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B M Crowdsourcing Presentation
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B M Crowdsourcing Presentation


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Burson-Marsteller Australia presentation for New Media Conference 2010, which was held in March in Sydney. Deck includes crowdsourcing case studies and guidance on strategic approach.

Burson-Marsteller Australia presentation for New Media Conference 2010, which was held in March in Sydney. Deck includes crowdsourcing case studies and guidance on strategic approach.

Published in: Business

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  • 1. Tapping into the Wisdom of Crowds Daniel Young, Director – Digital, Burson-Marsteller Australia 16 March 2010
  • 2. What is your Engagement Strategy?
  • 3. Crowdsourcing has been variously described as… “A super charged suggestion box” “Outsourcing on steroids” “A cheap way of ripping off ideas”
  • 4. Jeff Howe described Crowdsourcing as: “…the act of taking a job traditionally performed by a designated agent, usually an employee, and outsourcing it to an undefined generally large group of un- specialised individuals.” Jeff Howe Author and blogger:
  • 5. What does Crowdsourcing do?  It taps into collective intelligence: • Partners • Employees • Customers • General public  It provides a tool for understanding what customers really want  Enables a pure form of social media engagement
  • 6. Australia’s 8th most trafficked site is Crowdsourced
  • 7. Ford’s Challenge  Trust in auto sector in decline  Social media recognised as opportunity to enhance Ford’s reputation  How to provide social media strategy with scale
  • 8. Ford’s Crowdsourced Solution Customers  The Fiesta Movement – Online campaign spanning multiple social media channels to gets 100 individuals to share their experience of the Ford Fiesta online  Ford sets challenges and ‘Agents’ use various forms of social media to tell stories, which are aggregated at Fiesta Movement Employees  Get one per cent of workforce to become active social media participants  ‘Mobilise an army of influencers from inside the organisation… to share their own perspectives on Ford.’  All employees must adhere to blogger relations and social media engagement guidelines
  • 9. • Glenn Frost: ‘on holiday’ • Analyst expect News to increase offer
  • 10. The Guardian’s Problem  The Daily Telegraph announces the results of its investigation into MP Expenses on May 8th 2009  Within hours, every evening news bulletin is reporting details of the expenses claims made by Cabinet Ministers  Eleven days of revelations in the Daily Telegraph and Sunday Telegraph boosts circulation at the papers by more than 600,000 copies  The Guardian is playing catch up and needs its own angle on this story quickly
  • 11. The Guardian’s Crowdsourced Solution
  • 12. The Guardian’s Result  170,000 documents were reviewed in the first 80 hours, a visitor participation rate of 56 percent  As of today, 26,038 readers have reviewed 219,491 pages of submissions  The Guardian has its own story leads on high profile political scandal
  • 13. Crowdsourcing news (BBC) • Dedicated user generated content hub of 23 people • UGC embedded as a form of news gathering • Editors review readers tip offs, submissions, video and imagery
  • 14. Crowdsourcing strategy (Idea Bounty) • Simple way for clients to hire 1000s of creatives and only pay for the ideas they want • Campaign briefs are issued online • A social think tank used by Unilever for Pepperami TV ad campaign
  • 15. Crowdsourcing knowledge and experience (HP) • Peer to peer support community for HP product owners • Providing the infrastructure for customers to help customers • Most active and helpful members are recognised
  • 16. Crowdsourcing design (Threadless) • Threadless sets design challenges, offers prizes • Community of 500k+ selects winning designs • Community members acquire points and credits for participation • Winning designs are manufactured by Threadless
  • 17. Crowdsourcing product development (Chordiant) • Customers and partners co-develop products • 15 collaborative product releases since March 2007 • Enabling ongoing communication with customers • Community of 1,000+
  • 18. Crowdsourcing employee innovation (Dell) • Dell made discussions among employees transparent and reduce email • 55% of the workforce participated • 4,100 ideas submitted
  • 19. Crowdsourcing public policy development • Wiki launched in 2007 Invited public submissions on the New Police Act • First piece of legislation in New Zealand to be developed with open public participation
  • 20. For For business predicting research… stuff… For solving complex problems… For scientific research…
  • 21. Strategic Approach Listen Plan Participate Measure  Discussions  Monitoring  Content  Views  Influencers  Messages  Web design  Visitors  Duration  Stakeholders  Channels  Blogger relations  Participation  Search Visibility  Policies  Search marketing  Mentions  Perceptions  Partners  Word of mouth  Quality  Participation  Training  Website  Outcome
  • 22. Crowdsourcing: Key Learnings 1. Make it meaningful but also easy and fun 2. Put clear guidelines in place 3. Be prepared to lose control 4. Reward participation and recognise individual contributions 5. Allow the community to determine success
  • 23. Why crowdsourcing?  Integrate audiences and business processes,  deliver a specific business outcome,  AND engage in a meaningful way…
  • 24. Leading thinkers on crowdsourcing James Surowiecki Howard Rheingold Kevin Rose Author: The Wisdom of Crowds Author: Smart Mobs Founder: Digg Jimmy Wales Don Tapscott Founder: Wikipedia Author: Wikinomics
  • 25. Daniel Young, Director Burson-Marsteller Australia +61 (0) 2 9928 1589 +61 (0) 404 626 584 @danieljohnyoung