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This is the Oct 2011 issue of BDPAToday -- the official newsletter of our BDPA Washington DC chapter.

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Newsletter: BDPA Washington DC (Oct 2011)

  1. 1. October 2011US Navy Celebrates 236 Years – Page 7 Cyber Security Awareness Month 10.11 | Volume 36 Training tomorrows cyber security specialistsLawrence Livermore National Laboratory (Livermore, CA) ―"Cyber Defenders" may soundlike a new super hero movie. But, in reality, Cyber Defenders denotes a unique summer studentprogram that trains a new breed of computer security professionals.Now in its second year at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL), the Cyber Defenders program led by Computations Celeste Matarazzo, a principal investigator in the Center for Applied Scientific Computing has enrolled 21 computer science and engineering students from across the United States. Participants are selected from a pool of more than 200 candidates ranging from Supercomputing Logo © SC11 undergraduate students, masters degree students and Ph.D. candidates in computer SEE OTHER EVENT DETAILS ON PAGE 7 science, engineering, electrical engineering, mathematics, political science or related CS-STEM fields of study. "The goal is to present a broad set of disciplines to enhance the students awareness of cyber security," Matarrazo explains. During the Capture the Flag contest, students in the Cyber Defenders program compete in teams to solve Over the course of 10 to 12 weeks (program length varies per participant) problems and test their skills. Photo: LLNL students attend lectures, seminars, work on technical projects applying technologies, develop solutions to computer security related problems ofnational interest and explore new technologies that can be applied to computer security. bt
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  4. 4. Government 2.0 BDPA Government Relations | Industry & Regional News 4. What is the relationship between US-CERT and other groups with "CERT" in their name? Worldwide, there are more than 250 organizations that United States Computer Emergency use the name "CERT" or a similar name and deal with cyber security response. US-CERT is independent of Readiness Team (US-CERT) these groups, though we may coordinate with them on security incidents. The first of these types ofWashington, D.C. — US-CERTs mission is to improve the organizations is the CERT® Coordination Centernations cybersecurity posture, coordinate cyber information (CERT/CC), established at Carnegie Mellon Universitysharing and proactively manage cyber risks to the nation while in 1988. When the Department of Homeland Securityprotecting the constitutional rights of Americans. US-CERT vision (DHS) created US-CERT, it called upon the CERT/CCis to be a trusted global leader in cybersecurity - collaborative, to contribute expertise for protecting the nationsagile, and responsive in a complex environment. information infrastructure by coordinating defense against and response to cyber attacks. Through US- CERT, DHS and the CERT/CC work jointly on theseInformation is available from the US-CERT web site, along with activities.mailing lists, and RSS channels for BDPA Chapter websites orGroupsites. US-CERT also provides a way for U.S. citizens, 5. Who are US-CERTs partners?domestic businesses, and other institutions to communicate andcoordinate directly with the United States government about cybersecurity. As it grows, US-CERT will include partnerships with private sector cyber security vendors, academia, federal agencies, Information Sharing and Analysis Frequently Answered Questions (FAQs) Centers (ISACs), state and local governments, and domestic and international organizations. Working 1. Who runs US-CERT? together, these groups will coordinate national and international efforts to address key cyber security issues. US-CERT is the operational arm of the National Cyber Security Division (NCSD) at the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). 6. How does the Protected Critical Infrastructure Information (PCII) Program work to protect submitted information? 