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  1. 1. Survivors/Victims of Tragedy, Inc. Black on Black Crime, Inc. Community Action Newsletter © Judy Martin, Editor and Publisher September 1, 2008 – October 15, 2008 Without peace, love, respect, kindness, tolerance, courtesy and/or patience, there is hatred for oneself and others, which can lead to senseless violence and the murder of our babies, children and young adults. TOPICS INSIDE: MacProductions: BLUES NIGHT COCKTAIL PARTY Fathers, a support group for fathers, Sponsored by Queen Tutt Temple #1271 sponsored by Councilman Kevin Conwell. Editorials/Commentaries; Black History; We build FREE websites for Nonprofits. on Sunday, 11/16/08, 7-Midnight. There The support group offers men: parenting Past Events; Unsolved Murders/Cold Cases; Get your website today by calling will be Food, Fun, Music, Dancing, Raffle and peer support; anger management; job Missing Children & Adults; Other 216.673.0071. and Door Prizes. Donation $10.00. It will placement services; career development; Organizations; Miscellaneous Information; Help fuel our growth and we’ll help fuel community involvement. Meetings on the be at King Tutt Lodge, 13700 Kinsman. Entrepreneurs; Memorial Wall/ Wall of your car. Here’s how: first Wednesday of every month from 6-8 Winner need not be present. Donation for Sorrows Information; Survivors/Victims of • Get a $25.00 BP Gas Card* for every pm at the Cleveland City Hall, 601 Raffle Tickets is $1.00. Tragedy & Black on Black Crime, Inc. nonprofit or charitable organization Lakeside Avenue, in the Rotunda. Call Information; Statistics, etc. AND referral 664.4557 or 791.6642 for information. ___________________________________ Queen Tutt Temple #1271 is also • Get a $50.00 BP Gas Card* for every 'Be kinder than necessary, because sponsoring a POVERTY RAFFLE. The Business referral everyone you meet is fighting some kind prize is a Big Basket filled with turkey, & ANNOUNCEMENTS • Get a $100.00 BP Gas Card* for every all the fixings for a big dinner. Drawing- of battle.' The Neighborhood Chess & Ping website maintenance/website management Sunday, 11/16/08, 10 pm At a Blues Nigh referral Pong House gives away food on the last Cocktail Party, 13700 Kinsman (Winner Thursday of each month from 10 am to MEMORIAL WALL/ Mac Productions is NOT affiliated with need not be present.) Raffle Donation Noon at 1765 Wymore in the garage, WALL OF SORROWS BP. BP is NOT sponsoring this $1.00. behind the building facing Euclid at Thanks to an Agreement reached promotion. For tickets, call Judy Martin, Financial Wymore. Call Ted Guerry at between Ms. Y-Von, Black on Black ___________________________________ Secretary, at 990.0679, or Denise Perry, 577.3628(c), if you have questions. Crime, Inc. and Survivors/Victims of Daughter Ruler, at 323.9711. Tragedy, Inc., we are rebuilding the UPCOMING EVENTS Memorial Wall/Wall of Sorrows at 11300 101st HIP HOP WORKSHOP "The world is a dangerous place to live; Superior Work has begun on the new LINE DANCE CLASSES. Learn line not because of the people who are evil, Where: Apthorpe Towers, 12900 Superior Memorial Wall/Wall of Sorrows at 11300 When: One Saturday a month from dances and/or a little ballroom dancing on but because of the people who don't do Superior. The name are on the building. Thursdays at King Tutt Lodge, 13700 6-10 pm. Date to be Announced. It can anything about it." --Albert Einstein. We have some things to finish and then we be mean but it must be clean. Rappers, Kinsman, from 9-11 pm. Good people, will have a dedication ceremony. This is a free, fun and Bid Whist. singers, poets, dancers, instrumentalists, project of love for our families and the etc., all are welcome. Call Al Porter at community. We invite you to join us. I 486.0236 for the next date. MEN WHO ARE FATHERS, Support can be reached at 216.990.0679). Group Meetings. We are looking for a ___________________________________ few good men to join Men Who are Sept. 1 – Oct. 15, 2008 SV and BBCI Community Action Newsletter
  2. 2. Survivors/Victims of Tragedy, Inc. and Black on Black Crime, Inc. Community Action Newsletter© EDITORIAL CORNER: beauty and talent, and with other local for our program. I thank Mr. Miles very Melvin Miles wrote to all of us and said in organizations. All are welcome. Stop on much for coming up with this title! part that, "I am writing you to let you all Judy Martin, Founder, Survivors/ by and visit with us. know that coming to speak with us has had Victims of Tragedy, Inc.; Treasurer, Black We were all very much affected by the words spoken by both the presenters and a lasting effect on us and all that attended on Black Crime, Inc. (African-American the residents of MCI. Heartfelt emotions – the Survivors of Crime. I want all of you Fed. Assn.). No Truth. No Justice. No "From Victims to Victory" love, pain, despair, hopefulness, caring to know that we are all grateful for you all Peace. Program and Workshop and love were all expressed and felt by taking the time to share your loss as well King Tutt Elk Lodge I’ve been trying to organize a quarterly everyone present. We are now planning to as sharing your motherly love. I saw and have another program in early December. felt pure love from all of you. We know On Thursday, 10/9/08, I was once again writing/discussion workshop at Mansfield This program will probably be divided up that it was hard to relive such tragedy. reminded why King Tutt Elk Lodge is one Correctional Institution for a while now. into classes so that we can work on writing Your strength and courage has renewed of the nicest, kindest, most caring, and one Some months ago, Officer Garcia called and preparing articles and have more time my strength to press on into the darkness of the safest places to go to meet with and asked me about speaking at Mansfield. for discussions on all topics. As this with my shield and buckler. Also, I have friends and family. At that time, I mentioned the program grows and continues, I hope to recommitted myself to the struggle of That evening, a young man lost control of writing/discussion workshop that I hoped bring representatives from areas of humanity. We definitely needed to see the his motorcycle when he was driving south could be offered. Well, thanks to Officer education, jobs, church, etc. to speak with faces of mothers who have lost a child to on East 137 towards Kinsman. He came Garcia, Lt. Graves, other administrators and work with those who attend the violence. I have been educating myself straight across Kinsman and ran headfirst and members of the Cultural Committee, classes. since my incarceration and I have taken into the front wall of the Lodge. we organized our first program/workshop responsibility for what I have done, but to Immediately, Brothers, Daughters and for 9/15/08. As that date drew close, it see the faces, to look into the eyes, to be guests ran out of the Lodge to see what had to be changed to 9/22/08. Ashunté Smith wrote to all of us and said face to face with a mother's pain shook my happened and to offer assistance to the I cannot thank Eric Ming, Iris Sullen, in part that, "We want to carry the faith soul, yet seeing the love has encouraged injured young man. His slight body was Velma Draper and Regina Shepherd and hope encouraged and called for by you me." curled up underneath a huge motorcycle. enough for participating in what turned out and the other mothers to realize a Several people called EMS, and the Fire to be a fantastic, spiritually uplifting, and workshop that will help create the self- and Police Departments. A few people emotionally and mentally healing reflection and self-correction needed to Kevin Hooks wrote to all of us and said in directed traffic, while others tried to program. We also thank Officer Garcia reconcile and heal our minds and part that, "I awoke today still feeling the comfort the young