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Alsi al link w energy solutions

  1. 1. Appalachian Lighting SystemsDesigning, manufacturing (U.S.) and deploying best-quality LED lighting since 2006.
  2. 2. Appalachian Lighting Systems, Inc. Who we are: Western Pennsylvania company that specializes in the development and manufacture in the U.S. of high-powered, ultra energy-efficient, Solid State Lighting (“SSL”) fixtures. Our Vision: To design, engineer, and produce a superior quality commercial SSL lighting product – Solid State Lighting is ALL we do! Our Commitment to the highest level of SSL Industry Standards:  7th SSL manufacturer (of 227) accepted into the Department of Energy(DOE)’s Solid State Lighting Advocates Program  Have pioneered a number of critical industry firsts in intelligent lighting designs with patents and patents pending  Conduct (and provide for our customers) independent, third-party tests of our lighting fixtures  Track and publish auditable Product Reliability data—over 99%!2
  3. 3. Why ALSI ALLED® Solid State Lighting?  We believe the long term trend for electricity prices will continue upward – likely for next 10 -15 years  Current lighting technology is analog, very inefficient, and over 100 years old  Worldwide concern over green house gas emissions  ALSIs lighting offers 70 to 90 percent savings and is rated to last 15 to 25 years with no maintenance  ALSI lighting is digital in design and fully intelligent through its ALLink™ adaptive control systems capability  The highest quality lighting in the world! Less than one percent failures since 20063
  4. 4. The Market Opportunity is Massive  An estimated 100 million street, area, roadway, and parking lights across North America  Over 30,000 cities across North America  All will be replaced over the next ten years at a cost estimated at $75 to 100 billion dollars  Exterior lighting only. Similar opportunity for interior lighting4
  5. 5. Why will the world switch out all of its lighting? Long term trend for fossil fuels prices is no where but up Current electricity generation fleet is growing older, and the cost of new generation, inclusive of plant, financing, regulation, risk management, etc, as a package, continues to rise Cities, private sector want budgetary certainty in lighting costs Intelligent solid state lighting will offer a compelling alternative to today’s lighting5
  6. 6. 6
  7. 7. ALSI ALLED® Luminaires Consume between 70% and 90% less energy than the fixtures they replace. Provide a maintenance-free useful life between 150,000 and 250,000 hours. The most reliable luminaires in the world Utilize cutting-edge patented and patent-pending designs that are among the finest in the industry The world’s first fully integrated intelligent lighting luminaires with ALSI’s ALLink™ adaptive control system With ALSI’s Smart Surge™, the world’s first intelligent firewall for protecting luminaire electronics from catastrophic line voltage surges Include no hazardous/environmental materials (Mercury, etc).7
  8. 8. ALSI ALLED® Luminaires Parking Garage/Canopy Fixtures Next Generation Street Lights  Parking Lot lighting Roadway Lighting  Warehouse High Bay & Wall Packs  Low Bay Lighting Area Flood  Decorative Lamp posts Billboard Lighting  Office Lighting  Area Down Lighting8
  9. 9. Why ALLED® Luminaires are Superior  Fully integrated design - Customer does not have to contract with multiple vendors and vendor components  Thermals – the world’s ‘coolest’ running and longest lifetime rated light  ALLink™ - the world’s most intelligent integrated lighting technology  Smart Surge™ - the world’s most intelligent and robust integrated electronics protection  Photo Sensor – the world’s first digital light sensing device. No more traditional photo cell ‘add-on’  Reliability – the world’s most reliable solid state lighting  Lumen Depreciation Neutralization– ALLink™ can allow any potential effects of long term lumen depreciation to be neutralized out to the rated luminaire lifetime9
