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Greensburg | The Green Rebirth of a Kansas Community
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Greensburg | The Green Rebirth of a Kansas Community


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Published in: Design

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  • In the 80s and 90s, BNIM established many of the sustainable standards and governing bodies that shape today’s design and construction industry.  In this very room, over 20 years ago, the firm convinced the AIA to go down the path toward a sustainable future. Founding the Committee on the Environment (COTE) and groundbreaking entities such as the USGBC, LEED, The Living Building and COTE Top 10…all jumpstarted by the AIA but led by BNIM.  We would not be here without BNIM. It was only after going to the national convention to convince our members of COTE’s merits that COTE was born! ...And then the firm convinced the EPA to fund it!  In this decade, BNIM is helping the AIA and USGBC define how our industry moves beyond LEED. 
  • Circus tents became a center for healing, community building and a caldren of creating a new model for 21st C communities.
  • Streetscape – water reduction response to climatic parameters
  • School – all classes are daylit (Heschong Mahone 1999 study)50KW wind turbine
  • School – all classes are daylit (Heschong Mahone 1999 study)50KW wind turbine
  • School – all classes are daylit (Heschong Mahone 1999 study)50KW wind turbine
  • School – all classes are daylit (Heschong Mahone 1999 study)50KW wind turbine
  • Transcript

