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  • 2. Contents Order Form .................................................................................. 3 NE Regional Agricultural Engineering Services (NRAES) .... 17 Publications by Series Number (prefixes) ........................... 5 to 23 Picture Sheets (PS) ............................................................. 18 Agroforestry (AF) ..................................................................... 5 Research Bulletins (RB) ...................................................... 18 Complete Books (CB) .............................................................. 5 Station Bulletins (SB)............................................................ 18 CD-ROMS (CD) ....................................................................... 5 (Agricultural Experiment Station) Communications (CM) ............................................................. 5 Show Me Nutrition (SMN) .................................................... 18 Community Decision Making (DM) .......................................... 5 (N and NS are included with SMN) Extension Circulars (EC) ......................................................... 5 Special Reports (SR) ............................................................ 19 (College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources Engineering (EG) ..................................................................... 6 and the Agricultural Experiment Station) Extension DVDs (DVD) ........................................................... 6 Sustainable Agriculture Publications (SX) ............................ 20 Extension Videos (EV)............................................................. 6 University Extension Division (UED) .................................... 20 Folders/brochures (F) .............................................................. 6 Wine and Grape (WG) .......................................................... 21 Farm Management (FM).......................................................... 6 Waste Management (WM) .................................................... 21 Agricultural Guides (G) ............................................................ 6 Environmental Quality (EQ) .................................................. 21 Economics .......................................................................... 6 Engineering ........................................................................ 7 Water Quality Initiative (WQ) ................................................ 22 Animal Sciences ................................................................ 8 Subject Index ...................................................................... 24 Crops.................................................................................. 9 County Extension Centers ........................................................ 42 Forestry ............................................................................. 10 Horticulture ........................................................................ 10 Insects and Diseases ........................................................ 11 How to Order Poultry .............................................................................. 12 Soils .................................................................................. 12 Publications in this catalog are available at University Weather ............................................................................ 12 of Missouri Extension Centers throughout Missouri, or directly from: Wildlife............................................................................... 12 Agricultural Chemistry........................................................ 12 Extension Publications Pets and Companion Animals ............................................ 12 2800 Maguire Blvd. University of Missouri-Columbia Aging (GG) ............................................................................. 12 Columbia, MO 65211-3250 Human and Environmental Sciences (GH) ............................. 12 Toll free ordering: 1-800-292-0969 Clothing and Textiles ......................................................... 12 Food and Nutrition (see also SMN) .................................... 12 Order online at: Interior Design .................................................................. 13 Family Economics and Management ................................ 13 Use the order form on page 3, or send a letter clearly Household Equipment ....................................................... 13 stating the publication number and title. Enclose your Housing ............................................................................. 13 check made payable to University of Missouri for the cost of the publications plus handling. Missouri residents Human Relations ............................................................... 13 must include 7.35% sales tax. Rehabilitation .................................................................... 13 Integrated Pest Management (IPM) ....................................... 13 Orders processed incorrectly may be returned for credit within three weeks of receipt. Manuals (M) ........................................................................... 14 Master Gardener Core Manual Series(MG) ............................ 14 Quantity Discounts When ordering 10 or more copies of the same Miscellaneous Publications (MP) ............................................ 14 publication, apply the following discounts. Discounts are (Published by MU Extension Programs) based on the unit price listed after each publication. Midwest Plan Service Publications (MWPS) .......................... 15 10% on 10 to 99 copies (AED, CAN, OKE, TR included with MWPS) 15% on 100 to 999 copies 20% on 1000 or more copies Midwest Plan Service Plans (P)..................................................... 16 Miscellaneous Publications (MX and XM) ..................................... 16 North Central Regional Publications (IDEA and NCR)…………. . 16 Page 2
  • 3. Extension Publications Order Form Order on the Web. Go to To order by mail, return completed form with payment to: Extension Publications, 2800 Maguire Blvd., University of Missouri-Columbia, Columbia, MO 65211-3250. Make check payable to University of Missouri. Publication Number Title Quantity Price Totals Total publications charge from back of form To order by phone use your Total publications charge Discover, Visa or MasterCard. Shipping and Handling (See table below) Call toll free: 1-800-292-0969 Sub Total Fax: 573-884-5038 Missouri Sales Tax (Sub Total x 7.35%) Total Total S&H Publication Fee Charge Your name _________________________________________Telephone (____) ______________ $0.01 – 4.99 $2.50 Street/Route_____________________________________________________________________ $5.00 – 9.99 $4.50 City _____________________________________ State ______ Zip Code ___________________ $10.00 – 24.99 $6.50 $25.00 – 49.99 $8.00 Method of payment: □Discover □VISA □MasterCard □Check $50.00 – 99.99 $10.00 $100.00 – $13.00 Card number _____________________________________________ Expiration date __________ 199.99 + each additional $3.00 $100.00 Page 3
  • 4. Additional Publications Please use front side of form first. Carry total at bottom of this page to front side of form. Publication Number Title Quantity Price Totals Total this page Page 4
  • 5. Web = Only available on publications web site ● = Full text on publications web site Agroforestry CM350● CM360● Writing Features Writing Columns $0.50 Web AED See in Midwest Plan Service, page 15 CM440● Designing Your Newsletter $0.75 CM450● How to Do a Newsletter That Gets Read $0.75 AF1001● Agroforestry: An Integration of Land Use $1.00 CM460● Newsletter Score Sheet $0.25 Practices CM925● Creating a Videotape For Instruction $0.75 AF1002● Growing Pecans in Missouri $1.00 CM1225● VideoConference: Site Facilitator's Guide $0.75 AF1003● Propagating Pecan and Black Walnut in Missouri $1.00 CM1305● Checklist for Planning a Sucessful Meeting $0.25 AF1004● Tax Considerations for the Establishment of $1.00 CM1306● How to Have a Successful Educational $0.25 Agroforestry Practices Meeting on a Public Issue AF1005● Funding Incentives for Agroforestry in Missouri $1.00 AF1006● Economic Budgeting for Agroforestry Practices $1.00 COMMUNITY DECISION MAKING AF1007● Growing Chinese Chestnuts in Missouri $1.00 DM403● Developing Effective Study Committees Web AF1008● Agroforestry Practices DVD $9.99 DM404● The Study Committee and the Community Web AF1009● Establishing and Managing Riparian Forest $1.00 DM460● A Plan for Small Group Discussion $0.25 Buffers DM461● Defusing Public Decision: A Way to $0.25 AF1010● Growing Shiitake Mushrooms in an Agroforestry $1.00 Minimize Controversy While Facilitating Practice Public Decision Making AF1011● Growing Black Walnut for Nut Production $1.00 DM462● The Elements of Economic Development $0.25 AF1012● Integrating Agroforestry Practices for Wildlife $1.00 DM463● Decision-Making Techniques for $0.50 AF1013● Succession Planning for Woodland Owners $1.00 Community Groups AF1014● Understanding Casualty Loss of Timber $1.00 DM464 Town Meetings that Work: A Guide to $2.00 Organizing the Process CAN See in Midwest Plan Service, page 15 DM490● Working With Resource People $0.25 DM491● Considering Professional Consultation $0.50 COMPLETE GUIDE BOOKS DM1041 Animal Control and Animal Shelters Policies and Selected Costs $0.50 CB1 Agricultural Guides G100-G9999 (3 Binders, $75.00 DM1301● What Are Our Community's Housing Web CB3, CB4, CB5) DM1505● Rural Neighborhoods for Crime Prevention $0.25 CB2 Grounds for Gardening Guide Book $45.00 DM1902● Planning a Rural Fire Protection Service $0.50 CB3 Agricultural Guides G100-G1999 $30.00 DM1905● Planning a Central Sewer System for Rural $0.50 CB4 Agricultural Guides G2000-G5999 $30.00 DM1935 Litter Control in a Tourist Area: Methods $0.50 CB5 Agricultural Guides G6000-G9999 $30.00 and Costs CB9 Balancing Work and Family $3.00 CB10 MU Beef Cow/Calf Series $12.50 DM1955● Rural Water Districts Costs and Funding $0.50 CB11 Challenges and Choices. Folder and Guides $4.75 DM2210 Remodeling and Restoring 19th Century $0.50 CB13 Tackling the Tough Skills™: A Curriculum $65.00 Store Fronts: Cast Iron and Pressed Metal Building Skills for Work and Life (Revised DM3005● Understanding Your Community's $0.50 Edition) Economic Base CB14 Child Care and the Work Place (binder) $25.00 DM3006● Economic Base Multipliers and Community $0.50 CB15 An Ounce of Prevention: Addressing Birth $80.00 Growth Defects Related to Folic Acid, Alcohol and DM3007 The Language of Economic Development: A $15.00 Tobacco Reference Guide for Economic Developers CB16 Developing Community Leadership: The $30.00 DM3035● Potential for Retail Trades in Rural $0.50 EXCEL Approach DM3101● Missouri County Sales Tax Act $0.50 CB17 A Facilitator’s Guide to Step Up to Leadership: $100.00 DM3102● Downtown Revitalization Web A Curriculum for Developing Community DM4001● Rules for Missouri Townships, 2nd Edition Web Leaders (see also M172) DM4003● Rules for Missouri Fourth-Class Cities, 2nd $12.00 CB18 Grow Your Farm: Instructor's Guide $100.00 Edition DM5361● Preparing an Election Petition in Missouri $0.50 DM7005● The Planning Process and People Web CD-ROMs DM7110 Regional Planning in Missouri: The Legal $0.25 CD20 Midwest Landscape Plants: A Pictorial $20.00 Authorization Guide (CD-ROM) DM7612● Basic Procedures in Administration of $0.50 CD31 Missouri Small Business Start-Up Kit CD $17.74 Zoning Regulations: Making Applications CD51 Families and Divorce: A Program for $30.00 DM7613● Basic Procedures in Administration of $0.50 Professionals Working With Families (CD-ROM) Zoning Regulations: Appeals CD101 Guide to Estrus Synchronization of Beef $60.00 DM7614● Basic Procedures in Administration of $0.50 Cattle (CD only) Zoning Regulations: Roles of Enforcement Officer and Board of Adjustment DM7615● Cambio de Colores: Immigration of Latinos $8.00 COMMUNICATIONS DM7616 to Missouri Practicing Community Development $30.00 CM108● Speeding Adoption of New Technology in $0.75 DM7617● Cambio de Colores – Latinos in Missouri: $10.00 Rural America Gateway to a New Community – Proceedings CM109● Developing Effective Communications $0.75 of the 2004 annual conference CM150● Listening: Our Most Used Communications $0.25 DM7618 Important Missouri Laws: A Guide for New $4.50 CM201● Clear Writing: Ten Principles of Clear $0.25 Residents CM202 'Righting' Words $0.75 DVD See Extension DVDs, page 2 CM301 Know Your Audience by Knowing The News $0.25 EXTENSION CIRCULARS Values CM302 News Values Applied to the Types of Journalism $0.50 CM304● Publicizing the Event $0.50 EC705 Our Valuable Papers $1.00 Page 5
  • 6. EC914 Simple Home Plumbing Repairs $1.00 EC921 EC929 Alfalfa Analyst Micro and Secondary Nutrients in Missouri $1.50 $1.00 FOLDERS EC936 Getting Started in Farming: Mostly on Your $1.00 F235 HortLine 24 Hour Help for the Home $0.00 Own Gardener (brochure) EC937 Getting Started in Farming: Part-Time or $1.00 F243 Child Care and the Workplace (brochure) $0.00 Small Farms F244 Child Care and the Work Place (folders with $0.00 EC938 Getting Started in Farming Via the Home Farm $1.00 F245,F246,F247) EC939 Getting Started in Farming: So You Have $1.00 F248 Soil Nutrient Deficiencies & Toxicities Poster $1.00 Inherited a Farm F278● Your Child’s Health and BMI $0.50 EC941● Consumer Co-ops: Introduction to $0.25 F280● Play More, Watch Less Web Consumer Food EC942● Consumer Co-ops: Steps in Organizing a $0.25 EC943● New Pre-Order Food Cooperative Consumer Co-ops: Managing a Pre-Order $0.25 FARM MANAGEMENT Food Cooperative FM6701 Missouri Farm Tax Record: Part 1, Cash $6.00 EC944● Consumer Co-ops: Essential Elements of $0.25 Paid-Cash Received Managing a Food Cooperative FM6702 Missouri Farm Tax Record: Part 2, Four- $1.00 EC945● Consumer Co-ops: Orienting New Members $0.25 Year Depreciation Records EC946 Your Balance Sheet: Most Important Farm $1.00 Financing Management Tool EC947 Soil Productivity Indices and Soil Properties for Farm-Field Sites in Missouri $3.50 AGRICULTURAL GUIDES EC948 Adult Day Care: Will it Work for Your $1.00 Community? Agricultural Economics EC950 The Effects of Erosion Upon Soil Productivity $3.50 in Missouri Farm-Fields Farm Management EC951 Getting Into Dairying $0.00 G302● 2009 Custom Rates for Farm Services in $0.75 EC954● Consumer Co-ops: Incorporating $0.25 Missouri Consumer Cooperatives in Missouri G310● Agriculture and Greenhouse Emissions $0.75 G311● Introduction to Greenhouse Gas Markets and Web EC955 Soil Productivity Indices and Soil Properties $3.50 Cap-and-Trade of Some Major Soil Series of The Missouri G312● Contracts in Agriculture $0.75 EC960 Grain Storage Management: A Guide for $1.50 G313● Soil Carbon Sequestration Contracts $0.75 Keeping Your Grain in Top Condition G355● No Tillage and Conservation Tillage: $0.75 EC961 Why Development Projects Don't Work As $2.50 Economic Considerations Planned G360● Business Environmental Risk Management: $0.75 An Introduction G361● Securing Manure Spreading Rights Through $0.50 ENGINEERING GUIDES Easements EG602 The Treatment of Industrial Wastes by $0.50 G362● Days Suitable for Fieldwork in Missouri $0.50 Anaerobic, Lagoons G363● Fieldwork Days and Machinery Capacity $0.50 EG900 Developing a Parking Area $0.50 G403● Farm Land Values for Missouri Counties $0.50 EG5502 Capturing Solar Heat by Retrofitting Existing $0.75 G404● Farm Land Values $0.25 Homes G419● Developing a Farm Newsletter $0.50 EG5521 Water and Vapor Control in Earth-Contact $0.50 G420● Designing a Farm Resume $0.50 EQ See Environmental Quality, page 22 G423● Flexible Cash Rental Arrangement $0.50 G424● Missouri Crop-Share Leasing Patterns $0.50 G426● Farm Lease Agreement $0.50 G427● 2008 Cash Rental Rates in Missouri $0.50 EXTENSION DVDs G428● Customary Farm Rental Arrangements $0.50 AF1008 Agroforestry Practices DVD $9.99 G429● Leasing Farm Equipment $0.50 DVD12 Management Intensive Grazing Video $50.00 G451● Liability of Farm Employers $0.50 Series (DVD) G453● Farmers Liability for Their Animals $0.50 DVD15 Missouri Woodland Steward DVD $40.00 G500● Your Rights Under Condemnation in $0.50 (set of five) G508● Delayed Payment of Federal Estate Taxes $0.50 DVD21 Brazilogy $30.00 G511● Legal Aspects of Farm Partnerships $0.75 DVD22 Naked Bronze: Louis Smart, Sculptor in the $30.00 G520● Verbal Farm Rental Agreements Under $0.50 Ozarks DVD Missouri Law G530● Rental Agreements for Irrigated Land $0.75 G600● Crop Marketing Plan $0.50 G601● Agricultural Commodity Futures Contract $0.25 EXTENSION VIDEOS Specifications EV4 How to Do a Newsletter That Gets Read $125.00 G602● Introduction to Hedging Agricultural $0.50 EV6 Integrated Pest Management: A Basic $15.00 Commodities with Futures Concept for Better Gardening G603● Introduction to Hedging Agricultural $0.25 EV7 Your Newsletter: Make it a Winner $125.00 Commodities with Options EV9 Refrigerator Journalism: Making Your $125.00 G604● Commodity Futures Terminology $0.25 Writing More Useful G605● Interpreting Commodity Futures and $0.25 EV10 Community-Based Programs for Families $35.00 Options Price Quotes and Youth-at-Risk: Lessons Learned from G606● An Introduction to Basis $0.50 the Missouri Youth Initiative G607● Long Hedge Example with Futures $0.25 EV12 Management Intensive Grazing Video $50.00 G608● Short Hedge Example with Futures $0.25 Series (VHS Cassette) G609● Long Hedge Example with Options $0.25 EV14 Tom Benton's Missouri, Video $30.00 G610● Short Hedge Example with Options $0.25 EV14T Tom Benton's Missouri, Teaching Guide $10.00 G611● Using Commodity Futures as a Price $0.25 Forecasting Tool Page 6
  • 7. G640● Adding Value $0.25 G1310● Low-Temperature, In-Bin Drying: Shelled $0.75 G641● Capturing vs. Creating Value $0.50 Corn in Southwest, Central and North G642● Establishing the Transfer Price: Balancing $0.50 G1403● Poultry Farm and Processing Plant Lighting $0.50 the Businesses G1406● Preventing Shocks to Cows in Milking Parlors $0.25 G643● Hedging Ethanol in the NYMEX Unleaded $0.25 G1408● Electric Heat Cables for Farm and Home Use $0.50 Gas Futures G1409● Is Your Wiring System Safe and Energy Web G648● Break-even Pricing, Revenue and Units $0.50 Efficient? G649● Selecting an Appropriate Pricing Strategy $0.50 Soil and Water G650● Building Your Brand $0.50 G1500● Choosing Terrace Systems $0.25 G700● Hiring and Managing Farm Labor $0.50 G1501● Operating and Maintaining Underground $0.25 G740● Maintaining Woodland Tax Records $0.75 Outlet Terrace Systems G781● So You Want to Farm: What Does it Take? $0.25 G1503● Operating and Maintaining Grassed Outlet $0.25 What Can You Make? Terrace Systems Agricultural Laws and Policies G1504● Maintaining Grassed Waterways $0.25 G810● Missouri Fencing and Boundary Laws $0.75 G1506 Design Criteria for Diversions $0.50 G820● Does the Family Farm Really Matter? Web G1507 Design Criteria for Cross-Slope Channels $0.25 G851● Stockmen's Liability Under the Missouri $0.50 G1509● Controlling Runoff and Erosion at Urban $1.00 Nuisance Law Construction Sites G855● Pesticide Laws and Regulations $0.50 G1510● Design Criteria for Canopy and Hood Inlet $0.25 G856● Worker Protections Standard for Agricultural $0.25 Spillways Pesticides - Key Features G1514● Design Criteria for Formless Concrete $0.25 G1518● Estimating Peak Rates of Runoff From $0.50 G857● Worker Protection: Employer's Guide to $0.50 Worker Protection Standard Compliance Small Watersheds G1520 Discharge Capacity Tables for Canopy, $0.25 G858● Agricultural Owners, Family Labor and the $0.50 Worker Protection Standard Hood, Morning Glory and Drop Inlet Spillways G1521 Volume of Earth in Embankments $0.50 G890● Missouri Litter Laws $0.25 G1528● Design Criteria for Debris Basins $0.25 G901● Basics of Missouri Agricultural Cooperatives $0.50 G1530● Operation of a Bottom-Withdrawal (Lake- $0.50 G902● Member Control of Cooperatives: What it $0.50 Cleaning) Spillway Means and How it is Exercised G903● How Agricultural Cooperatives are Taxed $0.75 G1531● Design Criteria for Bottom-Withdrawal $1.00 (Lake-Cleaning) Spillway G1548● Maintaining Small Dams $0.50 Agricultural Engineering G1555● Reducing Pond Seepage $0.50 G1562 Estimating Soil Erosion for Conservation $0.75 Farm Structures G1570● Estimating Residue: Line Transect Method $0.25 G1004● Buying a Packaged Farm Building $0.50 G1606● Culverts and Flood Gates $0.25 G1005● Selecting and Working With a Farm Building $0.25 G1630● Soil Compaction: The Silent Thief $0.50 Contractor G1641● Land Grading for Irrigation: Design and $0.25 G1020● Lightning Protection for Missouri Farms and Web Construction Homes G1650● Conservation Tillage and Residue $0.75 G1107● Ventilation for Warm Confinement Livestock $0.50 Management to Reduce Soil Erosion Buildings G1651● Converting CRP Fields to Grain Crop $0.75 G1652● Ridge-Till Tips $0.50 Livestock Equipment G1653● Vegetative Barriers for Erosion Control $0.50 G1155● Confined Feeding Facilities: Site Selection $0.75 G1681● Measuring Irrigation Water in a Ditch, $0.50 and Management Stream or Reservoir G1157● Lagoon Pumping and Irrigating Equipment $0.75 G1695● Electrical Safety for Center Pivot Irrigation $0.25 G1158● Recycling Lagoon Water for Manure $0.75 Systems Flushing Systems G1161● All-Weather Concrete Stock Tank $0.50 Housing G1165● Corral Systems for Handling and Sorting $0.50 G1700● Concrete Basement Construction $0.50 G1170● Proper Infrared Heat Lamp Use for Efficient $0.25 G1702● Agreement Between Home Owner and Builder $0.50 Livestock Production G1706● Cool Your Home With a Window or Attic Fan $0.25 G1191● Selecting Wire Fencing Materials $0.25 G1710● Dehumidifiers $0.25 G1192● Constructing Wire Fences $0.50 G1721● Insulation for Your Home Web G1195● Walk-Through Trap to Control Horn Flies on $0.50 G1730● Wood Stoves and Their Installation Web Cattle G1731● Wood Stove Maintenance and Operation $0.50 G1732● Chimneys for Wood Stoves Web Farm Machinery and Equipment G1733● Catalytic Combustors for Wood Burning $0.25 G1208● Fuel Requirement Estimates for Selected $0.25 Stoves and Furnaces Field Operations G1734● Wood Burning Inserts for Fireplaces $0.50 G1210● No-Till Drills $0.25 G1735● Cleaning Stovepipes and Chimneys $0.25 G1230● How to Select Lubricating Oil for Farm $0.25 G1770● Replacing Wall Switches and Receptacles $0.50 G1231● Are Radial Tires Cost Effective? $0.50 G1799● Solar-Heated New Technology House $0.50 G1235● Tractor Tire and Ballast Management $0.50 G1800● Sources for Farm and Home Water Supply $0.25 G1236● Farming With One Tractor $0.50 G1801● How to Size a Farm and Home Water $0.25 G1250● Large Round Balers $0.75 G1805● A System for Pond Water Purification $0.50 G1270● Calibrating Field Sprayers $0.50 G1830● Tip Tank for Flushing Dairy Free-stall Alleys $0.25 G1272● Spray Mix Calculations Web G1273● Calibrating Granular Pesticide Applicators $0.25 Other: Water Systems, Safety, Energy G1880● Gases and Odors From Swine Wastes $0.25 G1280● Measuring and Reducing Soybean $0.50 G1881● Generating Methane Gas From Manure $0.50 Harvesting Losses G1884● Odors From Livestock Operations: Causes $0.50 G1290● Measuring and Reducing Corn Harvesting $0.50 and Possible Cures G1300● Low-Profile Bins for Grain Drying $0.25 G1885● Fugitive Dust: Nonpoint Sources $0.50 G1305 Estimating Airflow for In-Bin Grain Drying $0.75 G1886● Controlling Drift of Crop Protection Materials $0.50 Systems G1895● Collecting and Preserving Waste and $0.25 Page 7