man by talking with and Ashunté Smith, Melvin Miles, Kevin communities. The possibility of spiritual energy that flowed through that him, trying to make him comfortable and Hooks and the other members of the accomplishing so much exists and we must room yesterday when I was blessed by the reassuring him that help was on the way. Cultural Committee for fighting for this stay vigilant and focused on the mandate presence of Mothers that I am glad to call program. you stated which is to resurrect the my own. . . .People are so ready to throw a A while ago, there were a few teenagers humanity within the black community. It person away and just write him off and outside on a side street between Kinsman At first, we didn't have a name for the starts with the black man because he that is the easy way out and to me that and Union. There was an argument and program. Several of us had suggested represents the strength and protection of makes as much sense as throwing the baby one young man was shot. He came to the names, but nothing really resonated. our community, plus the black man is in out with the bathwater. We must lift one front door of King Tutt asking for help Towards the end of the program, Melvin the most severe condition. There are, of another out of this pit that has been dug and, immediately, he was surrounded by Miles, a member of the Cultural course, many causes why the black through our ignorance. The media depicts Brothers, Daughters and guests offering Committee and a contributor to this community is suffering, but the main us all in an inhumane light and if you keep assistance and calling EMS. newsletter, presented me with a plaque of cause is the absence of black men in the hearing that you are less than a man, you When you are at King Tutt, it’s like being thanks from the Cultural Committee, the lives of their families and their continued will begin to believe it. Yesterday, I was with family. It’s a wonderful and safe other inmates and the staff for the inactivity in the community." reminded that redemption is attainable and place. It’s an organization committed to program. "From Victims to Victory" was within the reach of each and every one of helping the community by working in inscribed at the top of the plaque. When I us. I went to sleep with dreams of a committees to help veterans, education and read that, I knew that was the right name July 7 – August 15, 2007 2 SV and BBCI Community Action Newsletter
  3. 3. Survivors/Victims of Tragedy, Inc. and Black on Black Crime, Inc. Community Action Newsletter© brighter future and awoke with goals to be 9 Carter G. Woodson founded the Association What a tragedy! What a loss for these Question: How many "group" murders realized." for the Study of Negro Life and History in children losing their Daddy. No one can have there been this year? Is this evidence 1915. tell the people on that street about statistics of a further disintegration of the 24 Nine African American students integrated of murder and crime being down when boundaries of respect and love for oneself I thank these gentlemen for their Little Rock high school in 1957. 10 Mordecai Johnson, first Black president of they hear of this hard working father and others that is happening in our perseverance in helping me get this Howard University, died in 1976. gunned down senselessly in their society? How many more will die before program started, as well as Officer Garcia 11 "Duke" Ellington won Spingarn Medal for neighborhood. Or worrying about people we as a community come together, forget and other administrators. Our program his musical achievements in 1959. breaking into your house or walking down our differences, and work on solutions to will now be called "From Victims to 26 Bessie Smith, blues singer, died in 1937. the street with your family without being stop or at least slow down the violent Victory." We hope that this program will 12 Jackie Robinson, first Black baseball player robbed or beaten up. Oh, the perception of upheaval in our community. help all of us to take the extra step(s) in the major leagues, was named National too much crime is still real in the eyes of Please meet with us as we join with the needed to bring our love, patience, League Rookie of the Year, 1947. the people in the neighborhood. That's family and friends. Thanks. tolerance and humanity to the forefront of 27 Memphis Blues published in 1912. why they will come out in force along with our lives and interactions with others. 13 Alain L. Locke, philosopher and first Black Sunday, 9/7/08, 4:30 pm: Rhodes Scholar, was born in 1886. the family of this young man to cry out in their own way that violence still surrounds Anniversary Vigil for Brandon Marshall. 29 Hugh Mulzac, first African American Tragedy brings out a true fighter for the Guns = Violence = Murder captain of a U.S. merchant ship, launched with us. community. Brandon's mother was the Booker T. Washington in 1942. We will make a special plea that although 15 Dr. Mae Jemison first African American dedicated to raising her family and helping BLACK HISTORY this young man was working and taking the children in her area. One day, a grave female astronaut in space in 1992. care of his children, he didn't have any tragedy hit this family and changed the September 30 Johnny Mathis, singer, was born in 1935. insurance. This family needs help in mother's life forever. She is now a tireless 1 General Daniel "Chappie" James, Jr. named Commander-in-Chief of North American Air burying their loved one. fighter against youth violence and youth Defense Command in 1975. PAST EVENTS: Have gun shots diminished in Greater crimes. She became one of the founding 2 Frank Robinson, professional baseball player, Wednesday, 9/3/08, 7 pm: Vigil for Cleveland's neighborhoods? Why do we members of MWAYV. Through endless named MVP of the American League, 1966. Family of Migel Campbell (33). Violent perceive that the murder rate has gone and tireless work looking for the 18 Booker T. Washington delivered "Atlanta crime down in the city. Mayor credits down? Do you believe that it will murderer(s) of her son, she thought the Compromise" address in 1895. continue on that downward spiral. police. Union chief calls it luck. The crime was solved when the suspects were 4 Louis Latimer, inventor and engineer, was born in 1848. statistics show violence is down from last Please meet with us as we join with the arrested. However, for some reason, those 5 George Washington Murray was elected to year in the City of Cleveland, and while family and friends. Thanks. suspects were let off. Congress from South Carolina in 1895. we applaud the police and the mayor for Last year, Brandon and other family those statistics, the perception of murder, Thursday, 9/4/08, 7 pm: Vigil for 6 The National Black Convention met in members were visiting relatives in the East Cleveland in 1848. crimes, robberies and beatings is still way family of Gregory Hemphill, Jr. (40). Mr. Hemphill's family and friends are stunned 124 & St. Clair area. They were chased 21 F.W. Leslie, inventor, patented the envelope too high in the City of Cleveland. Let me and devastated by his murder. This family and attacked because they did not live in seal in 1891. give you a prime example. Migel 7 Integration began in Washington, D.C., and man, has a daughter, is a grandfather of a the St. Clair area or for other unknown Campbell was coming home from at 3 am, senseless reasons. He was shot and died Baltimore, M.D., public schools in 1954. off the late shift. As he came into his little girl who is not yet one year old, with 22 Ralph Bunch awarded Nobel Peace Prize in brothers, sister, nieces and nephews, went behind a house on Vashti. Again, no one 1950. driveway, he was tired from working. He has been convicted of this crime. A young eager to see his family and four children to the corner store where his family 8 Althea Gibson became the first African believes he was beat and stomped to death. life was terminated and his family doesn't American athlete to win a U.S. national tennis (ages 2, 8 10 & 12) sleeping in their beds. know who or why. He anticipated going to sleep himself, but We will gather with his family and friends championship in 1957. 23 John Coltrane, innovative and famed jazz instead he wound up being assaulted by to remember Greg and ask for information Now one year later, his family and friends musician, was born in 1926. assailants in his own driveway. He tried to from those in the area about his murder. want to gather outside the house where run for his life but was shot down by cold We will also take up a collection to help Brandon was murdered to remember the blooded cowards. the family with expenses. July 7 – August 15, 2007 3 SV and BBCI Community Action Newsletter
