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40 top marketing tips - Tidworth Chamber breakfast

40 top marketing tips - Tidworth Chamber breakfast



Breakfast seminar presentation held in conjunction with Tidworth & District Chamber of Commerce, looking at 40 top marketing tips.

Breakfast seminar presentation held in conjunction with Tidworth & District Chamber of Commerce, looking at 40 top marketing tips.



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    40 top marketing tips - Tidworth Chamber breakfast 40 top marketing tips - Tidworth Chamber breakfast Presentation Transcript

    • Everything you wanted to know about Marketing…
      • … but were afraid to ask!
    • The Obvious
      • Well, you’d think it would be obvious!
      • Always carry business cards
      • Check emails every day
      • Keep all logos/branding the same
    • Contra Deals
      • Barter, barter, barter!
      • Double or triple your marketing budget without getting your chequebook out
      • Advertising – radio, newspapers, magazines, corporate hospitality, etc.
      • Photography, web design, graphic design, restaurant, training, etc.
      • … virtually any service!
    • Help A Charity – Help Yourself
      • Cause-Related Marketing (CRM)
      • Support a charity
      • Win, win!
      • - Inca Trail for the Children’s Hospice South West
      • - Crimestoppers Golf Day
    • Client Referrals
      • Word of mouth is the best form of advertising!
      • Let your happy customers spread the word
      • Simple postcard design – referral details on the back
      • £25 M&S voucher, bottle of champagne, petrol voucher, etc.
      • Memory jogger, e.g. Sky TV
    • Keep An Eye On The Competition
      • Essential for success – their campaigns, news, changes in pricing or policies can affect your customers’ perceptions.
      • Stay ahead of the competition – pre-empt /react to their news:
      • Where do they advertise?
      • How do they advertise?
      • ‘ Borrow’ good ideas!
    • Video Footage
      • Adding video to your website boosts your Google ranking.
      • 60”/90” introduction to your company
      • Gives people a sense of security – they can ‘meet’ you before initial call/purchase
      • Promote on your email signature
      • Upload to YouTube
    • Personal Touch
      • People buy people!
      • Photos of you (and your team) on your website
      • Photo on LinkedIn
      • Personal
      • Approachable
    • Testimonials
      • ‘ Don’t just listen to what we say – listen to what our customers say about us’
      • Video testimonials?
      • Be honest – your customers will be!
    • Market Research
      • What do you think your customers think about you and your business??
      • Find out what they really think
      • www.surveymonkey.co.uk
      • Professional
      • Invaluable
      • Free of charge!
    • Positive Mental Attitude
      • As Henry Ford said:
      • There are two types of people in life: those that think they can, and those that think they can’t… and they’re both right.
      • Glass half full or half empty?!
    • Facebook
      • Launched 2004, currently 400 million +
      • Set up a business profile
      • Use status updates to promote your business
      • Fan pages – indexed by Google, searchable outside Facebook
      • Your fans’ profiles display: “Joe Bloggs has become a fan of…”
      • Fan pages can spread virally
    • LinkedIn
      • Launched 2003, 60 million + registered users
      • Why are you on LinkedIn?
      • Investigate your connections’ connections
      • Position yourself as the expert in your field
      • Join groups
      • Reply to threads/ blogs
    • Timing
      • E-newsletters
      • Mailshots
      • January 1 st – new calendar year = new financial budgets
      • April 1 st – new financial year
      • Public Sector – use it or lose it!
    • Sense Of Humour
      • Because life’s too short!
    • Attention To Detail
      • First impressions count!
      • Don’t forget to check the details …
    • Twitter
      • Launched 2006, one billion tweets per month, number of active accounts??
      • How to use it
      • Small businesses are using Twitter to:
      • Network with suppliers, trade groups and other businesses.
      • Recruit staff. Success stories.
      • Quality not quantity.
    • Set Goals
      • How do you eat an elephant?!
      • Set manageable goals
      • If the idea of selling 10,000 widgets a year overwhelms you, think of it as selling 27 widgets a day
      • Sales – cold calling
      • Just 5 calls a day = 100 per month = 1,200 per year
    • E-Newsletters
      • Did you know it costs six times more to make a sale to a new customer than to an existing one?
      • Seasonal or monthly?
      • Content – latest news, new technology, recent awards/press coverage, photos, special offers, client testimonials…
      • Data protection
      • www.mailchimp.com
      • Statistics
    • Networking
      • BNI (Marmite?!)
      • Federation of Small Businesses (Lloyds)
      • GWE Business West
      • Prepare a memorable 60” presentation
      • Women in Biz, Ladies Who Latte, Business Inspired
    • Events
      • Business Link events
      • Learn
      • Networking
      • Sign up to Events newsletter
    • Two Heads…
