Newsletter: BDPA Philadelphia (Jan 2002)


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Newsletter: BDPA Philadelphia (Jan 2002)

  1. 1. THE PHILLY PORTALVolume 2, Issue 1 Newsletter for Philadelphia Chapter BDPA Members January 2002From the President’s Desk Calendar of EventsTHOUGHT LEADERS IN ACTION LOCAL CHAPTER MEETINGSBeverly Chandran, President PLACE CIGNA - 2 LIBERTY PLACEHappy New Year! The 21st century will bring new 16 ST BETWEEN MARKET & CHESTNUT STS THopportunities, in addition to continued challenges. TOPIC .NET DEFINED, MICROSOFT’S PLATFORM FOR XML WEBUnfortunately, acts of terrorism, a plummeting market, LES HOLLAND, MICROSOFT CORPORATIONand large numbers of layoffs marked the year 2001. It DATE 01/18/2002, 6:30 PMis evident that we were most severely affected by MEETINGS HELD 3 FRIDAY OF EACH MONTH (EXCEPT AUGUST) RDlayoffs; in fact, many tenured African Americans NO PROGRAM MEETING IN FEBRUARY 2002 (SEE PAGE 4)employed in corporate America were let go. So herewe are again, feeling the affects of a recession andwondering how, where, and when the next opportunity BDPA NATIONAL BOD MEETINGwill present itself. Wall Street analysts predict that by PLACE ORLANDO, FLthe 2nd quarter of 2002 the economy will begin to turn TOPIC NATIONAL BOARD OF DIRECTORS MEETINGaround. Presently, businesses are not spending as DATE 02/01/2002 – 02/03/2002they continue attempts to regroup from last year’s stock MEETINGS OPEN TO ANY FINANCIALLY CURRENT MEMBERmarket losses. HTTP://WWW.BDPA.ORG/NBODMEETING.CFMOver the last two decades, the world has become BFTAWtechnology driven; technology is the driver of new PLACES TBA (CALENDAR BEING DEVELOPED)markets and businesses, as well as a catalyst for the TOPIC BLACK FAMILY TECHNOLOGY AWARENESS WEEKrise in competition across every business sector. This DATE 02/10/2002isn’t going to change, because some level of HTTP://WWW.ROUNDTHEWAY.ORG/TECHWEEKtechnology is needed to make businesses run more FOR UPDATESefficiently in every industry. If the state of the economy BDPA’S PROGRAM FOR BFTAW WILL BE HELD AT:has you a bit depressed, don’t worry, because you PLACE CANAAN COMPUTER INSTITUTEhave chosen the right career path—technology. You TOPIC ‘DESIGNING CUSTOM TSHIRTS ON COMPUTER’are in an organization that is committed to providing its’ DATES 02/10, 1:30 PM – 5:30 PMmembers with information and services to close the 02/14, 6:30 PM – 8:30 PMdigital divide. There is clearly a need for a new focuswith new standards to measure the effectiveness of INFO: CONTACT MIKE BARNEY, MBARNEY@IT.NETCOM.COMdiversity within corporate America. Our corporatesponsorship program will address this issue. BDPA NATIONAL CONFERENCEAlthough many mission critical projects may have been PLACE ORLANDO, FLORIDAput on hold, CEO’s are approving IT projects that are DISNEY’S CONTEMPORARY RESORTtied directly to servicing customers and making the ‘CHANGING THE CULTURE OF IT:business entity run more efficient—faster. Businesses FROM ACCESS TO OWNERSHIP’are seeking talent in the areas of Customer DATE AUGUST 7-11, 2002 Early Bird Registration Fee: $350Continued on the next page THE PHILLY PORTAL 1 PHILADELPHIA CHAPTER
  2. 2. MESSAGE FROM THE PRESIDENT’S DESK ContinuedRelationship Management (CRM), eCommerce, projectmanagement, SAP, Oracle, PeopleSoft, C++ developerskills, and security and disaster recovery, to increasebusiness revenues and improve customer service. And ofcourse, starting a business using any of thesecompetencies will prove to be profitable.The BDPA executive board is very excited about raisingthe bar in establishing new standards for the Philadelphiachapter. We need your help. We are asking that eachBDPA member participate:1. Complete the member survey you will receive in thenext couple of weeks. It is imperative that the executiveboard reviews member profiles in order to developprograms that will address the specific needs of BDPAmembers based on informed decisions. TECHNOLOGY BUZZWORDS2. Attend the next BDPA general member meeting. Thegeneral