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Everything you ever wanted to know about Best Virtual Paralegal LLC

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  • © 2003-2012 All rights reserved to Holly Sheriff, BBA. , Best Virtual Paralegal and This educational slide show is for informational use only. Services and Rates are subject to change without further notice. Each project and service is based on personal needs of our clients. No information contained in this website may be used or reproduced by you or a third party without written permission from Holly A. Teel, BBA. We are not attorneys and cannot give legal advice; we are not a substitution for a lawyer We are a full service virtual assistant company; offering specialized services through training and education to law firms, Realtor, and small businesses. Effective July 1, 2012 Our main office is located in the State of Pennsylvania in the United States located at 2213 West Market Street York PA 17404
  • Best Virtual Paralegal LLC Prospective Client Slide Show

    1. 1. Our services virtually simplify your office in three clicks™Attorney Support • Realtor Support • Secretarial Support Dream Big! Believe & Do! ™
    2. 2. WHAT YOU WILL FIND IN THIS PRESENTATION  Slide 4 Client Testimonials  Slide 5 Who we are  Slide 6 Our Core Beliefs  Slide 7 What is a Virtual Paralegal  Slide 8 Do we only assist with overflow cases  Slide 9 We customize services for each client  Slide 10 & 11 Featured Services  Slide 12 Paralegal Hotline  Slide 13 How Clients send us assignments  Slide 14 Go Clio and Drop Box collaboration tools  Slide 15 What you Spend on Employees  Slide 16 What our average Client Pays  Slide 17 Sample Document  Slide 18 How to get Started and What you GetCOPYRIGHT 2012 ALL RIGHTS RESERVEDTO BEST VIRTUAL PARALEGAL LLC
    3. 3. ABOUT THE OWNER & TEAM  Holly Sheriff, f/k/a Holly A. Teel , BBA began her career working as the lead office manager 18 years ago for a small family operated automotive machine shop. After 8 years, while in college obtaining an Associate Degree in Applied Science Degree in Paralegal Studies and then a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration she worked for a Family Law and General Marcus Collins has worked in the Practice firm in St. Louis. During her in customer service and management house career, she formed the client industry for over 26 years. Marcus base and concept behind her virtual joined BPV in July of 2011 as the paralegal and virtual secretary services. director of our customer service Her accumulation of past experiences; department, marketing as office manager, legal collaborator, editor and blogger. assistant, paralegal, discovery clerk, and general office assistant has Mr. Collins provides these services formed her solid business as an independent contractor. foundation, which has prepared her to See our website for our other team meet the needs of her diverse members ! client/customer base.COPYRIGHT 2012 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED TO BEST VIRTUAL PARALEGAL LLC
    4. 4. COPYRIGHT 2012 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED TO BEST VIRTUAL PARALEGAL LLC“I have used Best Virtual Paralegal (BVP) a number of times with excellent results. Holly iseasy to work with, produces excellently drafted documents and cannot be beat on her deliverytimes. I would definitely recommend her and her staff to anyone interested in using a virtualparalegal.” ~~Mr. Jeffrey M Cooper JD, CPA of the Cooper Law Firm, P.C. inRutherfordton, NC, US 28139 ~*************************************************************************“I am an attorney in private practice. Holly has served me as a Virtual Paralegal since2008, who works offsite. Hollys work is excellent, timely and knowledgeable.” ~~Richard D.Schreiber ~~Richard says these are our top qualities: Great Results, Good Value, HighIntegrity*************************************************************************Holly is hard-working and extremely professional. She is a pleasure to work with and is highlyarticulate.”“Pegi" Price, Attorney, Margaret "Pegi“ Price, Attorney, The Price Law FirmVisit our website for more of our Raving Fans !
