Windows azure integration data market (en) 1.0


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Windows azure integration data market (en) 1.0

  1. 1. Windows A W Azure Marke etplace Data aMarket Solution Ca Study S ase Data Visu D ualization Firm UUses Data Service to a e Create Contextua C alized Bu usiness D DashboarrdsOv verview “With its c “ consistent APIs, Dat t taMarket becomes a simpleCouuntry or Region India n:Induustry: Product engineering tool that m t makes devvelopmen very eas for our nt sy r programm p mers and h saved us at least weeks a has d and tner ProfilePartBase in India, New Delhi, ed w probably months o develop p of pment time.” inessIntelligenze JumboAnalysisTMBusi e vides data visualization andprovdash hboard solution worldwide. ns As A a data vi isualization solution provider, JummboAnlaysi TMisBusiness Situationn continually strives to d c display its customers’ k perform key mance inessIntelligenze wanted to putBusi e t indicators (KPIs) in way that offe the best p i ys er possible strrategiccust tomers’ internal business intelliggencedata in better conte by comparin it a ext ng insight. To put KPIs in the right co i ontext, man organiza ny ationswith data from mult h tiple external so ources, want to com w mbine inter rnally gatheered information with d data feedswhic is traditionally a cumbersom and ch meexpe ensive process. from outsid sources— process that has tra f de —a aditionally been cumbersom and expe c me ensive. To a address this issue, sSoluution TMBusiinessIntelligenze updated its Ju e umbo JumboAnlaysis supp J port DataMa arket, a par of Windows Azure rtAnalysis to support DataMarket (a part of Marketplace. Now customers can supply Jum Dashb M n mbo board withWindows Azure Ma arketplace) to givecusttomers cost-effeective access to rich, reliable data from a single cl r e m loud-based source using a drelia able, trusted pub domain and blic d simple cost s t-effective s subscription model. Th can also easily n hey opremmium commerci data. ial modify dashboards for more contextualized KPIs with n m no nefitsBen development effort or additional storage ha d r ardware, sav ving• En nhances busines intelligence to ss o promote customers’ growth money and improving business in m ntelligence..• Lo owers data acqu uisition costs• Helps expand business, provides a s ompetitive edge co e• Re educes latency t improve serv to vices
  2. 2. “Our customers just Situation Companies usually deal with this issue by JumboAnalysisTM Data Visualization buying information from third-partycreate a single provides data visualization and dashboard providers, which means signing multiple solutions with a wide variety of highly agreements and establishing multiple dataDataMarket account, and customizable visualizations for dashboard feeds that may use different formats.they’re ready to get the projects which take advantage of the Although common, this approach can be Microsoft .NET Framework, the Microsoft cumbersome and expensive to implement,specific data that they Silverlight development platform, and with high IT support requirements, Microsoft SharePoint technology. A especially if several information providersneed. This will result in Windows Azure early adopter, are used. JumboAnalysisTM sought asignificant savings, BusinessIntelligenze is awarded India’s 15- simpler, more cost-effective approach that Most Promising Start-Ups – 2011 at Proto. would centralize and standardize externalespecially for companies data sources and easily combine them with By using JumboAnalysisTM Dashboard customers’ internal data to provide KPIs inthat would otherwise Solution, companies can create business the proper context.make several large dashboards based on data stored in databases such as Microsoft SQL Server. Solutionbusiness-to-business These dashboards display key performance JumboAnalysisTM support DataMarket indicators (KPIs), providing valuable (apart of Windows Azure Marketplace), bydata purchases.” business intelligence (BI) without requiring having required upgrade in Dashboard users to have IT expertise. The product is software to support it. DataMarket is an designed to accommodate businesses of information marketplace within the any size operating in any market. Windows Azure platform that brings data, imagery, and real-time web services from JumboAnalysisTM is a one-stop shop for leading commercial data providers and bringing in data from various systems, authoritative public data sources together building business models, and finding KPIs, into a single location, under a unified Through a simple drag-and-drop interface, provisioning and billing framework. a fairly sophisticated business user— without development experience—can turn There are number of services that provide raw data into a useful dashboard in about specialized data for just, say, weather, four steps. It’s self-service BI. commodity prices, or a specific vertical market. We chose DataMarket because As successful as Dashboard has been, there’s no other service that provides as BusinessIntelligenze wanted to improve to broad a spectrum of data, and