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  • We export to over 200 countries
  • City of Akron, Ohio Overview

    1. 1. Akron, Ohio USA
    2. 2. Contents• Welcome• Vision and Key Strategies• The Akron Advantage• Akron’s International Activities• Akron’s Polymer and Plastics Cluster• Akron’s Biomedical Corridor• Potential Collaboration Options• Next Steps 2
    3. 3. Vision and Key Strategies 3
    4. 4. Vision and Key StrategiesVisionAkron will become globally known for its continuous innovation , effective business support for growing companies and its global attraction of innovative companiesKey Strategies• Capitalize on our foundation clusters (polymers, metal working, machinery/ equipment) to focus on biomaterials, orthopedics, wound care ,medical devices, renewable energy and advanced materials• Develop strategic international technology bridges to attract innovative companies and technologies• Effectively leverage regional and State resources• Create a effective ecosystem that provides comprehensive support to businesses• Collaboration 4
    5. 5. Akron’s Assets and Strengths 5
    6. 6. Distances to Major MarketsCity Miles/KmNew York City 461/740Washington DC 337/540Chicago 348/560Detroit 178 /285Toronto 318/510Atlanta 668/1050Dallas 1002/1429Denver 1217/1724Los Angeles 2041/2890New Orleans 890/1260 6
    7. 7. Ohio• Ohio is the 7th largest state with a population of 11.5M• Ohio’s GDP is ~$500B, No. 8 nationally and No. 20 world wide (Same as Poland and Switzerland)• Ohio is the 8th largest exporting state in U.S.• Ohio is the recipient of the Governors Cup #1 in investment projects in 2011• Ohio is the only state to see its exports rise every year since 1999 to $45.6 billion in 2011• Canada is the leading export nation with $20.1 billion and one out of five exports are to the EU in 2011.• Ohio exports to over 200 countries and other major export markets include Mexico ($3.5 billion), followed by Brazil ($2.0 billion), China ($1.8 billion), and Japan ($1.5 billion) 7
    8. 8. Akron• A continuous legacy of innovation and re- invention --1860/70- Building materials (clay, bricks)s, farm equipment - Cereals (Quaker Oats) --1890- Rubber industry, tires, automotive (B.F. Goodrich) --1895-Toys (marbles) --1915-Aerospace (blimps), Metal working --1940s- Polymers, Plastics -- 2000s- Biopolymers, Biomedical• One of 5 Metropolitan areas in NE Ohio which is the 12th largest market in the US ( ~4.2 M, 50 mile/80 km radius)• All American City- 1981, 1995, 2008• Number 2 among mid size cities in the US for business investment• Ranked 14th among top USA cities for European expansion• Quality of life –One of the leading leisure destinations of northeast Ohio. –Parks, Theaters, Resorts, Fine Dining, World-class entertainment, Professional Sports (in the heart of downtown) 8
    9. 9. Major Assets• Over 20 Fortune 500 companies are invested in Akron• HQ of second largest US energy company- First Energy• Three nationally recognized hospitals and a medical university• Austen BioInnovation Institute in Akron (ABIA) formed in 2008• Top Polymer Science and Engineering College- Univ. of Akron• World center of tire technologies( Goodyear, Bridgestone)• Major aerospace research and manufacturing-Lockheed Martin• One of the most comprehensive business infrastructure in the US (clusters, supply chain)• Akron Global Business Accelerator (AGBA)- 2008 winner of the Incubator Innovation Award from the National Business Incubator Association 9
    10. 10. The Akron Advantage• Access to markets, logistics – Within a 500 miles radius of 57% of U.S. population, 55% of all US manufacturing plants and 60% of the US effective buying power – Overnight rail & truck service to major metro areas including New York, Chicago, Toronto and Washington, D.C. – Three Class-1 railroads and two international airports – Three foreign trade zones• Power of Collaboration – Effective working relationship between government (City, County and State), businesses, the Hospitals and the University – Goodyear/Bridgestone Firestone – Biomedical Corridor – Austen Biomedical Institute in Akron (ABIA)• Akron’s cost of living is 95% on a national average. – New York 146.5 – Los Angeles 132.3 – Chicago 115.3 – Atlanta 97.5 10
    11. 11. The Akron Advantage-Cont.• Access to trained and educated labor – 300,000 educated and trained labor force in Akron/Summit County – 29 colleges and universities – 26,000 degrees awarded annually – 180,000 degree-seeking students• Strong international connections – Akron provides a safe landing to international companies looking to access the U.S. market through the Akron Global Business Accelerator (AGBA) – Exhibitions, conferences, business missions• Entrepreneurial network• Access to funding – State of Ohio Third Frontier program – Angel networks – Northeast Ohio has the highest concentration of health care VCs between the coasts, top 5 in the country! – The Akron Bioinvestments Fund Business supportive ecosystem, “Can Do” Approach! 11
