Positive and negative energy the equation of divine creation


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Positive and negative energy the equation of divine creation

  1. 1. Positive and negative energy – the equation of divine creation I am Leslie Balogh, a Hungarian existence researcher, parapsychologist, writer. Since death ofmy mom, from 1988 I pay attention to mysteries of soul. I became conscious of many uniqueperceptions which I can use for solving challenges of spirit – since 2007 as a parapsychologist.With my exceptional method even a 20 year depression is solvable, quite like in 10 hours… At the beginning of ‘90th I already created the Scales of Polarity, which helps to understand thedual world and to elaborate all conflicts, re-establishing the harmony. We can analyse the Yin- andYang-quality energies on scale pans. Than, introducing the concept of “third source-force”, theancient symbol turns into a three-unknown equation. This formula proves the perfection of onenessby the inherence, evolution and cyclic character of twoness. Our bipolar coded brain similarlyproves the truth of disposition, possibility and right for cognition and understanding. On this special pair of scales originally I have focused to troubles of psyche, like problematicinheritance of our forefathers, or adjust the oppressive past. Afterwards I suddenly realised that theequation of Scales of Polarity is an active identifying formula not only in dimension of psyche butis valid for whole divine created physical existence – like politics, science, economy… I didn’t use the phrase “divine creation” by mistake; namely where the result is conscious, thereason has to be conscious as well – this is the rule of reason-result. Do not proclaim just only “InGod we trust!” – but let’s live according to this statement, consciously! Therefore, this study pointsbeyond rectification of certain fallacy of scholastic physics education: it strives to justify basicissues of divine creation by clearing up the balance of positive and negative energies – evenmarking out direction towards new energy resources as well. Nevertheless let’s change ourparasitical exploitation of created world with respectfully acceptance! The principle: in contradiction to a traditional pair of scales this virtual instrument is notoperated by gravitation. As soon as one of the Yin and Yang paired is being watched, that one willbe raised on level of consciousness. Because of inseparability its pair will get down immediately insubconscious. The tenseness of suffocation requires the re-establishment of original equilibrium. Disclosing one side it makes easier to understand the other one which is harder to recognize. 1
  2. 2. There is no one process, affair or stuff in the created world which can exist without its pair. Indomain of psyche the steps of Scales help us to reach the release on the other hand the forgivenessas well – developing the harmony of respectfully acceptance in soul of patient. But, let’s prescindfrom domain of Spirit and let’s apply the Scales of Polarity for uncovering irregularity of physics. On either side of scales first tasks are the same: steps of recognition and understanding are theway of clearsightedness. Let’s see what the situation such questions like matter-antimatter paired is.Or such other fields of physics where it seems that there is something only in one pan of scales, likethe gravitation without pair. Do not forget about a more mysterious phenomenon of vacuum, whichis welcomed in neither pan of Scales by the greatest part of scientists. There are never one-armed scales! If we want to transact the process of recognition andunderstanding without paying respect to polarity we can easily choose rather a wrong way wherethe subject of a difficult question even not exists! For example: there is no gravitation, but the spacegrows bent around the matter. And thereafter the vacuum especially not exists, but the exteriorpressure is working… even at our breathing as well. These are cardinal mistaken teaching! The Scales of Polarity set right these contradictions. I am not a physicist but as a simplereasoner I exempt this study from formulas, while I’m verifying with some easily performable tests. I will focus to my results disregarding the long evolution of gradual purification of mymiscomprehensions from beginning. Just one thing: in my experiments I noticed the negative forceof vacuum-space as the concomitant phenomenon of gravitation – this has leaded me to a false way,thinking vacuum force the pair of gravitation. The Scales of Polarity is an equation. If I amacquainted with one of scale pans I will be enlightened upon the player on the other side as well. Inthis manner was proved that both forces have negative Yin sign and have to possess different pairs. Before presentation of experiments I will show the origin of my research. Everything has started with a TV program, with a nature film. There was presented a sink of alittle yellow deep-sea submarine. It was a ball for two persons with 10 cm wall thicknessaccentuated that it was designed against awful water-pressure. The scientists were collected somesmall mollusc crabs from the 3000 metre ocean bottom with an exterior robot