2012 Global Awards for Excellence in BPM and Workflow
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2012 Global Awards for Excellence in BPM and Workflow



November 14, 2012—Lighthouse Point, FL. Future Strategies Inc., is pleased to announce the Gold and Silver Winners for the 2012 Global Awards for Excellence in Business Process Management and ...

November 14, 2012—Lighthouse Point, FL. Future Strategies Inc., is pleased to announce the Gold and Silver Winners for the 2012 Global Awards for Excellence in Business Process Management and Workflow. Sponsored by WfMC and now in their 20th year, these prestigious awards recognize user organizations that have demonstrably excelled in implementing innovative business process solutions to meet strategic business objectives.
Workflow Management Coalition (WfMC) and BPM.com jointly sponsor the annual Global Awards for Excellence in BPM and Workflow. The Awards program is managed by Future Strategies Inc.

About the Workflow Management Coalition (www.wfmc.org)

The WfMC, founded in August 1993, is a non-profit, international organization of workflow vendors, users, analysts and university/research groups. The Coalition's mission is to promote and develop the use of workflow through the establishment of standards for software terminology, interoperability and connectivity between workflow products. Comprising over 300 members worldwide, the Coalition is the only standards body for this specific software market. The creation of the WfMC Standards Reference Model has proved its importance in other areas of technology, most notably the ISO Seven Layer reference model for computer communications.



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2012 Global Awards for Excellence in BPM and Workflow 2012 Global Awards for Excellence in BPM and Workflow Presentation Transcript