2. Where is US-CERT located? The PCII Program, established in response to the US-CERT is located in the Washington, D.C. Critical Infrastructure Information Act of 2002 (CII Act), Metropolitan area. creates a new framework for protecting certain types of information. The PCII program enables members of 3. What is US-CERTs relationship to NCSD and DHS? the private sector to, for the first time, voluntarily submit confidential information regarding the nations US-CERT is the operational arm of the National Cyber critical infrastructure to the Department of Homeland Security Division (NCSD) at the Department of Security (DHS) with the assurance that the information Homeland Security (DHS). The NCSD was established will be protected from public disclosure. More details by DHS to serve as the federal governments about how information can be protected under the CII cornerstone for cyber security coordination and Act can be found on the Department of Homeland preparedness, including implementation of the National Security web site. Source: bt Strategy to Secure Cyberspace.BDPA, formerly known as Black Data Processing Associates, was founded in 1975 to promote professionalgrowth and technical development for those in or entering information, communications, or technology(ICT) oriented fields of interest and related industries. BDPA Chapters publish quarterly or monthlynewsletters. For newsletter or web portal advertising rates, publication schedules, online calendars, and e-newsletters, contact regional or local BDPA offices by visiting or by calling1.800.727.2372 (BDPA). bdpatoday (ISSN 1946-1429) is published by participating Local Chapters ofNBDPA with their respective chapter Communications Committees, mailed to BDPA members, BDPAcorporate sponsors and electronically delivered to BDPA Chapters and Chapter Interest Groups (CIGs) as abenefit of membership. First Class and Periodicals postage paid at Washington, D.C. and additional regionalmailing offices. Unless otherwise noted by own copyright, art and graphics © NBDPA, © BDPA-DC, © Corbis, © Getty Images, and ©JupiterImagesTM. Cover graphics, photos andlogos: U.S. Navy, LLNL, BDPA-DC and bdpatoday. bdpatoday is available for immediate publishing of ICTindustry, chapter news, and community IT events. Forward corporate advertisements, articles, events, or National High School Computer Competitionimages to: Readers also may use BDPA Groupsites to review upcoming events. The August 1 - 4, 2012—Baltimore, MDappearance of industry sponsors and advertisements is neither an endorsement nor a product or service 800.727.BDPA (2372) | www.bdpa.orgguarantee from either party, third-party vendors, or suppliers. bdpatoday Page 4
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  6. 6. NBDP In PA ndust N s try News NBDPA Corporate R C Relations | N NBDPA, BETF, and L Local Chap pters   Navy  & NBDPA:  CS‐STEM N M Progra am Support throu ugh ‘202 20’ and B Beyond  Navy seeks Best and Brighte for new Multi-Billion Dollar Next G y t est Generation Enterprise Ne etwork (NGEN IT Contrac N) ctWashi ington, D.C.–O the eve of the new [feder fiscal year at press time, the contracting office release a letter from the NEN PMW On t ral] g ed m W-205 Pr rogram Manag with an add ger ditional notice o September 30, 2011. The purpose of those documents is to announce the release of on e ethe dra request for proposal (DRF for both “T aft FP) Transport” (TXS and “Enterprise” (ES) portions of NGEN. Access to the documents is S) . ese spermit tted only to inte erested vendors with a fully ex s xecuted NGEN Government Purpose Rights (GPR) Non-D N s Disclosure Agreeement (NDA) onfile wit the NGEN Procurement Co th ontracting Offic (PCO). Com cer mments from inndustry are due no later than October 20, 2011. An Indus e stryDay w be held on O will October 28, 20 for intereste venders. F 011 ed Final RFP(s) for NGEN remain anticipated to be released later this quart r n o ter,on or aabout Decembe 21, 2011. erBackg grounderThe Next Generation Enterprise Ne n etwork (NGEN) represents th continuous e he evolution of the Department of the Navys ( e (DON) enterpri isenetwor and will pro rks ovide secure, net-centric dat and services to Navy and Marine Corps personnel. Th DON will tra ta s he ansition to NGEENfrom th Navy Marine Corps Intran (NMCI). At its inception in 2000, NMCI w a revolutio he net n was onary approach for obtaining voice, video a h anddata