it’s only address a BI need that has been going to get larger. Another advantage is traditionally difficult: contextualizing the the set of DataMarket APIs that make customer’s internal BI data by comparing it development and data access simple. with data from outside the enterprise. A KPI Creating a prototype of Dashboard that without proper context is meaningless, you was capable of incorporating DataMarket can use your BI system to gather internal data required only two weeks to produce. data and determine if you’re meeting your goals, but if you don’t have the ability to The Dashboard user interface is built using combine the data with outside information, the Microsoft Silverlight 4 plug-in. The back and then your goals may not be end is powered by the Microsoft .NET contextually sound. Framework and relies on Microsoft SQL Server 2008 for its underlying relational
  3. 3. DataMarket access to be available in winter 2011. Benefits With the updated version of Jumbo Dashboard, customers can use information from DataMarket to contextualize KPIs for better business intelligence. Developing Dashboard with DataMarket access was easy for JumboAnalysisTM, and modifying dashboards to include any type of DataMarket information is easy for customers, saving them time and money. Additionally, by supporting DataMarket, JumboAnalysisTM gains a competitive advantage over other digital dashboard providers and expects to open new business opportunities and expand the company’s customer base. Enhances Business Intelligence toFigure 1. By using database stores. We went with SQL Server Promote Customer GrowthJumboAnalysisTM Dashboard, for the data stores because we have a lot of Using JumboAnalysisTM Dashboard withcompanies can combine expertise in it, and it is the most robust DataMarket, customers can improvedata from a variety of database that we know for the job, business intelligence by taking advantageinternal sources along with however, in the future, we expect to take of easily managed, reliable external data advantage of SQL Azure as well. that puts their KPIs into better context.DataMarket information. Before the advent of DataMarket, Using a built connector, customers can companies were able to provide context for access a variety of data through Dashboard their internal data, but the process was by using their DataMarket credentials. disjointed and cumbersome, and required There’s actually no repetition in terms of specialized IT development. Now, with the development for customers to acquire combination of DataMarket and more data, as there would be if we were Dashboard, it’s a trivial task. dealing with multiple third-party providers and data feeds. In addition to DataMarket, Context is enhanced by the reliability of Dashboard interoperates with many DataMarket information; the data provided databases and data repository products through DataMarket is vetted. Although that customers may have deployed in their many providers do provide high-quality IT environment, such as SQL Server, MySQL, data, some don’t. Without a service such as Oracle, Visual FoxPro, and SharePoint lists DataMarket in place, there is a risk of (see Figure 1). A dashboard also can be businesses adding inaccurate data to their modified through an API to interoperate dashboards. With DataMarket being such a with custom data sources. reliable source, we’re able to provide meaningful context that few other JumboAnalysisTM Dashboard expects the dashboard providers offer at this time. That, newest version of Dashboard with in turn, means our customers have the
  4. 4. “If a customer is contextualized KPIs that they need to give otherwise make several large business-to- them strategic insight and help them make business data purchases.comparing better business decisions. Not only would the previous approach beJumboAnalysisTM Reduces Development Time and Effort expensive, but it would also waste dataDashboard with a DataMarket uses a Representational State management resources. Without Transfer (REST)–based model for DataMarket, customers would end upcompeting product that consuming services across the content buying a lot of data from multiple providers catalog and offers data views in tabular that they don’t need—data that has to bedoes not use Data form or as Open Data Protocol (OData) protected, managed, and backed up, evenMarket, we immediately feeds. Without having a standard in place, if they never use it. we’d be forced to write all kinds of webhave an edge thanks to services and retrieval mechanisms to get The cloud-based nature of the Windows data from the right places and put it into Azure platform, in general, and ofthe vast additional the proper format for processing. However, DataMarket in particular, saves hardwareresources that Data Microsoft has designed the DataMarket and maintenance costs. After we go to a APIs with OData to make it easy to customer site and set up servers andMarket provides. consume data in a broad array of dashboards, connecting to DataMarket in applications—desktop applications, web the cloud is a minor exercise. We don’t