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Joshua Willis @ Eschelon Merchant Services

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  • Intro Hi BNI Old Town How is everyone today! Its been awhile
  • To recap just little bit here some pictures of what's important in my life
  • Once again my guitar Hawaii the obsession as my girlfriend calls it
  • So What makes me qualified to be an agent and why in the world would you open you book of contacts and refer me. Good question. (Run down the list) One the right are a few companies I managed, set up, supported personally while at First Data and at Eschelon . To the left are some bug companies in the merchant service industry I have had the pleasure to work with in my career. But what are my clients saying.
  • Good things! Here are just a fewtestimonials that I have received while at Eschelon MS. Customer satisfaction is very important to me as well making sure my clients know and understand how I am giving them the best deal and what they can expect from a professional processing organization like Eschelon in the future.
  • And Ithink everyone in here know what I do…credit card processing/ merchant services. Well merchant services is much more than that (go down the list above) but where does Eschelon fit in the bigger picture and what is our forte or niche if you will
  • Well before I go into that I really need to explain something. Visa MasterCard Discover Interchange- its basically The holy bible of ALL merchant service companies banks 3rd parties, associations anyone who issues or sells card processing. Interchange is important know when shopping for a quote “better rate” if you will because it is the bottom line to any particular transaction . Certain variables change the rate you could receive depending on what cards you took, how you took the card, and then how you handled the data after the transaction was completed and even the industry or SIC code Standard Industry classification the government assigns to your business . This is where I think it gets confusing…. there are more than 600 different categories of rates and fees. And without review in depth that is Interchange and what we offer is a specialized pass-through pricing or ICPLUS as it is called or Interchange Plus Pricing there are so many names for it as the industry doesn’t any federal regulations or standards on selling practice set forth by the card types
  • Ok so After explain that this is usually the outcome.. A little frustration and then the question… wait for it ----- What's’ your rate?
  • And here is the final lesson the key word here is exactly. There are just too many variables to say. Sorry it is what it is
  • Now here is the Eschelon Difference- This is our Niche (go down the list) A little side note we have more than 10K merchants processing with us. That’s not a mistake- referrals like I've said if you know someone that is processing- we know there is mark up and there is money to be saved..period. How much is the only question. And Trust is the only thing that is lacking
  • Now Another Eschelon DifferenceAvailable through Eschelon MS and its partners ONLY!!! IS MX IPOS- you can download it for 5.00 on the app store once approved for this account we credit back to our merchants the $5.00 on their first statement as a courtesy. No costs then to download. Currently this system will work on any IOS Device PC or MAC Android is coming soon
  • So what does it do. Well the first part is the V-term as its called it going let you do Over the phone transaction, mail orders, reoccurring billing. Check processing
  • The feature this real sweet- backend marketing and coupons to your current customers and potentials - great for retail business all at no additional cost or transaction fee you get ( go down the list) after to sell something to your clients you then have the capabilities of store securely their cell number and email address
  • Now its not called MX IPOS for no reason. The POS system is also- at no additional cost full functioning POS system, bar code scanning, and will also manage all your cash, check and credit card sales for you. Food stamps anyone, it will also let you take EBT as well and track everything a POS system
  • Click to pay this is great for memberships clubs , doctors offices , basically any merchant who needs a payment paid and wants their customer to have it done online and doesn’t need a full e-commerce set up with a shopping cart. You can also have bill presentment which is to email this link to a customer to have them pay
  • The mobile features for swiping - Trade shows, deliveries, mobile, take it anywhere your business takes you for a fraction of the costs of what the mobile GPRS wireless units cost.
  • So what does this all cost probably a lot right… nope its less than one of these. So a great referral anyone looking to real features and benefits to their merchant account. Maybe just a retail owner looking to go mobile once and a while but does want the headache or the large expense that used to be associated with mobile transactions or a traditional POS system.