arm. And after thatthe submarine has surfaced with a flapping net fixed on its wall with the little crabs. They wereplaced in a small fish tank. Was interesting seeing them in good conditions exactly as similar in 30centimetre depth as with a 3000 metre ‘water column’ on their back. I thought that it’s impossible! But of course it’s possible because there is surely not extra pressure in depth! All these areproved by well known Archimedes law. All bodies plunged in fluids or gases lose from their weightas much as the weight of expelled liquid or gas. Consequently, a fictive 3000 meter water columncan be 3 tons, measured on ground level; but replaced into its original substance, into the ocean, itwill be lighter exactly with its weight, so its weight and its pressure of course will be zero! Why we do not feel the so-called ‘weight heavily air column’? Because it is not either exist! Than what is happening in oceans deeps or mines as well? (Caisson phenomenon) But don’tforget the reverse of this event, high up in the air, or on the mountains. To be more exact, thequestion is: what does it result if something gets closer to the gravitational centre of the earth?Otherwise what is happening if something backs away from it? Let’s see the experiment of denial of underwater pressure. We are using a 2 litre soft wall plastic bottle and a very thin balloon (it works only with a condom). Fix the balloon on mouth of bottle and then plunge them into a 200 litre water tank, in two ways. First the bottle is downwards with its mouth. It happens almost nothing. The balloon rises up, near bottle, because of the air on it. The bottle also wants to emerge from water. As per our scholastic studies all these are the result of lifting power induced by water pressure. It is a misapprehension! If the water had pressure, it would compress the bottle, squeezing out the air on the bottom. The power displayed by bottle to my arm actually is an anti-gravitation force, which is equal to weight of expelled water. 2
  3. 3. In second trial the bottle is drawn in water with its mouth upward. Notwithstanding that water has not pressure, at present the bottle suddenly cracks yet. Why did not happen the same in the foregoing case? After all the mouth of bottle actually was also open and the balloon did not hinder the air to break out. However the force having effect against gravitation is operative only vertically – this is why the air does not leave downwards. In the present instance the air already could outflow and inflates up the balloon. Moreover the bottle is crushed by suction force of vacuum. My trials are throwing a new light upon the question of lifting power.This power is clearly appointed by natural science to water’s hydrostatics pressure what is operativefrom every direction. However Archimedes law proves the truth that either fluids or gases have notweight or pressure on the inside of them! Let’s redraft the well known Archimedes law: the weightof a matter what is sinking in fluid or gas will be diminished with measure of expelled fluid or gas.If the weight of sinking matter has negative value, namely it is smaller then weight of expelledsubstance, the matter is influenced by anti-gravitation; and it will leaves the substance acceleratedin the opposite direction of gravity. The idea of lifting power may be renamed anti-gravitation withone’s whole heart! Let’s proceed likewise in watery substance, mostly concentrating to power of vacuum-space. What will go down with two 2000 cm3 plastic bottles in ocean depth? (Without deep-sea conditions this proving is just a conceptual trial.) Moving away from gravitation centre of Earth denseness of every substance will diminish gradually; while approaching to Earth centre the denseness will increase – this fact is the basis! So, the cohesion of matter is result of gravitation and not some kind of overpressure! In present conceptual test both bottles sink with their mouth downwards. One is open, as long as the other one is closed with its cap. In a certain depth the 2000 cm3 quantity of air will cluster in 1000 cm3 part of space. At this moment in the needless 1000 cm3 part of space will evolve a negative vacuum force. This force sucks water up into unfilled part of open bottleequalising the energetic balance of inner space. In the other, closed bottle the appearing vacuumforce is unable to fill the space part becoming superfluous with anything. Therefore, the vacuumdrags in the space borders (the plastic wall) contracting the bottle in accordance with smaller spacenecessity. At this point the equilibrium sets in as well. In this experiment did not work the non existent hydrostatic pressure, but the negative energy ofvacuum space. One time I have seen a scientific film wherein scientists would prove the truth of hydrostaticpressure by crashing steel barrels – in very delusive mode. The barrels were closed on ground- (orsea-) level, thus the inner air had denseness corresponding to the extent of gravitation on sea-level.In reality, as soon as the barrels were pushed forced under water, a few thousand metres closer togravity centre of earth, corpuscles of air have drawn to one another, cause of increasing gravitation!The more condensed air necessitated much smaller space. The middle space of barrels with moredense air gave rise to an enormous negative power what have extracted the steel wall of barrels. From that moment was no more tenseness in barrels. Let’s return to bottle with balloon and let’s see whether the awfully power of suction effect can act when the extent of vacuum-space is zero. For this once the air balloon has to be a real one with strong material and the plastic bottle much thick walled. 3
