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Newsletter: National BDPA (Mar 2002)

  1. 1. The BDPA Monthly Newsletter BDPA MISSION March BDPA is a global member focused organization that positions its members at the forefront of the IT industry. 2002 BDPA is committed to delivering IT excellence to our members, strategic partners, and community. The official newsletter of the BDPA Information Technology Thought Leaders President’s Message Why Join BDPAI am often asked why someone would want to become a support through BDPA.BDPA member. Many people think that you have to be an Senior IT Managers join BDPAAfrican American technical nerd to be a BDPA member. because they want to reach back andThis is not the case. BDPA members come in all shapes and teach others how to make it in thissizes. You will find BDPA members from all walks of life. highly competitive global industry.We are a diverse group representing many different Why? Because if we don’t teach eachethnicities and cultures. BDPA members consist of other how to be successful, who will?elementary, high school and college students, IT Who will teach us the ins and the outsprofessionals, employment recruiters, entrepreneurs, or give us the inside scoop? I don’t Milt Hayneseducators, students, academicians, and IT Managers. CIOs mean what you can learn in textbooks, BDPAand IT Senior Managers from small to major corporations are National President anybody can learn that. Who will teachalso BDPA members. the unwritten rules or provideStudents join BDPA to learn about technology and careers in information on the new technology that is so cutting-edgeInformation Technology. Through community outreach and that it has not yet hit the presses? By the time the textbooksyouth programs, BDPA trains hundreds of students locally are written the technology they espouse is oftentimes alreadyand nationally. For many students, their first exposure to outdated and obsolete. You can gain valuable insights andcomputers is through BDPA. And BDPA takes this a step connections by joining BDPA.further by providing student internships for college students. BDPA is about fellowship. The last time I came to a BDPAIf it weren’t for BDPA, many college students would be meeting I saw and hugged a bunch of people and it felt good.flipping burgers instead of working meaningful summer jobs I learned something technically innovative. I met pleasant,in the technology industry. happy people. Some were happy over a new job; some wereIT Professionals join BDPA to take advantage of the blessed with a promotion, others were ecstatic over annumerous technical training and networking opportunities. engagement, a new house, or a new car. I could sense theThey can talk shop with other techies. They can find out excitement in the room. It started to make sense as I felt theabout the latest technology trends and what companies are pure energy generated by so many prosperous people comingdoing in the industry. They can find buddies, mentors and together to share their stories. How can you have scholarshipcoaches. By volunteering for BDPA, they improve their without fellowship? I saw creative energy and success and Itechnical, leadership, teamwork, business, and could not wait to invite my friends, relatives and neighbors tocommunication skills. I don’t know about you, but I never a BDPA meeting.would have made it in my first programming job back in What about you? Would you like more information on how1975, if it had not been for the coaching and mentoring to become a BDPA member? Please visit our website atprovided to me by someone already in the field. You can find or call the national office at 800-727-BDPA. To find a local BDPA chapter near you, visit To find out more about the upcoming BDPA 2002 24th Annual National Conference to be held at magical Walt Disney World® ® Resort, please visit Don’t wait, don’t hesitate, don’t procrastinate, become a BDPA member today! Milt Haynes National BDPA President March 2002 president@bdpa.orgVolume 1 Number 3 March 2002
