, 2007 Director Mark Peavy, Kerr-McGee Corporation -ditto- -ditto- Director Kermitt Walrond, Consultant -ditto- -ditto- Director Nick Piskurich, BP -ditto- July 31, 2006 Director Russ Neuschaefer, Schlumberger -ditto- -ditto- Director Hiep Vu, Shell International E&P -ditto- -ditto- Director/Past Chairman Susan Howes, Anadarko Petroleum Corp. -ditto- July 31, 2006 Gulf Coast Region Director Janeen Judah, Chevron -ditto- October, 2006 21
  22. 22. 2.2 Section Committee Chairpersons: SPE Office Held Name Beginning-Term End-Term Auxiliary Paulette Williams August 1, 2005 July 31, 2006 Business Development Rich Munn, Noble Royalties Inc. -ditto- -ditto- Web Technology Regina Eco, Miller and Lents Ltd. -ditto- -ditto- Completions & Production David Flores, TAM International -ditto- -ditto- Continuing Education Janice Menke, Matador Resources -ditto- -ditto- Drilling Anjali Prasad, Hydril -ditto- -ditto- Digital Energy Mike Strathman, Aspen Technology -ditto- -ditto- Emerging Leader Program John McLaughlin, Ryder Scott Co. -ditto- -ditto- ESP Workshop Noel Putscher, El Paso Corp. -ditto- -ditto- Facilities & Construction Melissa Blanscet, BHP Billiton -ditto- -ditto- General Meeting Holly Camilli, Exxon Mobil -ditto- -ditto- Golf Dwight Turner, Halliburton Energy Services -ditto- -ditto- International Skip Koshak, Shell Global Solutions -ditto- -ditto- Magic Suitcase Shawna Hartman, Chevron -ditto- -ditto- Northside Larry Foster, Schlumberger -ditto- -ditto- Permian Basin James Rodgerson, BJ Services -ditto- -ditto- (2.2 Section Committee Chairpersons Continued): 22
  23. 23. SPE Office Held Name Beginning-Term End-Term Petro-Tech Kim Dollens, Cymraec Resources Inc. August 1, 2004 July 31, 2005 Publicity Open -ditto- -ditto- Racquetball Alan James, Houston Exploration Co. -ditto- -ditto- Reservoir Chuck Wagner, Apache Corp. -ditto- -ditto- Safety & Environmental Carole Fleming, Chevron -ditto- -ditto- Scholarship Rey Saludares, Anadarko Petroleum Corp. -ditto- -ditto- Sporting Clays Tim Riggs, Ryan Energy Services -ditto- -ditto- Tennis Suzanne d.Rosario-Davis, -ditto- -ditto- O&G Asset Clearinghouse Webmaster Jason McElweenie, Schipul -ditto- -ditto- Westside Steve Baumgartner, BJ Services -ditto- -ditto- Newsletter Editor Keith Rappold, Consultant -ditto- -ditto- Newsletter Committee Chair: Mike Wysatta, Ryder Scott -ditto- -ditto- Features: Buddy Woodruff, ProTechnics Asst. Editors: Jim Honefenger, Veritas DGC, Jack Courtney, Shawna Hartman, Chevron Treasurer: Jan Sattler, ConocoPhillips. 23
  24. 24. 2.2 Attach list of incoming officers: SPE Office Held Name Beginning-Term End-Term Section Chair Roger Hite, Business Fundamentals August 1, 2006 July 31, 2007 Vice-Chair Allen Shook, BlackRock Energy Capital -ditto- -ditto- Secretary Russ Neuschaefer, Schlumberger -ditto- -ditto- Treasurer Bill Bowers, Hanover Company -ditto- -ditto- Vice-Treasurer Hiep Vu, Shell International E&P -ditto- -ditto- Career Management Claude Thorp, Collarini and Assoc. -ditto- -ditto- Communications Pat Lawrence, ConocoPhillips -ditto- -ditto- Community Services Ricky Pena Jr., Anadarko Petroleum Corp. -ditto- -ditto- Membership Randy Woods, ExxonMobil -ditto- -ditto- Programs TBA -ditto- -ditto- Social Activities Bruce Davis, TransAtlantic Energy -ditto- -ditto- Technology Transfer Don Duttlinger, PTTC -ditto- -ditto- Director Ken Arnold, AMEC Paragon Engrg. Services -ditto- -ditto- Director Mark Peavy, Kerr-McGee Corporation -ditto- -ditto- Director Kermitt Walrond, Consultant -ditto- -ditto- Director Jim Montagna, BakerHughes -ditto- July 31, 2008 Director Larry Foster, Schlumberger -ditto- -ditto- Director Sally Thomas, ConocoPhillips -ditto- -ditto- Gulf Coast Region Director Susan Howes, Anadarko Petroleum Corp. -ditto- October, 2009 24
  25. 25. 2.2 List all board meetings of the section. Date Mbrs. Items Discussed Pres. Aug. 26, 16 Reviewed and approved July minutes and financials (fiscal year end). Revised Financial Guidelines and Authorities were 2005 discussed and approved. A new Business Process Management software with Livelink Solution to automate the Event Reporting and Payment Authorization process was discussed and approved for $30,000 and included in the 2005-2006 Budget . + (NEW INITIATIVE) Sept. 15, 15 August minutes and financials were presented and approved. Budgets for the Digital Energy Study Group, Permian Basin 2005 Study Group and GCS Board were presented and approved. The Board-level budget included $21,000 for an independent accounting review of GCS financial statements and treasury/business processes. + (NEW INITIATIVE). Approved email broadcasts to GCS members for a survey of topics for the Digital Energy Study Group) and a reminder of the GCS 70 th Anniversary Celebration