Advancement Requirements
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Advancement Requirements



Bishop Kenny Requirements for Advancement

Bishop Kenny Requirements for Advancement



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    Advancement Requirements Advancement Requirements Document Transcript

    • PROMOTION REQUIREMENTS (Updated March 2013) Rank Time In Participation/ Academic Practical Test Study Rank Community Average Subjects Material ServiceC/SA 9 weeks in Two Events B or above in 90 or above NSU CFM NJROTC NJROTC Average on Chain of 1-11 thru 1-12 Personnel Command 1-17 thru 1-18 Inspections Orders to the 1-25 thru 1-33 Sentry 6-1 thru 7-1 24 Hour Clock NS1: Apdx. A p 463C/SN 4 weeks as Four Events B or above in Perform NSU CFM C/SA NJROTC Basic Drill Rates/Ranks 2-1 thru 2-11 Marching Basic Drill Apdx 3 Chain of CRM Command 11-17 Orders to the Chapter 1 & 2 Sentry DM 1 thru DM 30C/PO3 6 weeks Six Events A or above in Direct Squad Customs/ CFMFreshman as C/SN NJROTC in Basic Drill Courtesies/ Chapter 3Limit > 2.0 GPA Etiquette 3-1 to 3-14 Squad Drill DM Chapter 7 Orders to the DM 99 thru DM 109 Sentry Chain of CommandC/PO2 6 weeks as Eight Events A or above in Conduct Personnel CFM C/PO3 NJROTC Personnel Inspection Chapter 1 & Inspection Manual of Arms 1-9; 11-14; 17-20; > 2.2 GPA Direct Squad Platoon Drill 25-28 Chapter 4 in Basic Orders to the 4-1 thru 4-6 Armed Drill Sentry DM Chapter 3 Chain of DM-31 thru DM-45 Command DM Chapter 8 DM110 thru DM128C/PO1 9 weeks as Twelve Events A or above in Take PRT Chain of CFM C/PO2 NJROTC Direct Command DM Chapter 5 & Platoon in Orders to the DM-57 thru DM-66 > 2.3 GPA Basic Armed Sentry CFM Chapter 5 and Unarmed Guidon Manual NS1:175 thru 204 Drill Color Guard CRM:33-39 Physical Fitness CFM: Chapter 6 DM 67 thru DM 98C/CPO 9 weeks as Fifteen Events A or above in Take PRT Company Drill CFM C/PO1 NJROTC Perform Manual of the DM Chapter 9 & Sword Sword DM129 thru DM144 > 2.5 GPA Manual Chain of CFM Command Chapter 4 Orders to the DM-46 thru DM-56 Sentry 1