2nd Qatar BIM User Day BIM Technology Outlook


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Speaker: Lionel Lambourn, Gehry Technologies

-New technologies on the horizon
-What can professionals expect from major software vendors in the next few years?

About the Qatar BIM User Day:

Qatar University, HOCHTIEF ViCon and Teesside University proudly take the initiative to facilitate modern and innovative methods in the Gulf construction industry. The focus is Building Information Modeling (BIM), and our aim is to establish a knowledge platform with government, research and industry experts. The User Day aims to help people to share knowledge, discuss new technologies, and identify new potentials for BIM. More information: www.bimuserday.com Follow BUD on Twitter @bimuserday

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2nd Qatar BIM User Day BIM Technology Outlook

  1. 1. Outlook for BIM s ie g Presenter: Lionel Lambourn lo o Managing Director n Gehry Technologies ch e T ry h e G 10/2/2012 1 1
  2. 2. Why is this still so hard?! s ie g lo o Good news is… • Every project is different • There are basic commonalities • Don’t know needs in advance • Smart people can work it out • Information is out of sync n h • Limitless information • The cloud • A lot of BIM data isn’t BIM e G ry h c e T • Systems can handle this • Automation to pull info forward i.e. it’s always going to be hard, but it’s not too hard project management + system management + information management 2
  3. 3. s ie g lo o c e T n h Systems Integration e G ry h 3 3
  4. 4. Global Project Delivery project data is created by dispersed 24x7 global teams e G ry h s ie g lo o c e T n h 4
  5. 5. data is multi-representational e G ry h CONCEPT s ie g lo o n h c e T CONTRACT DELIVERY 5
  6. 6. Integrating the systems s ie g lo o IFC IFC Architectural Model By AREP NATIVE e G Facade Model By Yuanda ry h n h c e T Steel Model By Eversendai NATIVE IFC Concrete Model by DDD MEP Model By ETA 6
  7. 7. e G ry h s ie g lo o c e T n h Cloud Computing 7 7
  8. 8. Cloud Computing •Collaboration s ie g lo o n h •Facilities Maintenance and Operations Database c e T •Construction Sequencing ry h •Lighting Simulation •Geometrical Optimizations e G •Cloud Rendering 8
  9. 9. Cloud Collaboration Web based 3D Teamwork : BIM and file storing, sharing, viewing, communicating s ie g lo o Aspects of social and collaboration technologies like Facebook, Dropbox, Skype Easy access to 3D for project leadership and other non-modelers Easy monitoring, design history and tracing of responsibility n h Open - supports a wide range of data: BIM, 3D & 2D CAD, Documents, Images, … Simple to set up – no IT e G ry h c e T 9
  10. 10. e G ry h s ie g lo o c e T n h 11
  11. 11. e G ry h s ie g lo o c e T n h 12
  12. 12. e G ry h s ie g lo o c e T n h 13
  13. 13. e G ry h s ie g lo o c e T n h 14
  14. 14. e G ry h s ie g lo o c e T n h 15
  15. 15. e G ry h s ie g lo o c e T n h 16
  16. 16. IBM Maximo Integration s ie g lo o GTeam 3D plugin e G ry h n h c e T Maximo Asset Data Cobie BIM Models 17
  17. 17. IBM Maximo Integration e G ry h s ie g lo o c e T n h 18
  18. 18. Oracle Primavera Integration s ie g lo o Activities e G BIM Models ry h n h c e T Dojo Web UI toolkit apache Web server Primavera Schedule 19
  19. 19. Oracle Primavera Integration e G ry h s ie g lo o c e T n h 20
  20. 20. Environmental Lighting Simulation & Optimization s ie g lo o front end plugins n h txt e G ry h c e T Radiance Server 21
  21. 21. Environmental Lighting Simulation & Optimization e G ry h s ie g lo o c e T n h 22
  22. 22. e G ry h s ie g lo o c e T n h 23
  23. 23. e G ry h s ie g lo o c e T n h Automation 24 24
  24. 24. e G ry h s ie g lo o c e T n h Project: Fondation Louis Vuitton Type: 70,000 sf new contemporary art space in Paris. Galleries, performance spaces, meeting areas, terraces. Site: Suspended above water basin in Bois du Bologne 25
