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The Golf Foundation - BGIA Growing Golf Conference

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  • Firstly, I’d like to thank the BGIA for giving me the opportunity to talk at this Summit. I’ve been asked to focus on the growth of grass roots junior golf. I’ll be taking about: Who we are What we do How we do it The impact of what we do Plans for the future
  • So, who we are... We are the Golf Foundation – a charity committed to the sporting and social development of children and young people through golf across the British Isles (in reality, Great Britain). We do our work for two reasons: Firstly, for the development of the sport: - improving access for children and young people - generating the golfer (and industry customers) of the future Secondly, we do our work for the development of the young individual: - we all know that golf is a great sport for promoting positive life values such as honesty and respect. We’re very fortunate to be supported by a number of core funders, one being the BGIA as a result of the grant we receive from the Grow Golf Fund.
  • In terms of what we do, we run all of our development activity under the banner of HSBC Golf Roots. HSBC Golf Roots is a single national programme for the grass roots of golf that develops skills for life (both playing and personal) amongst all young people. There are some key elements to that statement: - single national programme - grass roots - develops skills for life (playing and personal) - all young people (regardless of background or circumstances) Sitting underneath the overarching brand is the individual development initiatives – Tri-Golf, Golf Xtreme, Junior Golf Passport and Street Golf (which I’ll come back to).
  • In terms of introducing and supporting development activity, we use a project-based approach and we assist local organisers with the production of considered and well-structured delivery plans. Long gone are the days when development work was just about sending a Pro into a school to do a bit of coaching! The delivery plans will contain information about: Activity in primary schools Activity in secondary schools Activity in the golf facilities And all of this activity will be inter-linked We tutor training workshops for teachers, PGA Pros and young leaders. We’ve developed equipment, resources and manuals We can sometimes provide funding And we have a team of development specialists that are able to provide advice and guidance. All of this is about capacity building and long-term sustainability, rather than parachuting in activity or short term sports promotion.
  • We then take this approach and replicate it across the country. In England, we’ve worked with the CGPs to establish agreements for the delivery of HSBC Golf Roots activity and there are now projects running in every county. Our main target is to be reaching 1M youngsters per year by 2013, and we’re very much on track to achieve that target.
  • As an organisation, we are absolutely committed to the principle of investing in young people. I know a lot of you will be familiar with what we’ve done to involve children and young people in Tri-Golf or Golf Xtreme activity. What you might not be quite so familiar with is the work we’ve been doing to train and deploy young people aged 16-19 as leaders. PLAY VIDEO
  • We see lots of negative news about young people, but there are so many good young people out there. We believe in their potential and we’ve been able to use them as a workforce. This has dramatically increased our reach. Over 750,000 children per year playing Tri-Golf. Over 200,000 young people playing Golf Xtreme. Golf in the education sector has come a very long way since my days back in local government.
  • The Government survey that ran from 2003/4 to 2009/10 showed just how rapidly golf has been growing in schools. And how more and more schools are creating links with clubs.
  • Although we’ve done really well over the last few years, we’re always looking for new ways to reach children and young people. We’re developing the idea of School Golf Clubs for primary schools and Satellite Clubs for secondary schools which will provide organised activity out-of-hours on the school site. These clubs will be run using training young leaders and will involve PGA Pros. The idea is that they will help the transition from the PE activity in school time to the formal coaching programmes in clubs. Super Sixes is a new flexible competition format based on the Texas Scramble format. It enables large, mixed ability groups to play together and it can be played on a variety of facilities from proper short course facilities to throw-down courses on a school field. And the one that’s captured the imagination of a lot of people is Street Golf which encourages the creative use of the urban environment.
  • The main thing that holds us back from fully developing our ideas and scaling up our activity is the lack of funds. In an attempt to increase the number of donations we receive from individuals, we launched GOLF19 recently. This is designed to make giving as easy as possible. All people need to do is text GOLF19 £2 to 70070 and the Golf Foundation will receive 100% of the donation. We were very fortunate to benefit from a Grow Golf grant and this has helped us with all of the work I’ve been taking about. Going forward, we have some exciting plans for the future so we’d like to talk to the Grow Golf Trustees about the possibility of funding for 2013 and beyond. I would like to say a huge thank you to all of the companies that contribute to Grow Golf and I hope that more of the BGIA members join the scheme so that there’s more money available for golf development.
  • We are extremely grateful to the BGIA for the support it gives to the Golf Foundation, And indeed to the individual companies that provide us with products. We’re really excited about the work to be done in the future and we believe that we will make greater progress as a sport if we all get behind the single national programme – HSBC Golf Roots. If you’d like more information about the scheme or if you’d like to help us out in some way, you know where I am. So, thank you for listening to my presentation. I hope you’ve found it both informative and useful And I’d like to leave you with one final thought.
  • We all started life like this. We have enjoyed many year in this wonderful sport and in this wonderful industry. Don’t we have a collective responsibility to make sure that children like this are able to experience all of the benefits our sport has to offer? Let’s all work together through HSBC Golf Roots to make that possible.
  • The Golf Foundation

    1. 1. The Growth of Grass Roots Junior Golf
    2. 2. Who we are A charity committed to the sporting and social developmentof children and young people through golf across the British Isles. • Developing the sport • Developing the individual – Improving access for all – Skills for life (e.g. honesty, respect) – Generating future golfers Core funders:
    3. 3. What we do• HSBC Golf Roots is a single national programme for the grass roots of golf that develops skills for life (both playing and personal) amongst all young people.• HSBC Golf Roots incorporates all of the Golf Foundation’s development initiatives: Primary schools Secondary schools Golf facilities Inner city/urban
    4. 4. Project-based approachStructured delivery plan•Identify the key local partners Primary•Activity in primary schools Local authority•Activity in secondary schools HSBC Golf Roots Club•Activity in the golf facilities Project•Training workshops Secondary•Equipment, resources and manuals Others•Funding partners•Advice•Capacity building and sustainability
    5. 5. Comprehensive and consistent delivery Primary Local authority HSBC Golf Roots Club Project Secondary Others TARGETS partners • Projects in every county • 1M children per year
    6. 6. Investing in young people
    7. 7. Extensive reach through successful initiatives• Tri-Golf: • Golf Xtreme: – Over 750,000 children per year – Over 200,000 young people per year• HSBC Golf Roots Centres: • HSBC Golf Roots City Projects: – 10,000 youngsters per year – 10,000 children per year
    8. 8. Achieving real results• The Golf Foundation’s approach has resulted in significant growth of golf in schools as well as more links between schools and clubs.
    9. 9. Continuing to innovate • School Golf Clubs (primary) and Satellite Clubs (secondary/colleges) Organised out-of-hours activity that will help young people to become familiar with the sport • Super Sixes A flexible competition format that can be used to stimulate and sustain interest in the sport. • Street Golf Supervised creative use of the urban environment that makes golf fun and interesting for a new audience.
    10. 10. Continuing to innovate
    11. 11. The need for more funds• Utilises the JustTextGiving facility developed by JustGiving in association with Vodafone.• Designed to make giving as easy as possible.• Text Golf19 £2 to 70070.• Donor receives an automatic Gift Aid text.• The Golf Foundation receives 100% of the money donated.• Three-year grant (2010, 2011, 2012)• Plans for future growth• Requirements for support for 2013, 2014, 2015?
    12. 12. All pulling together• The Golf Foundation is grateful for the support it receives from the BGIA’s ‘Grow Golf’ fund.• There’s so much more to be done.• Let’s all get behind HSBC Golf Roots.• For more information: Contact: Mike Round, Chief Executive Tel: 01992 449830 E-mail: Web:• Thank you.