  • 8. Wastewater Samples for Analysis G2040● Crossbreeding Systems for Small Herds of $0.75 G1905● Is Your Family Prepared for an Earthquake? $0.50 Beef Cattle G1907● Residential Fire Detection Web G2041● Management Considerations in Beef Heifer $0.50 G1908● Fires in Agricultural Chemicals Web Development G1911● Understanding the Pesticide Label $0.50 G1913● Understanding the Material Safety Data $0.75 Beef Feeding G1914● Laundering Pesticide-Contaminated Clothing Web G2051● Feed Ingredient Composition for Beef Cattle Web G1915● Pesticide Poisoning Symptoms and First Aid $0.75 G2053 Using Net Energy to Formulate Beef Cattle $0.50 G1916● Pesticide Application Safety Web Rations G1917● Personal Protective Equipment for Working $0.50 G2056● High-Moisture Grain for Beef Cattle $0.50 With Pesticides G2058● Vitamins for Beef Cattle $0.50 G1918● Using Pesticides Safely Around the Home $0.50 G2059● Wheat Silage for Beef Cattle $0.25 G1920● Using Agricultural Anhydrous Ammonia Web G2061● Corn Silage for Beef Cattle $0.50 G1921● Temperature Effects on Storage of $0.50 G2064● Winter Rations for Beef Calves Web Agricultural Pesticides G2066● Rations for Growing and Finishing Beef Web G1927● Spin-Through Flush Tank $0.50 G2071● Urea Supplements for Beef Cattle $0.75 G1931● Animal Handling Safety Considerations $0.50 G2072● Grain and Protein Supplements for Beef Web G1932● Portable Ladder Safety $0.25 Cattle on Pasture G1933● Chipper-Shredders $0.25 G2076● Alternative Feeds for Beef Cows and Stockers Web G1934● How to Prevent Electrical Accidents $0.25 G2077● Feeding Poultry Litter to Beef Cattle Web G1935● How to Protect Yourself From Respiratory $0.50 G2081● Mineral Supplements for Beef Cattle $1.00 Hazards G2083 Calculating Fertilizer Value of Supplemental $0.50 G1936● All-Terrain Vehicles $0.50 Feed for Cattle on Pasture G1950● Responding to Farm Accidents $0.50 G1955● Large Round Bales: Management $0.25 Beef, Other: Health, Management, Marketing G1957● Large Round Bales: Safety $0.25 G1958● Felling, Bucking and Limbing Trees $0.50 G2090● Growth Stimulants (Implants) $0.50 G1959● Basic Chain Saw Safety and Use $0.75 G2095● Backgrounding Calves Part 1: Assessing Web G1960● Safe Tractor Operation $0.50 The Opportunity G1961● Agriculture and the Occupational Safety and $0.50 G2096● Backgrounding Calves Part 2: Herd Health Web Health Act and Feeding G1962● Noise: The Invisible Hazard $0.50 G2099● Hot Weather Livestock Stress Web G1965● Agricultural Hand Signals $0.25 G2102● Care of Newly Purchased Feeder Cattle Web G1966● Skin Cancer: Don't Let the Sun Spot You $0.25 G2115● Johne's Disease or Paratuberculosis Web G1968● Radon: An Indoor Health Hazard? $0.50 G2120● Bovine Leukosis $0.50 G1969● Safe Storage and Handling of Grain $0.50 G2122● Trichomoniasis $0.50 G1971● Active Solar Collectors for Farm Buildings $0.50 G2130● Common Internal Parasites of Cattle $0.50 G1972● Saving Energy With Passive Systems $0.50 G2140● Collecting Genetic Material from Beef Cattle $0.50 G1975 Sizing Solar Systems for Agriculture $0.75 G2201● Freeze Branding Cattle $0.25 G1981● Wind Energy in Missouri $0.50 G2208● Home Slaughtering and Processing of Beef $0.75 G1990● Biodiesel Fuel $0.25 G2209● Recommendations for Aging Beef $0.25 G1991● Biodiesel Blends for Fueling Diesel Engines $0.25 G2220● Beef Carcass Grading and Evaluation $0.50 G1999● Unvented Portable Kerosene Heaters: $0.50 G2230● Body Condition Scoring of Beef and Dairy $0.75 Safety Considerations Animals G2299 Swine Pregnancy Checking by Ultrasonic $0.25 Animal Sciences G2306● Swine Care, Selection and Showmanship $0.50 Swine Breeding Beef Breeding G2310● Rotational Crossbreeding Systems for Pork $0.25 G2001● Real-Time Ultrasound: Possible Uses in $0.50 Producers Genetic Prediction G2311● Terminal and Rotaterminal Crossbreeding $0.50 G2005● Value of Beef Performance Records $0.75 Systems for Pork Producers G2006● Increase Your Calf Crop by Good Web G2312● Artificial Insemination in Swine: Breeding $0.50 Management, Pregnancy Testing, and the Female Breeding Soundness Examination of Bulls G2315● Infectious Causes of Infertility in Sows $0.50 G2007● Assisting the Beef Cow at Calving Time $0.50 G2011● Determining Reproductive Fertility in Herd $0.50 Swine Feeding, Health G2015● Reproductive Anatomy and Physiology of the Web G2320● Nutrient Requirements of Swine and $0.50 Cow Recommendations for Missouri G2016● Reproductive Anatomy and Physiology of the $0.50 G2321● Vitamin Requirements of Swine $0.50 Bull G2322● Mineral Requirements for Growing Swine $0.50 G2017● Pelvic Measurements and Calving Difficulty $0.50 G2323● Feeding Organic and Inorganic Sources of $0.50 G2030● Beef Production Glossary: BIF Fact Sheet Web Trace Minerals for Swine Production G2032● Understanding and Using Sire Summaries: $0.50 G2324● Swine Diet Manipulation to Minimize $0.50 BIF Fact Sheet Environmental Impacts G2033● Utilizing Performance Records in $0.50 G2340● Biosecurity for Today's Swine Operation $0.50 Commercial Beef Herds G2350● Meeting the Protein and Amino Acid Needs $0.50 G2034● Utilizing Performance Data in Judging Web of Swine Classes: BIF Fact Sheet G2351● Evaluating Vitamin Premixes for Swine $0.50 G2035● Calving Difficulty in Beef Cattle: BIF Fact $0.75 G2353● Antibiotics and Other Additives for Swine: $0.75 G2036● Culling the Commercial Cow Herd: BIF Fact $0.50 Food Safety Considerations Sheet G2354● Evaluating Additives for Swine Rations $0.50 G2037● The System Concept of Beef Production: BIF $0.50 G2355● By-Products, Damaged Feeds, and Non- Web Fact Sheet Traditional Feed Sources for Swine G2038● Modern Commercial Beef Sire Selection: $0.50 G2357● Vitamin E and Selenium in Swine Rations $0.25 BIF Fact Sheet G2358● Preventing Sulfa Residues in Pork $0.50 G2039● Genetics of Reproduction: Considerations $0.50 for Sire Selection Swine Management Page 8
  • 9. G2360● Forages for Swine $0.25 G3161● Using NDF and ADF to Balance Diets $0.50 G2430● Common Internal Parasites of Swine $0.50 G3170● Feeding Dairy Cattle for Proper Body Web G2500● Care of Pigs From Farrowing to Weaning $0.50 Condition Score G2502● Purchasing a Herd Boar for Commercial $0.50 G3260● Wheat Silage for Dairy Cattle $0.50 Swine Production G2503● Management and Care of the Herd Boar $0.25 Dairy, Other Management, Marketing G2504● Hoop Structures for Missouri Swine $0.50 G3270● Whole Soybeans for Dairy Cattle $0.50 Finishing Facilities G3500● Before You Go Into Dairying $0.50 G2505 Universal Ear Notching Systems for Pigs $0.25 G3555● Raising Calves on Stored Colostrum $0.25 G2507● Herd Management for Disease Prevention $0.50 G3620● How to Reduce Heat Stress in Dairy Cattle Web G2508● Herd Health Programs for Swine Seedstock $0.50 G3651● How to Compute Your Cost of Producing Milk $0.50 Production G3653● Using the California Mastitis Test Web G2509● Swine Management Check Sheet $0.25 G3990● Feeding and Housing Dairy Goats $0.50 Swine, Other Crops G2511● Evaluating the Contract Swine Finishing $1.00 Opportunity General G2520● Managing Purchased Feeder Pigs $0.50 G4020● Tables for Weights and Measurements: Crops Web G2526● Country Curing Hams Web G4050● Troubleshooting Field Crop Problems $0.50 G2528● Home Curing Bacon for a Mild Flavor $0.25 G4080● No-Till Planting Systems Web G2530● Dust, Odor, and Gas Control in Swine Finishing $0.50 G4081● No-Till Checklist Web Barns Through Oil Sprinkling G4090● Alternative Crops in Double-Crop Systems $0.75 Sheep for Missouri G4099● Analyzing Cropping Systems $0.50 G2610 Sheep Pregnancy Checking by Ultrasonic $0.25 Corn Horses: Breeding, Health, Feeding, Training G4155● Aflatoxins in Corn $0.50 G2740● Functional Anatomy of the Horse Foot $0.25 G2742● Splints in Horses $0.25 Cotton G2743● Navicular Syndrome in Horses $0.25 G4251 Cotton Weed Control $0.75 G2780● Horse Registries and Associations Web G4253 Cotton Harvest Aids $0.50 G2790● Horse Breeding Arithmetic: 2 + 2 = 1 $0.50 G4255● The Boll Weevil in Missouri: History, Biology $0.50 G2806● Feeds for Light Horses Web and Management G2807● Feeding Horses $0.50 G2825● Illustrated Hoof Care for Horses $0.50 G4256● Fertility Management of Cotton Web G2835● Buying a Horse $0.50 G4257● Sulfur and Boron Fertilization on Cotton $0.25 G2836● Selecting Your Riding Horse $0.50 G4258● Plant Growth Regulators for Cotton $0.50 G2837● Conformation: Form to Function $0.50 G4259● Cotton Nematodes in Missouri: Your Hidden Web G2839● Care of Your Horse's Feet $0.50 Enemies G2840● Unsoundness and Blemishes of Horses: Web G4261● Cotton Disease and Nematode Web Feet and Legs G4262● Protecting Cotton Seedlings from Blowing $0.25 G2841● Unsoundness and Blemishes of Horses: Web Sand with Winter Cover Crops Head, Body, Respiratory Tract and Stable G4268● Cotton Plant Development and Plant Mapping $0.75 G2842● Determining Age of Horses by Their Teeth $0.50 G4270● Cotton Tillage and Planting Guidelines $0.50 G2843● Leg Set: Its Effect on Action and Soundness $0.50 G4271● Prevention and Control of Damage from $0.25 of Horses Wind Erosion in Cotton G2844● Haltering and Tying Horses $0.50 Small Grains G2845● Choosing, Assembling and Using Bridles $0.75 G4280● Canola: A Promising Oilseed $0.50 G2851● Health Hints for Your Horse Web G4290● Sunflower: An American Native $0.50 G2854● Controlling Internal Parasites of Horses $0.50 G4306● Buckwheat: A Multi-Purpose, Short-Season $0.50 G2861● Longe Line Training $0.50 Alternative G2862● Practical Horse Psychology Web G4312● Barley Web G2864● Pre-Bit Hackamore Training $0.50 G4345● Wheat Take-All $0.25 G2870● Tips for Pony Pleasure Drivers Web G2878● Safe Ground Handling of Horses $0.75 Sorghum G2881● Saddling, Bridling and Riding the Western $0.75 G4349● Sorghum Aphid Pest Management $0.50 G2882● Safety for Hunt Seat Riders $0.50 G4356● Management of Grain Sorghum Diseases Web G2883● Intermediate Trail Riding Web in Missouri G2884● Community Pleasure Trail Riding Web G2887● Selecting a Saddle $0.50 Rice G4361● Guidelines for Producing Rice Using Furrow $0.75 Horses, Other Irrigation G2910● Heritability and its Use in Animal Breeding $0.75 G4364● Boron and Sulfur Fertilization on Rice $0.25 G2911● Inbreeding: It's Meaning, Uses and Effects Web G4365● Managing Midseason Nitrogen on Rice with $0.25 on Farm Animals Plant Area Measurements G2925● Miniature and Hunting Mules of Missouri $0.75 G4366● Phosphorus Management for Drill-Seeded Rice $0.25 G2952● Livestock Judging Techniques $0.75 Dairy Breeding Soybeans G3030● Getting Problem Cows Pregnant $0.50 G4410● Soybean Production in Missouri Web G4412● Soybean Variety Selection Web Dairy Feeding G4415● Drilled Soybeans in Missouri $0.50 G3106● Total Mixed Dairy Rations on Your Farm? $0.75 G4420● Irrigating Soybeans $0.75 G3110● Feeding to Maximize Milk Solids Web G4442● Soybean Rust $1.50 G3150● Forages for Cattle: New Methods of $0.75 G4448● Controlling Vole Damage in No-Till Corn $0.50 Determining Energy Content and Evaluating and Soybeans G3151● Using a Microwave Oven to Determine Web G4450● Soybean Cyst Nematode $1.00 Moisture in Forages G4470● Soybean Harvest Aids $0.50 Page 9
  • 10. Forages G5501● Use of Treated Wood $0.25 G4510● Crownvetch Web G5506● Measurement and Pricing of Primary Wood $0.50 G4511● Orchardgrass Web Materials G4515● Annual Lespedeza $0.50 G5507● Considerations in Drying Hardwood $0.50 G4550● Alfalfa Web G5550● Air Seasoning (Drying) of Wood $0.25 G4555● Managing Manure on Alfalfa Hay $0.50 G5600● Circular Sawmill Alignment and Maintenance $0.50 G4563● Grasshopper Control in Missouri Forage Web G5900● Planning Tree Windbreaks in Missouri $0.75 Crops and Pastures G5999● Forestry Assistance for Landowners $0.50 G4569● Blister Beetle Management in Alfalfa Web G4570● Reducing Losses When Feeding Hay to $0.50 Horticulture Beef Cattle G4575● Making and Storing Quality Hay Web Fruit G4590● Corn Silage $0.50 G6000● Pruning Raspberries, Blackberries and Web G4591● Estimating Silage Value to the Crop $0.50 Gooseberries G4610● The Bluegrasses Web G6001● Pollinating Fruit Crops $0.50 G4620● Bermudagrass $0.75 G6005● Fruit and Nut Cultivars for Home Plantings Web G4638● Red Clover Web G6010● Fruit Spray Schedules for the Homeowner $2.00 G4639● White, Ladino and Sweet Clover Web G6020● Fire Blight $0.25 G4640● Birdsfoot Trefoil Web G6021● Home Fruit Production: Apples $0.50 G4642● Establishing Birdsfoot Trefoil in Bluegrass Web G6022● Apple Cultivars and Their Uses $0.50 G4646● Tall Fescue Web G6024● The Vertical Axis System: A Training Method $0.50 G4649● Reed Canarygrass, Ryegrass, and Garrison Web for Growing Apple Trees Creeping Foxtail G6026● Disease-Resistant Apple Cultivars Web G4650● Establishing Forages Web G6030● Home Fruit Production: Peaches and $0.50 G4651● Renovating Grass Sods With Legumes Web Nectarine Culture G4652● Seeding Rates, Dates, and Depths for $0.50 G6085● Home Fruit Production: Grape Culture Web Common Missouri Forages G6090● Home Fruit Production: Grape Training $0.75 G4661● Warm-Season Annual Forage Crops $0.75 G6135● Home Fruit Production: Strawberry Cultivars $0.50 G4669● Tall Fescue Toxicosis $0.50 and Their Culture G4670● Seed Production of Tall Fescue and Other Web Cool Season Grasses Vegetables G4671● Eastern Gamagrass $0.50 G6201● Vegetable Planting Calendar $1.00 G4672● Smooth Bromegrass $0.50 G6202● Disease Prevention in Home Vegetable $1.00 G4673● Big Bluestem, Indiangrass and Switchgrass Web G6203● Common Diseases in the Home Garden Web G4674● Caucasian Bluestem $0.75 G6204● Managing Nematodes in Gardens $0.50 G6220● Organic Gardening Techniques $0.75 G6221● Marketing Vegetables in Missouri $1.00 Crops, Other: Weed Control G6222● Selling Strategies for Local Food Producers $1.00 G4851● Atrazine: Best Management Practices and $0.75 G6226● Vegetable Harvest and Storage Web Alternatives in Missouri G6230● Exhibiting and Judging Garden Vegetables $0.50 G4852● Cleaning Field Sprayers to Avoid Crop Injury $0.75 G6368● Growing Sweet Potatoes in Missouri $0.25 G4871● Waterhemp Management in Missouri Web G6369● Eggplant Production $0.25 G4872● Johnsongrass Control $1.00 G6370● Fresh Market Tomatoes Web G4875● Control of Perennial Broadleaf Weeds in Web G6372● Growing Sweet Peppers in Missouri $0.50 Missouri Field Crops G6390● Growing Sweet Corn in Missouri $0.50 G4880● Poison Ivy: Identification and Control $0.25 G6400● Vegetable Gardening Questions and Answers $1.00 G4907● Herbicide Resistance in Weeds $1.00 G6405● Growing Home-Garden Asparagus $0.50 G4953● Wheat-Soybean Double-Crop Management $0.50 G6461● Growing Home Garden Tomatoes $0.50 In Missouri G6462● Watering and Fertilizing Tomatoes in a High $0.25 G4970● Plants Poisonous to Livestock $1.00 Tunnel G6470● Growing Herbs at Home $0.75 Forestry Flowers, Houseplants Management, Protection, Uses, Energy G6510● Caring for Houseplants $0.75 G5006● Before You Order Tree Seedlings $1.00 G6511● Care of Flowering Potted Plants $1.00 G5008● How to Plant Forest Trees $0.25 G6515● Lighting Indoor Plants $0.75 G5009● Mechanical Tree Planters $0.50 G6520● Terrariums $0.75 G5010● Autumn Colors $0.25 G6540● Drying Flowers and Foliage for Arrangements $0.75 G5020● Walnut Agroforestry $0.50 G6550● Spring Bulbs for Indoor Blooming $0.50 G5021● Economics of Agroforestry $0.25 G6560● Home Propagation of Houseplants $0.50 G5050● How to Measure Trees and Logs Web G6570● Starting Plants From Seeds Web G5051● Selling Walnut Timber $0.75 G6600● Roses: Selecting and Planting $0.75 G5052● Hardwood Lumber Grades $0.50 G6601● Roses: Care After Planting $0.50 G5053● Softwood Lumber Grades $0.50 G6610● Spring Flowering Bulbs: Daffodils $0.50 G5054● Forestry Terms for the Woodland Owner $0.50 G6620● Summer Flowering Bulbs: Gladiolus $0.50 G5055● Determining Timber Cost Basis $0.25 G6629● Flowering Annuals: Characteristics and $0.75 G5056● Managing Your Timber Sales Tax $0.50 Culture G5150● Increase Woodland Products Through Web G6650● Flowering Perennials: Characteristics and $0.50 Timber Stand Improvement Culture G5151● Determining the Profitability of Timber Stand Web G6660● Wildflowers in the Home Landscape $1.00 Improvement Investments G6661● Ornamental Grasses $0.50 G6700● Cool Season Grasses: Lawn $0.75 G5160● Pruning Forest Trees Web Establishment and Renovation G5200● Tree Decline: What Is It? $0.50 G5450● Wood Fuel for Heating Web G6705● Cool Season Grasses: Lawn Maintenance $0.75 G5451● Preparing Wood for Your Wood Stove $0.25 Calendar G5452● How to Buy and Sell Cordwood $0.50 G6706● Establishment and Care of Zoysiagrass $0.50 G5453● Starting a Fire in a Wood Stove $0.25 G6708● Thatch: Enemy of Lawns $0.25 G6720● Home Lawn Watering Guide $0.75 Page 10
  • 11. G6722● Caring for Flooded Lawns Web G7113● European Corn Borer: A Multiple-Crop Pest $0.50 G6725● Grasses in Shade: Establishing and $0.25 in Missouri Maintaining Lawns in Low Light G7114● Seedcorn Maggot $0.25 G6730● Establishment and Care of Buffalograss $0.25 G7115● Management of the Armyworm Complex in $0.50 G6749● Natural Lawn Care $1.50 Missouri Field Crops G6750● Home Lawn Weed Control $0.50 G7140● Sorghum Midge in Missouri $0.25 G6751● Calibrating Sprayers and Spreaders for $0.75 G7150● Soybean Pest Management: Bean Leaf $0.25 Athletic Fields and Golf Courses G7151● Soybean Pest Management: Stink Bugs $0.25 G6752● Commercial Horticulture: Turf Weed Control $1.00 G7152● Soybean Pest Management: Dectes Stem Borer $0.25 G6756● Turfgrass Disease Control Web G7180● Hessian Fly Management on Wheat $0.25 G6770● Bermudagrass for Athletic Fields $0.50 G7190● Insect Borers of Fruit Trees $0.75 G6772● Cool-Season Grass Cultivars for Athletic Fields $0.25 Home and Garden Trees, Shrubs G7200● White Grubs in the Lawn $0.50 G6800● Selecting Landscape Plants: Shade Trees $0.75 G7250● The Bagworm in Missouri $0.25 G6805● Selecting Landscape Plants: Flowering $0.75 G7251● The Mimosa Webworm in Missouri Web G6810● Selecting Landscape Plants: Uncommon $0.75 G7254● Elm Phloem Necrosis $0.25 Trees for Specimen Planting G7259● Periodical Cicadas in Missouri $0.25 G6815● Selecting Landscape Plants: Needled $0.75 G7270● Insect Defoliators of Missouri Trees: Colony $0.25 Evergreens Feeders G6820● Selecting Landscape Plants: Broad-Leaved $0.50 G7271● Insect Defoliators of Missouri Trees: Web $0.25 Evergreens Producers G6825● Growing Azaleas and Rhododendrons $0.75 G7272● Insect and Mite Galls on Missouri Trees $0.25 G6830● Selecting Landscape Plants: Deciduous $0.50 G7273● Least-Toxic Control Methods to Manage $0.50 G6835● Selected Ground Covers for Missouri $0.75 Indoor Plant Pests G6840● Selecting Landscape Plants: Ornamental Vines $0.75 G7274● Aphids, Scales, and Mites on Home Garden and $0.75 G6850● How to Plant a Tree $0.50 Landscape Plants G6865● Fertilizing Shade Trees $0.50 G7275● Managing Whiteflies on Indoor and Outdoor $0.25 G6866● Pruning and Care of Shade Trees $0.50 Plants G6867● First Aid for Storm-Damaged Trees $0.50 G7276● Twig Girdler and Twig Pruner $0.25 G6870● Pruning Ornamental Shrubs $0.50 G7354● Hackberry Psyllids $0.25 G6879● Irrigating Trees and Shrubs During Summer $0.50 G7356● Elm Leaf Beetle $0.25 Drought G7358● Clover Mites $0.25 G6881● Leaf Scorch of Ornamental Trees and Shrubs $0.25 G7360● Boxelder Bug Web G6885● Preventing Construction Damage to Trees $0.50 G7362● Sowbugs, Pillbugs, Millipedes and $0.50 Centipedes Landscaping G7363● Springtails $0.25 G6900● Tree Placement on Home Grounds $0.50 G7364● Scorpions $0.25 G6901● Developing the Landscape Plan Web G7366● House-Invading Crickets $0.25 G6902● Low-Maintenance Landscaping $0.50 G7368● Household-Invading Beetles $0.50 G6905● Landscaping Your Front Yard $1.00 G7369● Multicolored Asian Lady Beetle $0.50 G6910● Landscape Plantings for Energy Savings $0.50 G7370● Pantry Pests Web G6911● Gardening in the Shade $1.00 G7372● Carpet Beetles and Clothes Moths $0.25 G6912● Water-Efficient Gardening and Landscaping $0.75 G7376● Silverfish and Firebrats $0.25 G6930● Building Brick Walks and Patios $0.25 G7380● Fleas $0.50 G7382● Ticks $0.50 Horticulture, Other: Weed Control, Garden Soil, G7384● Cockroaches $0.50 G7386● Spiders $0.25 Propagation G7388● Household Flies Web G6950● Steps in Fertilizing Garden Soil: Vegetables and $0.50 G7391● Bees and Wasps $0.50 Annual Flowers G7392● Ants $0.75 G6954● Soil Testing for Lawns $0.50 G7394● Human Lice $0.50 G6955● Improving Lawn and Landscape Soils $0.50 G7396● Occasional Biting Pests $0.50 G6956● Making and Using Compost $0.75 G7398● Chiggers $0.25 G6957● How to Build a Compost Bin Web G7400● Mosquitoes $0.50 G6958● Grass Clippings, Compost and Mulch: $0.50 G7402● Chironomid Midges $0.25 Questions and Answers G7420● Subterranean Termites $0.75 G6959● Don't Bag It Lawn Care $0.50 G7422● Wood-Boring Beetles $0.50 G6960● Mulches $0.50 G7423● Carpenter Ants $0.25 G6965● Building and Using Hotbeds and Cold Frames $0.75 G7424● Carpenter Bees $0.25 G6970● Home Propagation of Garden and $0.75 G7501● Selecting a Professional Pest Control Service $0.50 Landscape Plants G7510● Pesticide Dilution Table $0.25 G6971● Grafting $1.00 G6972● Budding $0.50 Insects and Disease, Other: Safety, Diseases G6985● Raised-Bed Gardening $0.50 G7512● Pesticides: Emergency Planning and $0.50 Community Right-To-Know Insects and Diseases G7520● Pesticides and the Environment $0.75 G7555● Submitting Insect and Mite Specimens for Web Livestock, Crops Identification G7011● Beef Cattle Lice Control $0.50 G7600● Beekeeping Tips for Beginners $0.75 G7012● Making and Using a Cattle Backrubber $0.25 G7601● Seasonal Apiary Management for Missouri $0.50 G7013● Protecting Cattle from Horse Flies $0.75 G7700● Hardware Disease of Cattle $0.25 G7020● Controlling External Parasites of Swine $0.50 G7701● Displaced Abomasum $0.25 G7030● Fly Control in Caged Layer Buildings Web G7705● Control of Anaplasmosis in Missouri $0.25 G7110● Corn Earworm in Missouri $0.50 G7710● Parasitic Worms of Insects $0.25 G7111● Southwestern Corn Borer Management in $0.50 Missouri Poultry G7112● Black Cutworm in Missouri $0.50 Page 11
  • 12. Laying Flocks, Turkeys, Other G9442● Controlling House Mice $0.50 G8350● Small Flock Series: Managing a Family $0.50 G9444● Bait Stations for Controlling Rats and Mice $0.50 Chicken Flock G9445● Controlling Voles in Horticulture Plantings $0.75 G8351● Small Flock Series: Brooding and Growing $0.50 and Orchards in Missouri Chicks G9450● Snakes: Information for Missouri $0.75 G8352● Nutrient Requirements of Chickens and $0.75 G9452● Managing Woodchuck Problems in Missouri $0.50 Turkeys G9453● Managing Raccoon Problems in Missouri $0.50 G8353● Small Flock Series: Incubation of Poultry $0.75 G9454● Managing Skunk Problems in Missouri $0.50 G8820● Flock Profiling for Monitoring Turkey $0.75 G9455● Tree Squirrels: Managing Habitat and Controlling $0.30 G8903● Prevention of Poultry Disease $0.25 Damage G8904● Control of Poultry Disease Outbreaks Web G9456● Armadillos in Missouri: Techniques to Prevent $0.25 G8909● Basics of Bird Flu: Avian Influenza $0.25 and Control Damage G8910● Avian Influenza Biosecurity for Small Flock $0.25 G9457● Feral Hogs in Missouri $0.50 Owners G9460● Bats of Missouri: Information for Homeowners $0.75 G8920● Brooding and Rearing Ducklings and Web G9470● Paddlefish Production: Opportunities for $0.50 Goslings Missouri Pond and Lake Owners G8922● Weeding With Geese $0.25 Agricultural Chemistry Soils G9550● Homemade Cottage Cheese $0.50 G9800● Nature and History of the Nitrate Problem $0.25 Soil Types, Management, Testing, Soil Treatments G9802● Terminology of Reporting Nitrate $0.25 G9000● Missouri Soil Surveys Web G9804● Nitrate in Soils and Plants $0.50 G9102● Liming Missouri Soils Web G9808● Nitrate and Water $0.25 G9107● Missouri Limestone Quality - What is ENM? Web G9811● Qualitative Nitrate Detection for Toxicity Web G9112● Interpreting Missouri Soil Test Reports $0.75 G9131● Sampling Plant Tissue and Soil for Analysis $0.50 Pets and Companion Animals G9175● Nitrogen Management for No-Tillage Web G9900● Giving or Receiving Pets: An Owner's $0.25 Systems in Missouri Responsibility G9176● Fertilizer Management for No-Till Corn and $0.50 G9902● The Animal Care Facilities Act $0.25 Grain Sorghum in Missouri G9910● Rabbits and Rodents as Pets $0.25 G9177● Preplant Nitrogen Test for Adjusting Corn $0.50 G9920● Feeding the Dog $0.50 Nitrogen Recommendations G9922● Reproductive Management of the Brood Bitch $0.50 G9180● Phosphorus in Missouri Soils Web G9923● Pregnancy Determination in the Bitch $0.50 G9181● Agricultural Phosphorus and Water Quality $0.50 G9930● Canine Heartworm Disease $0.25 G9182● Managing Manure Phosphorus to Protect $0.75 G9931● Canine Abortion $0.50 Water Quality G9940● Rabies $0.25 G9183● Phosphorus Best Management Practices for $0.50 Biosolids and Other Organic Residuals G9184● G9185● The Missouri Phosphorus Index Potassium in Missouri Soils Web Web AGING GG3● Exercise for the Older Adult Web G9186● Calculating Plant-Available Nitrogen and Web GG4● Buying Used Goods $0.50 Residual Nitrogen Fertilizer Value in Manure GG5● Basic Dental Health for Older Adults Web G9215● Soil Sampling Pastures $0.25 GG8● Oral History in Your Community $0.50 G9216● Nutrient Management Information Survey for $0.50 GG12● Aids to Independent Living for the Blind Web Poultry Dry Litter Systems GG13● Shared Housing Web G9217● Soil Sampling Hayfields and Row Crops $0.50 GG14● Accessory Apartments Web G9218● Managing Nitrogen to Protect Water Quality $0.25 G9219● Setback Distances for Land Application of $0.50 G9220● Manure Strategies to Minimize Phosphorus Loss from $0.25 HUMAN ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCES Your Farm GUIDES G9221● Nutrients and Water Quality for Lakes and $0.25 Streams Clothing and Textiles G9330● Calculating the Value of Manure as a $0.50 GH145● After the Fire is Out: Cleaning Household $0.75 Fertilizer Source Textiles and Clothing G9332● Using Food Processing Plant Waste on Fields $0.75 GH824● Textile Labels Protect and Inform Consumers $0.75 G9333● Break-even Hauling Distance: Tractor- $0.25 Pulled Manure Spreaders G9334● Optimizing Fertilizer Value of Manure from Slurry $1.00 Food and Nutrition, and Fitness Hog Finishing Operations GH1055● The New Missouri Mix Web G9340● Sampling Poultry Litter for Nutrient Testing $0.50 GH1115● Using and Storing Butter $0.25 GH1116● Using and Storing All-Purpose Flour Web Weather GH1119● Using and Storing Cornmeal Web GH1120● Using and Storing Honey Web G9350● Missouri Weather Patterns and Their Impact $0.50 GH1165 Safe Food Preparation: It's in Your Hands $0.75 on Agriculture GH1183● Making Yogurt at Home: Country Living Series Web Wildlife GH1451● Food Preservation: Before You Start to Can - $0.50 G9402● Collection and Submission of Samples for $1.00 Learn the Basics Fish Kill Investigation and Toxic Substance GH1452● Food Preservation: Steps to Success in $0.75 G9420● Landowners’ Guide to Lease Hunting in Missouri $1.00 Home Canning G9421● Field Borders for Agronomic, Economic and $1.00 GH1454● Food Preservation: Preserve Your Garden $0.75 Wildlife Benefits $1.00 Delights - How to Can Fresh Vegetables G9431● Ecology of Northern Bobwhite Quail in Missouri $1.00 GH1455● Food Preservation: Food Preservation - $0.75 G9432● Habitat Management Practices for Bobwhite $0.50 Fruitful Canning Quail GH1456● Food Preservation: Tantalizing Tomatoes - $1.00 G9440● Controlling Nuisance Moles $0.75 How to Can Fresh Tomato Products Page 12