  2. 2. BDPA Member Benefits and services of our entrepreneur members. Our concentration ofNetworking Opportunities IT professionals will offer you opportunities within one group notThrough BDBA you can meet individuals that may lead to a accessible anywhere else.tremendous boost to your IT career. Concentrated within this Communicationsorganization are CIOs from small to major corporations, IT BDPA is a great source of information related to the Africanprofessionals, employment recruiters, entrepreneurs, educators, American Community and its bridge to IT. Our publications, webstudents and academicians. site and online community email lists are constantly updated withProfessional Development key information that will assist you in this field.BDPA provides workshops and seminars by industry experts to Pre-College Programsassist members in developing their technical skills. Members are Early preparation of the next IT generation of IT professionals is aavailable to answer technical questions and to give technical primary emphasis for BDPA. Our Pre-College educationalguidance. Members also gain valuable managerial experience by programs such as the National BDPA High School Computertaking part in hundreds of leadership positions at the national, Competition (HSCC), our National Youth Conference and aregional and local levels. myriad of locally supported programs are making tremendousCareer Placement differences in the community.Corporate Diversity programs look first to organizations like Community OutreachBDPA to meet their hiring needs. You can find that perfect career BDPA engages in local and national community service eventsopportunity in BDPA through: and activities including, pre-college outreach and communityOnline Resume Bank Local and National Career Fairs training, Black Family Technology Awareness Week andOnline Job postings Recruitment Publications Community Technology Centers.Student Internship Social ConnectionsEarly Exposure to Emerging Technologies BDPA has provided a social outlet for like minded IT studentsBDPA attracts as a means for public exposure, the new and and professionals to share perspectives and visions. Wheninnovative technologies that will shape IT in the future. BDPA relocating to new communities, BDPA is often the first source foroffers you a direct connection to upcoming technologies that are friends and acquaintances.making a difference. Member DiscountsSupport for Entrepreneurs BDPA offers its members several discounts on leading productsThrough entrepreneur workshops, conferences, and networking and services. Visit our web site for, BDPA highlights the outstanding achievement, products Welcome to the BDPA Monthly Newsletter As a service to our members, the BDPA Monthly Newsletter is distributed to provide pertinent information on National BDPA activities. The BDPA Monthly Newsletter will entail such things as: Career and Professional Development guidelines, “hot” technical skills, job opportunities, member profiles, upcoming Professional and Social events, vision and thought leadership articles from the National Executive Committee as well as other BDPA members. Hopefully, you will find this publication to be informative and insightful. We welcome your Contents: input on the newsletter. Letter from the President 1 BDPA Member Benefits 2 Comments, suggestions, and opinions can be sent to: Sponsor Profile 3 ENJOY! Conference Planner 3 Respectfully, Membership Management Reginald J. Gardner 2002 4 National BDPA Vice President, Member Services Richmond Wins Award 4 Annual Golf Classic 5 Publications Committee: Banquet Keynote Speaker 6 Christopher A.. Williams (DeVry Institute), Letitia Andrews (Nokia), Reggie Gardner (Sears, Conference Information 7 Roebuck & Co.) Volume 1 Number 3 March 2002 2
  3. 3. BDPA Sponsor Profile: staff augmentation services in the insurance, financial, manufacturing, retailing and other industries. Computer Resource Solutions After graduating from Fordham University, College of Business Administration with a Degree in ComputerBDPA, a non-profit organization with over 40 chapters Management, Michael Gaines started his career working fornationally, provides Information Technology education Sears Roebuck & Co. as a Programmer.and direction to Minority communities across the nation. Subsequent to his tenure with Sears, he worked with twoBDPA also provides professional development programs and national and international consulting practices. Withservices to position its members at the forefront of the Computer Task Group and Cap Gemini America, MichaelInformation Technology industry; BDPA nurtures valuable progressed to the positions of Professional Services Managerpartnership with its Corporate Sponsors. Computer Resource and Director of Technical Services. In these roles, he wasSolutions is one of these partnerships. Michael Gaines, responsible for all Technical Consulting personnel.President & CEO has positioned his organization to activelysupport and participate with BDPA on both local and national He left consulting to assume the responsibilities as Regionallevels. ‘From the classroom to the boardroom’ is a shared Systems Integration Manager with Data General Corporationmission with the Chicago Chapter. CRS efforts to bridge the (now part of EMC). At this point in his career, Michael hadDigital Divide include: determined that there was