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ASDA Publications


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  • 1. Publications The Voice of the American Student Dental Association
  • 2. ASDA Structure and the Editorial Board
  • 3. Who is on the Editorial Board?
    • Dental Students
    • Editor-in-Chief
    • Four Contributing Editors
    • ASDA Publications Staff
    • Director of Communications
    • Assistant Editor
  • 4. Who’s on the current Editorial Board?
    • Jim Heidenreich : Editor-in-Chief
    • Katie McNutt : Contributing Editor
    • Anish Gupta : Contributing Editor
    • Vishal Panchmatia : Contributing Editor
    • Tristan Galloway : Contributing Editor
    • Jen Swanson: ASDA Staff
    • Kim Schneider : ASDA Staff
  • 5. What do we publish?
    • ASDA News : Monthly Newsletter
    • Mouth : Quarterly Journal/Magazine
    • ASDA Student Handbooks
    • Postdoctoral Guides
  • 6. ASDA News
    • Ten issues per year, published in tabloid size (not published in July & August)
    • Provides association and industry news, including chapter events, student columns, advice on getting through dental school, and making the transition from dental school to dental practice
    • New members receive their first issue in January (ASDA’s membership year is based on the calendar year)
  • 7. “ ASDA World Turns”
    • Section in ASDA News
    • Chance for your Chapter to be recognized
    • Easy to submit
      • Send 1-2 paragraphs along with pictures of events to any member of the editorial board
    • One of the easiest ways to get involved
  • 8. Mouth
    • Published four times a year
    • Centers around a theme determined by the Editorial Board
    • Includes in-depth articles, book reviews, news briefs, student perspectives and a historical look at dentistry
    • New members receive their first issue in the spring
  • 9. Predental Student Handbook
    • Getting into Dental School: ASDA's Guide for Predental Students
      • New edition just published summer 2009
      • Predental students receive a copy when they become an ASDA member
      • Provides information on applying to dental school, financial aid, ASDA membership benefits, and debt management
      • The handbook also includes career options in the dental field and a survival guide for passing the DAT
      • Published every two years
  • 10. Dental Student Handbook
    • Getting Through Dental School: ASDA's Guide for Dental Students
      • New edition just published summer 2009
      • Provides information on scholarships, loans, grants, public health/ international opportunities
      • Students receive a copy when they become an ASDA member
      • Introduction to ASDA membership benefits and leadership opportunities
      • Published every two years
  • 11. Postdoctoral Guides
    • Three-volume set, published every two years
    • New editions just published in 2009
    • Contains up-to-date comparative information about AEGD programs, dental public health, endodontics, GPR programs, oral and maxillofacial pathology, orthodontics, pediatric dentistry, periodontics and prosthodontics programs
  • 12. Things to Consider for your Chapter Newsletter
    • Who will create the issues?
    • How often?
    • What content?
    • How will it be published?
    • Who will receive the issues?
    • Does the newsletter require school approval?
  • 13. Tips for Newsletters
    • Balance between information and entertainment
    • Contributions from faculty
    • Create a resource for local members
    • Easy to read
      • Font choice, layout
    • Ask your trustee about establishing a district newsletter with your neighboring chapters!
      • Keep each other informed of activities & highlight student accomplishments
      • Learn from each other and work together
  • 14. Chapter Newsletter and Website Awards
    • Submit your chapter newsletter or website for an award! Look for details in upcoming Leaders and on the website.
    • Presented each year at Annual Session during the Journalism Awards Luncheon
    • Judged by the Editorial Board
    • What are the categories?
      • Quality of Information
      • Best Layout/Design
      • Most Improved
      • Best of Competition
      • Best District Newsletter
      • Best Chapter Website (content and design)
  • 15. Outstanding Article Awards
    • Contribute articles so you can be considered!
    • Presented at the Annual Session Journalism Luncheon
    • Categories:
      • Best Mouth article
      • Best ASDA News article
  • 16. Interested in being a member of the Editorial Board?
    • Be a part of the most visible and popular ASDA benefit (publications!)
    • Applications due on November 6
      • Writing sample
      • Letter of intent
      • Ideas for articles
      • You can apply for multiple national positions
    • Talk with us; we love to talk about our experiences on the Editorial Board
    • [email_address]