  4. 4. Now I tuck in the balloon into the bottle turning out its neck to the mouth of bottle. Then I fillup the balloon with high pressure water. First of all I made a little hole on the bottom which opensthe door to air for coming out completely from intermediate space of balloon and bottle wall. Whenthe water filled balloon takes on the shape of bottle I close the bottom hole with a screw; afterwhich I pour out the water. The balloon will remain still pressed closed against inner bottle wall.What does it work keeping back the balloon? That negative energy is working which require nospace and doubtless not the non-existent air pressure, of course. Viewing the balloon within the bottle fitting tight to its wall we can point out that the system isin state of rest. At the same time we know well that in elastic material of balloon the tension ofinvested energy is working continuously. All balloon particles attempt to attain the centre of bottlefor regain one’s original shape. The space-less vacuum force catches the outside balloon particles. Similarly the bathroom clothes-rack is fastened on wall-tile by space-less vacuum force, and not the non existent outer air pressure! The mystery of turned glass is also cleared up by acknowledge the vacuum force: We have learned that the air pressure does not allow the water to get away from glass: the air ispressing the paper from below to the mouth of glass. Whereas there is not air pressure the water isretained by energy of vacuum produced between the bottom of reversed glass and water particles.At this time the vacuum force is operating as the counteraction of gravity. The weight of water cannot induce a void space; this is why it can not push down the slip of paper. Notwithstanding there is no space, the force of vacuum is still present! It is remarkable that the experiment is working when the glass is not brimful with water as well.The vacuum-force forming above in the layer of air it is able to neutralize the gravitation. In case of special structured water at the former experiment over and above vacuum-force haveto take into consideration the adhesion force existing between water and glass particles. But have tocalculate upon the inner cohesive force of water as well. So, searching any kind of phenomenon in gravitational space there are very complex forces. The 13.5 times dense mercury already can move away the paper and flows out. We know theTorricelli metre high test-tube where is perceptible how the mercury column makes void upwards. What is happening in reality in Torricelli test-tube? – Supposing of course that it not measuresthe non existent air pressure! Ascending from level of the sea in vertical direction, moving away from centre of earth, themercury column continually becomes lighter. The gravity reduction increases the force of vacuumformed on sea level (in the top of test-tub) – this increasing sucking vacuum force pulls higher upthe mercury column. High in outer space, in no gravity, the mercury column will totally retracts. So, the Torricelli test-tube shows the alteration of gravity and not the non-existent air pressure! In that case if the instrument marks an atmospheric event, on sea level, then it indicates changesof air denseness which comes from motion of wind, jam of clouds or temperature changes of air. 4
  5. 5. Denseness of every matter alters because of temperature variation what also can create vacuumforce. All this is easy susceptible of proof with a thin wall plastic bottle as well. Let’s fill it up withhot air, for example with a hair drier, then screw down its cap. On room temperature we can see theresult; but the phenomenon is more spectacular in refrigerator: the bottle gets contracted at once. The hot air is much thinner, thus the unit of space was filled by less air particles. As soon asthey started to get cool the air became more dense pretending smaller space, therefore the thin wallof bottle will be contracted. This practical experiment happened on a certain constant gravity level. However let’s continuethe action in theory and let’s take the cooled and contracted bottle up to 3000 metre high. Be theoutdoor temperature minus 10 oC. The bottle regains one’s original shape. Although is more coldthan on level of sea, where the air cooled down on room temperature contracted the bottle, now on3000 metre high, the same unit of air will be sparser – because of smaller gravity; for this reasonthe requirement of air for space perhaps will be just as much as original dimension of bottle was. It is so advisable to do some tests with a bicycle air pump. I stop the hole of pump with a fingerwhen the piston is pressed in completely (supposing that between my finger and piston is no space)I have a try to drag the piston