  • 13. GH1457● Food Preservation: Food Preservation - In a $0.50 GH6121● Infant and Toddler Basics: Development $0.75 Pickle During the First Three Years GH1459● Food Preservation: Pack a Pickled Product $0.75 GH6122● How Children Develop During the $0.75 GH1461● Food Preservation: Jam and Jelly Basics – Tempt $0.75 Preschool Years Your Tastebuds with Natural Sweets GH6123● Communicating Effectively With Children $0.75 GH1490● Quality for Keeps: Canning Meat, Fish and Web GH6126● Raising Kind Children $0.50 Poultry GH6127● Nurturing Children's Talents $0.50 GH1501● Quality for Keeps: Freezing Basics $0.75 GH6128● Toilet Training $0.50 GH1502● Quality for Keeps: Freezing Fruits $1.00 GH6129● Parenting: Success Requires a Team Effort $0.50 GH1503● Quality for Keeps: Freezing Vegetables $1.00 GH6130● Developing a Parenting Plan: A Guide for Web GH1504● Quality for Keeps: Freezing Meats, Poultry, Web Divorcing Parents Fish, Eggs and Dairy Products GH6150 Journaling With Teens $0.50 GH1505● Quality for Keeps: Freezing Home Prepared Web GH6200● Grandparents as Caregivers: Common $0.50 Foods Questions GH1506● Quality for Keeps: Freezer Problem Solver $0.75 GH6201● Questions and Answers About $0.50 GH1507● Quality for Keeps: Freezing Unusual Fruits $0.50 Methamphetamines and Vegetables GH6202● When a Child's Parent Is Incarcerated $0.50 GH1562● Food Preservation: Drying Foods $0.50 GH6203● Tips for School Success: Common Questions $0.50 GH1563● Food Preservation: How to Dry Foods at Home $0.75 for Grandparents GH1564● Quality for Keeps: Food Preservation - How $0.50 GH6204● Making time for Family: Balancing Media $0.50 to Use Dried Foods Consumption - Questions for Parents and GH1900● Exercising in the Heat $0.50 Grandparents GH6233● Finding and Selecting Good Child Care: A Web Interior Design Step-By-Step Guide for Parents Returning to GH2414● Cleaning May Restore Furniture $0.25 Work GH6235● Development Through the School-Age $0.75 Family Economics and Management Years of 6 Through 11 GH3341● Credit in the Family Budget Web GH6500● Fathering to Meet the Needs of Children Web GH3422● Life Insurance: Purposes, and Basic Policies $0.50 GH6600● Helping Children Understand Divorce $0.75 GH3423● Keeping the Roof Over Your Head: A $1.50 GH6601● Divorce and Adults Web Consumer’s Guide to Homeowners Insurance GH6602● Activities for Helping Children Deal with Divorce Web GH3600● Living On Less $0.50 GH6603● Financial Decision Making in Stepfamilies $0.75 GH3830● Managing Your Money $0.75 GH6604● Child Abuse and Neglect Web GH6607● Helping Infants and Toddlers Adjust to Divorce $0.75 Household Equipment GH6608● Domestic Violence and Divorce Web GH6610● Creating a Strong and Satisfying Marriage $1.00 Housing GH6611● Helping Children Adjust to Divorce: A Guide for $0.75 GH5002 Homebuyer's Resource Guide: Home $2.50 Teachers Ownership Made Easier GH6640● Promoting Family Strengths Web GH6641● Family Councils: The Key is Communication Web GH5117● Preparing for an Emergency: Home Heating $0.50 in an Emergency GH6651● Challenges and Choices: The Challenge of Web Balance GH5118● For the Unprepared: Home Heating in an $0.25 Emergency GH6652● Challenges and Choices: Women's Self-Esteem Web GH5462● Features of the Age Proof House $0.50 GH6653● Challenges and Choices: Time $0.50 GH5668 Kitchen Planning: General Information $0.25 Effectiveness-Prioritizing Your Time GH5669● Kitchen Planning: Work Centers $0.25 GH6654● Challenges and Choices: Family Health $0.75 GH5671● Kitchens for Workers in Wheelchairs $0.50 GH6655● Challenges and Choices: Fit for Life Web GH5928● How to Prevent and Remove Mildew Web GH6656● Challenges and Choices: Deciding to be Healthy Web GH5932● Simple Home Repairs: Cracks in Concrete Web GH6657● Challenges and Choices: Elderly Caregiving $0.75 Sidewalks GH6700● Foundations for a Successful Stepfamily Web GH5933● Simple Home Repairs: Wood Porch Web GH6710● Bridging the Gap: Intergenerational Programs $0.50 GH6830● Negotiation Skills $0.50 GH5936● Simple Home Repairs: Caulking and Filling Web Cracks Around Windows and Doors GH5938● Simple Home Repairs: Screened Doors Web Rehabilitation and Windows GH7015● With One Arm, Special Techniques, Tools $0.75 GH5939● Simple Home Repairs: Exterior Painting Web and Equipment to Fit Your Needs GH5978 Using Basic Tools $0.50 GH7060● Bathroom Safety for Older People Web GH5981● Heating System Maintenance $0.25 IDEA See North Central Regional Publications, page 18 GH5984● Home Repair Inspection and Specifications Web Human Relations INTEGRATED PEST MANAGEMENT GH6002● Sexuality and Your Child: For Children Ages $0.50 IPM1001● Corn Diseases $3.00 3 to 7 IPM1002● Soybean Diseases $3.00 GH6005● Helpful Tips for Grandparents and Caregivers: $0.25 IPM1003● Integrated Pest Management and Missouri's $0.50 Talking With Young People About Sex Agriculture GH6010● Early Adolescence $0.50 IPM1004● Integrated Pest Management in Missouri's $0.50 GH6020● Home Safety Checklist Web Urban Environment GH6026● Protecting Children from Unintentional Injuries $0.75 GH6041● Creativity in Young Children $0.50 IPM1005● Integrated Pest Management in Missouri's $0.50 GH6113● Understanding and Encouraging Your Web Green Industries Young Child's Large Motor Development IPM1006● Introduction to Crop Scouting $3.00 GH6115● Nature, Nurture and Early Brain Development $0.75 IPM1007● Practical Weed Science for the Field Scout: $3.00 Corn and Soybean GH6116● Sleep Soundly: How to Establish Good Sleep $0.75 IPM1008● Insect and Mite Pests of Apples $3.00 Habits for your Children IPM1009● Turfgrass and Weeds $3.00 GH6119● Positive Discipline and Child Guidance Web IPM1010● Biological and Integrated Control of Musk $1.00 Page 13
  • 14. Thistle in Missouri Missouri Guide IPM1011● Watermelon Bacterial Fruit Blotch $1.00 M168 Dairy Grazing Manual $21.00 IPM1012● Temperature Effects on Storage of $0.50 M169 A Guide to Common Forages and Weeds of $14.00 Greenhouse, Ornamental and Turf Pastures IPM1013● Pesticide Storage $0.75 M170 High Tunnel Tomato Production $10.00 IPM1014● Noxious Weeds of Missouri $3.00 M171● 2009 Missouri Pest Management Guide: Corn, $20.00 IPM1015● Thistle and Thistle-like Plants of Missouri $1.00 Soybean, Winter Wheat IPM1016● Crop Nutrient Deficiencies and Toxicities $3.00 M172 Step Up to Leadership: A Curriculum for $20.00 (also send F248 Soil Nutrient Deficiencies Developing Community Leaders & Toxicities Poster) (participants' manual) IPM1017● Effects of Water pH on the Stability of Pesticides $0.25 M173● High Tunnel Melon and Watermelon Production $10.00 IPM1018● Weed Management Systems for $3.00 M174 Grow Your Farm: Participant’s Guide $75.00 Environmentally Sensitive Areas MM101 Guide to Estrus Synchronization of Beef $125.00 IPM1019● Caterpillars in Your Yard and Garden $3.00 Cattle (CD and print) IPM1020● Turfgrass and Insects $3.00 MM102 The Missouri Swine Enterprise Manual CD $100.00 IPM1021● Vine Weeds of Missouri $3.00 IPM1022● Management of Soft Red Winter Wheat $3.00 IPM1023● Missouri Weed Seeds $3.00 IPM1024● Identifying Grass Seedlings $3.00 MASTER GARDENER CORE MANUAL SERIES IPM1025● Cotton Pests: Scouting and Management $3.00 MG1● Master Gardener Core Manual: Policy and Web IPM1026● Using Integrated Pest Management in $1.00 Procedures Greenhouses and Herbaceous Nurseries MG2● Master Gardener Core Manual: Plants and $3.00 IPM1027● Best Management Practices for Nitrogen $3.00 Their Environment Fertilizer in Missouri MG3● Master Gardener Core Manual: Propagation $2.00 IPM1029● Identification and Management of Turfgrass $3.00 MG4● Master Gardener Core Manual: Soils, Plant $1.50 Diseases Nutrition and Nutrient Management IPM1030● Management of Glyphosate-Resistant $1.00 MG5● Master Gardener Core Manual: Vegetable $3.50 Waterhemp in Corn and Soybean Gardening MG6● Master Gardener Core Manual: Fruit Production $2.50 MG7● Master Gardener Core Manual: Establishment $1.00 MANUALS MG8● and Care of Woody Ornamentals Master Gardener Core Manual: Pruning $1.50 M82 Decongesting Metropolitan America $5.00 Ornamental Trees and Shrubs M87 Private Pesticide Applicator Reference Manual $12.00 MG9● Master Gardener Core Manual: Establishment $3.00 M88 Right-of-Way Pest Control (Category 6) $5.00 and Care of Herbaceous Ornamentals M89 Ornamental and Turf Pest Control (Category 3) $20.00 MG10● Master Gardener Core Manual: Managing $4.00 M90 Agricultural Animal Pest Control (Category 1B) $5.75 Lawns and Turfgrass M91● Demonstration and Research Pest Control $10.00 MG11● Landscaping Your Front Yard ( SEE G6905) (Category 10) MG12● Master Gardener Core Manual: Insects $1.00 M92 Seed Treatment (Category 4) $10.00 MG13● Master Gardener Core Manual: Diseases $2.00 M93 Agricultural Plant Pest Control (Category 1A) $15.00 MG14● Using Pesticides Safely in the Home and Garden $1.00 M94 Forest Pest Control (Category 2) $7.50 M95 General Structural Pest Control (Category $20.00 M96 Wood-Destroying Pest Management $12.00 (Category 7B) MISCELLANEOUS PUBLICATIONS M97 Fumigation Pest Control (Category 7C) $7.50 MP4 Face to Face With a Flood $0.50 M98 Public Health Pest Control (Category 8) $7.50 MP25 How You Spend Your Money Each Day $0.25 M99 Aquatic Pest Control (Category 5) $8.00 MP59● Insect Identification Form Web M100 Pesticide Dealers Manual $3.50 MP100 A Case Study in a Community Development $1.00 M101● Wood Preservation (Category 11) $4.50 Technique: the Hannibal Community Survey M108 Surveying Community Attitudes $3.50 MP101 Guide to Estrus Synchronization of Beef $80.00 M123 Missouri Soybean Handbook $1.50 Cattle (Print Only) M133 Small Town Survival Manual $5.00 MP188● Computerized Soil Sample Information Form $0.00 M144 The Missouri System of Swine Production $30.00 MP230 Alternatives for County Government $1.00 M145 Controlling Tree and Shrub Pests Around $3.00 MP388● Milan: A Case Study of Developing $1.00 the Home Community Initiative M147 University Extension and Your Beef $0.00 MP474 Missouri Beef Cattle Improvement $1.00 Cow/Calf Operation Programs, On-The-Farm Performance M148 Beef Cow-Calf Series: Breeding and Genetics $3.00 MP476 The Job of the Board Member $1.00 M149 Beef Cow-Calf Series: Reproduction $3.00 MP489● Planning Agencies and the Community $0.25 M150 Beef Cow-Calf Series: Herd Health $3.00 MP506 How to Organize Neighborhoods $1.00 M151 Beef Cow-Calf Series: Nutrition $3.00 MP540 Review of Weed Competition in Soybeans $1.00 M152 Beef Cow-Calf Series: Forage Management $3.00 and Corn M153 Beef Cow-Calf Series: Marketing and Finance $3.00 MP544 Electric Motor Selection $1.00 M154 Beef Cow-Calf Series: Equipment and $3.00 MP545 Alterations for a Good Fit in Men's and $2.00 Livestock Handling Women's Apparel M155 Missouri Dairy Plan $30.00 MP555● Horticulture Soil Sample Information $0.00 M157 Missouri Grazing Manual $18.00 MP556● Storing Food in the Freezer Web M158 Summer Grazing in Missouri: Pasture $6.50 MP557● Storing Food in the Cupboard Web Management and Beef Production MP558● Storing Food in the Refrigerator Web M159 The Missouri System of Dairy Heifer Production $30.00 MP562● Home Storage of Fruits and Vegetables in Web M163 Managing Insect Pests in the Home $7.50 Root Cellars Vegetable Garden MP563● Food Yields Web M164● Missouri No-Till Planting Systems Manual $3.00 MP564● In a Pinch: Ingredient Substitution Web M165 Missouri System of Crop Production $50.00 MP565● Common Cold Checklist Web M166● Corn Insect Pests: A Diagnostic Guide $8.00 MP568● Community Development Theory $4.00 M167● Atrazine Management and Water Quality: A $4.00 MP581 Weed and Brush Control Guide for Forages, $8.00 Page 14
  • 15. Pastures and Non-Cropland in Missouri MP736 USDA Pesticide Record Keeping Requirements $0.00 MP583 Blueberries From Harvest to Health $0.25 pocket record book MP584 Corn From Harvest to Health $0.25 MP737 Garden 'n Grow: Leader Handbook $30.00 MP585 Peaches From Harvest to Health $0.25 MP738 Garden 'n Grow: Gardener's Notebook $12.00 MP586 Green Beans From Harvest to Health $0.25 MP740 Food Power Classroom Activities $20.00 MP587 Tomatoes From Harvest to Health $0.25 MP741● Plant/Weed Identification Form Web MP592● Home-Based Business: Will it Work for Me? Web MP742● Missouri State and Local Spending: A Web MP596● Home-Based Business: Market Your Product Web Fifty-State Comparison for 2002 MP597● Home-Based Business: Selling by Consignment Web MP743● Missouri State and Local Taxes and Revenues: Web MP598● Home-Based Business: Pricing Your Work $0.50 A Fifty-State Comparison for 2002 MP599 Grapes From Harvest to Health $0.25 MP744 Discover the Mississippi River Hills $1.00 MP600 Apples From Harvest to Health $0.25 MP745● Plant Biosecurity Preparedness Plan for U.S. $5.00 MP601 Pumpkins From Harvest to Health $0.25 Agricultural Producers MP602 Nuts From Harvest to Health $0.25 MP747● The Impact of Livestock Production: A Case Web MP603 Honey From Harvest to Health $0.25 Study of Three Missouri Counties MP604● Plant Disease Identification Form Web MP748● Animal Feeding Operations and Residential Web MP619 Insect Pests of Horses in Missouri $3.00 Land Value: Summary of Literature MP623● Family Scene 13: Tips to Strengthen Families $0.25 MP749● Crop Insurance in Missouri Web MP625 Individual Beef Cow Record $0.25 MP750● Put Your Company on the Web $1.50 MP626 Economic Impact of Crop Insurance on $0.25 MP902● Missouri Bobwhite Quail Habitat Appraisal Guide $2.00 Missouri Counties MP903● Quail-Friendly Plants of the Midwest $5.00 MP627 A Farmer's Guide to Multiple Peril Crop $0.50 MP904● Resources for Your Flooded Home $2.00 Insurance MP905● Squeezed by Rising Food Prices? $1.00 MP629● Home-Based Business - Packaging for Shipping $0.50 MP906● Community Gardening Toolkit $5.00 MP630● Home-Based Business - Keeping Records Web MP909 Seasonal and Simple: A Guide for Enjoying $15.00 MP631● Home-Based Business - Selling by Mail Web Fresh Fruits and Vegetables MP636● At Home Alone: A Self-Study Guide for $2.00 MP910● Resources and Services for Minority Farmers $5.00 Families With Children Who Spend Time At and Ranchers MP645● Rice Blast: Identification and Control Web MP912 WorkWell Missouri Tool Kit $30.00 MP646● Rice Sheath Blight Control Web MP913 Meat Goat Management Wheel $9.00 MP651 2010 Missouri Commercial Tree Fruit Spray $7.50 MP914● Food Defense: Protecting the food supply $5.00 Guide from intentional harm MP652 Fund Raising $2.00 MP656● Hometown Business: Customer Loyalty Web MP657● Hometown Business: Vendor Relations $1.00 MIDWEST PLAN SERVICE MP658● Hometown Business: Stop the Shoplifters $1.00 MP659● Hometown Business: Dynamic Displays $0.75 MP660● Hometown Business: Increase Your Sales, $1.00 Publications Invest in Advertising AED17 Three-Inch, 150 Gallon Siphon-Flush Tank $2.00 MP662 Total Mixed Dairy Rations: Plans, Uses and $0.00 AED20 Managing Dry Grain in Storage $8.00 Economics by Herd Size AED40 Greenhouse Barns for Dairy Housing $4.00 AED41 Hoop Structures for Grow-Finish Swine $5.00 MP663● Stain Removal From Washable Fabrics Web AED42 Sprinkling Oil to Remove Dust, Odor, and $5.00 MP665 Now That's A Good Tune: Masters of $13.00 Gases in Swine Buildings Traditional Missouri Fiddling - 2 cassettes AED43 Managing & Designing Bunker & Trench $5.00 MP666 Waste Management Systems for Dairy Herds $0.00 AED44 Hoop Structures for Gestating Swine $5.00 MP667 Bed and Breakfast: Is It the Right Business $4.00 AED45 Using All-Weather Geotextile Lanes and Pads $5.00 for You? AED46 Swine Wean-to-Finish Buildings $5.00 MP674 Workable Wardrobe $1.50 AED47 Alternative Systems for Farrowing in Cold $5.00 MP676● Hometown Business: Plan and Control $1.00 Weather Your Inventory AED50 Hoop Barns for Beef Cattle $5.00 MP685● Controlling Deer Damage in Missouri $2.50 AED51 Hoop Barns for Dairy Cattle $5.00 MP686● Using Reduced Herbicide Rates for Weed $1.00 AED52 Hoop Barns for Horses, Sheep, Ratites, and $5.00 Control in Soybeans Multiple Utilization MP687 MyActivity Pyramid Poster, (20 in. x 30 in.) $3.00 CAN723 Corrals for Handling Beef Cattle $15.00 MP688 Vernacular Architecture in Rural and Small $6.00 MWPS2 Farmstead Planning Handbook: Guidelines $20.00 Town Missouri: An Introduction for Planning and Expanding Agricultural MP689 A Quick Consumer Guide to Safe Food Handling $0.25 Facilities and Operations (CD-ROM) MP690 Missouri Aquaculture Directory $0.00 MWPS3 Sheep Housing and Equipment Handbook $8.00 MP691● How to Compute Your Cost of Producing $1.25 MWPS6 Beef Housing and Equipment Handbook $15.00 Milk - Worksheets MWPS7 Dairy Freestall Housing and Equipment $25.00 MP692● USDA Pesticide Recordkeeping $1.00 MWPS9 Designs for Glued Trusses $7.00 MP693● Restricted-Use Pesticide Recordkeeping $2.00 MWPS13 Grain Drying, Handling, and Storage $12.00 Form - 50 per pad MWPS14 Private Water Systems Handbook $32.00 MP696● Stay Strong Stay Healthy Mini Poster $0.75 MWPS16 The House Handbook: Guidelines for Building $30.00 (8 1/2 in. x 11 in.) or Remodeling Your Home MP711● Pecan Pest Management: Insects and Diseases $2.00 MWPS18 Livestock Waste Facilities $20.00 MP722● Learning for Better Living: Reaching Your Web MWPS18S1 Manure Characteristics: Manure $9.00 Goals Management Systems Series MP727● Soil Sample Information for Commercial $0.00 MWPS18S2 Manure Storages: Manure Management $15.00 Fruits, Vegetables and Turfs Systems Series MP729● Use of a Portable Chlorophyll Meter to $0.50 MWPS18S3 Outdoor Air Quality: Manure Management $15.00 Manage Crop Nitrogen in Rice Systems Series MP733 Lawn and Garden Soil Test Interpretations $5.00 MWPS21 Home and Yard Improvements Handbook $5.00 and Fertilizer Recommendation Guide MWPS22 Low Temperature and Solar Grain Drying $1.00 MP734 Cotton Seedling Diseases: Answers to Web Handbook Frequently Asked Questions MWPS23 Solar Livestock Housing Handbook $1.00 MP735 Using MGA to Shorten the Beef Breeding $0.50 MWPS24 On-site Domestic Sewage Disposal Handbook $3.00 Page 15
  • 16. MWPS25 Research Results in Manure Digestion, $5.00 Runoff, Refeeding, Odors MX340 Clover Diseases I $0.75 MWPS26 Farm Shop Plans Book $5.00 MX341 Clover Diseases II $0.75 MWPS28 Farm Buildings Wiring Handbook $20.00 MX342 Tree Diseases I $0.75 MWPS29 Dry Grain Aeration Systems Handbook $25.00 MX343 Tree Diseases II $0.75 MWPS30 Sprinkler Irrigation Systems $25.00 MX344 Tree Diseases III $0.75 MWPS32 Mechanical Ventilating Systems for $1.00 MX345 Turf Grass Diseases 1 $0.75 Livestock Housing MX348 Turf Pests I $0.75 MWPS33 Natural Ventilating Systems for Livestock $1.00 MX349 Tree and Shrub Pests I $0.75 MWPS34 Heating, Cooling and Tempering Air for $1.00 MX377 2010 Missouri Commercial Small Fruit and Grape $6.00 Livestock Housing Spray Guide MWPS35 Farm and Home Concrete Handbook $3.00 MX379 Missouri Fertilizer Report $0.00 MWPS36 Rectangular Concrete Manure Storages $45.00 MX380 Missouri Agricultural Liming Materials $0.00 MWPS37 Designing Facilities for Pesticide and $17.00 MX381 Technology Transfer, From Researchers to $12.50 Fertilizer Containment Users MWPS40 Swine Farrowing Handbook: Housing and $7.00 MX382 Missouri Fertilizer Tonnage Report $0.00 Equipment MX383 Biotechnology: Generating Knowledge for a $0.00 MWPS41 Swine Nursery Facilities Handbook $13.00 Better Tomorrow MWPS43 Swine Breeding and Gestation Facilities $13.00 MX384 2010 Midwest Vegetable Production Guide for $12.00 MWPS45 Conservation Tillage Systems and $15.00 Commercial Growers Management: Crop Residue Management MX385 Anhydrous Ammonia Safety Materials: Brochure $0.00 with No-Till, Ridge-Till, and Mulch-Till MX386 Anhydrous Ammonia Safety Materials: What $0.00 Handbook is Anhydrous Ammonia? MWPSCD45 Conservation Tillage Systems and $15.00 MX387 Anhydrous Ammonia Safety Materials: NH3 $0.00 Management: Crop Residue Management Details for Dealers with No-Till, Ridge-Till, Mulch-Till (CD-ROM) MX388 The Turf Disease Diagnostic Program at MU $0.00 MWPS50 Living on Acreages: What You Need to Know $20.00 MX390 100 Years, Sanborn Field $0.00 MWPS60 Horse Facilities Handbook $35.00 MX391● Making Plans for Commercial Aquaculture $1.50 MWPSCD1 Beef Cattle Handbook CD-ROM $25.00 in the North Central Region OKE938 Modern Corral Design $10.00 MX392● Transportation of Fish in Bags $0.50 MX394● Choosing an Organizational Structure for $0.50 Your Aquaculture Business Building Plans MX397 50 Ways Farmers Can Protect Their $6.00 OKE See in Midwest Plan Service, above Groundwater P72442 Confined Beef, 34' Shed Roof $4.00 MX400 Housing as We Grow Older: Folder $1.50 P72601 Swine Gestation Building, 33' x 92' $4.00 MX831 Vegetable Gardening in the Midwest $25.00 P72602 Swine Breeding Building, 33' x 60' $4.00 MX851 Review Question Answer Sheet for the $0.25 P72603 Swine Growing-Finishing Building $5.00 Missouri Private Applicator Recertification P72686 20-Litter Nursery $4.00 MX858 Pine Wilt: A Fatal Disease of Exotic Pines in $1.00 P72691 Swine Finishing House, Full-Slotted Floor, $3.00 the Midwest 320 Pigs Research Report P72692 Swine Gestation Unit, Open Shed with Lot $3.00 MX916 The Maltreatment and Adolescent $150.00 P72695 Swine Breeding Building, 24' x 60' $4.00 Pregnancy and Parenting Program set P72697 Swine Gestation Building, Four Rows of $4.00 (MAPPP) (Video & Manual) Stalls, 192 sows P73220 48' Pole Grain Storage $3.00 MX920 Plum Pox Virus of Stone Fruits $0.50 P73272 Single Frame Corn Crib $3.00 MX929 A Revolution in the Heartland: Changes in $30.00 P73280 Double Pole Corn Crib $3.00 Rural Culture, Family and Communities P73281 Double Corn Crib, 4' Alley $3.00 MX934 Sudden Oak Death $0.25 P73283 Double Corn Crib, Overhead Bin $3.00 MX947● Targeting of Watershed Management: $1.50 P74401 Portable Fertilizer Storage $3.00 Practices for Water Quality Protection MX946 Now That’s a Good Tune: Master of Traditional $30.00 Missouri Fiddling (Book + 2 CD set) MISCELLANEOUS PUBLICATIONS MX948● Better Living: Solutions for Better Living in $4.00 These Tough Economic Times FROM OTHER PROGRAMS MX950 Complete Guide to Home Canning $18.00 MWPS See Midwest Plan Service, page 15 MX1904C6 Horn Fly Trap-Blueprint $5.00 MX70 Centennial Report 1870-1970 of the $3.50 XM1001● Flowering and Fruit Characteristics of Black Web College of Agriculture: Paper Back Walnuts: A Tool for Identifying and Selecting MX75 Alfalfa - The High Quality Hay for Horses $0.50 Cultivars MX101 Impact of Continued Soil Erosion $0.25 XR1● Ice and Freeze Damage to Ornamental and Web MX102 Soil Erosion Control Practices $0.25 Fruit Trees: Implications and Remediation MX104 Soil Erosion and Sediment in Missouri $0.50 MX131● Controlling Nuisance: Chipmunks Web NORTH CENTRAL REGIONAL PUBLICATIONS MX134● Controlling Nuisance: Cottontail Rabbits $0.50 N See in Show Me Nutrition, page 19 MX135● Controlling Nuisance: Weasels Web IDEA5 Midwest Studies Provide Some Answers- $0.00 MX136● Controlling Nuisance: Muskrats $0.25 MSEA Water Quality Projects MX137● Controlling Nuisance: Blackbirds in Roosts $0.50 MX138● Controlling Nuisance: Blackbirds in Crops $0.25 IDEA7 Ridge Tillage Systems-Water Quality $0.00 MX139● Controlling Nuisance: Blackbirds in $0.25 Impacts in Farming Systems of the Midwest Livestock Feedlots NCR2 Income Tax Management for Farmers $5.00 MX145● Controlling Nuisance: Pigeons Web NCR11 The Farm Corporation $8.00 NCR26 Lawn Weeds and Their Control $4.00 MX328 Applying Pesticides Correctly: A Guide for $15.00 NCR33 Vine Weeds of the North Central States $1.00 Commercial Applicators NCR56 Long-term Installment Land Contracts $5.00 MX331● Private Applicator Pesticide Training Study Web NCR63 Common Tree Fruit Pests $10.00 Guide NCR75 Fixed and Flexible Cash Rental $4.00 Page 16
