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Your team has just been hired by a local swim team to develop a web site. This web site will be used to provide information to boys and girls between the ages of 6 and 18 who are interested in joining the team. In addition, the web site will provide seasonal information about swim practices and the swim meet schedule. The team would also like to be able to post the meet results. The head coach of the swim team is the project sponsor. He would also like the web site to include pictures of the three assistant coaches and of the different swimmers at swim meets and practice. Associations of parents who help run the swim meets and work the concession stand support the swim team. Several of the parents have asked that a volunteer schedule be part of the web site so that the parent volunteers can see when they are scheduled to work at a particular meet. The head coach, however, has told you that he believes this functionality can wait and should not be part of the web site now. Two people will be helping you on the project. Once is a graphic artist; the other is a person who is very familiar with HTML, Java, Active Server Pages (ASP), and several web development tools.

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IT Project for Swim Team

  1. 1. Team C Group Project 1 ITEC 640 Section 9081 Semester 1309 Group Project – Team C Brian Palmer Pamela Rich Zach Salwen Marcus Taite Rahul Tanwar DUE DATE: December 8, 2013 University of Maryland University College
  2. 2. Team C Group Project 2 October 15, 2013 Mr. Joe Smith Riptide Swim Team 101 Main Street Bristow, VA 20136 RE: Website for Riptide Swim Team Dear Mr. Smith, Thank you for providing Team C Consultants with the opportunity to develop a website to support the Riptide Swim Team. Our expertise in providing quality web solutions to local businesses will enable us to provide the swim team with a solution that will meet, or hopefully exceed, your expectations. As discussed during the meeting last week, Team C Consultants is pleased to provide the project plan proposal to support this effort. We have structured our proposal with the following sections I. II. III. Statement of Need Project Definition Approach and Project Plan It is our desire to establish a long-term relationship with the Riptide Swim Team. We are committed to developing a partnership that will continue to meet all needs as they evolve. We hope this will be the first of many opportunities to serve you. I. Statement of Need It is understood that the Riptide Swim Team is in need of a web site. As the team has grown over the past two years, the current method of emailing practice and meet schedules has become inefficient for the coaches and is not the optimal way for parents and swimmers to receive this information. Additionally, as a result of winning the state championship last year, the greater community has a strong interest in supporting the team by attending the meets and cheering on
  3. 3. Team C Group Project 3 the local swimmers. The swim team is lacking a solution for communicating the meet schedule and results to the community at large. Given the outstanding performance of the swimmers, the swim team wants to promote their successes by posting swim meet results and pictures on a website. This will help provide the swimmers with greater visibility beyond the local community and could allow college recruiters to learn about and follow the swimmers. This will also help promote the fun and excitement of team swimming and could help to increase membership. We understand the site needs to be fully functionally no later than the end of January 2014 to support the Spring swim season, which begins on February 15. The site is to be launched with a basic set of functions, but needs to have the ability to scale as new requirements are identified and the number of users grows. It is important that future enhancements can be easily added to current functionality, without requiring major architectural changes. Content must be maintainable internally, without reliance on Team C Consultants to add or change content. The site must be intuitive and inviting, with a modern look. II. Project Definition Project Description Team C Consultants is prepared to develop ‘Project Swim Lane’ (PSL) to meet the needs of the Riptide Swim team. The purpose of this project is to create a website that is attractive, informative, and engaging for the coaches, swimmers, parents and the local community. The website will function as a platform for providing information to children between the ages of 6 and 18, and/or their parents, who have an interest in joining the swim team. This website will also provide information regarding the scheduled swim practices and meets and will post results and photos from the meets.
