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State-of-the-art education for IT business

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BIONIC University booklet_english

  1. 1. va Ja State-of-the-art education for IT business
  2. 2. About BIONIC University BIONIC University (BU), an open intercorporate university, is an educational initiative of BIONIC Hill Innovation Park The mission of BIONIC University is to prepare future professionals for the Ukrainian IT-industry BIONIC University provides: • a thorough multi-level selection of the most talented candidates for participation in its programs • short-term practice oriented programs to develop the necessary competences • an opportunity to get a lifelong education, to refresh knowledge, and to open new professional horizons • a platform for communication and cooperation between experts in the IT-industry and talented goal-oriented youth • high-quality training of teams and specialists preparing them to create innovative products and to implement projects successfully 3
  3. 3. Career boost for talented youth Qualified human resources provider for IT-companies 4
  4. 4. Partners with BU: Jansen Capital Management 5
  5. 5. Features of BIONIC’s Educational Approach 6
  6. 6. Programs BIONIC University provides integrated training in three programs: Tech skills, Soft skills and Entrepreneurship TeCH SkIllS eNTrePreNeUrSHIP SOFT SkIllS The combination of up-to-date technical knowledge, social interaction skills and the entrepreneurial spirit enables BU to provide the IT-market with cutting edge specialists. BIONIC University graduates are ready to work on projects and are able to effectively join existing teams. 7
  7. 7. Tech Skills Program The Tech Skills Program contains courses developing technical expertise in the most relevant spheres of programming. Students will master the instruments needed to create innovative IT-products. Specializations SE EE SPA Java Standard Edition Java Enterprise Edition SPA development HTML5 +CSS +Javascript QA .Net .Net Quality Assurance Standard 8 QA Quality Assurance Selenium .Net Core .Net WEB HTML5 +CSS +Javascript
  8. 8. Soft Skills Program The Soft Skills Program aims to develop skills and competences that allow specialists to succeed through a high level of self-organization, quality planning and effective communication. Two educational courses are offered within the program: SELF-Management and PEOPLEManagement. SELF-Management skills are the competencies which enable people to improve personal effectiveness that allow them to achieve goals more efficiently, to manage time, to become a persuasive speaker and to resolve conflicts. The SELF-Management course comprises three modules: COMmunication, TIMEmanagement, Presentation. PEOPLE-Management skills enable people to interact with others efficiently, to work in a team, motivate themselves and others, to reason professionally, to achieve win-win results in negotiations and to maintain the work-life balance. The PEOPLE-Management course includes modules on: JOB Attitude, TEAMwork, Meeting&Negotiation. 9
  9. 9. The Entrepreneurship Program The Entrepreneurship Program is designed to help create a new business or project. To succeed it is important to evaluate market potential, identify clients’ needs, build up a team, provide financing, develop the product, define a business model, and organize business processes. The Entrepreneurship Program gives an understanding of the main constituents required for systematic business growth, taking into account international practice and Ukrainian reality. Two educational courses within the program are designed in cooperation with some of the world’s largest IT-companies. A joint HP & BU program “Entrepreneur Club – Powered by HP LIFE e-Learning” is aimed at students with an entrepreneurial mindset interested in following their dreams and creating their own business. The program combines the best classroom, expert interchange and online learning. HP LIFE (HP Learning Initiative for Entrepreneurs) e-Learning is a global online platform offering interactive IT and business skills focused on finance, marketing, communication, and operations training. This is a great opportunity for anyone who is serious about starting their own business and who wants to learn how to achieve their goals.   10
  10. 10. Program features • Flexibility: learn the theory and complete online case studies in your own time, at your own pace supported by practical seminars in-class • Discussions: share your business ideas with industry experts • Motivation: develop a business plan in cooperation with Tech Skills students • Opportunity: to share knowledge and experience with the future entrepreneurs Program Duration and Teaching Format: 2 months (online education + weekly meetings with experts). Upon program completion the participants must defend their own business projects. A joint program introduced by CISCO Entrepreneurship Institute and BIONIC University “Business Setup” creates the conditions for further development of young professionals in the entrepreneurial sphere, combining knowledge with business management skills, enhancing leadership potential and using IT-technologies. This program is the one for those who are consciously looking for ways to implement their projects and plan to set up their own business using IT-technologies. Program features: • Continuity and integrity • Concurrent personal growth in business, leadership and IT technologies • Intellectual and organizational support during education • Regular classes with instructors throughout the program The program’s basic modules reveal the peculiarities of business setup analysis, development opportunities, marketing and communications, finance, operations management and HR-management. Program duration and teaching format: 3 months (classes meet three times a week). Self-education including practical tasks and work on a business plan. Upon program completion the participants must defend their own business projects. 11
