KHT presentation at BITC Member Event 16 May 2012


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  • Andy Working in partnership is really important to us as an organisation and being positive about partnerships is one of our core values. We recognise that we can achieve more when we work with our partners. So how do we identify partners to work with, well there are no hard or fast rules to how we have identified our partners. Some of our partnerships have come from meetings and events like this where we’ve met people with the same priorities as us, some partnerships have come as a result of bidding for funding for community investment projects and others we have actively sort out partners to plug a gap in our own expertise. We also work in partnership with our contractors as Louise mentioned earlier. We’ve also found that once word gets out that your involved in community investment, partners will approach you. As you can see from the slide above we work with a wide variety of organisations and these are just a handful of the partners that we have worked with to deliver community investment. Louise is going to give an example of the one of the partnerships we are currently working in.
  • KHT presentation at BITC Member Event 16 May 2012

    1. 1. First Ark’s Advantage,A Social Landlords approach to community investment Andy Coulson Louise Reese
    2. 2. First Ark’s Advantage• Who are First Ark?• What are our priorities – how did we identify them?• Drivers for Community Investment• How do we deliver our community Investment?• Working with partners• How do we measure our success?
    3. 3. First ArkCommunity business with a great landlord
    4. 4. Knowsley• 5 th most deprived borough• Only 61.9% of the working age population are employed.• Knowsley’s business sur vival rate is lower than both the national and sub-regional
    5. 5. The challenges facing our customers •Work and Training opportunities •Welfare Benefits Advice •Save money
    6. 6. Our prioritiesOur four themes• People• Partnerships,• Sustainable communities,• Environment
    7. 7. Our approachHow we’ve identified the social issues: Traditional Methods
    8. 8. Our approachHow we’ve identified the social issues: Networking
    9. 9. Our approachHow we’ve identified the social issues: Government Policy
    10. 10. Our approachHow we’ve identified the social issues: We’re in the heart of the community
    11. 11. Key drivers for community investment
    12. 12. How we deliver Community investment• Engaging employees• Engaging customers• Engage suppliers• Engage partners
    13. 13. Vee’s Place
    14. 14. Our Resources• The SR Team – board champ• Budget £450, 000• Inward investment• CSR strategy is our plan• CSR steering group
    15. 15. Partnerships “Acting in isolation we canachieve some of our goals but working together we can achieve more. ”
    16. 16. New Horizons
    17. 17. How we measure and evaluate• Planned consultation throughout year• BITC check-up• Social value methodology: social accounts• 3 Star award – internal Quality challenge and board reports• Future: Project methodologies which includes evaluation• SROI methodology
    18. 18. Summary• Consultation – getting ‘buy in’• Networking• Partnerships• Measuring success
    19. 19. Thank you