Remodeling Space and Support


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Keynote Presentation delivered by Richard Partridge at the 2008 BBSLG Conference, hosted by Leeds University and Leeds Metropolitan University, 9-11 July

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Remodeling Space and Support

  1. 1. July 10th 2008 Remodeling Space & Support De Montfort University Library Services Richard Partridge Public Services Manager, Library Services DMU
  2. 2. Kimberlin Library •4 floors 9249m2 (?) •1977 original build with 1997 extension •1200 study spaces (inc 450 PC spaces) •Footfall 750,000+ p.a. •3,000,000 visitor hours p.a. •24 hours Sunday to Friday (plus daytime Saturday)
  3. 3. Background – the building • Original Kimberlin building opened 1977 • Extension built 1997 with reconfiguration of entrances but no alteration to original building spaces • IT barns vs. print based study with limits • Longstanding ideas of entrance reconfiguration together with ‘cyber café’ and better use of floor space • Opportunity presented itself – university support and HEFCE funding secured (£1.63m)
  4. 4. Service Model & New Spaces • Recommendations from 2005 review exercise taken further • RFID self service • Greater proactivity (“roving”) & responsiveness (Just Ask!) • Skills sharing (combined enquiry desk, student support) • Integration of skills support (new within library: CLASS, IT Training, Maths Learning Centre) • Staff identity • Culture shift
  5. 5. Starting layout (All red items removed – extensive gutting) entrance toilets blue = staff spaces, pink = service points purple = self service cream =‘outside’ library envelope Short Loan Media stairs Info Quick Ref stairs lift
  6. 6. As we were… View from entrance
  7. 7. Reverse view of concourse
  8. 8. Continuation of concourse looking towards group study room
  9. 9. Old side entrance to original building
  10. 10. Ground floor study area & offices
  11. 11. Accommodation Objectives (1) •Improve quality of entrance –Better reception facility –Identify as a library –Lighter and more welcoming •Consolidate ‘Service’ functions –Combine counters –Bring reception together –Design with self service and new support model in mind •Provide an enclosed Short Loan, preferably adjacent to counter
  12. 12. Accommodation Objectives (2) •Create “flexible, future proof study area with power” •Enclosed seminar/syndicate work rooms for student use •Improve staff accommodation •Develop a Library Café (carrot) •Space that can be used occasionally for teaching/ induction •Address issues in other parts of the building
  13. 13. Development of plan •Revisit HEFCE bid plan •Start again from scratch •Sketch ideas •Draw inspiration –Visits –experience •Develop and hone down options •Internally driven
  14. 14. Timescales •Vision paper(s) January 2005 •HEFCE bid Spring 2005 •Planning autumn/winter 2005 •Tenders Spring 2006 (RFID & construction) •Phase 1 commence Sept 2006 •Phase 2 switch during xmas closed period •Open to students February 14th 2007 •Phase 3 carpet and painting of upper floors summer 2007
  15. 15. Project Management •Library Project Team with Project Manager (me) as ‘client’ rep & liaison •University Estates: architect, M&E officer, clerk of works* •University appointed external Safety Coordinator and M&E consultants •Principal Contractor (Ibex), university nominated M&E subcontractors plus rolling cast of other PC appointed subcontractors •Colour design injection from consultant •Furniture layout & provision via Godfrey Syrett
  16. 16. One of many concept layouts blue = staff space pink = service poin purple = self servi
  17. 17. As built & furnished (40% increase in study capacity) blue = staff spaces, pink = service point purple = self service
  18. 18. ‘Walk through’ artists impression used for publicity
  19. 19. Construction phasing on Ground Floor entrance toilets blue = staff spaces, pink = service points purple = self service Lending cream = phase one contractor zone Phase One Construction Media Area stairs Info stairs Short Loan (moved) lift
  20. 20. Foyer transformation to service area