  • 17. Arrangements for Your Farm NCR445 Marketing Crafts and Other Products to Tourists $1.00 NCR99 Care of House Plants $3.00 NCR451 Starling Management in Agriculture $1.00 NCR100 Edible Wild Mushrooms $3.00 NCR461 Ornamental Grasses for the Midwest $4.00 NCR105 Crop-share or Crop-share/Cash Rental $4.00 NCR475● Writing for a Changing World: Reaching Web Arrangements for Your Farm Low Literacy Audiences With Print Material NCR106 Irrigation Crop-share or Crop-share/Cash $0.50 NCR486 Chemical Disease Controls for the $3.00 Farm Lease form Greenhouse Industry NCR107 Livestock Share Rental Arrangements for $2.00 NCR491 Control of Diseases on Commercial $10.00 Your Farm Outdoor Flowers NCR108 Livestock Share Farm Lease $0.75 NCR497 Kitchen Planning: New and Remodeled $3.50 NCR115 Market Turkey Management: Brooding $1.00 NCR498 Freshwater Fish Preservation $1.75 NCR118 Living With Your Teenager: Understanding $0.75 NCR528 Diagnosing Shoot Boring Insects of Pines $1.50 Physical Changes NCR546● Independent Contractors vs Employee: $2.50 NCR120 Living With Your Teenager: Understanding $0.75 Exploring the Categories Emotional Changes NCR547 Alfalfa Management Guide $12.00 NCR134 Wood Finishing: Discoloration of House $0.75 NCR550 DNA Fingerprinting in Human Health and $0.75 Paint - Causes and Cures Society NCR136 Wood Finishing: Finishing and Maintaining $1.00 NCR553● Insect Resistant CropsThrough Genetic $1.50 Wood Floors Engineering NCR148● Irrigation Crop-share and Cash Rental $1.00 NCR556 Growing Perennials $1.50 Arrangements for Your Farm NCR568 Planning the Financial/Organizational $5.00 NCR149● Pasture Rental Arrangement for Your Farm $4.00 Structure of Farm and Agribusiness Firms: NCR156 Fitting and Showing Beef Cattle $1.00 What are the Options? NCR157 Fitting and Showing Sheep $1.00 NCR602 Bt Corn and European Corn Borer: Long- $3.50 NCR158 Herbicide Symptoms in Dry Edible Beans $1.00 Term Success Through Resistance NCR159 Edible Bean Disease and Disorder $1.00 NCR607 Common Weed Seedlings of the North $4.00 NCR160 Diseases of Sunflowers $0.50 Central States NCR174 Facts About Fabric Flammability $1.00 NCR610A Developing a Longer Range Strategic Farm $6.00 NCR187● Agricultural Phosphorus Management and Water $5.00 Business Plan: Business Management for Quality Protection in the Midwest Farmers NCR190 Soil Wettings Agents: Their Use in Crop $0.50 NCR610B Managing the Overall Business: Business $6.00 Production Management for Farmers NCR198 Recognition and Management of Dry Bean $3.50 NCR610C Managing Production and Marketing $6.00 Production Problems Systems: Business Management for Farmers NCR203 Public Policy Education: Key Concepts and $2.00 NCR610D Acquiring and Managing Resources for the $6.00 Methods Farm: Business Management for Farmers NCR208 Sewing for Profit $1.50 NCR610E Getting Established in Farming: Business $6.00 NCR213 Food, Medicine and You $1.50 Management for Farmers NCR214 Rental Agreements for Farm Buildings and $4.00 Livestock Facilities NCR610F Planning the Late-career, Retirement-mode $6.00 NCR220 Yellow Nutsedge Control in Field Crops $0.50 Years: Business Management for Farmers NCR229 It's About Time $1.00 NCR614 Early Spring Weeds of No-Till Crop Production $3.00 NCR233 Planning and Managing Your Farm $6.50 NCR615 Purchasing and Leasing Farm Equipment $5.00 Business Center NCR239 Food, Allergy and You $1.50 NCR240 Management Guidelines for Efficient Sheep $3.50 NORTHEAST REGIONAL AGRICULTURAL Production NCR251 Effective Herbicide Use in Christmas Tree $2.00 ENGINEERING SERVICE PUBLICATIONS Plantations NRAES1 Post-Frame Building Handbook, Materials, $14.00 NCR254 Your Cat and You $3.50 Design Considerations and Construction NCR255 Decorating With Fabric: Making Curtains $1.50 Procedures and Draperies NRAES3 Energy Conservation for Commercial $17.00 NCR259 Selling Food Products: A Business From $2.50 Greenhouses Your Home NRAES4 Trickle Irrigation in the Eastern United States $6.00 NCR261 Wilt Disorders of Curcurbits $1.50 NRAES10 Farm Rescue: Responding to Incidents $8.00 NCR263 Wellness in Retirement $0.50 and Emergencies in Agricultural Settings NCR281 Weeds of the North Central States $18.00 NRAES11 High-Tensile Wire Fencing $4.00 NCR294 Upholstered Furniture Care: Cleaning and $1.00 NRAES12 First on the Scene $7.00 Stain Removal NRAES22 Refrigeration and Controlled Atmospheric $8.00 NCR303 Plant Growth Regulators: Their Use in Crop $0.75 Storage for Horticultural Crops Production NRAES23 Heating with Wood and Coal $12.00 NCR320 Home Inspection Guide $1.50 NRAES25 Used Farm Equipment $8.00 NCR326 Management of Urea Fertilizers $1.00 NRAES27 Lumber From Local Woodlots $8.00 NCR327 European Corn Borer: Ecology and Management $5.00 NRAES32 Farming Alternatives: A Guide for Evaluating $8.00 NCR329 Farm Personnel Management $1.75 the Feasibility of New Farm-Based Enterprises NCR338 Shelves, Houses, and Feeders for Birds $6.00 NRAES33 Greenhouse Engineering $30.00 and Mammals NRAES34 Pesticides and Groundwater $5.00 NCR344 Uneven Emergence in Corn $1.00 NRAES39 Fire Control in Livestock Buildings $5.00 NCR367 Strategies for Feeding the Ewe Flock $2.00 NRAES43 Composting to Reduce the Waste Stream $8.00 NCR368 Sheep Pastures for the Midwest $1.00 NRAES47 Private Drinking Water Supplies: Quality, $8.00 NCR379 Sheep Diseases $0.50 Testing, and Options for Problem Waters NCR393● Fine Particle Pollution: Residential Air Quality Web NRAES48 Home Water Treatment $15.00 NCR397 Choosing a Profitable Breed of Sheep $0.50 NRAES50 Home Buyers' Guide: Financing and $8.00 NCR400 Ground Covers for the Midwest $12.50 Evaluating Prospective Homes NCR403 Seed Lot Sampling $0.25 NRAES51 Produce Handling for Direct Marketing $8.00 NCR406 Managing Risk in Agriculture $5.00 NRAES52 Facilities for Roadside Markets $8.00 NCR429 Renovating Old, Abandoned Apple Trees $0.50 NRAES54 On-Farm Composting $25.00 Page 17
  • 18. NRAES57 Fertilizer and Manure Application Equipment $6.00 PS150 Corn Herbicide Injury I $0.75 NRAES59 Forage Moisture Determination $6.00 NRAES60 A Guide to Logging Aesthetics: Practical Tips for Loggers, Foresters, and Landowners $7.00 RESEARCH BULLETINS NRAES64 Enhancing Wildlife Habitats: A Practical $30.00 RB1054 Sanborn Field: Historical Perspective $0.00 Guide for Forest Landowners RB1063 Effective Soil Water Potential For a Steady, $0.00 NRAES72 Greenhouse Systems: Automation, Culture, $30.00 Radial-Axial Flow System and Environment RB1065 Southwest Misouri's Changing Farm Supply $0.00 NRAES76 Guidelines for Planning Dairy Freestall Barns $8.00 Picture NRAES78 On-Farm Agrichemical Handling Facilities $7.00 RB1066 Vulnerability of Missouri Groundwater to $0.00 NRAES79 Liquid Manure Application Systems: $30.00 Nitrate and Pesticide Contamination Design, Management, and Environmental RB1067 Light as a Factor in Corn Production $0.00 Assessment RB1068 Nitrogen as a Factor in Corn Production $0.00 NRAES87 Home *A*Syst: An Environmental Risk- $9.00 RB1069 Compressive Strength of Dry Soil Crumbs $0.00 Assessment Guide for the Home RB1070 Financial Performance of Missouri Local $0.00 NRAES89 Liquid Manure Application Systems Design $30.00 Farm Supply Cooperatives 1983-1990 Manual RB1072 Precipitation Features of Climate for $0.00 NRAES99 Silage: Field to Feedbunk $30.00 Selected Locations in Missouri NRAES104 Sustainable Vegetable Production From $38.00 NRAES109 Start-Up to Market Earthen Manure Storage Design $18.00 STATION BULLETINS Considerations SB1 Announcement to Farmers: The So-Called $0.00 NRAES114 Field Guide to On-Farm Composting $14.00 "Hatch Bill". NRAES132 Poultry Waste Management Handbook $16.00 SB419 The Land Grant College Movement $1.50 NRAES133 Production of Vegetables, Strawberries, and $24.00 SB738 Poisonous Spiders and Other Venomous $1.00 Cut Flowers Using Plasticulture Arthropods in Missouri NRAES137 Greenhouses for Homeowners and Gardeners $30.00 SB767 Trees of Missouri $8.00 NRAES147 Waterborne Pathogens in Agricultural $15.00 SB769 Missouri College of Agriculture Through a $1.00 Watersheds Half Century (To 1961, Miller) NRAES151 Forest Landowner’s Guide to Evaluating and $20.00 SB883 Centennial Report 1870-1970 of the $5.00 Choosing a Natural Resource-based Enterprise College of Agriculture NRAES160 Money Talk: A Financial Guide for Women $23.00 SB1001● Recommended Chemical Soil Test $6.00 NRAES164 Enhancing Profitability in Greenhouse Firms $18.00 Procedures for the North Central Region NRAES177 Crop Rotation for Organic Farms: A Planning $24.00 Manual NRAES184 The Woods in Your Backyard: Learning to $18.00 SHOW ME NUTRITION CURRICULUM Create and Enhance Natural Areas Around N140● Building my body! Getting to know $0.25 Your Home MyPyramid (Third Grade - Lesson 1) OKE See in Midwest Plan Service, Publications, page 16 N142● Building my body! The wide world of $0.25 P See in Midwest Plan Service, Plans, page 17 carbohydrates (Third Grade - Lesson 2) N143● Building my body! Less fat is where it's at $0.25 PICTURE SHEETS (Third Grade - Lesson 3) PS1 Principal Stored Grain Insects $0.75 N144● Building my body! The power of vitamins, $0.25 PS4 Corn Insects - Above Ground $0.75 minerals, and water (Third Grade - Lesson 4) PS5 Corn Insects - Below Ground $0.75 N145● Building my body! Get a clue about body cues $0.25 PS6 Common Soybean Insects $0.75 (Third Grade - Lesson 5) PS7 Common Small Grain Insects $0.75 N146● Building my body! You be the judge $0.25 PS8 Common Forage Legume Insects $0.75 (Third Grade - Lesson 6) PS9 Vegetable Pests I $0.75 N147● Building my body! Making delicious decisions $0.25 PS11 Stinging and Biting Pests $0.75 (Third Grade - Lesson 7) PS12 Cotton Insects and Mites $0.75 N386● MyActivity Pyramid for Kids $0.25 PS13 Beneficial Insects in Field Crops $0.75 N388● MyActivity Pyramid for Adults $0.50 PS14 Sunflower Insect Pests I $0.75 PS15 Sunflower Insect Pests II $0.75 N574 Food Label Cards $35.00 PS16 Caterpillars on Field Crops I $0.75 N700● Have a Healthy Baby, Teen Parents Lesson 3 $1.50 PS17 Caterpillars on Field Crops II $0.75 N701● Special Nutrient Needs, Teen Parents Lesson 4 $2.00 PS20 Tobacco Insects: An Aid to Identification and $0.75 N702● If It's Not One Thing, It's Another, Teen Parents $0.50 Control Lesson 5 PS23 Pecan Insects and Diseases: An Aid to $0.75 N703● Take Care of Your Baby's Health, Teen Parents $0.50 Identification and Control Lesson 6 PS25 Beneficial Insects $0.75 N704● Fast Food and Healthy Snacks, Teen Parents $1.00 PS26 Grain Sorghum Insects I $0.75 Lesson 7 PS27 Grain Sorghum Insects II $0.75 N705● Feeding Older Babies and Toddlers, Teen $1.00 PS28 Stored Grain Insects $0.75 Parents Lesson 8 PS29 Grain Molds and Vertebrate Storage Pests $0.75 N706● Introducing Your Baby to Solid Foods, Teen $0.50 PS102 Corn Diseases II $0.75 Parents Lesson 9 PS104 Soybean Diseases II $0.75 N707● Feeding Older Babies and Toddlers, Teen $1.00 PS105 Wheat Diseases I $0.75 PS106 Wheat Diseases II $0.75 Parents Lesson 10 PS107 Alfalfa Diseases I $0.75 N708● Get the Most for Your MoneyTeen Parents $1.00 PS108 Alfalfa Diseases II $0.75 Lesson 11 PS109 Cotton Diseases: An Aid to Identification $0.75 N709● Keeping Food Safe to Eat, Teen Parents $1.00 and Control Lesson 12 PS111 Corn Diseases III $0.75 N710● Teen Parent Newsletters package $10.00 PS112 Corn Diseases IV $0.75 N714● Teen Parents: Take a Taste for You and Your $4.00 PS114 Sorghum Diseases $0.75 Baby Recipes PS115 Sorghum Diseases II $0.75 N715● Teen Parents: Curriculum for Pregnant Teens $18.00 Page 18
  • 19. N800 Kids in the Kitchen $50.00 Healthy Eating, Pre-Kindergarten (CD Only) N851● I Like to Move It! Stickers (600 stickers per roll $36.00 N862 =100 sets per roll) Physical Activity Cards $34.00 SPECIAL REPORTS N863● What Should I Eat? $0.30 SR285 Food for the 21st Century $0.00 N864● MyActivity Log $0.25 SR303 Impact: the Technology Years $5.00 SR325 Report of the Inter-Regional Maize Inbred $5.00 N900● Make Room for Snacks - They're Good for You! $0.25 Evaluation N941● MyPyramid for Adults handout $0.25 SR327 Medium Size and Larger U.S. Hog Producers $0.00 N943 MyPyramid: Steps to a Healthier You for Adults $3.00 SR329 The Evolution of Homeothermy: From $0.00 Poster (24 in. x 32 in.) Dinosaurs to Man N944● MyPyramid for Pregnancy handout $0.25 SR331 Macroeconomic Policy and Agricultural $0.00 N948● MyPyramid for Pregnancy poster (20 in. x 30 in) $4.00 Development: Concepts and Case Studies NS388● Mi Pirámide de Actividad para Adultos $0.50 of Egypt, Morocco and Jordan (MyActivity Pyramid for Adults) (18-64) SR335 Rural Missouri 1995: Challenges and Issues $0.00 NS941● MiPiramide (Adult MyPyramid handout in $0.25 SR341 Young Farmer Attitudes Toward Cooperatives $0.00 Spanish) SR353 Wild Wheats: An Introduction $0.00 NS943 MyPyramid: Steps to a Healthier You for Adults $3.00 SR354 History of the Department of Poultry Science $0.00 Poster (24 in. x 32 in.) (in Spanish) - Part II NS944● MyPyramid for Pregnancy handout (in Spanish) $0.25 SR361 History of the Department of Rural Sociology $0.00 SMN101 Show Me Nutrition: Fun with Food and $50.00 SR362 History of the Department of Plant Pathology $0.00 Fitness, First Grade (Print and CD) SR363 History of the Department of Horticulture $0.00 SMN102 Show Me Nutrition: Fun With Food and $20.00 SR365 Changing Structure of Regional Cooperatives $0.00 Fitness, First Grade (Print Only) SR366 History of the Department of Veterinary Medicine $0.00 SMN103 Show Me Nutrition: Fun With Food and $30.00 SR367 History of the School of Forestry, Fisheries $0.00 Fitness, First Grade (CD Only) and Wildlife SMN201 Show Me Nutrition: Building My Pyramid, $50.00 SR374 The Role of Glucocorticoids in Stress: Old $0.00 Second Grade (Print and CD) Paradoxes in New Bottles SMN202 Show Me Nutrition: Building My Pyramid, $20.00 SR379 A Commitment to Agricultural Research for $0.00 Second Grade (Print Only) a Competitive Edge in Missouri Agriculture SMN203 Show Me Nutrition: Building My Pyramid, $30.00 SR380 A History of Entomology $0.00 Second Grade (CD Only) SR382 History of the Department of Dairy Science $0.00 SR385 A History of Field Crops in the University of $0.00 SMN302 Show Me Nutrition: Building My Body, Third $55.00 Missouri 1870-1967 Grade (Print Only) SR386 History of the Department of Extension $0.00 SMN401 Show Me Nutrition: Choosing Foods for Me, $50.00 SR388 Observing 100 Years of the Hatch Act in $0.00 Fourth Grade (Print and CD) Missouri SMN402 Show Me Nutrition: Choosing Foods for Me, $20.00 SR402 Quality of Missouri's Rural Well Water: $0.00 Fourth Grade (Print Only) Northern Region SMN403 Show Me Nutrition: Choosing Foods for Me, $30.00 SR413 A History of the Department of Soils And Soil $0.00 Fourth Grade (CD Only) Science at the University of Missouri SMN501 Show Me Nutrition: Exploring the Food $50.00 SR415 Proceedings of the Sanborn Field Centennial $0.00 Guide Pyramid, Fifth Grade (Print and CD) SR427 Missouri Agriculture: A Growing Industry $0.00 SMN502 Show Me Nutrition: Exploring the Food $20.00 SR429 Winter Wheat: 1991 Missouri Crop Performance $0.00 Guide Pyramid, Fifth Grade (Print Only) SR436 Spring Oats: 1991 Missouri Crop Performance $0.00 SMN503 Show Me Nutrition: Exploring the Food $30.00 SR440 Survey of Missouri's Rural Wells in $0.00 Guide Pyramid, Fifth Grade (CD Only) McDonald County Missouri SMN601 Show Me Nutrition: Digging Deeper, Sixth $50.00 SR441 Winter Wheat: 1992 Missouri Crop Performance $0.00 Grade (Print and CD) SR447 Spring Oats: 1992 Missouri Crop Performance $0.00 SMN602 Show Me Nutrition: Digging Deeper, Sixth $20.00 SR464 An Analysis of the Retention, Condition and $0.00 Grade (Print Only) Land Use Implications of Tree Plantings SMN603 Show Me Nutrition: Digging Deeper, Sixth $30.00 Established Under the Soil Bank, Forestry Grade (CD Only) Incentives Program and the Agricultural SMN781 Show Me Nutrition: Choices and $50.00 Conservation Program Challenges, Seventh and Eighth Grade SR468 Corn: 1994 Missouri Crop Performance $0.00 (Print and CD) SR469 Entomology at the University of Missouri $0.00 SMN782 Show Me Nutrition: Choices and $20.00 SR471 Corn Soil Insects Research 1994 $0.00 Challenges, Seventh and Eighth Grade SR477 Small Wastewater Flows On-Site Systems: $0.00 (Print Only) Design and Construction SMN783 Show Me Nutrition: Choices and $30.00 SR478 Winter Wheat: 1995 Missouri Crop Performance $0.00 Challenges, Seventh and Eighth Grade (CD SR479 Corn Soil Insects Research 1995 Performance $0.00 Only) SR480 Soybean: 1995 Missouri Crop Performance $0.00 SMNK01 Show Me Nutrition: Adventures in Nutrition $50.00 SR481 Corn: 1995 Missouri Crop Performance $0.00 with the Show Me Chef, Kindergarten (Print SR482 Grain Sorghum: 1995 Missouri Crop $0.00 and CD) Performance SMNK02 Show Me Nutrition: Adventures in Nutrition $20.00 SR486 The Social and Economic Organization of $0.00 with the Show Me Chef, Kindergarten (Print Missouri Agriculture, 1964-1992 Only) SR487 The State of Rural Missouri $0.00 SMNK03 Show Me Nutrition: Adventures in Nutrition $30.00 SR488 The Status and Potential of Missouri $0.00 with the Show Me Chef, Kindergarten (CD SR489 Selected Characteristics of Missouri $0.00 Only) Horticultural Industry SMNPK1 Show Me Nutrition: Let's Read About $50.00 SR490 The Status of Selected Natural Resources $0.00 Healthy Eating, Pre-Kindergarten (Print and in Missouri CD) SR491 Missouri's Food Processing Industry $0.00 SMNPK2 Show Me Nutrition: Let's Read About $20.00 SR492 10-Year U.S. Agricultural Outlook $0.00 Healthy Eating, Pre-Kindergarten (Print Only) SR493 Comparative Funding of Missouri $0.00 SMNPK3 Show Me Nutrition: Let's Read About $30.00 Agricultural Experiment Station Page 19
  • 20. SR499 Corn Soil Insects Research 1996 $0.00 SX1008 Diversifying Cropping Systems $0.00 SR501 Grain Sorghum: 1996 Crop Performance $0.00 SX1009 How to Conduct Research on Your Farm or $0.00 SR503 Yellow Food Corn: 1996 Performance $0.00 Ranch SR504 New Farmer Network Groups and the University $0.00 SX1010 A Whole-Farm Approach to Managing Pests $0.00 SR505 Pesticide Use and Water Quality: An $0.00 SX1011 Marketing Strategies for Farmers and Ranchers $0.00 Assessment of Claims SX1012 Profitable Pork: Strategies for Hog Producers $0.00 SR506 Winter Wheat: 1997 Missouri Crop Performance $0.00 SX1013 Profitable Poultry: Raising Birds on Pasture Web SR508 Corn Soil Insects Research 1997 $0.00 SX1014 Building a Sustainable Business $17.00 SR509 Grain Sorghum: 1997 Missouri Crop $0.00 TR See Midwest Plan Service, page 17 Performance SR512 SR514 Winter Wheat: 1998 Missouri Crop Performance $0.00 Corn: 1998 Missouri Crop Performance $0.00 UNIVERSITY EXTENSION DIVISION SR516 Southeast Missouri Soybean 1998 Variety $0.00 UED46 Handbook for Planning Commissioners in $10.00 Performance Missouri SR517 Grain Sorghum: 1998 Missouri Crop $0.00 UED52 Oh Justice: The History of Boone County, $4.50 Performance Missouri Courthouses SR519 Corn Soil Insects Research: 1998 $0.00 UED53 Salads: Quantity Recipe Series $2.00 Insecticide Evaluations UED54 Sandwiches, Soups and Breads: Quantity $2.00 SR521 Corn: 1999 Missouri Crop Performance $0.00 Recipe Series SR522 Grain Sorghum: 1999 Missouri Crop $0.00 UED55 Condiments: Quantity Recipe Series $2.00 Performance UED56 Main Entrees: Quantity Recipe Series $2.50 SR526 Winter Wheat, 1999 Missouri Crop Performance $0.00 UED62 Encyclopedia of Missouri Courthouses: $10.00 SR527 Soybean: 1999 Missouri Crop Performance $0.00 UE6000-UE6113 SR531 Corn: 2000 Missouri Crop Performance $0.00 UED81 Jack Stock and Mules in Missouri $7.50 SR534 Soybean: 2000 Missouri Crop Performance $0.00 UED84 Swat the Rooster: Genesis of the $5.00 SR536 Winter Wheat: 2001 Missouri Crop Performance $0.00 Agricultural Extension Program in Johnson SR538 Grain Sorghum: 2001 Missouri Crop $0.00 UED85 The County Agent $5.00 Performance UED86 Missouri Policy Choices $2.85 SR539 Soybean: 2001 Missouri Crop Performance $0.00 UED100 Community-Based Programs: Effective $10.00 SR540 White Food Corn: 2001 Performance Tests $0.00 Approaches for Youth and Families-at-Risk SR542 Winter Wheat, 2002 Crop Performance $0.00 UED6000● Adair County Courthouse $0.25 SR543 Corn: 2002 Missouri Crop Performance $0.00 UED6001● Andrew County Courthouse $0.25 SR544 Grain Sorghum: 2002 Missouri Crop $0.00 UED6002● Atchison County Courthouse $0.25 Performance UED6003● Audrain County Courthouse $0.25 SR546 Soybean: 2002 Missouri Crop Performance $0.00 UED6004● Barry County Courthouse $0.25 SR549 Winter Wheat: 2003 Missouri Crop Performance $0.00 UED6005● Barton County Courthouse $0.25 SR550 Corn: 2003 Missouri Crop Performance $0.00 UED6006● Bates County Courthouse $0.25 SR551 Grain Sorghum: 2003 Missouri Crop $0.00 UED6007● Benton County Courthouse $0.25 Performance UED6008● Bollinger County Courthouse $0.25 SR552 Soybean: 2003 Missouri Crop Performance $0.00 UED6009● Boone County Courthouse $0.25 SR555 Winter Wheat: 2004 Missouri Crop Performance $0.00 UED6010● Buchanan County Courthouse $0.25 SR556 Corn: 2004 Missouri Crop Performance $0.00 UED6011● Butler County Courthouse $0.25 SR557 Soybean: 2004 Missouri Crop Performance $0.00 UED6012● Caldwell County Courthouse $0.25 SR558 Grain Sorghum: 2004 Missouri Crop $0.00 UED6013● Callaway County Courthouse $0.25 Performance UED6014● Camden County Courthouse $0.25 SR559 Science Rooted to Place $0.00 UED6015● Cape Girardeau County Courthouse $0.25 SR560 Winter Wheat: 2005 Missouri Crop Performance $0.00 UED6016● Carroll County Courthouse $0.25 SR561 Corn: 2005 Missouri Crop Performance UED6017● Carter County Courthouse Web SR563 Grain Sorghum: 2005 Missouri Crop $0.00 UED6018● Cass County Courthouse $0.25 Performance UED6019● Cedar County Courthouse $0.25 SR564 The Division of Animal Science – UED6020● Chariton County Courthouse $0.25 - University of Missouri – 100 Years UED6021● Christian County Courthouse $0.25 SR565 Winter Wheat: 2006 Missouri Crop Performance $0.00 UED6022● Clark County Courthouse $0.25 SR566 Corn: 2006 Missouri Crop Performance $0.00 UED6023● Clay County Courthouse $0.25 SR567 Grain Sorghum: 2006 Missouri Crop $0.00 UED6024● Clinton County Courthouse $0.25 Performance UED6025● Cole County Courthouse $0.25 SR569 Winter Wheat: 2007 Missouri Crop Performance $0.00 UED6026● Cooper County Courthouse Web SR570 Corn: 2007 Missouri Crop Performance $0.00 UED6027● Crawford County Courthouse $0.25 SR571 Grain Sorghum: 2007 Missouri Crop Performance $0.00 UED6028● Dade County Courthouse $0.25 SR572 Soybean: 2007 Missouri Crop Performance $0.00 UED6029● Dallas County Courthouse $0.25 SR573 Winter Wheat: 2008 Missouri Crop Performance $0.00 UED6030● Daviess County Courthouse $0.25 SR575 Corn: 2008 Missouri Crop Performance $0.00 UED6031● Dekalb County Courthouse $0.25 SR576 Grain Sorghum: 2008 Missouri Crop $0.00 UED6032● Dent County Courthouse $0.25 Performance UED6033● Douglas County Courthouse $0.25 UED6034● Dunklin County Courthouse $0.25 UED6035● Franklin County Courthouse $0.25 SUSTAINABLE AGRICULTURE UED6036● Gasconade County Courthouse $0.25 PUBLICATIONS UED6037● Gentry County Courthouse $0.25 UED6038● Greene County Courthouse $0.25 FROM OTHER PROGRAMS UED6039● Grundy County Courthouse $0.25 UED6040● Harrison County Courthouse $0.25 SX1002 Sustainable Agriculture Directory of Expertise $4.75 UED6041● Henry County Courthouse $0.25 SX1003 Source Book of Sustainable Agriculture $3.00 UED6042● Hickory County Courthouse $0.25 SX1005 Managing Cover Crops Profitably $19.00 UED6043● Holt County Courthouse $0.25 SX1006 The Small Dairy Resource Book: $8.00 UED6044● Howard County Courthouse $0.25 Information Sources for Farmstead UED6045● Howell County Courthouse $0.25 Producers and Processors UED6046● Iron County Courthouse Web SX1007 Building Soils for Better Crops $20.00 UED6047● Jackson County Courthouse $0.25 Page 20