out. It will be not a successful endeavouring; on the other hand it willbe a good experience for feeling the enormous force of vacuum in my own finger. Next time I leave one third part of pump filled with air and I repeat the previous operation afterthis manner. I also will feel the suction of vacuum but at this time I already succeed in pullingfarther out the piston. In this way I have made the space significantly wider generating a negativevacuum force in it. Loosing hold of piston the vacuum will draw in it back and the denseness of airwill be re-established on its original state of rest. It is incorrect getting into shape that “the original conditions in the interior of pump were re-established identical with outer air pressure”. On this spot the air has not even pressure but it hasdensity – this is what could re-establish, but not due to compensation, in view of the fact that theinner space of pump is closed from exterior air. Those are not neighbouring each other fortechnically speaking any kind of density equalization. In reality the density of air particles willreturn in accordance with factual status of gravity which is similar inside and in surround as well. The vacuum-tension in a submarine is deactivated inflowing extra air. In the depth the samespace could be filled up by more air. Likewise then the air is much denser as against sea level’s.This denser air can be dissolved in diver’s blood, if they come to the surface too fast. The caissonsymptom is real but its cause is not the pressure but the water and air density changes by gravity. Already from Archimedes 200 years before Jesus we could know that the inner pressure in eachsubstance is auto-neutralised. As soon as the so called “scientists” of Christian world came to one’ssenses at last after 1500 year torpor, they have flung aside all early proving of Greeks. Thereforethey have begun to stumble along on faulty ways. For example in 1620 they strove to corroboratethe existence of air pressure with spectacular trials; albeit they have demonstrated negative energyof vacuum space. The airless semi globes were non tensile neither by horses or weights. Thesepictures are used for an unexplainable misguidance of background interest for 400 years. Why? 5
  6. 6. In my experiments several times happened that the vacuum force was developed by the side ofgravitation effect. Searching the contrary pair of forces sitting on Scales of Polarity it’s easy tocommit a mistake: managing the two mysterious forces as being two complementary energies. Inspite of the fact that vacuum gave rise to equilibrium, both gravity and vacuum are attraction forceswith negative sign, therefore both of them need different pairs. The vacuum’s pair it is so easy to find. The answer is closer to us than we could imagine it: ourbreathing demonstrates marvellously the wanted couple. In the inhalation phase our ribs stretch thespace of lung making the negative vacuum inside, which sniffs the air. Then the ribs compress thelung inducing the contrary positive force, the expiration. Aspiration - expiration. Draw - blow. The Hoover has similar abilities; it simultaneously draws and blows as well. The English nameof this device is not accidental: “vacuum-cleaner”! All kind of Yin and Yang forces from Scales of Polarity possess an interesting attribute pair,which is understandable whatever only after introducing the notion of “3rd force”. The characteristicof Yang is the open flow, free self-realisation; whilst Yin is self hindered. The 3rd unknown enteredin the equation as the source of Yin and Yang. Let’s see the attest by terrestrial analyse of sunlight: It is a fact that both opposed quality forces, Yin and Yang are the reason of 3rd force’s creativepower. In all unity of (Holy) Trinity the source force is perfect, undividable ONE – it has not anisolated Yin or Yang character! The separation is always realised in a (seemingly) outer physicaldimension, by bipolar handle of 3rd force’s power. By the side of Yang the “external” system runsfluently the source-force’s creative power; whilst on half of Yin it proceeds with self restriction. The source force is always neutral, without exception – it doesn’t concern itself with “external”systems. It is not interested in glad of certain people who are flowing freely its source forces; nor inother’s pain which is arise from their self restraint. The main source sustains and helps both flows… Before we exaggeratedly touch upon questions of religious philosophy, let’s return back tovacuum mystery and purify physics still more per Scales of Polarity. 6
