Overview: BDPA Washington DC Chapter (2013)


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Comprehensive profile of the BDPA Washington DC chapter for CY-2013.

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Overview: BDPA Washington DC Chapter (2013)

  1. 1. BDPA Washington, D.C. | Host Chapter OverviewCommunity Technology Advocacy & Executive Summary • 1Q13DCFiscal Year 2013 • OutreachCommunity RelationsAdvancing Careers From The Classroom to The BoardroomSM
  2. 2. Our Mission, Our Future | STEM-IC WorkforceDCAdvancing Careers From The Classroom to The BoardroomSMCover Story: bdpatoday, August 2012 Conference Edition | BDPA Student members arriving at HiltonBaltimore to attend the 34th National BDPA Technology Conference for IT Showcase (ITSC), High SchoolComputer Competition (HSCC), and Youth Technology Conference (YTC) events.
  3. 3. DCAdvancing Careers From The Classroom to The BoardroomSM
  4. 4. About Us– National BDPA (NBDPA), formerly known as Black Data Processing Associates, is a globalCS-STEM (Computer Science | Science/Technology/Engineering/Mathematics) IRS 501(c)(6)non-profit organization (NPO) promoting professional career advancement and corporategrowth for its stakeholders. Founded in 1975, NBDPA’s founders’ concern, which subsequentlywas shared with industry, was very few minorities in middle and upper management, low recruitmentand poor preparation of minorities for emerging technical positions. Moreover, an overall lack ofupward career mobility, little or no minority community engagements or outreach from industrycontinued to perpetuate these concerns into our 21st century.– BDPA-DC was founded and chartered by NBDPA in 1978 and incorporated in 1981 as an IRS501(c)(3) public charity. BDPA-DC celebrates its 35th Anniversary in 2013. BDPA-DCencourages expansion of technology and science programs, corporate social responsibility (CSR),community outreach, and service delivery to underserved and unserved communities within theNational Capital Region (NCR). Toward this end, our local chapter encourages support of ChapterInterest Groups (CIGs) which are designed to meet or exceed service delivery requirements wheregrowing technical trends and demographics ultimately can support a sustainable, viable and vibrantBDPA Corporate Advisory Council (CAC), Corporate Technology Council (CTC), and a CorporateLegislative Council (CLC) to effectively work with standing Chapter Committees and assigningsubject-matter experts (SMEs) and mentors from industry to Integrated CS-STEM and STEM-IC(Intel/Cyber) Project Team (IPT) leaders.– For 37 years NBDPA and local BDPA Chapters have helped advance technical careers fromthe classroom to the boardroom by hosting and participating in community oriented CS-STEM programs, workshops, expos, conferences, and CS-STEM outreach events. Washington,D.C. (BDPA-DC) and Northern Virginia (BDPA NoVA) chapters of BDPA remain committed toexcellence while providing a wide range of shared resources to members, corporate sponsors, smallbusiness owners, educational institutions and local communities within the National Capital Region(NCR).DCAdvancing Careers From The Classroom to The BoardroomSM
  5. 5. Contact Us• BDPA-DC Executive Committee CY-2011/2012– Perry Carter, Chapter President | perry@bdpa.org -or- bdpapcx@aol.com– Chapter President-Elect | Vacant– Ravenna Chase, Vice President Finance– Dr. Jesse Bemley, Vice President Strategy & Planning– Edward Yeldell, Vice President Membership Management– Joshua Farrish, Vice President Membership Services– Sharrarne Morton, Communications Committee Chair– Louis Shack, High School Computer Competition (HSCC) Program Manager– Rodrick Edwards, Training & Education Programs– Marcella Black-Caro, Immediate Past President• BDPA-DC Chapter Websites, I.T. Events, and eMail– www.ncr-bdpa.org web– www.bdpatoday.org -or- http://bdpa-dc.groupsite.com– www.twitter.com/bdpatoday Twitter– info@ncr-bdpa.org email• BDPA-DC IRS & Federal Procurement Data– IRS 501 (c)(3) TIN/EIN: 52-1346530– CAGE/NCAGE Code: 5FBU8– DUNS Number: 828023452– Local Executive Team: BDPA-DC Senior Executives are eligible for very specialSTEM-IC (Intell/Cyber) engagements with DoD/IC agencies• BDPA-DC Phone Numbers– Chapter President: 703.627.8257– Events & Communications: 240.463.6915DCAdvancing Careers From The Classroom to The BoardroomSM
  6. 6. BDPA Washington, D.C. | AccomplishmentsCommunity Technology Advocacy & Executive Summary • 1Q13DCAdvancing Careers From The Classroom to The BoardroomSMAdditional Slides
  7. 7. BDPA Washington, D.C. | AccomplishmentsCommunity Technology Advocacy & Executive Summary • 1Q13DCFiscal Year 2013 • OutreachCommunity RelationsAdvancing Careers From The Classroom to The BoardroomSM
  8. 8. DCAdvancing Careers From The Classroom to The BoardroomSMRegional Conferences & Annual Awards Multimedia and CS-STEM SupportSenior government officials keynote local BDPA events BDPA-DC’s News Bureau adds print and onlineCS-STEM newsletter publications, bdpatoday, tocommunities via NBDPA’s network of localchapters. TV, mobile video productions, andvignettes for You-Tube began in FY11.Above (L-R), Lt. Gen. Ronnie Hawkins, US Air Force (thenVice Director, Defense Information Systems Agency[DISA]), Dr. Caesar Jackson (National ScienceFoundation), and ADM Cecil D. Haney, US Navy (thenDirector, Naval Warfare Integration Group), weredistinguished guests and presenters during a local BDPAconference. Today, Washington, D.C. native AdmiralHaney has his fourth star as Commander, Pacific Fleet andLt. Gen. Hawkins has his third star as DISA’s new Director.Top 25 media markets in CONUS are targeted forthe latest BDPA chapter and technology news viaprint and online publications. Software developmentkits (SDK’s) for youth programs are used for mobiledevice application upgrades to popular product linessuch as Motorola’s XOOM™ and Apple’s iPad.