  10. 10. Fully Integrated Design  Passive thermal cooling for LED’s – no moving parts  All electronics and light sensing capability is internal to the light  No external third party photo cell  No external components and third party adaptive control system.  No more conflict to resolve when third party components fail, or integration issues  Transformer and Smart Surge™ protection is internal to the light and integrated with ALLink™10
  11. 11. Thermals – The world’s ‘coolest’ running and longest lifetime rated light  Fully passive design – no moving parts  LED’s will last for a very long time if ‘driven’ at cool temperatures. Rated lifetime will drop dramatically if LED’s are not properly thermally cooled, and if they operate in the 85 to 105 degree Celsius range  ALSI luminaire LED’s operate in a range of 30 to 55 degrees Celsius at an ambient temperature of 20 degrees Celsius  Because of the quality integration of the entire ALSI lighting package, this allows for a calculated rated lifetime of ALSI luminaires in excess of 150,000 hours before the LED’s will have depreciated to L70, or 30 percent lumen depreciation  For instance, through third party calculation, it is estimated the CL2 canopy light will operate for over 100,000 hours before lumen depreciation will arrive at L85, or 15 percent reduction in lumen output  With ALLink™ however, the light output can be increased by 15% to fully neutralize such depreciation11
  12. 12. Lumen Depreciation - Not an Issue withALSI SSL Product ALSI12
  13. 13. ALSI SSL Product Thermals ExampleALSI CL2 – UL 1598 Test Results13
  14. 14. ALSI CL2 – UL 1598 TestResults Calculated Rated Lifetime to reach 15% and 30% lumen depreciation. Translation: If the CL2 were operated 24 hours per day, 365 days per year, it will take 11.5 years for the LED’s to depreciate 15 percent14
  15. 15. ALLink™ - The world’s most intelligent integrated lighting technology  Minimal required training  Web-based Monitoring and Control Integrated into the Fixture/DC Side  Dashboard with Google earth RF-Wireless and GPRS/GSM technology interface Fault Monitoring & Alarm Notification  Unlimited Dimming capabilities Scalability  Unlimited ON/OFF Scheduling Report generation  Easy integration with other systems Smart Metering  Remotely operated from anywhere in City Emergency Services integration the world  Lumen Depreciation Offset15
  16. 16. ALLink™ - the Dashboard16
  17. 17. ALLink™ - the Dashboard17
  18. 18. ALLink™ - the Dashboard18
  19. 19. ALLink™ - the Dashboard Event Log  Open alert tracking summary  Email automatically sent if lighting failure from operating spec  Maintenance ‘ticket’ issued for servicing follow up  When servicing completed, lighting node automatically goes ‘green’19
  20. 20. ALLink™ - Actual Install - Customer Green Nodes20
  21. 21. ALLink™ Indoor Commercial ApplicationsDesigning, manufacturing (U.S.) and deploying best-quality LED lighting since 2006.
  22. 22. Smart Surge™ - The world’s most intelligent and robust integrated lighting electronics protection  The primary reason why solid state lighting (SSL)will fail is due to improper long term protection to the light’s electronic components  Virtually all SSL manufacturers incorporate surge protection of 4kVA to 10kVA and will survive only one such surge event before light failure  ALSI’s Smart Surge™ is intelligent and is integrated into ALLink™ and will notify ALLink™ if it has incurred a surge event  Smart Surge™ is designed and tested to withstand up to 30 surge events of up to 10kVA before the light will fail  However, since it will have notified ALLink™ of multiple surges, either the cause of such line surges can be addressed prior to light failure, or the Smart Surge ™ board can be replaced prior to light failure22
  23. 23. ALSI Photo Sensor – The world’s first integrated digital light sensing device  No more traditional photo cell ‘add-on’  Traditional photo cells can fail after two or three years. Labor costs to change can be $100 - $200  ALSI Photo Sensor fully integrates into ALLink™  Fully programmable for light sensitivity through ALLink™  Serves as backup to ALLink On/Off scheduling  Designed to last for rated lifetime of luminaire  No maintenance necessary! The cost of any product is it’s full lifecycle cost, not the initial capital cost23
