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09_09_06 AFER BP Upd..

  1. 1. 9/09/ thru 4/25/2006 AFER BP Updates Headers 9/9/06adn-- Full production may precede line fix_ Veco cash too hot to handle_Veco Money should go into college fund 9/9/06hc-- BP senior corrosion position left vacant for at least 20 months_ BP to relocate 500 workers in Indiana in safety move 9/8/06lat-- Lawmakers Confront BP Officials on Spill 9/8/06adn-- Congress grills BP execs 9/8/06fnm-- Lawmakers rebuke BP on spill 9/8/06hc-- Anger from House spatters BP leaders Committee grills executives over Alaska leak 9/8/06nyt-- Panel Questions BP on Managing Alaska Oil 9/7/06ktuu-- Congress grills BP about Prudhoe Bay shutdown 9/7/06usa-- Congressmen slam BP executives at Alaskan oil leak hearing 9/7/06wp-- BP Executives Rebuked in Hill Appearance 9/7/06ccr-- Senator Ted Stevens Feuds with Main Justice in DC as FBI Raids Son's Office in Alaska 9/7/06cbs-- Former BP Exec Pleads The Fifth 9/7/06wsj-- Lawmakers Grill BP Officials About Alaska Oil Problems_ BP To Restore All Prudhoe By End Oct If DOT Agrees_ House Panel Scheduling More BP Prudhoe Bay Hearings_ BP Exec: 2000 Engineers Report Not Changed Due To Co Pressure 9/7/06hc-- Ex-BP official refuses to testify about pipeline 9/7/06ft-- BP officials admit ‘unacceptable’ 9/7/06sr-- Probed oil firm ( VECO ) linked to Pombo - thousands given to congressman 9/7/06adn-- Veco's influence has been part of Capitol scene for years_ PR for BP_ Governor's successor to inherit gas deal_ FBI raids poison Alaska's political climate 9/7/06fnm-- Critic of BP corrosion plan expected to testify before Congress_ Governor tables gas contract 9/7/06usa-- Hearings to open on Alaska oil field woes 9/7/06wsj-- Congress to Begin Exploration Of BP's Alaska Oil Problems 9/6/06cnn-- Congress finds BP Alaska problems- Investigators found 'significant problems' with how the oil giant maintained its Prudhoe Bay 9/6/06adn-- Retired federal judge hired by BP as Ombudsman_ Three candidates for Alaska governor got VECO checks_ Don't die of shock, but big oil has invaded politics_ McGavick returns VECO money _ Alpine oil field is idled briefly to patch a line 9/6/06e&e-- BP whistleblower accuses execs of lying about Prudhoe pipeline 9/6/06ft-- Retired judge to act as BP ombudsman 9/5/06adn-- VECO executives' donations picked up over last two years 9/5/06ccr-- Hamel Says BP Lies About Everything, They Lie Even When They Don’t Have To 9/5/06adn-- Ombudsman to hear BP worker complaints_
  2. 2. BP should volunteer to forgo tax deduction for pipeline repairs_ Alpine field oil production disrupted over weekend 9/5/06wsj-- BP Hires Former Judge To Be U.S. Ombudsman 9/2/06fnm-- Probe took lawmakers by surprise 9/2/06adn--Don't deduct Prudhoe fix, BP is urged 9/2/06wsj-- FBI Raids Alaska State Offices In Probe of Oil-Field Firm VECO_Before BP's Browne Passes the Reins, Chief Needs to Tighten Grip 9/1/06adn-- FBI raids Alaska legislative offices_ Oil field company ( VECO ) an active political contributor 9/1/06fnm-- Alaska Lawmakers: Sept. session on gas deal unlikely 9/1/06hc-- US DOT PSHMA Tougher safety rules may run 1,200 miles 9/1/06wsj-- Manzoni Deal May Spare BP's Browne From Texas