  4. 4. Survivors/Victims of Tragedy, Inc. and Black on Black Crime, Inc. Community Action Newsletter© joy he brought everyone and their love for A beautiful, wonderful, nice and very John Williams. He was a happy young Hood as we come together at a vigil and him. talented young lady was caught in a cross man who had gone to school to become a outcry against the violence in our Sunday, 9/7/08, 7 pm: Vigil for Joy fire of gun shots between two or more medical assistant so he could help people. neighborhoods. Art McKoy, of BBCI, Cranfield (18). Rally and Vigil for 18 young men who felt they had a grievance He worked hard, loved his 18 month old specifically wants to question how guns so year old girl shot down in cross fire of towards each other but were too cowardly child and loved his family. He cared about easily get into the hands of teenagers, and bullets. Bullets strike down a woman in a to talk it out peacefully and settle their people. He loved to make jokes and tell why the authorities are not being house, a man in a wheel chair, another differences. Now, Joy's life is ended stories. Now, his life has been ruthlessly responsive in a decisive way to get or keep young lady in another area and others. before it really began. Her dreams and cut short and his child will never know his these guns out of the hands of teenagers. These are just some of the lives lost aspirations will never be fulfilled. Her father except through loving The ATF, who is responsible for senselessly because of stupid people family is devastated and hurt to the core of remembrances of his mother, grandmother, protecting the children and citizens against carrying guns who can't shoot straight and their beings. grandfather and other family members and guns, made a terrible mistake when they often hit innocent people. Saturday, 9/13/08, 7:30 pm: Mothers friends. Over 100 people came together to misplaced or lost hundreds of guns that of Love, Unity & Peace sponsored a remember John aka Melly Mel. We also seem to have ended up back on the streets. We know that just last week, the mayor gathered donations to help with his burial was gloating about murder down in the family event on Saturday, 9/13/08, from 2 Several of them have been traced back to pm at Rockefeller Park. Food, fun, music, and for his family. violent crimes in this city. Shame, shame, city and the efforts his administration was making to help the city. While we applaud dancing, speaking and community Wednesday, 9/17/08, 7 pm: Vigil for shame on the ATF, our protector. his efforts, the fact of the matter is, it will information available. DeAndre Brown (29). There were four This brings up the question that the ATF take a lot more for the people in the city to Monday, 9/15/08, 7 pm: Vigil for homicides last weekend. FOUR. Four too never wants to answer: "Were they feel even halfway safe in our Lourene Butler (77). Lourene Butler many. One of the persons murdered was responsible for the load of high caliber neighborhoods. There are still too many lived in her home off Union for at least 40 DeAndre Brown. His death is mysterious. weapons that were stolen from a railroad guns in the wrong hands -- especially our years. She was very active in her church, Was he shot? He said he was before he car?" We demand answers from the ATF. young people. We salute the mayor for Jeremiah Baptist Church, and in her died. The police said he wasn't shot. How How can such a government entity have going into the streets and rounding up community. She was known as “Granny” did he end up stabbed by a fence? Too guns stolen from them or lose them? guns, but when will we hear a press by both adults and children. She kept many questions with horrifying answers These guns are being sold on the streets of conference telling us about the arrests of everyone on the right path. Ms. Butler that are as yet unknown. His two young Cleveland causing more death, pain and gun runners flooding our community with worked closely with the families of children, a girl and a boy, were with him heartache. illegal guns that kids can acquire too neighborhood teenagers and young adults with DeAndre passed away. He made Saturday, 9/20/08, from 11 am: easily. Kids with guns killed Joy who were falsely accused of so-called mistakes in his life, but who hasn’t? For Hello!! My name is Kim McNairy. I'm Cranfield. gang activity. She was an encouraging the last four years, he worked to become a with the organization mothers united influence to many during a time of good father. He took care of his children. This rally and candlelight vigil will be against youth violence!!!!! Formally, violence, sadness and despair in our Now, because of someone’s heinous somewhat different because at this vigil, mothers working against youth violence. community. actions, his children will live without a the young people from the Hip Hop Due to unforeseen circumstances, we had father and with nightmares. Generation will take charge. They will let Her family, friends, church members, to change our name. We are still the same us know in their own way about how they neighbors and others are meeting tonight Approximately 100 family, friends and 7 moms, that's out here trying to save our feel about the gun violence and their sister to remember a woman who gave her time, community organizations gathered to youth!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are having another getting killed. Joy was an accomplished love and support to them on a daily basis. remember Dre. We will gathered stop the violence march on Saturday, student and also an accomplished artist in donations to try to help the family and his 9/20/08. The march will start at Jamison Please join un this evening as we children. Thanks. rap. She was an outstanding female rapper remember Granny. Thanks. Elementary School, on East 136 & in the City of Cleveland. Many of her Friday, 9/19/08, 6 pm: Candlelight Harvard Ave. We will march to Whitney peers will join in this rally crying out Tuesday, 9/16/08, 7 pm: Vigil for Vigil for Dylan Day (16). Black on Black Young Jr. High on East 179 & Harvard against violence and guns. John Williams(27). There were four Crime, Inc. and Survivors/Victims of Ave. The march will start at 11:00 a.m. homicides last weekend. FOUR. Four too Tragedy, Inc. will join with Peace in the We would like everyone to start gathering many. One of the persons murdered was July 7 – August 15, 2007 4 SV and BBCI Community Action Newsletter
