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BOLO2010 Coburn BOLO2010 Coburn Presentation Transcript

  • The Rise of Location Based Marketing
    October, 2010
    Lawrence Coburn
    Private and Confidential
  • Location Changes Everything
    “Simply put, location changes everything. This one input—our coordinates—has the potential to change all the outputs. Where we shop, who we talk to, what we read, what we search for, where we go—they all change once we merge location and the Web."
    Mathew Honan, Wired
  • Agenda
    • The Inflection
    • The Basics
    • The Players
    • The Campaigns
    • Engagement Levels
    • About DoubleDutch
    • The Future
  • Macro Trends
    • Proliferation of Smartphones
    • Proliferation of GPS enabled devices
    • Faster connections
    • Deprecation of privacy
  • LBS Services are Inflecting
    Foursquare got to 1M users twice as fast as Twitter
    … and the market has noticed
    • Foursquare recently raised $20M on a $95M pre money valuation
    Facebook Places now reaching 500M users
  • Consumer Searches
    Foursquare continues to capture the imagination of consumers, brands, and the press.
  • Geolocation Market Sizing ($B)
    Consumer (e.g. Foursquare, Yelp)
    Branded City Guides, Events, Universities
    Enterprise Collaboration and CRM
    Market Evolution
  • Consumerization of the Enterprise
    Private and Confidential
  • The Basics
    Private and Confidential
  • The Location Stack
    Private and Confidential
  • Implicit vs Explicit
    • Google Latitude vs. Foursquare
    • Privacy and security
    • The less technologically advanced system one
    • Will we see a gradual move towards implicit location sharing?
    Private and Confidential
  • Game Mechanics
    • Points, badges, levels, mayorships
    • “A leaderboard for Saturday night”
    • Crucial for single player utility
    • Gamification trend
    Private and Confidential
  • Value to Consumers
    Network Driven
    • Assisted serendipity
    • Ambient awareness
    Single Player
    • Get deals / selfish interest
    • Log your travels / captain’s log
    • Self expression
    • Game Mechanics / Fun
    Private and Confidential
  • Value to Businesses
    • 85% of commerce occurs offline
    • Explicit publishing of location represents an invitation for content
    • “Local is the most important signal to emerge in the database of intentions since the link”
    Private and Confidential
  • The Players
    Private and Confidential
  • The Geolocation Landscape
  • Whrrl
    • Offering location based recommendations
    • Groups via “Societies”
    Private and Confidential
    • 80 employees
    • All about the game mechanics
    • Backed by Google Ventures
    • Moving from co-branded to consumer
    Private and Confidential
  • Facebook Places
    • Massive reach, access to complementary tools like sophisticated ad engine, analytics, place pages
    • Sticking to location based infrastructure
    • Radical innovation: checking other people in
    • Has a “Facebook Problem”
    • Real innovation could come via third party developers
    Private and Confidential
  • PlacePop
    • Digital punchcards
    • Brand analytics
    Private and Confidential
  • TriOut
    • By locals for locals, Research Triangle Park area
    • Focus on analytics and SMB tools
    Private and Confidential
  • The Campaigns
    Private and Confidential
  • Levels of Engagement
    • Check your business data
    • Welcome message
    • Location based offers
    • Sponsored game mechanics
    • Location driven content layer
    • Loyalty / rewards program
    • Roll your own
    Private and Confidential
  • Campaign: NJ Nets/ Gowalla
    • Lots of effort, gave away 76 free Nets tickets
    • Problems: historically bad team, bad demographic match, low reach
    Private and Confidential
  • Campaign: Coke Fairy
    • Magic Coke cans scattered around Sydney
    • Following the Coke Fairy gets you clues 
    Results: 950 followers on Foursquare
    Private and Confidential
  • Campaign: IFC Content Delivery
    • IFC members contributed tips of places around the world
    • 21,000+ followers
    Private and Confidential
  • Campaign: Shopkick / Best Buy
    • Automatic Checkins
    • Enabled via audio signal
    • Blocks fake check-ins
    • Get deals for walking in
    Private and Confidential
  • Campaign: Soulja Boy
    • Major recording star
    • Huge social media presence
    • One of the largest Ning networks
    • Rolling his own app
    • Soulja Boy Fans can connect around the world
    Private and Confidential
  • About DoubleDutch
    Private and Confidential
  • DoubleDutch
    DoubleDutch helps companies and communities launch their own geolocation apps.
    (ie "Foursquare for the Enterprise”
    (ie ”Yammer of Location")
  • It’s All About Control
    Look & Feel
    Game Mechanics
  • Target Verticals
    DoubleDutch is getting inbound interest from the following verticals
    • Local media companies
    • Conferences, events, and tradeshows
    • Universities
    • Consumer brands
    • Enterprise
    • Digital agencies
  • The Future
    Private and Confidential
  • 5 Things to Watch
    • Geofencing / limited implicit sharing
    • Team based game mechanics
    • Facebook powered apps
    • Private networks: place, company, groups
    • Mobile payments + geolocation
    Private and Confidential
  • Lawrence
    Private and Confidential