on October 13th. A recommendation by the Community Services Committee was approved to add a link on the GCS website to the Red Cross Hurricane Katrina relief program. Approved Community Services Committee recommendation to sponsor Earth Sciences Week with a $500 contribution. Discussed possible ways to assist the SPE Delta Section with hurricane relief. Liaison assignments for Board members were made. Oct. 20, 12 September minutes and financial report were presented and approved. Plans and estimates for the Golf Tournament were 2005 presented and approved. The 2005 GCS Strategic Plan was presented, discussed and approved. +(NEW INITIATIVE) Digital Energy Study Group presented plans for a Technology Showcase highlighting business process management software. The event was approved. Completions and Production Study Group discussed their activities and requested an email broadcast to GCS membership to highlight their activities. The Board approved an email blast to members with a designated interest in “Production Operations” or “Drilling and Completion”. Mark Rubin, SPEI Executive Director, presented a summary of the status and activities of SPEI including a review of potential Sarbanes Oxley impact on non-profit organizations and the SPE Foundation. By email vote, the board approved a $500 co-sponsorship by the GCS Emerging Leaders Program of a social/networking event for young engineers and students at the Dallas ATCE. +(NEW INITIATIVE) Nov. 20, 15 October minutes and financials reviewed and approved. The contingent budgeting process for social and special events was 2005 discussed. The Emerging Leaders Program presented plans for a March 2006 golf tournament to be held in conjunction with the upcoming ELP conference. The Board approved the event with contingencies for increasing prizes with increased sponsorships. +(NEW INITIATIVE) The vacant Publicity Chair position and use of an outside public relations firm were discussed. Email broadcasts, succession planning and nominating committee activities were also discussed. Dec. 15, 12 Reviewed and approved November minutes and financials. Discussion continued on the contingent budgeting process for 2005 certain events. Approved the 2006—2007 GCS officer slate proposed by nominating committee. Discussed the GCS policy on contracts. 25
  26. 26. List all board meetings of the section (Continued). Date Mbrs. Items Discussed Pres. Jan. 19, 12 Reviewed and approved December minutes and financials. Approved nominating committee’s recommendations for 2006 replacement of two departing board members and associated revisions to 2006-2007 officer slate. The Drilling Study Group presented plans for the 5th Annual Drilling Symposium and the event was approved. Facilities and Construction Study Group described their LNG Workshop plans and this event was approved. The Westside and Permian Basin Study Groups provided their plans for a joint West Texas Barnett Shale Symposium and this event was approved. +(NEW INITIATIVE) Plans for the Emerging Leader Program’s Emerging Engineer’s Conference and Golf Tournament were presented and the event was approved. The updating of the Magic Suitcase was described. Feb. 16, 14 January minutes and financials were presented and approved. Discussed the GCS cash reserves/working capital balance and 2006 the current recommendations of the financial advisory board on suitable investment vehicles. The Digital Energy Study Group provided final plans and estimates for their upcoming conference. A final email broadcast promoting this conference to GCS membership was approved. A written report from the GCS SPE Auxiliary was presented discussing their mission and activities. Registration issues, Newsletter advertising, award nominations, funding for Science Fair, and the Awards Banquet were also discussed. Liaison reports were received for Career Management, Petrotech, Westside, and ELP meetings. Mar. 23, 14 Reviewed and accepted February minutes and financials. The Scholarship Committee presented 5 budget scenarios for 2006 scholarship awards for 2006-2007. The board approved an increase in awards to $110,000 from $77,000 in 2005-2006 with the award amounts remaining the same. + (NEW INITIATIVE) Discussion continued on scholarships, internships, and mentoring programs for retaining top-level talent in petroleum engineering. A formal mentoring program will be established by the Scholarship committee to establish and maintain industry-scholarship award winner relationships. + (NEW INITIATIVE) Updates were received from Digital Energy Study Group and Golf committees. Executive Committee met via conference call to discuss Conflict of Interest documentation, resolution, and filing + (NEW INITIATIVE) April 20, 16 Reviewed and