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The key to LinkedIn is to have a complete profile. Here are the tips on being sure that you have just that.

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  • This is a depiction of most of the pages available to you on LinkedIn
  • Include a professional headshot Your Professional "Headline” tell people about your business and credentials Post on LinkedIn 3 times a week minimum by sharing articles and information on your industry -70% and your products – 30% List your current and past employment – add in order that you had the position the last one you enter will be the fist listed. Education include certifications and training
  • 6. Recommendations on LinkedIn are an important aspect of your reputation and allows you to join a group called “most recommended” 7. Connections are the currency of Social Media connecting to people in you know , people in your industry, people who seem interesting. 8. Websites should be described using keywords 9. If you have a twitter account add it to your profile – you can tweet your posts 10. This is your URL for your LinkedIn profile 11. Your “Summary” is how you introduce yourself – be warm and informative 12. Specialties list what you do well
  • 13. List your experience and give details 14. Always include your email – you are here to meet peers and prospects
  • 15. Include your education, certifications and training 16. Recommendations form clients, vendors, friends, past employers, teachers etc 17. When you go to another profile you are able to see how you are connected. This is useful if you are not connected and need an introduction. 18. Another way to connect with someone on Linkedin is to join a group that they are a member.
  • 19. Recap of you information including Groups, Interests Groups and Associations 20. Answers is an important way to establish you credentials 21. Make recommendations only for people you trust.
  • 22. You are dealing with professionals and you are in business – add you phone number 23. And email 24. If you BLOG you can download you blog into your profile.
  • 25. If you create PowerPoint's or Videos by using the application SlideShare you can add them to your LinkedIn profile 26. If you are serious about business you are reading – share you list with you contacts and check ut what they are reading.
  • Linkedin profile

    1. 1. Creating a Professional Profile Barbara C Lemaire, PhD Social Media Made Simple Be curious...Be real... Be generous...   [email_address] 505-350-3323 To make an appointment you can book online at:
    2. 2. LinkedIn Revealed
    3. 3. Your Introduction to the LinkedIn Community
    4. 4. Tell them more
    5. 5. Experience
    6. 6. Experience & Reputation
    7. 7. More Information About You
    8. 8. How to Contact You
    9. 9. Presentations and Reading