a growing need in large and mid- § Director Level Corporate sponsor of BDPA for the size business organizations for quality oriented IT Consulting past three years Services. Michael established Computer Resource Solutions in 1994. Computer Resource Solutions is Michael’s vision § Member of BDPA’s Chicago Chapter of the and that vision continues to develop with the BDPA Corporate Advisory Council partnership. § On-going financial sponsorship for various programs and initiatives § Provide facilities for BDPA meetings BDPA Announces § Participated in various Chicago Chapter activities Orlando-Based Conference Planner for 2002 including writing proposals to help secure grant 24th Annual National Conference monies to support BDPA programs Brian Parker, President of A. B. Parker & Associates, Inc., will serve as Conference Planner for the 2002 NBDPA Conference that will be § Various members of the CRS staff have participated held at Walt Disney World® (Lake Buena Vista, FL) on August 7- in BDPA Workshops and have been active on 11, 2002. committees.Computer Resource Solutions Parkers responsibilities will include negotiations for the hotel food & beverage and audio-visual requirements; meeting room assignments;Michael Gaines is President and CEO of Computer Resource community relations promotion; and College Fair coordination. ParkerSolutions, Inc.; a Chicago-based Information Technology founded his own company in March 2001, following 15 years ofConsulting Firm providing services to Fortune 1000 experience in the hospitality industry. Since its inception, A. B. Parkerorganizations. As one of Chicago’s leading Information & Associates, Inc. has established itself as a consummate meeting andTechnology consulting firms, Computer Resource Solutions’ event management company, servicing conferences and tradeshowsrole has changed dramatically over the past for corporations and professional associations. Brians outstandingdecade. Information Technology is todays mission-critical professionalism, vast hospitality industry knowledge and nationwideinvestment. Computer Resource Solutions leverages its industry contacts, has proven to be a true value and asset.experience and expertise with its clients’ IT investments and Parkers experience includes:resources to address business requirements and to deliver • Four years of convention sales and services experience withInformation Technology solutions. some of Orlandos largest convention hotels, including Sheraton and Walt Disney World® Resorts.Computer Resource Solutions’ ability to deliver tangible • Eleven years with the Orlando Convention & Visitorsbenefits to its clients requires the delivery of the right solution Bureau (CVB) .through highly skilled consultants with cross-functionalexperience in a wide range of industries. CRS delivers client During his tenure at the CVB, he spent 5 years as a Sales Manager, 2solutions and services that: years as Manager of Sales Development and his final 4 years as Director of Convention Sales, where he managed a team of 45 people § Integrate, enhance, or launch new technology and a budget of $3.5 million. § Deliver complex projects requiring subject "BDPA is very excited to bring on board a talented African American matter resources businessman from the Orlando area that can add value to our § Out-source technical or management functions/ conference planning for 2002. Brian will help showcase BDPAs activities commitment to deliver IT excellence to our members, strategicComputer Resource Solutions provides IT consulting and partners and community, " said Wendy Wonsley, Internal 3 Conference Director. 3
  4. 4. Membership Management for 2002 BDPA-RICHMONDI am Brooks C. Baker, National BDPA Vice President of WINS 2002Membership Management. I work at Allstate Insurance DISTINGUISHED SERVICECompany as the manager of the Database Management teamssupporting Oracle and SQL Server. I have been a member of AWARDBDPA for over five years and have participated as a The Richmond chapter of BDPA was honored as thevolunteer and Director of Member Services for the Chicago recipient of the Metropolitan Business Leagues (MBL) 2002chapter. I look forward to this new challenge at the National Distinguished Service Award. MBL is a Richmond basedlevel and serving on the 2002 National Executive minority business advocacy organization. The award wasCommittee. sponsored and presented by Capital One.We have promised a National online database for years now; The announcement was made at the Metropolitan Businessthe time has come for us to deliver. The past administration Leagues annual awards banquet, which was held at thestarted the process and we are here to complete it. The Richmond Marriott. The