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Process Director is web-based workflow and BPM software that provides users with business process automation and advanced predictive capabilities -- without programming. Patent-pending Process Timeline technology makes business processes predictable, offering a unique modeling capability that measures and anticipates process execution times.

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BP Logix BPM & Workflow Software

  1. 1. www.bplogix.com PROCESS DIRECTOR BP LOGIX PROCESS DIRECTOR: A TRUE BUSINESS SOLUTION Companies and organizations throughout the US and around the world depend on BP Logix Process Director to automate, manage, and improve their vital business processes. These industry and government leaders have leveraged the power and simplicity of Process Director across an array of key business functions, including: • Human Resources • Finance and Accounting • Purchasing • Information Technology • Operations Visit our web site at http://www.bplogix.com to read how customers including the National Institute of Mental Health, NEC Labs, Capgemini, Transplace, Abbott Labs and IDEX rely on Process Director. MANAGEMENT SUMMARY BP Logix Process Director is unique, web-based software that defines, automates, manages and reports on business processes. Process Director shifts business process management (BPM) to the direct control of business users, eliminating the need for further software development. While electronic forms are built within Microsoft Word, processes, business rules and reports are defined and managed using Process Director’s intuitive web-based graphical interface. As a result, no coding is required. BP Logix is also the first company to offer Predictive BPM™ (pBPM™). pBPM™ provides business users with advanced notice of potential delays, leading to faster and more accurate decision-making. Users can anticipate the impact of processes that are running long or late, as well as any processes that are finishing ahead of their due dates. This enables business managers to adjust the processes, resulting in greater agility — and greater control over the processes themselves. pBPM makes it possible to look at business decisions with greater detail and within tighter timeframes. pBPM™ is based on BP Logix patent-pending Process Timeline™ technology. Unlike other BPM solutions, Process Director enables users to take preemptive action. They can see, at a glance, how long a process — and every activity within that process — is likely to take, based on the original Process Timeline™ definition and the previous behavior of each activity. Combined with traditional flowchart-based workflows, the Process Timeline™ offers a more powerful, business- friendly solution for controlling key business processes.
  2. 2. www.bplogix.com BP Logix Process Director BP Logix Process Director also integrates seamlessly with your company’s existing data. Information sources including databases, ERP and CRM systems, Web Services and Active Directory, as well as spreadsheets and email, can be easily connected to Process Director. The data can then populate forms, change calculations and govern the route a given process follows. In addition, Process Director can also update data in external systems. Finally, Process Director can be deployed in a fraction of the time — and at a fraction of the cost — of other BPM products. Process Director fits into your existing environment, requires no software development, and offers one-of-a-kind pBPM™ and Process Timeline™ technology. Process Director solves business process management problems faster and less expensively than any other product. PROCESS AND WORKFLOW AUTOMATION BP Logix Process Director fuses traditional workflow automation, using a simple drag-and-drop flowchart builder, with its unique Process Timeline™ system, featuring an activity Gantt chart. The Process Timeline™ system enables the process builder to easily specify activity dependencies and conditions, planned duration, and order. For running processes, Process Timeline™ gives the process owner complete control including the ability to: • Predict the completion time of any current or future activity • Cancel an activity or process • Reassign an activity to another user • Restart an activity Additional Features: • 100% web-based graphical interface • No programming required • Rules-based business logic supporting dynamic workflow routing • Due date and duration management with escalation • Advanced workflow processing (sub-workflows, parallel processing, conditionals, reminders) • SOX, HIPAA and 21 CFR part 11 compliant • Fully auditable • Electronic and digital signatures BUSINESS RULES ENGINE BP Logix Process Director business rules are re-useable objects defining the policies and rules that govern how your processes should perform. Business rules exist independent of processes and other objects, enabling you to delegate the management of those rules in accordance with the principle of least privilege.