accepted March minutes and financials. Committee recommended the open Publicity board position not be 2006 filled but rather have Community Services Committee consider the role under their umbrella. Golf tournament update was presented and the prize policies for this event and others discussed. Scholarship Committee reported that interviews were complete and award selections stand at 35 new freshman scholarships and 29 renewals for 2006-2007. McDonald, Fox, and Lund’s (MFL) draft report of their independent review of the GCS’ 2004-2005 Financial Statements was summarized for the board. MFL found no material issues or exceptions with the financial statements. MFL’s 15 observations/recommendations on accounting procedures and internal controls were also summarized. Updates of the upcoming June 9th Sporting Clays event, ELP Board selections, and the March 30-31st ELP Emerging Engineering Conference were presented. A representative for Texas Alliance for Minorities in Engineering provided information about their programs for possible GCS involvement. 26
  27. 27. May 18, 14 Reviewed and accepted April minutes and financials. Discussed GCS cash balance and possible need for adjusting financial 2006 guidelines for events, need for new member service/volunteer recognition activities, and new strategic uses of funds. Input will be requested from study group and committee leadership during the 2006-2007 budget process. Committee including Audit Committee and past treasurers provided results of first meeting to discuss the MFL reports. Financial Statement Review report can be finalized with minor wording changes. Final ELP Board selections were presented. The Facilities and Construction Study Group provided a review of their year as well as requested a name change to “Projects, Facilities, and Construction Study Group” to more closely align with SPEI and their constituency. The board approved this name change. Resignation of Bill Jentsch from board was addressed. + New initiatives begun this section year include implementation of business process management software for automation of the Event Reporting and Payment Authorization process, an independent accounting review of GCS financial statements and treasury/business processes, approval of the 2005 Strategic Plan , co-sponsorship of the young engineer’s social event at ATCE and an ELP golf tournament to be held with the ELP-EEC, the joint West Texas Barnett Shale symposium, increase in scholarship awards from $77,000 to $110,000, establishment of a formal mentoring program between GCS membership and scholarship award winners, formal procedures for Conflict of Interest documentation, resolution, and filing. 27
  28. 28. 3. Financial 3.1 Include copy of section financial statement at end of the section year. Please see Attachment A: Gulf Coast Section Balance Sheet, March 31, 2006. 3.2 List the section’s sources of income and list of sponsors (if any). Tennis Tournament Golf Tournament Continuing Education Programs Corporate Donations to Scholarships Corporate and Individual Sponsorships of Recruiting Fairs Corporate Sponsorships for Social Events, Golf, Tennis, Racquetball, Sporting Clays Corporate Sponsorships for Digital Energy Workshop Membership Rebates and Stipends from SPE International Minimum Profit from Study Group and other regular Meetings Newsletter Profits Racquetball Tournament Sporting Clays Tournament Study Group Workshops and Symposia Website Advertising Gains from Investing Reserve Funds Gulf Coast Section 70th Anniversary Celebration Sponsors included seven Platinum ($2000) Sponsors: Anadarko Petroleum Corporation, BJ Services, BP, Halliburton, Hexion Oilfield Technology Group, Santos USA Corp. and Schlumberger Information Systems. There were nine Gold ($500) Sponsors: Chevron Energy Technology Company, Collarini Energy Staffing Inc., Grant Prideco, Mullen Energy Corp, Oxy, Precision Energy Services, Randall & Dewey, Signa and Total. There were eight Silver ($100) Sponsors: Beyond Compliance, EnRisk, Enventure Global Technology, Fairways Offshore Exploration Inc., Microsoft, Newpark Drilling Fluids Laboratory Inc., Upstream CIO Newsletter, and Wild Well Control Inc. These sponsorships exceeded SPE-GCS budgeted projections by 16 percent for this event. Digital Energy 2006 Sponsors and Exhibitors included Aclaro Softworks, Advantek International Corp., Aspen Technology, Inc., BEA Systems, Bearing Point and Google, Clarity Visual Systems, CyrusOne, DataHorizon Limited, Earth Decision, EMC Corporation, Geologix Services Ltd, Hummingbird, IHS Inc, Infosys Technologies Ltd, Intervera Data Solutions, - SourceCode North America, Knightsbridge Solutions, L&T , Infotech, LiquidFrameworks, Merrick Systems, Inc., MetaCarta, Inc., Microsoft, Microwave Data Systems, NSI Upstream, OGRE Systems Inc., Open Text Corporation, Oracle USA, Inc., P2 Energy Solutions, PartnerMetrics, Petris, Real-Time Innovations, 28