formal gala affair was attended bydatabase is days away from being released to your local more than 900, including MBL members, business leaderschapter,VP of Member Services. and local and state political leaders. The keynote speaker was Virginia Governor Mark R. Warner.This team will be working diligently over the next couple of BDPA-Richmond was chosen because of the organizationsmonths to put in place and facilitate processes and best extensive information technology training programs thatpractice documents to assist you. include terminology training at middle schools, a high school multi-discipline technology scholarship program, and anThe Membership Management Team (MMT) consists of the adult computer literacy program. Training for high schoolfollowing members: students lasts for several months each year and culminates at an annual National Convention when 5-member teams from VP of Membership Management – Brooks C. Baker across the nation compete for scholarships and awards. Director of Marketing – Marge Hilson Director of Administration – Sandra Torres BDPA is a 25-year old national organization and the Director of Recruitment – Stanley Lowe Richmond chapter is celebrating its 10th year of commitment Director of Retention – Nicole Waddell to youth education in the Richmond area. All BDPA- MMT Volunteers – Taylor Evans, Sharron Norman Richmond programs are led by volunteers who spend & Tajawanna McMillan countless hours working for the organization as trainers, project planners and coordinators.We will be responsible for many tasks, below are just a few: BDPA hopes to benefit from winning the 2002 Distinguished A.) Member renewal and welcome letters Service Award with increased corporate support and B.) Membership card distribution partnerships, increased membership, internships for its C.) Retention program for Chapters college student members, and increased participation in its D.) Establishing Student Chapters at Historical Black education programs. Colleges & Universities (HBCUs) E.) Membership mentoring for chapters Black Data Processing Associates, Richmond Chapter F.) Marketing to Corporations and IT professionals P.O Box 26243 Richmond, Virginia 23260 Brooks C. Baker Contact: 804-751-5171 Vice President of Membership Management Help us with our Recruitment EffortsIf you know someone you would like to bring into the BDPA family please forward this information tothem.If you know someone who wants to start a chapter in their area, please contact us for chapter charteringinformation. For membership and chapter chartering materials contact us at: 800-727-BDPA 4Volume 1 Number 3 March 2002
  5. 5. ANNUAL BDPA IT GOLF CLASSIC REGISTRATION FEES: GOLF CLASSIC $200.00 per individual golfer $800.00 per team of 4 golfers Saturday, August 10, 2002 Disneys Osprey Ridge Golf CourseBDPA’s 1st Golf Tournament will be a baseline event tohelp raise funds for the Students in InformationTechnology, Education and Scholarships (SITES)Program. The funds will be used to offset the expensesof those chapters struggling to provide training at thelocal level. The success of the Golf Classic will enablethe chapters to prepare students to bring to the NationalHigh School Computer Competition.The goal is to bring in executives to experience BDPA atan elevated level Gina Billings, Event Coordinator, says, Includes:“We’re pleased to have the commitment from the IT • Green fees & golf cart for 18 holes of golf (Scramble format)Senior Management Forum (ITSMF) for their • Round trip transportation from Disney’s Contemporaryparticipation in the event. Our primary goal is to create Resort to Disney’s Osprey Ridge Golf course.awareness of BDPA in this networking setting.” • Breakfast and Luncheon award presentation followingWendy Wonsley, Conference Director, comments, “We tournamentcurrently do not have a forum other than the ITSMF • Souvenir gift packageprogram for executives or corporate sponsors to • Arrive at course 7:00am, Shotgun starts at 8:00amparticipate in out side of our career fair. The golf event • On course snacks and beverageswill fill that gap.” • Complimentary use of the driving rangeThe majority of the tournament prospects are the target • Contest/Prizes/awardsaudience of CEO, CIO and Executives of corporations BDPA SPONSOR LEVELS: not currently sponsoring BDPA. • Driving Range Sponsorship ………………….. $500 For many, the golf Tournament • Bogie Sponsorship …………………………… $500 will be an introduction to BDPA. • Beverage Cart Sponsorship …………………... $1,000 • Gift Bags Items Sponsorship and Souvenir items ……………………… $1,000 For more information or to • Photo Gallery Sponsorship …………………… $1,200 register, contact: • Birdie Sponsorship …..……………………….. $1,500 • Hole in 1-Sponsorship ……………………….. $2,500 Gina Billings, • Eagle Sponsorship ..…………………………... $3,000 • Golf Award Luncheon Sponsorship ………….. $4,000 Golf Classic Coordinator, DEADLINE TO REGISTER IS JUNE 15, 2002 or call 800-727-BDPA. (Maximum participation is 144 golfers) Image courtesy of Orlando/Orange County Convention & Visitors Bureau, Inc. (Orlando CVB) The BDPA MONTHLY NEWSLETTER Mailed and electronically forwarded to over 11,000 of our members, friends and supporters Ad Space is available in several 2002 issues One-page rate $1500.00 1/2-page rate $1000.00 Two page limit on ad space each month. Act right away! For information contact the BDPA National Office at (800) 727-BDPA or 5