  24. 24. Reliability – The world’s mostreliable solid state lighting  To date, ALSI is also the only SSL company that publishes its product reliability data  No other SSL manufacturer has challenged ALSI’s data and claims. Until shown otherwise, ALSI ALLED® fixtures are the most reliable in the world  For instance – the CL2 canopy series light has surpassed 25 million field hours of operation – and has not incurred a single luminaire failure!  The following chart shows the reliability of ALSI fixtures through three generations of development and five years of manufacturing:24
  25. 25. ALSI ALLED® Luminaire Performance As reported on the home page of ALSI’s website as at 4/28/2012 Combined Product Operating Hours 78,517,238 Product Operating Reliability Rate 99.23% Overall Power Consumption Reduction 77.1% Contributed CO2 Reduction to date (lbs) 18,209,925 Contributed SO2 Reduction 72,304 Contributed NOx Reduction to date (lbs) 28,11825
  26. 26. Lumen Depreciation Neutralization  Most manufacturers over drive their LED’s to increase light output. If luminaires are ‘driven’ at higher milliAmp levels and not properly thermally cooled, rated lifetime levels to L70 will be greatly reduced  Even if the luminaires are engineered to ALSI standards, the LED’s will nevertheless incur some depreciation in lumen output over their rated lifetime.  ALSI luminaire lumen output is engineered to depreciate no more than 15 percent over their first 100,000 hours of operation  ALSI’s power systems are designed to drive the luminaires well below their actual rated capability  Because the luminaires are already running quite ‘cool’, any lumen depreciation over time is greatly minimized  Even so, with the integrated ALLink™ adaptive control capability, foot candle requirements can be maintained by slightly increasing the power output to neutralize any potential depreciation through the rated lifetime26
  27. 27. In Summary:  The market opportunity is massive  ALSI has world class technology  Our engineering standards are second to none  Our product innovations are where the market will want to go  We will protect our IP  We believe we will be a first tier leader in exploiting this opportunity …Our Future is Bright!27
  28. 28. Appalachian Lighting SystemsProduct and Installation Examples
  29. 29. SL4 Street, Roadway, and Area Light Series  Rated from 30 to 160 watts  Replaces from 70 to 400 watt HID  No external photo cell  ALLink™ adaptive control fully integrated into SL4 on DC current side  Smart Surge protected Designing, manufacturing (U.S.) and deploying  Rated L70 lifetime at 150,000 hours best-quality LED lighting since 2006.© 2011 Appalachian Lighting Systems, Inc. all rights reserved
  30. 30. CL2 Canopy Light Series  Rated from 30 to 60 watts  Replaces from 70 to 250 watt HID  ALLink™ adaptive control fully integrated on DC current side  Smart Surge protected  Rated L70 lifetime at 150,000 hoursDesigning, manufacturing (U.S.) and deploying  Fully integrated motion sensing best-quality LED lighting since 2006. Surpassed 25 million field operating hours and no failures!
  31. 31. High and Low Bay Interior Light Series  Rated from 110 to 340 watts  Replaces from 250 to 1000 watt HID  ALLink™ adaptive control fully integrated into luminaire on DC current side  Smart Surge protected  Rated L70 lifetime atDesigning, manufacturing (U.S.) and deploying 150,000 hours  Fully integrated best-quality LED lighting since 2006. motion sensing
  32. 32. 32Ellwood City Street Lights Home to one of the longest running LED street lighting project in North America, Ellwood City, PA, has installed Appalachian Lighting’s ALLED® brand fixtures. 5 years later, the lights continue to outperform their original design specification, and achieved carefully-documented savings of 75% ! BEFORE AFTER
  33. 33. 33New Kensington, PA Decorative Lamp Posts New Kensington, PA, has replaced 150 Watt Acorn Style Street Lights (185 Watts total) with 44 Watt ALLED® brand fixtures. The city will be achieving energy savings of almost 75%!
