BIS (Business Intelligence and Strategy) Research Profile


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BIS Research publishes in-depth market intelligence reports focusing on the market estimations, technology analysis, emerging high-growth applications, deeply segmented granular country-level market data and other important market parameters useful in the strategic decision making for senior management. BIS Research provides multi-client reports, company profiles, databases, and custom research services.

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BIS (Business Intelligence and Strategy) Research Profile

  1. 1. -: 1 :- Website: E-mail: BIS RESEARCH – PROFILE
  2. 2. -: 2 :- Who is BIS Research? Business Intelligence and Strategy Research (BIS Research) : A Snapshot  Technology research and advisory firm providing impartial and meaningful insights  Focuses on emerging and disruptive technologies  Caters to more than 10 verticals- Advanced Materials, Aerospace & Defense, Agriculture, Automation, Automotive, Electronics and Semiconductor, Industrial, Information Technology and Communication, Medical Devices, and Power & Energy among others  A consciously low overhead approach combined with research centers in India, enables us to offer our client excellent value-for-money  A diverse mix of in-house analysts, experts and independent consultants along with a  Very active and experienced board of advisors  Offers detailed syndicate and custom market intelligence reports, database and company profiles
  3. 3. -: 3 :- BIS Research Offerings With coverage of more than 12 technology verticals, BIS Research provides a complete end-to- end market intelligence solution to its partners and clients. Syndicate Research Library Syndicate Report (off the shelf)  Covers more than 10 key industries  Free Quarterly update  Free Analyst Support hours Subscription  Access to all the reports within the subscribed vertical(s)  Free custom research  Chance to align our research towards your specific business need Custom Research Services Market Sizing & Forecasting Market Dynamics Value Chain Analysis Product Pipeline Analysis Industry Activities & Impact Analysis Opportunities Analysis
  4. 4. -: 4 :- Why BIS Research? What makes us unique?  We dedicate more than 600 analyst hours to any of our syndicate research studies by reiteratively distributing equal amount of effort across each technology/product under study  We have developed specific models (Super models) for each industry vertical and on the basis of the same we develop unique models (Sub models) for each research study, and validate the same across our four broadly classified research phases  Our methodology underlines an undivided focus on the value chain of the subject under study, thereby enabling us to identify values, opportunities, and challenges across every strata of the industry ecosystem  We exhaustively use both primary sources (in-house experts, industry thought leaders, market players and independent consultants) and secondary sources (a host of paid and unpaid databases) along with analytical tools to build our forecast and predictive models
  5. 5. -: 5 :- BIS Re-iterative Research Phases What makes us unique?  For each technology/product under study we reiteratively use the following four phases and build sub models  These sub models are subsequently used to develop supermodels for the market under study PHASE 1 PHASE 2 PHASE 3 PHASE 4  Technology/Product Analysis  Company Profiling  Application Analysis  Geography Analysis  Market Overview  Value Chain & Supply Chain Analysis  Competitive Intelligence  Subject Specific Forecast Model
  6. 6. -: 6 :- BIS Research Delivery Model  Every research process begins at an ideation stage and advances through the processes that include, but are not limited to, the steps shown in the above schematic flow. Using such in-house models and processes we distill through a massive amount of information to arrive at meaningful and actionable market intelligence and strategic recommendations for our readers. Ideation Literature Review Research Design & Planning Data Collection & Synthesis Data Analysis Strategic Insights & Recommenda tion End Deliverable (s)
  7. 7. -: 7 :- BIS Research Delivery Model  We provide an exhaustive study of the market subject in form of a global syndicate market intelligence report  Each global study can also be subscribed in parts {a chapter, section or market data table(s)}  For every purchase of a full syndicate report, we offer a “Free” analyst/expert consultation for more than 20 hours  We update all our emerging technology studies every quarter, thereby delivering the latest and the most useful insights to our clients