  6. 6. Walt Disney World® Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer Roger Berry to be Keynote Speaker for BDPA 2002 th 24 Annual National Conference Awards BanquetBDPA is pleased to announce that Roger Berry, Senior 2000 after serving 4 years as Corporate Vice PresidentVice President and CIO of Information Technology at and Chief Information Officer for the Campbell SoupWalt Disney World, will be keynote speaker for its family of companies in Camden, New Jersey where he Twenty-fourth had responsibility for all information technology Annual National services for the company worldwide. Before joining Conference Awards Campbell Soup, Mr. Berry spent over 20 years in Banquet. Mr. Berry various technical, managerial, and senior management will address the level roles with Tenneco Energy and Armco Steel. theme, Changing the Culture of IT: "We are pleased to have this early commitment from a t from Access to Disney. BDPA and Walt Disney World® have partnered Ownership. The on several initiatives such as sponsorship of the local event will take Greater Tampa Bay chapter 2001 National BDPA place at Disney’s conference participation, as well as hosting strategic Contemporary planning and leadership workshops for BDPA Resort on Saturday, executive team members. BDPA values the partnership August 10, 2002. that we have with Walt Disney World®and are glad that they also value our relationship, as well as the power of Mr. Berry’s our career fair," said Wendy Wonsley, Internal participation Conference Director. underscores his recent statement: She noted, "BDPA is the premier organization for Roger Berry “Diversity is a key African-American professionals in the Information component of our Technology industry. For nearly 25 years, BPDA hasWDW business strategy. In Information Technology, fulfilled its mission and worked to "bridge the digitalwe feel its essential.” In addition, Walt Disney World® divide" by providing career growth opportunities for itswill sponsor the Awards Banquet, High School Student members. Walt Disney World® becomes one of the sixtymeal events, as well as twenty Orlando area high (60) corporations that we are looking to align with asschool students in the Annual Youth Conference held part of our 2002 National BDPA Conference.”during the Conference. Disney’s Gold LevelConference Partner commitment to the BDPA 2002Annual National Conference and Career Fair The BDPA Conference hotel, Disneysdemonstrates that a number of corporations are Contemporary Resort offers the full experiencethinking beyond the current industry contractions of Disney’s fun and excitement. It’s filled withtowards future opportunities. captivating modern art and the monorail cruises through the resort to whisk you just one stop to the MagicThe early commitment by Walt Disney World® will Kingdom® Park. Guest rooms and suites all haveguarantee them a prime location at the career fair that balconies with great views of the resort’s 26 acreswill be featured at the National BDPA 2002 bounded by a natural lake and the Disney-made SevenConference to be held at Disney’s Contemporary Seas Lagoon. Enjoy the sand beach, Olympiad fitnessResort on August 7-11, 2002. center, marina, lighted tennis courts, playground, and a pool area with waterfalls, a slide, interactive fountainsWalt Disney World® Resort, in Lake Buena Vista, FL. and a whirl-pool. The dining experience includes Chefis the largest entertainment and recreational resort in Mickey’s Restaurant offering a daily character breakfast,the world. Mr. Berry joined Walt Disney World®, a the Concourse Steakhouse and the award- winning,subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company, in March of California Grill, on the top floor, providing a panoramic view of the Magic Kingdom® Park. 6 Volume 1 Number 3 March 2002