c communications and computin capabilities within the DO NMCI is the largest corpo s ng ON. e orate intranet in the world, wi approximate n ith ely660,00 accounts on 360,000 work 00 n kstations and la aptops in more than 3,000 loc cations. One obbjective of NGE is to lay the foundation for a EN esingle network enviro onment aimed at meeting the vision of the N Naval Network Enterprise (NN 2016. NE) – Delt tek“Top Cover” for E Emerging Co ommunity-ba ased CS-STEM Programs and Cyber W s Workforce D Development Initiatives  (L- -R) Vice Pre esident Josep ph Biden; Pr resident Barack Obama, Coommander-in-C Chief; Deborah Mullen and he husband, N er Navy Admiral Mik Mullen, outg ke going chairman of the Joint C n Chiefs of Staff, observe the honor guard pass and review at the Chairman of the Joint Ch s t n hiefs of Staff chaange of responnsibility ceremo on Joint B ony Base Myer-Henderson Hall, Vir rginia, Septemb 30, 2011. ber Admiral Mullen re etired during th ceremony, bringing to a c he close his 43- yea military car ar reer. He leave a legacy w es which is ushering in new con ncepts of opera ations for Cybe Domain dom er minance. DO photo by U.S. Navy Petty Offic 1st Class Cha J. McNeeley OD cer ad Then Chief of N Naval Operatio ons (CNO), Admiral Mullen, his shown , delivering the keynote addr ress in 2007 during com 7 mmencement exeercises at Souuthern Univers sity in Baton R Rouge, La. In a separate cerremony, Admi iral Mullen co ommissioned R ROTC graduat tes as new officers into the Army, Navy, and Marine Corps. Admiral Mullen is a aunch propone sta ent of science technology, engineering, and math e, , (STTEM) workfor rce developm ment programs in direct support of tom morrow’s Navy. BDPA’s Baton Rouge Chap NB ded by Navy Commander pter was found Jos seph McMahon who was a N n Naval Science instructor ass signed to the Un niversity’s Navy ROTC unit. y  U.S Navy photo by Mass Communi S. y ication Specialis 1st Class Chad J. McNeeley st d bdpatoday Page 6 ww ww.bdpatoda
  7. 7. NBDP In PA ndust N s try News NBDPA Corporate R C Relations | N NBDPA, BETF, and L Local Chap pters U.S. Nav vy to Cele s 236th Birthday on Octobe ebrate its er 13th   Washi ington, D.C.–NNBDPA Chapters, Corporate Sponsors, en e ntrepreneurs, and BDPA mem mbers are invited to join U.S. Navy personn . neland ot ther veterans t this month as America celeb brates its rich Naval Heritagee. For NBDP Chapters c PA collocated with large U.S. Naavyinstalla ations or NROT Units, check local calenda for related c TC ars commemorative events.From the Classroom to the Boar m rdroom: The UUnited States N Navy and Natio onal BDPA will continue its ric traditions in direct support of ch tcommunity-based CS S-STEM progr rams, research and developm h ment (R&D), an Cyber doma dominance Ongoing suc nd ain e. ccess stories a and onials follow.testimo BD DPA was found ded in 1975 b Earl A. Pac Jr. and the late David by ce, e Wimberley. Mr. Pace (above r right) remains very active w with National BD DPA and indusstry leaders. He is joined by Admiral Gary Roughead, y y Ch of Naval Operations (left) and Dr. Willia Bundy, U.S Naval War hief ) am S. Co ollege, BDPA IT Institute p provost and r retired Navy C Commander, during 2010 Na ational BDPA Technology Conference corporate A y e ach hievement and Founder’s Clu ceremonies. d ub . bdp patoday photo co ourtesy NBDPA Admiral Roughea receives hi NBDPA Life ad is etime Achievem ment Award from Joseph Mc cMahon, Presiident [2010] aand founder o NBDPA’s of Haampton Roads Chapter. Admiral Roug s ghead was rec cognized by ind dustry for his personal dedication to outreeach and his progressive lea adership shortly after he delivered his keyynote remarks to industry s exeecutives, corp porate membe ers, and stud dents from several U.S. cha ring NBDPA’s 3 th Anniversar Awards Gala apter-cities dur 35 ry a.       U.S Navy photo by Mass Communi S. y ication Specialis 1st Class Tiffin Jones st ni Van nderwyst Admiral Roughe ead speaks w with members of NBDPA’s New York Chhapter High Sc chool Comput Competitio (HSCC) Te ter on eam during a rec ception in Phila adelphia prior to the 2010 National BDPA T Technology Coonference and Awards Gala c ceremonies. Jus prior to his retirement last month, Admira Roughead pa st al articipated in a ribbon-cutting ceremony wit U.S. Navy leaders, Offic of Naval th ce Re esearch (ONR) executives, City leaders, and BDPA P ) Philadelphia Ch hapter membe for opening ceremonies of Pennsylvan MESA at ers g nia Temple University. He celebrate 38 years in the United Sta ed ates Navy on Se eptember 23, 2011 during retirement cerem monies at the U United States aval Academy in Annapolis, M Na Maryland. bdp patoday photo co ourtesy NBDPA  bdpatoday Page 7 ww ww.bdpatoda