  • For all BNI members and referrals free terminal with set up
  • So what really a good referral be specific Josh. I thought about this a lot and really its this simple (go through the slides)
  • >>>>>
  • Is it slow and I mean does it take longer than 2 seconds to approve your transaction think about how quick it is at fast Wal-Mart is it that fast if not they might have to upgrade equipment anyways in the next year or so as the standards for equipment will go up and be required as these thing will be obsolete
  • And most important of all. Now this could be a family member who runs the day to day operations, a manager or the business owner him or herself
  • If you have answered yes to the following we have a referral . I myself get a ton of referrals when shopping. I am more like to sell someone/ self generate referrals when someone who is taking my money. Its that easy
  • What constitutes a good referral for me- that's hard question to as it as general as everybody- every time you hand your credit card out is opportunity to pass a referral. If you know the owner that is the best but maybe you only know the manager there works to . We have more than 40 different solutions to process can integrate into QuickBooks directly and can program
  • 10 minute presentation joshua willis eschelon ms final draft

    1. 1. 10 MINUTE PRESENTATION- JOSH WILLIS Eschelon Merchant Services
    2. 2. MY LIFE- PHOTOS BrieannaJohnny, David, Me and Michael Lexi
    3. 3. MY LIFE- PHOTOS My Guitar Oct. 11’ Waikiki Beach, Honolulu HawaiiMy obsession PS3
    4. 4. MY LIFE- QUALIFICATIONS• 5+ years in the industry• 2000+ accounts established• Visa MasterCard- First Data certified• Petroleum certified/CPP Certified• POS to Smart phone Apps• A long track record of satisfied clients
    5. 5. CLIENT TESTIMONIALS “Josh provides excellent, patient and persistent service.Law Offices of Kim W. Hansen Without being a nuisance he gives scheduled timelyCriminal Attorney of So. Cali. follow-ups to work with me in my busy schedule to get the job done. I am happy to recommend him to anyone who needs merchant services.” March 16, 2012 “Joshua is a rare business-man, in the sense that he values trust, honesty, and friendliness over making the biggest bang for the buck. As he once told me, "What is a man without his word?" As an HONEST go-getter, only the sky is his limit!” May 31, 2012 Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity 1st Joshua Capota hired Joshua as a Credit Card Processing in 2012
    6. 6. MERCHANT SERVICES 101Merchant services is the generic name given in the United States to a broadcategory offinancial services intended for use by businesses. In its most specific use,it usually refers to the service that enables a business to accept a transactionpayment by use of the customers credit or debit card. More generally, the termincludes the following in its use:• Credit and debit cards payment processing• Check guarantee and check conversion services• Automated Clearing House check drafting services• Gift and loyalty card programs• Payment gateway• Merchant Cash Advances• Online Ordering Systems• Point of Sales Systems
    7. 7. CREDIT CARD PROCESSING 202 Interchange- “What’s that?... And why should I care?” Definition- Interchange is the cost associated with processing a Visa or MasterCard, and now, DISCOVER card transaction that defines the percentage of funds from the transaction (sale) that will go to the bank that issued the credit card. You might have heard this as “wholesale rates” and the company may have claimed to be a direct processor. Visa and MasterCard (the governing bodies - deserving of a whole blog unto themselves and for lack of a better word) adds a really, really small percentage fee ( .11% called assessment) on top of the interchange rate - to complete the true wholesale cost of the transaction. Interchange and assessment rates are non-negotiable. Everything else above and beyond that is profit for companies like Eschelon Merchant Services. There are more than 600 different interchange categories (rates) between Visa and MasterCard alone and comprises more than 150 pages.
    9. 9. CREDIT CARD PROCESSING- FINAL LESSON Unfortunately NO ONE PERSON ,COMPANY OR FIRM can tell you EXACTLY what the cost for merchant services at the end of the day/month will be. But no worries
    10. 10. ESCHELON MERCANT SERVICES• Specialize in showing currently processing merchant a reduction on rates and fees• Typically able to show 20%-50% savings• Rate guaranteed in writing to save money• Full range of processing solution- Apps to Terminals• NO DOWN TIME TO PROCESSING Simply the best!!!
    11. 11. MX IPOSCompatible with any IOS device or PC/MAC*Android OS coming soon
    12. 12. MX IPOS- VIRTUAL TERMINAL Process Credit Cards • Over the phone Mail Orders Reoccurring billing Check Processing
    13. 13. MX IPOS- MARKETING SOLUTIONS Send Coupons, promotional offers and more!! Text Message/SMS Email Social
    14. 14. MX IPOS- CLOUD INVENTORYrack all of your inventory, cash sales and check sales, along with the ability t process credit, debit, gift cards, checks and offer promotions
    15. 15. MX IPOS- CLICK TO PAYhttps://mxcustomer.com/yourbusiness name
    17. 17. MX IPOS- WHAT DOES IT COST Less than one of these per month
    18. 18. BNI MEMBERS AND REFERRALS Free Terminal w/ Set Up
    19. 19. SO WHATS A GOOD REFERRAL?Every time you pull out your credit or debit card Ask yourself
    23. 23. WE HAVE A REFERRAL!!If you answered yes
    24. 24. ESCHELON MERCHANT SERVICES Simply the best!!!