  • 21. UED6048● Jasper County Courthouse $0.25 WM1 Missouri Recycling Directory: A Tool for $4.00 UED6049● Jefferson County Courthouse $0.25 Solid Waste Management Planners UED6050● Johnson County Courthouse $0.25 WM2● Cleaning up the Waste Stream: Recycling Web UED6051● Knox County Courthouse $0.25 Plastics UED6052● Laclede County Courthouse $0.25 WM4● The First Step Toward Waste Reduction: $0.25 UED6053● Lafayette County Courthouse $0.25 Industrial Waste Audits UED6054● Lawrence County Courthouse $0.25 WM5000● SWAP Your Waste $0.75 UED6055● Lewis County Courthouse $0.25 WM5001● What Your Home Haz: A Household $0.75 UED6056● Lincoln County Courthouse $0.25 Hazardous Waste Game UED6057● Linn County Courthouse $0.25 WM5002● Home Hazardous Product Survey $0.75 UED6058● Livingston County Courthouse $0.25 WM6000● Safe Use, Storage and Disposal of $0.25 UED6059● McDonald County Courthouse $0.25 WM6001● Safe Use, Storage and Disposal of Paint $0.25 UED6060● Macon County Courthouse $0.25 WM6002● Selecting Household Safety Equipment Web UED6061● Madison County Courthouse $0.25 WM6003● Household Hazardous Products $0.25 UED6062● Maries County Courthouse Web WM6004● Managing Household Hazardous Waste Web UED6063● Marion County Courthouse $0.25 WM6005● Store Hazardous Products Safely Web UED6064● Mercer County Courthouse $0.25 WM6006● Identifying Product Hazards: Material Safety $0.50 UED6065● Miller County Courthouse $0.25 Data Sheets UED6066● Mississippi County Courthouse $0.25 WM6007● Setting Up a Used Antifreeze Collection Site $0.50 UED6067● Moniteau County Courthouse $0.25 WM6009● Setting Up a Used Latex Paint Collection Site $0.75 UED6068● Monroe County Courthouse $0.25 WM6010● Setting Up a Used Oil Collection Site Web UED6069● Montgomery County Courthouse $0.25 WM6011● Storm Drains and Water Quality $0.25 UED6070● Morgan County Courthouse $0.25 UED6071● New Madrid County Courthouse $0.25 UED6072● Newton County Courthouse $0.25 ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY UED6073● Nodaway County Courthouse $0.25 UED6074● Oregon County Courthouse $0.25 UED6075● Osage County Courthouse $0.25 EQ201● Reduce Environmental Problems with $0.50 UED6076● Ozark County Courthouse $0.25 Proper Land Application of Animal Manure UED6077● Pemiscott County Courthouse $0.25 EQ202● Land Application Considerations for Animal $0.50 UED6078● Perry County Courthouse $0.25 Manure UED6079● Pettis County Courthouse $0.25 EQ215● Laboratory Analysis of Manure $0.50 UED6080● Phelps County Courthouse $0.25 EQ219● Separation Distances for Livestock Manure $0.25 UED6081● Pike County Courthouse $0.25 Management Systems UED6082● Platte County Courthouse $0.25 EQ301● Dairy Manure Management Systems in Missouri $0.50 UED6083● Polk County Courthouse $0.25 EQ327● Calibration of Lagoon Irrigating Equipment $1.00 UED6084● Pulaski County Courthouse $0.25 EQ350● Swine Manure Management Systems in Missouri $0.75 UED6085● Putnam County Courthouse $0.25 EQ349● Hog Manure and Domestic Wastewater $0.50 UED6086● Ralls County Courthouse $0.25 Management Objectives UED6087● Randolph County Courthouse $0.25 EQ351● Fertilizer Nutrients in Livestock and Poultry $1.00 UED6088● Ray County Courthouse $0.25 Manure UED6089● Reynolds County Courthouse $0.25 EQ352● Manure Management in Hoop Structures $0.50 UED6090● Ripley County Courthouse $0.25 EQ353● Crystallization in Lagoon Effluent Recycle $0.50 UED6091● St Charles County Courthouse $0.25 EQ377● Beef Manure Management Systems in Missouri $0.75 UED6092● St Clair County Courthouse Web EQ378● Selecting a Site for Livestock and Poultry Web UED6093● St.Francois County Courthouse $0.25 Operations UED6094● Ste Genevieve County Courthouse $0.25 EQ379● Managed Grazing Systems and Fencing for $1.00 UED6095● St Louis County Courthouse $0.25 Distribution of Beef Manure UED6096● Saline County Courthouse $0.25 EQ380● Pumps and Watering Systems for Managed $1.00 UED6097● Schuyler County Courthouse $0.25 Beef Grazing UED6098● Scotland County Courthouse $0.25 EQ381● Water Quality for Livestock Drinking $0.50 UED6099● Scott County Courthouse $0.25 EQ382● Sizing Soil-Plant Filter for Conservative $0.50 UED6100● Shannon County Courthouse $0.25 Manure Management UED6101● Shelby County Courthouse $0.25 UED6102● Stoddard County Courthouse $0.25 EQ383● Land Application Equipment for Livestock $1.50 UED6103● Stone County Courthouse Web and Poultry Manure Management UED6104● Sullivan County Courthouse $0.25 EQ384● Beef Manure Management With Dirt Lots $1.00 UED6105● Taney County Courthouse $0.25 EQ385● Picket Dam Storage for Cattle Manure $1.00 UED6106● Texas County Courthouse $0.25 EQ386● Settling Basins and Terraces for Cattle Manure $1.00 UED6107● Vernon County Courthouse $0.25 EQ387● Anaerobic Lagoons for Storage/Treatment $1.00 UED6108● Warren County Courthouse $0.25 of Livestock Manure UED6109● Washington County Courthouse $0.25 EQ388● Earthen Pits (Basins) for Liquid Livestock Manure $1.00 UED6110● Wayne County Courthouse $0.25 EQ389● Storage Tanks for Liquid Livestock Manure $0.50 UED6111● Webster County Courthouse $0.25 EQ392● Economic Considerations for Beef Manure $1.50 UED6112● Worth County Courthouse $0.25 Management Systems UED6113● Wright County Courthouse $0.25 EQ401● Septic Tank/Absorption Field Systems: A $2.00 Homeowner's Guide to Installation and Maintenance WINE AND GRAPE EQ453● Precision Agriculture: Remote Sensing and $1.50 WG1001 Understanding and Preventing Freeze Damage $30.00 Ground Truthing in Vineyards: Workshop Proceedings EQ500● Protecting Water Quality During Lawn $1.50 WG1002 Justin R. Morris Vineyard Mechanization $40.00 Establishment and Renovation Symposium: Workshop Proceedings EQM100● An Introduction to Assessing the $0.75 WG1003 Proceedings of the Symposium on Environmental Safety of Your Home Sustainability in Vineyards and Wineries $30.00 EQM101● Site Assessment: Protecting Water Quality $1.25 Around Your Home (fact sheet and work sheet) WASTE MANAGEMENT EQM102● How to Manage and Control Storm Water $1.25 Runoff (fact sheet and work sheet) Page 21
  • 22. EQM103● Drinking Water Well Management (fact $1.50 Management Systems sheet and work sheet) WQ303● Selecting a Dairy Operation Site $0.00 EQM104● Household Wastewater: Septic Systems $2.00 WQ304● Lagoons for Storage/Treatment of Dairy $0.00 and Other Treatment Methods (fact sheet WQ305● Earthen Pits (Basins) for Liquid Dairy Waste $0.00 and work sheet) WQ306● Storage Tanks for Liquid Dairy Waste $0.00 EQM105● Yard and Garden Care: How it Affects Your $1.00 WQ307● Fertilizer Nutrients in Dairy Manure $0.00 Health and Environment (fact sheet and WQ308● Flushing Systems for Dairies $0.00 work sheet) WQ309● Spreading Dairy Waste Without Lab Web EQM106● Home*A*Syst Series-EQM100, EQM101, $4.00 Analysis or Soil Test EQM102, EQM103, EQM104, EQM105 WQ310● Spreading Dairy Waste With Lab Analysis $0.00 and With Soil Test WATER QUALITY INITIATIVE WQ311● Spreading Dairy Waste With Lab Analysis Web but Without Soil Test WQ11● University Extension: Cooperative Web WQ312● Spreading Dairy Waste Without Lab Web Extension Service and Water Quality Analysis and With Soil Test WQ21● Agricultural Sources of Contaminants in $0.00 WQ313● Flush Gutters for Dairies $0.00 Groundwater WQ314● Basic Requirements for Flushing Dairies $0.00 WQ22● Federal Laws Protecting Groundwater $0.00 WQ315● Tip Tanks for Dairy Flushing $0.00 WQ23● Groundwater Quality $0.00 WQ316● Siphon Tanks for Dairy Flushing $0.00 WQ24● Aquifers and Soil Filter Effect $0.00 WQ317● Pipeline/Valve Systems for Flushing $0.00 WQ101● Understanding Your Water Test Report $1.50 WQ318● Vertical Dams and Trapdoor Tanks for Dairy $0.00 WQ102● Bacteria in Drinking Water $1.00 Flushing WQ103● Nitrate in Drinking Water Web WQ319● Vegetative Filters for Dairy Waste $0.00 WQ104● Understanding Home Water Treatment $0.75 WQ320● Sizing Dairy Soil/Plant Filters with $0.00 WQ180● Community Watershed Management $0.00 Conservative Management Organizational Structure Styles WQ322● Roof Gutters for Dairy Barns Web WQ181● Community Watershed Management Plan- $0.00 WQ323● Mechanical Solid/Liquid Separation for Dairy $0.00 Suggested Roles for Key Agencies Waste WQ203● Estimating Land Area Requirements for $0.00 WQ325● Picket Dam Storage for Dairy Manure $0.00 Poultry Operations: Conservative Litter WQ326● Settling Basins and Terraces for Dairy Waste $0.00 Management Approach WQ351● Composting Dead Swine $1.50 WQ205 Composting Poultry Carcasses in Missouri $0.00 WQ402● Residential Sewage Lagoon Systems: A $0.00 WQ206● Dead Poultry Composter Project: Bill Ball $0.00 Homeowner's Guide to Installation and Composter Maintenance WQ207● Dead Poultry Composter Project: Tom Web WQ403● Sewage Treatment Plants for Rural Homes $0.00 Swaffer Composter WQ420● Biosolids Index of Publication Titles, $0.00 WQ208● Dead Poultry Composter Project: Bill Web Nomenclature and Conversion Factors Wallace Composter WQ421● State and EPA Regulations for Domestic $0.00 WQ209● Dead Poultry Composter Project: David Web Wastewater Sludge and Biosolids Boyd Composter WQ422● Land Applications of Septage $0.00 WQ210● Dead Poultry Composter Project: Bill Harvill Web WQ423● Monitoring Requirements for Biosolids $0.00 Composter Land Application WQ211● Composting Layer Mortalities $0.00 WQ424● Biosolids Standards for Pathogens and Vectors $0.00 WQ212● Storing Poultry Litter $0.00 WQ425● Biosolids Standards for Metals and Other Trace $0.00 WQ213● Calibrating Manure Spreaders $0.00 Substances WQ214● Measuring Manure Spreader Unformity $0.00 WQ426● Best Management Practices for Biosolids Web WQ216● Dead Animal Disposal Laws in Missouri Web Land Application WQ218● Recordkeeping for Manure Land Application Web WQ427● Safety and Benefits of Biosolids $0.00 WQ220● Spreading Poultry Litter Without Lab Web WQ428● Activity and Movement of Plant Nutrients and $0.00 Analysis or Soil Tests Other Trace Substances in Soils WQ221● Spreading Poultry Litter With Lab Analysis Web WQ429● Interpretation of Laboratory Analysis of $0.00 but Without Soil Tests Biosolids Samples WQ222● Spreading Poultry Litter Without Lab $0.00 WQ430● Crop/Nutrient Considerations for Biosolids $0.00 Analysis but With Soil Tests WQ431● Collection and Storage of Biosolids $0.00 WQ223● Spreading Poultry Litter with Lab Analysis $0.00 WQ432● Equipment for Off-site Application of Biosolids $0.00 and With Soil Tests WQ433● Equipment for On-site Land Application of $0.00 WQ224● Selecting and Working With an Engineering Web Biosolids Consultant to Design Animal Waste WQ434● Operating Considerations for Biosolids $0.00 Management Facilities Equipment WQ251● What Is Nitrogen? $0.00 WQ448 Biosolids Management Worksheet (3.5" $15.00 WQ252● Nitrogen Cycle $0.00 Diskette) WQ253● Nitrogen's Most Common Forms $0.00 WQ449● Biosolids Glossary of Terms $0.00 WQ254● Nitrification $0.00 WQ450● Precision Agriculture: An Introduction $0.00 WQ255● Denitrification $0.00 WQ451● Precision Agriculture: Yield Monitors $0.00 WQ256● How Nitrogen Enters Groundwater $0.00 WQ452● Precision Agriculture: Global Positioning $0.00 WQ257● Ammonia Volatilization $0.00 WQ551● Calibrating Home Garden Equipment Web WQ258● Nitrate Poisoning $0.00 WQ650 Farm*A*Syst: An Action Program for Safe $7.50 WQ259● Nitrogen in the Plant $0.00 Drinking Water WQ260● Mineralization - Immobilization $0.00 WQ651● Assessing the Risk of Groundwater $2.00 WQ261● Nitrogen Fixation $0.00 Contamination From Drinking-Water Well WQ262● Leaching $0.00 Condition WQ276● Essential Plant Nutrients $0.00 WQ652● Assessing the Risk of Groundwater $1.50 WQ277● Nitrogen Replacement Value of Legumes $0.00 Contamination From Pesticide Storage and WQ278● Calculating Crop Nutrient Value From Irrigation Web Handling Water Inputs: A Survey of Southeast Missouri WQ653● Assessing the Risk of Groundwater $1.25 Irrigation Contamination From Fertilizer Storage and WQ302● Economic Considerations for Dairy Waste $0.00 Page 22
  • 23. Handling WQ657● Assessing the Risk of Groundwater $2.50 WQ654● Assessing the Risk of Groundwater $1.50 Contamination From Animal Manure Contamination From Petroleum Product Management Facilities WQ655● Assessing the Risk of Groundwater $1.75 WQ658● Reducing the Risk of Groundwater $1.50 Contamination From Hazardous-Waste Contamination by Site Evaluation Management WQ659● Assessing the Risk of Groundwater $0.75 WQ656● Assessing the Risk of Groundwater $1.75 Contamination - Overall Farmstead Contamination From Household WQ660● Introduction to Farm*A*Syst Series: An $0.00 Wastewater Treatment Action Program for Safe Drinking Water Page 23
  • 24. Subject Index Commercial Spray Home Slaughtering & Blueberries A Schedule - MP651 Processing - G2208, Blueberry Muffins - MP583 Cultivars – G6022 G2209, G2220 Blueberry Rice Salad - Abuse Disease-Resistant Hoop Barns – AED50 MP583 Child - GH6604 Cultivars - G6026 Horn Fly Control - G1195 Canning, Freezing - Accident (farm) Fire Blight - G6020 Horse Fly Protection - MP583 First on Scene - NRAES12 Mites – IPM1008 G7013 Chilled Blueberry Soup - Rescue - NRAES10 Production – MG6 Hot Weather Stress - MP583 Responding to - G1950 Quick-Mix Applesauce G2099 Freezer Blueberry Pie Carrot Cake - MP600 Implants - G2090 Filling - MP583 Adolescence Training Trees (Vertical Internal Parasites - G2130 Early – GH6010 Body Condition Scoring (Beef) Axis System) - G6024 Lice Control- G7011 – G2230 Emotional Changes - Applesauce Carrot Cake – Manure Management – NCR120 Boll Weevil – G4255 MP600 EQ377 Bovine Leukosis – G2120 Parenting – MX916 Marketing – CB10, M153 Physical Changes - Aquaculture Bromegrass – G4672 See also Fish Performance Records - Buckwheat – G4306 NCR118 G2005, MP474 Commercial - MX391 Business Agriculture Organizational Structure - Poisonous Plants - G4970 Family Farm - G820 Production Glossary – Christmas Trees – G5706 MX394 Commercial Turf Weed Focus21 - College of Paddlefish – G9470 G2030 Agriculture, Food Reproduction – CB10, Control - G6752 Architecture (vernacular) - Commercial Vegetable &Natural Resources - MP688 G2015, G2039, M149 MX501, MX502, Ultrasound - G2001 Growers - MX384 Armadillos – G9456 Consumer Cooperative - MX503 Armyworm Complex – G7115 Beef (Bulls) Food for the 21st Century - EC954 Associations - Fertility – G2011, G2038 Economic Development – SR285 Genetics – CB10, G2039, International Development Organizations DM3007 G2140 M148 Environmental Risk - SR262 Fund Raising - MP652 Internal Parasites - G2130 Management – G360 Policy - SR330 Attitude – CB13 Reproduction - G2016, Farmers – NCR610F Social &Economic ATV - G1936 G2039 Organization - SR486 Avian Influenza – G8909, Horticulture Industry - Sire Selection - G2038, SR489 Weather Patterns in G8910 G2039 Industrial Waste Audit - Agriculture - G9350 Sire Summaries - G2032 WM4 Agriculture Cooperatives B Beef (Calves) Marketing Crafts - Basics - G901 Backgrounding – G2095, Backgrounding - G2095, NCR445 Member Control - G902 G2096 G2096 Marketing Plan - BI15 Taxes - G903 Banking Creep-Feeding – G2060 Retail Trade - DM3035 Agroforestry Credit - GH3341 Stored Colostrum - G3555 Road Side Marketing - Black Walnuts - AF1003 Macroeconomic Policy - Winter Rations - G2064 NRAES52 Chinese Chestnuts - SR331 Beef (Cows) Small Business Start-Up AF1007 Branding – G2203 CD – CD31 Beef Drought - G6879 Estrus Synchronization – Safety Management - BI7 Body Condition Scoring - Economics - AF1004, CD101, MM101, Sustainable – SX1014 G2230 AF1005, AF1006, MP101 Systematic Plant Layout - Branding - G2203 AF1008, G5021 BI18 Breeding – CB10 Marketing - M153 Estate Planning – AF1012 Pregnancy Testing - Transfer Price – G642 Carcass Grading - G2220 Land Use – AF1001, G2006 Value Added – G641, Corrals - CAN723, NRAES151 G642 OKE938 Beef Diseases Pecans – AF1002, Brazilogy – DVD21 Displaced Abomasum - Anaplasmosis - G7705 AF1003 Bronze Sculptor – DVD22 G7701 Bovine Leukosis - G2120 Practices DVD – AF1008 Butter - GH1115 Estrus Synchronization – Hardware Disease - Riparian Forest Buffers – CD101, MM101, G7700 AF1009 MP101 C Shiitake Mushrooms – Johne’s Disease - G2115 Feeding Paratuberculosis - G2115 Cabbage Pest – G7175 AF1010 Fertilizer Value – Trichomoniasis - G2122 Calving - See Beef Calving Taxes - G903 G2071 Timber Loss – AF1014 Biodiesel Fuel - G1990, Cancer (Skin) - G1966 Ingredient Composition G1991 Canning - See Food Walnuts – AF1011 – G2051 Biosecurity – MP745 Preservation Wildlife Habitat – AF1012, Mineral Additives - G9421 Bird Flu – G8909, G8910 Canola - G4090, G4280 G2081 Carcass Grading ( Beef) – Alfalfa Birth Defects Net Energy – G2053 G2220 Insects – See Insects Fetal Alcohol Syndrome – Nutrition – CB10, M151 Caterpillars – IPM1019, PS16, Musk Thistle – IPM1010 CB15 Poultry Litter – G2077 PS17 Anaplasmosis – G7705 Folic Acid – CB15 Urea Supplements - Cats - NCR254 Anger Management – CB13 Tobacco – CB15 G2071 Cattle - See Beef Black Cutworm – G7112 Apparel Fertilizer – G2083 Chain Saw Safety - G1959 Blackberries – G6000 Flammability – NCR174 Genetic Material – G2140 Chairs - See Furniture Textile Labels - GH824 Growth Stimulants - Birth Defects Change – CB13 G2090 Best Management – G9183 Apples Cheese Herd Health – CB10, Cottage - G9550 M150 Page 24
  • 25. Chemicals Toilet Training - GH6128 Changes in the Heartland Community Watershed See also Pesticides, Toys - GH6026 – MX929 Mgt. Insecticides, Child Safety Consultation - DM491 Organizational Structure – Herbicides Fabric Flammability - Decongestion - M82 WQ180 Applicator Recertification – NCR174 Development – CB17, Plan-Suggested Roles – M87, MX851 Lice - G7394 EC961, DM7616, M172 WQ181 Anhydrous Ammonia - Toys - GH6026 Downtown Revitalization - DM3102 Compost G1920 Chimney Cleaning – G1735 Bins - G6957 Atrazine Management – Chipmunks - MX131 Economic Base - DM3005, DM3006 Dead Swine - WQ351 M167 Chipper-Shredders - G1933 Family At-Risk - EV10, Farm - NRAES54 Fires - G1908 Chironomid Midges - G7402 Lawn - G6959 Garden – G1911 Christmas Tree Business – UED100 Layer Mortalities - WQ211 Handling Facilities – G5706 Fund Raising - MP652 Growth - DM3006 Making - G6956, SX1007 NRAES78 Cicadas - G7259 Poultry Carcasses - Home – G1911, G1918 Hometown Business - See Pesticide Storage – G1921 Cleaning Hometown Business WQ205 Cast Iron - DM2210 Housing - DM1301 Poultry Compost Projects - Cherries Chimneys - G1735 WQ206, WQ207, Litter Law - G890 Varieties - G6005 Fire Damage - GH145 WQ208, WQ209, Neighborhood Production – MG6 Furniture - GH2414 WQ210 Organization - MP505, Chestnuts – AF1007 Laundry - See Laundry Questions &Answers - MP506 Chickens - See Poultry Mildew - GH5928 G6958 Oil Collection Site - Chiggers - G7398 Pressed Metal - DM2210 Reduce Waste Stream - WM6010 Child Abuse - GH6604 Stain Removal - MP663 NRAES43 Oral History - GG8, Child Care Stovepipes - G1735 MP508 Reducing Waste - At Home Alone - MP636 Textiles - See Fabrics Paint Collection Site - NRAES43 Brain Development – Upholstered Furniture - WM6009 Using - G6956, SX1007 GH6115 NCR294 Parking Area - EG900 Computer Discipline – GH6119 Clothing Pesticide Emergency Plan Web – MP750 Fathering – GH6500 Fabric Flammability - - G7512 Confinement Buildings Finding - GH6233 NCR174 Pesticide Right-to-Know - Management - G1155 Guidance – GH6119 Fire Damage - GH145 G7512 Site Selection - G1155, Selecting - GH6233 Labeling - GH824 Planning Agency - MP489 EQ378 Child Development Sewing - See Sewing Planning Commissioners Ventilation - G1107 Abuse - GH6604 Stain Removal - MP663 Handbook - UED46 Wean-To-Finish – AED46 AIDS - GH6000 Textile Labels - GH824 Planning Process - Conflict Resolution – CB13 At Home Alone - MP636 Wardrobe Selection - DM7005, DM7616 Conservation Birth Defects – CB15 MP674 Pleasure Trail Riding - Compaction - G1630 Body Mass Index (BMI) – Clover G2884 Process &People - Cross-Slope Channels - F278 Diseases - MX340, MX341 G1507 Brain Development – Insects - See Insects DM7005 Public Policy - See Public Debris Basins - G1528 GH6115 Ladino - G4639 Policy Diversions - G1506 Communication with Child Musk Thistle – IPM1010 Regional Planning - Dust Pollution – G1885 -GH6123 Coldframes - G6965 DM7110 Erosion - See Erosion Creative Activities - Commercial Remodeling Store Fronts - Land Grading - G1641 GH6041 Apple Spray – MP651 DM2210 Nitrogen Management - Discipline - GH6119 Aquaculture – MX391 Resource People - DM490 G9175 Divorce (Effects of) - Business - See Business Road Dust – G1885 Pond Management - See GH6600, GH6607, Turf Weed Control – Small Town Survival - Ponds GH6611 G6752 Residue Management - Fathering – GH6500 M133 Vegetable Growers – G1650 Fetal Alcohol Syndrome – Storm Drains - WM6011 MX384 Study Committee - Spillways - See Spillways CB15 Commercializing Ideas - BI5 Stablization Structures - Folic Acid – CB15 DM403, DM404 G1509 Guidance – GH6119 Committees Survey - M108 Town Meetings - DM464 Tillage - See Tillage HIV - GH6000 Board Member - MP476 Township Rules – Tillage Systems - Journaling with Teens - Community Study - DM4001 MWPS45 GH6150 DM403 , DM404 Vernacular Architecture - Waterways - G1504 Kindness (Teaching) - Effective - DM403 GH6126 Fund Raising - MP652 MP688 Conservation Reserve Large Motor Development Successful Meeting - Youth At-Risk - EV10 Program - GH6113 CM1305 Community Converting to Grain Crop Neglect - GH6604 Town Meetings - DM464 Development Production - G1651 Parenting - See Parenting Communication – CB13 City Rules – DM4003 Construction Physical Development - Communications Decision Making - DM463 See also P72442 thru GH6121 Communicating With Economics - DM462 P74401 for additional Preschoolers - GH6122 Children - GH6123 Hannibal Community publications. School-Age Years – Developing Effective - Survey - MP100 Backrubbers (Cattle) - GH6235 CM109 Milan - MP388 G7012 Sexuality - GH6000, Listening - CM150 Practicing Development - Beef Projects - MWPS6 GH6002, GH6004 DM7616 Bird Feeders, Houses Sleep - GH6116 Community Adult Day Care - EC948 Project Failure - EC961 &Shelves - NCR338 Social Development - Retail Trade - DM3035 Brick Patios &Walks - GH6121 Animal Control - DM1041 Antifreeze Collection Site - Survey - M108 G6930 Talents - GH6127 Theory &Practice - MP568 Builder Agreement - Talking about AIDS - WM6007 Town Meetings - DM464 G1702 GH6000 Attitude Self-Survey - M108 Bunker Silo – AED43 Television – F280 Page 25
  • 26. Chemical Handling Sewage Disposal - Young Farmers Attitudes Seedling Protection – Facilities (Farm) – MWPS24 Towards - SR341 G4262 NRAES78 Sheep Projects - MWPS3 Corn Tillage - G4270 Clothing - See Sewing Silos – AED43 Aflatoxins – G4155 Weed Control - G4251 Coldframes - G6965 Siphon-Flush Tank – Atrazine - G4851, M167 Wind Erosion – G4271 Compost Bins - G6957 AED17 Crib - P73272, P73280, County Agent - UED84, Concrete - MWPS35 Solar-heated Home - P73281, P3282, UED85 Concrete Basement - G1799 P73283 County Courthouses G1700 Solar Livestock Housing - Crop Marketing – G600 See Numerical Listing Contractor - G1005 MWPS23 Disease – IPM1001, UED6000 thru Corrals - CAN723, Sprinkler Irrigation System PS102, PS111, PS112 UED6113 OKE938 – MWPS30 European Corn Borer – Dairy Projects - MWPS7, Swine Projects – AED46, County Government NCR602 AED40 MWPS40, MWPS41 Organization Alternatives – Fertilizer Mgt. (No-Till) - Dairy Stall Barn - AED40 Treated Wood - G5501 G9176 MP230 Dry Grain Storage - Tree Damage Caused by Field Scouting – IPM1007 Sales Tax - DM3101 AED20 Construction - G6885 Harvesting Losses - Cover Crops – SX1005 Dust Pollution – G1885 Trench Silo – AED43 G1290 Crafts (Marketing) - NCR445 Exterior Painting - GH5939 Trusses (Glued) - MWPS9 Herbicide Injury - PS150 Credit – GH3341 Farm - See Farm Ventilation Systems Insect Control Creep-Feeding (Calves) – Equipment (Mechanical) - Corn Earworm – G2060 Farm Shop - MWPS26 MWPS32 G7110 Farrowing Facilities - Ventilation Systems Crime European Corn Borer – Prevention - DM1505 MWPS40 (Natural) - MWPS33 G7113, NCR327 Fence - See Fencing Vernacular Architecture - Critical Thinking Skills – CB13 Pests - PS4, PS5 Crop Insurance - See Fertilizer Containment - MP688 Southwestern Corn MWPS37 Waste Facilities - Insurance Borer – G7113 Crop Residue Management – Freestall Housing – MWPS21 Johnsongrass - G4872 NRAES76 Water Systems (Private) - MWPSCD45 (CD) Light Factor - RB1067 Crop Rotation – NRAES177 Glued Trusses – MWPS9 MWPS14 Maize - SR325 Grain Handling, Drying Wean-To-Finish (Swine) – Crops - See Field Crops Nitrogen Factor - RB1068 Crossbreeding - G2310, &Storage Projects - AED46 No-Till - G9176 MWPS13, MWPS22, Wiring (Farm) - MWPS28 G2311, G2040 Pests - M166, M171 Crownvetch - G4510 AED20 Yard Improvements - Plant Growth Regulators - Greenhouse Barns for MWPS21 Curcurbits - NCR261 NCR303 Curtains - NCR255 Dairy Housing – Consultation Preplant Nitrogen Test – AED40 Professional - DM491 G9177 Culture Greenhouse Emissions – Performance Report, 2006 Brazil – DVD21 G310 Consumer Clothing Labels - GH824 - SR566 Custom Farming Greenhouse Engineering - Rodent Damage - G4448 Service Rates - G302 NRAES33 Cooperative – EC954 Food - EC941 Silage - G4590 Greenhouse Markets – Silo Gasses - G1931 G311 Independent Contractors - Sweet - See Sweet Corn D Greenhouse Systems - NCR546 Daffodils - G6610 Safe Food Handling - Uneven Emergence - NRAES72 NCR344 Dairy Home Improvements - MP689 Waterhemp Control - Before You Go Into MWPS21 Consumer &Family G4871 Dairying - G3500 Hoop Structures for Swine Economics Weed Competition - Body Condition Scoring - Housing – AED41, Time NCR229 MP540 G2230 AED44, G2504 Valuable Papers - MP705 Weed Control – IPM1007, Breeding - G2910, G2911, Hotbeds - G6965 IPM1030, M171 Contracts G3030 House Planning - Agriculture – G312 Cornmeal - GH1119 Construction Projects - MWPS16 Corrals (Beef) – CAN723, AED40, Long Term Land Livestock - See Beef, OKE938 AED51,MWPS7 Installment - NCR56 Dairy, Swine, Poultry, Cottage Cheese – G9550 Electricity -See Electricity Soil Carbon Sequestration Sheep, Horses, – G313 Cotton Equipment - See Livestock Livestock Equipment Equipment Lumber - See Lumber Cooling Boll Weevil - G4255 Crop Marketing – G600 Feeding - See also Beef Mammal Houses, Feeders Attic Fan - G1706 Plan - MWPS34 Disease - G4261, ADF- G3161 &Shelves - NCR338 Body Condition Scoring Measuring Wood Products Window Fan - G1706 IPM1025, PS109 Fertility Management - - G3170 - G5506 Cooperative Extension Maximum Milk Solids - Nursery Facilities (Swine)- G4256, G4257 Service Harvest Aids - G4253 G3110 MWPS41 Water Quality Education - NDF- G3161 Packaged Buildings - Insect Control – IPM1025, WQ11 PS12 Soybeans - G3270 G1004 Stored Colostrum - Pesticide Containment - Cooperatives Johnsongrass - G4872 Alternative Finance Nematodes - G4259, G3555 MWPS37 Total Mixed Rations - Plant Layout - BI18 Structure - NCR568 G4261 Basics – G901 Plant Development - MP662, G3106 Portable Ladders - G1932 Wheat Silage - G3260 Post Frame Building - Consumer - EC954 G4268, IPM1025 Financial Performance - Plant Growth Regulators - Freestall Barn – NRAES76 NRAES1 Getting Started - EC951 Pricing Wood Products - RB1070 G4258 Food Cooperatives - See Plant Morphing - G4268 Glucocorticoids - SR374 G5506 Goats - See Goats Private Water Systems – Food Cooperatives Planting - G4270 Member Control – G902 Production Report - Grazing Manual – M168 MWPS14 Greenhouse Barns – Remodeling Store Fronts - Rural - SR365 SR425 Structure - SR365 Seedling Disease – AED40 DM2210 Heat Stress - G3620 Taxes – G903 MP734 Page 26