  7. 7. BDPA INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY THOUGHT LEADERS 24th ANNUAL NATIONAL CONFERENCE Sponsorship Opportunities “Changing the Culture of IT: From Contact BDPA Corporate Relations at (800) 727-BDPA For more information Access to Ownership” Visit our web-site www.BDPA.orgBDPA, the premier organization for AfricanAmericans in Information Technology, is hosting its CONFERENCE and CAREER FAIR24th Annual National Conference at Disney’s Sponsorship PackagesContemporary Resort in Lake Buena Vista, FL,August 7-11, 2002. The 2002 National Conference Advertisingwill prove to be one of the most dynamic events in Program Guide B/Wthe organization’s history. The conference serves as Career Fair Guide BWa catalyst for youth, high school students, college ***************************students, IT professionals, entrepreneurs, IT SeniorManagers, corporations, educational institutions and Conference Promotiongovernment agencies, to explore information Post Card Sponsorship Newsletter Sponsorshiptechnology opportunities for professional growth and E-mail Banner Web Bannertechnical development. Conference Tote Bags Conference Registration Golf Outing Workshop Proceedings BookThis conference provides an opportunity foremployers, professionals, students and career Receptions & Meal Functionsseekers to network and pursue resources for starting Chapter Presidents’ Breakfast Board of Directors’ Luncheonand growing businesses. The conference provides Dignitaries Reception Executive Receptioncritical information on technology trends, business Hospitality Receptions Opening Receptionskills, management training, and IT career skills Youth/HSCC Conference Breakfastdevelopment. Youth/HSCC Lunch Youth/HSCC Dinner Plenary Session (3) Prayer Breakfast EXPERIENCE… Awards Banquet (10 per table) Prayer Breakfast (10 per table) LEADING EDGE SEMINAR TRACKS: Awards Banquet Package* I. INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY II. LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT * Ten (10) invitations to Awards Banquet Executive Reception, one (1) banquet ta- III. ENTREPRENEURS & SMALL BUSINESS ble, prime location for banquet table, 1 full-page ad in the banquet program book IV. CAREER DEVELOPMENT (deadlines apply) V. ACADEMIC DEVELOPMENT IN-KIND IT SENIOR MANAGEMENT FORUM (ITSMF) Youth Conference Computers and printers Network with CIOs and Senior Management Professionals HSCC Computers and printers HIGH SCHOOL COMPUTER COMPETITION (HSCC) Workshop/Internet Computers and printers Experience the excitement as high school students from over 25 Cyber Cafe urban communities display their skills and expertise in HSCC and Youth Conference Program Support programming and technical presentations. YOUTH CONFERENCE Hands-on training and workshops in technology, PC REGISTRATION: Building Race and IT Knowledge Quiz Bowl Pay by 5/30/02 Pay after 5/30/02 One day pass NETWORKING OPPORTUNITIES Meet IT Professionals from 45 BDPA chapters across the nation. Member $350 $550 $200 • DIGNITARIES RECEPTION & CIO ROUNDTABLE Non-Member $500 $700 $275 • ENTREPRENEUR SHOWCASE Student $200 $200 $100 • COLLEGE & HBCU ROUNDTABLE • TOWN HALL MEETING Contact us for Ala Carte Pricing on the • AWARDS BANQUET sponsored by Walt Disney World® Awards Banquet, Plenary Sessions and Prayer Breakfast. • EXECUTIVE GOLF OUTING • PRAYER BREAKFAST CAREER FAIR & TECHNOLOGY EXPO Friday and Saturday, August 9th and 10th, 2002 B D P A 2002 2 4 th A N N U A L N A T I O N A L C O N F E R E N C E “ C h a n g i n g t h e C u ltu r e o f I T : F r o m A c c e s s t o O w n e r s h i p ” August 7-11, 2002 D isney’s C o n tem p o r a r y R e s o r t L a k e B u e n a V ista , F L P H O N E : (800) 727-B D P A F A X : ( 3 0 1 ) 3 5 0 - 0 0 5 2 W E B S I T E : W W W .B D P A .O R G 9315 Largo Drive, Suite 260 – Largo, M D 2 0 7 7 4 7
  8. 8. March 2002 ISSUE UPCOMING EVENTS Apr 5-7 BDPA 2Q-2001 Internal Conference Team Mtg (TBD) Apr 19-20 Information Technology 5th Annual Information Technology Conference Augusta Technical College IT Center. Thought Leaders Augusta,GA Apr 27 Annual Awards Banquet BDPA Los Angeles Chapter Los Angeles,CA MONTHLY Apr 27 Annual Scholarship Banquet NEWSLETTER BDPA Dallas Chapter The newsletter designed to keep our members Dallas, TX informed of news, events and perspectives important Aug 7 - 11 to our community 24th Annual National Conference Disney’s Contemporary Resort We welcome your comments: Lake Buena Vista, FL NAACP Job Fairs! March 5 Dallas Dallas Convention Center March 5 Detroit Hyatt Regency Dearborn Also read our Online Journal March 25 St. Louis St. Louis Airport Marriott for breaking news, information and updates: March 26 Atlanta Georgia World Congress Center www.BDPAjournal.orgBDPA Information Technology Thought LeadersNational Headquarters9315 Largo Drive West, Suite 260Largo, MD 20774 The BDPA Monthly NewsletterMarch 2002 ISSUE