  5. 5. Survivors/Victims of Tragedy, Inc. and Black on Black Crime, Inc. Community Action Newsletter© at 10:30 am. The walk is 1.6 miles long. Weight: 120 lbs. Panelist, Ted Guerry, of the Black on supported by billions of US tax dollars. Please tell everyone to bring pictures of Height: 5'4" Black Crime community group would like Iran, Afghanistan and perhaps Pakistan their loved ones that have been murdered to see some action arise from the dialogue. portend more trouble ahead. ENDANGERED CHILD by a youth, or youths that have been "We should do more than talk about it," he Two Hispanic speakers described the murdered!!!!!! We are asking everyone Please meet with us as we join with the said, "people need to be more involved. abuses suffered by immigrants and their around the march route to come out of family and friends. Thanks. Inner city violence and racial profiling families in Ohio. Psychologist Evelyn your homes in support of this very, very Friday, 9/26/08, 6-8:30 pm: THE affect all of us. Like Martin Luther King, Rivera deplored the posttraumatic stress important cause!!! We are also asking the Greater Cleveland Immigrant Support Jr. said: 'We may have all come on disorder suffered by children, often surrounding suburbs to send a Network Is Sponsoring a Forum regarding different ships, but we're all in the same American citizens, as their parents are representative from your city to the rally the State of the People; From Profiling and boat now.'" imprisoned in workplace raids and which will be held at Whitney Young Jr. Segregation to Opportunity at Spaces REPORT ON STATE OF THE PEOPLE deported. Alejandro Rivera (not related) High following the march. If you would Gallery, 2220 Superior Viaduct, FORUM, 9/26/08 at Spaces Gallery, by noted America’s cynicism in bringing in like to speak or participate, please feel free Cleveland, Ohio 44113. Contact Don Kim Hill and Don Bryant. Hispanic laborers to do many of our most to let me know. Kim 216.310.7211 or Bryant 440-623-0492, grueling and necessary jobs and then “We may have all come on different ships Regina 216.991.1250. All clergy to join "Bi-Lingual" discarding them as “throw-aways.” Sarah but we’re all in the same boat now,” said us in this effort to stop the killing of our Exhibit attracts a diverse cultural crowd. Sommers of the InterReligious Task Force Ted Guerry about the State of the People youth! Like it or not, racial and ethnic profiling on Central America spoke to NAFTA, Forum on Friday night. Guerry represents Wednesday, 9/24/08, 6 pm: Rally for do exist, as well as anti-Muslim bias. the community group, Black on Black passed by Congress under the Clinton Clinton Smith (16) – MISSING SINCE Cleveland's Immigrant Support Network is Crime, and he was quoting Martin Luther administration, which drives farmers off 9/23/08 AFTER 5 PM. Clinton Smith has sponsoring the "State of the People King. The Forum was held at Spaces their land in Central America and Mexico, not been seen since Tuesday, 9/23/08, after Forum" at Spaces Gallery and the Bi- Gallery coinciding with it exhibition, “Bi- resulting in their migration into the US 5 pm. He was standing outside his house Lingual exhibition of African- and Latino- Lingual,” combining the works of African seeking jobs to help their families simply talking to a friend. He was only wearing American art, with some local artists' American and Latino American artists. survive. white jogging pants. He was not wearing works. Over fifty Clevelanders participated in the African American speakers described the a shirt and did not have any shoes on. Immigrant Support Network, Vice Forum. lack of employment, failed schools, gang Clinton is an A & B student at New Day President, Linda Park, stated, "the purpose Local Arab Americans and Muslims were and police violence, and unfairness in the Academy. He is not a runaway child. His is to bring minorities and together that are represented as well. A Muslim American judicial process which results in tragedy family is frantic. Help his family – help us typically victims of racial, ethnic and prison chaplain noted the disproportionate for so many young people. The Wall in bring Clinton home. Someone snatched religious profiling. They are often afraid to US rate of incarceration of Black East Cleveland contained the names of him off the street in front of his house. leave the safety of their own Americans. Julia Shearson, Director of the 2000 young people lost to urban killings. We need to find Clinton so that we don't communities." Council on American Islamic Relations Ruth Standingford of Peace in the Hood have another teenager missing for four or Cleveland office described how US reported on the recent national gang A very diverse panel will present strategies five years or more. authorities violate the constitutional rights summit in Kansas seeking to reduce urban to curb violence, express explicit cases of MISSING CHILD discrimination, and discuss how the of Americans of Muslim faith, including violence. Priscilla Cooper of the Family Clinton Smith current economic crisis affects everyone, the totally unsubstantiated designation of Connection Center explained that welfare especially minorities. her and her four year old daughter as reform has forced many mothers into Missing since Tuesday, 9/23/08, after 5 “voluntary” community service, which she pm The panel will consist of a Puerto Rican- “terrorists.” A Palestinian American, Nader Mustafa, and others, reported on called virtual “slavery,” rather than Age: 16 years old American psychologist, a Muslim prison providing real job training in NE Ohio’s chaplain, a delegate from a recent Kansas human rights violations in the so-called DOB: 3/28/92 “War on Terror.” As the US and Israel depressed economy. The Lucasville Five City conference on youth violence, a white Committee representative, Sharon Danann, Eyes: Brown teacher, retired, from the Hough collaborate on this “war,” there are massive human rights abuses not just in spoke of the wrongful convictions of Hair: Black, short neighborhood and others. Iraq but also in Gaza and the West Bank July 7 – August 15, 2007 5 SV and BBCI Community Action Newsletter
  6. 6. Survivors/Victims of Tragedy, Inc. and Black on Black Crime, Inc. Community Action Newsletter© Lucasville, Ohio prisoners, now on "death Sam Phillips, a video journalist of Support Network: Vera Hall, Liz Lavelle, dance and poetry. Join us in our row." grassroots groups and community action Yoshiko Ikuta, Linda Park, Nava Ibrahim, celebration of youth == young and old. Jewish peace activist David Beresonson events in NE Ohio, reminded everyone of Don Bryant, Janet Loehr, Stewart and Sunday, 9/28/08, 6:30 pm: Vigil for focused on the toll war takes on our own the $700 billion “cash for trash” bail-out Valerie Robinson, Kim Hill and Anna Albert Austin, Jr. (25). Albert Austin, Sr. soldiers, on those in Iraq and other under consideration in Congress at the Ruiz. said that his son was an outgoing, kind, countries and on needed social programs, very moment we were meeting at Spaces. Saturday, 9/27/08, 1-3 pm: Mothers fun, good kid. He doesn't understand how which are starved of tax dollars diverted Politicians should not be allowed to Together for Peace, Love, Tolerance & or why this happened. Now his three year into the military. He also criticized abandon Americans living along West Non-Violence are sponsoring a Spiritual old grandson will grow up without a "environmental racism." Maria Smith and 25th Street, Lorain, Cedar or Warrensville Retreat on Saturday, 9/27/08, 1-3 pm at father. Another family in our community her husband, Presbyterian minister, as they desperately try to save Wall Street. King Tutt Lodge, 13700 Kinsman, has been devastated by senseless, Charlie Hurst, described non-violence and Don Bryant, of the Immigrant Support Cleveland, Ohio 44120 (921.3930). The cowardly murder. We will gather together tax resistance against our militarized Network, which organized the Forum, Guest Speaker is Mrs. Velma Draper. We with family, friends and other culture. Kim Hill, who taught in the 60s in thanked all participants and the volunteers need to Gather Strength to Defeat organizations to remember Albert Austin, the Hough area and in Lebanon, focused who worked to make the event possible. Violence and Save our Children, Families Jr. (25). We will also take up a collection on the combination of racism, poverty