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''Harden-Up' presentation at Sydney "Bridging the Gap" Crisis Camp

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  • Thanks -short notice!My nameFirst:background on GCA, and then will focus on project “HardenUp”Share some background infoAnd a sneak-preview
  • Green Cross International President Gorbachev in Geneva in 1993 Anticipating and resolving environmental conflict
  • 2010 Round of the National Disaster Resilience program (Funded through Emergency Mgmt Australia through Dept of Community Safety in QLD)Provided a $1.03 mio grant to Green Cross AustraliaLead a multi-stakeholder partnership which will deploy cutting edge social networking tools and Australia’s best climate research to encourage Queenslanders to assess their vulnerability to key natural disaster hazards and to take practical action to become more self-reliant.NGO = partners provide either funding or services in kind
  • HardenUp.org will build community resilience to severe weather by raising awareness of hazard exposure through a scalable social media platform that encourages Queenslanders to :Hazard self-assessment: identify personal risk exposure to cyclone, severe storm and storm surge (including flood and bushfires as data becomes available); through media rich visualisation of 100 years of severe weather history and 100 years of climate projections across QLDResilience Plans: take practical actions to reduce hazard exposure through developing personalised practical resilience plans (home, family & community)Distribute the message: build community resilience by sharing message/actions and getting involved in local volunteering programs (eg. VQ StepUp); and through corporate and media partners. Use social media networks for crowd sourcing and community engagement , and possibly Ushahidi platform to visualise participation especially during major events.Adopt sustainable practices
  • HISTORICALBOM, bureau’s historical data, photographs, recorded messages. Existing database plus archive - BOM GuruEMA, already available to public Dept of Community Safety – “Readiness info”PLANNINGQLGA evacuation mapsDERM, storm surge mapping Recently released coastal inundation mapsFORCASTING &projection data CSIRO sea level rise data visual models and animations QLD Climate Change Centre of Excellence (QCCE) (part of DERM, office of climate change)Published data only region, by suburb 2800, in hu2: working with insurance council and down to house level
  • The unique features of this proposed program include:The integration of hazard awareness building tools underpinned by state-of-the-art science with top resilience building support using materials and insights from corporate, community and government sources; The use of world class multi-media tools that encourage high levels of individual engagement and social interaction with simple user-driven navigation pathways our platform will create a lasting scalable platform for online community, government, business and research preparedness engagementTracking of “personal resilience plans” that include measures taken to protect properties and families with the ability to share actions taken with othersCreation of a scalable rich media platform that can add new layers of corporate, community and government resources and tools as Queensland’s climate adaptation and disaster resilience research and response programs grow and as more datasets become available for widespread visualization.
  • Build resilience plan into FB application, eg “i cleared my gutters”, very practicalViral awarenessWe can come back, “did u remember to clear...”Run competition, nominate favourite tips, eg win ipad
  • 29 July: Release very first release 29 july – emergencies gathering at local govqldconfernceOCTOBER:Channel 10, mediaparter, tv adstorm season starts around NOVEMEBER
  • More data, more detail In 1 years time: infrastructure (Energy, Water, QLD rail, ergon) open env for sharing best practiceno funding yetUshahidihomepae to be aggregation site, ABC radio, FB pages, live media feed from the QLD emergency mgt control room (already on FB want to be aggregator on where to go. Very interested in experimentation with new media
  • Harden Up is a partnership with Australia’s severe weather research communityvolunteering organisationsbusinesses that have a commercial interest in resilient and sustainable practicesmedia partners that can deliver a new style of disaster community messaging at scaleGreen Cross and our partners also fully appreciate the importance of developing a message that is aligned with existing Local Government, State and community agencies with critical disaster response roles. We also recognise the potential for inadvertent message duplication given the complex nature of how the emergency response system interacts with the public.For example, QCCCE are undertaking improved coastal mapping incorporating high resolution digital elevation data, the latest aerial photography and precise local tidal information for a range of climate change scenarios. Interactive, on-line mapping and planning tools will identify areas likely to be at increased risk, demonstrate the potential impacts of climate change and help inform disaster management planning.
  • 110521 harden up crisis camp nsw v3

    1. 1. HARDEN UP<br />http://www.greencrossaustralia.org/our-work/harden-up.aspx<br />Lisa Wilhelmseder<br />GCA Corporate Volunteer<br />May 2011<br />2<br />
    2. 2. 3<br />GREEN CROSS INTERNATIONAL<br />President Gorbachev<br />Geneva 1993<br />Natural disaster – community action!<br />
    3. 3. Initiatives that target natural disaster & community actions:<br />BEFORE<br /> Education, prevention and protection<br />DURING<br /> Community response to extreme weather events<br />AFTER<br /> Green renewal and rebuilding<br />4<br />
    5. 5. GREEN CROSS<br />USA<br />AUSTRALIA<br />6<br />
    6. 6. HARDEN UP<br />National Disaster Resilience Program <br />$1.03 million grant <br />Multi-stakeholder partnership <br />Social networking tools and Australia’s best climate research <br />  assess community vulnerability<br /> inspire practical action!<br />7<br />
    7. 7. AIMS<br />Hazard self-assessment<br />Practical, personal resilience plans<br />Distribute the message virally<br />
    8. 8. PARTNERS AND DATA PROVIDERS<br />HISTORICAL<br />BOM<br /> EMA (Emergency Management Association)<br />PLANNING<br /> Queensland Local Government Association evacuation maps<br />DERM, storm surge mapping<br /> Recently released coastal inundation maps<br />FORECASTING<br /> CSIRO (sea level rise data, visual models and animations)<br /> QLD Climate Change Centre of Excellence (QCCE)<br />9<br />
    9. 9. 10<br />
    10. 10. 11<br />
    11. 11. 12<br />
    12. 12. 13<br />
    13. 13. Timeframe <br />July 29 2011<br />14<br />October 2011<br />
    14. 14. NEXT STEPS<br />More data, more detail<br />Upscale: infrastructure, SME<br />Become trusted aggregation site<br />Very interested in experimentation with new media<br />crowd mapping?<br />15<br />
    15. 15. OUR PARTNERS<br />
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