City Questioning_ DOT:Needs More Test Date To OK Prudhoe Bay Restart 9/1/06ft-- Comment-BP is deserving of censure, but not a vendetta 8/31/06ktuu-- Influence of oil industry on legislators questioned_ FBI agents search offices of state legislators 8/31/06adn-- FBI raids Alaska legislative offices 8/31/06adn-- UPDATE- Federal agents raid Alaska legislative offices _ DOT proposes increased inspections on oil transit pipelines 8/31/06adn-- BP says strategy may restore Prudhoe production sooner 8/31/06wsj-- BP Officials Optimistic On Full Flow From Prudhoe Bay_ US Interior Secy Inspects Damaged Alaska Pipeline_ BP America President To Testify in Congress 8/30/06ft-- BP faces two US probes over trading 8/29/06adn-- BP fixes compressor, restores some production_ Repair lets Slope output ramp up_AOGCC sees no harm to Prudhoe_ Judge orders a deposition from Browne_ Oil industry is environmentally aware, but BP presidents should step down 8/29/06wsj-- BP Woes Deepen With New Probe 8/28/06ft-- BP chief ordered to testify 8/27-27/06ft-- US judge to rule on questioning of BP chief_ BP chief faces court appearance 8/26/06st-- Seattle firm ( Coffman ) softened warnings about BP's pipeline monitoring 8/25/06wsj-- BP Names New Manager For Accident-Plagued Texas Refinery- Asbestos Resin Found Around Corroded Prudhoe Pipe –Report_ BP: Prudhoe Pipeline Inspection To Resume Late Next Week 8/25/06wsj- Report Criticizing BP's Controls is Investigated after alterations 8/24/06ft-- BP further cuts Prudhoe Bay output 8/24/06wsj-- U.S. Officials Are Investigating Changes Made to Report on BP_BP Sought Lenient Assessment Of Alaska Oil Ops 8/24/06adn-- BP's problems intensify as processing plant fails_ Asbestos found in corroded pipe_ Prudhoe Bay production down again 8/24/06wsj-- Consultant Warned BP Of Pipe-Network Corrosion 8/24/06ft-- BP further cuts Prudhoe Bay output_ BP's troubles in US deepen with chemical plant lawsuit 8/23/06msn-- Feds Review Coffman Engineering's Report on BP Pipeline
  3. 3. 8/23/06sw-- One Crude Dude -- Chuck Hamel can finally say 'I told you so.' 8/22/06hc-- BP denies rigging pipeline inspection data 8/21/06bn-- Oil May Rise as BP Shutdown Shows Industry Distress (Update1 8/21/06fnm-- BP North Slope repairs will provide test of new oil tax system 8/21/06ft-- BP faces claims of tampering with data on Alaskan pipeline_ BP claim on extent of Alaskan corrosion under scrutiny 8/19/06fnm-- Young’s House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee Hearing to study corrosion Sept 12 8/19/06wsj-- US Official Calls BP's Pipeline Mgmt 'A Disappointment'_ BP Raises Prudhoe Bay Oil Output, Gets Subpoena_ Alaska Regulator: Prudhoe Crisis "Wake Up Call" For State 8/19/06adn-- 3 Congressional hearings set in BP probe- Sept 7, 12 & 13_ Prudhoe owners face subpoenas_ Over half of Prudhoe output is back, BP boss tells Alaska hearing_ USDOT Cino says "I think this problem is unique to BP" 8/18/06adn-- State subpoenas BP & other Prudhoe owners over oil spills_ Federal DOT head tours hobbled Alaska oil field 8/18/06adn-- BP failure 'shocked' Alaska Senator Ted Stevens 8/18/06fnm-- Prudhoe options eyed 8/18/06wsj-- Valdez Port Sees Fewer Tankers After Prudhoe Problems_ Sakhalin