  9. 9. Annual Regional Chapter Youth R&D DevelopmentDCAdvancing Careers From The Classroom to The BoardroomSMCS-STEM HBCU/MIProgram SupportBDPA-DC and Patriots TechnologyTraining Center (PTTC) Youth CampsAdmiral Gary Roughead, US Navy (right), former Chief ofNaval Operations and keynote presenter, speaks with HSCCand IT Showcase finalists during the 32nd National BDPATechnology Conference held July 2010 in Philadelphia. A fewfinalists were invited and attended the TeraGrid Conferencewith JEF in Pittsburgh, the following week. ADM Roughead isnow with Northrop Grumman which maintains very robust STEMoutreach programs in CONUS.Co-Hosted annually by local HBCUs or MSIs, our PTTC, HSCCand IT Showcase (ITSC) students participate in a wide varietyof application development, research, and autonomous systemsprogramming activities in direct support of local and regionalCS-STEM oriented student competitions. In 2014, students willgather May 3-4 at Bowie State University for the annual YouthTechnology Summit
  10. 10. Local Chapter Annual Grants & Awards (4Q12)DCAdvancing Careers From The Classroom to The BoardroomSMKeynote ● Community Grants ● Awards2012 Keynote SpeakerVice Admiral Manson Brown, USCGTheme: Advancing Technical Careersfrom the Classroom to the BoardroomBest Buy Children’s Foundation2012 Grant to BDPA-DC and New Sponsor (3Q11)Community Outreach , HSCC, ITSC, and STEM
  11. 11. Local Chapter Annual Grants & Awards (4Q12)DCAdvancing Careers From The Classroom to The BoardroomSMKeynote ● Community Grants ● Awards2012 StakeholdersAdrian Gardner, SESNASA Goddard CIOAt the banquet, Mr. Gardner stated NASAis the President’s lead Agency for STEMLeadership Is a Contact SportVice Admiral Brown talks to BDPA-DC’s 2013 HighSchool Computer Competition (HSCC )Team CaptainCommunity Outreach , HSCC, ITSC, and STEM
  12. 12. Community Outreach and Government RelationsDCAdvancing Careers From The Classroom to The BoardroomSMCommunity Outreach Multicultural Government RelationsBDPA-DC and Internships BDPA-DC and LISTABDPA-DC supports other IT NPOs such as LISTA(Latinos in Information Sciences and TechnologyAssociation) when visiting Capitol Hill. Shown below(L-R) are Perry Carter, President, BDPA-DC;Secretary of Labor, The Honorable Hilda L. Solis,and Jose A. Marquez, President and CEO of LISTA.Several BDPA Members in the National CapitalRegion (NCR) work for or with Federal agencies andprime contractors supporting leading-edge programssuch as DoD’s High-Performance ComputingModernization Program (HPCMP) Office.
  13. 13. National BDPA Technology Conference & Career FairDCAdvancing Careers From The Classroom to The BoardroomSMCS-STEM HBCU/MIProgram SupportNBDPA’s Industry Partners Seek QualifiedStudents for Entry Level STEM OpportunitiesNational BDPA Technology Conferences host and sponsorSTEM Career panels for HBCU/MI students featuring panelistsfrom Academia and industry. (L-R) Hubert Harris, CIO, VirginiaState University; Dr. Curtis Charles, Fayetteville StateUniversity; Dr. David Wilson, Morgan State University; Mr. HankValentine, Executive Director, HBCU Project Office (HPO); andBGEN Velma Richardson, USA (Ret.), Lockheed Martin. PerryCarter, CSC, moderated.(L-R) Mr. Andre Gudger, SES, Director, Office of SmallBusiness Programs for DoD; Ms. Patricia Edfors, VPInformation Security, SiriusXM Satellite Radio: and Mr. TerryHalvorsen, SES, Navy CIO [DONCIO] share challenges andopportunities to National BDPA Members and industryattendees during the CIO Panel and Reception. The annualNational BDPA Technology Conference and Career Expo, washeld August 2012, in Baltimore and heads to Washington, inAugust of 2013.
