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基于 DM365 的 硬盘录像机参考设计
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基于 DM365 的 硬盘录像机参考设计


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  • 1. 基于DM365的 硬盘录像机参考设计 孟海燕/李斌/吴冰 资深技术支持工程师 美国德州仪器 TI Proprietary information
  • 2. 议程 • 基于达芬奇的解决方案 • DM365硬盘录像机参考设计 • DM365硬盘录像机现场演示
  • 3. DVR/DVS Segmentation Metric Low Mid High fps 120/240 non real-time 120/240/480 real-time 240/480/960 real-time Inputs/Hybrid 4/8/16 No 4/8/16 Yes 8/16/32 Yes Video MJPEG MJPEG MJPEG Codecs MPEG4 MPEG4 MPEG4 H.264 BP H.264 BP H.264 BP/MP/HP Custom, AVS-S Custom, AVS-S, SVC Transcoding/Univ Dec Transcoding/Univ Dec Resolution CIF CIF-D1 CIF-D1 Video Analytics None Simple Motion Detection Application Intelligence Simple Motion Detection Intelligent Motion Loss prevention, Detection physical security, risk management, business Intelligence IP Transport 10/100 10/100 optional SRTP 10/100/1000 with SRTP Audio Codecs None None-G.711 G.711, G.726, G.729ab, Audio Analytics None None AAC-LD Glass break, shot spot, PTZ focus, etc. HW BOM $50-100 $100-200 >$200 Note: • Hybrid is Ethernet RJ45 and Analog BNC input • fps includes total frames for triplex support (Record, Monitor and Playback)
  • 4. DaVinci™ Multi-Channel Roadmap 4 - 16 D1 Resolution Complete Video Security Portfolio 2 - 8 D1 Resolution DaVinci ity Next Device .dens + TVP5158 Production h Ch 1 - 2 D1 Resolution Hig Sampling DaVinci DaVinci Development DM6467T Next Channels/Performance erf. + TVP5158 4x P 8D1 H.264 + TVP5158 DaVinci CIF Resolution DM647/8 2D1 H.264 sity DaVinci M id den Next DaVinci DM6467 + TVP5158 f. + TVP5158 DaVinci 4x Per DM642 DM6441/6 4D1 H.264 4 devices 1D1 H.264 sity DaVinci DaVinci Low den Next DaVinci H.264 DM365 + TVP5158 + TVP5158 DM355 2D1 H.264 2D1 MPEG4 Time
  • 5. Low-end DVR/DVS DM355 – Ultra low end Coprocessors 4 CIF MPEG4/JPEG 30fps 2 D1 MPEG4/JPEG 30fps ARM9 216/270MHz Linux Host DVR Controller Network Interface Motion detection Audio DM644x – 4x H.264 CIF stand alone C64x+ 600MHz 4 CIF H.264/MPEG4/JPEG 30fps 1 D1 H.264 30fps 2 D1 MPEG4/JPEG 30fps Video Analytics Coprocessors – SD VICP Motion Estimation Filtering De-interlacing ARM9 – 300MHz Linux Host DVR Controller Network Interface Encryption Audio
  • 6. Mid-end DVR/DVS DM6467 C64x+ 600MHz/729MHz Available for Video Analytics Coprocessors – HD VICP - 16 CIF H.264/MPEG4 MP/SP 30fps - 4 D1 H.264/MPEG4 MP/SP 30fps encode plus 4 CIF H.264/MPEG4 BP/SP 30fps 2nd streams encodes 6D1 H.264/MPEG4 MP/SP 30fps decodes - Provides HW support for MPEG-4 ASP and H.264 MP tools such as QPel, Field Coding, CABAC - Graphics Engine capable of down- scaling 4 D1 channels into 4 progressive CIF channels ARM9 – 300MHz/360MHz Linux Host for DVR Controller Network Interface Encryption and Audio
  • 7. New Low End - DM365 DVR/DVS 8 CIF or 2D1 H.264/MPEG4/JPEG DM365 – 8 CIF H.264/MPEG4/JPEG ARM9 270-300MHz Linux Host DVR Controller High Network Interface TVP5158 Definition Motion detection Monitor Audio HDD Chain Mode DM365 Requires Interface chip Coprocessors TVP5158 BT.656 8 CIF H.264 HP/MPEG4/JPEG 30fps 2 D1 H.264 HP/MPEG4/JPEG 30fps EMAC PHY Benefits • Multi format encode and decode IP IP • Ultra low cost DVR with H.264 Network Network • Integrated Ethernet MAC • Integrated Audio Codec • Small size and better integration • HD monitoring output • HDD attach