and Special thanks go out to Angelica Pozo, and Neighborhoods. For information or if to help the family with burial and related violence resulting from our policies the Curator of the Spaces exhibit, to you have any questions, please call: costs. toward the “Third World.” This third Nicole Edwards, the communications Brenda Jacobs at 561.2479, Velma Draper Monday, 9/29/08, Noon: High Noon world exists not only in the Middle East, manager of Spaces, and to Liberation at 561.0130, Michelle Berkley at 990,4889 Rally. Hear yea, hear yea. There will be a Asia, Africa and Latin American but also Brew Cable TV programmers. or Judy Martin at 990.0679. Refreshments rally to encourage judges and prosecutors here at home, internal to the US. The cost Panelists: Nava Ibrahim, social worker, will be served. to support the open discovery doctrine. for the Bush administration’s wars in Iraq Saudi-American Muslim; David Berenson, Saturday, 9/27/08, 6-10 pm: Black There have been many innocent people and Afghanistan, though predicted to cost the Green Party and Cleveland Peace on Black Crime, Inc.'s 100th Hip Hop sent to jail because prosecutors withheld just $50 billion, are now estimated at Action; Priscilla Cooper, Family Workshop. They said it couldn't be done. vital information that was needed by the between $3 trillion and $7 trillion dollars! Connection Center; Don Freeman, co- They said we could not get hip hop defense. Several members of the audience made editor of Vibration magazine; Ted Guerry, performers to conform with the slogan "It Please come and support open discovery closing statements. Norma Freeman Black on Black Crime; Kim Hill, Middle can be mean, but it must be clean" with for the State of Ohio and Cuyahoga warned against catching the “disease” of East Peace Forum; Nader Mustafa, regard to their music and poetry. There is County. If you are charged with a crime, the dominant culture. American ethnic Palestinian American and Iraq war vet; no cursing allowed. We don't degrade you need to know about all the evidence groups must not fall into the divide and Alejandro Rivera, Mexican-American women. If you build it, they will come and witnesses in order to properly defend conquer trap of oppressing each other as community activist; Julia Shearson, and they will conform to our standards. yourself. Please join us. The Cuyahoga sometimes happens in their competition Council on American Islamic Relations; Yes, it worked and over the last four years, County prosecutors should abide by the for limited opportunities in the American Evelyn Rivera, psychologist; Charles performers have come by the hundreds to law and conduct fair trials. economy. Evelyn Rivera urged unity in Hurst, Presbyterian minister, war tax BBCI's Hip Hop Workshops under the the future, that the groups assembled must resistor; Maria Smith, nonviolence activist, P.S. Our So-Called Aggressive Police leadership of Al Porter. seek mutual understanding, cooperation war tax resistor, Sarah Sommers, Policy. When you throw out a gigantic We are celebrating our 100th Hip Hop fishing net, you might catch one or two and projects for unified action. Yoshiko InterReligious Task Force on Central Workshop anniversary. It's a great tribute sharks, but the rest will be bystanders, Ikuta, who lived through World War II as America; Ruth Standingford, Peace in the to BBCI, Al Porter's dedication and acquaintances, family members and maybe a child in Japan, drew loud applause when Hood on youth violence; David McCarthy, commitment, and the young people that friends – minnows and guppies. she said the issue is "human rights." Muslim chaplain; Sharon Danann, we serve, as well as guest performers from Alicia Kirkman, whose 17-year-old son Lucasville Defense Committee; Lady Throwing out huge nets to catch anyone Columbus and elsewhere. We will have a was shot in the back and killed by Dove, domestic violence survivor. and everybody means that our law special celebration with the Hip Hop Cleveland police in 2007, called for equal Thanks go out to those who helped plan enforcement – the Attorney General’s Community with original music, lyrics, justice as promised in the US Constitution. and put on the event for Immigrant office, DEA, police departments, etc. don’t July 7 – August 15, 2007 6 SV and BBCI Community Action Newsletter
  7. 7. Survivors/Victims of Tragedy, Inc. and Black on Black Crime, Inc. Community Action Newsletter© have to do any specific investigations. happen to them and what have they Monday, 10/6/08, 5:45 pm: Vigil for 11:45 pm on East 76 Street (a few blocks south Call a person a "gang member," arrest become after so many years behind bars Reginald Dudley, Jr. (13). of St. Clair) in Cleveland, Ohio. him, charge him, put him in jail, scare him instead of receiving probation and Grady Smith II (27): Murdered, shot 7/20/07, Saturday, 10/11/08, 11 am: Rally to in his driveway at 3116 East 65 Street (near to death, coerce him and threaten him. treatment. find the Killers of Eric Copley (now 20) Roland) in Cleveland, Ohio. Now, his life is ruined. He needs money I believe this is huge stain of misfeasance and to Celebrate his Birthday. Eric’s Marvin Mixson (27): Murdered, shot 7/19/07, for bail, if there is any bail. He needs ("The performance of an act which might around 2-3 am, on East 139 Street, Cleveland, parents, sisters and brothers are coming money for an attorney. Both of these lawfully be done, in an improper manner, Ohio, near Lambert. He was walking home together with other family members, amounts of money can be insurmountable by which another person receives an from Joe D's Bar. friends and community groups to for most. Then you have to pray that you injury.") on the justice system of the Marnie Macon: Murdered, stabbed 7/4/07, in remember Eric and to celebrate his her house at 7317 Elton Avenue (north of get an attorney who will listen to you, United States. These "aggressive policing birthday. We will also pass out flyers Lorain Avenue), Cleveland, Ohio. investigate the case, strongly represent you policies" are like the Patriot Act which has asking, begging, imploring the residents in Olajuwon Hakeem Nkomo (20): Murdered, and not try to talk you into taking a "deal" stripped everyone of their civil rights (any the neighborhood who know who killed shot and killed on Memorial Day, 5/28/07, just to keep the trial short. You also have one of us could be snatched at any time by Eric to come forward with information so between 4-5 am. He left the area near the to hope and pray that you get a judge who the government and held without legal Mirage or Metropolitan Clubs, was followed we can get the killers off the street before will listen to all the facts, and listen to representation or charges). and shot at while driving out of the Flats. He they kill someone else’s child, brother, your facts. You have to hope and pray that was found in his car near West 38 & Lorain, Shame on our community for allowing grandson. the judge will insist on complete and open Cleveland, Ohio. these injustices. Family and friends of Eric passed out discovery, which is not something that Christopher J. Billingsley (27): Murdered, some Cuyahoga County prosecutors like to Shame on our community for allowing the flyers for three hours from East 79 to 74 shot and killed on 5/26/07, around 4:30 am. He do. justice system to trample the rights of our from St. Clair to Donald. was returning to his home in the Hedgewood children. Apartment Building in the 13100 block of Too many lives are being maliciously Wednesday, 10/15/08, 6 pm: Puritas Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio. He was ruined based on rumors, pictures on Shame on our community for not coming Anniversary Vigil for Shakira Johnson. confronted by a robber wearing a mask MySpace, YouTube or from a party and together to love our children and not Kidnapped and then murdered. Murderer