  14. 14. Small Business Engagements with Local CS-STEM ProgramsDCAdvancing Careers From The Classroom to The BoardroomSMAdvocacy and Entrepreneurship Small & Midsized Business (SMB) SponsorshipsMembership Outreach Programs V-TECH Solutions, Inc. is the Chapter’s 2011 SmallBusiness Sponsor of the Year. Victor Holt, President andCEO shown with 2011 Industry Day Keynote speaker, RearAdmiral Gretchen S. Herbert, US Navy, Commander, NavyCyber Forces. V-TECH is a DoD Protégé with NBDPA’sPlatinum Sponsor HP proudly serving as V-TECH’s Mentor.BDPA Members in the National Capital Region(NCR) work for or with small business prime andsubcontractors supporting private and public sectorcustomers. Congressman Steny Hoyer (center)shown with local BDPA Chapter executives andsmall business executives (Pamela Gilliam,President and CEO of Infotek International.)
  15. 15. Local Community Advanced Program DevelopmentDCAdvancing Careers From The Classroom to The BoardroomSMAdvanced CS-STEM Programs Advanced Program Development in DCHigh Performance Computing (HPC) with JEF BDPA-DC college student members work on approvedprojects, prepare White Papers and presentations with oneof our District-based partners Joint Educational Facilities(JEF) for regional and national IT Showcase (ITSC)competitions. The JEF Lab, in photo shown below, featuresHP BladeSystem servers and large-format (plotter) HPDesignjet printer used for BDPA IT Showcase projects andposter presentations respectively. In 2011, JEF upgraded toa 1Gbps (1GigE) connection to the District of ColumbiaCommunity Access Network (DC-CAN) – managed by theDC-Net Program from the District’s Office of the ChiefTechnology Officer (OCTO).Dr. Paul Gray, above left, visiting Associate Professor,Computer Science Department, University of NorthernIowa, introduces “Little Fe”, the portable cluster forcomputational science education to JEF students. JEF,a District of Columbia-based NPO, received the firstproduction unit of Little Fe. JEF participants maintainannual BDPA-DC student memberships with theirrespective local BDPA Chapters..
  16. 16. Local NPO Engagements with CS-STEM ProgramsDCAdvancing Careers From The Classroom to The BoardroomSMSmall & Midsized Business (SMB) Mentors CS-STEM/STEM Technology ProgramsBDPA-DC supports Computer Science (CS) and ScienceTechnology Engineering and Math (STEM) programs thatbridge technology gaps in K-12, young adult educationand professional development. The Chapter partnerswith organizations such as JEF, FIRST Robotics,Patriots Technical Training Center, (PTTC) andthe YMCA on CS-STEM community oriented projects.Ms. Marjorie E. Forbes (center) received the Host ChaptersLifetime Achievement Award for 2011. Ms. Forbes is VicePresident of Intelligence Solutions for Ross Technologies,Inc. (RTGX). She retired from the National Security Agency(NSA) in 2007 as a member of the Defense IntelligenceSenior Executive Service (DISES). Ms. Forbes and otherSMB Executives support and sponsor young men and womeninterested in Cyber or IT careers and related CS-STEM fieldsof study .
  17. 17. Local Chapter Professional DevelopmentDCAdvancing Careers From The Classroom to The BoardroomSMRegional Youth Programs Professional DevelopmentBDPA-DC Annual Awards and Scholarships BDPA-DC, BDPA NoVA, and bdpatoday supportlocal technology expos, career fairs, and regionalICT industry trade shows.BDPA-DC Oracle Foundation Scholarship winners andHigh School Computer Competition (HSCC) Co-CaptainsFrancisco Nunez and TurKenya Herring with Louis Shack(left), BDPA-DC HSCC Program Director and PerryCarter (right), Chapter President.Attending Federal OSDBU Procurement ConferencesOffice of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization
  18. 18. Local Chapter Annual Awards (FY12)Spring & Fall Scholarship and Internship programs yieldover $22,000 for BDPA-DC Student MembersFall 2012 Banquet | November 7, 2012 Washington Navy YardDCAdvancing Careers From The Classroom to The BoardroomSMHSCC Awards ● IT Showcase Awards ● Internship AwardsSiriusXM Satellite Radio2012 Chapter Corporate Sponsor of the YearOracle2012 Chapter Education Sponsor of the Year
  19. 19. Local Chapter Cyber & CS-STEM Activities (FY12)DCAdvancing Careers From The Classroom to The BoardroomSMAdvance Planning Briefings to Interns (APBi) Classrooms to Boardrooms2012 Cyber Challenge TeamsExecutives from agencies, corporations, and regional BDPA Chaptershonor local collegiate Cyber Challenge team members during theannual fall banquet. Above, Prince George’s Community College(PGCC) 2012 Cyber Challenge Team attends annual event to discusscareer, scholarship, certification, and internship opportunities withpotential employers and sponsors.Dr. Daryl StoneBDPA-DC 2012Corporate ChampionDr. Daryl Stone is a Professor,Computer Science, at Bowie StateUniversity and one of the Chapter’sPrincipal Investigators (PI) for STEM-IC and CS-STEM Projects in theWashington, D.C. area.
