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fuel time flyer

  1. 1. fuel time flyer helping aviation businesses grow • usa aviation industry news & updates 8 Hours to Landfall The Return of Million Air New Orleans August 29, 2005 Marketing News Technical Advisor Fly By News Cutting Through Refueler Options Air BP FBOs Grow, The Tangle and Maintenance Change & Have Parties second quarter, 2006
  2. 2. helping aviation businesses grow president's message Gratitude know of Air BP as an aviation fuel distributor, As a final note, I need to say something I've always felt that Air BP is more than that about the need for everyone’s involvement because we provide so much more than just in NATA. There has probably never been a aviation fuel and we truly support aviation time when our industry has been more companies. This is the only industry I’m threatened. Issues such as the recent tax aware of where almost everyone truly ch a n g e s , u s e r fe e s , s e c o n d a r y enjoys their work and the people associated containment, and Part 135 Operational with it. I know several of my associates Control are just a few of the issues at the top spend their extracurricular time either of the list the industry is dealing with. Jim flying, being around aircraft, or being around Coyne and the staff at NATA are leading people that enjoy flying and talking about these battles on our behalf, but they need flying. We don’t think about this much, but your help. If some of you are not currently many of us don’t feel like we really go to members of NATA and supporting their Mike Delk Accepting NATA's Distinguished Service Award work. I talked with Bob Showalter later efforts, I urge you to join now. I know you during AS3. We discussed how lucky we are may be skeptical of NATA’s (or anyone’s) It was an interesting AS3 meeting this past and how we enjoy going to the office each ability to affect the government and these March in Las Vegas. I attended the opening day just to talk and work with our friends. issues, but NATA has proven time and time session to view the annual awards again that if we ban together, we can make a ceremony and to listen to Newt Gingrich. I Secondly, I wanted to say how humbled I am difference. Furthermore, if you have any was completely surprised when I heard that to be given this award. I’ve worked hard over inclination to get involved with NATA and the I was awarded the NATA Distinguished the past several years to try and make a industry in their efforts, be assured that you Service Award for “outstanding service and difference where I can. I’ve supported NATA will get far more out of your involvement ongoing contributions to the industry. I was ” as well as other aviation organizations. But than you put in. I know that I have over the then asked to say a few words during the then there are so many others in the years. presentation; I’m not a very good industry that I feel go above and beyond to impromptu speaker. I think I did babble on make a difference each and every day. It’s Thank you NATA for this recognition and for a minute or so, and then when I got back humbling to feel that I was recognized with thank you to our customers who have to my seat, I began to think of all the things I the same people that I have looked up to as supported our company and given me the wish I had said. Fortunately, I have the leaders in the industry over the years. opportunity to be a part of this great opportunity to write this section of our industry. newsletter each quarter, so I thought I’d use Third, I wanted to say what an honor I felt to this newsletter to write what I would have be given this award by NATA. When I first Sincerely, liked to have said in Las Vegas. got involved with the aviation industry, it seemed that NATA was the one association First of all, I’d like to say how fortunate I feel that really focused on the needs of the to be a part of the aviation industry. businesses in the industry. Over the past Additionally, I’d like to mention how blessed 30 years that has proven to be true. They I’ve been to have my wife Mary by my side have become a real leader in championing Air BP Aviation Services for the past 33 years, putting up with my both the success of aviation businesses and President days away from home as I pursue my at times, the very survival of the industry passion for aviation. itself. To be given this award by an organization that has had such an impact on I’ve been a pilot and involved in this industry the industry is truly special. for over 30 years. Although most people inside this issue 2 President's Message 5 Fly By News 6 Castrol at Sun 'n Fun by Mike Delk Dealer News Plus Upcoming Events 3 Customer Focus 5 New Customers 6 Card Processing Procedures Million Air New Orleans 6 New Air BP Dealers Keep Costs Down 4 Marketing Notes 6 Manager Spotlight 7 Technical Advisor Cutting Through the Tangle Dave Ware Air BP Refuelers A Publication of Air BP Aviation Services