  11. 11. Why Study at BIONIC University? Education at BIONIC University offers the opportunity: • not only to obtain theoretical knowledge, but to master practical skills in one of the world’s most dynamic industries – IT • to upgrade one’s qualification or to acquire a new profession in IT -field • to gather a team of fellow-thinkers and launch a joint project as the participants team up and get advice from experts and instructors • to communicate with successful entrepreneurs, industry experts and leading scholars – BU guests • to make acquaintance with potential employers and partners The instructors at BIONIC University are experienced professionals who work for major IT-companies, business incubators and educational establishments 12
  12. 12. Benefits for Partners BIONIC University is the solution for urgent issues in the IT-industry regarding selection and training of highly qualified specialists Cooperation with leading IT-companies provides BU with a deep understanding of IT-market demands concerning employee training. BIONIC University’s educational programs focus on solving the market’s essential issues. Multi-level selection of candidates makes it possible to engage the most talented and motivated specialists. Candidates that come to BU strive for personal development and are aware of the need for continuous professional improvement. 13
  13. 13. Benefits for the State Being the central element of the innovative ecosystem, BIONIC University will be able to cooperate with major IT-companies and BIONIC Hill Innovation Park: • to decrease the “brain drain” of talented specialists abroad • to intensify the transition from outsourcing to a Ukrainian IT-product model • to ensure technological modernization of the national economy • to increase the GDP and fulfill the state budget • to improve the international image of Ukraine Governmental Support: 14
  14. 14. Our Alumni BIONIC University graduates are promising specialists who combine fundamental knowledge with practical skills in areas that are not sufficiently covered by classical education. These people are ready to be actively involved in the most challenging projects and to make innovative ideas come true. Participants of BIONIC University programs are the students and graduates of over 15 prestigious Ukrainian universities including: BU students and graduates have gone on to work for leading IT companies. Infopulse, Art-Master, EngagePoint, Miratech, EPAM Systems, Luxoft, Ciklum, SysIQ, Amazon, Samsung R&D, CyberVision, Zultys, CONTACTIS, CleverUA 15
  15. 15. BIONIC University AND BIONIC Hill BIONIC Hill Innovation Park’s establishment of its own open intercorporate university has enabled it to: • • Make its contribution to the IT-industry’s transition from outsourcing to the product business model • 16 Provide park residents with highly qualified professionals Promote the development of the national IT-industry and high- technology entrepreneurship in Ukraine
  16. 16. BIONIC Hill BIONIC Hill is the first Ukrainian innovation park which was founded on the “Live-Work-Learn and Play” concept. The project foresees the creation of an ideal environment for bold innovation, effective business and comfortable living. The park will accommodate leading Ukrainian and international companies specializing in IT, biotech and energy saving. Implementation of this project will create 35,000 jobs. BIONIC Hill is situated in the Sviatoshynsky district of Kyiv, close to Kotsyubynske urban village. The city center and airport are less than 20 km (12.5 miles) away from the park. The total area of the park is 147 hectares, of which about 900 thousand square meters will be taken up by buildings and structures. The first stage of construction to be commissioned in 2015. Full construction completion is expected in 2020. BIONIC Hill is a private business initiative of a major Ukrainian developer (UDP company). The estimated investment volume is $1 billion. 17
  17. 17. Key Facts • • 10 months of its operation 2135 study applications were submitted and 1860 candidates took part in the During first selection process for the programs. 10 months of its operation BU graduated 260 specialists who received training through 7 technical programs. 25% of the specialists underwent additional Soft Skills training. During the first 26% of the students found jobs, another 24% got job offers upon completion of education. 33% of the students worked freelance and 17% had • While studying at BU already been employed and came to BU to • • 18 upgrade their knowledge. BU can train over 1000 specialists annually. 88% of the University instructors are experienced professionals employed with leading IT companies, 12% are professors from leading Universities.
  18. 18. Why Ukraine? With a population of 46 million people, Ukraine is one of the largest European countries. Most European countries, Canada and the United States have visa-free arrangements with Ukraine for visits up to three months. Ukraine is a country with strong intellectual potential. According to the 2012 Global Talent Index, Ukraine ranks 12th worldwide for education quality and 8th for enrollment rates in higher education. According to the data of the Ministry of Education, over 500,000 Ukrainians receive a higher education degree. Ukraine is #1 in Central and Eastern Europe and 11th globally in quantity of qualified specialists in IT-outsourcing. The world’s leading IT-companies, such as Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Microsoft and CISCO, have offices in Ukraine. In 2012 Samsung set up its R&D center in Ukraine, thus creating over 1000 jobs in the IT domain. According to the 2011 A.T.Kerney Global Services Location Index, Ukraine is in the top fifteen countries of financial appeal for conducting business. 19
  19. 19. тел.: +38 (044) 361 34 50 тел.: +38 (044) 496 30 38