    5. 5. WHO WE ARE Best Virtual Paralegal LLC is an administrative service provider whose mission is to provide professional services to Sole Practitioners and Small Businesses, in an affordable and eco- friendly manner. We are a full service virtual assistant company. We offer administrative services to law firms, small businesses real estate agents, and doctors throughout the United States. Unlike most virtual paralegal or virtual assistant services, we do not require our on-going clients to call, or to order our services prior to delivering an assignment. We offer quick turnaround on most assignments* (See the policy for incoming assignments section our Welcome Packet for more information)COPYRIGHT 2012 ALL RIGHTS RESERVEDTO BEST VIRTUAL PARALEGAL LLC
    6. 6. OUR CORE BELIEFS Best Virtual Paralegal LLC employees will serve clients according to our Pledge to Clients. Along with fair and dignified treatment, clients can expect services that are designed to meet their needs in an affordable way, transparent information, and privacy of their personal information. Additionally, clients can expect punctual and reliable service delivery, and a quick response to their questions or complaints. All States prohibit paralegals from providing or offering legal advice or services to the public without being supervised by a licensed attorney. To offer such services as preparing legal documents, pleading and offering assistance on how to complete Court forms would be considered “the unauthorized practice of law.” We will never engage in unauthorized practice of law Our paralegal services are only available to licensed attorneys in good standing.COPYRIGHT 2012 ALL RIGHTS RESERVEDTO BEST VIRTUAL PARALEGAL LLC
    7. 7. WHAT IS A VIRTUAL PARALEGAL ALSO KNOWN AS A “VP”, A “FREELANCE PARALEGAL, OR CONTRACT PARALEGAL? ANSWER: A Virtual Paralegal or Freelance Paralegal is a trained professional paralegal that is essentially utilizing advanced technological mode and data delivery. A VP assists clients in his/her area of expertise from his/her own office on a contractual basis to assist license attorneys.COPYRIGHT 2012 ALL RIGHTS RESERVEDTO BEST VIRTUAL PARALEGAL LLC
    8. 8. DO YOU ONLY ASSIST ATTORNEYS WITHOVERFLOW OR ON AN “AS NEEDED BASIS”? ANSWER: No. We offer flexible everyday, monthly, weekly, hourly, and as needed services to all our attorneys. We offer generous discounted rates to firms and attorneys that retain our services as their only assistant for weekly services, and monthly services that are permanent and ongoing.COPYRIGHT 2012 ALL RIGHTS RESERVEDTO BEST VIRTUAL PARALEGAL LLC
    9. 9. WE CUSTOMIZE SERVICES FOR EACH CLIENT  We understand that the needs of our clients can vary depending on the type and size of their of their firms. Keeping this in mind, we do our best to customize a service plan that meets those needs. In order for us to customize our clients services, it is the sole responsibility of our law firms’ to supervise and review all of our paralegal work in accordance with his or her home state’s paralegal guidelines. We ask that you assist us in setting up an account with your specific preferences (e.g. font, page alignment), model forms and instructions to assure that our work product integrates with your practice and firm’s brand as closely as possible. This way we can be invisible to your client or if you choose, we can work with your client depending on your personal preference. If you need us to have direct contact with your clients, it is your responsibility to inform your clients we work off-site from your physical office.  We ask that you let us know right away if you have problems with your services, and if your administrative needs change during the course of our business relationship.COPYRIGHT 2012 ALL RIGHTS RESERVEDTO BEST VIRTUAL PARALEGAL LLC
    10. 10. COPYRIGHT 2012 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED TO BEST VIRTUAL PARALEGAL LLC SERVICES OFFERED We specialize in helping solo attorneys and law firms free up more hours in their day to practice law, streamline their law practice, increase their profits, and reduce their overhead costs. Whether your cases are large, small, or are new to us we are happy to accept the challenge!
    11. 11. COPYRIGHT 2012 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED TO BEST VIRTUAL PARALEGAL LLC OUR FEATURE SERVICES  We are a full service virtual paralegal company we can prepare documents from the very first client intake & assist you all the way to trial!  Legal research is our best and favorite service to offer to our attorneys. some restrictions & fees associated with this service based upon the location of our clients.  Most of our ligation clients use a combination of our legal research, document preparation and trial prep services. (We handle PI cases & Domestic Relation case in this matter)  Sitting in on client intakes VIA Skype  Social Media & Blogging Services Specially Designed for Law Firms of today .
