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Presentation by Mentus: Best Practices for CROs: Successful Marketing Strategies
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Presentation by Mentus: Best Practices for CROs: Successful Marketing Strategies


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Published in: Business, Health & Medicine

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  • 1. SuccessfulMarketingStrategies forSan Diego CROsMarketing your CROfor peanuts...3/6/13 Mentus / 321 Medical Launch 1Guy IannuzziMentusMarch 7, 2013
  • 2. Agenda•  Why CROs (you) need to market 19 slides•  How other CROs (them) are marketing–  Huge Case Study 12 slides•  Online visual vocabulary and social media–  Medium Case Study 17 slides•  Rebranding best practices–  Small Case Study 27 slides•  Website development details...•  How to market online more effectively 25 slides–  Giving it away...–  What’s with Social Media?3/6/13 Mentus / 321 Medical Launch 2
  • 3. Why?17 Slides3/6/13 3Mentus / 321 Medical Launch
  • 4. Google Search for CROsContract Research Organizations–  Page 1 – 10 organic listings, 11 ads•  Biocom CRO #3•  Rho Research in NC #5•  Xconomy article on SD CROs #6•  PPD #7•  Cato Research #9–  Page 2 – Synteract #10–  Page 3 – Covance #7CROsPage 1 – BiocomCRO #2, Covance #93/6/13 4Mentus / 321 Medical Launch
  • 5. SEO•  Search Engine Optimization–  Increasing site visits via high placement in search results.–  The higher the rank, greater number of visits•  Organic SEO–  Internal Content: Key words/phrases/content–  Onsite Optimization•  Clean up code, add more content, add unique content•  Everything Else SEO–  Pay-Per-click–  Offsite Optimization•  Anything on other websites effecting your site’s SEO•  Primarily good quality back links from big websites3/6/13 Mentus / 321 Medical Launch 5
  • 6. Why CROs Need to Market•  Smaller CRO providers are valuable...–  Fill specialized development needs–  Larger companies can not provide profitably•  Problem: Finding the right CRO – you–  Well over 1,000 CROs, $25-30 Billion market–  Fragmented industry ranging from large, internationalfull-service to small, niche specialty companies•  Most CROs struggle to differentiatethemselves–  Personal relationships the most important–  And lack deep marketing expertise or budgets3/6/13 6Mentus / 321 Medical Launch
  • 7. Outsourcing is Now3/6/13 Mentus / 321 Medical Launch 7
  • 8. Outsourcing is NowCROs are on the radar screen•  388 pharmas/biotechs reported CRO clients expect a 9% increase inoutsourced R&D budget•  CRO penetration increased 35% 2010 to 38% in 2011•  27% of large Pharmas and 47% of smallest expect to outsource“Looking ahead several years, while client R&Dbudgets will be flattish, the CRO industrymarket’s move to higher involvement willcontinue as clients replace less efficient internalfunctions with more efficient and cost effectiveexternal solutions.”3/6/13 8Mentus / 321 Medical Launch
  • 9. CRO Market Realities•  Overcapacity, move from early research cutting preclin demand–  Preclinical CRO demand continues to be highly challenged.•  Massive global overcapacity at both outsourcers and biopharma sponsors•  Longevity of small price-aggressive players•  Continued move away from early phase investment by biopharma•  No near-term end to demand volatility and poor returns profile plaguing industry•  Traditional toxicology continues to struggle•  Discovery research positive trend within preclinical landscape–  Emerging opportunity–  Biopharma increasingly open to outsourcing these high-end services.–  Most promising study areas are focused around...•  biomarkers,•  computational biology,•  genomics, and other translational services.–  This emerging growth area may become a hotbed for M&A activity3/6/13 9Mentus / 321 Medical Launch