  8. 8. NBDP In PA ndust N s try News NBDPA Corporate R C Relations | N NBDPA, BETF, and L Local Chap pters U.S. Navy y, ONR, a and Natio onal BDPA A: From T The Classroom to the Board droom   Ms Raven [Lisa Stevenson ( s. a] (center, left phooto), a Nation BDPA HS nal SCC finalist from NBDPAs Greater Colu umbia, SC Chhapter, receives a full Na avy ROTC schholarship to Duke University--her chooice. Also sho own with Ms. Stevenson aboove (L-R) is Ms. Denise Holland, s e Preesident NBDPA [2009]; the Honorable B. J. Penn, Assistant Secret tary of the Naavy, Keynote Speaker, a and 2009 NBBDPA Lifetime Achieveme ent Award winnner; Lieutenaant Dennis Holmes, US Naavy; and Vice AAdmiral Harry H Harris, Jr., US NNavy. Midshipm Second man Cla Stevenson (inset, above right) recentl completed h Summer ass n e ly her Cruuise with the U U.S. Navy and is currently in h junior year a Duke. s her at Executives from the United St tates Navy, fed deral, state, or local age encies and reg gional corporat tions accept in nvitations to atte national and regional BD end DPA events at HBCUs to s support CNCI OPSEC, I, Cyyber, STEM and SITES progra d ams. Fra ancisco Nunez (inset, right) w served z who as Co-Captain o NBDPA’s W of Washington DC Chapter 2 C 2010 Region nal HSCC Chhampionship T Team is a sophomore atte ending Moreho ouse College with a 4.0 GPPA. He is a two-time NBD DPA Oracle S Scholar who successfully Ad dvance Program BBriefing to Industr (APBI) panelist Captain ry ts: Daaniel Lakhani, U.S. Marine Co orps; Navy Rear Admiral r commpleted his su ummer internsh with HP in 2011. HP and Oracle are hip d Michelle Howard NBDPA’s 20 d, 011 Regional T Technology NBBDPA Sponsor HP was NB rs. BDPA’s Corporration of the Year in 2010, Coonference Keyno Speaker; Lisa Harbour-Carter (seated), ote a Coomcast; and Keit Scott, Federal DoD/IC Account Executive th t and currently holds the United States Navy’s largest IT con d ntract—Navy of FireEye. f Maarine Corps Intr ranet (NMCI).  During g one of NBDP PA’s 2011 Regional Technolo ogy Conference es, Dr. Larry Sc chutte (above  left ) Director r of Innovation n at the Office  of Naval Research (ONR R) presented to o the audience e a new online collective inte elligence (crow wd‐sourcing) tool known as M MMOWGLI, whi ich may have both public and private sector uses.  R Rear Admiral G Gretchen S. He erbert, USN shown above wit th Ms. Moniqu ue Berry, NBDPA President‐Elect,  is  C Commander,  Navy  Cyber  Forces.  RDML  Herbert  was  the  Keynote  Spe N eaker  for  the  2011  Annual  BDPA  Corporaate Awardds Luncheon he eld each year in the National Capital Region n at the Washington, D.C. Naavy Yard.  BDPA is grateful for continued support of STEM p programs. Everyone in BDPA A wishes the Unnited States Naavy a Happy 23 th Birthday!  b   36 bt bdpatoday Page 8 ww ww.bdpatoda
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  10. 10. Si su hijo recibe almuerzos escolares gratuitos, usted podría calificar para el Servicio de Internet Básico de Comcast. SM Obtenga Internet en su hogar por sólo $9.95 al mes. El mundo se ha vuelto digital. El servicio de Internet se ha convertido en una herramienta esencial para obtener el éxito. Por eso, hemos creado el Servicio de Internet Básico. Está disponible para los hogares con niños que reciben almuerzos escolares gratuitos a través del Programa Nacional de Almuerzos Escolares Gratuitos (NSLP por sus siglas en inglés). Durante su participación en el Servicio de Internet Básico, los clientes recibirán: InTErnET A Un PrECIO ACCESIBLE $ 9 95 al mes + impuestos • • sin aumentos de precio tarifas de activación • tarifas de alquiler de equipo Obtenga un servicio de Internet rápido que disfrutará toda la familia: • Correo electrónico • Tareas • Compartir fotografías UnA CAPACITACIÓn DE • Búsquedas de empleo COMPUTADOrA InTErnET DE BAJO