  4. 4. Team C Group Project Project Scope ● To design, develop and implement an interactive website using Web 2.0 technologies to enable users to get timely information, add content and share with other members of the swim team and the community ● To develop a website that is accessible to the general public and allows visitors to sign up and request additional information about the team ● To develop a database of users to store profile information and login credentials for privileged site users ● To develop a database to store, retrieve and display scheduling information for practices, scheduling information for swim meets and the results of swim meets. ● To develop a content file management system to effectively store, retrieve and display picture images ● To provide administration capability to update the website with up-to-date information, relevant content and manager users. ● To develop a website that is search engine optimized to drive traffic to the website In Scope Requirements 1. Home Page 1.1. The website will provide a home page that is accessible to the public. 1.2. The home page will provide general information about the swim team and contact information to get additional information. 1.3. The home page will include a navigation menu to access other pages on the site. 1.3.1. The navigation menu will be accessible on all pages. 1.4. The home page will provide the capability to request more information from the coaching staff. 1.4.1. Any visitor to the site will have the ability to provide their name, phone number, email and a message will be sent to the coaching staff to request additional information. 2. Swim Meet Page 2.1. The website will include a Swim Meet page that is accessible to the public. 4
  5. 5. Team C Group Project 5 2.2. The Swim Meet page will provide a calendar that lists upcoming meets for the next 12 months. 2.2.1. Each swim meet calendar entry will include the date, time, location and events for the meet. 2.3. The Swim Meet page will provide the capability to view results of the past 12 months meets. 2.4. The Swim Meet page will provide the capability to view photos from swim meets. 2.4.1. The names of swimmers and coaches will be identified on the photos. 3. Swim Practice Page 3.1. The website will provide a Swim Practice page that is accessible to the public. 3.2. The Swim Practice page will provide a calendar that lists swim practices for the next 12 months. 3.2.1. Each swim practice calendar entry will include the date, time, location and notes for the practice. 4. Photo Gallery 4.1. The website will include a Photo Gallery page that is accessible to the public. 4.1.1. The Photo Gallery page will identify the names of swimmers and coaches in the photos. 5. Coaching Staff Page 5.1. The website will provide a Coaching Staff page that is accessible to the public and provides a bio, photo and contact information for the coaching staff. 6. User Administration 6.1. The website will provide a user administration capability that provides registered admins the ability to create, update and delete user ids. 6.1.1. Registered admins will have the ability to add, change and remove permissions for every user id. 6.2. User Permissions to be assigned to user ids include: 6.2.1. Ability to create, update and delete text/content on each page 6.2.2. Ability to upload and remove photos on each page
  6. 6. Team C Group Project 6 6.2.3. Ability to upload and remove documents on each page 6.2.4. Ability to create, update and delete calendar events 6.2.5. Ability to access a page (e.g. the Photo Gallery, User Administration, etc.) 6.3. The website will require registered users to log on with a user id and password to access restricted pages. 7. Content Administration 7.1. The website will include a Content Administration capability that allows registered users to create, maintain and delete website content. 7.2. Users with Content Administration capabilities will have the ability to edit pages in an easy use rich text editor. 7.2.1. The rich text editor will allow content administrators to add, change and format text to be displayed on the pages. 7.2.2. The rich text editor will allow content administrators to upload photos and add captions. 7.3. Content administrator will have the ability to upload documents. 7.4. Content administrator will have the ability to link to uploaded documents. 7.5. Content Administrator will have the ability to create, update and delete events on the calendars. 7.6. Content Administrator permissions will determine which pages and calendars can be updated. 8. System Requirements 8.1. The website will be accessible over HTTP using modern web browsers 8.2. The website will be compatible with PC or Apple browsers 8.3. The website will be hosted on a secure web server platform 8.4. The system will provide sufficient security access controls to ensure any private information is stored securely on the hosted database servers. 8.5. The system will provide the capability to view and analyze website traffic and hits reports and metrics