  7. 7. At the first step of Scales (recognition) it will be evident that we don’t use the expressioncorrectly: the Latin world “vacuum” means void space and not a kind of energy! Therefore all whosay that vacuum doesn’t exist are mistaken – the void exist absolutely yes indeed; the interplanetaryspace is roughly of this kind. However sparse space is producible with a pump as well. The oppositeof sparse or void space is the saturated space (with other world: plenum – also from Latin) Energies of vacuum-plenum spaces are shown spectacularly by well-known cleaning machine. The vacuum-cleaner’s ventilator calls a void space into existence near clearing surface, so thatit drives (shovels) over the whole of air molecules into another section of space. Because ofadhesive force which is existent among air molecules, the particles are carrying away not even theneighbouring ones but the fine specks of dust as well. In the strong suction storm of vacuum cleanerthe air molecules are able to whirl along largish objects as well. At the same time, on the other sideof vacuum cleaner the filtered air departs without restraint – this is the blowing effect. Let’s separate these two areas, so in theory. Our cleaning machine let display its suction effectseparate in one room of the house, whilst the blowing out (shall we say, through an auxiliary tube)let happen into another room. If we remove the filter the incident will be more exciting. In thecleaned up room the air, dust and smaller objects get to a very restricted location, constrained in anarrow tube – on the other hand in other room everything will open fly away. If the operation runsin two hermetic closed rooms, the air of cleaned room will become ever rare; sooner or laterevolving the vacuum space. At the same time the other room will be not only full of rubbish but itsair will be two times denser. This one will be a room with a plenum space. Breathing is a very same effect, fortunately with a quite smaller energy. Along with air wecertainly inhale dust, smoke, spores and countless other microscopic granules as well. The perfect 3rd source force is always perceptible: this is the engine of cleaner and our hart. It isimportant to mention that the source force always has to be handled as an integral whole. Itsinseparability means that it is absolutely vain trying to eliminate the so refused negative pole; if itcould be still succeed (for example in case of the engine) the process would immediately stop, thedusting would remain unfinished. Eliminating negative phase of our hart the lung’s function ends inthat moment; however the pulse of brain also stops, and indeed the entire organism deceases. This is why a huge mistake to fight against negative forces is – ends the harmony of oneness!Whereas the respectfully acceptance of perfect divine creation will neutralises every injurious force– nor yet the positive one, because on this side definitely exist maleficent actions, sure enough! Synopsis. Approaching the centre of Earth the strengthening gravity condenses the particles ofmatter increasingly. If this process happens in a closed place, the condense particles will form apiece of inner plenum space; creating a vacuum space around it, wherein will be induced negativesuction force. This force will contract the border of space according to its reduced needs. The re-established balance results a new space without tension but with denser matter particles. In this newstate of equilibrium there are no more vacuum-plenum excited couples – just merely harmony. The change in temperature similarly calls forth space-excitation. There is attainable the sameresult by investment of external suction energy. Nevertheless, there is noticeable that the suctionenergy of vacuum space appears at still that time when the extent of space is zero. On Scales of Polarity this phenomenon is absolutely natural: whilst plenum space needs certainextents, against this vacuum space could have not any dimension. What did my experiments proved?• As soon as will be drawn all matter particles from a confined (hindered) space in the generatedvacuum space will remain nothing else just the invested negative suction energy.• Suction energy links to vacuum’s border formative matter particles as a negative adhesion force.• If bound substance submits, suction force will contract the borders, resettling the equilibrium.• Although if inside of space remain all particles, but condensed to a smaller volume (because ofincreasing gravity), at this time the portion around plenum space will transform to suction vacuum.• Condensation of particles increases their cohesive force – in surroundings this energy exerts as anegative adhesive force; absorbing all particles toward space’s middle point, shrivelling the borders. *** 7
  8. 8. The suction energy of vacuum space has a special characteristic: surrounded by vacuum theseparate plenum space’s wall will be indurate. Taking this fact as their starting point many peopleare sceptical about Moon travels or referring to abilities of astronauts to work in void space,because their spacesuit should to become hard. An American sceptic reinforced his argument with a test, which I could see on TV. He made atranslucent plastic box from where sucked out the better part of air and then he demonstrated thatthe inserted astronaut gloves were impossible to move – due to vacuum suction effect. According tohim in outer vacuum space evidently it is impossible to perform extravehicular activity. Although is known that outer work is practicable. What is more men already walked even onMoon as well. We can say that space of universe is not a standard vacuum space (which couldgenerate on earthy conditions). By the way of something there is no suction force. How come? So, the fact is that suction force of vacuum space numbs to immobility the wall of inner plenumspace. Do not forget all our