  21. 21. Foyer transformation to service area Reverse view of service foyer
  22. 22. Old Refectory (‘outside’ library space)
  23. 23. Library Cafe
  24. 24. Ground Floor study area
  25. 25. ..cleared by the Christmas Faeries..
  26. 26. …gutted over Christmas…
  27. 27. …fitted out in January…
  28. 28. …open on Valentine’s Day 2007
  29. 29. Main Learning Zone
  30. 30. Mixed environment •Ceiling heights •Partitions •Seating types
  31. 31. Syndicate rooms •Four of •10 person •AV presentation equipped •Student bookable for up to 2 hours, renewable half hourly
  32. 32. Quick access IT & copying ‘corridor’ Previously staff work room
  33. 33. Reverse view & construction
  34. 34. Group study transforming
  35. 35. …to Learning Development Zone
  36. 36. New Support Office (remote users, disability, reception)
  37. 37. First Floor Study Area (Phase 3, Summer 2007)
  38. 38. First Floor Help
  39. 39. First Floor IT area
  40. 40. Support within ‘old’ spaces IT Help Desk Information Desk IT Tech – second Librarian (SAL or AL) or SIA. in depth Second Floor (books 620-999, Silent point opened at busier times with queries, focus on print Study, copiers and IT lab, Teaching Room and electronic back room technician resources. Often staffed passively ‘from the office’ IT Tech - IT Help Desk Information Desk Librarian (SAL or in depth IT AL) or SIA. in support, depth queries, First Floor (books 000-619, Quiet specialist focus on print and Study , copiers and IT lab applications electronic resources , etc. Security window Lending Counter Short Loan Counter Information Desk Ground Floor Short Loan, quiet study, group study, staff offices Security x 1visitor SIA + 2 x IA on counter, 1 x IA on counter, SL Librarian (SAL or reception, occasional IA bookdrop (returns & renewal circulation, AL) or SIA. in patrolling of building phone calls) 1 x IA ‘floater’ assistance with depth queries, copiers and finding Lower Ground Floor lending, reservations & ILL material in SL focus on print and electronic Silent Study, Journals and Abstracts, resources, main Teaching Room Information Desk enquiry telephone Librarian (SAL or AL) or SIA. line Infrequently staffed
  41. 41. Supporting new spaces SIA information Second Floor (books 620-999, Silent queries, localised support. Weekday Study, copiers and IT lab, Teaching Room Help Point daytimes only IA rovers covering IT Tech Librarian (SAL or all floors, in contact AL) in depth with fixed help points (sometimes queries, keep desk via radio. Two at busy x 2) in First Floor (books 000-619, Quiet depth IT Main Help staffed at all times. Would radio rover times, one evenings Study , copiers and IT lab support, Desk and weekends. for requests that Additional person will specialist would take them be factored in when applications away from the desk annex come son line in , etc. early 2009 Security (x2 in Main Counter (badged Help & Service) core hours) visitor reception, Ground Floor Learning patrolling of Zone, Learning Development building Help Point Zone, Café, quick access IT, copiers, Short Loan, Self Service, Entrance level IA x 2 + SIA IA ‘local’ rover Support Office lending, laptop loan, providing triage and syndicate room referral, self service SIA support to users by keys & booking, support , help with phone and email, ‘open Lower Ground Floor short loan, equipment in area, door’ walk in support Silent Study, Journals and Abstracts, reservations & ILL PINs, etc. (especially for Teaching Room disabilities), booking for specialist support, reception for subject staff
  42. 42. Spaces in the Pipeline… •New teaching accommodation August 2008 •Researcher space? December 2008 •Eric Wood Annex for January 2008 •Ground floor, ca. 180 study places, 800m2 •Flavor of Learning Zone with strong IT focus •£800k budget including new windows •Will open weekdays 0800 – 2200 and university closed periods •Staffed from Kimberlin •New Law Library in £35m Business & Law building opening September 2009
  43. 43. July 10th 2008 Questions? Watch the library video at for more ‘feel’ about spaces and service Richard Partridge Public Services Manager, Library Services DMU