    • 1. GreensburgThe Green Rebirth of a Kansas CommunityPresentation by Casey Cassias, FAIA | Principal
    • 2. “Greensburg is a global example of how clean energy can power an entire community, how it can bring jobs and businesses to a place where piles of bricks and rubble once lay.” President Barack ObamaEF5 Tornado First Platinum Community in America ©2012 BNIM
    • 3. Why BNIM, How did we get involved in Greensburg?BNIM ProjectsClick on the image in Slideshow mode to see a listing of projects and more information about each ©2012 BNIM
    • 4. BNIM RESEARCHAIA COTE USGBC REGEN = LEED Beyond LEED AIA COTE TOP 10 Impact Founder AIA COTE, USGBC, LEED $35-49 Billion Green Building Market 140,000+ LEED Professionals 100+ Countries with LEED Projects 30,000+ LEED Projects ©2012 BNIM
    • 5. BNIM: 8 AIA COTE Top Ten Green Buildings The COTE Top Ten Green Projects program celebrates ten projects each year that are the result of a thoroughly integrated approach to architecture, natural systems, and technology. School of NursingOmega Center for Sustainable Living / 2010 University of Texas Houston / 2006 IRS Support Center / 2008 IUB-OCA / 2012 Name of Project | Date | 5 CK Choi / 2000 Heifer International / 2007 ©2012 BNIMKansas City Zoo / 1999 Kiowa County Schools / 2011
    • 6. BNIM: LEED + LivingThe Omega Center for Sustainable Living is the first green buildingin the world to achieve both LEED Platinum + Living BuildingChallenge Certification “This is simply an elegant building.” Peter Busby AIA | 2010 AIA COTE Top Ten Jury Site Acreage Location Water Reclamation Capacity Rainwater for Toilet Flushing 4.5 38,000 40 1,800 Gallons per day (GPD) Gallons. Gallon cistern Average Daily stores enough Demand water for 45 days Building Sq. Ft. Generation Capacity (Electricity) Electricity Demand Electricity Usage 4.5 2.830 134.2 132.77 -1.43 Sq. ft. photovoltaic Kw/day Kw/day (average) Kw/day (average) – panels, 211 panels in (48.53 Kw/hr max output) the building is 3 arrays designed to generate more electricity than its uses ©2012 BNIM
    • 7. Principal sources of GHG ©2012 BNIM
    • 8. ©2012 BNIM
    • 9. ©2012 BNIM
    • 10. Harm’s Way ©2012 BNIM
    • 11. ©2012 BNIM
    • 12. Showing Images ©2012 BNIM
    • 13. Make It RightNew Orleans, LA ©2012 BNIM
    • 14. Brad PittMake it Right Founder Name of Project | Date | 14 ©2012 BNIM
    • 15. ©2012 BNIM
    • 16. Global GreenNew Orleans, LA ©2012 BNIM
    • 17. Make It RightNew Orleans, LA ©2012 BNIM
    • 18. 5.4.07 9:45 pm cdt
    • 19. On the night of May 4, 2007, an EF5tornado nearly two miles wide ravaged thetown of Greensburg, Kansas, resulting in atragic loss of life, displacing more than1,500 people and destroying 95% of thetown’s home and businesses. Aerial View of Greensburg ©2012 BNIM
    • 20. ©2012 BNIM
    • 21. ©2012 BNIM
    • 22. Blessed with a unique opportunityTo create a strong communityDevoted to family,Fostering business,working together for future generations. ©2012 BNIM
    • 23. City of Greensburg Community Growth City of GreensburgKansas A progressive community that offers urban services within the A community that opens its doors to new residents and visitors withoutKansas unassuming feel of a rural, affecting the values and lifestyles of Midwestern community. its current residents. Family Renewal A community that provides A community that makes proactive opportunities for its young people in decisions that use this opportunity to the way of jobs, education and reverse the decline of the community recreation as reasons to stay in and build a progressive city with a Greensburg. strong future. Prosperity A community where entrepreneurial Water spirit, customer service, and a Treat each drop of water as a precious sustainable economy permeate the resource. business sector and where residents, travelers, and tourists Health enjoy a full line of locally owned Improve quality of life by promoting a businesses that provide jobs and healthy and active lifestyle. services to an exceptional example of small town America. Energy Environment Promote a high level of efficiency in A community that recognizes the new construction and look to importance of the natural renewable options for generation. environment and balances the need for growth and economic Wind development with the maintenance Greensburg’s vast wind resources are and improvement of the part of an emerging economy and environment. should be harvested. Affordability An up-to-date, affordable rural Built Environment community where housing plans and Build a town that encourages strategies incorporate energy- interaction between residents, efficient design and materials and welcomes guests and serves as a serve as a regional and national model community. New development model for integrating residents of all should be durable, healthy and ages and needs with services of all efficient. City projects will lead the kinds. way by becoming examples of green practices that are built to last. ©2012 BNIM
    • 24. ©2012 BNIM
    • 25. 17 December 2007 Greensburg City Council adopted a resolution that all city projects would be built to LEED Platinum standards and would exceed the baseline code for energy efficiency by 42%. ©2012 BNIM
    • 26. Promote a high level of efficiency innew construction and look torenewable options for generation. ©2012 BNIM
    • 27. Greensburg StreetscapeCity of Greensburg, Kansas 100% Projected Potable Water Use Reduction ©2012 BNIM
    • 28. Greensburg StreetscapeCity of Greensburg, Kansas 100% Projected Potable Water Use Reduction ©2012 BNIM
    • 29. 65%Energy Savings City Hall City of Greensburg, Kansas 65% Energy Savings ©2012 BNIM
    • 30. ©2012 BNIM
    • 31. ©2012 BNIM
    • 32. Prepared by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) April 2012 ©2012 BNIM
    • 33. Kiowa County SchoolsCity of Greensburg, Kansas ©2012 BNIM
    • 34. ©2012 BNIM
    • 35. ©2012 BNIM
    • 36. ©2012 BNIM
    • 37. ©2012 BNIM
    • 38. The Building System ©2012 BNIM
    • 39. ©2012 BNIM
    • 40. ©2012 BNIM
    • 41. 71% Kiowa County Schools City of Greensburg, Kansas Projected Energy Savings ©2012 BNIMKiowa County Schools (K-12) – Greensburg, Kansas
    • 42. Kiowa County SchoolsCity of Greensburg, Kansas ©2012 BNIM
    • 43. Naturally-lit Gymnasium ©2012 BNIM
    • 44. Public/Shared Spaces ©2012 BNIM
    • 45. Kiowa County SchoolsCity of Greensburg, Kansas ©2012 BNIM
    • 46. Prepared by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) April 2012
    • 47. ©2012 BNIM