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BLAIRCOMM is an integrated marketing communications agency based in Los Angeles. We develop powerful, strategic brand messages for our clients across media. Our purpose is to help establish and enhance your brand, increase market share with a loyal customer base and bring about great success–and that means making our clients more profitable. To do this we create integrated marketing communications across all existing and emerging media utilizing our experience with Fortune 1000 companies. Our award-winning creative work has included nearly every imaginable project. We are experts at finding and translating vital information into creative and effective brand communications.

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  1. 1. We speak business. Fluently.
  2. 2. BLAIRCOMM is an integrated marketing communications agency. Our mission is to simplify your marketing: 1+1=   To help establish and enhance your brand   To increase your market share with a loyal, expanding customer base   To make your company more profitable.

  3. 3. We produce strategic marketing communications that speak with one voice across different media. We help companies understand and influence their publics better. Our purpose is to engage individuals emotionally in a continuing conversation that generates brand success and customer loyalty in a volatile, competitive market.

  4. 4. We help you navigate the evolving digital ecosystem with 20 years of insightful experience on world-class brands. •  Broadcast, print, web and other Advertising BOUGHT MEDIA OWNED MEDIA •  Online store •  Collateral print and electronic •  Corporate identity •  Company blogs •  Promotions web and print •  Newsletter & email marketing • Google adwords and analytics •  Direct response; print, web, email •  Direct mail •  Audio and video podcasts EARNED MEDIA •  Lead generation •  Webinars & webcasts •  Branded content •  Search advertising •  Banner Advertising •  Websites •  RSS syndication Social media • Microblogs • Viral advertising • Online reviews • Blogosphere •  Augmented reality •  Affiliate advertising •  Streaming video •  Mobile advertising, tagging and aps •  Publicity

  5. 5. The marketing communications landscape has changed more in the past few years than in the last fifty. Our core competence is creative marketing communications–a three step process:   Proprietary Research – to accurately profile your audiences’ emotional characteristics and response   Strategic Development – to help our clients leverage the evolving digital ecosystem   Integrated Marketing Communications – to reach individuals in volatile target markets with one voice

  6. 6. Markets are constantly moving targets. Only accurate strategy can hit them. A unique blend of advanced skills is required to influence these volatile audiences. Here is our menu of services:

  7. 7. Cross-media advertising 
We deliver Cross-media advertising a full spectrum of creative advertising utilizing state-of-the-art technologies   Consumer advertising in all media   Business to business and trade advertising   Direct response advertising both in web based formats and direct mail   Retail advertising campaigns that create brands and drive traffic   Analytics based search advertising   Broadcast media advertising

  8. 8. communications Brand communications
 We are experts at translating marketing data into impactful marketing communications Brand and corporate communications in all media Collateral systems in both digital and print formats Cross-media corporate capabilities systems Product information systems for digital, print and web based uses   Web based informational systems       

  9. 9. Brand identity It’s more important identity
 now than at any time in history to have one unique voice for your brand             Brand experience assessment and development Logo and identifying image creative Brand and corporate identity systems Corporate standards development Web and intranet branding Environmental identity and branding for retail

  10. 10. Web development and promotion
 We create promotion cutting edge media for the sophisticated audiences our clients need to influence   Website design, development and maintenance   Intranet design and development   Email and newsletter marketing campaigns with precise analytics   Banner, search, listing and other Internet advertising   Video Podcast creative, production and publishing management

  11. 11. Online marketing Your long-term and SEO marketing
 essential commitment to manage the constantly evolving Internet and search landscape •  Keyword research, development and analytics •  Google Adwords, banner and lead-generation campaign creation and management •  Analytics based search campaign strategies •  Website and internet marketing analysis •  Content and social marketing •  Existing keyword analysis

  12. 12. Promotions We believe web based, print Promotions
 and broadcast promotions must all integrate with in-depth analytics •  •  •  •  •  Sales promotion campaigns for all media Cross-media sales kits and presentations Trade show design and support Point of sale and dealer kits Direct response campaigns for all media

  13. 13. Research and analytics 
We utilize traditional and proprietary research to increase the level of communication and response   Proprietary surveys for target audience emotional and behavioral characteristics   Online survey management and analysis   Google analytics management for websites and conversion rates   Multivariate and A-B testing for websites   Keyword analysis and analytics

  14. 14. Some of the world’s great companies have entrusted us with their brand Nissan Automobiles Suzuki Motorcycles Nestlé Sunkist Disney Disneyland Universal Studios Universal Television Wilshire Associates Mitsubishi TV SunAmerica Countrywide Mellon Corporation Sony Pictures Sanyo Fisher Westin Hotels Paramount TV Columbia Tri-Star TV Time Warner McDonnel Douglas Martin Marietta Hofner Guitars Paesold Violins Steinway Pianos JBL Speakers Mitsubishi Television Coldwell Banker Sparkletts Water Fox Television Fox Sports Network ABC CBS NBC UPN USA Networks Capital Records SBC California Republic Pictures Hallmark Home Entertainment LA Visitors Bureau McDonnel Douglas Martin Marietta
 Jorgensen Steel Rico International Baskin Robbins Rico International Cleveland Golf Vivitar Cameras Roman Meal Bread Rubbermaid Saban Entertainment PC Brand Orion Pictures Dataproducts Diskeeper PSA Airline
  15. 15. Presenting some of the creative work we have done for them…