Protesters Switch Focus To BP, Exxon In Sep 8/18/06ft-- USDOT OPS speeds up regulation of BP in Alaska 8/17/06wsj-- North Slope Pdtn Up 20,000 B/D In Next 2 Wks 8/17/06ft-- BP suffers new pipeline accident at Alaskan oilfield 8/16/06adn-- Pipeline survey to begin after oil is removed_ BP twice avoids pipe calamity at Pt McIntyre_ P 'chronic neglect' to be probed by congress 8/16/06wsj-- BP Closes Pipeline In Prudhoe Field After Mishaps_ Shareholders Sue BP Over Prudhoe Bay Maintenance_ Conoco To Ship Crude Oil To US From S Korea 8/16/06ft-- US investor sues BP chiefs over Prudhoe Bay 8/15/06wsj-- BP considers alternative routes for moving oil from Prudhoe Bay 8/15/06ft-- The dramatic knock-on effects of BP's Prudhoe shutdown 8/14/06cns-- BP pipeline shutdown blamed on poor maintenance, little oversight 8/14/06AP-- Oil will be removed from BP transit line starting Thursday 8/14/06usat-- BP spill highlights aging oil field's increasing problems 8/14/06spi-- Blame BP for latest increase in gas prices Prudhoe Bay closure pushes oil costs up 8/14/06ft-- Pipeline leak proves 'extremely embarrassing' for industry_ No letting down guard as regulators make 'pigging' demands_ BP vows to keep open half of stricken oilfield 8/13/06adn-- Regulators were told in 1992 to beef up pipeline scrutiny_ Technology, regulation could help avert future fiascos_ Pigs keep pipelines running smoothly_ Finally, a new oil tax 8/13/06fnm-- BP and ANWR 8/13/06hc-- Pipe corrosion in Alaska takes the issue off the back burner 8/13/06wsj--BP Reiterates Western Prudhoe Bay Pdtn Continuing_ BP Western Prudhoe Bay Output Welcome Boon For Refiners
  4. 4. 8/12/06wsj-- BP's Alaska Woes Are No Surprise For One Gadfly—Charles Hamel 8/12/06adn-- Total shutdown averted_ BP to keep oil flowing from Prudhoe Bay 8/12/06fnm-- BP offers close-up look at Prudhoe Bay 8/12/06wsj-- BP to Keep Some Prudhoe Oil Flowing_ US Rep Accuses BP Of Mkt Manipulation In Alaska Move_ US West Coast Refiners Say Impact From Alaskan Cutbacks Minimal 8/12/06ft-- BP faces fresh US probe over decision to shut Alaska field_ Oil price cuts the downside for BP 8/11/06 Barton Questions BP's Commitment to Safety, Stewardship of U.S. Resources 8/11/06bh-- BP pipeline problem sends out good and bad ripples 8/11/06hc-- BP wins approval for partial flow_ ConocoPhillips issues delivery warning 8/11/06wsj-- 'Smart Pig' Plays Starring Role In BP's Alaska Saga_ BP Buys Large Amount Of Oil In Mkt, No Force Majeure_ Alaska Lawmakers Pass New Oil Production Tax Bill_ After Prudhoe Oil Cut, West Coast Plants Still Supplied 8/10/06as-- BP finally repairing more than image 8/10/06adn-- Five holes found in pipeline_ Drop in production increases corrosion_ Murkowski orders state hiring freeze 8/10/06fnm-- Half of Prudhoe field may remain open_ Flint Hills spared effects of shutdown_ Prudhoe Bay questions_ Senate committee rejects ‘produce or pay’ plan 8/10/06spi-- Shutdown turns heat on oil, pipeline firms-Are lax oversight and corporate neglect at fault? 