covering his face except for his eyes, a gray not based on a definite incident or from a ostracize them. unknown. Travesty. hooded sweatshirt and dark pants. Christopher thorough investigation. Shame on our lawmakers, justice died in the lobby of the apartment building. department, attorney generals, judges, Thornton, Joseph (18): Murdered, shot on Once you let a police state begin (such as UNSOLVED MURDERS/ 5//07, in the 1700 block of Hower Avenue in Nazi Germany, dictatorships, communist police departments and city governments for creating a "Gestapo" like response to COLD CASES. East Cleveland. countries), it will be very hard to bring Mitchell, Jermayne K. (27): Murdered, shot back due process, civil rights, civil problems in our community. Judy Martin, Help us find the murderers of the people listed on 4/26/07, around 10 pm, on Knuth while BBCI, SV below so their families can know who killed liberties, etc. The aggressive police policy their son or daughter. If you have any walking home from the KFC on East 260 & is like the hysterical laws proclaiming Monday, 9/29/08, 7 pm: Vigil for Euclid. information regarding these unsolved murders, huge sentences for small amounts of crack Terrell Jones (31). Please join us as we Nathan R. Evans (33): Murdered, shot three call Judy Martin at 990.0679(c), Art McKoy at while much bigger amounts of cocaine use times on 3/29/07, at 10 pm, on Holyoke (near meet with the family and friends of Terrell 253.4070, Alvin Brooks at 832.7369 or Calvin Wendy's) in East Cleveland, Ohio. or possession meant little or no time, Jones at his home. Mr. Jones lost his life Brooks at 849.1346. If Crimestoppers is Terrance Allen: Terrance was killed 4/07 in a especially if you were white. Now when he was struck down by a hit and run offering a reward, please call them directly at driveby shooting in front of the strip shopping thousands of young people have been in driver while he was riding his bike. 252.7463 so that a control number can be center at East 79 & Superior shortly after jail for excessive periods based on assigned to your information; you can remain Terrell has always loved to ride bikes. If school let out. anonymous. Information given to anyone other immoral laws that lawmakers and the the bike fit him, he wanted to ride it. This Kyle R. Davis (20): Murdered, shot Sat., than Crimestoppers will not qualify for a justice system are now saying they may hit and run drive took a man who loved his reward from Crimestoppers. 2/11/07, around 7:30 pm, near the Citgo Gas have made an error in passing such family and spent lots of time with them. Station at Libby Road & Northfield. hysterical laws. Even if they get to be Ramundo Bibbs (21): Murdered, shot 1/7/07, He was also engaged to get married soon. heard in court again and have their Eric Copley, Jr. (19): Murdered, ambushed around 10:30 pm, near East 143 & St. Clair He will be missed by many, many people. sentences reduced or terminated, what will by so-called friends and shot 3/14/08, around Please join us. Thanks July 7 – August 15, 2007 7 SV and BBCI Community Action Newsletter
  8. 8. Survivors/Victims of Tragedy, Inc. and Black on Black Crime, Inc. Community Action Newsletter© while walking along the street, and died on Michael Jerome Carter: Murdered, 5/8/05, Terryl "TJ" Henderson (18): Beaten and Kevin Griffin: Killed in 9/99 near 2516 East 1/8/07 in the hospital. while he was parking his car in the Mid-City brutally murdered near a house on 98th and 40 Street. Mitchell Perry (26): Murdered, stabbed Parking Lot on East 38 & Perkins. He was Anderson in 5/03. Rashon Thomas (26): Murdered in 1998 at an 11/8/06, between midnight and 2 am. He was meeting two friends when he was killed. There Terry Sloan, Sr. (33): Two unknown men got apartment on Terrace Avenue. found at about 7:16 am in the backyard of the are no leads. in his truck that was parked behind Rocky's Bar Donny Walker (29): Killed in 1997 on house at 17125 Scottsdale. Trenton Holder: Mr. Holder was shot and on Libby Road in Maple Hts. When he told Interstate 90 just west of the Eddy Road exit in Ariel E. Gardner (22): Murdered, shot Sat., killed early on Sunday morning, 5/1/05, near them to get out, he was shot point blank and Bratenahl around 9 pm. 5/21/06, around 3:00 am, while sitting in a car East 64 and Heisley (off Broadway). murdered on 1/17/03 around 11:45 pm. Fred Edward Jones (31): Killed 5/14/96 on Fuller Avenue near East 93 Street. He was Delores Poage: Killed by a hit and run driver Orlandes (aka "Chermont") Jureall Brown while coming home from work and walking on driven to gas station across from 4th District at near East 43 and Woodland, near the bus stop, Fair (19): Murdered on 12/23/02 at about 2:30 Mayfair near the school shortly before 93rd & Kinsman before help was called. Friday evening, 2/11/05, between 10:30-11 pm. pm in the driveway at 11608 Ablewhite. midnight. Wayne "Crack Baby" Patton: Mr. Patton The car is described as a gray Ford Tempo or Jamil Alexander (24): Jamil was killed on Mario D. Dowell (21): Murdered, 9/29/95, was shot around 2:30 am on 4/10/06, in or near Thunderbird and has a damaged bumper and a Saturday, 11/30/02, at approximately 6:30 pm near East 55 & Utica around midnight after the parking lots between the Mirage and broken windshield. near East 102 and Sophia. His body was found being lured from Smitty's Bar. Metropolis clubs on Spruce in the Flats. Willie Tipton: Killed near East 59 and Quincy near East 92 and Sophia. Roscoe Bickerstaff, Jr.: Murdered, 9/20/94, Ronald "Mann" Gholston, Jr. (22): Mr. where he was found around 11:40 pm on Uciana "Jamie" Ortiz: Ms. Ortiz was killed shot five times on East 101 Street around 2:53 Gholston was shot and killed around 5 pm on 11/29/03, after being beaten, robbed and shot. on 10/15/02. Her body was left behind a am by unknown person(s). 11/25/05, at East 144 and Kingsford (near He died a short time later in the hospital. building on the west side. Joanne Wilkinson (21): Murdered, 1983, near Glendale) by one or two shooters. Spencer C. Howard (26): Killed 12/24/03 Robert Gist, Jr. (18): Murdered near 4901 East 89 & Chester. Eligio Matthew Galarza (18): Mr. Galarza outside the barber shop at 12602 Superior and Fleet in 9/02. Steve T. Yancy (27): Murdered, 8/5/79. was killed on Monday, 9/12/05 around 7:30 pm was shot in the chest with a shotgun. Calvin Carter, Jr. (16): Murdered 9/15/02 Joanne Booker: Murdered in 1975. in the front yard of 3312 West 98 Street Shakira Johnson (11): Kidnapped on 9/13/03 walking down East 82 from Superior to Mae Frances aka "Tiny" Taylor (39): between Almira School and Dennison. He was in the area of East 106 & Union to Sandusky. Kosciuszko. Murdered, 6/19/70, in home near East 136 & shot in the back of his head. Shakira’s body was found 10/15/03 in an area Ricardo Lee: Murdered 9/12/02 near Noble Ashburton. Ms. Taylor worked in the Prop Brenda Washington: Ms. Washington was behind building on East 71 Street between and Euclid Avenue. Crime Stoppers is offering Shaft Department at the Chevy Plant. Info is shot in the head at a drive thru window at Union and Aetna. Her body was found a reward of up to $2,000 for information about requested from anyone who knew Tiny in 1970 McDonald at East 65 and Broadway during dismembered and put in black plastic garbage this murderer that leads to a conviction. or from someone who might have gone by the 8/05. The shooter has not been identified.. bags. Debbie Ann Harris: Murdered, 6/5/02, at name of CC or Howard. Merrill "Nick Kelley: Mr. Kelley was killed Anthony Hunt: Killed in or near the parking home near East 147 & Kinsman. on 7/14/05 at Euclid and Grantham, found at 2 lot at East 77 and Woodland during 10/03. Frances Jones (62): Murdered 2/4/02 while ATTN: If your child is murdered or missing am and pronounced dead at 4:55 am. He was Kirk L. White: Mr. White was shot on entering