  3. 3. fuel time flyer - second quarter, 2006 customer focus 8 Hours to Landfall The Return of Million Air New Orleans By Scott Fowler Those who were not there can only imagine The three men were the only ones left. Within one month of the disaster Million Air what it was like. New Orleans was operating out of portable From there, they had to negotiate the only offices. Fuel trucks were replaced and fuel It was beyond hectic. The last few aircraft escape route (a levee next to the lake), the was flowing for all manner of aircraft, both operators, only hours before Katrina’s last minute mass exodus of people (three emergency and business related. And, unimagined wrath pummeled Lakefront and a half hours to drive some 22 miles), lack despite the fact that five of the Million Air Airport, were literally scrambling to depart of accommodations (no hotel until employees' homes were totally destroyed, from the Million Air New Orleans ramp. Birmingham, Alabama) and closed gas the Million Air Organization made Already beyond exhaustion and further stations (a special thanks to that kind man in arrangements for housing and continued fatigued by the building hurricane, the last Mississippi who, in the middle of the night, pay for each of the displaced. Then through three of the Million Air staff, in the shadow of opened his station for Addie). They managed will, sheer effort and pride, the facilities the historic and weather-tested Moffett to make it to safety. slowly began to reemerge. Hangar, made all possible last minute adjustments. “All of our employees have been so upbeat, despite all the destruction. Many of our It is a unique situation, Lakefront Airport, in customers have stated how great it is to see that three continuous sides of the ramp are an organization with employees operating surrounded by Lake Ponchatrain. As a under such difficult times, stated Addie. ” precaution, an eight foot tall cement flood “Any company is only as good as the people wall, complete with flood gates was built in who run it.” place to deter any breaching that may occur during a fierce weather event. It takes Now, some nine months later, you will find a roughly eight hours to close the gates and, temporary 2,200 square-foot, profession- as you can imagine, when the gates have to ally decorated, leather furnished facility, an be closed, bad news is close at hand. intact WSI system and the same excellent Will Leahart, Addie Fanguy and John Harrison service. Recent visitors include Harrah’s On this Sunday morning, the gates were Casino shuttle flights, First Lady Laura Bush closed. We all know what Katrina did from there… and two past U.S. Presidents. The storm was growing. They were the only Two days later, by way of airboat and a And the future looks very bright: Million Air FBO on the entire field open for business. National Guard truck, Addie made his way has acquired two additional hangars, fuel Vice President and General Manager - Addie back to the ramp. At three and a half blocks sales are on the rise, the restoration of the Fanguy, Lineman - Will Leahart, and Line from the facility he found pieces of the new historic Moffett Hangar has begun, and the Manager - John Harrison were assisting last furniture from the just completed 4,000 construction of a new state-of-the-art minute charter flights and customers to square foot business center, strewn about terminal is under way. Finally, with the safety found away from New Orleans. They on the road. Three and a half blocks. As he welcomed return of their fifty plus base started at 5 AM that morning, there was no progressed, the scene became more and customers, it appears that Million Air New time for billing and, as the day progressed, more grim. Orleans is on the final leg of recovery! the phrase ‘quick-turn’ took on an entirely new meaning. Sometime around 5 PM, No further reporting necessary…we have all “It looks like we are over the hump, Addie ” once the last customer was safely off the seen the pictures and TV reports. proudly announces. ground, the small team gathered and amidst the howling wind, word was finally given: It We hope you show your support of this was time to leave the facility. It was a mere “We are the ones who have to bring it back, ” dedicated and special group of people by eight hours before Katrina blew up the entire Addie relayed to his staff. planning your next fuel stop at Million Air area. New Orleans! page 3