8/10/06wsj-- DOT Administrator: To Propose Greater Pipeline Oversight_ BP May Face Legal Action Stemming From Prudhoe Bay_ BP Set To Use Clout To Get Workers, Pipe For Alaska Job_ BP To Decide Fri On Half Prudhoe Bay Oil Output_ Oil Shippers Move To Meet US West Coast Demand 8/10/06ft-- Alaska may seek Prudhoe redress from BP_ BP says no budget rises for pipeline repairs 8/9/06wsj--In Wake Of Alaska Pipelines Woes, A Push For Regulation_ Alaska Gov Freezes Hiring Due To Prudhoe Bay Shutdown_ Alaska Oil Field Woes Raise Questions About US Pipelines_ Small Refiners, BP Plants Most Exposed To ANS Shortage 8/9/06adn-- Prudhoe oil may still flow_ Concern over pipeline corrosion is nothing new for feds_ Oil field problems insulated by remote location_ Prudhoe Shutdown blackens BP's green_ BP's painful lesson is: Don't ever shortchange pipeline maintenance 8/9/06fnm-- BP works to boost Flint Hills’ oil_ Bill would allow tax credit for pipeline repair 8/9/06hc-- BP line was not subject to oversight_ Failure to adequately maintain vital North Slope oil link is the oil giant's latest blunder 8/9/06wsj-- BP Orders Replacement Parts For Half Alaska Pipeline_ US Lawmakers Want Hearings On BP Pipeline Upkeep 8/9/06ft-- BP employees issued early warning of Prudhoe corrosion_ Alaska counting the cost of BP's actions 8/9/06wsj-- BP's Prudhoe Bay Raises Questions About Aging Oil Fields
  5. 5. 8/8/06adn-- Critics: Alaska oil field problems insulated by remote location _BP searches for workers to replace pipe _Oil giant BP already under scrutiny 8/8/06hc-- Part of huge Alaska oil field may remain open_ Gas prices also expected to rise; BP says the pipeline repairs could take months 8/8/06ft-- BP given earlier warning of corrosion _BP’s failure of execution, not strategy 8/8/06wsj-- BP Under Scrutiny For Allowing Alaska Pipeline To Crumble _Prudhoe Shutdown Won't Immediately Idle Oil Services 8/8/06adn-- Massive repairs- BP admits corrosion control was inadequate_ Senate approves stripped-down gas bill 8/8/06bh-- Alaska oil cutoff could hurt Puget Sound area_ Sludge clogged failing pipelines 8/8/06spi-- Oil field shutdown will boost gas prices_ BP oil field shutdown could last months 8/8/06hc-- Company( BP ) confronts a tarnished image _Prices begin to level after BP's oil field closure8/8/06wsj-- Oil Price Surges As BP Shuts Off Big Alaskan Field due to corrosion of pipes _BP May Now Feel Heat From Alaska 8/8/06ft-- Whistleblowers bring BP down to earth _BP shutdown sparks oil rise_ Better for BP to spill the beans than the oil _Leak at BP pipeline in Alaska sees crude soar 8/7/06ktuu-- BP officials apologize for shutting down Prudhoe Bay 8/7/06wsj-- BP Vague On Prudhoe Bay Restart, May Take Months_ BP To Replace 73% Of Pipeline From Prudhoe Bay_ Alaska Refiner Flint Hills Seen Seeking Jet Fuel To Avert Prudhoe Bay Shortage_ BP's Alaska Oil-Field Shutdown May Hurt More Than Past Missteps _BP Statement on Alaska Pipeline 8/7/05ft-- Long history of complaints over BP field_ Alaska could hold key for next chief 8/7/06ft updates-- Oil prices shoot up as BP shuts down oil field_ Prudhoe Bay 8/7/06adn-- BP shuts down Prudhoe Bay 8/7/06hc-- BP shuts down the nation's biggest oil field_ Emergency reserves will be opened if needed_ Oil prices spike on news of Alaskan field shutdown 8/7/06nyt-- BP Shutdown to Remove 8 Pct. of US Crude 8/7/06wsj-- BP to Shut an Alaska Oil Field_ Another Setback for BP_ BP to Shut