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Aeolus by Brody Soniat Aeolus by Brody Soniat Document Transcript

  • [Type text]AeolusBY:Brody Soniat[Type the author name]
  • [Type text]The origin of AeoulsAeoluss actual and true origin as well ashis role in Greek mythology is heavilydebated. Some experts feel he was a god,others say he was mortal. His parentalfacts are also a source of confusion. Threemain schools of thought exist in thismatter.
  • [Type text]The first story of the origin of AeoulsAs the son of Hellen (Patriarch of the Greeknation) and Orseis, the nymph. He was the rulerof Aeolia or Thessaly and married Enarete
  • [Type text]The second story of the origin of AeoulsAs the son of Poseidon and Arne. This Aeolus had a twinbrother Boeotus. They were raised by the King of Icaria,Metapontus. During a quarrel, they killed their wickedstepmother and ran away from the kingdom. This event ledto Aeolus founding the Aeolian Islands in the Tyrrhenian Sea.
  • [Type text]The third story of the origin of AeoulsThe most popular theory behind Aeoluss origin is his part inHomers Odyssey. He was born of Hippotes or Mimas, amortal king and Melanippe. While his divinity and powers aredebatable, he was the Keeper of the Winds.
  • [Type text]Aeouls,s family treeAeoluss actual mates and offspring are also heavily debated.1.His marriage to Enarete resulted in multiple progeny, ofwhich four: Salmoneus, Cretheus, Athamas and Sisphus arethe most prominent. These 4 sons of Aeolus are regarded asthe four main founders of the Aeolian race and hence a partof the Greek race itself.2.According to Homer, Aeolus had 6 sons and 6 daughters,who were married to each other.3.yet another myth specifies that 4 of Aeoluss sons becomethe 4 gods or types of wind, mainly the South wind, theNorth wind, the West wind and the East wind.
  • [Type text]Symbols of Aeouls
  • [Type text]Website I got info from