  • 10. CRO Market Realities•  Late phase is a beneficiary of ‘strategic outsourcing’–  Late phase CRO services have seen far better demand•  Growing preference toward comprehensive ‘Strategic Outsourcing’•  Consolidation of vendors vs. an expansion of addressable market•  Leading to improved penetration and superior market growth•  Margins challenged by upfront investments of “strategic”deals–  Risk increased by youth of relationships•  Unfavorable terms of initial contracts limiting near-term profitability.•  Growing pains for CROs similar to consulting industry ininfancy.–  Consulting industry is best example3/6/13 10Mentus / 321 Medical Launch
  • 11. Marketing CROs is Challenging•  Customer base made of few, high-value customers•  Managing relationships vitally important•  Services more ambiguous than tangible products•  Increases uncertainty•  Purchasing decision difficult for scientist-customer•  CROs must project knowledge and expertise•  Make researchers comfortable entrusting them•  Uncertainty requires experiential marketing methods•  Potential to drive demand for those that execute it properly.•  Content marketing is therefore highly valuable•  The web is ideal for content marketing3/6/13 11Mentus / 321 Medical Launch
  • 12. Standing Out...•  CRO marketing must build value–  Guide researchers in their purchasing decision•  You must...–  Build your brand–  Position your services within a crowded marketplace–  Draw customers with high-impact marketingtechniques3/6/13 12Mentus / 321 Medical Launch
  • 13. Your Challenge•  Can you be trusted?–  Do you know what you’re doing?–  Have you enough experience?–  Can you be relied on......pick the right pain point•  Create the best answer•  Get your prospect(s) to know it3/6/13 13Mentus / 321 Medical Launch
  • 14. Marketing Genuinely•  Projecting Value–  Provide value at the beginning of any interaction–  Value projected through useful content•  Compelling content builds your brand•  Establishes thought leadership•  Makes customers come back when they’re ready to engage•  Agency’s role...–  To create, manage content engaging your audience3/6/13 14Mentus / 321 Medical LaunchMarketing is not the artof finding clever waysto dispose ofwhat you make.It is the art of creatinggenuine customervalue.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"!#$%&%!()*&+,!#,)-+..),/!01*+,123)12&!42,5+316/!(+&&)66!78$))&!)-!42126+9+1*!2*!:),*$;+.*+,1!42,5+316!42126+9+1*!<!;),&=>.!9).*!;%=+&?!@.+=!6,2=@2*+!*+A*B))5!%1!92,5+316!
  • 15. Content MarketingWhat is Content Marketing?•  Creating and sharing content to promote aproduct or service•  The focus may not be about your company...–  Include mix of problem-specific information andthought leadership–  Become (look like) the best resource to solve yourprospect’s problem3/6/13 15Mentus / 321 Medical Launch
  • 16. Content Marketing Principles•  Risk Mitigation–  Content marketing develops trust•  Provides buyer information to help them make the right decision•  Reduces both organizational and personal risk•  Lead Generation–  Content is used to drive traffic to your website–  Captures leads through forms•  Lead Nurturing–  Content must educate and inform as a lead develops.•  Lead Scoring–  Should be tied to prospect’s interaction on website andthrough nurturing campaigns3/6/13 16Mentus / 321 Medical Launch
  • 17. Your most powerful sales &marketing tool•  A good website is critical in your sales process•  It can help you:–  Generate leads–  Nurture existing leads and move them closer to purchase–  Deliver information about your products & services in a compelling way–  Process orders, cross- and up-sell, and run special promotions–  Communicate with existing customers and distribution channels–  Generate publicity•  It is an interactive brochure–  Speaking with different groups–  Converts visitors into prospects and prospects into customers–  An extension of your brand and an example of the quality of work you do•  Must effectively communicate and support your brand•  Wrap your site with richer content and marketing functionality–  Access broad and potentially lucrative marketing capabilities3/6/13 17Mentus / 321 Medical Launch
