The millionaire and the murder mansion
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The millionaire and the murder mansion






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    The millionaire and the murder mansion The millionaire and the murder mansion Presentation Transcript

    • The Millionaire and The Murder Mansion
    • Type of Documentary
      Mixed- because it includes interviews, live footage different camera work etc
    • Narrative Structure
      Non Linear.
      Closed Narrative.
      Single Strand.
    • Camera-work
      Interviewee: positioned left or right of the frame, eye line third way down. Filmed in medium close up or close up.
      Close up of a family picture.
      Tracking shot of the police driving to the mansion.
      Medium close up of the police interviewing the housekeeper.
      Birds eye view- helicopter filming mansion on fire.
      Hand held camera showing the blood in the horse stable.
      Still images of left overs from the mansion.
      Tracking shot of the living room and bathroom burnt down.
      Close up of the trifle and gun he used to kill his family.
      Close up of crime scene tape.
      Tracking shot of the cars Chris bought, range rovers etc.
      Zoom of the mansion- outside view before it burnt down.
      Medium close up of Chris' friend bird shooting- Chris had a passion for this.
      Close up of bird dead after shooting it.
      Hand held camera walking into the woods- point of view shot of him killing his daughters pets.
      Uses images to convey the meaning of the story.
      Tilt shot of burnt down house and burnt ash lurking outside.
      Medium close up of detectives trying to find the daughter's skull fragments.
      Close up of the last text the daughter sent 'sorry dad has turned the internet off'.
      Medium close up of a bullet in the horses skull.
      Close up of Chris' bank statements- in debt.
      Tracking shot of: family at funeral, coffins, funeral flowers and the priests
    • Mis-en-scene
      Background for each interviewee was either filmed in their
      own homes, at the location of the mansion or where they worked. For example; the forensic scientists.
    • Sound
      Voice over- standard English, male, sounded sympathetic throughout the documentary.
      Voice over of news reader.
      Music in the opening sequence seemed mysterious.
      Sound effects of flashbacks, camera noises.
    • Editing
      Flashbacks of still images from the past- burnt down in the fire.
      Cross cutting of clock and shoes also burnt down in the fire.
      Cross cutting and cutting is the most common element used.
      Cross cutting of the gun {Chris' used to kill his family} and picture of his daughter.
      Clip of Jill and Chris' wedding video which then froze to a still image.
      Flashback of blood leading towards the horses stable.
    • Archive Material:
      Birds eye view of the house on fire.
      Clips of the left overs from the horse and dog being shot.
      Clips of forensic investigators.
      CCTV footage of Chris setting the horses stable on fire.
      Clips of his daughter horse riding- voice over of her nan talking about her.
      Video of the police announcing they have found bodies.
      Family birthday cards.
      Wedding of Jill and Chris
    • Graphics
      Font: white and red title, symbolizes fire and danger.
      Interviewee had a name and underneath it explained who they are.
      Sans serif.