Driving changes in tough times

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  • 1. Stockholm, 6. May 2009 Driving Change in Tough Times Bo Øksnebjerg
  • 2. Todays program The challenge of change Communicating change Driving strategic direction in tough times Discussion
  • 3. What the boss is saying We will merge This is a great with company opportunity for the XXX company to reach new markets We have a detailed plan It’s going to be great!
  • 4. What are employees hearing We will merge with company Bla Bla XXX Bla Bla Bla Bla
  • 5. What the boss thinks the employees are thinking I will immidiately start planming my I miss a little info – I part of this will find it myself project This is a great idea! Perhaps I should also do xxx and yyy to help the process
  • 6. They should have What employees actually think! done this years ago – but they never listen to my New markets? advice I wonder if this Perhaps this is my means I will no chance to get a longer share my job in England! office with Peter Oh No! not again! That’s what they said to YYY company – and then 120 people were He doesn’t have a laid off clue. He has no idea what is going I’ll bet you this on. means another reorganization of our department They have said After the merger, stuff like this he will get fired. before – but it Maybe I can get a never happens chance for a promotion
  • 7. What employees actually think! Me! Me! Me!
  • 8. What’s in it for me?
  • 9. It’s all about : ”What’s in it for me?” Personal gain I’m better off after this Personal involvement I invented this Inspiring goals I want to make this come true Inspiring leaders I want to follow that guy Strong company culture I feel great here Source: Bo Øksnebjerg
  • 10. Change is not linear Accept Time Source: Bo Øksnebjerg
  • 11. Everybody starts off with a ”Big Bang” Accept Time Source: Bo Øksnebjerg
  • 12. But it also requires a series of small moves Accept Launch of the new strategy Time Source: Bo Øksnebjerg
  • 13. The ’Attention makers’ Accept Large, coordinated initiatives set the agenda Time Source: Bo Øksnebjerg
  • 14. Everyday changes Accept Managers and ’small everyday changes’ keeps up momentum Time Source: Bo Øksnebjerg
  • 15. Communications Accept Communications ’fill the gaps’ Time Source: Bo Øksnebjerg
  • 16. The 4 phases to succes Communicating progress Source: Bo Øksnebjerg
  • 17. Reactions to a big change process Inattention Engaged Denial Responsability Fear Negotiation Anger Acceptance Employee A Source: Adams 1976
  • 18. Employees respond later than managers Inattention Engaged Denial Responsability Fear Negotiation Anger Acceptance Manager A Employee B Source: modified from Adams 1976 by Bo Øksnebjerg
  • 19. Only 4 out of 10 knows the goals of their organization
  • 20. Imagine if only 4 out of 10 knew that the Apollo project was aiming for the Moon …
  • 21. The information level is good
  • 22. A very clear objective
  • 23. But they see 72 different objectives ”What is the objective for the creation of the new GEOCENTER?” MOST SAY: ”Have no idea” COPERATION: ”Cooperation”, ”Synergy”, ”Utilize ressources better” ECONOMY: ”Cost reductions”, ”Make more money”, ”Rationalizations” IDEOLOGY: ””Advance knowledge of the Geosciences” VISIBILITY: ”Visibility” , ”Prestige”, ”Bosses that wants brass plates in front of the buildings”, ”Higher profile compared to other research areas” POSITION: ”Become a leading Geoscience center in Europe”, ”Create a strong center for geosciences in Denmark”. SOLVE PROBLEMS: ”Create a symbiosis and tear down the walls between us”, ”attract more money to geosciences in Denmark”.
  • 24. What is the colour of the zebras’ stripes?
  • 25. Employees want information and directions from their nearest manager Importance state 1-5 Nearest manager 87% 4,48 Colleagues 81% 3,84 Meetings 71% 3,68 Executives 54% 3,38 Union 47% 2,77 Message boards 55% 2,54 Intranet 43% 2,51 Employee magazine 45% 2,32 Trade press 34% 2,16 Newspapers 39% 2,04 2,02 Radio/TV 30% 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% 100% Source: AC Nielsen
  • 26. Translate and fit message to and with each specific target group… My picture
  • 27. While at the same time keeping line of sight… The big picture
  • 28. Manager training and network groups
  • 29. Please notice Beware Of The Powerpoint© CEO (8 out of 10 CEOs abandon their big change projects) Source: Post mortem on 20 big change projects, 2007; Bo Øksnebjerg
  • 30. Stories Heroes Symbols Rituals, rites, ceremonies Routines and key processes Recognitions / rewards Status symbols Visible changes Management style Cultural changes Beliefs Values Assumptions Source: Schein, 1992