Video Blogging Pros and Cons - Truth about VBlogging For Profit


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Blogging for cash is a great way to make some extra income and Video Blogging is a great way to make auto cash machines that work for you day and night. Developing this skill will be a great asset for you in the years to come. To find out more about Video Blogging software Click Here

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Video Blogging Pros and Cons - Truth about VBlogging For Profit

  1. 1. ==== ==== Blogging is one of the best ways to make money online - With the right tools video blogging easily can turn you blog into a cash machine... to find out about this brand new software Click The Link Below... ==== ==== Video blogging is the future in marketing - even though video has been around on the web way before YouTube. But video devices are now inexpensive, software video editors more affordable, and online platforms like YouTube, etc are easier to upload to. Still, many people haven't caught on to making money blogging and the potential income which can be generated by posting videos on their blogs. Although the idea of video blogging isn't new, it still is to numerous people. The following information will present principles associated with video blogging and the equipment for producing and circulating that content. Video Blogging: Still the New Kid on the Block. Web video consumption overall is a thriving trend and there is no doubt that we are at the dawn of a new era in marketing. However, it may be too soon to determine where it may lead or the long- term consequences. It seems amazing that video blogging hasn't taken off more than it has, taking into account how affordable the gear is now and just how effortless it is to capture, edit, and upload video online. This may be because it's sometimes complicated to create compelling video, and professionals still have more experience, therefore, the edge. But the demand is huge. For instance, according to comScore Video Metrix service, in August 2009, more than 161 million viewers watched an average of 157 videos per viewer. That tells us that 81.6 percent of the total U.S. internet users viewed, on average, 9.7 hours of online video that month. These Video viewing figures show no signs of abating. So what does that tell us about Video Blogging? Video on the Internet puts people on an equal footing as opposed to the broadcast media being in control of the TV, and radio waves. It enables direct communication by all who wish to publish to the audience at large. In other words, Video blogging liberates the 'little guy'. The plummeting cost of cameras with ever increasing features and the simplicity of uploading to the internet makes it a truly positive sea
  2. 2. change in publishing and hence, a huge potential source of income. So if you are still text blogging make money by switching to Video Blogging without delay. What Makes a Good Video Blog? Technical limitations to video creation are plummeting, but the major challenge is, what makes an effective video blog? The 5 essential Tips are: 1 Be excited about the topic you want to cover. This will come across in your video 2 You've got approximately 10 seconds to pull your viewer in so get to the point quickly 3 Once you capture them keep your message moving at a brisk pace. 4 The length of your video clip is crucial, depending on what it is you are trying to communicate. 5 Keep in mind that today's fast paced world has shortened our attention spans. Two to three minutes is the 'ideal window'. Longer than this runs the risk of losing your viewers. This is borne out by popular music, i.e; Rock-n-Roll, MOR, to today's hits. Most songs last approximately three minutes. That is no coincidence. In the pop industry, if we can't say what we have to say in three minutes, then it's just padding. The same can be said for Video Blogging. Creating a Video Blog The Flip cam is a great starter camera and PC users have Windows Movie Maker (WMM) (Mac users iMovie) for editing. Then up a level are Sony Vegas and Adobe Premiere Elements. We can also access High Definition (HD) as never before which gives us broadcast quality content and the market for that is growing, fast. At the moment I'm using a Canon MV890 and Sony Vegas 8, but a simple Flip and WMM will get you off and running. Don't forget about Audio. Invest in a microphone, and recorder that will capture good sound quality. Video blogging is taking off because the obstacles to accessibility are virtually non existent. Starting video blogging is remarkably easy, and cheap Distributing Video Blogs Most people have heard of YouTube, and Facebook, but there are numerous others you can upload to, e.g., Vimeo, etc And all are extremely easy to embed your videos on.
  3. 3. Posting your videos on several sites is a good idea as most people tend to stick with the video providers they prefer. If you want to Blog to make money, Video Blogging is the way to go.. That way you can reach the widest audience and reap the greatest rewards. Then you can sit back and watch the cash roll in. Want to Know More? Click for a FREE Preview of Video Blogging Cash Article Source: ==== ==== Blogging is one of the best ways to make money online - With the right tools video blogging easily can turn you blog into a cash machine... to find out about this brand new software Click The Link Below... ==== ====