  8. 8. -: 8 :- BIS Team : Our Strength  It is this in-house team of many talented and passionate industry experts and analysts coming from diverse backgrounds viz. Consulting, Investment Banking, Financial Advisory, government organizations, academia and research which continues to push the envelope of our offerings and bring quality in whatever we do.  Each team member embodies the company's values of being a partner in the growth and augmentation of its clients by ensuring its availability and willingness to cater to the client's needs in the most honest and sincere manner.
  9. 9. -: 9 :- BIS Team : Our Strength Ravi Sangal is an engineering graduate from BITS, Pilani and an MTech (Management and Systems) from IIT, Delhi. He was the President of IDC, a global marketing research and marketing intelligence organization, for nearly fifteen years. As its head, he built the organization almost from scratch and demonstrated market equity, growth and consistent profitability. He has more than thirty years of work experience. Due to his extensive industry knowledge and understanding, he was appointed National Consultant by UN for technology assignments. Mr Sangal has often been quoted in print and electronic media for his accurate observations. He has been on the cover of several leading magazines and news papers in the past. He has been awarded a Statement of Accomplishment by JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY, US for Data Analysis.  RAVI SANGAL : Analytics Head
  10. 10. -: 10 :- BIS Team : Our Strength During his tenure at a leading consulting and advisory firm Mohammad has handled varied responsibilities and has partnered with prominent companies like Texas Instrument, Avery Denison, Hewlett Packard, Emerson, SABIC, and Olympus in their respective industry verticals. He has authored more than 50 technical/market intelligence reports, custom studies and client presentations. He brings in the experience of handling diverse projects with turnover time ranging from half a day to a few months.  MOHAMMAD : Practice Head
  11. 11. -: 11 :- BIS Team : Our Strength Gaurav is an investment banker with over 12 years of experience in Transaction Advisory, Resource Mobilization and Valuations. He has been an adviser in a number of Private Equity and M&A transactions. After his tenure with Deloitte in 2010 Gaurav donned the hat of an entrepreneur and co-founded 4 different IT start-ups in the gaming, healthcare and leisure domains. Gaurav started his career with the Citi Group after becoming a Chartered Accountant in 2002.  GAURAV : Operation Head
  12. 12. -: 12 :- BIS Team : Our Strength Having over fifteen years of business experience in the field of technology, Ravi is a dual degree holder in Chemistry and Computers from one of the most prominent engineering schools in India and has a Masters degree in Business Management from the University of Arizona, United States.  RAVI : Technology Head
  13. 13. -: 13 :- BIS Team : Our Strength Tushar is a proven business leader with over 14 years of business and consulting experience with Ernst and Young, Allianz Capital and AGROY Finance and Investment Ltd. He is also the co-founder of Indo-Ghana Natural Resources Ltd. Tushar graduated as a master from Manchester Business School, United Kingdom in 1998.  TUSHAR : Research Head
  14. 14. -: 14 :- BIS Team : Our Strength Dr. Jain is a PhD holder in Physics and a fellow of National Academy of Sciences, India. He began his professional career in Physics at the University of Delhi, followed by universities of Kyoto (Japan) and Bristol (U.K.) and International Centre for Theoretical Physics. Dr. Jain later moved to Science and Technology Management and Policy and served as a Science Attaché in the Indian Embassy in Tokyo, Japan. He also served as the Director in the Ministry of Science and Technology and National Institute of Science, Technology and Development Studies. Dr Jain is associated with S&T Policy & Strategy advise to several countries of Africa, Asia and Europe, with the Commonwealth Science Council, European Commission and several UN agencies. Dr. Jain is the recipient of Emperor of Japan’s medal of honor for promoting research and academic co-operation between India and Japan.  ASHOK JAIN : Mentor & Advisor
  15. 15. -: 15 :- Got Questions? BIS Research 9100 West Bloomington Freeway, Suite 159 Bloomington, MN 55431 U.S. Tel: +1 650 228 0182 Global Delivery Center A 21, Kailash Colony, New Delhi, India Tel: +91 11 46120391