NYC Spiritual History


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NYC Spiritual History

  1. 1. New York City: A Spiritual History New York City’s Spiritual History goes back over 400 years, but over the last 160 years, the moves of God haveBOLD Ministry become more frequent and with great intensity. 1857: The Fulton Street Revival In the middle of September 1857, in New York City, Jeremiah Lanphier, a 48 year old business man turned lay city missionary began a prayer meeting on behalf of the North Dutch Reformed Church. They met every Wednesday from 12 to 1 oclock in the church at the corner of Fulton and William Streets. At the first meeting, out of a city of 1 million people, six people showed up a half hour late. The group decided to meet the next week and there were 14. The week following there were 23 and it grew from there. Within weeks there were thousands of business leaders meeting daily. God moved so powerfully that the prayer meeting spread across the nation. It is estimated that nearly 1 million people were converted out of a national population of 35 million, including 10,000 weekly conversions in New York City for a season. 1950’s: Protestant Charismatic Renewals In the 1950s, David du Plessis, a Pentecostal minister from South Africa, was visiting the United States of America as world secretary for the Pentecostal Church. Key Facts & While in Dallas, he felt the call by God to visit the headquarters of the World Council of Churches in New York. Here he met with many people and an important Information contact was made with the mainline Churches. The outcome of one of the meetings that came from this initial contact was in essence, "there is no need to come out of about BOLD your denomination and join ours; what you have to do is to take the truth out of your theological deep freezers and put it on the Spirit and you will have a Pentecost". Ministry And this is what happened. The Pentecostal experience began entering into the mainline Protestant Churches and it became known as the Pentecostal movement. 1977: New York Stock Exchange Bible Study A group of New York City-based business professionals formed the first indigenous th Bible Study inside of the NYSE on the 7 floor in 1977. These individuals included Raymond C. Forbes, Austin G. Colgate, Terry “Skip” Nagelvoort, George Barnham, and Henry Kipers. This group of men (and eventually women), felt the need to come together during the week to study the Bible and to pray. This group is still meeting. 1984: The New York Fellowship NYSE Study – open to NYSE The New York Fellowship began in 1969 with a group of businessmen meeting employees, Tuesday 8am together for mutual spiritual encouragement. It was incorporated in 1984, adding fulltime staff, in response to executives who wanted to create a more visible Biblical BOLD Tuesday – St. Bart’s presence in the Wall Street area. small chapel 12:45pm 1989: Business Outreach Lord Directed: BOLD Wednesday Study – 74 Trinity In 1989, Hal Rich and Walter Moodie created BOLD Ministry. While on NYC on Place 8am assignment with the Royal Bank of Canada, Walter patterned the mission on a bible study in London. BOLD is the first NY based ministry to model itself upon the weekly bible study at Great St. Helens at Bishop’s Gate in London, England. Rev. Dick Lucas, the rector of Great St. Helens, would give weekly half-hour bible studies with follow-up the next morning. From its early development, BOLD attracted a long line of Christian leaders who have made significant contributions to the spiritual landscape over the last 22 years. 1857 1950’s 1957 1964 1968 1977 1978 1984 1989 2002 2011
  2. 2. Serving Christ in the Marketplace Community since 1989 VISION FOR NYC BOLD Ministry is one of New York City’s original marketplace outreaches. It currently holds meetings in the Financial District, including the NYSE and every Tuesday at St. Bart’s Church, 50th Street and Park Avenue. Our vision is for professionals to:  Pursue a dynamic and fresh relationship with God.  Know the incontrovertible truth and power of the gospel of Jesus.  Demonstrate the love of God and the power of His reality in the marketplace and in their community.  Cultivate a culture within their circle of At the NYSE (From L to R): Freddie, Pete, Johanna, Marshall, Anthony influence where people are aware of the purpose and peace of God. MISSION"If redemption has to reach as far as sin has gone,and power has been corrupted by the fall, then power To present the reality of and the call to aitself has been one of the objects of redemption." transformational relationship with God through Jesus Christ’s redemptive act. – Tom Marshall, 1991 BOARD OF DIRECTORS WANT MORE? Gordon Brown, Christine DeCurtis, CJ DeSantis (CFO), Lucinda Lysek, Christopher Get More… McLoughlin, Vaughn Weimer (Chairman) GO BOLD Pray – for spiritual renewal of NYC and the marketplace Connect - with the BOLD Community on Tuesday or Wednesday BOLD Ministry, Inc. Collaborate with the courageous Reach out – activate weekly teaching in your sphere of influence, invite friends to meetings/events Give - through resources of time, money, skills/talents and influence BOLD Ministry, Inc. 221 Lake Terrace, Bradley Beach, NJ, 07720 212.842.1052 BOLD Ministry 1857 1950’s 1957 1964 1968 1977 1978 1984 1989 2002 2011