COSTO Pago de cuentas en línea GrATUITA • Disponible por sólo • Ver videos Disponible en línea, con + impuestos materiales impresos • Bajar música y en la escuela • ¡Y muchas cosas más! ¡regístrese hoy mismo! Llame sin costo: 1-855-SOLO-995 (1-855-765-6995). Para obtener más información, visite: restricciones. No está disponible en todas las áreas. Limitado al servicio de XFINITY® Internet Economy para nuevos clientes residenciales quecumplan con ciertos criterios de elegibilidad. Los precios anunciados aplican a una sola conexión. Las velocidades reales varían y no están garantizadas.Después de la participación inicial, si se determina que un cliente ya no es elegible para el programa, pero continúa recibiendo el servicio de Comcast,aplicarán las tarifas regulares. Sujeto a los términos y condiciones del programa Servicio de Internet Básico. Llame al 1-855-765-6995 para obtener lasrestricciones y todos los detalles, o visite ©2011 Comcast. Derechos Reservados. Servicio de Internet Básico (Internet Essentials por sunombre en inglés) es un programa para proveer servicio de Internet a las familias. No es un programa de las escuelas y no está patrocinado o requerido portu escuela. Tu escuela no es responsable por las cuentas del Servicio de Internet Básico.
  11. 11. Comcast Internet EssentialsOverview As the nation’s largest Internet service provider, Comcast is spearheading an ambitious and comprehensive broadband adoption experiment. Called Internet Essentials, it addresses all three of the primary barriers to broadband adoption research has identified: • A lack of understanding of how the Internet is relevant and useful; • The cost of a home computer; • The cost of Internet service. Available to families with children who receive a free school lunch as part of their enrollment in the National School Lunch Program in more than 4,000 school districts in 39 states plus the District of Columbia, the goal of Internet Essentials is to help close the digital divide and ensure more Americans benefit from all that the Internet has to offer. Service Internet Essentials participants receive: Details • Low-cost Internet for $9.95 a month (plus applicable taxes); • No price increases, no activation fees, or equipment rental fees; • A voucher redeemable to purchase a low-cost computer ($149.99 + tax) given at initial enrollment; • Access to free digital literacy training in print, online or in-person. The service also includes free Norton™ Security Suite online safety software valued at $160.Eligibility Internet Essentials will become available during the 2011-2012 “Back to School” season. A household is eligible to participate in Internet Essentials if it meets all of the following criteria: • Is located where Comcast offers Internet service; • Has at least one child who receives a free school lunch as part of his/her enrollment in the National School Lunch Program; *According to the Department of Agriculture, eligibility means a household of three would have to make less than $25,000 a year in income. • Has not subscribed to Comcast Internet service within the last 90 days; • Does not have an overdue Comcast bill or unreturned equipment. Comcast will accept new program participants through the end of the 2013-2014 school year. Find • For general information about Internet Essentials, visit: (for English) and Out More (for Spanish). • For educators or community-based program leaders, visit: • For parents looking to enroll in the program, call 1-855-846-8376 or for Spanish call 1-855-765-6995. Updated July 2011
  12. 12. NBDPA Chapter Events BDPA Community Relations | NBDPA, BETF, and Local Chapters AMERICA’S TOP JOB$ recently listed “The Best Jobs in America 2011” and also posted their “Jobs Outlook” for 2011. Both are listed below to assist career planning with corporate research and due diligence prior to attending this fall’sBDPA members and BDPA student members regional or local chapter fundraisers, career fairs, andinterested in IT careers in New York or Washington professional networking events. Blue = Best outlook.D.C. with SiriusXM Satellite Radio are invited toreview current openings now available online. 