  29. 29. Scandpower, Petroleum Technology, Schlumberger Information Solutions, Serafim Ltd, Software Architects, Stone Bond Technologies LP, Stonebridge, Sungard Availability Services, SWORD, Inc., Welcom, Wellogix, Inc., and Xvand Technology Emerging Leaders Program – Emerging Engineers Conference Sponsors included Anadarko Petroleum –$3000, ExxonMobil Production –$3000, Occidental Development –$1000, Chevron–$1000, Anadarko Petroleum – venue for event, Anadarko Petroleum - roundtrip tickets for two to Hawaii ($1,500 voucher), STS Rentals – Door Prizes, Derrick Equipment – Door Prizes, Object Reservoir – Door Prizes, Halliburton – Door Prizes, and Petroskills – Door Prizes. Business Development Study Group Sponsors included Challenger Minerals - $250, Wells Fargo Energy Advisors a division of Wells Fargo Securities, LLC - $250, Randall & Dewey a division of Jefferies & Company, Inc. - $250, and EnergyNet - $250.00. PetroTech Study Group Sponsors included Collarini Energy Staffing - $600. Westside Study Group Sponsors included Baker Oil Tools – gift certificates - $50, BJ Services - speaker gifts - $500 for “West Texas – Barnett Shale Symposium”, BJ Services - gift certificates - $200), ProTechnics – gift certificates - $100, Schlumberger – gift certificates - $100 and Schubarth Consulting – gift certificates - $100. Awards Banquet Sponsors included table sponsors ($500 each except as noted): AMEC Paragon, Anadarko, Baker Hughes Inc, BJ Services (2 tables for total of $1000), BP, Chevron, Deep Gulf Energy LP, ExxonMobil, Grant Prideco, Hexion Oilfield Technology Group, Houston Exploration, Schlumberger Information Systems, and Weatherford. Scholarship Sponsors ($2000 each except as noted) included Anadarko Petroleum, Baker Hughes, BP, Challenger Minerals ($250), Chevron, Devon Energy, Grant Prideco, Hilcorp, Marathon, and Schlumberger Information Solutions. 3.3 Does the section require payment at the time a reservation is made for section meeting? No, it is encouraged but not required. Payment is made at the time of the meeting via cash or check. Payments made at the time a reservation is made are those made by credit card either by fax or on the Website. 3.4 Does the section bill persons who make reservations for a meeting but do not attend? Yes. The meeting committee reports no-shows and the Study Group Treasurers are encouraged to bill them. 3.5 Does the section have section dues? (Do not include charges for section luncheon/dinner meetings.) No. The section makes a nominal profit on its meetings and newsletter and the section has not elected to assess section dues. 29
  30. 30. 4. Communication Within the Section 4.1 Enclose a copy of one monthly section newsletter or meeting notice with an average preparation and distribution per unit cost and total cost. Included with the hard copy of this report is the May 2006 issue of the GCS Monthly Newsletter. During this program year, the GCS published ten (10) 32-page newsletter issues. Beginning this year the summer issue is being included in the following publishing year. Advertising revenues were $240,714 and total expenses were approximately $167,290 (final accounting not completed). Monthly circulation is approximately 11,762. Printing and distribution cost per issue is $1.42 and revenue per issue is $2.05, leaving a positive cash flow of $0.62 per issue less incidental expenses, which vary slightly from year to year. 4.2 In what way does the section distribute its newsletter (circle all that apply): postal hardcopy X email X fax website download other 4.3 Does the section have a website?__Yes. If so, please list the website’s address___www.spegcs.org____________ 4.4 List other methods your section uses to communicate with its membership (e.g., email, the internet, broadcast faxing, etc.) and describe how they are used. Email is used extensively for SPE-GCS communications with Richardson, the SPE-GCS board and the membership. SPE-GCS Board meeting minutes are distributed electronically to all board members and other members in attendance. Minutes focus on action items, questions, motions, public relations opportunities and associated handouts. This serves to enhance communication between board members who were in attendance with those who were unable to attend. The newsletter editor often creates articles out of “news” items outlined in the minutes for the next newsletter. Similarly, the Webmaster often picks up “news” items of immediate interest from the minutes to showcase on the home page of the SPE-GCS Web site. Electronic communication is also