her house through the side door in the or if you would like us to try to assist you in wounded on the left side with a shot gun. 8/10/03, at 2:30 am, in front of Scandal's early evening at 10605 Sandusky. other areas: First, call the police and/or file a Reggie Brown: Mr. Brown was killed shortly Tavern, 7114 St. Clair Avenue, Cleveland, Jermaine Griffin (27): Murdered in the report and then, if you would like to have a after midnight on 5/23/05 behind his house at Ohio. The suspect was described as a black parking lot next to an apt. building at 14509 rally, vigil or protest, call Art McKoy at 3351 Trowbridge. Two people were seen male, 20-30 years of age, 6'2" tall and weighs Milverton in 12/24/01, around 11:20 am. 253.4070(c); Judy Martin at 990.0679(c), Alvin running away; no one has been identified. approximately 250 lbs. Edwin Anderson (16): Murdered on 9/28/01 Brooks at 832.7369(c); or Calvin Brooks at Arson Fire/Homicides on 5/21/05 at 1220 Aaron Carter (17): Hit and run vehicular while walking home from East High School 849.1346 of Black on Black Crime, Inc. and/ East 87 Street. The arsonist/murderer is homicide on road next to parking lot 6 Flags along Decker toward East 84 St. or Survivors/Victims of Tragedy. unknown. There were nine (9) victims: Hotel, 800 N. Aurora Road, Aurora, Ohio in Harun Frizzell (17): Killed near 4108 East Devonte Carter (15); Medeia Carter (33); Miles Aurora between the hours of 10:30 pm and 148 St. near Harvard for his tennis shoes and Cockfield (13); Moses Williams, Jr. (14); midnight on 6/7/03. Need information on a car on 8/20/01 around midnight. MISSING CHILDREN Maleeya Williams (12); Antwon Jackson, Jr. dark colored sedan. Eric Stubbs (15): Killed at 3624 East 116 & ADULTS (14); Fakih Jones (7); Shauntavia Mitchell (12); Charles W. Garrison, Jr. (23): Killed and left Street in 6/01. and Earnest Tate, Jr. (13). As of 6/21/05, lying on the street near East 149 and Edgewood Anthony Dwayne Davis (20): Murdered on Chelsea Ann Peterson (15): Missing Since Crimestoppers is offering a $20,000 reward in 6/03. the south side of East 89 and Hough in 2/01. 8/16/08, from Lakewood, Ohio. DOB: leading to the arrest and conviction of the Attilah Cleveland (26): Murdered on or about Damon Larry (19): Tortured and murdered in 10/2/92; female, 5'4", 115 lbs, Race-White, perpetrator(s). 5/25/03. Her body was left in Doan's Creek. 9/99 in the Sam Miller Park by Charles H. Lake Hair-brown, long, straight; Eyes-brown. Last School. seen wearing white tan top, jeans with a pink purse. She has a scar near her collarbone. July 7 – August 15, 2007 8 SV and BBCI Community Action Newsletter
  9. 9. Survivors/Victims of Tragedy, Inc. and Black on Black Crime, Inc. Community Action Newsletter© Barbara J. Rheinhold (16): Missing Since into the next house. The police recovered that has a birthmark on her right side of her chest. AMY - Assisting Missing Youth; 2/8/08, from Cleveland, Ohio. DOB: 1/7/92; bullet but apparently did not go into the house Gina was last seen after leaving Wilbur Wright www.assistingmissinngyouth. com female, 5'0", 130 lbs, Race-White, Hair-blonde from which the shots were fired. Kejuan's Middle School, Cleveland, Ohio. Gina and a FBI Hotline:................................888.660.5437 or strawberry, long, ponytail; Eyes-blue. family was told there had been some kind of girlfriend used the payphone at the corner of Natl. Center for Missing Adults: Ashley Summers (15): Missing Since 11/5/07, argument. Kejuan has not been seen since the West 105 and Lorain. She vanished after .....................................................800.690.3463 from Cleveland, Ohio. DOB- 6/16/93, female, shots were fired, since the so-called argument walking across Lorain Avenue about 60' from Natl. Center for Missing and Exploited 5'5, 130 lbs, Race-white, Hair-brown, long, or since Sunday, 12/10/06. the corner of West 105. Children:.....................................800.843.5678 straight, Eyes-blue; has a tattoo of a Heart and Willie C. Standberry (73): Endangered, Michael J. Hodge (39; now 43), Missing Since, also has a link for Gene on arms. Missing Since 12/7/06, from Cleveland, Ohio. Saturday, 3/6/04, from Cleveland, Ohio. cybertipline Norma Rodriguez (17): Missing Since DOB-10/28/34, 210 lbs, 6'2", Eyes-brown, DOB-6/15/64; Age-39 years then, now-43 National Runaway Switchboard: 11/4/07, from Westlake, Ohio. DOB-5/2/91, Hair-balding. Last seen near East 89 & Grant years; Eyes-Blue; Hair-Reddish Blond; .....................................................800.621.4000 female, Race-white, 5'7", 160 lbs; Hair-black, (off Buckeye) and later at the Shell Gas Station Weight-170 lbs.; Height-5'9". Michael Hodge Operation Lookout-National Center for long, straight. Ears are pierced. Wearing on East 123 & St. Clair. He was driving a 2001 was last seen leaving a house near West 172 & Missing Youth:...800.566.5588, 800.782.7335 miscellaneous rings and two necklaces. She is Hunter Green Ford Focus, License No. EAU Puritas around 6:30 am on Saturday, 3/6/04. or 425.771-7335,; believed to be with an Hispanic adult male 8688. He lived in East Cleveland, Ohio. He is He was last seen wearing jeans and a white t- companion, Raul Alejandro Garduno Licona diabetic, wears glasses, has one eye & limps shirt. He has tattoos on his left arm. Team Hope:...............................866.305.4673, (21). They may be traveling to Alabama, (right leg). He was last seen wearing a baseball Amanda Marie Berry (now 20): Endangered; support group for Texas, Mississippi or Mexico in a Ford Ranger, cap, a beige jogging suit & a suede jacket. Missing Since 4/21/03 between 7:30 and 8:00 families of missing children Alabama License No. 5B6932J. Tyshea C. Stewart (14): Endangered, Missing pm, after leaving work at the Burger King on Amber Foundation for Missing Children: Since 11/13/06, from University Heights, Ohio. West 110 and Lorain, Cleveland, Ohio. .....................................................800.541.0777 Timeisha R. Pitts (17): Missing Since Laura Carter Foundation:.........281.482.5923 7/28/07, from Bedford Heights, Ohio. Ht.-5'5," Wt.-160 lbs., Race-Black, Hair-Black, Amanda was 16 years old at the time of Eyes-Brown. Tyshea's ears are pierced. Last disappearance. She is now 20 years old. She Child Connection:......................502.459.6888 DOB-9/13/90, female, Race-Black, 5'2", 130 Child Quest International:.........888.818.4673 lbs, Hair-black, long, straight, Eyes-brown; she seen wearing gray hoodie, black jeans and has brown eyes, long sandy blonde hair and tennis shoes. Her hair may be dyed with purple is 5'1," 110 lbs. DOB-4/22/86. She has a; may be with a female companion. Polly Klass Foundation:.............850.525.4807 highlights. She may be with a relative in the surgical scar on her lower abdomen and a Gloria Walker (47): Endangered, Missing pierced left eyebrow. Rewards are available Vanished Children's Alliance: 800. Since 5/20/07, from Cleveland, Ohio. Race- Columbus, Ohio area. Call Cleveland Hts. PD at 216.932.1800 with information. for any credible information. VANISHED or 800.826.47433 Black, 5'2," 125 lbs., Hair-Black, Eyes-Brown. Lives in the 59 & Francis area off Broadway. Octavia L. George (16): Missing Since Left on 5/20/07 around 11 pm to take a friend 11/13/06, from East Cleveland, Ohio. DOB: If you have info about the above missing LET'S WORK TOGETHER. HELP home. Drives a 1996 Black Chevy Lumina. 