  • 27. Heifer Production - M159 Elm Phloem Necrosis - Eastern Gamma Grass - Home Based Business - Hoop Barns – AED51 G7254 G4671 See Home Based Housing - AED40, AED51 Fire Blight - G6020 Economics Business Livestock Odors – G1884 Fruit Tree Spray Schedule See also Home Self-Employed- See Self- Mastitis - See Mastitis - MP651 Economics, Farm Employment Milk - See Milk Pine Wilt Disease - MX858 Management, Banking Sewing for Profit - Milk Production Costs - Disease-Resistant Cultivars – Agroforestry – AF1006, NCR208 G3651, MP691 G6026 G5021 Skill Building – CB13 Missouri Dairy Plan - Displaced Abomasum – Community - DM3005, Energy M155 G7701 DM3006 Anaerobic Digester - Roof Gutters - WQ322 Diversify Crops – SX1008 Development - DM462, G1881 Safety - G1406 Divorce DM3007 Biodiesel Fuel - G1990, Site Selection – EQ378 And Adults - GH6601 Fieldwork – G362, G363 G1991 Stress - SR374 Child Activities – GH6602 Forestry Assistance - Coal - NRAES23 Waste Management - See Curriculum CD – CD51 G5999 Compost - G6960 Waste Management Domestic Violence – Fund Raising - MP652 Conservation - NRAES3 (Dairy) GH6608 Home Ownership Made Cooling - MWPS34 Dams - G1548 Effect on Children - Easier – GH5002 Electricity - See Electricity Day Care - See Adult Day GH6600 Living on Less - GH3600 Farm Buildings - MWPS23 Care, Child Care Guide for Teachers – Macroeconomic Policy - Heat Cables - G1408 Decision Making GH6611 SR331 Heating - MWPS34 Planning Process - Infants and Toddlers – Managing Your Money - Heating System DM7005 GH6607 GH3830 Maintenance - GH5981 Decorating - See Interior Parenting Guide – Solutions – MX948 Landscape Plantings - Design GH6130 Eggplant Production – G6369 G6910 Dectes Stem Borer – G7152 DNA Elderly Passive Systems - G1972 Deer Beef Cattle – G2140 Age-Proof House - Solar - See Solar Damage - MP685 Human Health - NCR550 GH5462 Tempering - MWPS34 Design Bathroom Safety - Tree Windbreaks - G5900 Dogs Wind - G1981 Kitchen - NCR497 Giving or Receiving - GH7060 Blindness - GG12 Window Treatment - See Newsletter - CM440 G9900 Buying Used Goods - GG4 Window Treatments Parking Area - EG900 Heartworm Disease - Caregiving - GH6657 Wood - NRAES23 Development G9930 Infectious Canine Abortion Dental Health - GG5 Engineering Economic - DM462 - G9931 Exercise - GG3, MP696 Concrete Flumes - G1514 Project Failure - EC961 Insects - See Insects Housing - GG13, GG14, Cross-Slope Channels - Diet - See Nutrition Nutrition - G9920 MX400 G1507 Disabled Persons Intergenerational Culverts - G1606 Pregnancy Determination - Kitchens - GH5671 Programs - GH6710 Dams - G1548 G9923 One Arm Assistance - Oral History - GG8 Debris Basins - G1528 Rabies - G1931, G9940 GH7015 Retirement - See Diversions - G1506 Reproductive Mgt. - Disasters G9922 Retirement Earth Embankment - Earthquake - G1905 Domestic Violence – GH6608 Election Petition - DM5361 G1521 Fire Damaged Clothing Double-Crop Systems - Electricity Flood Gates - G1606 &Textiles - GH145 G4090, G4953 Accidents - G1934 Grassed Waterways - Flood - G6722, MP4, Draperies - See Window Farm Buildings - MWPS28 G1504 MP904 Treatment Heat Cables - G1408 Land Grading - G1641 Discipline (Child) – GH6119 Drinking Water – See Water Lighting - G1403 Ponds - G1555 Disease(Animal) - See Beef, Dry Milk - See Non-Fat Dry Milk Houses - G1406 Radial-Axial Flow System - Dairy, Dogs, Poultry, Milk Motors - MP544 RB1063 Sheep, Swine, Drying Flowers - G6540 Receptacles - G1770 Spillways - See Spillway Disease (Human) - See Safety - G1934 Stabilization Structures - Drying Food G1509 Health Apples - MP600 Wall Switches - G1770 Wiring - G1409 Watersheds - G1518, Disease (Plant) Basics - GH1562, GH1563 MX947 Apples – G6026, G6020 Grapes - MP599 Elm Phloem Necrosis - G7254 Chemical Control - Green Beans - MP586 Emergency - See Disaster Entrepreneurial NCR486 Peaches - MP585 Emotional Changes, Business Plan - BI11 Clover - MX340, MX341 Pumpkin - MP601 Adolescence, NCR120 Commercializing Ideas - Corn Virus - IPM1001 Sweet Corn - MP584 Emotional Intelligence – CB13 BI5 Disease-Resistant Tomatoes - MP587 Employer Farm Business Center - Cultivars – G6026 Using Dried Food - Family Labor - G858 NCR233 Dry Edible Beans - GH1564 Farm Liability - G451 Food Service - See Food NCR159 Drying Wood - G5550 Independent Contractor - Service Operation Fescue Fungus - G4646 NCR546 Function - BI16 Ducklings Home Based Business - Fire Blight - G6020 Brooding - G8920 Labor Management - Flowers (Commercial) - G700 See Home Based Rearing G8920 Business NCR491 Dust Pollution – G1885 Personnel Management - Home Garden – G6203 NCR329 Marketing Crafts - Plum Pox Virus – MX920 Worker Pesticide NCR445 Prevention - G6202 E Protection - G857 Sewing for Profit - Sunflower - NCR160 NCR208 Earth Contact Homes Employment Small Business Start-Up Tree - See Disease (Tree) Finding - BI14 Water &Vapor Control - CD – CD31 Watermelon Fruit Blotch – Food Service Operation - EG5521 Trade Secrets - BI2 IPM1011 Earthen Pits – See Waste See also Food Service Working With Banker - Wheat - G4345 Operation Earthquake - G1905 BI10 Disease (Tree) Environment Page 27
  • 28. Anaerobic Digester - Curtains - NCR255 Farm Machinery Farm Corporation - G1881 Draperies - NCR255 Balers (Large Round) - NCR11 Chemicals - G1918 Flammability - NCR174 G1250, G1955, G1957 Farm Newsletter – G 419 Dust Pollution – G1885 Laundering - See Laundry Capacity – G363 Farming With One Tractor Fugitive Dust – G1885 Sewing for Profit - Farm Shop - MWPS26 - G1236 Home Safety – EQM100 NCR208 Fertilizer Application - Farmstead Planning – Pesticides - G7520 Stain Removal -See NRAES57 MWPS2 Radon - G1968 Laundry Fuel - G1208 Field Crops - See Field Respiratory Hazards- Textile Labels - GH824 Grain Bins - G1300, Crops G1935 Fabric Construction - See G1305, G1310 Road Dust – G1885 Sewing Grain Handling Fieldwork – G362, G363 Swine Waste Odor - Family Economics - See &Processing Systems - Financial Guide - G1880, AED42 Home Economics MWPS13 NRAES160 Weed Management – Family Changes - MX929 Hay Equipment - G1250 Fish Kill Investigation - IPM1018 Family Farm Liquid Manure Systems - G9402 Wildlife Habitat – G9421, Chicken Flock - G8350 NRAES79, NRAES89 Flexible Cash Rental – NRAES64 Family Labor - G858 Manure Application - See G423 Yard and Garden – Getting Started - EC938, Manure Forages - See Forages EQM105 G820 Mechanical Tree Planters - Forest Management - See Erosion Inheritance - EC939 G5009 Forestry See also Engineering Family Living - See Human Oil - G1230 Fugitive Dust – G1885 &Terracing Development Radial Tires - G1231 Getting Started in Farming Compaction - G1630 Farm Accident – See Accident Sprayers - G4852 Business Management Concrete Flumes - G1514 Farm Business Center - Tractors - G1236, G1960 – NCR610E Conservation Tillage - See NCR233 Tractor Tires - G1235 Grow Your Farm – Tillage Farm Management CB18, M174 Farm Equipment Home Farm - EC938 Control Practices - MX102 See also Business, Home Anaerobic Digester - Inherited - EC939 Cross-Slope Channel - G1881 Economics G1507 Adding Value – G640 On Your Own - EC936 Animal Care Facilities Act Part-Time - EC937 Diversion - G1506 Agroforestry - G5021 - G9902 Resume Design – Effects - EC950 Bait Stations - G9444 Alternative Crops - G4090 Estimating - G1562, Animal Care Facilities Act G420 Bolts - GH5972 What It Takes - G781 G1570, G1518 - G9902 Building Contractor - Grain Storage - EC960, Fugitive Dust – G1885 G1005 Animal Handling Safety - Impact - MX101 G1931 AED20 Building Wiring - MWPS28 Grazing – EV12 Pollution - NCR393 Beef Heifer Development - Chain Saws - G1959 Hand Signals - G1965 Reducing – SX1007 Circular Sawmill - G5600 G2041 Residue Mgt - G1570, Beef Mgt. - See Beef Harvesting Losses - Concrete - MWPS35 G1280, G1290 G1650 Beef Records - G2005. Fencing - See Fencing Hatch Bill - SB1 Sediment - MX104 Fertilizer Application - MP625 Spillways - See Spillways Biosecurity (Swine) – Hay - See Hay NRAES57 Home Farm - EC938 Stablization Structure - G2340 Fuel - See Fuel &Oil Insect Control - See G1509 Grain Bins - G1300, Breeding - See Beef, Watersheds - G1518, Dairy, Livestock, Horse Insects G1305, G1310 Insurance - See Insurance MX947 Building Plans - See Grain Handling Investment – See Waterways - G1504 &Processing Systems - P72442 through P74401for complete Investment Basics Estate Planning MWPS13 Land Grading - G1641 listing Taxes - G508 Heat Cables - G1408 Land Value - G404, Ethanol – G643 Irrigation - See Irrigation Bunker Silos – AED43 Business Management – MP748 Estrus Synchronization of Lagoon Pumping - G1157 Late-Career – NCR610F CD31, NCR610A, Beef Cattle – CD101, Leasing - G429 Laws - See Laws &Legal MM101, MP101 Lighting - G1403 NCR610B, NCR610E Business Plan – CD31, Leasing Agreements - See Evergreens Lightning Protection - Leasing G1020 NCR610A Broad-leaved - G6820 Conservation - See Liability - G451, G453, Needled - G6815 Livestock Equipment - See G851 Conservation Pest Control - See Insects Livestock Equipment Livestock - See Beef, Manure Application - Contracts (Land Ewes - See Sheep Installment) - NCR56 Dairy, Swine, Sheep, NRAES57, NRAES89 Poultry, Horses Exercise Cordwood - G5452 Manure Spreaders - Livestock Production Activity Pyramid – MP687, G9333, NRAES89 Corn - See Corn N386, N388, NS388 Cow/Calf Operation - Impact – MP747, Motors (electric) - MP544 MP748 (Spanish) M147 Oil - See Fuel &Oil Livestock Share Rental Activity Cards – N862 Packaged Building - Crop Marketing – G600 Activity Log – N864 Crop-Share Leasing – Arrangement - G1004 NCR107 Elderly - GG3, MP696 G424 Post Frame Building - Living on Acreages – Workplace Wellness NRAES1 Crops - See Field Crops Program – MP912 Crossbreeding - G2040 MWPS50 Shop Building - MWPS26 Management Resources – Exporting – BI51 Solar Systems - See Solar CRP Conversion - G1651 Extension - See Cooperative Custom Farming - G302 NCR610D Energy Manure - See Manure Extension Service Sprayers - See Spraying Dairy - See Dairy Heat – GH1900 Dead Animal Disposal - Marketing (Beef) - M153 Tools - GH5978 Marketing Strategies – I Like to Move It Stockers – Tractors - G1235, G1236, WQ216 N851 Disease Mgt. - M163 SX1011 G1960 Marketing Systems – Employees -See Employer Used Equipment - NCR610C Energy - See Energy F NRAES25 Family Farm - G820 Meat Prices - G200, G202 Ventilating Systems - Milk Production Cost - Fabrics Farm Alternatives - MWPS32 G3651, MP691 Carpet - See Carpets NRAES32 Page 28
  • 29. Money Management - Farm Supply - RB1065 Fertilizing - See Fertilizing Toxic Substance Analysis NRAES160 Fathering – See Human Fieldwork Days – G363 - G9402 New Farmer Network Development Flexible Cash Rental – Transporting - MX392 Groups - SR504 Fats G423 Fitness No-Till Costs - G355 Butter - GH1115 Fuel - G1208 Exercises – MP696 Partnerships - G511 Feeding (Livestock) - See Fugitive Dust – G1885 Exercising in Heat – Pasture – M158 Beef, Swine, Poultry, Harvest Aids - G4470 GH1900 Pest Control - See Pest Horse, Dairy, Forages Herbicides - See Fit for Life - GH6655 Control Herbicides Walking - NCR263 Poultry - See Poultry Fencing History of - SR385 Constructing - G1192 Flammability (Apparel) – Production Management – Insect Control - See NCR174 NCR610C Electric - MP685 Insects High-Tensile Wire - Fleas - G7380 Real Estate - See Real Management - G4099 Flood - G6722, MP4, MP904 Estate NRAES11, MP685 Missouri System - M165 Wire - G1191 Flour - GH1116 Record System - See Multiple Peril Crop - Farm Records Fertilizer, Fertilizing MP627 Flowers Research (Conducting) – Anhydrous Ammonia - Nitrogen - See Nitrogen See also Houseplants SX1009 G1920 No-Till - See Tillage Annuals - G6629 Retirement – NCR610F Animal Waste - See Waste Nutrient Deficiencies – Azaleas - G6825 Ridge-Tilling - G1652 Application Equipment - IPM1016 Commercial Disease Risk in Agriculture - NRAES57 Perennial Broadleaf Control - NCR491 NCR406 Containment Facilities - Weeds - G4875 Daffodils - G6610 Silage Value – G4591 MWPS37 Plant Growth Regulators - Drying - G6540 Silos – AED43 Corn (No-till) - G9176 NCR303 Fertilizing Annuals – Soil Test Reports - G9112 Food Processing Plant Production Report - See G6950 Soybeans - See Soybeans Waste - G9332 Production Report Gladiolus - G6620 Swine Enterprise – Garden – G6950, MP733 Ridge Tilling - G1652 Home Propagation - MM102 Grain Sorghum (No-till) - Soil Wetting Agents - G6560, G6970, MG3 Taxes - See Taxes G9176 NCR190 Indoor Blooming (Spring Terracing - G1500 Lawn – G6749, G6954, Soils - See Soils, Soil Bulbs) - G6550 Tillage - See Tillage MP733 Survey Perennials - G6650, Transfer Price – G642 Lime - G9102, G9107 Sprayers - See Spraying NCR556 Tree Windbreaks - G5900 Manure - See Manure Stored Grain Insects - Plasticulture - NRAES133 Trench Silos – AED43 Nitrogen - G9175, G9177, PS1, PS28 Potted Plants - G6511 USDA Pesticide G9218 Stored Grain Molds - PS28 Rhododendrons - G6825 Requirements - Phosphorus - G9180, Toxicities – IPM1016 Roses - See Roses MP692, MP736 G9181, G9182, G9220, Tractors - See Farm Starting Plants - G6570 Used Equipment - NCR187 Machinery Trees - G6805 NRAES25 Portable Storage -P74401 Troubleshooting Problems Wildflowers - G6660 Value Added – G641, Potassium - G9185 – G4050 Folic Acid – CB15 G642 Ridge Tilling - G1652 Weeds - See Plant Pests Food Waste Mgt System - Sorghum - G9176 Weights &Measures - Allergy - NCR239 EQ219, WQ224, Urea Fertilizer - NCR326 G4020 Consumer - EC941 EQ301 Fescue Yellow Nutsedge - Edible Wild Mushrooms - Water Sources - G1800, Fungus - G4646 NCR220 NCR100 G1805 Seed Production - G4670 Financial Management Food Label Cards – N574 Water System - G1801 Tall - G4670 (Family &Home) - See Insects - G7370 Weather Patterns - G9350 Toxicosis – G 4669 Home Economics, MyPyramid – N941, Weed Control - See Plant Fetal Alcohol Syndrome – Investment Basics NS941 (in Spanish), Pest CB15 Finishes - See Wood N943, NS943 (in Wheat - See Wheat Finishing Spanish) Fiddling (Missouri Fire - See Disaster Nutrition - See Nutrition Farm Records Traditional) Fire Blight – G6020 Protection From Beef Cow Record - MP625 Cassette - MP665 Intentional Harm – Beef Performance - G2005 Fire Protection CD – MX946 MP914 Business Management – Ag Chemicals - G1908 NCR610E Field Crops Detection (Residential) - Rising Prices – MP905 Business Plan – NCR610A See also - Corn, Wheat, G1907 Safe Handling - MP689 Crop-Share Leasing – Soybeans, Sunflowers, Fabric Flammability - Selling From Home - G424 Rice, Cotton, Grain NCR174 NCR259 Flexible Cash Rental – Sorghum Livestock Buildings - Food Cooperative G423 Alternative Crops - G4090 NRAES39 Balance Sheet - EC946 Marketing – NCR610C Armyworm Complex – Planning Rural - DM1902 Consumer - EC941, Manure - See Manure G7115 Fireplaces - See Heating EC954 Missouri Farm Tax - Atrazine - G4851, M167 First Aid - See Health Organizing - EC942 FM6701, FM6702 Buckwheat – G4306 Managing - EC943, EC944 Fish Newsletter – G419 Beneficial Insects - PS13 Aquaculture - See Members - EC945 Production – NCR610C Converting CRP to Crop Aquaculture Food Economics Restricted-Use Pesticide - Prod. – G1651 Canning - GH1490 Food Cooperatives - See MP693 Crop Insurance - MP626, Fish Kill Investigation - Food Cooperatives Swine Management Check MP749 MX391 Selling Food Products - Sheet - G2509 Crop Marketing – G600 Freshwater Preservation - NCR259 USDAPesticide - MP692, Crop Scouting – IPM1006, NCR498 Food Preparation MP736 IPM1007 Paddlefish Production – See also Recipes Utilization (Beef) - G2033, Cropping System - G4099 G9470 G2034 Crop-Share Leasing – Apples - MP600 Pond Management - See Beef Slaughtering & Farm Rescue – NRAES10 G424 Pond Management Processing – G2208, Farm Resume Design – G Double Crop Management Recipes - See Recipes 420 - G4090, G4953 G2209, G2220 Page 29
  • 30. Blueberries - MP583 Wild Mushrooms - Temporary Forage - Renovating Old Trees - Butter – GH1115 NCR100 G4661 NCR429 Corn - MP584 Food Storage Weed Control - MP581 Tree Pests - NCR63 Cornmeal - GH1119 See also Food Forestry Varieties - G6005 Cottage Cheese - G9550 Preservation See also Agroforestry Fuel & Oil Country Curing Bacon – Butter - GH1115 Assistance (Landowners) - Biodiesel - G1990, G1991 G2528 Cornmeal - GH1119 G5999 Lubricating Oil - G1230 Country Curing Hams – Cupboard – MP557 Evaluation - NRAES151 Methane - G1881 G2526 Flour - GH1116 Lumber - See Lumber Requirements - G1208 Flour - GH1116 Freezer – MP556 Measuring Trees &Logs - Fund Raising (Organizations) Grapes – MG6, MP599 Honey - GH1120 G5050 – MP652 Green Beans - MP586 Pantry Pests - G7370 Mechanical Tree Planters - Honey – GH1120 , MP603 Furniture Refrigeration – MP558, G5009 Cleaning - GH2414 Ingredient Substitution – NRAES22 Planting Trees - G5008 MP564 Cleaning Upholstered - Root Cellars – MP562 Pruning Trees - G5160, NCR294 Missouri Mix – GH1055 Vegetables - G6226 MG8 Nuts – MP602 Refinishing - See Wood Food Service Operation Selling Walnut Timber - Finishing Pantry Pests – G7370 G5051 Peaches - MP585 Breads (Quantity) - UED54 Restoring - GH2414 Condiments (Quantity) - Squirrel damage - G9455 Pumpkin - MP601 Stewardship (DVD) - Future Safety - GH1165 UED55 Food for 21st Century - Main Entrees (Quantity) - DVD15 Tomatoes - MP587 Terms - G5054 SR285 Yields – MP563 UED56 Rural Missouri 1995 - Safe Food Handling - Timber Stand Yogurt - GH1183 Improvement - G5150, SR335 MP689 Futures – See Stock Market Food Preservation Salads (Quantity) - UED53 G5151 See also Canning, Sandwiches (Quantity) - Tree Seedlings - G5006 Freezing , Drying UED54 Windbreaks - G5900 G Apples - MP600 Soups (Quantity) - UED54 Woodland Tax Records - Games - See Child Blueberries - MP583 G740 Development Canning Complete – Forages Alfalfa - See Alfalfa Freezer Gardening MX950 Problem Solving - GH1506 Canning Basics - GH1451 Bermudagrass - G4620 Budding - G6972 Canning Success - Big Bluestem - G4673 Freezing Food Buying Chemicals – GH1452 Birdsfoot Trefoil - G4640, Apples - MP600 G1911 Corn - MP584 G4642 Basics - GH1501 Children, MP737, MP738 Country Curing Bacon - Bluegrass - G4610, G4642 Blueberries - MP583 Caterpillars – IMP1019 G2528 Bromegrass – G4672 Dairy Products - GH1504 Coldframes - G6965 Country Curing Hams - Caucasian Bluestem - Eggs - GH1504 Compost - G6956 G2526 G4674 Fish - GH1504 Diseases – G6203 Fish - GH1490 Clover - See Clover Fruit - GH1502, GH1507 Environmental Safety – Fruit - GH1455 Common Forages – M169 Grapes - MP599 EQM105 Grapes - MP599 Common Legume Insects Green Beans - MP586 Environment – MG2 Green Beans - MP586 - PS8 Home-Prepared Food - Fertilizing – G6950 Honey - MP603 Crownvetch - G4510 GH1505 Flowers - See Flowers Jams, Jellies - GH1461 Determine Energy Content Meat - GH1504 Fruits - See Fruit Meat - GH1490 - G3150 Peaches - MP585 Grafting - G6971 Nuts - MP602 Determine Moisture (using Poultry - GH1504 Greenhouse - See Peaches - MP585 Microwave Oven) - Pumpkin - MP601 Greenhouse Pickles - GH1457, G3151 Sweet Corn - MP584 Groundcovers - G6835 GH1459 Eastern Gamma Grass - Tomatoes - MP587 Herbicides - See Poultry - GH1490 G4671 Unusual Fruit - GH1507 Herbicides Pumpkin - MP601 Establishing - G4650 Unusual Vegetables - Herbs - G6470 Sweet Corn - MP584 Fescue - G4646, G4670 GH1507 Home Propagation - Tomatoes - GH1456, Fescue Fungus - G4646 Vegetables - GH1503 G6560, G6970, MG3 MP587 Garrison Creeping Foxtail Fruit Horticulture Industry - Vegetables - GH1454 - G4649 See Apples, Apricots, SR489 Grasshopper Control - Blackberries, Horticulture Soil Samples - Food Safety G4563 MP555 Drinking Water Bacteria - Blueberries, Cherries, Indiangrass - G4673 Grapes, Gooseberries, Hotbeds - G6965 WQ102 Lespedeza - G4515, Insect Pests - See Insects Earthquake - G1905 Nectarines, Peaches, G4960 Pears, Plums, Integrated Pest Mgt. - EV6 Groundwater Management-Intensive Irrigation - See Irrigation Contamination - Raspberries, Grazing - M157, M158 Strawberries, Landscaping - See WQ651 Management – CB10, Landscaping Medicine &You - NCR213 Watermelon M152 Canning - See Canning Melon Production – M173 Nitrate (Drinking Water) - Moisture Determination - Mulches - G6960 WQ103 Food NRAES59 Drying - See Drying Food Nematodes - G6204 Nitrate & Water - G9808 Orchardgrass – G4511 Organic - G6220 Safe Drinking Water - Freeze Damage – XR1 Production Report - See Freezing - See Freezing Questions - G6400 WQ650, WQ660 Production Report Plasticulture - NRAES133 Safe Food Handling - Food Red Clover - G4638 Fruit Tree Spray Schedule Propagation – MG3 MP689 Reed Canarygrass - Raised Bed - G6985 Safe Food Preparation - - MP651 G4649 Insect Borers - G7190 Roses - See Roses GH1165 Ryegrass - G4649 Shaded Gardens - G6911 Water Test Report - Mulches - G6960 Seeding - G4652 Plum Pox Virus – MX920 Shrubs - See Shrubs WQ101 Sudangrass - G4661 Soil Testing – MG4, Water Treatment Systems Pollinating - G6001 Switchgrass - G4673 Production – MG6 MP733 (Home) - WQ104 Starting Plants - G6570 Recipes – MP909 Page 30