  • 2012 Global Awards for Excellence in BPM & Workflow WelcomeMedia support by
  • Awards Introduction Presented by, Nathaniel Palmer Industry Analyst Executive Director, Workflow Management Coalition 20th Annual Awards for Excellence in BPM and Workflow Judges:  Nathaniel Palmer, Cor Visser, Ken Mei, Francesco Battista  Lead Judge: Keith Swenson, Chair WfMC  Awards Director: Layna Fischer  Future Strategies Inc2
  • Recognizing Excellence in BPM & Workflow Europe North America Middle East/Africa Impact South and Central America Innovation Implementation3
  • Assessment Criteria Innovation • Innovative use of BPM technology to solve unique problems • Creative and successful implementation of advanced BPM concepts • Level of integration with other technologies and legacy systems • Degree of complexity in the business process and underlying IT architecture Implementation • Successful BPM and/or workflow implementation methodology • Size, scope and quality of change management process • Scope and scale of the implementation (e.g. size, geography, inter-company processes) Impact • Extent and quantifiable impact of productivity improvements • Significance of cost savings • Level of increased revenues, product enhancements, customer service or quality improvements • Impact of the system on competitive positioning in the marketplace • Proven strategic importance to the organizations mission • Degree to which the system enabled a culture change within the organization and methodology for achieving that change4
  • Awards Ceremony Keith D Swenson VP of Research & Development, Fujitsu North America Inc. Chairman, Workflow Management Coalition5
  • Europe Special Mention SET Distribuzione S.p.A., Italy nominated by WebRatio S.r.l, Italy6
  • SET Distribuzione, Italy Situation • SET Distribuzione operates in the energy and utilities industry and distributes electricity in the Italian region of Trentino Alto Adige • The Authority has required distribution companies to create a portal enabling users to present and implement the connection of an energy production plant to the distribution network. Implementation & Innovation • The whole connection process was analyzed, optimized and depicted in accordance with BPMN. The process is now executable in a complex web application, developed and deployed in only 3 months. • The process is viewable by all users, who - by way of a highlighting system – are also able to see at exactly what stage the file they are viewing is at. • Company procedures were shaken up, in an extremely positive sense, since the application uses automatic protocollation (for incoming and outgoing messages). Benefits • SET has estimated that management costs have been reduced by approximately 300,000 euros a year. • Despite the new legislation, as well as requiring the procedure to be shifted to the web, also made the connection process more complex, and therefore more drawn out, it has been calculated that the average connection time is now 40% quicker than it was before • The end client is able to complete the network connection procedure over a shorter space of time, thus giving him an earlier opportunity to start producing energy for resale, which receives the government incentives provided for. • The environment reaps gain (which cannot be quantified that easily) from the exponential increase in 7 connections of sustainable energy production plants.
  • Europe Silver Award New Millennia Group PLC, UK nominated by AuraPortal Corporation, USA8
  • New Millennia Group PLC, UK Bert Van den Eynde, Process Engineer, New Millennia9
  • New Millennia Group PLC, UK Situation • New Millennia Group PLC operates in the temporary recruitment industry, providing invoice funding, credit insurance, payroll and administration facilities to recruitment agencies operating nationwide. • With a workflow cycle of seven days, it is imperative to complete the tasks within the allotted time as there is no margin for errors or delays, because the payments of the temporary workers depend on this. Implementation & Innovation • With the BPM implementation NMG integrated 26 processes and 160 sub processes. • The impact of this project has been appreciated in each department as employees now have all the information instantly available with the touch of a button and notifications are sent for tasks with a deadline. Benefits • 20% Staff reduction across the company, a 70% reduction in consumables and a 65% reduction in support services for external software systems. • An overall 70% time reduction in the weekly administration processes has been achieved. NMG have reduced the time waiting for answers from the supply chain, for example; chasing unsigned timesheets and missing data which has reduced from weeks to days or even hours. • Apart from the business rules and audit trails, NMG also benefits a lot from the control points used in different parts of most of the processes. This allows NMG’s employees to view the phases or results from any request and procedure.10
  • Europe Gold Award Warner Bros. Home Entertainment, UK nominated by Pegasystems , USA11
  • Warner Bros. Home EntertainmentWe at Warner Bros. are honored to be recognized by this coveted award. We are veryproud of our Cloud-based BPM initiative driven by Pega technology, as it marked asignificant change for how we innovate. We’ve departed from traditional waterfallmethodology with this project with significant success.In our business, when you have a finished product, you start losing money when itsits in a warehouse unsold. The product is finished when it hits the cinemas, so thebiggest risk in the supply chain is piracy, and anything that can reduce the lead timeto get physical disks into shops is critical.Despite this hugely challenging and complex business, our new system has automatedcomplex processes and given us far more visibility and agility – which is essentialwhen you are talking about supporting the supply chain with more than 20 new filmsreleased every year. The business value our project is notable, and we’re confident itwill pave the way for future innovations also. We thank you for this award.Andi Mutlow, Project Manager, Management Information Systems12
  • Warner Bros. Home Entertainment Situation • As the top U.S. studio, Warner Bros. Home Entertainment has the largest content library of any studio – 6,500 movies, 50,000 TV series, 15,000 animations, plus largest distribution infrastructure in global video market. • Global supply chain was becoming more challenging to manage, control • Increased product volume, complexity and shorter deadlines required more supply chain visibility Implementation & Innovation • Cloud-based BPM enabled agility, reduced costs of bringing products to market • Platform implemented across multiple geographies in a mere nine weeks, integrates seamlessly with ERP system Benefits • Warner Bros. can exploit its catalogue by shortening product lead times, simplifying product variables (versions, languages of titles, etc.) • Hiked productivity, collaboration and development among business users • Process improvement, increased ROI, full visibility into supply chain13
  • Middle East-Africa Gold Award Department of Transport Abu Dhabi, UAE nominated by DOT - Abu Dhabi, UAE14
  • DEP DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORT ABU DHABI, UAE Situation • To work within Abu Dhabi’s rights of way requires No Objection Certificates (NOC-”Work Permit”) from the DoT at various stages of project lifecycle • To define clear procedures ,eliminate an ad-hoc basis procedures, ensure consistency with NOC types and application requirements as well as to ensure that all affected DoT Divisions are consulted in the process Implementation & Innovation • Significant leap forward in the pursuit to extend BPM tools • Automates the entire process, from application to approval stage, fast- tracked, with necessary tools for compliance with DOT regulations. • The system is flexible which reflects the DoT’s business and allow further enhancements as needs evolve. Benefits • Significant improvement in terms of processing and issuing final approval. • Enables tracking of applications to various degrees by NOC applicants and internal DoT staff and generates a variety of customized Management reports. • Online NOC System accessible to applicants via the web based on Business 15 Process Mapping (BPM) technology.