6/28/91; female, 5'3", 190 lbs, Race-Black, person(s), call Art McKoy-253.4070, Judy EACH OTHER. Was seen at the gas station at East 49 & Hair-brown; Eyes-brown. Ears are pierced; Martin-990.0679, Alvin Brooks-832.7369; CARE FOR EACH OTHER. Harvard near freeway. Call Cleveland PD at wearing brown jacket and blue jeans. Calvin Brooks-849.1346; Cleveland WATCH EACH OTHER'S BACK. 216.623.1234. Bianca Damanik (3 now): Family Abduction, PD-621.1234, Ohio's Missing Children Jennifer G. Decaprio (15): Endangered, Missing Since 1/12/05, from Willoughby or Clearinghouse-800.325.5604, Natl. Center for Missing Since 12/18/06, from Berea, Ohio. Beachwood, Ohio. Hair-Brown; Eyes-Brown; Missing and Exploited MR. JOHNSON'S "TO DO Race-White, 5'4," 140 lbs., Hair-Brown, Ht. 3'; Wt. 28 lbs. Race-White/Asian. Bianca Children-800.843.5678, the FBI's Missing LIST" FOR YOUNG shoulder length, straight, Eyes-Brown. She has was abducted by her non-custodial mother, Children Task Force-522.1400 or FBI Elfarida aka Eva Damanik. An FBI Intl. Hotline-888.660.5437. BROTHERS pierced ears and tongue, a scar on forehead. She was wearing blue jeans, hoodie, white parental kidnapping warrant was issued on ___________________________________ sneakers, and glasses with brown frames. Call 7/28/05. Call the FBI at 522.1400 with info. LEARN THIS WORD: DISCIPLINE Berea PD at 440.826.5871. Georgina "Gina" DeJesus (14): Endangered; State and National Physical Kejuan Sarter (23): Endangered, Missing Missing Since Friday, 4/2/04, from Cleveland, Contact Information: Stay in Shape as Much as Possible. Since 12/10/06, from Cleveland, Ohio. Race- Ohio. DOB-2/13/90; Age Now-16. Ht.-5'2"; • Walk instead of ride. OH AMBER Alert Steering Committee: Black, Hair-Black, Eyes-Brown, 180 lbs, 5'9". Wt.-135 lbs; Eyes-Brown; Hair-long brown Atty. Gen. Office Missing Children • Stretch. Last seen at 10520 Columbia (his girlfriend's hair; Race-Hispanic. Georgina's (nickname- Clearinghouse:............................800.325.5604 • Work to basic exercises (pushups, house) where gun shots were heard on Gina) ears are pierced and she has a second Ohio Joint Dispatch Facility:.....614.889.7150 crunches, etc.) in sets of 25 to 50. 12/10/06. One bullet went through the house piercing in the cartilage of her right ear. She Local/Reg. AMBER Plan:..........614.361.1622 • Learn how to workout. July 7 – August 15, 2007 9 SV and BBCI Community Action Newsletter
  10. 10. Survivors/Victims of Tragedy, Inc. and Black on Black Crime, Inc. Community Action Newsletter© • Work on running a mile in under 7 minutes. • Take PSAT, ACT and SAT before the end 1st Floor, in BBCI's office. We meet surrounding communities, will empower the • Avoid eating after 8 pm. of the 11th grade year. on the 2nd Tuesday of each month youth to better understand the economic and educational challenges that our communities Cleanse Your System Once a Month. • Maintain perfect attendance. September through May at 7:00 p.m. face. • Avoid eating red meat more than 4 times a Financial. Our goals are to address the needs of our week. • Save $1,000 and put it away. Black On Black Crime, Inc. community; build self-respect and self-esteem; • Drink at least a 20-32 oz. of water once a • Develop skills to get paid: mow grass, (African-American Federation Assn.) partner the youth and community leaders to day. shovel snow, paint, clean, etc Black have collaborative efforts in developing and • You should have a bowel movement at • Create your own business. on Black Crime, Inc. ("BBCI") meets every identifying the need to have growth in least once a day. • Don't buy an item until you can pay for it Wednesday, at 7:30 pm. Our new location is economic and educational development, etc. For info, call Joyce Hood, Exec. Director/CEO • Maintain Good Hygiene as Best as twice. on the first floor of McCall's Motel, 14660 at 571.4374, • Keep a copy of a basic job application that Euclid Avenue, East Cleveland, Ohio 44112. Possible. BBCI is a grassroots, non-profit, charitable, • Take a bath or shower at least once a day. has all relevant work experience and organization Greater Cleveland. Our mission is Be sure to use deodorant soap or body contact information. to help draw attention to the issue of crime and Greater Cleveland Million Moms, a wash. • Keep at least 10% of all you earn. violence in Greater Cleveland, to help make Chapter of the Brady Campaign to • Be sure to wash all areas of the body ___________________________________ our communities safer, to provide positive Prevent Gun Violence, and the Ohio thoroughly. INTROSPECTIVE/FUNNY alternatives for young people, promote voter Coalition Against Gun Violence. registration, and assist those who ask for our Recipes to Prevent Gun Violence, • Use deodorant and/or talc powder to reduce help to the best of our abilities in other areas, odor from sweat. "Hold fast to your dreams because if your Engage Understanding through such as, discrimination, harassment, dreams disappear, life is a broken winged bird Discourse. Wish that you could do • Brush teeth after every meal or at least that can't fly" Langston Hughes. intimidation, housing, etc. BBCI works with something about gun violence? Feel that Survivors/Victims to provide support for rinse mouth with water. it’s impossible? Feel that you’d like to, families affected by violence (whether it's Work on Breathing Properly. homicide, domestic violence, police but don’t have the time? (Who has any "And let us not be weary in well doing: for in Develop Good Posture Sitting, Standing or due season we shall reap, if we faint not. " misconduct, etc.), by helping to locate the time these days?) And that it is just too Walking. (Galatians 6:9: -- KJV) perpetrator and holding vigils, memorials, depressing! • For 5 to 10 minutes each day, read, watch marches or rallies, if needed, to make the (1) What about just one evening with your public aware of the situation. or listen to information that talks about "For I know the plans I have for you," declares friends to learn something important? personal improvement. the LORD," plans to prosper you and not to BBCI invites you to join us to help make our (2) What about just one evening to share a harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." neighborhoods safer. For further information • Attend faith gatherings at least once a or if you need help, call Art McKoy at few baked goods or a favorite wine and Jeremiah 29:11 (NIV) week. 253.4070 or Judy Martin at 990.0679. have a good time? (3) What about taking • Listen and ask for the wisdom of elders. home with you knowledge that will "They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their increase understanding? (4) And when it • Learn to fast or go without. strength; they shall mount up with wings as the K.N.O.W.L.E.D.G.E. Youth Org.: Kind; is all over, take a copy of a friend’s • Join a team or extra-curricular activity. eagles; they shall run and not be weary; they Nurturing; Opportunity; Winning; Loyalty; favorite receipt to help inspire you to feel shall walk and not faint." (Isaiah 40:31 KJV) Education; Determination; God; Everlasting. Intellectual/Academic. empowered. KNOWLEDGE's mission is to embrace and • Practice writing effectively at every With no pressure to make new empower the youth in community based opportunity. OTHER ORGANIZATIONS: programs that has a high sustainable quality of commitments or to donate funds, Recipes • Review an 8th grade math book twice a Survivors/Victims of Tragedy, Inc. life giving Cleveland a legacy of successful to Prevent Gun Violence is a local pilot week. Complete practice problems. is a Support Group for those of us who emerging young leaders. program to encourage people to start • Master the calculations of fractions, Our vision is to have the ability to develop a talking about Gun Violence Prevention, to have lost a loved one through murder percentages and decimals. nurturing and collaborative working envision what their community might do and has been meeting since December, • Maintain a 3.0 GPA. relationship; with the community's youth and to increase awareness, and hopefully 1997. We meet at McCall's Motel, community leaders. Having a unifying effort 14660 Euclid Avenue, East Cleveland, prevent gun tragedies in our of the adults and community leaders in our July 7 – August 15, 2007 10 SV and BBCI Community Action Newsletter