    12. 12. Major Clusters• BioMedical and Healthcare• Polymers/Plastics/Advanced Materials• Advanced Manufacturing• Advanced/Alternative Energy/Fuel Cells• Aerospace and Defense• Automotive• Instruments, Controls and Electronics (ICE)• Logistics• Green Technology (emerging)• Professional and Financial Services 12
    13. 13. Akron’s International Activities 13
    14. 14. International Technology Commercialization BridgesCountry Selection Criteria•International innovation centers that match up with Akronstrategy and assets•Areas that are hungry for change•Areas willing to take a risk•Areas with limited bureaucratic barriers•Areas willing to invest resources•Areas that have business development / commercializationassistance structures 14
    15. 15. Technology Commercialization Bridges- Cont.• Strong, on going, relationship with Israel Life Sciences - Investments in the Targetech Innovations Center, Netanya - Only US city to invest in an Israeli business incubator -Active presence in annual BioMed exhibitions -Water technology cooperation agreement with the City of Netanya and Mekorot• Formal relationship with the Helsinki Business & Science park in Finland• Collaborative agreement with the technology center Chemnitz, Germany• The University of Akron has engaged the University of Lemans• Exploring bridges with : - Baden Wurttemberg and Aachen, Germany, Lithuania, Slovenia and Sweden - Corporative agreements with Qingdao and Weihai, China• Business missions to and from India, Germany, China and Japan• Active participation in international exhibitions, conferences and business missions 15
    16. 16. Akron’s Polymer and Plastics Cluster 16
    17. 17. Key Highlights• Ohio was the birthplace of the U.S. tire industry with companies such as B.F. Goodrich, Firestone/Bridgestone, Goodyear, General Tire and Continental having their corporate headquarters or major R&D centers in Summit County• Largest concentration of plastics and rubber companies in U.S. - 2800 in Ohio - 1400 in Northeast Ohio - 700 in Akron• Ohio ranks #1 in the U.S. for the manufacture of plastics machinery, rubber and plastic products• Over 50% of the U.S. plastics consumption occurs within 800 kilometers of Northeast Ohio• Over 140,000 are employed in Ohio’s plastics and polymer industry - Largest trained workforce in the country in the polymer industry - University programs to train and graduate qualified engineers - 31,000 in Northeast Ohio 17
    18. 18. Highlights –Cont.• World class universities and institutions providing advanced degrees, research, development and innovative solutions, for the polymer and materials industry: - University of Akron - The National Polymer Innovation Center/ Functional Materials Center - Case Western University - Kent State - Bridgestone Research Center - Goodyear Technical Center• State supported collaborative organizations including Polymer Ohio and specialty programs offered through universities and research organizations Akron is the place for Polymer and Plastics companies! 18
    19. 19. Akron BioMedical Corridor Click here to view background presentation 20
    20. 20. Roechling Automotive A Recent Success Story• Roechling is a global polymer company based in Manheim, Germany• Have an automotive parts facility in South Carolina since early 2000• Roechling was looking for a NA automotive expansion site and considering 6 different NA locations• Akron representatives met them in the 2010 K Show following a targeted direct mail campaign and started to exchange information• Decided to locate in Akon in March 2011, broke ground in May 2011 and started operations in December 2011• Project cost was ~$22M• Currently a 75,000 sqft facility employing 123 people (Phase 1)• Expansion to double the size of operations in Akron to begin in 4Q 2012
    21. 21. So What Can we Offer You?• It’s all about reducing risk- technical, commercial and financial! – Effective collaboration and business support to reduce risk – Strong assets to support growth – First class Global Business Accelerator providing “soft landing” business ecosystem – History and spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship – Access to capital and funding sources• Large enough to be effective , small enough to care for you ! We can Help You Grow your Business in N.A ! 22
    22. 22. Potential Collaboration• Business and academic missions to explore mutual opportunities (in and out bound) – City, business and academia leaders• Company visits focused on specific industry sectors – Polymers and plastics – Biomedical• Collaborative agreements• Joint funding 23
    23. 23. How can we help you?Akron Global Business Accelerator City of Akron526 South Main Street Robert Y. BowmanAkron, Ohio 44311 Deputy Mayor, Economic Development 330-375-2133Robert E. AnthonyPH: 330-571-0574 Sam Deputy Planning Director The Akron BioMedical Dr. Zev Gurion Executive Director 330-258-0120 24
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