Down U.S.'s Largest Oil Field; Prices Jump (Update7) 8/7/06ft-- BP shuts down Alaska field to prevent spill_ BP’s US woes_ BP/global oil_ Crude soars above $77 as BP shuts field 8/6/06ft-- BP shuts down Alaska field to prevent spill 8/6/06rn-- BP shutting top US oil field Prudhoe Bay due to spill 8/6/06cnw-- BP to Shutdown Prudhoe Bay Oil Field following the discovery of unexpectedly severe corrosion and a small spill 8/6/06adn-- BP chief executive visits site of spill, offers apology 8/5/06fnm- - CEO: BP will act on pipeline 8/4/06adn-- BP leader's trip to state is repair job 8/1/05s-- BP submits plan to drain Alaska oil pipeline 7/29/06wsj-- BP Required To Submit Safety Data On March Alaska Spill 7/29/06ft-- Lord Browne's Turtles line up for the race that will bring them the ultimate prize at BP 7/28/06ft-- US issues veiled warning to BP over pipeline work in Alaska US
  6. 6. 7/28/06wsj-- Two BP Alaska Oil-Field Valves Are Investigated 7/27/06rn-- BP could face fine over delay in cleaning Alaska North Slope pipeline 7/27/06ft-- PHMSA sends letter with veiled warning to BP over North Slope Alaska pipelines 7/27/06ft-- BP investors uneasy about executive retirement rules 7/26/06hc-- BP profit up, but problems are lingering _BP made $7.3 billion 2nd quarter profit 7/26/06wsj-- BP Moves To Fix Troubles In U.S., Says Net Up 30% to $ 7.27 Billion 7/26/06ft-- Sutherland wins BP power play 7/25/06wsj-- BP's Net Profit Rises 30%_BP To Invest A Further $1B To US Safety Over Next 4 Yrs 7/25/06ft-- BP’s Browne confirms 2008 departure_ BP lifts safety spending as profits rise 7/25/06ft-- BP set to unveil ‘comprehensive’ changes_ BP feud erupts over Browne succession 7/24/06ft--Man killed at BP's Texas City Refinery 7/23/06ft-- Bob Malone: "I must learn from what happened at BP America" 7/23/06wsj-- Contractor Killed at BP's Texas City Refinery 7/23/06hc-- BP leader( Bob Malone ) vows safety turnaround 7/21/06wsj-- US DOT Tells BP To Complete Alaska Oil Pipeline Tests 7/21/06ft-- Analysts ponder BP without Browne 7/21/06adn-- Alaska regulators to look at BP wells for leaks 7/21/06wsj-- Alaska Regulators Investigating BP Oil Wells For Leaks 7/21/06ft-- USDOT OPS says BP has ‘failed’ to clean Alaska pipelines 7/20/06 USDOT Press Release PHMSA 05-06--- BP Exploration Directed to Complete Testing on North Slope Pipelines 7/20/06r-- USDOT OPS clamps down on BP's Alaska oil pipelines 7/18/06wsj-- BP Shuts Alaska Oil Wells On Whistleblower Action 7/18/06ft-- BP closes 12 Alaskan oil wells 7/15/06wsj-- BP's New U.S. Chief ( Bob Malone )Faces Big Challenge 7/13/06adn--Robert Malone: Chief to right BP ship in U.S. 7/13/06nyt-- BP's Malone has a Mission to Repeal Murphy’s Law 7/9/06adn-- Sediment stalls Prudhoe Bay pipelines' inspection 7/8/06bh-- Feds allow BP to delay testing 'Gunk' blocking Prudhoe Bay transit pipelines 7/6/06spi-- Feds to permit BP to delay testing of Prudhoe Bay transit lines 7/5/06ft-- BP’s aggressive trading culture comes to surface 7/4/06adn-- Record oil prices bring BP banner year in Alaska - $2.6 Billion from Alaska 7/3/06ft-- BP suspends three gas traders 7/1/06wsj-- BP Reserves For TX Refinery Worker Settlements At $1.2B 6/30/06wsj-- BP's Latest Problem May Signal_ A Glimpse Inside BP Trading_ BP Case Raises a Tough Query 6/30/06ft-- More fuel for anti-BP sentiment_ Lawsuit poses further risk to BP’s image 6/29/06hc-- BP unit accused of price-fixing plot----trader pleads guilty 6/29/06wsj-- U.S. Accuses BP Of Manipulating Price of Propane__ CFTC Statement on BP 6/29/06ft-- BP faces US energy price-fixing charges