used by the SPE-GCS Secretary to make announcements and calls for volunteers to a general distribution list of active section members grouped by study group committee on a “blind carbon copy” basis. Minutes are archived on the Web site. The BOD meeting minutes for April 2006 are posted here: An e-newsletter is distributed to all registered users of the website during the first week of the month, with summaries of events linked to the calendar page where one can register for the event. Press releases are sent to the Houston Chronicle, Houston Business Journal and college newspapers at both Rice University and the University of Houston, asking editors to post SPE-GCS Career Management events on their calendars of upcoming events. In addition, the Community Services Scholarship Committee sends notices to the Houston Chronicle to be published in the community editions of the paper concerning scholarship winners and the annual awards banquet. Communications Leadership The SPE-GCS continues to make communications a priority. The Web site and newsletter continue to provide members with valuable information on study groups and special events. The Communications Director, Pat Lawrence, coordinates the efforts of the newsletter, Web site and publicity committees to ensure efficiency and maximum coverage and reach. She has three committee chairs, 30
  31. 31. each one assigned to a specific communications vehicle. With this communications structure, the SPE-GCS is able to maximize visibility of its valuable resources for current and potential members, as well as other interested parties in the community. The publicity chairman’s position is open this year as the function and scope are being reevaluated. Publicity chair: open Web site chair: Regina Eco Newsletter chair: Mike Wysatta SPE-GCS Website: The primary objective of the Web Technology Committee is to provide an easy access communications vehicle to facilitate not only meeting registration but also technology transfer. A secondary objective is for the Web site to become self sustaining with revenue generated by Web site advertising and sponsorships, job placement listings, business directory listings, and e-newsletter sponsorships. In continuing the efforts to ensure that website content is accurate and up to date, a new Content Manager feature was added to the site this year to allow quick and easy editing of pages online. Pat Stone continues to sell site sponsorships, banner ads, e-newsletter sponsorships and business directory ads for the Web site. For the first time this year, job postings and web ads are generating sufficient revenue to cover the costs of maintaining the website. During the 2005/2006 year, the SPE- GCS website added several new features as new initiatives to better serve the Membership. Additional efforts were made to enhance the capabilities of the site at a minimal cost. Below are a few highlights: • Job Board Financial Highlights. Job postings and total revenue for Job Board Postings • RSS Upgrade. RSS was upgraded from 1.0 to 2.0. RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a way for a user to subscribe to various content on • Site Totals. The Hits/Visits/Page Views are continuing an upward trend • Newsletter Generator/Template - The newsletter generator was updated with increased functionality. A template was added to the newsletter process to further SPE-GCS marketing efforts. • WYSIWYG Editor – What is WYSIWYG? What You See Is What You Get. An integrated editor was added to to further ease online editing. • Podcasting. SPE-GCS can host podcasts to which members can subscribe. In a new initiative, study groups and committees can now post audio and video files from luncheons and seminars. 31
  32. 32. RSS Upgrade: RSS was upgraded from 1.0 to 2.0. This enables a richer feed for the end user. A user can now separate which syndicated information they can subscribe to including; Press Releases, Articles, Calendar Events, Job Listings, Resume Listings, Directory Listings and the Site OPML list along with all Syndicated Content including Podcasts. 32
  33. 33. Site Totals: The SPEGCS Web site continues to show an increasing trend in site traffic and has been an invaluable tool for communications both within and beyond the section’s membership. Date Hits Visits Page Views 2003 11,441,537 409,612 1,353,069 2004 10,795,506 431,931 1,817,693 2005 11,749,268 571,212 2,064,628 2006 (est. based on Jan.-Apr.) 14,000,000 965,000 3,300,000 33