applications, services, and so on—and they have to bring in any additional hardware. can be written in any sort of programming When customers purchase data from third- environment. party sources, they usually have to invest in more hardware to store all the information. For Dashboard, the integration process However, because DataMarket operates in with DataMarket is just a function call to the cloud, that hardware need disappears, get data, rather having to write procedures and customers save money. for data access, optimization, and filtering. With its consistent APIs, DataMarket Helps Expand Business, Provides a becomes a simple tool that makes Competitive Edge development very easy for our JumboAnalysisTM is one of the first programmers and has saved us at least companies to include DataMarket in a weeks and probably months of dashboard application, giving the solution development time. provider a major advantage over its competitors. If a customer is comparing Lowers Data Acquisition and JumboAnalysisTM Dashboard with a Management Costs competing product that does not use With DataMarket, Jumbo customers benefit DataMarket, we immediately have an edge from a simple, cost-effective subscription thanks to the vast additional resources that model that’s easy to manage. Before, DataMarket provides. customers would have to resort to having multiple license agreements with different providers. Now, our customers just create a single DataMarket account, and they’re ready to get the specific data that they need. This will result in significant savings, especially for companies that would
  5. 5. value proposittions that customers can really apprecia We’re thrille with the ate. ed work that we’v done with Da ve ataMarket so far and very ex xcited to have it as a part of t our Dashboard solution.” dFigure 2. Finisheddashboar can combin rds ne Because DataMa B arket makes it eeasy formany diffferent graphical JumboAnalysisTM to include vita external J M alelements to help users make data sources in its Dashboard p d product, thestrategic business decis sions. company can fo c ocus more of its time and labour resources on expanding the s business. Custom b mers often expe us to ect offer analysis services in additio to pure o on data visualizatio which in the past we did d on, not n have the res sources to provide. With DataMarket, we’re now in a pos D sition to offer this additio o onal level of serv vice, which will w help us expa our customer base and and increase revenue e. Summarizing the benefits of Da S ataMarket, We W can build ne dashboards f a ew for customer once, and they can be easily c e improved as the DataMarket da catalog e ata continues to gai depth. We can integrate c in additional KPI co a ontext into exist ting dashboards with a few mouse c d h clicks, versus the t old approach of reengineer ring the system. And we will increasingly be able to s y help customers analyze and act on the h t improved busine intelligence. Those are ess .
  6. 6. For More Information Windows Azure Platform platform.For more information about Microsoft The Windows Azure platform provides anproducts and services, call the Microsoft excellent foundation for expanding online To learn more, visit:Sales Information Center at (800) 426- product and service offerings. The Customers who are deaf or hard- components include:of-hearing can reach Microsoft text • Microsoft SQL Azure. Microsoft SQLtelephone (TTY/TDD) services at (800) Azure offers the first cloud-based892-5234 in the United States or (905) relational and self-managed database568-9641 in Canada. Outside the 50 service built on Microsoft SQL ServerUnited States and Canada, please contact technologies.your local Microsoft subsidiary. To access • Windows Azure. Windows Azure isinformation using the World Wide Web, the development, service hosting, andgo to: service management environment the Windows Azure platform. Windows Azure provides developers with on-For more information about demand compute, storage, andBusinessIntelligenze solutions and bandwidth, and a content distributionservices, visit the website at: network to host, scale, and web applications through Microsoft data centers. • Windows Azure AppFabric. With Windows Azure AppFabric, developers can build and manage applications more easily both on-premises and in the cloud. – AppFabric Service Bus connects services and applications across network boundaries to help developers build distributed applications. – AppFabric Access Control provides federated, claims-based access control for REST web services. • Windows Azure Marketplace DataMarket.Developers and information workers can use the new service DataMarket to easily discover, purchase, and manage premium data subscriptions in the Windows Azure Software and Services • Technologies • Windows Azure Platform − Microsoft .NET Framework − Windows Azure Marketplace − Microsoft Silverlight DataMarket • Microsoft Server Product Portfolio − Microsoft SQL Server 2008This case study is for informational purposes only.MICROSOFT MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS ORIMPLIED, IN THIS SUMMARY.