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The PGAE - BGIA Growing Golf Conference

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  • Thank Doug for the invitation to join you all today. Grow the game is a real buzz phrase at the moment and probably the one single objective that all areas of the golf industry share
  • Valuable industry Employment for all our members It teaches social skills and has health benefits PGA of America’s Golf 2.0 strategy has identified that in America based on a population of 253 million, 36% or 90 million people are interested in golfing or playing more golf but run into barriers And that’s just america – what about all the less developed golfing nations
  • Golf is a simple game so what’s standing in the way of more people playing? Our game is a great one – respectable and respectful. Should be a game for all – all ages, all genders, all races, all social sets.....but is it?
  • Takes too long! Is it too difficult to be fun? too expensive – recouping costs for design, maintenance etc and equipment Golf started from common roots – sticks and stones, shepherds and sheep. Not fundamental to golf so must come from the attitudes within
  • So what are we doing about it To promote interest in the game of golf has been at the top of agenda since the formation of the original Professional Golfers Association in 1901
  • What is the PGAs of Europe?
  • With our membership – development is at the fore
  • Education and Services for all countries
  • We’re proud stakeholders in the Ryder Cup Has become a massive global event and united europe like no other major sport To a lesser extent add Solheim Cup Total economic impact on Irish Economy was €240million Television exposure to 1.5billion people in over 70 countries Generated €14million in TV exposure for Irish National Development Authority Showcased the nation as a significant player on the world economic and business scene
  • Golf Development at every stage
  • Particular responsibility for the management of the Ryder Cup European Development Trust
  • Firstly, The PGAs of Europe are the service providers for The R&As Golf Development work. Our “Golf Development Consultants” visit host countries and work closely with the national Federations and PGAs to identify a strategy for the development of the game. Golf Development Professionals then follow up and deliver the necessary services. The PGAs of Europe then act as project managers for each development visit. 3 forms: Consultancy: Advise Federations and PGAs on structures and strategies Specific Intervention: Junior Golf Development, Coach Education Programmes etc. Coaching: Pro, Junior teams, National Team Preparation etc
  • Countries visited in 2011 and this was reduced due to unrest in Northern Africa and parts of middle east
  • E.g. Grow the Game website GolfStand – Occupational Standards for Golf Professionals Economic Impact Report
  • we are now doing more to promote the Pro as a Golf Development Director or Officer Since writing the article in 2009, Ian James, from Retail Tribe, has developed a ‘Rainmaker’ philosophy. A Rainmaker is defined in Chambers Dictionary as being “ a high powered employee who generates a great deal of income for his or her employers” . James defines the golf version in his paper ‘Rainmakers at the Golf Facility’ as someone who “is responsible for creating more members; encouraging more members to play golf and participate at the facility more often; attracting more visitors and casual golfers to play golf at the facility more often; and to find more people to take up the game” . Discussions that we have had with a number of different individuals, club managers and organisations within golf also clearly articulate that not only are golf clubs suffering from declining memberships, but also that they see the PGA Professional as one of the few key people within the club who is best placed to halt this decline. Clubs can do much more to make themselves more welcoming and market themselves more effectively, but as learning to play and playing golf are amongst the main drivers to attract and retain golf club members, it is only the PGA Professional that has the skills and knowledge to achieve this.
  • In conclusion – it is obvious that lots is happening and we’re working together to try and grow the game. How do we all focus placing an emphasis on fun! Fun means different things to different people. Lets give access to golf and meet the needs of people to have fun!
  • PGAE

    1. 1. The role of The PGAs ofEurope in Growing the Game Ian Randell Chief Executive 23rd April 2012
    2. 2. Objectives• Why do we need to grow the game?• What are the barriers preventing growth?• What are the PGAs of Europe and PGA’s around the world doing to drive growth?
    3. 3. Why grow the game?• Economic benefit• Employment• Social and Health benefits to society• There are lots of people who want to play but can’t!
    4. 4. Golf is a simple game!“Golf is a simple game. You’ve got clubs and aball. You have to hit the ball into a series ofholes laid out in the middle of a large, grassyfield. After you reach the 18th hole, you maywant to go to a bar and tell lies about your on-course feats to anyone you didn’t play withthat day.” Anonymous
    5. 5. Challenges• Time• Difficulty• Cost• Perception
    6. 6. The original objectives set out by the fifty or so professionals that attendeda meeting of the 9th September 1901 were as follows.• To promote interest in the game of golf• To protect and advance the mutual and trade interests of all its members• To hold meetings and tournaments periodically for the encouragement ofthe younger members• To institute a Benevolent fund for the relief of deserving members• To act as an agency for assisting any professional or club maker to obtainemployment• To effect any other objects of a like nature as may be determinedfrom time to time by the association
    7. 7. PGAs of Europe The European voice of Professional Golfers’ Associations Developing, sharing and advancing the standards of golf professionals 38 National PGAsCollective membership of in excess of 21,000 PGA Professionals
    8. 8. Setting & Advancing Standards• Membership Mentoring• Education• Events A strong PGA complements the work of national amateur bodies in development work and national programmes, bringing specialist expertise and access to a wide range of benefits and knowledge that otherwise would be unavailable.
    9. 9. Educational / Development services Setting & Advancing Standards DEVELOPMENT WORK EDUCATION PROGRAMMES EDUCATION SERVICES EXTERNAL RELATIONS• Membership Mentoring Access to a full range of PGAs of Co-ordination of continuing Heads of Training meeting External promotion of the PGA professional development and the opportunities - sharing of good organisation and the PGA• Education Europe services professional teaching & coaching conference practice• Events Application leading to PGAs of Re-evaluation of educational Preparation of documents for Advice on the development of a Europe membership programmes European community national education programme consumption AAdvice on structure,PGA complements the work of national amateur strong constitution Initial Professional Education Recognition process of Support at National and bodies asettingdevelopment work and national programmes, level and in up PGA programme (IPE) educational programmes European political bringing specialist expertise and access to a wide range of benefits and knowledge that otherwise would be unavailable. Golf development work: Ryder Advice on the development of Introducer coach programme Tutor / Assessor training Cup European Development National institutional relationships programme Trust and R&A
    10. 10. Ryder Cup Europe LLPThe Olympics and Football World Cup are the only sporting events that have a greatereconomic impact2004 – Formation of Ryder cup Europe LLPPartnership: European Tour (60%), The PGA (20%), The PGAs of Europe (20%)The Ryder Cup European Development TrustThe professional game giving back
    11. 11. The Ryder Cup• Bidding Process• Legacy• Ryder Cup European Development Trust
    12. 12. Ryder Cup European Development TrustAid distributed through grants for grassroots schemes in EuropeOver €2 million distributed to grow the gameFunding now granted to 22 projects of varyingsize including Germany, Ireland, Bulgaria,Italy, Czech Republic , Poland,Holland, Hungary and Russia
    13. 13. R&A Working for Golf Programme Provision of Golf Development Expertise on a Global Basis• Consultancy• Specific Intervention• Coaching
    14. 14. R&A Working for Golf• ARGENTINA – CHILE – BRAZIL – COLUMBIA - COSTA RICA - HONG KONG – GHANA – INDIA – MYANMAR – PANAMA – TANZANIA - TRINIDAD & TOBAGO• 0ver 50 countries visited in all
    15. 15. Working Together• PGA World Alliance• Pan-European Golf Organisations• European Commission• Other Sports
    16. 16. The Rainmaker
    17. 17. Conclusion• FUN!• Right People• Right Place• Right Time• Right Coach and the Right Equipment