  34. 34. Pittsburgh International Airport 34 Believed to be the largest lighting installation of its kind in North America Specific, custom lighting products designed to meet the specifications of the Allegheny County Airport Authority Anticipated annual energy savings of at least $158,000/year
  35. 35. Pittsburgh Intl’ Airport Parking Deck Replaced 400 Watt Metal Halide fixtures with ALLED® 125 Watt PL3 Parking Lot Lights Energy savings of over 73%! BEFORE AFTER
  36. 36. Pittsburgh Intl’ Airport Parking Garage Replaced 175 Watt Metal Halide fixtures with ALLED® 34 Watt CL2 Canopy fixtures Energy savings of over 84%!
  37. 37. Pittsburgh Intl’ Airport Parking Deck
  38. 38. Pittsburgh Intl’ Airport Passenger Drop off Replaced 250 Watt Metal Halide fixtures with ALLED® 66 Watt PL1 Energy savings of over 77%! BEFORE AFTER
  39. 39. Pittsburgh Intl’ Airport Passenger Pick Up Replaced 250 Watt and 400 Watt Metal Halide fixtures with 198 ALLED® 76 Watt DL2 Down lights Energy savings of over 80%! BEFORE AFTER
  40. 40. 40Ontario, Canada
  41. 41. 41Ontario, Canada
  42. 42. 42 Ontario, Canada50 Watts Replaces 185W HPS!
  43. 43. 43185 ft.
  44. 44. 44 30 ft.
  45. 45. Allegheny County Jail – Pittsburgh, PA 45  900,000 Square foot facility with 250 Watt (295 Watt total), 2X2 HID fixtures  Replaced with 805, 48 Watt, 2X2 recess lay-in LED fixtures (Office Light)  Operating 24X7, Jail will see an 83% reduction in energy consumption—energy savings of $178,000/year“In addition to the energy and cost savings, we’re also looking forward to being more efficient with staff time.The life expectancy of the LEDs means we no longer have to purchase and store extra bulbs, and we’ll cut down on the time spent changing bulbs as well.” - Warden Ramon C. Rustin
  46. 46. Core ALSI Engineering Principles & Discipline: What makes an efficient, reliable and long-lived SSL luminaire?46
  47. 47. Core SSL EngineeringPrinciples & Discipline • Thermal Management: – ALLED® luminaires have an effective, patented thermal design ensuring proper removal of heat from the LEDs – Targeted junction temperature (TJ) of 10-20°C above Ambient (TAIR) • Power Management: – Often the weakest link of the luminaire – With Smart Surge™ ALSI’s power supplies are designed to withstand repeated transient events up to as much as 10 KVA and last as long (or longer) than the LEDs • Photometric Management: – ALLED® luminaires are designed to use highly efficient shaped- reflector technology: • Allows for greater dissipation of LED-generated heat • Permits easily tailored light patterns • Helps to prevent long-term lens degradation • Simplified Maintenance: – Field-serviceable luminaires can greatly reduce the downtime and expense associated with factory-repair – ALLED® luminaires are designed to be serviced by onsite maintenance crews • ALLink™ Adaptive Control System: Integrated into each fixture. Allows each ALLED® luminaire to be remotely monitored and controlled via wireless control modules47
  48. 48. 48
  49. 49. Core ALSI Engineering Principles & Discipline: SSL Reliability Management (luminaire design, components, final assembly and test) Thermal ManagementPower Focal Power Driver LED Reflectors Diffuser LightInput Lens Supply (If used) Package (If used) (If used) Output (If used) Luminaire Housing Integrity Power Management Optical Management Source: Appalachian Lighting Systems, Inc.49
  50. 50. Industry Standards & Third Party Testing50
  51. 51. DOE Lighting Facts Program Voluntary, free program developed by the US Department of Energy Designed to battle over-promising / under-performing products in the market Ensures SSL products live up to their claims and don’t “threaten consumer adoption” or “significantly delay widespread acceptance of this new technology.”* Use of Lighting FactsCM Label ensures customer that the LED Products found on the market meet their expectations of performance Product list backed by verification and independent 3rd party testing To view all products registered and approved to use the Lighting FactsCM label, go to *Source:, June 9, 2010 51
