Social media – where to begin


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Social media – where to begin

  1. 1. Social Media – Where to begin?<br /><ul><li>The world of social media can be overwhelming. IT’S MASSIVE!
  2. 2. It includes sites to share music, photos, videos, stories, articles, challenges, tips and to socialize for entertainment.
  3. 3. Facebook has over 500 million users
  4. 4. Twitter is over 100 million, adding 300,000 daily
  5. 5. Linkedin is more than 80 million users
  6. 6. Foursquare is 4 million users
  7. 7. This causes business owners/managers to become reluctant to investing time and resources towards and effective strategy
  8. 8. This can cause the rash formations of strategy similar to toss darts in the dark – signing up for every new latest and greatest network hoping to strike gold
  9. 9. This can lead to annoying and chasing away potential leads or current customers and clients
  11. 11. 5000 FB friends
  12. 12. 3000 initial invitations on LinkedIn, after that more may be requested and are awarded based on acceptance of first 3000
  13. 13. can join 50 groups on LinkedIn
  14. 14. First step of action: Listen
  15. 15. Sign up an account but browse through groups
  16. 16. Join groups, follow tweeps, add FB pages and read the messages being broadcasted
  17. 17. This allows for several things to happen
  18. 18. Understand what the “rules of engagement are”
  19. 19. Learn the difference
  20. 20. Hopefully help inspire ideas or demonstrate things NOT to do.
  21. 21. Find a few friends and connect with them
  22. 22. Begin searching relevant topics of interest
  23. 23. This can include:
  24. 24. Fan pages
  25. 25. Charity events
  26. 26. News organizations
  27. 27. These are channels of information that typically welcome new followers:
  28. 28. Remember this process is to help you evaluate which groups may be best for you to participate in
  29. 29. Just as you would take recommendations for a restaurant, ask for referrals for networking groups
  30. 30. I was referred to Linking Locals months and months ago. I prefer to watch before engaging.
  31. 31. Next step: GET ENGAGED
  32. 32. The phrase it is better to give than to receive I have witnessed over and over through groups or online conversation.
  33. 33. Example: I met twitter user @HBGfoodandWine at a tweet up. We connected on twitter. Tell story about how connection led to cupcake cup and then pie fight support…..
  34. 34. Not getting engaged or simply “lurking” leaves you on the outside of conversation
  35. 35. Relationships do not grow well this way.
  36. 36. Ie: When you go to a cocktail party, do you leave having met new, interesting people by standing in a corner or sitting a table all night? Obvious no.
  37. 37. I would recommend setting aside a specific amount of time and even days to commit to contributing to conversation
  38. 38. From here rules are for fools!
  39. 39. Depending on the network one has chosen to engage in, the strategy one adopts can vary.
  40. 40. Options include:
  41. 41. Creating original content through blogging and posting to groups
  42. 42. Intelligently commenting on posts by others
  43. 43. Sharing technical tips or trip via video or through one’s channel
  44. 44. Does this lead to new business?
  45. 45. Well, that is a conversation based on conversion.
  46. 46. Social Media engagement can build awareness, relationships and develop new leads, - from there having a solid lead conversion strategy is key to gaining new or ad on sales