  • 31. Sweet Peppers - G6372 Grafting - G6971 Groundwater Fit for Life - GH6655 Sweet Potatoes - G6368 Grapes Animal Manure Mgt. - Food Allergy - NCR239 Tomatoes - G6462 See also Canning, WQ657 Food for the 21st Century - Trees - See Trees Freezing, Drying Drinking Water SR285 Vegetable - See Canning, Freezing, Drying Contamination - Food &Medicine - NCR213 Vegetables - MP599 WQ651 Lice - G7394 Water-Efficient - G6912 Home Production - G6085 Farmstead - WQ659 Medicine Use - NCR213 Watermelons - See Grape &Chicken Toss - Federal Laws - WQ22 Pesticide Poisoning - Watermelons MP599 Fertilizer - WQ654 G1915 Geese Microwave Fruit Mint Hazardous Waste Mgt. - Nitrate Poisoning - G9800, Brooding - G8920 Compote - MP599 WQ655 G9802, G9804, G9808, Weeding With - G8922 Production – MG6 Household Waste G9811 Pruning - G6090 Treatment - WQ656 Noise - G1962 Genetics Pesticides - NRAES34, Nutrition - See Nutrition Beef – CB10, G2039, Varieties - G6005, MP599 Vineyards – WG1001, WQ654 Occupational Safety G2140 M148 Petroleum Product &Health Act - G1961 Insect-Resistant Crops - WG1002, WG1003 Storage - WQ654 Poison Ivy - G4880 NCR553 Grasses Protection - MX397 Rabies - G1931, G9940 Gilts - See Swine See also Lawns, Quality - WQ23 Radon - G1968 Gladiolus - G6620 Turfgrass, Forages Respiratory Hazards - Sources of Contamination Global Marketing – BI52 Athletic Fields - G6772 G1935 - WQ21 Glucocorticoids - SR374 Barley - G4312 Growth Stimulants (Beef) – Self-Esteem (Women) - Goats Bermudagrass - G4620, GH6652 G2090 Brucellosis - G1931 G6770 Skin Cancer - G1966 Dairy - G3990 Big Bluestem - G4673 Wellness (Retirement) - Management Wheel – Birdsfoot Trefoil - G4640, H NCR263 MP913 G4642 Handicap - See Disabled Bluegrass - G4610 Heating Golf Course Sprayer Persons Catalytic Combustors - Calibration – G6751 Buffalograss - G6730 Hardware Disease – G7700 Caucasian Bluestem - G1733 Gooseberries – G6000, Hay Chimneys - G1735 G6005 G4674 See also Alfalfa Emergency - GH5117, Goslings - G8920 Cool-Season - G6772 Baler - G1250 GH5118 Fescue - G4646 Government Bermudagrass - G4620 Fireplace Inserts - G1734 Garrison Creeping Foxtail Election Petition - DM5361 Big Bluestem - G4673 Heating System - G4649 Hatch Act - SR388 Birdsfoot Trefoil - G4640, Maintenance - GH5981 Identifying Seedlings – Spending – MP742 G4642 Kerosene Heaters - G1999 IPM1024 Taxes and Revenues – Bluegrass - G4610, G4642 Planning - MWPS34 Indiangrass - G4673 MP743 Caucasian Bluestem - Solar - See Solar Energy Ornamental - NCR461, Township Rules – G4674 Stovepipes - G1735 G6661 DM4001 Crownvetch - G4510 Wood-Burning Inserts - Reed Canarygrass - USDAPesticide Feeding (Beef) – G4570 G1734 G4649 Requirements - Fescue - G4646, G4670 Wood Stoves - G1730, Renovating with Legumes MP692, MP736 Fescue Fungus - G4646 G1731, G1732, G1733, - G4651 Zoning Regulations - Indiangrass - G4673 G5453 Ryegrass - G4649 DM7612, DM7613, Large Bales - G1955, Hedging – see Stock Market Sudangrass - G4661 DM7614 G1957 Heifer - See Beef Switchgrass - G4673 Lespedeza - G4515 Grain Turfgrass Disease – Herbicide Making Quality - G4575 See also Corn, Soybeans, G6756, IPM1029 Atrazine - G4851, M167 Management - G1955 Wheat, Sunflowers, Zoysiagrass - G6706 Christmas Trees - Red Clover - G4638 Rice, Buckwheat, Grazing – EQ379, EQ380, NCR251 Safety - G1957 Barley, Field Crops EV12, G6706, M157, Corn Injury - PS150 Soil Sampling – G9217 Aeration Systems – M158, M168 Resistance - G4907 Storing - G4575 MWPS29 Green Beans Soybean Rates - MP686 Switchgrass - G4673 Bins - G1300, G1305, See also Canning, Symptoms (Dry Edible G1310 Health (Human) Beans) - NCR158 Freezing Food, Drying Buckwheat – G4306 Allergy - NCR239 Herbs - G6470 Food Crop Insurance - MP626, Cancer (Skin) - G1966 Canning, Freezing, Drying History MP749 Chiggers - G7398 - MP586 Agriculture – G825 Crop Marketing – G600 Common Cold - MP565 Dilled Green Bean Salad - 10 Year U.S. Ag Outlook - CRP Conversion - G1651 Deciding to Be Healthy - MP586 SR492 Double Crop Management GH6656 Harvest Soup - MP586 Boone County, MO - G4953 Disabled - See Disabled Mock Sour Cream Dip - (Courthouses) - UED52 Handling Systems - Persons MP586 Centennial Report College MWPS13 DNA Fingerprinting - Greenhouse of Agriculture 1870- High Moisture Feed - NCR550 See also Gardening 1970 - MX70, SB883 G2056 Elderly Disease Control - NCR486 County Agent - UED84, Insects - See Insects Blindness - GG10, Emissions – G310 UED85 Low-Temperature Drying - GG12 Engineering - NRAES33 Fiddling - MP665, MX946 MWPS22 Dental - GG5 General – NRAES137 Hatch Act - SR388 Managing Dry Grain – Exercise - GG3, Insects – See Insect Pests Homeothermy - SR329 AED20 MP696 Pest Management – Land Grant College Safety - G1969 Medicine Use - IPM1026 Movement - SB419 Solar Drying - MWPS22 NCR213 Plans – NRAES137 Missouri College of Storage - EC960, Exercise – GH1900, Starting Plants - G6570 Agriculture - SB769, MWPS13, P73220, MP696 Systems - NRAES72 SB883 AED20 Family Health - GH6656 Groundcover - G6835 Missouri County Grain Sorghum - See Farm Accidents - G1950, Profitability - NRAES164 Courthouses - UED52, Sorghum NRAES10, NRAES12 Page 31
  • 32. UED62, See also Decision Making - DM463 Horse Fly Protection – G7013 Kitchen Planning - See numerical listing in Dynamic Displays - Horticulture - See Gardening Kitchens front of Catalog MP659 Horticulture Industry – SR489 Lagoons - See Sewage UED6001 thru Inventory - MP676 Hotbeds - G6965 Lightning Protection - UED6113 Small Business Start-Up Hot Weather Stress (Beef) – G1020 Mules - UED81 CD – CD31 G2099 Mice - G9442, G9444 Oral History - GG8 Shoplifters - MP658 Household Appliances Mildew Prevention - Policy Choices - UED86 Vendor Relations - MP657 Attic Fan - G1706 GH5928 Revolution in the Honey Dehumidifiers - G1710 Mobile Homes - See Heartland – MX929 Honey Bran Muffins - Freezer - GH1506 Mobile Homes Sanborn Field - MX390, MP603 Window Fan - G1706 Moisture Problems - RB1054 Honey and Spice Bread - Household Chemicals – G1710 Technology - SR303 MP603 G1911 Planning - MWPS16 University of Missouri Honey Bee Ambrosia - Plumbing - EC914 Dept. of: Household Equipment Pollution - NCR393 GH1120 Catalytic Combustors - Dairy Science - SR382 Honey Butter - GH1120 Radon - G1968 Entomology - SR380, G1733 Repairs - See Repairs Honey Butter Sauce - Chimneys - G1735 SR469 GH1120 Safety - GH6020 Extension Education - Fireplaces - G1734 Sewage Treatment - See Honey Raisin Bran Bars - Heat - See Heating SR386 GH1120 Sewage Field Crops - SR385 Insulation - See Insulation Septic Tank - See Sewage Oven-Fried Chicken with Stovepipes - G1735 Forestry, Fisheries Honey-Butter Sauce - Shared - GG14 &Wildlife - SR367 Tools - GH5978 Waste Disposal - See GH1120 Household Finances - See Horticulture - SR363 Preserving - MP603 Sewage Plant Pathology - Home Economics Water - See Water Rice Pudding - GH1120 &Housing SR362 Storing - GH1120 Water Quality – EQM101 Poultry Science - Turkey &Rice Oriental - Household Hazardous Window Treatments - See SR354 GH1120 Waste Window Treatments Rural Sociology - Using - GH1120 Game - WM5001 Vapor Control - EG5521 SR361 Hoop Structures (Manure Identifying - WM6006 Houseplants Soils &Soil Science - Mgt.) – EQ352 Managing - WM6004 Care - G6510, NCR99 SR413 Horn Fly Control – G1195 Paint - WM6001 Flowering Potted - G6511 Veterinary Medicine - Pesticides - WM6000 Home Propagation - SR366 Horse Products - WM6003 G6560, MG3 Homeothermy - SR329 Alfalfa Hay - MX75 Product Survey - WM5002 Indoor Blooming - G6550 Associations - G2780 Home Based Business Safety Equipment - Lighting - G6515 Blemishes - G2840, Consignment - MP597 WM6002 Pest Control - G7273 G2841 Food Preparation - Storing - WM6006 Springtails – G7363 Breeding - G2790 NCR259 Bridles - G2845 Household Repairs Starting Plants - G6570 Marketing - MP596 Buying - G2835 Furniture Refinishing - Terrariums - G6520 Packaging - MP629 Conformation - G2837 GH2414 Human Development Pricing - MP598 Construction Projects - Improvements - MWPS21 Brain Development – Records - MP630 MWPS60 Repair Inspection – GH6115 Small Business Start-Up Determining Age - G2842 GH5984 Child - See Child CD – CD31 Facilities – MWPS60 Repair Specifications – Development Selling by Mail - MP631 Feeding - G2806, G2807 GH5984 Elderly Caregiving - Sewing - NCR208 Foot Anatomy - G2740 GH6657 Housing Will It Work - MP592 Ground Handling Safety - Family at Risk Program - Accessory Apartments - Home Economics G2878 GG14 EV10, UED100 Credit - GH3341 Haltering - G2844 Age Proof House - Family Councils - GH6641 Goals - MP72 Health - G2851 GH5462 Family Health - GH6654 Home Ownership – Hoof Care - G2825, Air Quality - NCR393 Family Strengths – GH5002 G2839, G2840 Bathroom Safety - GH6640 Insurance - See Insurance Hoop Barns- AED52 GH7060 Fathering – GH6500 Investing – See Hunt Seat Riding - G2882 Bats - G9460 Fit for Life - GH6655 Investment Basics Internal Parasites - G2854 Builder Agreement - Health - GH6656 Living on Acreages – Judging G1702 Intergenerational MWPS50 Conformation - G2837 Buyers Guide - NRAES50 Programs - GH6710 Living on Less - GH3600 Livestock Odor – G1884 Chemicals – G1911 Journaling with Teens – Money Management - Longe Line Training - Construction - See GH6150 GH3830, MP25 G2861 Construction Living on Less - GH3600 Retirement Saving - See Legs - G2840, G2843 Cooling - See Cooling Managing Money - Retirement Pest Control - MP619 Drinking Water Supplies - GH3830 Saving & Investing – GH Pony Pleasure - G2870 NRAES47 Marriage - See Marriage 3520 Pre-Bit Hackamore - Elderly - MX400 Negotiation Skills - GH683 Taxes - See Taxes G2864 Electricity -See Electricity Parenting – see Parenting Valuable Papers - EC705 Psychology - G2862 Environmental Safety – Self Esteem - GH6652 Home Improvements - See Registries - G2780 EQM100 Strengthening Tips - Housing Saddle - G2887 Fire Protection - See Fire MP623 Home Repair – See Safety - G2881, G2882 Protection Stress - GH6652 Household Repair Selecting - G2836 Heating - See Heating Teenagers - See Teens Home Slaughtering & Splints - G2742 Improvements - MWPS21 Time Mgt. - GH6653 Processing – G2208, Trail Riding - G2883, Insects - See Insects Hunting G2209, G2220 G2884 Insurance - GH3423 Lease – G9420 Hometown Business Training - G2861, G2864 Inspection Guide - Mules - G2925 Advertising - MP660 Tying - G2844 NCR320 Customer Loyalty - MP656 Unsoundness - G2840, Insulation - See Insulation G2841 I Page 32
  • 33. Immigration to Missouri – Fruit Tree Spray Schedule Swine Parasites - G7020, Trickle - NRAES4 DM7615, DM7617 - MP651 G2430 Implants (Beef) – G2090 Garden Pests - M163 Termites - G7420 J Imports Genetic Engineering - Ticks - G7382 NCR553 Tobacco Insects - PS20 Johne’s Disease – G2115 Income Enhancement – G640 Independent Contractor - Grain Sorghum - PS26, Tree Pests - G7272, M145 Judging NCR546 PS27 Turfgrass Insects – Beef - G2034, NCR156 Industrial Waste Audit – WM4 Grasshopper - G4563 IPM1020 Horse - See Horse Hackberry Psyllids - Vegetable Insects - PS9 Livestock - G2952 Industry G7354 Wasps – G7391 Sheep - NCR157 Hometown Business - See Hessian Fly - 7180 Using Performance Data - Web Producers (Trees) - Hometown Business Horn Fly - G1195 G2034 G7271 Incubation (Poultry) - G8353 Horsehair Worms - G7710 Vegetables - G6230 Whiteflies - G7275 Insects Horse Pests - MP619 White Grubs - G7200 Jams & Jellies – GH1461 Ants - G7392 Human Lice - G7394 Wood-Damaging Beetles - Aphid (Garden &Lawn) - Identification - G7555 G7422 K G7274 Identification Form – MP59 Insecticides Aphid (Sorghum) - G4349 Indoor Pests - G7273 Endangered Species Kitchen Apple Insects – IPM1008 Insect Borers - G7190 Appliances - See Issues - G7020 Apple Mites – IPM1008 Insect Control Field Crop Pests - M122 Household Appliances Armyworm Complex – Recommendations - General Planning - Fruit Tree Spray Schedule G7115 M163 GH5668, NCR497 - MP651 Bagworm - G7250 Insect Defoliators - G7270 Wheelchair Workers - Pesticide Training - Basics – MG12 Insecticides - See GH5671 MX331 Bean Leaf Beetle – G7150 Insecticides Work Center - GH5669 Submitting Specimens for Bees – G7391, G7600, Lice - G7011, G7394 ID - G7555 G7601 Livestock Pests - See Beetles (Household) - also Beef, Dairy, Insulation (Home) - G1721 L G7368 Sheet, Poultry, Swine Insurance Labeling Clothing – GH824 Beneficial Insects - PS13, Millipedes - G7362 Crop Insurance - MP626, Ladder (Portable) - G1932 PS25 Mimosa Webworm - MP749 Ladino Clover – G4639 Black Cutworm – G7112 G7251 Homeowners - GH3423 Lagoons Blister Beetle (Alfalfa) - Mite Galls - G7272 Multiple Peril Crop - Anaerobic - EG602 G4569 Mites - G7274 MP627 Crystallization – EQ353 Boxelder Bug - G7360 Mosquitoes - G7400 Intergenerational Programs – Pumping Equipment - Carpenter Ants - G7423 Moths - G7372 GH6710 G1157 Carpenter Bees - G7424 Multicolored Asian Lady Integrated Pest Recycling - G1158 Carpenter Beetles - G7372 Beetle – G7369 Management Lakes Caterpillars – IPM1019, Musk Thistle Weevil – Gardening – EV6 Fish Kill - G9402 PS16, PS17 IPM1010 Green Industries – Toxic Substance - G9402 Cattle Lice - G7011 Occasional Biting Pests - IPM1005 Centipedes - G7362 G7396 Landscaping Greenhouses – IPM1026 Chiggers - G7398 Pantry Pests - G7370 Brick Patios &Walks - Missouri Agriculture – Chironomid Midges - Parasitic Worms - G7710 G6930 IPM1003 G7402 Pecan Insects - MP711, Broad-leaved Evergreens - Soybean Diseases – Cicadas - G7259 PS23 G6820 IPM1002 Clothes Moths - G7372 Periodical Cicadas - Buffalograss Lawns - Urban Environment – Clover Mites - G7358 G7259 G6730 IPM1004 Cockroaches - G7384 Pest Control – See Pest Chipper-Shredders - Control – MG12 Control Interior Design G1933 Corn Earworm – G7110 Pillbugs - G7362 Age-Proof House - Construction Projects - Corn Pests – G7110, Pine Trees - NCR528 GH5462 MWPS21 G7111. G7113, M166, Poisonous Spiders - Curtains - NCR255 Developing a Plan - NCR327, NCR602, SB738 Draperies - NCR255 G6901 PS4, PS5 Rice - G4362 Dried Flowers - G6540 Energy - G6910 Cotton Insects - PS12 Scales - G7274 Wood Finishing - See Flowers - See Flowers Crickets - G7366 Seedcorn Maggot – Wood Finishing Flowering Trees - G6805 Defoliators - G7270, G7114 International Front yard - G6905 G7271 Shoot Boring - NCR528 Agricultural Development Grafting - G6971 Elm Leaf Beetle - G7356 Shrub Pests - M145 – SR262, SR330, Groundcovers - G6835, External Parasites (Swine) Silverfish - G7376 SR331 NCR400 - G7020 Small Grain Insects - PS7 Global Marketing – BI52 Home Propagation of European Corn Borer – Sorghum Aphid - G4349 Plants - G6560, Investment Basics G7113, M166, Sorghum Midge – G7140 G6970, MG3 Hedging Ethanol – G643 NCR327, NCR602 Southwestern Corn Borer Insects - See Insects Firebrats - G7376 – G7111 Irrigation Low Maintenance - G6902 Fleas - G7380 Sowbugs - G7362 Center Pivot System - Needled Evergreens - Fly Control (Home) - Soybean Insects – G7150, G1695 G6815 G7388 G7151, G7152, PS6 Equipment - G1157 Ornamental Grasses - Fly Control (Poultry) - Spiders - G7386, SB738 Land Grading - G1641 NCR461 G7030 Springtails - G7363 Measuring - G1681 Ornamental Vines - G6840 Forage Legume Insects - Stinging &Biting Insects - Rental Agreement - G530 Rare Trees - G6810 PS8 PS11 Rice (Furrow) - G4361 Shade Trees - See Shade Fruit Insects - G7190, Stink Bug – G7151 Safety - G1695 Trees NCR63 Stored Grain Insects - Southeast Mo. Survey - Shrubs - See Shrubs Fruit Small and Grape PS1, PS28 WQ278 Sidewalk Cracks - Spray Guide – MX377 Sunflower Insects - PS14, Soybeans - G4420 GH5932 PS15 Sprinkler System – Soil - G6955 MWPS30 Page 33
  • 34. Tree Pests - M145 Occupational Safety Ear Notching - G2505 Management Systems Tree Placement - G6900 &Health Act - G1961 Facility Safety - G1931 Series – MWPS18S3 Unusual Trees - G6810 Pesticide Recertification - Fencing - See Fencing Measuring Uniformity - Water Efficient - G6912 M87, MX851 Freestall Barn (Dairy) – WQ214 Wildflowers - G6660 Pesticide Record Keeping NRAES76 Odor – G1884 Zoysiagrass Lawns - - MP692, MP736 Heat Cables - G1408 Pit - G1931 G6706 Regional Planning - Heat (Swine) - G1170 Poultry Litter – G9216, Latino Immigration to Missouri DM7110 Infrared Heat Lamp - WQ212, WQ228 – DM7615, DM7617 Restricted Use Pesticide G1170 Separation Distances - Laundry Recordkeeping - Land Application (Manure) EQ219 After Fire - GH145 MP693 – EQ383 Setback Distances – Pesticide Contamination – USDAPesticide Lightning Protection - G9219 G1914 Requirements - G1020 Spreading Rights – M361 Stain Removal - MP663 MP692, MP736 Lighting - G1403 Storage Tanks – EQ389, Zoning Regulations - Motors (electric) - MP544 MWPS36 Lawns DM7612, DM7613, Packaged Building - Value - G9330, G9333 Bluegrass - G4610 DM7614 G1004 Buffalograss - G6730 Marketing Latchkey Kids - See Child Solar Collectors - G1971 Adding Value – G640 Caterpillars – IPM1019 Care Solar Housing - MWPS23 Chiggers - G7398 Beef – CB10, M153 Leasing (Farm) Spin-Through Flush Tank - Cordwood - G5501 Chippers-Shredders - G1927 G1933 Cash - G427, NCR148 Crafts - NCR445 Crop-Share – G424, Stock Tank - G1161 Crops – G600 Cool Season Grasses - Tip Tank - G1830 G6700, G6705 NCR105 Farmers – CB18, M174, Crop-Share-Cash – Trench Silo – AED43 NCR610C Flood - G6722 Ultrasonics - G2299 Management – MG10 NCR105, NCR106 Global – BI52 Equipment - G429 Walk-Through Fly Trap - Plan (Business) – BI15, Natural – G6749 G1195 Ornamental Grass - Farm - G426, G427, G429 CD31 Fixed - NCR75 Waste Facilities - Produce Direct - G6661 MWPS18 Recycling Grass - F227 Flexible – G423, NCR75 NRAES51 Shade - G6725 Hunting – G9420 Lumber Products - NCR445 Soil - G6955 Irrigation Crop-Share - Drying - G5507 Roadside - NRAES52 Soil Testing – G6954, G530, NCR106, Hardwood - G5052, Sweet Corn - G6390 MP733 NCR148 G5507 Strategies (Farm) – Thatch - G6708 Livestock-Share - Local Lots - NRAES27 SX1011 Turfgrass - See Turfgrass NCR107, NCR108 Softwood - G5053 Tomatoes - G6370 Water Quality – EQ500 Pasture - NCR149 Lyme Disease - G1931 Turkey - NCR115 Watering - G6720 Farm Resume – G420 Vegetables – G6221, Weed Control - G6750, Verbal Farm Rental - M G6222 NCR26 G520 Marriage Macroeconomic Policy – White Grubs - G7200 Legumes SR331 Strong Marriage – Zoysiagrass Lawns - Crownvetch - G4510 Maggot, Seedcorn – G7114 GH6610 G6705 Johnsongrass Control - Maize - SR325 Mastitis Laws &Legal G4872 California Test - G3653 Lespedeza - G4515 Mammals Animal Care Facilities Act Shelves, Houses, Feeders Measurement - G9902 Renovating Grass Sods - - NCR338 Cordwood - G5452 Animal Control - DM1041 G4651 Lice Control (Beef) – G7011 Management Crops - G4020 Animal Shelters - DM1041 Wood Products - G5506 Builder Agreement - License Fund Raising - MP652 G1702 Pesticide Applicator M87, Make or Buy Analysis - Meat Processing City Rules - DM4003 BI17 Beef - G2208 MX851 Condemnation - G500 Plant Layout - BI18 Canning - GH1490 Lightning Protection Risk in Agriculture - Pork - G2528 Credit - GH3341 Farm &Home - G1020 NCR406 Recipes - See Recipes Dead Animal Disposal - Pumps - G1410 Safety - BI7 Medicine - See Health WQ216 Divorce - See Divorce Lighting Sheep - NCR240 Meetings DNA Fingerprinting - Houseplants - G6515 Time - BI12, NCR229 Fund Raising - MP652 NCR550 Poultry Farm - G1403 Manure Group Discussion - Easements (Manure) – Processing Plant - G1403 Application Equipment - DM460 G361 Liming NRAES57, NRAES89 Planning - CM1305 Election Petition - DM5361 Limestone Quality - G9107 Calibrating Spreader - Public Issue - CM1306 Estate - G508 Mo. Soils - G9102 WQ213 Successful - CM1305 Farm Animal Liability - Listening - CM150 Dirt Lots – EQ384 Methamphetamines – G453, G851 Litter Control - DM1935 Easements – G361 GH6201 Farm Lease -See Leasing Livestock - See Beef, Dairy, Economic Considerations Methane Gas - G1881 Farm Employer Liability - Swine, Sheep, Poultry, – EQ392 MGA – MP735 G451 Horse Flushing - G1158 Mice (House) - G9442, G9444 Farm Partnership - G511 Livestock Odors – G1884 Hand Application - Mildew - GH5928 Genetics - See Genetics WQ218, NRAES89 Milk Livestock Equipment Hatch Bill - SB1 Hoop Structures – EQ352 See also Dairy Backrubbers (Cattle) - Insurance - See Insurance Laboratory Analysis - Mineral Additives – G2081 G7012 Land Installment Contracts EQ215 Bunker Silo – AED43 Missouri -- NCR56 Land Application - WQ218 Concrete Pavement - Agriculture - SR427, Litter Law - G890 Liquid - NRAES79, G1931 SR488 Manure Spreading Rights NRAES89 Confinement Buildings - Agricultural Cooperatives - – G361 Management (Beef) – G1107, G1155 G901 New Residents – DM7618 EQ377 Corral Systems - G1165 Climate - RB1072 Nuisance Law - G851 Cow/Calf - M154 Page 34
  • 35. Food Processing Industry - Forms - WQ253 SMN103, SMN201, Ryegrass - G4649 SR491 Groundwater - WQ256 SMN202, SMN203, Sheep - NCR368 Horticulture Industry - Leaching - WQ262 SMN302, SMN401, Soil Sampling – G9215 SR489 Legume Value - WQ277 SMN402, SMN403, Sudangrass - G4661 Law - See Laws &Legal Management - G9175 SMN501, SMN502, Switchgrass - G4673 Mules - See Mules Mineralization - WQ260 SMN503, SMN601, Thistle – IPM1010 Natural Resources - Nitrate Poisoning - WQ258 SMN602, SMN603, Weed Control - MP581 SR490 Nitrification - WQ254 SMN781, SMN782, Patios - G6930 Precipitation - RB1072 Plant Nutrients - WQ259, SMN783 Peaches Recycling Directory - WM1 WQ276 Snacks – N900 See also Canning, Rural - SR487 Practices - IPM1027 Workplace Wellness Freezing, Drying Trees - SB767 Preplant Testing – 9177 Program – MP912 Freezing, Canning, Drying Weather Patterns - G9350 Rice – G4365 Nuts - MP585 Youth Initiative - EV10 Soybeans - G9133 See Walnuts, Pecans Fruit Tree Spray Schedule Missouri Mix - GH1055 Water Quality – G9218 - MP651 Mites (Apple) – IPM1008 What Is Nitrogen - WQ251 Home Production - G6030, Moles - G9440 Noise - G1962 O MG6 Money Management No-Till Odor (Swine) - G1880, Recipes - MP585 Family - EC705 Corn - G9176 AED42 Varieties - G6005 Farm - See Farm Costs - G355 Oilseed - G4280 Pearl Millet - G4090 Management Crop Residue Orchardgrass – G4511 Organic Crop Rotation – Pears Living on Less - Management – Fire Blight - G6020 GH3600 MWPSCD45 (CD) NRAES177 Organic Gardening - G6220 Fruit Tree Spray Schedule Managing - GH3830, Early Spring Weeds – - MP651 MP25 NCR614 Organizations - See Associations Insect Pests - G6010 Mosquitoes - G7400 Fertilizer Management - Production – MG6 Motors - MP544 G9176 Varieties - G6005 Mulches - G6960 Grain Sorghum - G9176 P Pecans Mulch-Till – MWPSCD45 (CD) Nitrogen Management - G9175 Paint Agroforestry - AF1001 Mules Disposal - WM6001 Disease - MP711, PS23 Hunting - G2925 Planting Systems - M164 Rodent Damage - G4448 Storage - WM6001 Insects - PS23 Jack Stock - UED81 Pest Management - Miniature - G2925 Noxious Weeds – IPM1014 Paintings Parasites - See Beef, Insects, MP711 Mushrooms - NCR100, Nuisance Animals Roasting - MP602 G2083 Armadillos – G9456 Swine, House, Poultry Paratuberculosis – G2115 Storing - MP602 Music Bats - G9460 Varieties - G6005 Mo. Fiddling (Cassette, Blackbirds - MX137, Parenting Whole Wheat Apple Nut CD) - MP665, MX946 MX138, MX139 Adolescence – MX916 Bread - MP602 Musk Thistle – IPM1010 Chipmunks - MX131 Birth Defects – CB15 Performance Records (Beef) Muskrats - MX136 Cottontail Rabbits - MX134 Divorce Guide – GH6130 – G2005, MP474 Deer - MP685 Grandparents – GH6005, Peppers, Sweet - G6372 Mice - G9442, G9444 GH6200, GH6203, N Moles - G9440 GH6204 Natural Resources - SR490 Muskrat - MX136 Incarcerated – GH6202 Pest Control - See also Nectarine (Varieties) - G6005 Pigeons - MX145 Maltreatment & Insects Neighborhood Organizations - Rats - G9444 Adolescent Parenting – Applicator Recertification – MP506 Snakes - G9450 MX916 M87, MX851 Nematodes Starlings - NCR451 Methamphetamines – Insecticides - See Garden - G6204 Weasels - MX135 GH6201 Insecticides Mermithid - G7710 Nutrients - EC929 Preconception Planning – Lawn Weeds - NCR26 Soybean Cyst - G4450 Nutrition CB15 Nuisance Animals - See Newsletters Allergy - NCR239 Success (Team Effort) – Nuisance Animals GH6129 Professional Pest Control Designing - CM440 Children – F278, N700 – Pastures Service Selection – Farm Newsletter – G419 N710, N800 Alfalfa - G4550 G7501 How To - CM450, EV4, Food for the 21st Century - Bermudagrass - G4620 Submitting Insect EV7, G419 SR285 Food Label Cards – N574 Big Bluestem - G4673 Specimens for ID - Score Sheet - CM460 G7555 Nitrate Food Prices – MP905 Birdsfoot Trefoil - G4640, G4642 Whole-Farm Approach – Concentration - G9802 Medicine - NCR213 MyPyramid – N941, Bluegrass - G4610 SX1010 Detection - G9811 NS941 (in Spanish) Caucasian Bluestem - Pesticide Groundwater Contamination - Nutrition Cards – N574 G4674 Applicators Recertification RB1066 Physical Activity – MP687, Clover - See Clover - M87, MX851 N386, N388, N862, Fescue - G4670 Commercial Applicator - History - G9800 Plants - G9804 N864, NS388 (in Forages – M169 MX328 Spanish) Garrison Creeping Foxtail Community Right-To- Soils - G9804 Toxicity - G9811 Plant – MG4 - G4649 Know - G7512 Water - G9808 Portion Sizes – N863 Grasshopper Control - Containment Facilities - Pregnancy – N710, N714, G4563 MWPS37 Nitrogen N715, N944, N948, Grazing – M157, M158 Dealers Manual - M100 Ammonia Volatilization - NS944 (Spanish) Indiangrass - G4673 Dilution Table - G7510 WQ257 Show Me Nutrition – N140, Management – M158 Disposal - WM6000 Corn Production – G9177, N142 – N147, Plant Pest – M169 Emergency Planning - RB1068 SMNPK1, SMNPK2, Reed Canarygrass - G7512 Cycle - WQ252 SMNPK3, SMNK01, G4673 Environment - G7520 Denitrification - WQ255 SMNK02, SMNK03, Rental Arrangements - Fruit Tree Spray Schedule Fixation - WQ261 SMN101, SMN102, NCR149 - MP651 Page 35