2011 Job Outlook Best JOB$ in America 2011 Information Technology Mathematician | avg. $94,178Washington, D.C. — SIRIUS XM Radio is Americas Actuary| avg. $87,204 Salessatellite radio company delivering to subscriberscommercial-free music channels, premier sports, news, Customer Service Software Engineer | avg. $87,140talk, entertainment, and traffic and weather. Engineering Meteorologist | avg. $85,210 Technology Systems Analyst | avg. $77,153SIRIUS XM Radio has content relationships with an array Administrative Biologist | avg. $74,238of personalities and artists, including Howard Stern, MarthaStewart, Oprah Winfrey, Rosie ODonnell, Jamie Foxx, Business Development Statistician | avg. $73,208Barbara Walters, Opie & Anthony, Bubba the Love Marketing Dental Hygienist |avg. $67,107Sponge®, Bob Edwards, Chris "Mad Dog" Russo, Jimmy Accounting & Finance Historian | avg. $63,208Buffett, The Grateful Dead, Willie Nelson, Bob Dylan andTom Petty. Research & Development Audiologist | avg. $63,144SIRIUS XM Radio is the leader in sports programming asthe Official Satellite Radio Partner of the NFL, Major Chapter Announcements and EventsLeague Baseball®, NASCAR®, NBA, NHL®, and PGA NBDPA, Participating BDPA Chapters, and AffiliatesTOUR® and major college sports. st Saturday, October 1 2011 National Cyber Security Awareness MonthSIRIUS XM Radio has arrangements with every major NBDPA, LISTA, and Affiliatesautomaker. SIRIUS XM Radio products are available at th th September 15 through October 15 and, and at retail National Hispanic Heritage Monthlocations nationwide, including Best Buy, RadioShack, Wal-Mart and independent retailers. BDPA Richmond (VA) th th Friday October 7 – October 8 2011 th BDPA Richmond Chapter 20 Anniversary Fundraiser & GalaSIRIUS XM Radio also offers SIRIUS Backseat TV, the firstever live in-vehicle rear seat entertainment featuring BDPA Chicago (IL) thNickelodeon, Disney Channel and Cartoon Network; XM Saturday, October 8 2011NavTraffic® service for GPS navigation systems delivers BDPA Student Endowment Retreatreal-time traffic information, including accidents and road CIO Forum and Executive IT Forum (DC) thconstruction, for more than 80 North American markets. Tuesday, October 11 2011 BDPA DC/BDPA NoVA Co-Host | AITP, AFCEA, AFFIRM, ITSMF, and SIMImmediate IT opportunities for BDPA members are BDPA iRadio Talk-Show (Powered by BETF via the Internet) thavailable online at Members also may Tuesday, October 11 2011 NBDPA’s Power networking Industry Talk Show hosted by Franne McNealupdate their resumes with NBDPA at in advance BDPA Greater Columbia Chapter Annual Golf Tournamentof upcoming career fair and open house announcements. nd Saturday, October 22 2011A BDPA Open House and an IT Career Invitational with Chapter fundraiser and professional networking events.SiriusXM Satellite Radio featuring Washington, D.C. area November 2011 | Supercomputing 2011IT positions was held this past summer during the annual Advertising Deadline & Closing DateRegional Conference. A new event for BDPA’s Chapter of - Wednesday, October 20th 2011 Advertising,the Year, will be in New York. bt Events, and Local Chapter legislative news for September 2011. Visit bdpatoday Page 12
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  14. 14. SC11 Communities Program Bolsters Global Fellowships and Broader Engagement (BE) Seattle, WA – Sponsored by ACM (Association for Computing Machinery) andNational Hispanic Heritage Month IEEE Computer Society, this year’s SC conference series offers a complete 2011 Theme: “Many Backgrounds, technical education program and exhibition showcasing High Performance Many Stories…One American Spirit” Computing (HPC), networking, storage and analysis and advances in scientific discovery, research, education and industry. Hosted annually, SC is a premier international conference and technical program featuring workshops, tutorials, a world class exhibit area, demonstrations and opportunities for hands-on learning.Washington, D.C. – Each year, BDPAmembers and fellow Americans observe BDPA student members, educators, emerging and experienced practitionersNational Hispanic Heritage Month from interested in discovering the vast opportunities within HPC are encouraged toSeptember 15 to October 15, by celebratingthe histories, cultures and contributions of explore the range of programs offered in conjunction with the SC11 conferenceAmerican citizens whose ancestors