  7. 7. 6/28/06wsj-- Investigators Say BP Cornered U.S. Propane Market in 2004 6/22/06wsj-- US Environmental Agency Probes BP Texas City 6/21/06wsj-- BP Appoints New Head For Troubled US Unit 6/20/06wsj-- Malone Is Named President, Chairman of BP's American Unit 6/20/06afx-- BP America To Get New Chairman ( Bob Malone ) 6/20/06hc-- Robert Malone to lead BP America a company with high-profile problems in U.S. 6/19/06 BP names Bob Malone president of BP America Inc. to head BP's US operations 6/17/06adn-- Problems tarnish image of BP's CEO 6/16/06ru-- BP not criminally liable for Alaska oil spill: CEO 6/16/06wsj-- BP's Accidents Put Its Celebrated CEO On the Hot Seat 6/15/06ft-- BP hunts for site to dump Prudhoe Bay pipe sludge 6/13/06r-- U.S. lets BP continue to run Alaska pipelines 6/14/06ccr-- Grand Jury Subpoena Sends Vinson & Elkins to BP Alaska 3/8/06wsj-- Alaska Oil-Storage Shutdowns Pose Risk of a Supply Disruption 6/14/06ft-- US Congressman seeks answers on BP Prudhoe Bay delay 6/9/06adn-- BP confirms receiving subpoena over Prudhoe Bay oil leak 6/9/06ft-- BP taken to task by US DOT over pipeline cleaning 6/9/06gu-- BP admits it faces criminal inquiry into Alaskan spill 6/8/06ccr-- Hamel went to BP Board member Massey in 2004 about North Slope Corrosion Problems 6/8/06wsj-- BP Faces Investigation For Alaska Oil Spill 6/8/06ft-- BP to face criminal probe over US oil spill 5f/31/06ft-- BIG OIL--Big profits and big troubles 5/27/06wsj-- OSHA To Investigate BP Ohio Refinery Incident 5/25/05adn-- Trans Alaska Pipeline Tank welds at Valdez get federal look 5/25/06ft-- Safety of Trans Alaska Pipeline oil tanks questioned 5/24/06fnm-- Feds looking into Tran Alaska Pipeline tank welds 5/24/06wsj-- U.S. EPA & FBI Probes Trans Alaska Pipeline Repairs 5/23/06adn-- TAPS Oil tank welding probe renewed after allegations of cover-up 5/22/06wsj-- BP Chief Says Firm's Energy Focus In Alaska Will Shift to Natural Gas 5/14/06adn-- BP needs to do better 5/9/06adn-- BP acts on fear of leaks-Corrosion closes two pipelines (22k bpd )_ 5/8/06hc-- BP investigating accuracy of EPA pollution figures from Texas City refinery 5/7/06hc-- BP Texas City Refinery top U.S. polluter 5/7/06fnm-- Pipeline tariffs handicap independent developers on the Slope 5/4/06adn-- BP pays workers' way to Juneau 4/30/06wsj-- BP Alaska Employees Invade Juneau Over Oil-tax Bill 4/29/06hc-- BP blast sparks criminal probe 4/28/06fnm-- Feds scold BP on pipeline maintenance 4/28/06wsj-- OSHA Opens Second Probe Of BP Ohio Refinery 4/27/06wsj-- ExxonMobil Reports Profit of $8.4 Billion
  8. 8. 4/27/06ft-- Pipeline sludge hits BP Alaska repair efforts 4/26/06hc-- OSHA says $ 2.4 million in violations found in Ohio BP Refinery 4/26/06ft-- BP fined $2.4m for new safety violations in US at Ohio Refinery 4/25/06wsj--BP's 1st Qtr Profits $ 5.282 Billion down 15% from last year 1st Qtr