  • 18. Branding Strategy Roadmap•  Create a Marketing Plan–  Establish Objectives for a Marketing Plan–  Evaluate Market Environment and Brand Differentiators•  Evaluate CRO Image/brand•  Implement Branding Program–  Develop an Effective Positioning–  Develop/evolve an Effective Identity•  Implement Sales and Marketing Program–  Develop an Effective Online Presence–  Develop Effective Sales Collateral–  Develop an Effective Presentation Outreach Program–  Consider a Social Media /PR Initiative•  Monitor the Marketing ROI3/6/13 18Mentus / 321 Medical Launch
  • 19. Online Marketing Process!"#$"%&(%)%"*%&CompetitivePositioningMarketingCampaignsBrandStrategyMarketingPlan&BudgetEmailMarketingOnlineAdvertisingSearchMarketingSocial MediaWebsitesCorporateIdentityMessagingSalesLiterature &Tools3/6/13 19Mentus / 321 Medical Launch
  • 20. Simplify3/6/13 Mentus / 321 Medical Launch 20Response Current Goal A Goal BAdvertising 16 % 0% eliminate 15% no changeDirect mail 0.0 % 0% no change 0% no changeSpecialevents7.5 % 7.5% no change 7.5% no changePublicity 7.5 % 7.5% no change 7.5% no changeBrochure 7.5 % 7.5% no change 0% eliminateNewsletter 7.5 % 7.5% no change 0% eliminateWeb site 24 % 40% increase 40% increaseNetworking 30 % 30% no change 30% no change+,-./#%&01&.-2$"3&-&4(-5$60"-#&.-(2%6"3&/(03(-.&.0(%&7%89*%"4($*:&;0-#&<&(%.0=%)&4>%&!"#$%&()*?&;0-#&@&(%.0=%)&4>%&+%(),$"-.!,$%(!/:&
  • 21. HowOther CRO/CMOs are Doing It16 Slides3/6/13 21Mentus / 321 Medical Launch
  • 22. Case Studies in Success•  Electronic Contract Manufacturing–  Sanmina–  Engineering and fabricating electronic components andcomplete end-to-end supply chain solutions to OriginalEquipment Manufacturers (OEMs)•  Pharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing–  HollisterStier Laboratories–  Immunotherapy and contract manufacturing•  Pharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing–  Senn Chemicals–  Early development to commercial API manufacture3/6/13 22Mentus / 321 Medical Launch
  • 23. SanminaWhat We Make, Makes a Difference12 Slides3/6/13 23Mentus / 321 Medical Launch
  • 24. Case Study #1•  Electronic manufacturing services (EMS) Industry–  Electronic Contract Manufacturing (ECM)–  Design, test, manufacture, distribute, and repair forelectronic components for original equipmentmanufacturers (OEMs).–  SCI (then Space Craft Inc.; now Sanmina) was the firstmajor EMS company in North America.•  Range of sizes–  Tier 1: >$800m/1Billion•  Foxconn/HonHai (about $50B) (of the famed iPod city scandal),Flextronics (about $35B), Jabil, Benchmark Electronics, andSanmina-SCI (about $10B)–  Tier 2: $250/300m to $1B–  Tier 3: <$250m3/6/13 24Mentus / 321 Medical Launch
  • 25. Sanmina HistorySanminaSCI•  SCI was founded in a basement in Huntsville, AL in1961 growing into a billion-dollar business byconstructing aerospace components.•  The Sanmina company was founded by Jure Sola in1980, as a printed circuit manufacturer.•  In December 2001, Sanmina merged with SCI for $6billion.•  San Jose, CA company has 41,000 employees inover 20 countries, and 2012 revenues of over $6billion, #366 on Fortune 500 list.3/6/13 25Mentus / 321 Medical Launch
  • 26. •  Mentus has produced both investor and onlinecommunications for the last decade•  Sanmina needed to refresh its brand and onlinepersona•  Needed to incorporate a content marketingprogram onlineSanmina-SCI Branding VisualVocabulary263/6/13 26Mentus / 321 Medical Launch
  • 27. Branding Visual Vocabulary273/6/13 27Mentus / 321 Medical Launch
  • 28. 28Sanmina3/6/13 Mentus / 321 Medical Launch
  • 29. Trade Exhibit293/6/13 29Mentus / 321 Medical Launch
  • 30. Corporate Website Concepts303/6/13 30Mentus / 321 Medical Launch
  • 31. Final Corporate Website313/6/13 31Mentus / 321 Medical Launch
  • 32. Viking Division Website Concepts323/6/13 32Mentus / 321 Medical Launch