  • 36. Groundwater Soybean Disease – Seepage - G1555, G1606 Propagation Contamination - G4442, PS104, Spillways - See Spillways Garden - G6970, MG3 NRAES34, MX397, IPM1002 Toxic Substances - G9402 Houseplants - G6560 RB1066 Sunflower Disease - Pork Landscape - G6970 Integrated Pest Mgt. - EV6 NCR160 Public See also Swine, Food Laundering Contaminated Turfgrass Diseases – Processing, Food Decision - DM461 Clothing – G1914 IPM1029, MX388 Preservation Issue - CM1306 Material Safety Data Sheet Vegetables - G6202 Portable Ladders - G1932 Policy - See Public Policy – G1913 Wheat - G4345, PS105, Pears - G6010 PS106 Potassium - G9185 Public Policy Pecan Pests - MP711 Wilt - NCR261 Poultry Concepts - NCR203 Poisoning - G1915 Avian Flu – G8909, G8910 Methods - NCR203 Plant Pest Private Applicator – M87 Canning - GH1490 Missouri - UED86 Corn – IPM1007, Protection - G1917 Chicken Recipes - See Publications Listing - MP205 IPM1030, M171 Record Keeping Recipes Publicity - CM304 Cotton – IPM1025 Requirements - Field Crops – M171 Chicks - G8351 Pumpkins MP692, MP736 Forages - MP581 Composting Carcasses - Harvesting - MP601 Restricted-Use Form - Herbicide Resistance - WQ205, WQ206, Preserving - MP601 MP693 G4907 WQ207, WQ208, Pumpkin Pancakes - Safety - G1916, G1918, Johnsongrass - G4872 WQ209, WQ210 MP601 G1919, MG14, Lawn Weeds - NCR26 Diseases - G8903, G8904 Pumpkin Potluck - MP601 WM6000 Musk – IPM1010, Family Flock - G8350 Shrub Pests - M145 Fly Control (Caged Layer Storage – G1921 IPM1015 Buildings) - G7030 Q Non-Cropland – MP581 Tree Pests - M445 Fumigation - G8908 Quail – G9431, G9432, Noxious Weeds – USDARequirements - Incubation - G8353 MP902, MP903 IPM1014 MP692, MP736 Pasture – M169, MP581 Layer Mortalities - WQ211 Quantity Recipe Series Water pH Effects – Perennial Broadleaf Litter Feeding – G2077 Breads - UED54 IPM1017 Weeds - G4875 Litter Management - Condiments - UED55 Water Quality - SR505 Poison Ivy - G4880 WQ203 Main Entrees - UED56 Worker Protection Poisonous Plants - G4970 Litter Spreading - WQ220, Salads - UED53 Standard - G856 Soybeans – IPM1007, WQ221, WQ222, Sandwiches - UED54 Pets IPM1030, M171 WQ223 Soups - UED54 Cats - NCR254 Thistle – IPM1010, Litter Storage - WQ212 Quickbooks Dogs - See Dogs IPM1015 Management - G8350 Dairy Management – Giving or Receiving - Turfgrass weeds – Manure Management – CA161 G9900 IPM1009 EQ349, EQ350 Start-Up File Disc – Owners Responsibility - Vine Weeds – IPM1021, Nutrient Requirements - CA162 G9900 NCR33 G8352 Rabbits - G9910 Voles – G9445 Nutrient Testing – G9340 Rodents - G9910 Waterhemp - G4871, Odor – G1884 R IPM1030 Pasture Raising – SX1013 Phosphorus Rabbits Weed Competition (Corn, Plant Lighting - G1403 Phosphorus – G9180, G9181, Profit Strategies – SX1013 Nuisance - MX134 G9182, G9183, G9220 Soybeans) - MP540 Pets - G9910 Weed Identification – Site Selection – EQ378 Rice – G4366 Turkey - See Turkeys Rabies - G1931, G9440 Water Quality – NCR187 IPM1023 Racoons – G9453 Weed Identification Form – Waste Management – Pickles Rangeland - MP581 MP741 NRAES132 Canning - GH1457, Weeds (Lawn) - G6750, Precision Agriculture Raspberries GH1459 G6752, NCR26 See also Freezing, Drying Global Positioning System Pigeons - MX145 Weed Management – Pruning – G6000 – WQ452 Pine Wilt Disease - MX858 Varieties - G6005 IPM1018 Introduction – WQ450 Plant Disease Weeds of North Central Yield Monitors – WQ451 Real Estate Alfalfa - PS107, PS108 States - NCR281 Land Value - G404 Pregnancy Clover Disease - MX340, Wheat – M171 Rental – G420, G520, Adolescents –MX916 MX341 G530 Beef Cows – G2006 Commercial Flowers - Yellow Nutsedge - Taxes - G508 Nutrition – N710, N714, NCR491 NCR220 N715, N944, N948, Recipes Corn Disease - PS102, Plant Tissue Analysis - G9131 NS944 (Spanish) Applesauce Carrot Cake - PS111, PS112 Plumbing MP600 Cotton – MP734, PS109 Preservation Home Repairs - EC914 Biscuit Mix - GH1116 Edible Bean Disease - Downtown - DM3102 Plums Blueberry Muffins - MP583 NCR159 Fabric - See Fabric Varieties - G6005 Blueberry Rice Salad - Fescue Fungus - G4646 Food - See Food Poisonous Plants (Beef) – MP583 Fescue Toxicosis – G4669 Preservation, Freezing G4970 Carrot-Raisin Cookies - Fire Blight - G6020 Food, Drying Policy, Agriculture – SR330 GH1116 Home Garden – G6203 Restoration - GH2414 Cheese Cornbread - Identification Form - Pollination - G6001 Pressed Metal Cleaning – GH1119 MP604 Pond Management DM2210 Chicken with Yogurt Leaf Scorch - G6881 Culverts - G1606 Problem Solving – CB13 Sauce - GH1183 Management – MG13 Dams - G1548 Professional Pest Control Chilled Blueberry Soup - Pecan Disease - MP711, Earth Embankment - Service – G7501 MP583 PS23 G1521 Profit Strategies – SX1012 Corn Curry - MP584 Prevention – MG13 Fish Kill - G9402 Pruning Corn Souffle - MP584 Pine Wilt Disease - MX858 Flood Gates - G1606 Blackberries – G6000 Cornbread - GH1119 Plum Pox Virus – MX920 G9470 – Paddlefish Go9oseberries- G6000 Cornmeal Gingerbread - Rice - MP645, MP646 Production Raspberries – G6000 GH1119 Sorghum - PS114, PS115 Purification - G1805 Trees - G5160, G7276 Page 36
  • 37. Cornmeal Muffins - Turkey &Rice Oriental - Store Fronts - DM2210 Electrical - G1409, G1934 GH1119 GH1120 Retail Trade – DM3035 Fabric Flammability - Cornmeal Mush - GH1119 Whole Wheat Apple Nut Retirement NCR174 Cornmeal Pancakes - Bread - MP602 Age-Proof House - Farm Accidents - G1950, GH1119 Record Keeping – See Farm GH5462 NRAES10, NRAES12 Dilled Green Bean Salad - Records Farm – NCR610F Fire Detection MP586 Recreation Wellness - NCR263 (Residential) - G1907 Freezer Blueberry Pie Trail Riding - G2883, Rhododendrons - G6825 First Aid - G1950 Filling - MP583 G2884 Flood - MP4 Gazpacho - MP587 Rice (Crop) Food - GH1165 German Style Red Recycling Boron – G4364 Food Handling - MP689 Cabbage - GH1120 Directory - WM1 Crop Marketing – G600 Food &Medicine - NCR213 Grape &Chicken Toss - Grass Clippings - F227 Fertilization – G4364 Grain - G1969 MP599 Plastics - WM2 Furrow Irrigation - G4361 Groundwater Protection - Harvest Soup - MP586 Solid Waste - G1158 Insects - G4362 MX397, NRAES34 Honey and Spice Bread - Red Clover - See Clover Nitrogen – G4365 Hand Signals - G1965 MP603 Refrigerator Phosphorus – G4366 Hazardous Waste - See Honey Bee Ambrosia - Refrigeration - NRAES22 Production Report - Household Hazardous GH1120 Regional Planning - DM7110 SR425 Waste Honey Bran Muffins - Relationships - See Human Rice Blast - MP645 Home - GH6020 MP603 Development Rice Sheath - MP646 Home Safety Checklist - Honey Butter - GH1120 Sulfur – G4364 GH6020 Remodeling Weed Control – M171 Honey Butter Sauce - Kitchen - NCR497 Horse - See Horse GH1120 Solar Heat - EG5502 Rice (Food) Household Chemicals - Honey Raisin Bran Bars - Store Fronts - DM2210 Blueberry Rice Salad - G1918 GH1120 Rental - See Lease MP583 Household Equipment - Oven-Fried Chicken with Rice Pudding - GH1120 WM6002 Honey-Butter Sauce - Repairs (Home) Turkey &Rice Oriental - Kerosene Heaters - G1999 GH1120 Caulking Windows &Doors GH1120 Lightning Protection - Mexican Meatloaf - - GH5936 Ridge Tillage - G1652, G1020 GH1119 Concrete Sidewalks - MWPSCD45 (CD) Management (Business) – Microwave Cheesecake - GH5932 Road Side Marketing – BI7 GH1183 Electrical - See Electricity NRAES52 Material Safety Data Sheet Microwave Fruit Mint Exterior Painting - GH5939 – G1913 Furniture - See Furniture Rodents Compote - MP599 As Pets - G9910 Noise - G1962 Microwave Tomato Inspection Guide - Occupational Safety NCR320 Crop Damage - G4448 Zucchini Parmesan - &Health Act - G1961 MP587 Insulation - See Insulation Roses Paint - WM6001 Missouri Mix - GH1055 Mildew Prevention - Care - G6601 Pesticide - G856, G1915, Apple Cobbler GH5928 Planting - G6600 G1916, G1917, G7520, Banana-Nut Bread Moisture Problems - Selecting - G6600 G7512, MG14, Basic Biscuits G1710 Rural WM6000 Basic Cake Painting (Exterior) - Central Sewer System - Plant Pest Control - G7273 Basic Muffins GH5939, NCR134 DM1905 Poisonous Plants - G4970 Cheesy-Tomato Pie Plumbing - EC914 Changes in the Heartland Portable Ladder - G1932 Corn Bread Remodeling - EG5502 – MX929 Radon - G1968 Gingerbread Screened Doors - GH5938 Crime Prevention - Rescue - NRAES10 Oatmeal Drop Cookies Tools - GH5978 DM1505 Respiratory Hazards - Pancakes Window - See Window Fire Protection - DM1902 G1935 Peanut Butter Cookies Treatment Missouri 1995 - SR335 Spray Drift – G1886, Upside-Down Cake Wood Finishing - See Neighborhoods - DM1505 G1919 Waffles Wood Finishing New Technology - CM108 Storing Hazardous Mock Sour Cream Dip - Wood Porch Floor - Retail Trade - DM3035 Products - WM6005 MP586 GH5933 State of Missouri - SR487 Tractor - G1960 Muffins - GH1055, Wood Stoves - G1731, Vernacular Architecture - Salmonella - G1931 GH1116 G1735 MP688 Sanborn Field - MX390, Peach Crunch Bars - Reproduction (Beef) –CB10, Water Districts - DM1955 RB1054, SR415 MP585 G2010, G2015, G2016, Well Water - SR402 Sanitary Landfill - DM1939 Peach Pie - MP585 G2020, G2039, M149 Scorpions - G7364 Peachy Yogurt Ice Cream- Research S Seasons (Missouri) - G5010, GH1183 Agricultural Commitment - RB1072 Pumpkin Pancakes - SR379 Safety Security (Home) - GH4900 MP601 Food for 21st Century - All-Terrain Vehicles - Seed Pumpkin Potluck - MP601 SR285 G1936 Lot Sampling - NCR403 Quantity Recipe Series: Rural Missouri 1995 - Anhydrous Ammonia - Tall Fescue - G4670 Breads - UED54 SR335 G1920, MX385, Seedcorn Maggot – G7114 Condiments - UED55 Resiliency – CB13 MX386, MX387 Self-Esteem – CB13, GH6652 Main Entrees - UED56 Resource People Animal Handling - G1931 Septic Tank – EQ401 Salads - UED53 Professional Consultation - Baling - G1957 Sandwiches - UED54 Bathroom - GH7060 Sewage DM491 See also Biosolids Soups - UED54 Working With - DM490 Business Management - Quick Coffee Cake - BI7 Anaerobic Lagoons - Respirators - G1935 EG602 GH1116 Responsibility – CB13 Chain Saws - G1959 Quick Mix Applesauce Chemical Fires - G1908 Central System - DM1905 Carrot Cake - MP600 Restoration Chipper-Shredders - Land Application - WQ422 Rice Pudding - GH1120 Downtown Revitalization - G1933 On-Site Domestic - Spoonbread - GH1119 DM3102 Dairy Barn - G1406 MWPS24 Tuna Pizza - GH1116 Furniture - See Furniture Earthquake - G1905 Regulations - WQ421, WQ423 Page 37
  • 38. Rural Homes - EQ401, Social & Economic Diseases - See Plant Price Forecasting Tool – WQ402, WQ403 Organization – SR486 Disease G611 Septic Tank System – Soft Skills – CB13 Double Crop - G4953 Short Hedge With Futures EQ401 Soils Drilled - G4415 – G0608 Sewing Building Better – SX1007 Field Scouting – IPM1007 Short Hedge with Options Alterations - MP545 Compacting - G1630 Harvest Aids - G4470 – G610 For Profit - NCR208 Debris Basin - G1528 Harvesting Losses - Stored Colostrum (Beef Windows - See Window Dry Soil Strength - G1280 Calves) – G3555 Treatments RB1069 Herbicide Rates - MP686 Stress Erosion - See Erosion Insects - See Insects Balance - GH6651 Sexuality Irrigation - G4420 Ages 3 - 7 - GH6002 Garden – G6950 Dairy Animals - SR374 Horticulture Sampling - Johnsongrass - G4872 Glucocorticoids (Dairy) - Talking With Young – Missouri Handbook - M123 GH6005 MP555 SR374 Interpreting Reports - Pests – M171 Hot Weather (Beef) - Shade Trees G9112 Plant Growth Regulators - G2099 Care - G6866 Landscape - G6955 NCR303 Workplace – CB13 Disease - See Disease Lawn – G6749, G6955 Production - G4410 Storage (Food) - See Food (Plant) Limestone Quality - G9107 Rodent Damage - G4448 Storage Fertilizing - G6865 Liming - G9102 Rust – G4442 Insects - See Insects Variety Selection - G4412 Storage (Home) Management – SX1007 Storage Tanks (Manure) – Landscaping - G6800, Missouri - G9000 Waterhemp Control - NRAES184 G4871, IPM1030 EQ389 Nitrate - G9800, G9802, Storm Water Runoff – Pests - M145 G9804, G9811 Weed Competition - Placement - G6900 MP540 EQM102 Nitrogen – G9175 Stovepipe Cleaning – G1735 Pruning - G6866 Nutrients - EC929, MG4 Weed Control – IPM1007, Sheep Phosphorus - G9180. IPM1030, M171 Strawberries Construction Projects – G9181, G9182 Weeds - See Plant Pests See also Canning, AED52, MWPS3 Potassium - G9185 Spiders - G7386, SB738 Freezing, Drying Diseases - NCR379 Productivity - EC947, Spillways Home Production - G6135 Feeding Ewes - NCR367 EC950, EC955 Bottom Withdrawal - Plasticulture - NRAES133 Fitting &Showing - Properties - EC947, G1530, G1531 Varieties - G6005 NCR157 EC955 Canopy - G1510, G1520 Streets (Maintaining) - GA103 Hoop Barns – AED52 Sampling - See Soil Drop Inlet - G1520 Sunflower Insects - PS14, Livestock Odor – G1884 Testing Hood - G1510,G1520 PS15 Management Program - Test Procedures - SB1001 Morning Glory - G1520 Sunflowers - G4090, G4290, NCR240 Urea Fertilizers - NCR326 NCR160 Sprayer Calibration Pastures - NCR368 Wetting Agents - NCR190 Athletic Fields – G6751 Sustainable Agriculture Profitable Breed - NCR397 Soil Testing Broadcast - G1270 Business – SX1014 Site Selection – EQ378 How to Get - G9112 Golf Courses – G6751 Directory of Expertise – Ultrasonics - G2610 Interpreting Reports - Granule - G1273 SX1002 Shredders (Chipper) – G1933 G9112 Mix Calculations - G1272 Managing Cover Crops Shrubs Lawn & Garden – G6749, Profitably – SX1005 Spraying Source Book – SX1003 Deciduous - G6830 G6954, MP733 Apples – G6010 Disease - See Diseases Sampling - G9131, G9215, Cleaning Sprayers - Sweet Corn (Plants) G9217 G4852 Corn Curry - MP584 Insects - See Insects Soil Wetting Agents - NCR190 Controlling Drift – G1886 Corn Souffle - MP584 Ornamental - G6870, Solar Energy Drift Causes – G1886, Growing - G6390 MG7, MG8, MG9 Collectors - G1971 G1919 Marketing - G6390 Pests - M145 Grain Drying - MWPS22 Fruit - G6010 Questions - G6400 Pruning - G6870 Heat - EG5502, G1799 Fruit Small and Grape Sweet Potatoes - G6368 Sidewalks (Brick) - G6930 Livestock Housing - Spray Guide – MX377 Swine Silage MWPS23 Fruit Tree Spray Schedule Artificial Insemination - Corn - G4590 New Technology Home - - MP651 G2312 Gases - G1931 G1799 Stain Removal - See Laundry Biosecurity – G2340 Value – G4591 Passive Systems - G1972 Starling - NCR451 Boars - G2502, G2503 Silo Gases - G1931 Sizing - G1975 Squirrels - G9455 Breeding - G2312, G2910, Silos - AED43 Sorghum Stepfamilies G2911 Sire Selection – G2038, Aphid Pest - G4349 Foundations for Success – Building Plans – AED46, G2039 Atrazine - G4851, M167 GH6700 See P72442 through Sire Summaries – G2032 Crop Marketing – G600 P74401 for complete Skill Building Curriculum – Stock Market listing Diseases - G4356, PS114 Commodity Futures CB13 Fertilizer Mgt. G9176 Care of Pigs – G2306, Skin Cancer - G1966 Contract – G601 G2500 Insects – G7140, PS26, Commodity Futures Slaughtering & Processing PS27 Composting Dead - Beef – G2208, G2209, Terminology – G 604 WQ351 Johnsongrass - G4872 Hedging Ethanol – G643 G2220 Midge – G7140 Contract Finishing – Hedging with Futures – G G2511 Small Farms Performance Report, 2006 602 Feeder Pig Enterprise - - SR567 Construction Projects - Hedging with Options – G MWPS40, MWPS41 G2520 Waterhemp Control - 603 Getting Started - EC937 G4871, IPM1030 Crossbreeding - G2310, Interpreting Price Quotes – G2311 Small Town Weed Control – M171 G605 Sows - See Swine Diet Manipulation Survival - M133 Introduction to Basis – G (Environment) – G2324 Vernacular Architecture - Soybeans 606 Diseases - G2507 MP688 2006 Performance - Long Hedge with Futures Dust – AED42, G2530 Snakes - G9450 SR568 – G607 Enterprise Guide - MM102 Crop Marketing - G600 Long Hedge With Options – G609 Page 38
  • 39. Environmental Impact of Income Tax Mgt. - NCR2 Trees Unemployment Diet – G2324 Local Taxes and See also Wood, Fruit Finding A Job - BI14 Equipment - See livestock Revenues – MP743 Broad-leaved Evergreens - Upholstering - See Furniture Equipment Woodland - G740, G5056 G6820 Urea - See Fertilizer External Parasites - Teamwork – CB13 Budding - G6972 Urea Supplements – G2071 G7020 Technology Chipper-Shredders - USDA Pesticide Farrowing House AED47, Impact - SR303 G1933 Requirements - MWPS40 New (Rural) - CM108 Circular Sawmill - G5600 MP692, MP736 Feeder Pigs - G2520 Transfer - MX381 Construction Damage - Feeding G6885 Additives - G2354 Teens Cordwood - G5452 V Amino Acids - G2350 Early Adolescence – Value Added – G641, G642 Decline - G5200 By-Products - G2355 GH6010 Vegetables Disease - See Disease Composition - G2352 Emotional Changes - (Plant) Asparagus - G6405 Damaged Feed - NCR120 Forestry Terms - G5054 Canning - See Canning G2355 Journaling – GH6150 Grafting - G6971 Commercial Growers - Physical Changes - Forages - G2360 Hackberry Psyllids – MX384 Minerals - G2322 NCR118 G7354 Direct Marketing - Missouri Production - Terracing How to Plant – G6850, NRAES51 M144 Grassed Outlet - G1503 NRAES184 Disease Prevention - Nontraditional Feed - Systems - G1500 Insects - See Insects G6202, G6203 G2355 Underground Outlet - Lumber - See Lumber Eggplant – G6369 Nutrients - G2320 G1501 Measuring - G5050 Exhibiting - G6230 Odor – G1884 Terrariums - G6520 Mechanical Planters - Fertilizing – G6950 Premixes - G2351 Textiles - See Fabrics G5009 Freezing - See Freezing Protein - G2350 Timber Cost Basis – G5055 Missouri - SB767 Food Selection – G2306 Timber Sales Tax – G5056 Needled Evergreens - Gardening – MG5 Selenium - G2357 Tillage G6815 Harvest - G6226 Showmanship – G2306 Checklist - G4081 Oak Death – MX934 Judging - G6230 Sulfa Residue - G2358 Conservation - G1650, Ornamental – G6870, Marketing – G6221, Trace Minerals – MWPSCD45 (CD) MG8 G6222, NCR445 G2323 Conservation Systems - Pests - M145 Midwest Gardening - Vitamins - G2321, MWPS45 Pine - NCR528 MX831 G2351, G2357 Mulch – MWPSCD45 Planting – G6850, Nematodes - G6204 Feral – G6457 No-Tillage - G355, G4448, NRAES184 Planting Calendar - G6201 Gases (Swine Waste) – M164, MWPSCD45 Planting (Forest) - G5008 Produce Handling - AED42, G1880, (CD) Pruning - G5160, G7276 NRAES51 G1931,G2530 Planting Systems - G4080 Rare trees - G6810 Questions and Answers - Handling Safety - G1931 Ridge - G1652, IDEA7, Seedlings - G5006 G6400 Herd Health Programs - MWPSCD45 (CD) Shade Trees - See Shade Roadside Marketing - G2508 Time Management - BI12, Trees NRAES52 Heritability - G2910 GH6653, NCR229 Storm Damaged – G6867 Recipes – MP909 Housing - AED41, AED44, Tires - G1231, G1235 Timber Cost Basis – Starting Plants - G6570 G2504 Thatch - G6708 G5055 Storage - G6226 Infertility - G2315 Thistle – IPM1010, IPM1015 Timber Stand Sustainable Business – Insects - See Insects Improvement - G5150, SX1014 Management - G2509 Tobacco G5151 Sustainable Production – Manure Management – Birth Defects - CB15 Twig Girdler - G7276 NRAE104 EQ349, EQ350, G9334 Tomatoes Twig Pruner - G7276 Sweet Corn - See Sweet Meat Processing - See See also Canning, Unusual trees - G6810 Corn Food Processing Freezing, Drying, Walnut Timber - G5051 Tomatoes - See Tomatoes Nursery Facilities - Vegetables Wood Fuel - See Heating Ventilation MWPS41 Canning, Freezing, Drying Trichinosis - G1931 Confinement Buildings - Odor (Swine Waste) - GH1456, MP587 Trichomoniasis – G2122 G1107 AED42, G1880, G2530 Gazpacho - MP587 Turfgrass Vernacular Architecture - Parasites - G2430, G7020 High Tunnel Production - Athletic Fields - G6770 MP688 Poisonous Plants - G4970 G6462, M170 Commercial - G6752 Verticle Axis System (Apples) Records - See Farm Home Production - G6461 Disease - G6755, G6756, - G6024 Records Market - G6370 IPM1029, MX388 Videoconference Research Report - SR327 Microwave Tomato Insects - IPM1020 Site Facilitator’s Guide - Seedstock Production - Zucchini Parmesan - Management – MG10 CM1225 G2508 MP587 Ornamental - G6661 Site Selection – EQ378 Questions - G6400 Videotape Weed Control - G6750, Spin-Through Flush Tank - Tools (Using) - GH5978 Creating - CM925 G6752, IPM1009 G1927 Tourism How to Do a Newsletter - Ultrasonics - G2299 Turkeys EV4, EV7 Bed &Breakfast - MP667 Disease - G8903, G8904 Systematic Plant Layout – Litter Control - DM1935, Integrated Pest Mgt. - EV6 BI18 Flock Profiling - G8820 Management Intensive G890 Nutrient Requirements - Marketing to Tourist - Grazing – EV12 G8352 T NCR445 Sanitation - G8353 Missouri Youth Initiative - Parking Area - EG900 EV10 Taxes Trusses - MWPS9 Refrigerator Journalism - Mississippi River Hills – Ag Cooperatives - G903 MP744 EV9 County Sales Tax - Tractors - See Farm U Vine Weeds – IPM1021, DM3101 Machinery NCR33 Estate - G508 Ultrasonics Vineyards – See Grapes Trade Secrets - BI2 Farm Records - FM6701, Beef - G2001 Voles – G9445 Training Apple Trees – G6024 FM6702 Swine - G2299 Page 39
  • 40. W On-Site Domestic - Atrazine Management – Watersheds - G1518, MWPS24 M167 MX947, WQ180, Walnuts Picket Dam Storage – Bacteria - WQ102 WQ181 Flowering - XM1001 EQ385 Calibrating Home Waterways - G1504 Growing – AF1011 Poultry Management – Equipment - WQ551 Well Water – EQM103, Propagating – AF1003 EQ351, EQ378, Concrete Flumes - G1514 SR402 Roasting - MP602 NRAES132 Cross-Slope Channels - Waterways - G1504 Storing - MP602 Recycling - See Recycling G1507 Waterhemp - G4871, Timber - G5051 Safety - G1931 Culverts - G1606 IPM1030 Varieties - G6005 Sanitary Landfill - DM1939 Debris Basins - G1528 Watermelons Whole Wheat Apple Nut Separation Distances – Diversions - G1506 Fruit Blotch – IPM1011 Bread - MP602 EQ219 Drinking – EQM103, Questions - G6400 Wardrobe - MP674 Septic Tank Systems- NRAES47, WQ650, Production – M173 Wasps – G7391 EQ401 WQ651 Weasels - MX135 Waste Settling Basins – EQ386 Earth Dams - G1548 Weather Patterns – G9350 Absorption Field Systems Site Selection - EQ378 Earth Embankments - Sizing Soil-Plant Filter – G1521 Web – EQ401 Company – MP750 Anaerobic Digester - EQ382 Farm System - G1801 Spin-Through Flush Tank - Fencing – EQ379 Weed Control - See Corn, G1881 Sorghum, Soybeans, Anaerobic Lagoon - G1927 Fish Kill - G9402 Swine - See Swine Flood Gates - G1606 Wheat, Gardening, EG602, EQ387 Cotton, Turf Antifreeze Collection site - System Design- WQ224 Grazing Systems – EQ379 Terraces – EQ386 Groundwater - See Weed Identification Form – WM6007 MP741 Basins – EQ388 Wastewater Samples - Groundwater G1895 Home System - G1801 Weed Seed ID – IPM1023 Biosolids - See Biosolids Weeds - See Plant Pest Collection - G1895 Waste Management Home Treatment - Composting - See Dairy NRAES48, WQ104 Wheat Composting Irrigation - See Irrigation Crop Marketing – G600 Basic Requirements - Dairy - See Waste Lagoon - EG602,G1157, Diseases - PS105, PS106 WQ314 Management Dairy G1158 Double Crop - G4090, Calibrating Lagoon Dirt Lots – EQ384 Lawns - G6720, G6749 G4953 Irrigation Equipment - Earthen Pits (Basins) – Lakes – G9221 Hessian Fly Mgt. – G7180 EQ327 EQ388 Livestock Drinking – Pests – M171 Earthen Pits - WQ305 Economic Considerations EQ381 Plant Growth Regulators - Economic Considerations - – EQ384 Midwest Studies – IDEA5 NCR303 WQ302 Environmental Problem Mildew Prevention - Silage - G2059, G3260 Fertilizer Nutrients - Reduction – EQ201 GH5928 Soft Red Winter – WQ307 Fertilizer Nutrients in Nitrate - G9808, WQ103 IPM1022 Flush Gutters - WQ313 Manure – EQ351 Nitrogen – G9218 Take-All - G4345 Flushing Systems - Flows On-Site System - Pesticide Use - SR505 Weed Control – M171 WQ308 SR477 Phosphorus – G9180, Wild Wheats - SR353 Lagoons - WQ304, EQ327 Food Processing Plant - G9181, G9182, Winter, Performance, 2006 Land Application Euipment NCR187 - SR565 G9332 – EQ383 Ponds - G1555 Wildflowers - G6660 Handling - G1931 Livestock Odor – G1884 Hoop Structures – EQ352 Nutrients – G9221 Wildlife Livestock Manure Household – EQM104, Private Drinking – Management – EQ383 See also Nuisance WM6004 EQM103, NRAES47 Animals Mechanical Solid/Liquid Lagoon - G1158 Private Systems - Agroforestry Practices – Picket Dam Storage - Land Application MWPS14 AF1012 WQ325 Considerations – Protecting Quality – Bird Feeders, Houses, Pipeline/Valve SYstem - EQ202 EQM101, NCR187 Shelves - NCR338 WQ317 Purification - G1805 Land Area Requirements - Poultry Management – Controlling Damage - WQ203 Quality (Lawn G4448 EQ383 Latex Paint Collection Site Establishment) – Deer- MP685 Roof Gutters - WQ322 - WM6009 EQ500 Fish - See Fish Separation - WQ323 Liquid Manure - Radial-Axial Flow System - Field Borders, - G9421 Settling Basins - WQ326 NRAES79, NRAES89 RB1063 Habitat – G9421, Siphon Tanks - WQ316 Livestock Odor – EQ378, Ridge Tillage Systems – Site Selection –EQ378, NRAES64 G1884 IDEA7 Quail – G9431, G9432, WQ303 Management Guidelines - Rural Districts - DM1955 MP902, MP903 Sizing Dairy Soil - WQ320 MWPS18S2 Rural Wells (McDonald Racoons – G9453 Solids Removal - WQ324 Management Systems – Co.) - SR440 Rodents - G4448 Spreading - WQ309, MWPS18S1, Safe Drinking Water - Scorpions - G7364 WQ310, WQ311, MWPS18S2 WQ650, WQ660 Starlings - NCR451 WQ312 Manure Flushing - G1158 Sampling - G9402 Voles – G9445 Storage Tanks - WQ306 Soil Filter Effect - WQ24 Manure Management Swine Management – Wilt Disorders (Curcurbits) - Systems – EQ377, Sources - G1800 NCR261 EQ349, EQ350 EQ384, EQ392 Spillways - See Spillway Wind Erosion (Cotton) – Systems - MP666, EQ301 Manure Phosphorus – Stabilization Structures - G4271 Terraces - WQ326 G9182 G1509 TipTanks - WQ315 Window Treatment Manure Pit Gases - G1931 Streams- G9221 Trapdoor Tanks - WQ318 Caulking - GH5936 Manure Storage Systems Systems for Managed Vegetative Filters - Curtains - NCR255 – MWPS18S2 Beef Grazing – EQ380 WQ319 Draperies - NCR255 Methane Gas - G1881, Terracing - See Terracing Vertical Dams - WQ318 Screened Windows - G1931 Test Report - WQ101 Water Tip Tank - G1830 GH5938 Oil Collection Site - Aquaculture - See Fish Wine – See Grapes WM6010 Toxic Substance - G9402 Aquifers - WQ24 Winter Rations (Beef Calves) – C2064 Page 40
  • 41. Women Measuring Trees &Logs - Agricultural Workers - Y Elderly Caregiving - G5050, G5506 G957 Yard & Garden – See GH6657 Preparing for Wood Stove Employer Guide - G857 Gardening Family Health - GH6654 - G5451 Family Labor - G858 Yellow Nutsedge - NCR220 Fit for Life - GH6655 Pricing - G5506 Workforce Preparation – Youth at Risk - EV10 Health - GH6656 Sawmill Alignment - CB13 Prioritizing Time - GH6653 G5600 Workplace Wellness – MP912 Self-Esteem - GH6652 Selling Walnut - G5051 Z Writing Stress - GH6652 Treated - G5501 Clear - CM201 Zoning Regulations Women’s Wear Wood Finishing Columns - CM360 Appeals - DM7613 Workable Wardrobe- Discoloration - NCR134 Features - CM350 Board of Adjustment - MP674 Wood Floors - NCR136 Low Literacy Audience - DM7614 Worker Protection NCR475 Enforcement - DM7614 Wood Making Application - Standard News - See News Air Seasoning - G5550 Newsletter - See DM7612 Burning - NRAES23 Agricultural Owners - Newsletter Zoysiagrass Lawns - G6706 Cordwood - G5452 G858 Refrigerator Journalism - Drying Hardwood - G5507 Agricultural Pesticides - EV9 Heating - G5450, G5453 G856 Page 41
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