  52. 52. The Lighting FactsCM Label • ‘Nutrition Label’ for SSL products • To be used on product specification sheets, literature and/or packaging to provide clear and consistent labeling of five key areas of performance: – Lumens – Lumens per watt (lm/W) – Watts – Correlated Color Temperature (CCT) – Color Rendering Index • It is recommended you check the web site to make sure the product is on the Lighting Facts Product List and the values are exactly the same. • Only products on the list have been verified by the LM-79 test reports and may display the label.52
  53. 53. Testing and Verification of LED Life& PerformanceLM-79-08• Specifies a standard test method for measuring the photometric properties of SSL devices, allowing calculation of luminaire efficacy• Manufacturers are required to submit a copy of the IESNA LM- 79 test report for each product so that DOE can verify the data on a Lighting Facts label• DOE only accepts LM-79 reports from independent laboratories with NVLAP accreditation for LM-79 testing or from an independent testing labs recognized by the DOE CALiPER program• LM-79 reports can be misleading—can be done “in house”. Verify that testing was done with an independent, third part lab.53
  54. 54. Testing and Verification of Performance and LED Life• IESNA LM-80 – Specifies a standard method done by the Chip manufacturers for measuring the lumen depreciation of LEDs to calculate LED “Life” – Does not cover the LED luminaire or provide guidance for extrapolating lumen maintenance beyond the 6,000 hour measurement period• UL 1598 – Conducted at the same time as in-situ temperature measurements of Module, Array, Light Engine and Power Supply/Driver – Third-party independent testing• Technical Memorandum 21 (TM-21) – IESNA published new standard to estimate LED lumen maintenance and service life beyond 6,000 hours – Utilizes LM-80 data collected at multiple operating temperatures and drive currents 54
  55. 55. 55
  56. 56. 56 SSL Energy Solutions Program™ Proposal to the Power AuthoritySample
  57. 57. 57The Challenge  Replace 16,322 existing Cobra Head Street Lights with Light Emitting Diode (“LED”), Solid-state lighting fixtures:  Reduce overall energy consumption  Reduce Maintenance costs  Reduce harmful, greenhouse gases being released into the environment  Provide significant energy and maintenance cost savings with no incremental out-of-pocket expense  Offer the assurance that the lights will perform well past the standard manufactures warranty  Give a truly world-class, state-of-the-art lighting fixture, unique to any other lighting installation in the worldSample SSL Energy Solutions™
  58. 58. 58The Solution SSL Energy Solutions™ forms a strategic partnership with entities that want to ‘go green’ with ALLED® lighting Enables customers to transition to ALLED® Solid-State Lighting (SSL) without having to incur significant, out-of-pocket capital outlays or incremental operating costs  ALLED® SSL fixtures purchased and installed for the customer with minimal to no out-of-pocket capital outlay  10 Year “bumper-to-bumper” warranty with no additional capital outlay  Parts-depot is strategically staged for rapid replacement capabilities All of this is achieved at less than the monthly cost the customer was paying prior to entering into this agreement. Sample SSL Energy Solutions™
  59. 59. 59Why It Works Both public and private entities have already budgeted specific non discretionary funds to cover the electricity and maintenance costs associated with lighting their existing fixtures each month. It is out of these non discretionary funds, already being spent by the customer from which a new, lower monthly payment will be structured within the program. No other company can match the ALSI savings advantage and proven reliability rate at this time. Sample SSL Energy Solutions™