  • 8. DM365 @ 1Mbps vs DM355 @ 4 Mbps DM355 MPEG4 @ 4 Mbps DM365 H264 @ 1 Mbps •DM365 provides up to 4x bitrate reduction for comparable DMOS scores over DM355 at low bitrates •DM365 generates better subjective quality •reduced level of noise •reduced blockiness •Similar DMOS scores
  • 9. DM365 @ 1Mbps vs DM355 @ 4 Mbps DMOS Quality comparison of TI codecs - Park Run Clip 70 60 . . Poor 4x TI DM365 DMOS Quality Score (lower is better) . Fair 50 TI DM355 MPEG4SP 40 2.7x . 2x Good 30 2.2x 20 2.2x . Excellent 10 0 0.0 Mbps 1.0 Mbps 2.0 Mbps 3.0 Mbps 4.0 Mbps 5.0 Mbps 6.0 Mbps 7.0 Mbps 8.0 Mbps 9.0 Mbps Bit Rate
  • 10. Comprehensive and Cost-effective Electronic BOM Digital Video Server=<$40 Digital Video Recorder=<$60 Multiple DVS designs at 4 or 8 channels Multiple DVR designs at 4 or 8 channels from basic to fully featured from basic to fully featured Base 4 Channel DVS = $39.91 Base 4 Channel DVR = $55.36 8-CH video In +$7.13 8-CH video In +$7.13 Sensor/Alarm/PTZ +$6.02 Ethernet +$1.97 Secondary Display +$3.66 Sensor/Alarm/PTZ +$6.02 Audio Output +$2.52 Full-feature DVS = $53.06 Full-feature DVR = $76.66 *Assumed 50Ku pricing + DM365 bundle with TVP5158. ** eBOM Includes connectors
  • 11. TI & UD Works DM365DVR-UD1 DVR reference design Hardware features Software features TI TMS320DM365 digital media processor based Multi-codec system allows triple stream per on DaVinci™ technology channel (H.264, MPEG-4 and MJPEG) for TI TVP5158, new multi-channel video decoder real-time signal processing with integrated audio Simultaneous record (65 fps), playback (30 Storage of compressed input (SATA & USB) fps), storage, streaming and display Streaming of compressed input (Ethernet) Audio/video adjustment tools Local display support up to 800x600 resolution Video timestamp support Local user interface support Software Development Kit (SDK) provided for easy customization Pan, tilt and zoom camera support Supplied HW Supplied SW DVRRD main board DVR LSP (Linux support package) source code – based on TI DVRRD front board ( key pads, IR receiver) DM365 LSP with modifications for DVR hardware DVR reduced target filesystem – based on Montavista DM365 DVRRD rear board (Video 8 input connector, Audio target filesystem but size reduced to fit into DVR NAND 8 input connector, sensor 8 input connector, alarm DVR application software source code and object libraries – 4 port connector, rs-485 1port connector) DVR applications, GUI DVRRD power board (3V-3A, 5V -3A, 5V-3A - 3 DVR boot utilities source code – UBL, uBoot OUTPUTS, 12VDC INPUT) TI DVSDK – standard TI DVSDK with modifications for DVRRD DVRRD Front USB board Pre-compiled UBL, uBoot, uImage, target filesystem for DVR hardware for quick installation
  • 12. DM365 Based DVR/DVS Reference Design DM365 DVR SW modules Performance 2 D1/ 4CIF/8CIF H.264 MPEG4 MJPEG
