Co-op - Transforming Business: Employee Engagement and Behaviour Change Workshop


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  • We are a large and diverse organisation with over 100,000 employees based at almost 5,000 locations working in Banking, Insurance, Food retail, Funerals, Pharmacy, Motor, and farming. So we have a very diverse workforce to engage with. To generalise, can be roughly split into two areas though.
  • In addition to the usual comms methods we have recently done the following… First three at head office. Area Energy Champions for Food stores. Now training store managers in energy saving. Operational instructions – card and plastic recycling i.e. 63,000 tonnes in 2010, saves money and therefore more store profits. Regional Values and Principles committees (democratically elected) have input into review of sustainability targets annually. Case studies as widely as possible – for instance the Ethical Plan booklet using picture and quote from a member for 6 of the 8 areas.
  • Is it working? For last three years we have achieved Platinum Plus status, so maybe it is…
  • Combination of face to face engagement of previous slide and constant access to the intranet it is much easier to engage with head office staff. For instance, out of one window we have a 96 foot billboard and out of the other is our new sustainable head office.
  • Make most of concentration of employees, and use as test bed for schemes that are expanding to more disparate groups e.g. Plan Bee seed giveaway was a success at head office and now being expanded to Food stores. One size doesn’t fit all Make it easy and convenient, explain cost-savings - often the biggest hook. For instance, for all the carbon benefit of more sustainable travel, from travel surveys it is clear cost-savings are a major motivator for switching to lower carbon options Be realistic – focus initially on easy wins, then review and develop Communicate success stories through those engaged employees…
  • The Food store advocates promoted initiative on intranet, featured in internal staff magazines, and also the Manchester Evening News. Came to light as their store manager was on the regional membership board.
  • Green travel advice works for head office [though not helped by Manchester weather], not so helpful for wide geographical spread of our 4,800 trading outlets. More adaptive message.
  • Co-op - Transforming Business: Employee Engagement and Behaviour Change Workshop

    1. 1. Embedding behaviour change throughoutthe organisation Ben Norbury The Co-operative & Catherine Monaghan Energy Saving Trust
    2. 2. Who are we trying to engage with?• ~6,000 office employees in • ~100,000 store, distribution, Manchester head office depot employees in 4,800 complex locations UK-wide• Managers & Support, most • Non-management, many PTE, FTE, working 9am-5pm, Mon working 6am-11pm, 7 days a to Fri, low staff turnover week, high staff turnover• Intranet, head office • Operational instructions to activities, staff magazines, store managers for cascading induction, billboards to staff, staff magazines, some online training, store radio 7million members from across the UK Varying degrees of activity 2.
    3. 3. How?• Free stuff – seed giveaways (Plan Bee), Twirl giveaway (Mencap)• Free events – cycling workshops (Green Travel)• Preferential treatment – reserved (and free) car park spaces for car sharers (Green Travel)• Training – Area energy champions (Energy Programme)• Staff Action Packs (Fairtrade)• Operational instructions – card and plastic recycling feedback• Consultation – when updating targets (Ethical Plan)• Money saving – interest free loans for public transport season tickets (Green Travel), energy saving (EST)• Case studies – Ethical Plan booklet, intranet, internal and membership magazines, external communications• Financial reward (Bonuses) 3.
    4. 4. Embedding sustainability into performance and rewards…• Ethical Plan target: The remuneration of senior staff will be influenced by the degree to which The Co-operative is viewed as a leading champion of corporate social responsibility in the UK• Judged on performance in the BITC Corporate Responsibility Index – Community – Environment – Marketplace – Workplace 4.
    5. 5. Head office is ‘easy’ 5.
    6. 6. Lessons learnt• Management – bonus-related works; leading by example greater challenge• Make most of concentration of employees (i.e. head office), and use as test bed for schemes that are expanding to more disparate groups.• One size doesn’t fit all – wide demographic of workforce with range of outlooks and priorities• Make it easy and convenient, explain cost-savings - often the biggest hook• Be realistic – focus initially on easy wins, then review and develop• Communicate success stories through those engaged employees… 6.
    7. 7. Engagement through the most engaged Also developing ‘Carbon Heroes’ to focus on positive experience of car sharing 7.
    8. 8. Challenges faced• Expanding head office initiatives to whole employee base (~100,000) and membership (~7m)• Senior staff – leading by example?• Making communication less top-down and instructive• Making sometimes dry subjects interesting• Priorities e.g. recession – is there a financial reward? 8.
    9. 9. EST employee engagement services Who we are – set up in 1992 to help reduce UK’s domestic & transport carbon emissions by providing independent and impartial advice – new charitable parent company, under which a non-profit company & wholly owned trading subsidiary – we work with businesses to provide services which benefit their staff and customers  Our Employee Engagement services (via Employers) – Energy Intelligence: for communicating & educating employees (verification, data analysis, policy analysis & market insight) – Smart Driving: for helping employees reduce fuel consumption and save money – ESTEPS: for helping employees link their energy, transport & water use to carbon/money and take action  Recent news! – We have been awarded the contract to run Government’s new energy advice service from April 2012 to provide free and impartial advice to householders, businesses and the public sector on Green Deal and other Government priorities in England, Wales & NI – Anyone accessing the service will be able to get information and support on schemes available to help make their home or business more energy efficient INCLUDING YOUR STAFF AND CUSTOMERS! 9.
    10. 10. EST insight - what employees want Trusted source of advice– Independent research shows EST is among the UK’s most trusted sources of advice on how to save energy in the home.– 54% consider EST home energy saving advice impartial & trustworthy vs. 27% DIY retailers, 26% local council, 6% energy suppliers Employers who help – 39% agree they would like their employer to help them be greener at work and at home – Rising to 58% for 21 – 34 year olds!* *Source: EST attitude tracker (commissioned ICM 2 samples >5400 adults in March 2011) 10.
    11. 11. EST partnership with the Co-operative Historic – Area Energy Champion training programme (~350 champions across UK) – On-site energy advice (~1050 employees based in Manchester) – Smarter Driving (~180 staff at Funeralcare in Manchester and Pharmacy in Rochdale) New – To offer Co-operative employees basic access to energy saving advice/tips – EST ESTEPS is a simple, flexible and easy to use on-line employee engagement tool which integrates into any business website and brand and: 1. asks employees simple questions on building, occupancy, energy use and behaviour. 2. provides household specific results on energy/water use, energy /water bills & carbon emissions 3. provides tips showing energy savings tailored to the results. 4. allows employees to adjust inputs and re-calculate based on taking action on energy efficiency 5. rewards sustainable behaviour in measureable way for both the individual and the organisation. 11.