  60. 60. Operational Advantages 60  Warranty-10 Year ‘bumper to bumper’ :  All parts necessary to keep the lights performing to manufacturer specifications will be provided by the Program.  The parts can be staged at an agreed upon depot area to allow for rapid response to any potential outages.  Local Contractors can easily be trained to service the lights. The ALLED® rapid replacement capabilities allow for luminaires to be serviced on site .  Power Authority will see a significant, if not a complete, elimination in service related maintenance for light outages;  At the end of year 10, all lights will be performing according to manufacturer specification and additional parts will be provided to the Power Authority from this Parts Depot for future repairs.  Reliability: ALSI SSL luminaires are operating at over 99% reliability rate from first luminaire installed Sample SSL Energy Solutions™
  61. 61. 61Data & Assumptions  Average units– 16,322 HPS Cobra head Fixtures  Average kWh rate used in this study – $0.25  Assumes 4,380 total annual operating hours (12 hours/day)  Average annual maintenance cost per light for 10 years - $32 ($523,000 annually)  5% electricity inflation rate per annum for 10 years  2.5% maintenance inflation rate per annum for 10 years  Assumes replacing 150W and 250W HPS cobra head fixtures with the 50 and 77 Watt ALLED® SL4 Street lightsSample
  62. 62. 62 Long-Term Savings ( 10 Years) Cumulative Savings Annual Cost Comparison$20,000,000 $7,000,000$18,000,000 $6,000,000$16,000,000$14,000,000 $5,000,000$12,000,000 Annual Cost $4,000,000$10,000,000 $3,000,000 $8,000,000 $6,000,000 $2,000,000 $4,000,000 $1,000,000 $2,000,000 $0 $- 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Year Sample Existing Lighting Fixtures Energy Solutions Program
  63. 63. Sample 63 10 Year Program Summary 10 Year Savings Analysis Total Current Total Operating Total TotalOperating Systems Systems Costs of Net Savings Savings Payments Costs ALLED® SSLs $54,184,018 $13,061,001 $41,124,017 $22,194,085 $18,928,932 Cost Savings: $18,900,000 Energy Savings: 112,000,000 kWh
  64. 64. Sample 6410 Year Program Summary ALL 16,322 ALLED® SL4 fixtures, equipped with the ALLink™ monitoring and control system, will be purchased and installed with no incremental out-of-pocket capital outlay; Power Authority will immediately begin seeing targeted savings in year 1 of approximately 15% or $654,700*. The Savings will grow to approximately 62% by year 10 for total savings of approximately $18.9 Million* over 10 years; The SSLES Program will assume the performance risk of the lighting fixtures for ten full years, during which it will provide all necessary parts for repairs of the ALLED® SSL fixtures; A the end of year 10, Power Authority assumes operation and full ownership of the lights and will realize 100% of the cost savings for the remaining luminaire lifetime (additional savings of approximately $28.6 Million* in years 10-15); and, Most importantly, all of this is achieved at less than the monthly cost of what Power Authority is paying for the energy and maintenance costs of its existing lighting infrastructure.*Does not include additional savings able to be achieved using ALLink™
  65. 65. ALLink™ Control System 65  Maintenance crews can be immediately alerted when a specific luminaire is not operating.  The significant time and resource spent surveying for outages can be eliminated, as can the periods of time when certain areas are not being properly lit.  The luminaires incorporate Smart Metering capabilities which can allow for the tracking of actual electricity usage of each ALLED® SSL.  On/Off/Full or Partial Power down capabilities will allow lighting to be powered down during early morning hours while still maintaining necessary light levels.  Additional savings of approximately 4-5% over proposed savings can be achieved each year by simply powering down each light fixture 50% from 12:00AM to 4:30AM. This can result in additional savings of over $2.5 Million over 10 years. Sample SSL Energy Solutions™
  66. 66. Next Steps 66  Revise any immediate concerns with Preliminary Proposal  Sign Letter of Intent/Agree to Terms of Program  Confirm and Finalize Data from Preliminary Analysis  Present Final Proposal and Implementation Plan  Present Final Contract Documents Sample SSL Energy Solutions™
  67. 67. 67