vacuum experiments could be performed only in confined place! Thespeciality of (not quite) empty area of cosmos is understandable by a single explanation: theinterplanetary space is a boundless INFINITE void! If universe had boundaries, all particles of matter (structured plenum spaces), would snooze indeep numbness in induced vacuum – as a result of gravitation’s condenser energy. In consequencethe interplanetary space is not an ordinary vacuum space! There is absolutely evident on Scales of Polarity, in connection with borderless universe, wewill research something quite different spaces and energies and not the typical negative suction- andpositive blower force of vacuum-plenum spaces. With human scale we can have only suspicions relating to extremely prolonged processes ofuniverse. Since the space-telescopes allow us a further and more detailed observation, in parallelwith explosion of supernovas we may deduce birth of celestial bodies like stars and their planets.Therefore, at the same time with destruction of matter come to pass the construction of structure,namely the genesis of matter. As far as I can see, this dual quality creation process is limitless inspace; it is without beginning and will never ending. Everything being result of intellect of course! This sequence of thought erases dogma of Big Bang; not to mention about refute of universe’sage… In present study I am not concerned with these questions. Let’s return to forming energies. In some of my trials as the reason of vacuum excitation I could state the growing gravitation.This observable fact is valid on a large scale as well. That is to say, approaching anywhere to centreof a system (stars, planets or gas clouds of a forming celestial body), we could find intensifyinggravitation. This is the structure, namely the world of perceptible matter. The Scales of Polarityrequire immediately filling in the opposite “scale pan”. Therefore we have to take into considerationthe destructive anti-gravitation – and right now we made self-evident the big brainteaser of modernscience on right track toward “antimatter” at once. The antimatter is not some kind of dangerous monster, what running across the matter provokescatastrophe. For example on Earth the Yang quality daylight never confronts with the Yin darkness,nevertheless they both exist simultaneously, moreover they evolve following one another. Betweendaytime and night always will be a borderline, the twilight of daybreak. And there is not much in itif somebody turns on the light at night, or else casting a shadow on something at daytime. The twoturning points of a 24 hour daily cycle are that which never touch: the midday, when the light is themost powerful; and the midnight when the light is the mostly hindered. The twin of matter-antimatter is properly demonstrated by the floating iceberg in the ocean. Theiceberg is a changed state of ocean that is solid water. The rough matter is provisionally solidifiedpure antimatter. On astronomical scale, on scene of universe all substantial bodies are floating in theimperceptible energy ocean of antimatter – thus the scheme is in perfect equilibrium. Simultaneous presence of gravity-antigravity twin also exists, with their perfect balance as well.I will also illustrate this later by the elliptic orbit of planets, but previously let’s summarize in achart the two phase of creation. Let’s see how solidify the divine energy in the manner of Yin, aswell as its Yang alteration back into pure energy. 8
  9. 9. THE CREATIVE GRAVITY YIN – Destruction Construction Disposing back, pushing Building structure, attractive repulsive anti-gravitation impulsive gravitation At start, at turning over is At start, at turning over is QUICK AND HOT SLOW AND COOL (the matter bursts) (antimatter becomes more dense) Open flow to infinite space inner hindrance towards status of nothing towards maximum denseness motion from inside to outwards motion from outside to inwards the volume become larger the volume decreases scattering particles approaching particles at turning moment into Yin, at turning moment into Yang on the nether dead point on the upper dead point appearsthe matter disappears completely the oscillating matter Thus, the result of flow: Thus, the result of flow: COOLING DOWN WARMING UP cold, incorporeal nil; warm, substantial something; imperceptible energy; perceptible energy; the invisible antimatter the visible matter The turning event is ruled by code of ancient principle, by the Organizing Guidelines of Divine Intelligence (in symbol of Yin&Yang this Guidelines is signified via dots)Seeing that the universe, moreover, the matter forming moleculesis kept in motion without hazard, is calculable by intelligent laws, thus it is a fact that the legislative designer has to be intelligent! Practically speaking, whereas the result is intelligent, is naturally being the reason intelligent as well! 9