  34. 34. Newsletter Generator/Template: The Newsletter Generator has been updated. Easier navigation and newsletter submission has been added to A newsletter template has been added to the process enabling a more streamlined marketing approach for the site. The Newsletter Generator and Template gives the user a choice of content to include in a newsletter. Users can choose from a specific date range and which particular content will be shown. Jump links were also added to the newsletter template. These links give the viewer an aid in navigating the SPEGCS newsletter. The screen shot above to the right notes these links in the color blue. 34
  35. 35. WYSIWYG: WYSIWYG is an acronym for “What You See Is What You Get”. This translates to an easy way to edit Events, Articles, Job Postings, Resumes or any other area of the site that can be edited. Users who have limited or no HTML experience can navigate through the WYSIWYG editor to change the formatting of any particular document they are working on. Users can post pictures, paste content from a Word document, create hyper links, format text and preview before posting. A User can also choose from a number of templates that further ease the page building process. This has been configured to keep in mind that many SPE-GCS users might be HTML illiterate. Podcasting: Podcasting has been added to the SPE-GCS website. Now Study Groups and Committees can post audio and video files to the SPE-GCS site. Users who subscribe to these podcasts can listen to audio or video postings of special luncheons and seminars. 35
  36. 36. 5. Communication and Participation Outside the Section 5.1 Describe your relationships with other professional societies (national or international) which are active in petroleum engineering or related areas. Describe any joint activities and initiatives (ongoing and new). The SPE-GCS enjoys a healthy relationship with many other professional societies in the Gulf Coast Region. The Section continuously supports the Houston Energy Council (HEC) which it helped form in 1999. HEC is an organization designed to promote communication between professional energy organizations in Houston. Its mission is to share information, promote cross-disciplinary education and networking, encourage participation in each other’s programs, and facilitate development of cooperative programs. Member organizations include the American Petroleum Institute, Houston Bar Association, Houston Geological Society, Society of Independent Professional Earth Scientists, Society of Petroleum Engineers, Society of Petroleum Evaluation Engineers, Society of Petrophysicists and Well Log Analysts, and the Houston Association of Professional Landmen. Currently, one Board member of the SPE-GCS serves on the Board of the HEC. The SPE-GCS website provides access to a consolidated calendar of all HEC organization events to ensure that SPE Members are aware of and have access to other professional society organized events. SPE-GCS is an active member in the Texas Society of Professional Engineers (TSPE), helping to promote the benefits of being a certified professional engineer to its members. As part of this activity, SPE-GCS participates in the annual selection of the TSPE Engineer of the Year, as well as the selection of a young SPE Member to be named one of several TSPE Young Engineers of the Year. Several SPE-GCS members serve currently and in the past as members of organizing committees for the TSPE. Every year, the SPE-GCS hosts a joint monthly meeting with the API. This section year’s meeting was held December 8, 2005, and the topic of discussion was “2006 Energy Investing Dynamics.” A board member also serves on the API Workforce Initiative. The 8th annual Houston Cup golf tournament, jointly organized by the SPE GCS, API, IADC, and AADE, is designed to promote some friendly competition between the four respective groups. The officers of each organization are grouped together during the tournament to promote the sharing of ideas and innovative concepts for non-profit organizations in the energy industry. The next Houston Cup will be held during the Fall of 2006. The SPE-GCS Website contains a feature on “Career Management”, which is an extensive job search program pioneered within SPE by the SPE-GCS during the last several years. The service is provided for the petroleum engineering community, worldwide. It provides career search aids and continuing education sites. The current Career Management features include: search job listings, post a job listing, search resources, post a resume, my resume, career transition primer, salary surveys, online resources, and professional development coursework. As of May 21, 2006, there are 48 job listings and 20 resumes posted. Greater Houston Energy Education Collaborative (GHEEC): A SPE-GCS board member attends these meetings designed to leverage existing educational outreach programs to encourage students in the Houston area to consider careers in energy. See section 7.3 for details. 36