  • 33. Medical Device Website3/6/13 Mentus / 321 Medical Launch 33
  • 34. Social Media ProgramLinkedIn Campaign•  Sanminas medical division is investing in LinkedInsdisplay ad units to promote brand awareness aroundSanminas medical manufacturing capabilities.•  Industry: Medical Devices, BioTech•  Function: Operations, Engineering, Prod. Dev.,Research Engineer, Management•  Seniority: Director level and above (Director, VP,SVP, EVP, COO, CTO, CIO3/6/13 Mentus / 321 Medical Launch 34
  • 35. HollisterStierAt Your Service17 Slides3/6/13 Mentus / 321 Medical Launch 35
  • 36. Case Study #2HollisterStier•  Contract manufacturer–  high quality sterile injectables for the globalpharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical market•  Product Value:–  Multidisciplinary teams–  Custom solutions from development throughcommercialization•  Committed to meeting customer expectations–  From quality manufacturing to regulatory support3/6/13 Mentus / 321 Medical Launch 36
  • 37. Moving to the Next Level•  Needed to redefine and reinvigorate their brand•  HollisterStier was moving from a tier three to tiertwo contract manufacturer–  Expansion program underway–  Pursuing larger pharma players and bigger contracts•  Company at a ‘positioning crossroads’–  Management team divided on positioning–  “Would it really move the needle for the company?”3/6/13 Mentus / 321 Medical Launch 37
  • 38. Opportunity•  Mentus conducted research to determine–  What customers most valued in a CMO–  What they believed about HollisterStier–  How HollisterStier compared to the competition•  Highest rating...?–  HollisterStier’s commitment to quality and dedicationto customer service and delivering as promised•  Instead of price, speed and technology(!)Mentus / 321 Medical Launch 383/6/13
  • 39. Manufacturing PositioningStatement•  HollisterStier Contract Manufacturing is acustomer-centric group of professionalsdedicated to the manufacture of high qualitysterile injectables for the global pharmaceuticaland biopharmaceutical markets.•  Our multidisciplinary teams provide customsolutions to customer specific project goals fromdevelopment through commercialization.3/6/13 39Mentus / 321 Medical Launch
  • 40. Allergy Positioning Statement•  HollisterStier Laboratories is a customer-centric group of professionals dedicated toconsistently delivering the highest quality allergyproducts, customer service and manufacturingoperations for the global allergy market.•  Our customer relationships are built on mutualrespect, trust and the shared desire to providethe best possible care to the patient.3/6/13 40Mentus / 321 Medical Launch
  • 41. MessagingThe HollisterStier team is dedicatedto exceeding customer expectations.The company is committed to providingthe quality that you expect andthe service that you deserve.3/6/13 41Mentus / 321 Medical Launch
  • 42. Program Implementation•  Visual vocabulary leveraged HollisterStier’scustomer-centric business model•  Creative platform made an immediate read andemotional connection with the positioning•  A communications plan rolled out the positioning•  Plan included trade showsadvertising andeditorial calendar opportunitiesTagline “At Your Service”3/6/13 42Mentus / 321 Medical Launch
  • 43. Corporate Brochure433/6/13 Mentus / 321 Medical Launch
  • 44. Advertising PlatformAt Your Service3/6/13 44Mentus / 321 Medical Launch
  • 45. 45Trade Show Booth3/6/13 Mentus / 321 Medical Launch
  • 46. Sales Aids/Ads3/6/13 46Mentus / 321 Medical Launch
  • 47. Project / Sales Binder3/6/13 47Mentus / 321 Medical Launch
  • 48. Allergy Division3/6/13 48Mentus / 321 Medical Launch
  • 49. 493/6/13 Mentus / 321 Medical Launch
  • 50. 503/6/13 Mentus / 321 Medical Launch
  • 51. 513/6/13 Mentus / 321 Medical Launch