  10. 10. The Scales of Polarity is able to illustrate spectacularly everything: the cyclical development ofboth contrary energies; their turning into one another; the dead point of appearance of rough matterand the pour energy’s one of antimatter; and naturally also the source force as well: In the schema there are two turning dead points: over on the top of Yin appears the matter,whilst below, as achievement of Yang process the matter takes a turn for antimatter disappearingtotally. These two turning points on the horizon of time take billion of years. Both dead point willopen a long period of turning, namely the matter will continue its condensation until finally Yangexplosion (< – this turning phase is marked by yellow borderline of Yin and Yang. On the otherhand the antimatter lingers in absolute frozen form, until recommence to condense into matter >).The culmination points and their turning phases with human time-concept are inexpressibly long. On green perpendicular broken line matter and antimatter also gain extraordinary quality:their divinity will be perfect: they have no separable sign. The separate indications appear by turning over neighbour side, when begin their slow annihilation at the same time. On a small scale the human life shows the same turning-falling phenomenon: a new born baby(the Spirit taking shape in body) in whole one’s life will be dying; then will remove its physicalrestrainer fetters, rising a new Spiritual entity (will take a turn back into pure divine energy). On the Scales the human feature is so spectacular. The femininity of negative Yin side squarelyproves why the matter creative power is this force. On the side of positive burning-hot masculineenergies the Yang effect destroys. Only that destruction has not a harmful intention – it re-establishes the creative status of origin from the beginning. This thinking quite reinterprets the masterpiece of creation’s dogma – for the benefit of woman. 10
  11. 11. Binary energies of divine creation The interplanetary space is filled with homogenous antimatter that is Intelligent Energy, whichis clear of signs and without particle character. This imperceptible divine energy on dead pointbegins to condense itself – this negative phase we already can perceive as a homogeneous back-ground radiation. Than, after thousand end thousand quintillion years in sequential period starts upthe particles motion, reproducing the vibrant rough matter. The Universe is formatting by creative Gravitation. Insomuch as there are not one-armed scales,it is lawful that creative gravity has to be double character. Energetic supercharging of all celestialbodies simultaneously is negative gravitationally and also positive anti-gravitationally, quite like apermanent magnet which both attracts and repels at the same times. Thus the space is filled withpositive and negative energies in a perfect balance. Modern physics has a stupefying establishment: the mass-equivalent of energy fluctuationblowing over in quantum-vacuum is estimated between 1061 and 1093 gr/cm3. It is not a mistake! Ina single cm3 of the space the mass of vacuum energy is significantly greater then every matter ofuniverse! (?) Everybody certainly knows that here is not very much ok. Well, if this everything wasin this way, the structure of interplanetary space would be harder then diamond! Just remember that American sceptic who believes that vacuum makes hard the outer space,this is the reason for being impossible the extravehicular activity! The suction force of vacuum is an energy hindered by borders of space; and it can appear byinfluence of gravity! This is the gravitational vacuum-excitation. Whereas the space has no border,because of its infinity, therefore the energies are impeded by nothing; thus could not form vacuum! All quantum vacuum observations which are induced in bordered spaces of laboratory are real,but it is impossible to correlate them with the infinite space of universe. The mass of quantumvacuum measured in a closed place is a non existent value in cosmos; but the energy fluctuationalso can not be correlated with unhindered outer space. And now we concern ourselves with this,most of all, forasmuch in vacuum happens something incredible: there are coming into beingparticles with negative energy for a while and suddenly disappear. The classical physics do notmake this possible: the negative energy is inexistent for it! That’s all the more reason forcing theabsurd space-diffracting of Einstein, seeing that scientists should admit the gravitation as a negativeenergy; and indeed birthing process of matter as a pull force with minus sing as well. In 1928 Paul Dirac has published his relativistic equation of wave which was able to describebehaviour of electrons. Dirac’s calculating operation had surprising result: it came to light thatcertainly have to be existent particles with negative energy. On the basis of his equation he claimedthat whole vacuum space have to be filled with these negative particles. In the beginning Dirac’s theory was considered speculation by scientists but in 1932 wassuccessfully sustained reality of anti particles. After anti electron onto 1956 already was anti protonand anti neutron as well. Moreover it appeared that anti particles belong to every element. Alike Tesla at present time many scientists also refuse to admit the gravitation pull and thinkabout gravity as a thrust force coming from outer space. They are arguing that graviton should havenegative mass, negative speed that it should be negative energy, which