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    Barber -- Mobile Super Forum Barber -- Mobile Super Forum Presentation Transcript

    • The “Mobile” Revenue Channel
      How Your Agency Can Create New Opportunities via Mobile Solutions
      Michael Barber
      BOLO 2011/#bolo2011
    • MUM
      aka. MTPB My
      Tipping Point Barometer
    • Smartphones are outselling PCs.*
      *IDC Report
    • Key Takeaways
      My Mum has an iPhone and iPad, no more PC.
      Forget post PC, we’re post phone.
      Smartphone growth up 200% through 2015
      But, consumption matters to us, right?
    • Consumption patterns are changing, dramatically.
    • 15%
      Food & Bev
    • 59%
      of mobile phone searches result in the person visiting the store.
    • Revenue Opportunity
      Pre-Click Revenue Opportunities
      Mobile paid search strategy, planning, and execution
      Mobile search optimization strategy, planning, and execution
      Post-Click Revenue Opportunities
      Mobile landing page development
      Management, analysis and reporting
    • 1 in 5 emails are now read on a mobile device
      Source: eMarketer
    • Revenue Opportunity
      Pre-Click Revenue Opportunities
      Research & understanding of mobile email audience
      Creative & development of mobile optimized emails
      Post-Click Revenue Opportunities
      Landing page/customer experience from mobile email
    • 91% of mobile users consume social media on their device; 71% via desktop
      Source: Ruder Finn
    • Revenue Opportunity
      Content strategy, planning, and creation for mobile audience
      Design and development of mobile optimized experience from social content
    • By 2013, 50% of web traffic will come through mobile devices.
      Source: IDC
      Image by Johnny Does on flickr
    • Amazon sells one product every second via a mobile device.
      $2 billion, or 20% of their revenue, will come from sales on mobile device.
    • So, what’s the problem?
    • The customer experience blows.
      *IDC Report
    • Execution Needs Help?
    • 79%
      of large advertisers do not have a mobile-optimized site.
    • How do we fix the experience?
    • Build a friendly
      mobile destination.
    • I NEED AN APP!
      Photo: mdanys on flickr
    • You must have a mobile site, optimized or otherwise. If your customers can’t find the most important info on the go. You are failing.
    • Questions to Ask
      Do you want your app in the iStore/Android store? Then, app.
      Do the app need to store data on the device after first login? Then, app.
      Do you need to regularly update functionality? Yes, web. No, app.
      Will customers care if they can’t get information when not connected? Yes, app. No, web.
      Do you need to leverage native features? Yes, app. No, web.
    • Mobile Problems Facing Brands
      App store is not for distribution, not discovery.
      Schizophrenic customers & environment
      Lack of education around mobile
    • Revenue Opportunity
      Client education and research
      Mobile web development
      App development
    • The mobile planning process
    • 1
      Develop & integrate mobile into business and marketing strategy
    • Goals & objectives.
      • What are you trying to achieve?
      • Downloads
      • Customer acquisition
      • Commerce
      • Education
      • Walk the store or the current customer process
      • Determine & integrate across the business
    • 2
      Develop your mobile destination
    • 3
      Connect to your users
    • Mobile organic search
      Mobile paid search
      Mobile email
      Mobile display advertising
      Mobile social
      Mobile games
      Mobile web
      Mobile commerce
    • 4
      Mobilize your business with data
    • Use the data.
      • Campaign performance
      • Web analytics
      • App analytics
      • Research and industry benchmarks
      • Watch the $$$$
    • Why agencies fail at mobile?
      (Courtesy of Chris Book – CEO, ChatterPlug)
    • Because we act like agencies.
    • Why agencies fail at mobile?
      • We think hours, not fixed costs.
      • We don’t have the experience or invest in it.
      • We outsource development.
      • We don’t understand it’s a paradigm shift.
      • It can’t be replicated across clients so we get scared.
    • How do we fix this?
      • Don’t act like an agency.
      • Fixed project costs
      • User experience is paramount, monetization is secondary.
      • Invest in experience and technology
      • Think beyond the iPhone
      • Think about the mobile conversation
    • Final Thoughts
      My Mum is mobile and so are her friends.
      Mobile is a paradigm shift, not just a channel.
      Mobile presents a myriad of revenue opportunities for agencies, not seen since the advent of the web.
      Experience over monetization.
    • This is only the beginning…
      #mobile on Twitter
      Strategy & case studies
      Tech & phones