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Rip: Windows media 10, Cdex,

  1. 1. 1. Book Port Series Maria E. Delgado 2. Sources for Books and Conversion Tools American Printing House for the Blind 3. Popular sources: books, magazines, newspapers and Spanish for an annual fee; DAISY text and braille format for download; Recording for the Blind and Dyslexic (RFBD): books and other materials for an annual fee; requires the purchase of a “key” for the Book Wizard Reader; source for college level books; CD in DAISY audio format via US mail; Web-Braille: Free books and magazines; requires NLS membership; Braille format for download; braille books and magazines for sale, requires BP activation; Digital Audio format for download; 4. Classic and Public Domain books: The CD that comes with your Book Port: 1700 books in text format Project Gutenberg: free public domain books; text format for download; Gutenberg Australia: free books; text format for download; Distributed Proofreaders: free public domain books; text format for download; THE ONLINE BOOKS PAGE: free books; text and other format for download; Legends: free story books; text and htm format for download; 5. Other sources:
  2. 2. Black Mask: books for free and for sale; text and htm format for download; B&R Samizdat Express: books for sale on CD; text format via US mail; Baen Books: free and subscription books; htm and text format for download; The Blind Bookworm: free books and links to sources; text format for download; 6. Reference and newsletters: Project Bartleby: collection of free books and reference materials; htm format; Encyclopedia Britannica: limited free use or subscription; htm format; Jupitermedia: free and subscription newsletters; text and htm format via e-mail; Freedom Scientific: Free Bible; braille format for download; University of Virginia E-text Archives: books and articles; text and htm format for download; archives: electronic text; text and htm format for download; 7. Other audio sources: Teaching Company: university courses for sale on CD; mp3 format via US mail; ai=16281 Tiflolibros: books in Spanish; mp3 format for download; Fictionwise: books for sale; mp3 format; Audio Books for Free: free books; mp3 format for download; Freedom Scientific: Free JAWS tutorials; mp3 format for download;
  3. 3. 8. Comprehensive databases: Louis Database: books and materials from 170 agencies in the US; text and braille format for download; The Revealweb library catalogue: books and other materials; electronic format; 9. Newspapers: Bookshare: New York Times and USA Today; braille and DAISY format for download; NewsStand, Inc: hundreds of newspapers for free and subscription; htm format via e-mail; NewsVoyager: free search for local newspaper web sites from all over the world; htm format; 10. Digital libraries: The Norton Public Library: The Canadian Digital Library: The International Electronic Book Library: National Library for the Blind UK: International Public Library: 11. Radio and shows: Old Time Radio Shows: radio shows; mp3format for download; Turtle Services Limited: popular recordings from 1900 to 1930; mp3 format for download;
  4. 4. The Museum of Modern Art, New York: audio commentary, programs and guides in different languages; mp3 format for download; ACB Radio: informative and entertaining material; mp3 format for download; RadioLovers: old-time radio shows; mp3 format for download; 12. About Podcasts: Use software called aggrigator or podcatcher to find audio programming on the net and deliver it automatically to your PC Podcatchers contain directories of subjects, and you may "subscribe" to shows on technology, sports, comedy, news, etc. You may also find podcasts on your own and manually add them to the subscriptions 13. Podcatchers that work well with screen readers: iPodder: Primetime Podcast Receiver: 14. Podcast directories to get you started: Podcast Bunker: The World of Audio: List of blind podcasters: 15. Larry Skutchan’s podcasts: Blind Cool Tech: Address to subscribe: Some podcasts in this site include:
  5. 5. Getting Started Listening To Podcasts Using Ipodder Introducing Book Port Exploring Features in Book Port 2.0 Book Port Firmware 2.1 Released 16. Content in formats not directly supported: BBC4 Audio InterviewsA-Z: excerpts from the BBC's extensive archives of interviews with major cultural figures, from 1937 to the present; Real Media Audio format for download; Wired For Books: free books and interviews; Real Media Audio format for download; Book Locker: books for sale; pdf format for download; Jiggerbug: book rental service on CD or download; wma format for download; 17. Converting WMA and Real Media files: Real Converter: free trial and for sale; rm to mp3; DBPowerAmp: free download; wma into mp3, wav; 18. Converting PDF into Text: Adobe Reader6.x and 7.x: free download; offers the option to save as text; PDF2TXT 2.0: free download; converts multiple files in a single batch operation; 19. Converting Print-Text-MP3: Scanning (OCR) software
  6. 6. Open Book: scans and/or turns Text, PDF, MS Word into MP3; www.freedomscientific.con Kurzweil: scans and/or turns text, PDF, MS Word into mp3; Omni-Pro: scans and /or turns PDF into text; education 20. Converting Electronic Text into MP3: NextUp: Text Aloud turns Text into mp3; Premier Assistive Technology: Text-to audio turns text into mp3; 21. Ripping tools: CDex: free download; rips and converts wav, mp3, ogg and other; Winamp Pro: inexpensive upgrade to WinAmp; rips and converts wav, mp3, ogg and other; Windows Media 10: free download; ripps and converts wma, mp3; 22. Tip for saving e-mail: In Outlook, you can do the copy command on an unopened email Paste it into an open word processor file You can paste several e-mails into the same document, then send it to the Book Port 23. Fred’s Head Database (APH.ORG): Articles on tips, techniques and products for people who are blind or visually impaired Current information about electronic books, audio-content, digital libraries, podcasts, reference materials, etc. Most resources provided in this presentation come from records in this database
  7. 7. Offers a “blog” and options to listen to articles as podcasts 24. Related articles include: Listening To Podcasts With The Book Port (TM) Music and Podcasts On The Go! What Is A Blog? Accessible Online Libraries and museums Assistive Media: Free-of-Charge Audio Literary Works "Finding eBooks On the Internet" Project Gutenberg and Other Online Sites for Books Sacred Texts: Where to Get Them in Alternate Media What is DAISY? Tips For Searching The Louis Database Converting PDF Files using Adobe's Online Utilities With Your Screen Reader 25. How to use Fred’s Head: Go to: Click on “Visit Fred’s Head for new ideas” (Fred’s Head logo) Click on “Search Fred’s Head” Click on “Quick Search” Type a keyword such as: podcasts, e-books, scanner, music, etc. Click the “Search” button Then you can send the articles to your Book Port and read them on the go! 26. THANKS! Thank you for participating in the “Book Port Series”. I hope to see you again during other webcast presentations. Please send any comments or suggestions via e-mail to: Best regards,
  8. 8. Maria E. Delgado