is impossible by classicalphysics. By their troubled idea gravity comes from above as pressure exerted by vacuum. It’s funny. Anti particles studied in quantum vacuum prove that exist negative field of force yes indeed.Thus the gravitation certainly is an attraction force. But it is still problematic that in experimentalcircumstances the vacuum eternally oscillates. In vacuum space from void nought scintillate virtualphotons and then suddenly disappear in the course of formation pairs of electron-positron. The anti-particles of artificial vacuum space are extraordinary unstable: they are wrecking in the momentfollowed their appearance. The Dirac type of vacuum-sea is a system rich in photons and anti-particles, which form outerspace of cosmos. Dirac was in right merely in part: as a matter of fact the universe is truly saturatedwith photons and anti particles, but it is not a vacuum-sea because of its boundless infinity! 11
  12. 12. While in experimental conditions in limited vacuum the structure of energy-anti-energy isundetermined and unstable, conversely the universe’s double field of force is naturally stableand computable – because the void is infinite and the source of conscious encoding is of God! This inner consciousness of matter is God and not a person of course! Do not imagine the antimatter (anti-energy) as a parallel world in another dimension. Theenergy field of invisible pure antimatter permeates and compass around every structures. All theseare true on level of particles in the same manner as macro cosmos. The result is a spectacular couple of energies which provides the dual tuning of matter structure.This is the dual charge of matter – gravitational and anti-gravitational charge. How does the gravitational and anti-gravitational charge of a planet work? The negativegravitational force affects towards centre of celestial bodies. Gravity cohere matter of mass and itbuilds their structure. Whereas, if this force could not be equalised, would take place very soon theturning into Yang destruction. The mass-condenser negative gravitation is held back by itssurrounding field of anti-gravitational force – this should result in the positive anti-gravitationalcharge of a celestial body (namely each material manifestation). In my judgement as great as thegravitational mass of a matter, its positive anti-gravitational mass-equivalent is the same size. In so far as the former mention was true, should become understandable why the orbital flightof celestial bodies around Sun is stable. We should comprehend why Sun do not draw completelyits planets to it; or why do not releases them. Furthermore why the orbit has elliptic form and aplanet why revolves exactly on its known place and not closer or farther. The answers are hidden in charged proportion of power fields. Next to force of attraction thereis present the same value of repelling strength. Like a rubber cord: lengthen outwards it is as elasticas pressing inwards. Let’s go thoroughly into elliptic orbit: In my opinion, two large-sized celestial objects remain in connection because of their periodicquantum excitation; their force field being once Yang type, after that the system turns into Yin. A factual orbital flight on the one side is determined by dual coded field (resulting from mass of body); on the other hand by speed of orbiting. Depending on intensity of their force field and on their speed every planet has a critical distance from Sun. Like in the mentioned rubber cord: if a planet gets into critical distance, the Yin attractive effect turn into Yang repulsion; compelling the object to go away from Sun. The withdraw result an elliptic orbit stretching to maximum critical point, when happen the turning back into Yin and the planet starts to approach again to Sun. The system is very sensitive the critical distance being extraordinary fine tuned. Elliptic orbit of Earth is barely divergent from a regular circle. Let’s see all this on a small scale. For example, not far off earth the force field of an apple is notworth mentioning, thus the attraction effect of earth compels it to fall down. On earth everything isfixed owing to their energetic disadvantage. Nevertheless, going away from centre of earth, becauseof decreasing gravitation everything gets its own orbital distance. Decreasing gravitation is still ableto hold the Moon captive what is due to summation of their energy field. The gravitational-anti-gravitational fluctuation calls forth the cyclical rise and fall of the sea.On the shuttle movement of oceans there were constructed numerous hydroelectric power stations.Why do not build power plants on gravitational-anti-gravitational fluctuation which keeps movingthe oceans? Early in XX century already were such experiments; and nowadays are also scientistswho are seeing in this matter the most important potential of free energy. I hope that my study could help to obtain these new energy; but I‘d like to direct everyone’sattention to temperance: we have to respect consciously the sensitive energy-fluctuation of solarsystem! Dashing into this free energy with our greed of today we can cause disaster of earth orbit! Leslie Balogh – Hungary +36/20/5801956 12 aquarius-2010@hotmail.com