  20. 20. Local Chapter STEM-IC (Intell/Cyber) Activities (FY12)DCAdvancing Careers From The Classroom to The BoardroomSMAdvance Planning Briefings to Interns (APBi) Industry KeynotesSTEM-IC and ICT Industry PanelistsThis years STEM-IC (Intelligence & Cyber) Panel featured (L-R):ISCS Tonya Gray, US Navy Intelligence; Kellep Charles, Creator andExecutive Editor, SecurityOrb.com and LtCol. John Yourse, USAF,Department of the Air Force, Diversity and Inclusion. Big Data, Cloudcomputing Cybersecurity, computer modeling and simulation werediscussed as viable career opportunities across all industry sectors.Dr. Daryl StoneLtCol. John Yourse, US Air Force,provides keynote and opening remarksduring Regional Technology summit atBowie State University.
  21. 21. Recent Chapter Cyber & CS-STEM Activities (4Q11)DCAdvancing Careers From The Classroom to The BoardroomSMAdvance Program Briefings to Industry (APBI) Classrooms to BoardroomsRegional Technology Conference Host at HBCUsExecutives from agencies and regional corporations accept invitations toattend national and regional BDPA events to support our community’sCNCI, OPSEC, Cyber, STEM and SITES programs hosted by HBCUs.Above (l-r), APBI panelists: Captain Daniel Lakhani, U.S. Marine Corps;Vice Admiral Michelle Howard, U.S. Navy and 2011 BDPA RegionalTechnology Conference Keynote Speaker; Lisa Harbour-Carter (seated),Comcast; and Keith Scott, Federal DoD Account Executive of FireEye.Vice Admiral Howard is a recent recipient of an NAACP Image Award.Francisco NunezBDPA-DC Student MemberOracle Scholar FY10 and FY 11Mr. Nunez is a BDPA-DC HSCC AlumniClass of 2010, Computer Science major atMorehouse College currently maintaining astellar GPA while completing an internshipwith HP in 2011. In 2012, Nunez completedfellowships with Microsoft and Stanford.He heads to Paris for the summer of 2013.
  22. 22. Local Chapter Cyber & CS-STEM CollaborationDCAdvancing Careers From The Classroom to The BoardroomSMIndustry Trade Publications & Social Media FY12 | 5th Anniversary Series2012 Communications & Public Relations TeamsBDPA’s Journalism students partner with media, entertainment, andICT industry mentors to enhance coverage of industry news throughthe lens of their respective cultures and communities. Shown above,Prince Georges Community College (PGCC) Journalism studentsattending the chapter’s annual fall awards events with their mentors.In 2012, BDPA-DC celebrated its chapternewsletter’s fifth year with a new designand interactive features provided byvarious industry sponsors. HSCC,ITSC, Journalism student members, andinterns support various projects.
  23. 23. Current Regional Chapter CS-STEM CampaignsDCAdvancing Careers From The Classroom to The BoardroomSMRegional High SchoolComputerCompetitionsNational BDPA TechnologyConferenceBaltimore 2012National BDPA TechnologyConferenceWashington 20132013Regional BracketsCorporate Sponsorshipsand Partner Donations forITSC Teams & HSCC Top SeedsNBDPA 2012Baltimore Hilton34th National Technology ConferenceAugust 1-4, 2012HSCC and ITSC Sponsorships.NBDPA 2013Washington Hilton35th National Technology ConferenceAugust 13-17, 2013HSCC and ITSC Sponsorships
  24. 24. BDPA Washington, D.C. Chapter | Host Overviewwww.bdpadc.org | www.bdpatoday.orgDCAdvancing Careers From The Classroom to The BoardroomSMFiscal Year 2013 • Global Industry & Government SponsorsVisit National BDPA: www.bdpa.org35th Anniversary National BDPA Technology ConferenceWashington, D.C. | August 13-17, 2013