  25. 25. e G ry h s ie g lo o c e T n h Range of generative details 26
  26. 26. Several exeriments: Cylindrical Conic Rectifying developable e G ry h s ie g lo o c e T n h Parametrically integrated machine tolerances for industrial process of mass-customized cylindrical glass 27
  27. 27. Glass Optimization Process Frequency Optimization Parametric Component n h e G ry h s ie g lo o c e T Surface-Level Optimization Local Surface Deformation Global Project Optimization 28
  28. 28. Minimizing distance of boundary to original surface e G ry h s ie g lo o n h c e T Families of panels, collectively forming discrete integration systems 29
  29. 29. e G ry h s ie g lo o c e T n h Divergence of approximate surface from original surface minimized by optimization of boundary line integral, using discrete methods 30
  30. 30. e G ry h s ie g lo o c e T n h 31
  31. 31. s ie g lo o c e T n h Augmented Reality e G ry h 32 32
  32. 32. Augmentations On-Site e G ry h s ie g lo o c e T n h 33 33
  33. 33. Model Overlay e G ry h s ie g lo o c e T n h 34 34
  34. 34. Survey Verification, from Model Construction quality was monitored with on-site with laser equipment, and round-tripped back into the model. e G ry h Predicted Coordinate Extraction s ie g lo o n h c e T Site Survey Point Cloud Confirmation 35
  35. 35. Geometric Constraints Fabrication Constraints Installation Constraints Integrated Optimizations e G ry h s ie g lo o c e T n h 36 Constraints based on edge-edge clamp tolerances, fixation depths, allowable gasket sizes
  36. 36. Robotic Design Confirmation Each panel is robotically scanned and automatically positioned in the model, to confirm correct design and fixation ahead of shipping installation. 3D Scan s ie g lo o Robotic Scanner e G ry h c e T n h 37
  37. 37. Immersive Environments e G ry h s ie g lo o c e T n h 38 38
  38. 38. CAVE e G ry h s ie g lo o c e T n h 39 39
  39. 39. Virtual Reality Headsets e G ry h s ie g lo o c e T n h 40 40
  40. 40. Microsoft Xbox Patent Pending e G ry h s ie g lo o c e T n h 41 41
  41. 41. e G ry h s ie g lo o c e T n h Conclusions 42
  42. 42. Outlook of BIM? A few of many trends… s ie g lo o Scale • Unlimited continuum of data from Urban / Global to Detail Connectedness & convergence • BIM -> GIS, FM, Embedded Systems • Mashup of data/intelligence Collaboration & inclusiveness • Globally distributed concurrent design • BIM for public engagement ry h c e T n h Model intelligence • Self configuring / optimizing / documenting objects • Interoperability on demand • Fault tolerance & indeterminacy mgmt. e G Process Change & Process Controls • Governance and Risk Managment • Formalized vs. Self configuring / organic processes Can we innovate on process as we have on systems design? 43
  43. 43. Future Vision s ie g lo o Things that are changing 5-10 years n h • • The speed of the innovation cycle has arrived in AEC The boxes are being shaken, new roles and organizations are emerging • • Internationalization will create opportunities, in the face of relentless commoditization Production will trend toward zero as a measure of value. • • Convergence of construction and manufacturing Convergence of digital and physical, planned and actual, facility and occupancy systems • The consolidation phase of AEC has begun • Digital expertise will be commodity • Information will represent power, and the potential for authority. e G ry h c e T DFC 44 44
  44. 44. Some things that won’t change Personal relationships will continue to be a central business value s ie g lo o n h The value of reputation and identifiable expertise c e T Professional expertise (architectural, engineering, …) will continue to be required ry h The world will be filled with new, tough problems. There will be value in design, and in innovation e G DFC 45 45
  45. 45. s ie g lo Thank you o n llambourn@gehrytech.com h c e www.gteam.com T ry h e G 10/2/2012 46 46