3rd Qatar BIM User Day - The BIM Manager within the Project Organisation

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Speaker: Daniel Frawley …

Speaker: Daniel Frawley

- BIM Manager
- BIM Roles
- Collaboration
- Integration

About the Qatar BIM User Day:

Qatar University, HOCHTIEF ViCon and Teesside University proudly take the initiative to facilitate modern and innovative methods in the Gulf construction industry. The focus is Building Information Modeling (BIM), and our aim is to establish a knowledge platform with government, research and industry experts. The User Day aims to help people to share knowledge, discuss new technologies, and identify new potentials for BIM.

More information: www.bimuserday.com
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  • 1. 1DANIEL FRAWLEY - WOODS BAGOTThe BIM Manager within theProject Organisationcollaboration & communication
  • 2. 2DANIEL FRAWLEY - WOODS BAGOTDaniel Frawley• 17 years in AEC• Engineering qualification(GIS, BIM, Geospatial)• Certified:• Revit Trainer• Autodesk Implementation
  • 3. 3DANIEL FRAWLEY - WOODS BAGOTWhat is a BIM ManagerWell,itdepends• Depends on the function of the office• Historically been on design side• Engineers leading data charge• GCs now needing BIM Coordinator• In-house skills (or) Subcontract tasks• Specialist BIM consultants
  • 4. 4DANIEL FRAWLEY - WOODS BAGOTBIM RolesCrossSectionviewCAD ManagerBIM Program ManagerBIM TechnologistEngineering IT ManagerSenior Design Software AnalystBIM Implementation SpecialistBIM SpecialistDigital Design ManagerDesign Systems ManagerProduction Manager RevitOther Titles20082010 2009Source: BIMManager.com survey
  • 5. 5DANIEL FRAWLEY - WOODS BAGOTBIM RolesWhoarethePlayers
  • 6. 6DANIEL FRAWLEY - WOODS BAGOTRolesWBDesignStudioSpecificGlobal Design Technology DirectorStudio Design Technology ManagerProject BIM Coordinator• Experience with BIM, Design/Visualization,Parametric/Generative, and/or Analysisapplications• Design Technology experience across allproject phases, with an emphasis ontechnology implementations
  • 7. 7DANIEL FRAWLEY - WOODS BAGOTBIM rolesSkills• Current position Skills– Technical prowess– Technical knowledge of your discipline– Project Workflow Understanding• Needed Skills for the future– Overall Project Workflow Coordination– Collaboration wisdom– Management/People Skills– Negotiation prowess– Ability to interact directly with SeniorManagement and Owners– Team Building
  • 8. 8DANIEL FRAWLEY - WOODS BAGOTSupport networkTeamEfforto BIM Coordinatoro Day-to-day coordination ofsupport resourceso Design Technologyo Strategic supporto Libraries/Templateso Standardso Familieso IT Teamo Hardware/software technicalsupporto Teammates
  • 9. 9DANIEL FRAWLEY - WOODS BAGOTCollaborationCommunication Processes• Defined by BXP• Based on NatSpec BXP• Coordination schedules• Shared facilities, resources• Online collaboration
  • 10. 10DANIEL FRAWLEY - WOODS BAGOTCollaborationExchange Standards• Defined by BXP• Based on NatSpec standards• Model Exchange Standards• LOD Definitions• Online collaboration
  • 11. 11DANIEL FRAWLEY - WOODS BAGOTCollaborationExchange Schedules• Defined by BXP• Based on NatSpec standards• Model Exchange Schedules• Phase handovers• Meeting schedules
  • 12. 12DANIEL FRAWLEY - WOODS BAGOTCollaborationModel Use & Deliverables• Defined by BXP• Based on NatSpec standards• Model Integrity Checks• Software usage defined
  • 13. 13DANIEL FRAWLEY - WOODS BAGOTRevitRhinoAutoCADSketchup3D MaxEcotectGrasshopperRevit ServerIES <VE>VicoNavisworksTrimbleCollaborationRangeofApplications
  • 14. 14DANIEL FRAWLEY - WOODS BAGOTCollaborationIndustryStandards• Buildingsmart IFC• Local codes• Vendor releases• Mandatory Govt requirements• BXP• Legalities• LOD Specifications• Client expectations
  • 15. 15DANIEL FRAWLEY - WOODS BAGOTCollaborationSoft Skills Required• More than just technical know how and ability• Integrated to the whole design process with a broad skill set• Understanding project workflows and project management.• Understanding different needs of the delivery team(architects, engineers, estimators and contractors).• Technical knowledge of the BIM application used, relatedsystems and network infrastructure, and awareness of newtechnologies.• Communication and training skills (verbal and written),Teaching and Coaching skills to bring new team members upto speed.• Ability to communicate the benefits of BIM firm-wide• Objective decision-making in times of crisis
  • 16. 16DANIEL FRAWLEY - WOODS BAGOTIntegrationChallenges• Whole industry is Resistant tochange• Current model benefits firmswho takes the most short cuts• The best design and safestconstruction will not be thecheapest
  • 17. 17DANIEL FRAWLEY - WOODS BAGOT• Understand the deliverables required byOwners & Market• Balancing outputs of what deliverableswill cement your relationships withOwners AND helps your firm deliver aprofitable project?• First steps are a model tied to budgetand schedule so that the Owner can seehow a design change impacts cost andtime.• Constructability reports• Resource-loaded schedules• Work in place report• Cash flow forecastIntegrationHowtodriveSuccess
  • 18. 18DANIEL FRAWLEY - WOODS BAGOTTrust and CommitmentBIM success• Faith in the numbers• Garbage in – Garbage out• Prove the process• Models are 1000 timesmore powerful than a PDF
  • 19. 19DANIEL FRAWLEY - WOODS BAGOTBIM Managers responsibilityreaches much farther than designcoordination and constructabilitymanagement.BIM is more than the 3D modelCost and Schedule data as driver ofintegrated 5D data.BIM Manager will be one of themain orchestrators of a redefinedbusiness process for constructionfirms.RecapSnapshot