  4. 4. helping aviation businesses grow marketing notes Cutting Through the Tangle: Effective Marketing in a Truly Cluttered World Message Bursts and Strong Espresso • Psycho What? • Your Business in 30 Seconds • Exercises in Message Clarity by Scott Fowler Interactive Exercise: values and beliefs of consumers. To wit: world and not lose your ultimate goal to Finding a group of people with a common inform and persuade your prospects QUICK! Read the following words as fast as thread, and then answering a question by effectively, amidst the deluge of you can: creating a need, via some form of information. communication. If successful, the crafted Stop and Go. Buy and Sell. Look and message will fulfill that need and you will So, really, what are you saying? LISTEN. Sign up. !egassem tnatropmI ultimately take the next step in this drama Search here. Hopes and prayers. by making a decision and taking action, on First, take some time to answer the Find this. Do this. Don't do that. some level. following questions (this is an exercise designed to clarify your message): What one phrase do you remember? 1. Can you explain your message or offer in The Sign of theTimes ten words or less? Our mind's eye is barraged by information 2. Can you verbalize your offer within 30 virtually every waking moment of our day to seconds? (Sorry, you can’t say "Full day lives. Ours is a world of TV, billboards, Service FBO” and you can’t talk faster.) traffic signs, air traffic control, internet, instant messaging, cell phones, GPS, 3. Can you state something about your multiple television channels, satellite radio, business that is completely different than commercials, animated pop up ads and drive your competitor(s)? through everything. For laughs, throw in a double mocha espresso, no whip please, Our mind's eye is barraged by information 4. Can you honestly say that your and you now have the biological means to virtually every waking moment of our day to day lives. customers know the answers to the deal with our world of high dosage media. To above questions? (Hint, hint, wink, wink) say we LIVE in a sound byte society is an Slip Slidin’ Away… understatement. Make that a triple mocha… With your answers in place, now try the Studies abound on the information retention following methods to increase the efficiency So, what do we really see through this flood span of the average human on any given of your message or offer: of information, espresso or not? The answer: visual message, which is somewhere Everything, actually. between two and seven seconds, 1. Introduce your FBO through the use of depending on the study. Short attention your logo or associated graphics. On the other hand, very little of the matter span is now the norm and advertisers have that is shuffled through our internal stimuli gone to great lengths to realize the most 2. Inform your customer of your offer. The gets past our cranial waste baskets and efficient method to grab us, tell us (or yell at less words the better. actually sticks to our decision function. Even us) and sell us in the time it takes to blink then, only one or two actually become reality three times. 3. Invite your customer to contact you (at least from marketing perspective) and regarding the offer. prompt action or change. To get to this stage, Ultimately, this is tough news since we are it takes a myriad of experiences, such as reminded that our society is based on the 4. Place this message in front of your key e m o t i o n s , va l u e s , s o c i o e c o n o m i c speed of sound and anything of importance audience. (Where are your customers experiences, and other variants to find has to happen in three seconds or it is gone looking?) equilibrium or familiarity in that one in a flash. successful message. 5. Repeat this message as often as you Conversely, there is no need to succumb to economically can. This concept is what Big Time Marketers call this high pressure head plowing. Finding a psychographic segmentation: the study of way to be more efficient with your These two exercises are the first steps to that which focuses on lifestyles, attitudes messages will allow you to compete in a fast economize and clarify your offer. page 4