  • 52. Results:•  HollisterStier launched new brand at BIO 2006–  Supported introduction with trade advertising anddirect mail•  Company secured 4X qualified leads–  and a 45% increase in sales•  Acquired by Jubilant Organosys–  June of 2007.•  Jubilant supports these marketing initiatives–  Which are revolutionizing the Allergy industry523/6/13 Mentus / 321 Medical Launch
  • 53. Senn ChemicalsChemistry: Targeting Your Success27 Slides3/6/13 53Mentus / 321 Medical Launch
  • 54. 54Case Study #3Senn Chemicals•  Research based, Swiss custom contractmanufacturer founded in 1963•  Development, scale-up and large scale custommanufacturing of peptides, peptidomimetics andcomplex organic molecules•  45 year track record of production expertise,employing 100 motivated and qualified peopleworldwide3/6/13 Mentus / 321 Medical Launch
  • 55. Moving to the Next Level•  Needed to redefine and reinvigorate their brand•  Needed to make online presence more professional–  Pursuing larger pharma players and bigger contracts–  More competitive environment, especially in U.S.•  Company at a “marketing crossroads”•  Needed to be seen as technology and serviceleader553/6/13 Mentus / 321 Medical Launch
  • 56. Old Website3/6/13 56Mentus / 321 Medical Launch
  • 57. Program Implementation•  A new brand positioning was developed•  Creative platform made an immediate read andemotional connection with the positioning•  A communications plan rolled out the positioning•  Plan included New websiteTrade showsAdvertisingTagline “Chemistry:Targeting Your Success”3/6/13 57Mentus / 321 Medical Launch
  • 58. Brand and Website Concepts•  Our pursuit of excellence•  The Swiss connection•  Taking it personally•  Where every step counts•  Focus on the target3/6/13 58Mentus / 321 Medical Launch
  • 59. Brand Design3/6/13 59Mentus / 321 Medical Launch
  • 60. 3/6/13 60Mentus / 321 Medical Launch
  • 61. 3/6/13 61Mentus / 321 Medical Launch
  • 62. 3/6/13 62Mentus / 321 Medical Launch
  • 63. 3/6/13 63Mentus / 321 Medical Launch
  • 64. 3/6/13 64Mentus / 321 Medical Launch
  • 65. 3/6/13 65Mentus / 321 Medical Launch
  • 66. 3/6/13 66Mentus / 321 Medical Launch
  • 67. 3/6/13 67Mentus / 321 Medical Launch
  • 68. 3/6/13 68Mentus / 321 Medical Launch
  • 69. 3/6/13 69Mentus / 321 Medical Launch
  • 70. 3/6/13 70Mentus / 321 Medical Launch
  • 71. 3/6/13 71Mentus / 321 Medical Launch
  • 72. 3/6/13 72Mentus / 321 Medical Launch
  • 73. 3/6/13 73Mentus / 321 Medical Launch
  • 74. 3/6/13 74Mentus / 321 Medical Launch
  • 75. 3/6/13 75Mentus / 321 Medical Launch
  • 76. 3/6/13 76Mentus / 321 Medical Launch
  • 77. 3/6/13 77Mentus / 321 Medical Launch
  • 78. Website SiteMap3/6/13 78Mentus / 321 Medical Launch
  • 79. Senn Website3/6/13 79Mentus / 321 Medical Launch
  • 80. Trade Exhibit3/6/13 80Mentus / 321 Medical Launch
  • 81. HowYou Should Do It(Hint: Start with your website...)24 Slides3/6/13 Mentus / 321 Medical Launch 81
  • 82. Your most powerful sales &marketing tool•  A good website is critical in your sales process•  It can help you:–  Generate leads–  Nurture existing leads and move them closer to purchase–  Deliver information about your products & services in a compelling way–  Process orders, cross- and up-sell, and run special promotions–  Communicate with existing customers and distribution channels–  Generate publicity•  It is an interactive brochure–  Speaking with different groups–  Converts visitors into prospects and prospects into customers–  An extension of your brand and an example of the quality of work you do•  Must effectively communicate and support your brand•  Wrap your site with richer content and marketing functionality–  Access broad and potentially lucrative marketing capabilities3/6/13 Mentus / 321 Medical Launch 8287% of customers said theironline interaction with thecompany “positivelyimpacted” their likelihood ofpurchase from that companyTwitter Study
  • 83. Medical Marketing Paradigm3/6/13 Mentus / 321 Medical Launch 83