  • DEPA DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORT ABU DHABI, UAE • Prior to introduction of eNOC system 98% of NOC approval took 3-10 weeks for processing. Within first 6 months of launch 51% of the approval were granted in an average of 10 working days . • The system identifies and distributes NOC’s to all affected Divisions/ Sections as well as identifying all tasks required in assessing applications and directing the same to all responsible within the DoT • Proven strategic importance to the organizations mission Khamis Al Dahmani Acting Head of Right of Way SectionDOT Vision: To deliver an effective transport system that contributes to the economic growth quality of life and environmental sustainability of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi 16
  • North America Special Mention Department of Homeland Security, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, USA nominated by HandySoft Global Corp, USA17
  • U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, USA The ICE Task Management Team, left to right: Hyung Lee, Robert Serrano, Hoan Nguyen, Clarice Ashong-Fajana, Jon Henehan.18
  • North America Silver Award Fire Department New York, USA nominated by Oracle, USA20
  • Fire Department New York, USAThis slide honors the NYFD firstresponders for the bravery and dedicationduring the recent and devastatingSuperstorm Sandy21
  • Fire Department New York, USA Situation • FDNY is the largest US Fire Dept (2nd largest in the world) with over 15,000 personnel serving the 5 boroughs of New York City • FDNY strives to improve Public Safety in the most effective manner possible • 9/11 and Financial Crisis have led FDNY to find more innovative and efficient ways for the department to quickly respond to the City’s needs. Implementation & Innovation • FDNY implemented a complete integrated BPM/SOA/E2.0/BI/Geospatial/Digital Signature/SSO solution automating a subset of its Notice of Violation (NOV) issuance process • Initiated new process driven agile development and Re-engineering paradigm. High marks in user satisfaction and short development cycle (3 months) Benefits • 7-fold increase of violation issuance resulting in greater public safety. • Decreased NOV loss, delays, voids and mail transportation costs. • Increased audit ability, compliance, enforceability and escalation of NOV’s • Reduce paper work based staff utilization time for greater allocation of resources saving lives and reducing property loss. 22
  • North America Gold Award Mars Canada Inc., Canada nominated by Bizagi Limited, UK23
  • Mars Canada Inc. CanadaFirst of all on behalf of the project team and all of Mars Canada, I would like to thank theWfMC for this award. It is an honor to receive such high recognition for our work.This solution has taken vision, innovation and a lot of hard work to bring to life by theMars Canada project team and our business partner Bizagi.What started as a strategic business challenge was brought to life and implemented in avery short period of time and provided instant benefits to the business unit. It is a casewhere strategy has been linked to day to day operations of the business using businessprocess management and ultimately put into the hands of the users with an efficientworkflow tool. Ted O’Neill – Supply Chain Director Yonette Creavalle – Data Manager Michele Dubek – Data Analyst Phil Short – IT Director24
  • Mars Canada Inc. Canada Situation • Globally, Mars Incorporated is one of the world’s leading food manufacturers with over $30 billion in sales and 70,000 associates. Mars Canada operates 3 business units, Chocolate, Food and Petcare. • Strategically the ability to rapidly bring product innovation to market will enable us to win with the retailers and our consumers • New product set-up and execution is highly complex requiring a high degree of accuracy, crossing departmental boundaries and is often the bottleneck of the innovation pipeline. • THE GOAL: Make a step change reduction in the time to bring innovation to life, with a specific focus on data set-up timelines. Implementation & Innovation • Efficient workflow design using principles of lean to eliminate non-value added activities across multiple business functions , technology platforms and three operating divisions • Once designed, BPM automation was used to rapidly connect complex tasks in a systematic and efficient way • Business users are now empowered to execute process changes with minimal IT involvement Benefits • The project has delivered dramatic reduction in project execution timelines. o Project Approval to Execution Readiness has reduced from 70 days to less than 10 days. • The number of Workflows has been simplified from greater than 50 workflows to less than 10 • Process performance monitoring through BPM Automation is driving ongoing continuous improvement 25
  • Pacific Rim No Awards This Year26
  • South & Central America Gold Award Colpensiones, Colombia nominated by Bizagi, Colombia27
  • Colpensiones, ColombiaThank you for the Award!At Colpensiones we had the opportunity to start a new organization with the task of administering the 60 yearsold Public Pension System of Colombia, that serves 6.5 million persons, with more than 1 million pensioners.To tackle the challenge we designed a company in its entirety from a process perspective, modeling andautomating all the process, core and non core, with a BPM solution. Today, nine months latter, from theinitiation of the implementation, we have national coverage, 49 cities, more than one thousand employees,that during the first month of operation gave answers to more than 118 thousand requirements with immediateresponse. The BPM technology has allowed all of our employees to operate as if we had been in business forthe last 60 years, and our clientele find response from us without disruption of services. TEAM • Dr. Pedro N. Ospina, CEO • Gloria Duran, Project Manager • Angela Tobar, Process Engineer Director • Ricardo Prieto, VOT 28
  • Colpensiones, Colombia Situation • Create a new entity to administer a sixty year old public pension system • Transform from a paper based structure to a truly process-oriented paperless organization • From a no answer and long delay response to a high performance, transparent and customer centric service Implementation & Innovation • Creative and successful implementation of advanced BPM concepts. All core processes running on a flexible BPM layer. • Implementation in record time: 9 months • 118 core processes automated • System serves: 6.5 million costumers, performs more than1 million monthly payments, 60 offices located in 49 cities and 1220 employees. Benefits • Substantial reduction in operational cost: 3,000+ down to 1,200 employees • Substantial reduction of service times • Proven strategic importance to the organizations mission • The implementation of the BPM solution in Colpensiones has generated speed, agility and quality of service. Something never seen before in the country´s public pension system. 29
  • 2012 Winners RecapEurope North America Gold  Gold • Warner Bros. Home Entertainment, UK • Mars Canada Inc., Canada nominated by Bizagi nominated by Pegasystems, USA Limited, UK Silver  Silver • New Millennia Group PLC, UK nominated by • Fire Department New York, USA nominated by AuraPortal, Spain Oracle, USA  Special Mention Special Mention • U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement • SET Distribuzione, Italy, nominated by WebRatio nominated by HandySoft Global Corp S.r.l Italy South and Central America  GoldMiddle-East Africa • Colpensiones nominated by Bizagi, Colombia Gold • Abu Dhabi Department of Transport nominated by Abu Dhabi DOT, United Arab Emirates 30
  • Thank you! Our congratulations again to the Award Winners. Keith Swenson, WfMC Chair, Lead Judge Nathaniel Palmer, Industry Analyst, Executive Director, WfMC Layna Fischer, Awards Director and Publisher Future Strategies Inc. The recording and slides have been posted to www.BPMF.org Media support by31