  • 13. Video SW Features and Modules # of Channels Resolution FPS Per Channel (NTSC/PAL Per Channel Bitrate Codecs Supported Input Config 1 2 D1 60/50 512 Kbps, 1/2/3 Mbps H264 Input Config 2 4 CIF 60/50 64/128/512 Kbps, 1 Mbps H264 Input Config 3 8 CIF 15/12 64/128/512 Kbps, 1 Mbps H264/MPEG4 •Analog camera support through TVP5158 •NTSC / PAL Supported •CIF / D1 Supported •PTZ Control •Video Adjustments (Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, Hue, Sharpness)
  • 14. Video & Audio Processing Features Video: •Video Overlay (Camera Name, Date, Time) •H264 BP Support •128 Kbps – 3 Mbps •Motion Detection Support •De-interlacing Support •Video Loss Detection •Auto-synch to input analog input Audio •8 Input Audio Channels •8 kHZ and 16 KHz •G711 Audio Compression Format
  • 15. Software Features •Streaming over ethernet is supported •Storage - SATA HDD - USB Mass Storage Drive •Filesystem - EXT3 •NAND storage – boot code, Linux OS, etc… •Playback - Possible to initiate playback while multi-channel record is in progress - Depending of available performance in system record FPS maybe reduced when playback is running •Alarm - trigger alarm based on motion •User Interface – USB keyboard & mouse
  • 16. DVR SDK Software Layers GUI DVR Applications Video Resize Video Encode Audio Capture Video Network Stream DVR / Encode Composite + Middleware Display Multi-CH Video Video Decode Playback HDD Write Capture System Abstraction CSL OSA DRV ALG Libraries DVSDK CMEM CodecEngine Codecs FC LSP Linux OS + Drivers
  • 17. DVR Reference System Data Flow Analog Camera 0-3 Analog Camera 4-7 TVP5158 TVP5158 (Master) (Slave) BT656 line muxed From Playback WIN0 Multi-Ch Resize Capture + YUV422 to YUV422 … Display + Demux YUV420 YUV422 YUV420 WIN7 YUV422 To Display YUV422 S-video Decode + Encode VENC Resize Composite Bitstreamm DM365 De -interlace Reader Writer VGA Monitor External Chip USB Network (EMAC) Software Thread USB to SATA bridge On-Chip HW Ethernet DDR Memory buffer SATA HDD
  • 18. Video Security System Based on DM365 DVR
  • 19. DM365 DVR Functionality
  • 20. DM365 DVR Functionality
  • 21. DM365 DVR Connectivity
  • 22. DM365DVR-UD1 Business Model • Purchase DM365DVR-UD1 reference design from UDWorks for $1195 plus shipping and handling. • Sign production license agreement at no cost with TI to receive complete Hardware and Software package including – LSP, schematics, gerbers, etc… – Source code for Linux DVR application – TI’s H.264 MPEG4, MJPEG and G.711 multi channel codecs – PC Video Management System evaluation software, with capability for source code and API for Customer specific modifications • Reference Design includes 8 hours phone or email support from UDWorks Optional - UDWroks design service available at US$7k Per man-month • Optional - Sign production PC Video Management System software license agreement with UDWorks for $1,200 NRE and $1.20 royalty per DVR system
  • 23. Get Started Today with Production-ready, DM365-based Reference Designs DM365 DVR: $1195 Windows PC-based Order VMS GUI app Schedules Beta Version – May entry GA Version – July09 open With production agreement: Schematic & Gerber files now Royalty-free Linux based DVR application Source code included
  • 24. DM365硬盘录像机现场演示 Thank You!