  • 84. Your WebsiteMarketing3/6/13 Mentus / 321 Medical Launch 84MarketingLeadsSocialMediaMarketingEmailMarketingOrganicSEOAnalyticsConversionOptimizationPayPerClickAdwordsContentMarketingOfflineMarketingOfflineMarketing
  • 85. Increasing engagement and interactivity(Getting visitors to stick around)Research shows...•  The longer someone stays on your site, the morelikely they are to do something on it.–  Theyre more likely to ask a question, subscribe to yournewsletter, or email you...•  Draw and keep visitors–  by giving them a reason to come and explore your site•  Make your site more interesting–  Inform and entertain your visitors.–  A good place to hang out – “stickier”–  A sense of community helps bring people back.•  Besides content(!), engagement devices can help.3/6/13 85Mentus / 321 Medical Launch
  • 86. Engagement Devices•  Using Images•  Videos•  Online Help•  Online Forum•  News Column•  Newsletter•  Search Engine Tool•  Entertainment•  Opinion Poll or Survey•  Syndicated Content•  Excerpts•  Free Downloads•  Blogs•  Social Media-  LinkedIn-  Facebook-  Twitter-  YouTube3/6/13 86Mentus / 321 Medical Launch
  • 87. Make your site more interesting•  Pictures of people improves responsiveness over53%•  Using video can deliver a fuller experience forvisitors.–  A third of the total time spent online is with video.–  Featuring video increases responsiveness by 49.5%.•  Data-entry fields improves responsiveness over 52%•  Dynamic changing XML text improves over 49%•  Greater interactivity improves over 48%•  Multiple links improves over 38%3/6/13 87Mentus / 321 Medical Launch
  • 88. Video Best Practices•  Keep videos short (30 seconds to 3 minutes).–  Web users have short attention span.–  Cut your video down into "bite size" pieces•  Consider a short “teaser video”–  Tells whats in store if they visit site to "view our full length video”•  Videos need to be interesting, and humor can help–  Create interest with key points viewer wants to know more about–  Create a series of different short videos to cover different things–  Use lowest bandwidth•  Allows viewers to view on broadest range of devices•  The more options you provide, the wider your audience•  Consider your SEO tactics via YouTube–  Hosting video on your website supercharges your results3/6/13 88Mentus / 321 Medical Launch
  • 89. Syndicated ContentRepurposed Content•  Easy for websites to offer fresh, up-to-date information–  Takes hardly any effort•  Many online sources enable re-posting of their content–  Reports, articles, reports, or tips, etc.–  In return for this content, you include the author’s info•  A few good sources can help beef up your newsletter for a long time•  Examples of online syndicated content:–  Daily self-empowering message–  Brain teasers, "On This Day In History" events, wine content, top softwaredownloads–  75 different self-updating news channels•  Sports, environmental, travel and family/parenting, career and employment, pets, worldnews, health, religion, and science–  Personal daily horoscope(!)–  Quote of the day–  Latest entertainment news–  NASA Photo of the Day3/6/13 89Mentus / 321 Medical Launch
  • 90. Opinion Poll or SurveyOnline Surveys•  Opinion polls create interest, add interactivity–  Great as a survey tool–  Very effective if news is important in your industry•  Important to update surveys regularly–  Post the results of previous opinion polls•  Polls provide visitors’ opinions–  Best way to find out what you want, but were afraid to ask•  Many online survey tools available–  99polls provides customized surveys and polls–  80% of Fortune 100 currently using SurveyMonkey3/6/13 90Mentus / 321 Medical Launch
  • 91. Other Engagement Devices•  Live Person Engagement–  Getting help with real "live" person builds engagement•  An online forum or questions submission section–  Powerful mechanism for marketing a sense ofcommunity•  A news column makes your site more interactive•  Provide quality information through a newsletter–  Builds credibility, trust, and brand awareness•  Excerpts of large documents/videos increasesinteractivity3/6/13 Mentus / 321 Medical Launch 91