      • Ask the team
      • Brainstorm
      • What would you do if I gave you £100 to spend on the business?
      • What about £1,000?
    • Who Are You? What Are You?
      • If your business was a car, what exactly would it be?!
      • Mercedes? Vauxhall? Aston Martin? Kia?
      • A 30-year-old, rusty Trabant?
      • Do your staff/customers share your opinion?
    • Free Listings
      • www.yell.com
      • www.thomsonlocal.co.uk
      • www.freeindex.co.uk
      • www.gumtree.com
      • www.hotfroguk.co.uk
      • Diary date to revisit sites every 3 months
    • The Shop Window
      • First impressions matter!
      • Blu-Tack all over the office walls?
      • Pirelli Calendar?!
      • Messages to staff?
      • Dead plant in the corner?!
    • Promotions
              • Star FM chocolate
              • campaign
              • The Queen of Hearts
    • Reverse Psychology
      • It makes sense!
      • If you wanted to guarantee that you made zero sales in the next 12 months, what would you do?
    • Signage
      • Branding
      • High-profile
    • Focus Groups
      • A focus group is a form of qualitative research in which a group of people are asked about their perceptions, opinions, beliefs and attitudes towards a product, service, concept, advertisement, idea, or packaging.
      • Questions are asked in an interactive group setting where participants are free to talk with other group members.
    • Website
      • Offer live help to make more sales on your website.
      • Use simple live chat on your website
      • www.olark.com
    • Photos for your website
      • Do you ever take images from your camera, and try to use them on your website? Digital cameras produce massive, high-resolution images which will use up all your webspace allowance. What’s worse, they will make your website slow to load, and drain the user’s bandwidth.
      • Resize your images with www.imagemerger.net Just specify by what percentage you want your images reduced, and the site will do the rest.
    • How others view your website
      • Did you know each user sees a slightly different amount of each website? Computers have lots of different screen sizes, and users set up their browsers with a range of toolbars.
      • See how users actually view your website with www.screen-resolution.com
      • Type your website address into the main box, choose the size that you want to investigate, and click ‘go’
      • It then launches a new browser that shows your website in the exact size you specified
    • Get feedback on your website
      • Bounce rates are one of the biggest problems for web designers. Visitors to your site need to be able to see what it’s all about in the first 5 seconds – if they can’t, the chances are that they will leave.
      • Test whether your design is clear and easy to understand. Submit it to www.fivesecondtest.com
      • Your website is revealed to volunteers for 5 seconds
      • The community of web designers will give you feedback
    • File Conversion
      • Have you ever wanted to convert files without the need to download software? You can change almost any file to almost any other:
      • Word doc to a PDF? Excel file into a jpeg?
      • www.zamzar.com
      • It works with most document, video and music files:
      • .rtf; .docx; .doc; .ods; .odt; .ppt; .pptx; .odp; .wpd; .ps; .pub; .xls; .xlsx; .cvs; .wps …
    • Joint Promotions
      • Reach a whole new pool of potential customers and achieve a large number of sales for a very low cost – set up joint promotions with other small businesses!
      • Contact some non-competing small businesses serving customers in your market
      • Offer to publicise their products or services to your customers in exchange for their publicising your services to their customers
    • Measure Your Success
      • Whatever activity you choose, set targets to measure the impact of your actions:
      • Monitor enquiries from a direct mail campaign.
      • Increase hits to a website.
      • Increase sign-up for your customer newsletter .
    • Do Something Unexpected!
      • How amazing would it be if your supplier rang to say they had dropped their prices by 10 per cent, for no reason?
      • Or an owner rings to say thanks for your continued business?
      • In the internet age, business can be so anonymous that even picking up the phone now and again can be seen as unexpected.
    • Mystery Shopper
      • Focus on how your staff represent your company
      • People will judge your business on the people within
      • Use mystery shoppers to work out what the experience is like
    • Ask An Expert
      • Make use of FREE resources!
      • www.businesslink.gov.uk/southwest
      • www.cim.co.uk
      • www.googleanalytics.co.uk
    • 12 Month Marketing Plan
      • Simple
      • Effective
      • Memory jogger
      • Seasonal E-newsletters, Networking, Event attendance, B2B shows, LinkedIn, Twitter
      • Marketing is an ongoing process – the key to successful marketing is to analyse, review and adjust. It should be tweaked, tailored and updated regularly.
    • Thank You!
      • Dev Chakraborty
      • Business Link
      • E: [email_address]
      • Slides available from
      • www.businesslink.gov.uk/southwest/eventspresentations