  5. 5. fuel time flyer - -first quarter, 2006 fuel time flyer second quarter, 2006 fly by news fly-by news Johnston Aviation, LCR, Ohio Silver Wings Aviation, LEW, Maine Cessna Aircraft has recently appointed the Air BP welcomes Silver Wings Aviation, Johnston Aviation Company as its newest based in the “White Hangar” at Auburn single-engine Cessna Service Center. Lewiston Municipal Airport, to their Johnston Aviation is located at the very branded dealer network. With a rich “user-friendly” Lorain County Regional history, the hangar was once a training Airport, which is located just twenty miles site for many young naval aviators, west of Cleveland in Elyria, Ohio. Because including one named George Bush. Silver Augusta Aviation, DNL, Georgia of its location, Johnston Aviation is Wings Aviation completely renovated the During the week of April 3rd, Augusta equipped to handle the service needs for all original hangar and in addition built a Aviation welcomed golf fans and travelers of North-Central Ohio. For more information beautiful new passenger terminal. The attending the 70th Annual Masters Golf visit Johnston's web site at www.johnston- passenger terminal includes a variety of Tournament. Located less than three miles aviation.com. For a free quote or to pilot amenities including big screen TV, from Augusta National Golf Course, schedule services, please call 440-323- laundry facility, overnight sleeping Augusta Aviation offered convenient taxi 7000. quarters and WiFi access. service and/or car rental to travelers who attended the golf tournament. A hospitality Williams Gateway Airport, IWA, Arizona suite co-sponsored by Air BP served up , LaSill Aviation, LAW, Oklahoma Air BP welcomes LaSill Aviation of Williams Gateway Airport will celebrate a fresh continental breakfasts and home- Lawton, Oklahoma to their branded dealer milestone on April 6th when Vision Airlines style lunches for their guests daily. network. LaSill Aviation provides a variety commences round-trip passenger flights Augusta Aviation's traffic was up by 20% over prior years of hosting this same event. of services for General, Business and four days per week to North Las Vegas. The Military Aviation pilots including fuel and public charter flights from Williams line services, aircraft maintenance, aircraft Gateway represent a step toward becom- Galvin Flying Services, BFI,Washington rental, flight training, catering, aircraft ing a future reliever airport to Sky Harbor. Galvin Flying Services is a FBO located at the storage and more. Accommodating With its long runways and specialized King County International Airport. Jim Galvin aircraft ranging from small personal facilities, Williams Gateway is the only started the company in 1930, and Galvin aircraft to C5 Military Jets, LaSill Aviation other airport that can handle large aircraft recently celebrated its 75th Anniversary as strives for a hassle-free and pleasant experience for their customers. traffic. an independent aviation service company. Jim Galvin led the company for 59 years and hosted and serviced the aircraft of U.S. Presidents, international leaders and Lynch Aviation, DAB, Florida dignitaries from around the world. Galvin Lynch Aviation is preparing for the Daytona remains a family-owned and operated Races coming up in early July. During the business under the leadership of Peter events they will have a large hospitality tent Galvin Anderson, Jim Galvin’s nephew. featuring seating, a big screen television, food and beverages. Lynch Aviation will offer special pricing on fuel throughout the weeks of the races. There may be chance New Customers sightings of some favorite race car drivers as they fly into Lynch for the races. Free City of Douglas, DGL, Arizona shuttle service and courtesy cars will be Redding Jet Center, RDD, California 520-805-4046 available to transport guests to the track. Good service deserves to be recognized. Lynch employees are trained and ready to Read what one visitor of Redding Jet LaSill Aviation, LAW, Oklahoma meet the demands of this busy week Center was quoted saying. "I'd really like 580-351-2900 ahead. A good time will be had by all. to put in a recommendation for the Redding Jet Center (KRDD). The name MTT Aviation, JST, Pennsylvania certainly implies heavy, expensive iron MTT Aviation, JST, Pennsylvania The Johnstown-Cambria County Airport and indeed that's true when you see the 814-536-2112 aircraft parked on the ramp. However, the Authority has announced the selection of MountainTop Technologies, Inc., doing absolutely outstanding personnel and Nevada