    12. 12. 24 HOUR PARALEGAL HOTLINE Our clients who are too busy in trial can utilize phone-in dictation VIA 1800 phone-in-dictation from any phone to send us additional notes for a pending assignments 7 day a week 24-hours a day. The message will be deliver to our e-mail address for processing during regular business hours This service is also available to Dictation Clients (upon the execution of a service agreement)COPYRIGHT 2012 ALL RIGHTS RESERVEDTO BEST VIRTUAL PARALEGAL LLC
    13. 13. HOW OUR CLIENTS SEND USASSIGNMENTS 1. Sending us an intake sheet VIA e- mail, drop box, Clio or Fax. 2. Sending us an e-mail with their notes & instruction regarding their requests 3. Dropping all the required information in his or her own drop box we have set up during the initial opening of his or her services 4. US Postal Service 5. Filling out our assignment request form & e-mailing same to us 6. By phone if there are no notes, intake formsCOPYRIGHT 2012 ALL RIGHTS RESERVEDTO BEST VIRTUAL PARALEGAL LLC
    14. 14. THE USE OF THIRD-PARTYCOLLABORATION PRACTICE MANAGEMENTSOFTWARE Were tremendously excited to announce we use Go Clio and Drop Box collaboration tools to assist us in delivering top-notch services to you and your clients. Both Go Clio and Drop Box enable us to share documents with you, your staff and even your clients VIA secured third party links. We do pay a monthly fee to use Clio, however at this present time we do not charge our clients anything for us to utilize this collaboration tool. This policy is subject to change at any time without any further notice to you. We can share information with you without you having a paying account with Clio through our company’s Go Clio Account, utilizing the feature called “Clio Connect” For example, Clio offers its paying customers (us) the ability to share a bill with their client (you) via Clio Connect and this allows you to pay online via PayPal.COPYRIGHT 2012 ALL RIGHTS RESERVEDTO BEST VIRTUAL PARALEGAL LLC
    15. 15. WHAT YOU SPEND TO MAINTAIN AN EMPLOYEE Full-time Employee Hourly Rate of Pay $20.00 Fringe Benefits @ 35% (Health/Dental/ Insurance, Retirement Plans) $7.00 Overhead Rate @ 50% (Office Space, Equipment & Office Supply Expense, UI Insurance, Worker’s Compensation, Overtime Pay, Administration Costs) $10.00 Total Effective Rate of Pay $37.00 Hours Per Year 2,080 hrs Total Average Annual Labor Cost $76,960.00 This does not include paid breaks and socializing time spent in the office each day.COPYRIGHT 2012 ALL RIGHTS RESERVEDTO BEST VIRTUAL PARALEGAL LLC
    16. 16. WHAT OUR AVERAGE CLIENT PAYHourly Rate of Pay $35.00Fringe Benefits @(Health/Dental/ Insurance, $0.00Retirement PlansOverhead Rate @ 50% (Office Space, Equipment& Office Supply Expense, UI Insurance, Worker’sCompensation, Overtime Pay, Administration Costs) $0.00Total Effective Rate of Pay $35.00Hours Per Year 2,080 hrs Total Average Annual Labor Cost $16,800.00 This is only an average annual rate of compensation. All hourly rates are solely based upon the type of services rendered. This chart is to be used for comparison purposes only and does not guarantee any particular rate COPYRIGHT 2012 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED per hour TO BEST VIRTUAL PARALEGAL LLC
    18. 18. HOW TO GET STARTED & WHAT YOU GET UPON SIGNING UP All our prospective clients receive a free no obligation 30 min consultation with Holly. This consultation can occur VIA Skype or by telephone. During this consultation Holly will discuss: 1. The firm’s goals and needs. 2. The customized services and rate based upon the firm’s goals and needs from Best Virtual Paralegal LLC. What you will receive upon engaging our services 1. An engagement letter. 2. 2. Your customized service agreement for your signature to be executed and e-mailed back to Holly. 3. A new client orientation handbook for your future reference. 4. 4. Your account number. How will you receive this information? Our office utilizes Clio Connect & Dropbox. You will receive an e-mail with a secured link to access all these document with directions from Clio Connect on how to access these shared documents.COPYRIGHT 2012 ALL RIGHTS RESERVEDTO BEST VIRTUAL PARALEGAL LLC
    19. 19. READY TO GET STARTED ? Call Holly at 717.747.3588 (our new East Coast Office) or Holly’s Cell 636.541.3777 to schedule your firm’s 30 Minute Free Consultation Best Virtual Paralegal LLC ©®, All Rights Reserved. This slide show may NOT reproduced and republished with the above by line, copy right, copied, reduplicated without obtaining written permission of the author.COPYRIGHT 2012 ALL RIGHTS RESERVEDTO BEST VIRTUAL PARALEGAL LLC