Conventions - Music Video


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Conventions - Music Video

  1. 1. Evaluation.Conventions – Music Video
  2. 2. Conventions of Main Product, Music VideoConventional Camera-workThroughout the creation of the Music video we referred back to our research into music videos. Wecould see in almost every music video we looked at there were a wide range of different camera-shots inthe video. Within our video we have tried to be conventional with the camera-work and haveincorporated a variety and many shots. We used a range of shots that symbolised certain things whichwere effective. Low Angle The Low angle shot portrays the importance of the band member making him seem an iconic figure. In music videos these shots are used to show the importance of the band member. Canted Angle Canted angles are conventional to indie-rock music videos, it often portrays the energy in the video which the music is creating.
  3. 3. Two-ShotThe two shot is a effective conventional camera-shot touse as it is usually used to show the two most importantband members. (Lead singer and Guitarist)Master ShotThe Master Shot is used to show everyone in thescene, in this case the whole band. It shows the settingthe band are standing in and where they are in theperformance of the song. This is a shot used frequentlyin music videos to show the band all togetherperforming the song.Eye-line MatchThis is a conventional camera-shot to use as it gives theviewer the perspective of the band member giving thema sense of involvement in video. Music videos usuallyshow the band member looking at a crowd performingthe song.
  4. 4. Conventional Editing CuttingSpeed of Editing We cut away, like most music videos, from theThe editing speed fits to the tempo of main performance of the song to cut awaysong throughout most of the video. scenes that portray a storyline. We cut awayThe editing is fairly fast paced much from the performance to show the bandlike the song. The „Best of You – foo together in the studio and hanging out. ToFighters‟ video uses fast paced editing make this convention clearer we could havewhich fits with their music. made the story-line more obvious.Conventional Editing TechniqueWe used many Shot Reverse-Shots inour Music video as they are one of themain shots used in indie-rock videos.Especially when the music is fastpaced the camera-shots change thedifferent angles and positions aroundthe characters in the video.
  5. 5. Conventions of Mise-En-SceneCostumesThroughout our research I looked at costumes thatwere conventional to the genre. The costumes weused were very conventionally indie rock. We woretight/ripped jeans, polo shirts and blazers whichalso gave the band an iconic image. It also gave theband a edgy look to them like indie rock bandsshould look like. Many indie bands like the killersare the kooks wear skinny jeans and blazers whichmakes our costumes conventional. The settings used in the video, mainly the wasteland setting (left) are conventional to the genre. Wasteland and run down settings are often a reoccurring theme throughout indie-rock videos. An example of another indie-rock video that features a waste-land is “Human – The Killers” (Right)