  3. 3. 760.643.4121Business Rules Features:• Business users can modify rules easily without the need for IT involvement• Rule definitions are reusable• Business Rules are seamlessly integrated into eForms, process automation and reporting functions• Changes to business rules take effect immediately on running processes• Provides a rules-based evaluation of activities and workflow tasks• Allows users to define exceptions to Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)ELECTRONIC FORMSBP Logix Process Director offers the most versatile, flexible, and easily created eForms in theindustry. eForms are built using Microsoft Word® — no custom form builder is required. (eFormscan also be built using Microsoft Visual Studio®.) Based on rules that you configure, at variousstages in a workflow (or even during data input), individual fields or entire sections or tabs can bemade:• Editable or read-only• Hidden or viewable• Empty or pre-populated• Required or optional• Fixed or dynamic• Default or custom font, backgroundIn addition, the Process Director eForms builder offers:• A highly responsive, interactive user experience• Seamless integration with sophisticated underlying document management capabilities• Document attachments• Automatically generated routing slips• Fully auditable change logProcess Director’s simple, flexible eForms, enhanced by thepower of its business rules engine and Process Timeline™technology, provide business users with a rich yet easy-to-use solution for creating highly customizable forms andprocesses ready to meet any business need.REPORTINGProcess Director Knowledge Views enable business usersto build flexible reports, graphs, and dashboards — withoutrequiring the assistance of IT. Knowledge Views are basedon data within or about eForms, processes, or attacheddocuments. Even e-discovery and audit responses are easieras a result of the simple-to-use web-based Knowledge Viewsinterface.
  4. 4. www.bplogix.com Knowledge Views features include: • Real-time report integration with Microsoft Excel • Report scheduling and distribution • Task Lists, identifying any actions currently assigned to a given user • Content Lists, offering administrators and process owners the ability to navigate through definitions or instances of running processes • “Items I Can Run” lists, providing end users with a single pane listing all eForms and other objects they have permission to launch • Pre-configured or user-selected filters APPLICATION INTEGRATION BP Logix Process Director readily integrates into your existing application environment. Process Director objects can be viewed or launched through Web Services calls, and data within Process Director can be accessed via Web Services or SQL, making integration with reporting tools such as Crystal Reports® simple and intuitive. Process definers can also take advantage of Process Director’s integration with Microsoft Word® for eForm creation. Additionally, Process Director can be fully integrated with your Active Directory environment, removing any need for separate identity management. If you are using a Web Single Sign-On (SSO) solution such as SiteMinder®, Process Director can integrate with that as well. Process Director works seamlessly with scanning and document imaging software including Kofax® and Kodak. Process Director can automatically launch a workflow on discovery of a newly- scanned document, and take advantage of metadata provided by the document imaging software to pre-populate eForm fields, drive business rules, and/or make process routing decisions. BP Logix also provides a fully-functioning Software Development Kit (SDK) for Process Director that enables complete application control via Web Services. Not only can Process Director be directly controlled by your locally developed business applications but, in addition, most features and behaviors of Process Director can be modified using the SDK, with no fear of obsolescence. Future releases of Process Director are backward-compatible. Your SDK- based customizations are always safe. DATA INTEGRATION A BPM solution is only as useful as its ability to leverage the vast amounts of data driving business processes within a given organization. Process Director makes it easy to access real-time data from across business units, use that data to drive eForms and processes, and then make updates to your data as appropriate. Process Director features simple, web-based data source connection objects. Once a particular data source is defined, it can be reused at will by process creators who never need to know the details of how a particular connection is made.
  5. 5. www.bplogix.com 760.643.4121Data sources for Process Director can include:• Windows file systems• ERP and CRM applications• SQL-compliant databases• Email• Web Services• Microsoft Excel®SYSTEM REQUIREMENTSServer:• Microsoft Windows Server 2003, 2008 or 2008 R2 (all service packs are supported, in both 32- and 64-bit)• Microsoft SQL Server 2000 or higher, Oracle 10g or higher (Microsoft SQL Server Express Edition comes pre-packaged with Process Director)• .NET Framework 3.5Client (eForm builders or Process Director administrators only):• .NET Framework 2.0• Internet Explorer 7 or aboveClient (end user):• Any recent web browserMobile:• Any smartphone or mobile device with Internet connectivity and full browser capabilities (Flash not required) www.bplogix.com 410 Melrose Drive. Suite 100 Vista, CA 92081 P 760.643.4121