County Airpark, 017, California business as MTT Aviation Services, to service extends all the way down to my 530-273-3374 provide aircraft maintenance and fueling trusty old C182 and its curmudgeonly services at the John P Murtha Johnstown- . grandpa pilot." He then went on to say; "I N.E. Regional Aviation, GAD, Alabama Cambria County Airport beginning January recently had to leave my airplane there 256-442-3313 1, 2006. Terry Summerson, President of due to bad weather that prevented me MTT’s Aviation Services, said the support from getting to my home in Lakeview, center will provide aircraft maintenance Oregon. I could not have been treated Silver Wings Aviation, LEW, Maine including avionics and engine component better no matter what I was flying. You 561-676-6534 support, and fueling services. “It will be a won't find better service anywhere." one-stop shop, stated Summerson. ” Bruce Webbon, Lakeview, OR. page 5
  6. 6. helping aviation businesses grow Air BP news Air BP Presents The 2005 Carrier of the Year Good Cents for of Commercial Transport, Inc. was Card Processing presented the award at Air BP Aviation Here are some helpful hints that will push Service's Customer Appreciation Event more of your sales dollars to your bottom at the Ghost Bar, on March 23, 2006 line. during the Aviation Industry Expo in Las Vegas, NV. 1. Make every transaction electronic (card swiped). This will always get you the Jerry Senci and Wife at Ghost Bar, March 23, 2006 Air BP Aviation Service's Carrier of the best rate. Carrier of the Year presented by Mike Delk and Dave Ware Year Award is given each year to a carrier Air BP Aviation Services presented the 2005 in recognition of their dedication, safety 2. Once an electronic transaction has been Carrier of the Year award to Commercial culture, superior customer service and authorized, don't void and re-key it. If you Transportation, Inc. of Bellville, IL. Jerry Senci overall performance. do, you will significantly increase the processing fees. Manager Spotlight - Dave Ware 3. Don't force a transaction authorization. If you get a decline or referral (Call Center) Dave Ware, Air BP's Transportation scheduling and distribu- it's for good reason. Forcing a transaction Manager, manages a carrier base of 52 tion, petroleum inspec- leaves the door open for the transaction common carriers and is responsible for tion, tank calibration and being charged back. vetting, auditing and training of Air BP petroleum transportation Dave Ware Aviation Services' Road Transport Carriers management. Transportation Manager 4. Don't delay settlement. If you want the which operate 140 terminals across the best possible rate be sure to settle every U.S. Dave is known for his involvement In his spare time, Dave enjoys spending time day. with Air BP's Fuel Handling & Quality with his family, ice hockey and fishing. He is 5. Sterling Card always gives you the lowest Control Seminars held throughout the U.S., also a member of the Red Sox Nation! transaction cost for Fuel Purchases and of which he is a presenter. Prior to his never a fee for non-fuel sales. Air BP Visa - employment with Air BP, Dave's career Dave lives in Phoenix, Arizona with his wife, There's never a fee. Period. path included a background in petroleum Trish and son, Darren. Air BP Teams Up With Castrol Aviator at Sun 'n Fun, 2006 You’ve used Castrol in your trucks, boats, motorcycles and sports cars… Why not your airplane? Castrol Aviator’s sponsored pilot Strategic partnership saves Air BP Michael Goulian tumbled through the air branded FBOs up to 50% on flight displaying his aerobatic skills at Sun 'n Fun in tracking software! Lakeland, Florida. He captured the audience's Team Castrol prepares for Sun 'n Fun 2006. Thanks to a new agreement with attention in the air and then on the ground when he visited the Castrol Aviator tent for To learn more about how Castrol Aviator can FlightView, all Air BP branded dealers can autographs and photos by his CAP 232. benefit your engine's performance call now purchase FlightView Dispatch at a 1-877-PISTON1 or visit www.castrol.com. discounted rate. FlightView Dispatch is a PC-based Aircraft Situation Display EAA AirVenture - Oshkosh 2006 system that graphically displays real-time Castrol Aviator will be displaying in their flight information overlaid on a map with big green tent located at booth #129/130. moving weather including AIRMETs, Michael Goulian will be present for SIGMETs and TFRs. For more information autographs and photos. contact Nancy Thomsen at 248-393-6901. page 6