came from taking place November 12-18 at Seattle’s Washington State Convention and TradeSpain, Mexico, the Caribbean and Central and Center.South America. Extended grants and sponsorships will be provided by the Communities Program,The observation started in 1968 as Hispanic including travel and housing, as well as discounted technical program registrationsHeritage Week under President Lyndon for participants within the Broader Engagement (BE), Education and StudentJohnson and was expanded by President Volunteer Programs. “The SC Communities Program champions leadership andRonald Reagan in 1988 to cover a 30-day creates lifelong collaborations that are the cornerstone to our community’s longevityperiod starting on September 15 and ending on and success,” says Communities Program Chair, Satoshi Matsuoka. “Our initiativesOctober 15. It was enacted into law on August nurture the individual through programs that are aligned with the critical interactions,17, 1988, on the approval of Public Law 100- education, expertise and skills needed within the HPC community now and into the402. future.”The day of September 15 is significant Designed to connect a diverse pool of talent with the SC community and enrich thebecause it is the anniversary of independence educational experience, the BE Program will host a Mentor/Protégé program, thefor Latin American countries Costa Rica, El Student Job Fair and offer a limited number of sponsored tutorial registrations. TheSalvador, Guatemala, Honduras and International Ambassadors program will help new attendees, from all over the world,Nicaragua. In addition, Mexico and Chile become immersed in the conference and community activities. The Studentcelebrate their independence days on Volunteer Program will host 200 students this year who will provide hands-onSeptember 16 and September18, respectively. support for various conference elements and take part in the technical program.Also, Columbus Day or Día de la Raza, whichis October 12, falls within this 30 day period. bt Geared primarily toward undergraduate and secondary-level educators, this year’s Education Program and curriculum will provide introductory _____________________________________ workshops on HPC and Computational and Data Enabled Science and Engineering (CDESE) techniques and technologies including hands-on system time through the “LittleFe project,” SC’s first ever multiple node mini-cluster whose primary focus is on turnkey classroom demonstrations and exercises. Experts across a broad spectrum of disciplines will be on-hand to support these activities and to provide their own insights around the many opportunities available throughout this diverse ecosystem. Additional information for students and volunteers are found at: bt bdpatoday Page 16
  15. 15. IT Execs | FY12 Industry Outlook? BDPA Corporate Relations | ICT and Green Industry SectorsPTTV Program Promotes Industry and Community Washington, DC—With the 2012 and 2013 National BDPA Technology Conferences arriving in Baltimore and Washington, D.C. respectively, industry executives are invited to participate with local chapters in presenting CS-STEM oriented documentaries and conducting technical interviews with the public through the lens of BDPA on the air with Popular Technology TV (PTTV). PTTV is produced by bdpatoday for executives to share their experiences, challenges, and emerging technical requirements for fiscal year 2012 with their community across any vertical or industry market sector. The PTTV pilot episode, featuring National BDPA Co-Founder and CompTIA IT Hall of Fame 2011 Inductee, Earl A. Pace, Jr. PTTV currently is available via the Internet or for participating local cable television stations. bt bdpatoday Page 17
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  21. 21. GOOD HANDS® WORKING TOGETHER CAN CHANGE THE WORLD. Allstate is proud to support the National BDPA Technology Conference People come first. Everything else is second. That’s Allstate’s Stand.®© 2010 Allstate Insurance Company, Northbrook, IL
  22. 22. National BDPA Technology ConferenceBaltimore Hilton  August 1-4, 2012   1.800.727.BDPA (2372) FIRST-CLASS MAIL AUTO U.S. POSTAGE PAID WASHINGTON, DC 611 Pennsylvania Avenue, S.E. PERMIT NO. 783 Suite #213 Washington, D.C. 20003-4303 bdpatoday Page 20