  7. 7. Team C Group Project 7 Out of Scope Requirements – deferred to a future phase 1. Parents Page 1.1. The website will include a Parents Page that is accessible only to registered users with Parent permissions. 1.2. The Parents Page will provide a calendar that displays the volunteer schedule. Measurable Organizational Value (MOV) Develop and implement a functional website that will provide current information and photos to all parents, children, and coaches, which will improve swim meet attendance by 20% and increase membership registration by 25% within 12 months. Project Stakeholders The principal stakeholders for the PSL project plan are listed in Table 1. Table 1: Principal Stakeholders Stakeholder/ Title Interest Influence Role Team Prospects 0 0 User Team Coach +1 5 Project sponsor Assistant Coaches +1 2 Content Providers +1 0 Parental Association +1 3 Potential Conflict Objective Find out information about joining the swim team Does not want the parental association's pet project created just yet. Provide resources, approvals, and public support for the project Have their information displayed on the team site User Manage site information about the swim team Want the site to feature a volunteer schedule. Help run swim meets, work the concession stand,
  8. 8. Team C Group Project 8 support the swim team Parents 0 0 User Stay informed about team events Swimmers 0 0 User Stay informed about team events Pamela Rich +1 3 Project manager Lead and manage the project so that it achieves its MOV Project Team +1 2 Web Developer Graphic Artist Provide expertise to complete the project work III. Approach and Project Plan The project will follow a waterfall system development methodology and we will seek approval at the end of each phase. The next phase will not begin without approval for the preceding phase. A strong team of analysts has been selected to conduct requirements analysis and support project planning. A seasoned web developer and graphics artist will build the site and create all images to be placed on the site. This team has deep experience developing similar sites for small businesses and community organizations. This team will be able to leverage templates and processes developed and honed on other engagements to reduce the overall development time and cost. The project schedule will begin on October 21, 2013 and complete on January 17, 2014. The website will launch on January 16, providing nearly a month of run time before the start of the Spring swim season on February 15. The total cost of the project is $37,040.08. Please find the detailed schedule and cost estimates below.
  9. 9. Team C Group Project 9 Resources The team that will deliver PSL and their associated roles and rates are provided below: Resources Names Rate Project Manager Pamela Rich $39.01 hourly Business Analysts Brian Palmer Zach Salwen Marcus Taite Rahul Tanwar $38.31 hourly Graphic Artist Maria Jones $21.22 hourly Web Developer Tim Smith $30.05 hourly Assumptions ● Appropriate levels of funding have been secured to meet the budget requirements of the project. ● If the project does not secure adequate funding, the scope will have to be reduced. ● Resources with appropriate level of technical abilities are available for the duration of the project. ● Riptide Swim Team resources will be available to review deliverables and approve milestones as defined in the schedule. If approval is delayed, the project schedule may have to be extended. ● Open source technologies are going to be used for the development of the website. ● Project will be initiated the Week of October 21st, 2013. ● Our rates are consistent with industry standards and can be validated on ● Schedule is based on Standard American work calendars and includes Holidays of Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day and New Year’s Day. ● All changes in scope must be signed off on and approved by the project manager and client. ● The website will be expected to function properly in all major browsers: Internet Explorer 9+, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera.
  10. 10. Team C Group Project 10 Risks ● The parental association may use influence to expand the scope of the project and add their requirements. ● If specific technology requirements are provided by project stakeholders, beyond what is defined in this document, portions of the project may need to be outsourced if they require technology outside the skillset of the web development tools with which the project team is familiar. ● The graphic design must be approved by all stakeholders before development can begin. ● There is no guarantee that a website that meets all the criteria of the project scope will achieve the project MOV, without support from the stakeholders. In order to improve swim meet attendance and membership registration, the website will need to be promoted with intended user base. ● Riptide Swim Team must keep information current and relevant to intended users, else site usage may not meet expectations. ● The swim team will be modifying the website when posting meet results. This could compromise the integrity of the system if users are not properly trained. Project Schedule and Work Breakdown Structure
  11. 11. Team C Group Project 11
  12. 12. Team C Group Project 12 Project Cost by Activity Project Cost by Resource Resources Rate Number of Total Cost Hours Estimate Pamela Rich $39.01 hourly 272 $10,610.72 Brian Palmer $38.31 hourly 112 $ 4,290.72 Zach Salwen $38.31 hourly 176 $ 6,742.56 Marcus Taite $38.31 hourly 104 $ 3,984.24 Rahul Tanwar $38.31 hourly 168 $ 6,436.08 Maria Jones $21.22 hourly 48 $ 1,018.56 Tim Smith $30.05 hourly 104 $ 3,957.20
  13. 13. Team C Group Project 13 We welcome the opportunity to discuss the details of this proposal with you at our meeting later this week. In the meantime, if you have any questions regarding the above information, please contact me at +1-703-555-4534. Sincerely, William Jones President Team C Consultants