  7. 7. fuel time flyer - second quarter, 2006 the technical advisor Air BP Refuelers Safety Options, Advanced Features, Optimal Performance... By Mike Welter Shopping for a refueler ability to evacuate water and particulates which are notoriously prone to failure. is a lot like shopping for a from the tank. Other tanks that do not Space on most busy airport ramps is at a car: Prices and features incorporate this design may have voids or premium. Having a compact truck with a vary widely. Some car pockets that can trap water and particulate short wheelbase is crucial for negotiating manufacturers have which can lead to more serious fuel quality tight ramps. Air BP worked closely with established a reputation issues. Air BP’s “Rampstar” was the first Garsite engineers and developed a refueler for building vehicles refueler with a sump tank fitted with a that boasts one of the shortest wheelbases Mike Welter with advanced safety bayonet flange mounted at an angle to drain in the industry which provides the tightest Refuelers Manager features by focusing on the hose thus allowing the operator to easily turn radius possible for those general building the safest cars, not necessarily the inspect the single point nozzle screen. This aviation ramps with limited space. cheapest. Many of their innovative safety is now a standard feature on Air BP jet Like many things in life, the price tag features eventually became industry refuelers. should not be the only priority when standard as driven by the demands of the Another important safety feature addresses considering a new refueler. enlightened consumers and automobile access to the top of a refueler during Safet y of the design, safety regulators. This focus on ‘safety’ best periodic tank inspections by line personnel. dependability, ease of describes the long standing philosophy at Air To improve the safety of these operations, maintenance, and BP for the design and build of aviation new Air BP refuelers employ a hand rail functionality are refueling vehicles. system which automatically deploys when also worthy of At one time, the refueler was built to be needed. careful consid- nothing more than a truck with a tank, pump, eration. When considering a refueler truck, an often meter, filter and hose with the basic unasked question is, “How easy is the truck purpose to serve as a mobile system to to work on?” All refuelers are going to need deliver fuel into an aircraft. While still maintenance (it is a fact of life) and meeting this basic need, refuelers today preventative maintenance plays a key part must be built to a set of guidelines and by ensuring the reliability of this key money regulations that are more stringent than ever making asset for an FBO. The bottom line: before. The refueler and the fuel it Easy access to routine maintenance items dispenses is often the economic life blood to is essential to keeping downtime to a an FBO. Considering the importance of a minimum. Working with the engineers at a refueler to the operation, having a refueler manufacturer, such as Garsite in dependable, well built vehicle that Kansas City, Air BP has developed a line of incorporates technology to safeguard the refuelers which are maintenance friendly. aircraft and its passengers, as well as the For example, the trucks incorporate bolster company’s welfare, is a must. mount tanks, which allow easy access to Air BP leads the industry in continually the internal valves. Additionally, the filter seeking ways to ensure aviation safety vessels are mounted low on the passenger through product quality. To this end, the side of the vehicle so the elements can be product tank on an Air BP truck has a “V” changed out while standing on the ground style trough with a steep slope to a low point without the need for a ladder. Proximity sump: This design greatly improves the switches now replace microswitches, page 7
  8. 8. contact us www.airbp.com/usga Upcoming Air BP Events May 23-24 QC Seminar - Manassas, VA May 31-June 2 Recertification Training - Las Vegas, NV July 24-30 Oshkosh Air Show - Oshkosh, WI September 13-17 Reno Air Races - Reno, NV For more information about our training opportunities, visit our website: October 17-19 NBAA - Orlando, FL http://training.epic-aviation.com November 9-11 AOPA - Oakland, CA POSTMASTER: For additional copies of this newsletter or to notify us of an address PO Box 12249 or personnel change, Salem, OR 97309 please contact Jamie Dobrowolski at 800-752- 9220 ext. 259 or send information to: PO Box 12249 Salem, OR 97309