  • 92. ExcerptsParts of Larger Documents•  Excerpts of large documents or videos increasesinteractivity–  Simply provide a download of part of your document•  Enables capture of prospects’ email addresses(!)–  Reveals subject interest•  Excerpt download gives visitors opportunity to“sample”–  Just like in a bookstore–  Online equivalent of having a good browse•  Really useful with extensive video or audio material–  Use your best "sound bite" as your excerpt teaser3/6/13 92Mentus / 321 Medical Launch
  • 93. Free DownloadsViral Marketing Content, Software, eBooks,Templates•  "Give and you shall receive!"–  Giving something away increases your “market reach”–  Ask visitors to pass on to their friends, clients, and others•  Create out of existing materials with minimal effort–  This can both entertain and inform people•  If powerful enough, it will spontaneously go viral–  Simply because it has such an effective message–  Can incorporate humor, human interest, candor, oranything that appeal to the human psyche•  Keep it relevant to your audience, industry andbrand3/6/13 93Mentus / 321 Medical Launch
  • 94. New Media•  Blogs–  User-generated website with entries in journal style–  Displayed in a reverse chronological order–  Video blog includes video•  RSS–  web feed formats used to publish frequently updated digitalcontent, such as blogs, news feeds or podcast•  Social networks/Social Media–  Facebook–  LinkedIn–  YouTube–  Twitter3/6/13 94Mentus / 321 Medical Launch
  • 95. Twitter•  31% of users follow a brand•  Over 7,800,000 brand recommendations per month
  • 96. YouTube•  It is the most powerful on-demand communicationplatform in existence (OPA study)•  It has the potential to be viral•  It’s high impact
  • 97. Facebook1 billion
  • 98. LinkedIn•  200 million members in over 200 countries.•  Executives from all Fortune 500 companies members.•  Purely professional social media forum–  Makes it integral to any social media plan
  • 99. WALKSlowly establishdigital presenceRUNBuild relationshipsMake friendsFLYEngage withthe communityCompany widemedia auditBlog monitoring &benchmarking forcorporate brandconversationsEstablishment ofa globalNew MediaTask ForceRSS FeedsKey Opinion Leaders(KOL) and PatientVideosIdentification ofInfluential Bloggersand Key ContactsVetting of concernswith legal, regulatory,commercial and otherkey internal functionsTake part in socialmedia conference andeventsEngage on othercompanies’ socialmedia platforms thatalign with your interestsand issuesBe honest, transparent,talk about things peopleare interested in, offerguidance and helpwhere appropriateCorporate BlogCorporate FacebookpageTwitter sitesYouTube presenceCollaboration SiteCRAWLUnderstandstakeholder insights
  • 100. Social Media Rules• Immediacy•  It’s a conversation, not a campaign•  Must be based on core business goals•  Must scale across the organization•  Authentic consumer input
  • 101. YouTube Examples3/6/13 Mentus / 321 Medical Launch 101
  • 102. LinkedIn Examples3/6/13 Mentus / 321 Medical Launch 102
  • 103. Twitter Examples3/6/13 Mentus / 321 Medical Launch 103
  • 104. Facebook3/6/13 Mentus / 321 Medical Launch 104
  • 105. Blogs3/6/13 Mentus / 321 Medical Launch 105
  • 106. Take Aways•  Select the right channel to reach your target•  Conversion and take-up is the focus•  Research “best practices”•  Just because the technology is there, doesn’t mean it isthe right tool for your audience•  Limited budget: choose one or two technologies that...–  Support your CRO business goals–  Support your message(s)–  Measurable for effectiveness3/6/13 Mentus / 321 Medical Launch 106
  • 107. AB%)60")&-"5&<")7%()&&3/6/13 Mentus / 321 Medical Launch 107?!
  • 108. SuccessfulMarketingStrategies forSan Diego CROsMarketing your CROfor peanuts...3/6/13 108Mentus / 321 Medical LaunchGuy IannuzziMentusMarch 7, 2013