memberL - E X T E is S I B Limportant, because this X M meeting N very E M A R K U P L A N G A serve you. We need your input –organization existsUto G Eyour ideas for new a methoddevelopment, education XML is program of creating common information formats which enables sharing ofinitiatives, new membership and retention efforts,corporate sponsorship, fund raising, and on the World both the format and the data the 2003 Wide Web, intranets, and other venues. Forconference. Email notifications citing the date and time of example, computer manufacturers might agreethe meetingon a be issued. will standard methodology to describe the information about a computer productRemember that BDPA was created to provide services to (processor speed, memory size, etc.) and thenAfrican American peopleproduct information format with describe the interested in, or working in thefield of information technology. Some of the brightest XML. This standardization allows users to send an intelligent agent (a program) to eachminds in the technology industry today are members ofthe BDPA family. We are “Information Technology then manufacturers web site, collect data, and make a valid comparison. XML can be usedThought Leaders” ready for action. Taking action will lead by anyone who needs to share information in ato recognition, jobs in corporate America, and the creation consistent method.of new black owned businesses, which will benefit you as XML is a formal recommendation from thea member of BDPA as well as the community-at-large. Inthis spirit, I World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and is look forward to working with the BDPA family similar to HTML (Hypertext Markupfor the next Language). Both languages use markup two years to bring this chapter to the forefrontof the IT industry. to describe the contents of a file or symbols page. XML describes content in terms of what data is being described. However, unlike Annual Kwanzaa Celebration with HTML, XML Mama Sandy a Griot[storyteller] the is extensible, meaning that markup symbols are self-defining and unlimited. XML and HTML can be used together in many web applications. Beverly looks forward to seeing C A L E N DYou at the next E N T S function AR OF EV BDPA NATIONAL CONFERENCE THE PHILLY PORTAL 2 PLACE SHERATON CHICAGO HOTEL & TOWERS CITYFRONT PHILADELPHIA CHAPTER CTR CHICAGO, ILLINOIS DATE 08/15 - 08/18
  3. 3. African Americans’ Role in Civil War Members CornerDean Reidy and Professor King Present Program BDPA Member PROFILES – New OfficersS & S Protective Services, Inc. and BSI International, Inc. Focus this month is on three officers in our newpresent "The Role of African Americans in the Civil War" administration – all dynamic, dedicated, and well-roundedon Saturday, February 9, 2002 from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 leaders.p.m. at the Philadelphia Room, 6th & Willow Streets Beverly Chandran(between Callowhill & Spring Garden). New President Beverly Chandran possesses diverseExplore the "African American Civil War sailors and management, marketing, and technology experience.soldiers Database Project" with Dean Joseph P. Reidy, She has expertise in business process engineering, program management, strategic operational planning, andHoward University Graduate School Associate Dean and quality assurance. Beverly is also an entrepreneur,Professor Lisa Y. King, Morgan State University History recently starting a new business, i2Technology GroupProfessor. Enjoy an informal buffet luncheon and music. LLC, a consortium of technology professionals withFree admission (security will be provided). FOR offerings to corporations for establishing or improvingFURTHER INFORMATION call: (215) 829- 9212 business practices. She also keeps busy as an Executive Member of the Red Cross’ Spectrum Awards Committee. Beverly is a hard working, highly motivated, well- organized, professional. She loves to travel, takes two- three trips a year, and once traveled alone to Japan, Hong Kong, and China. Beverly subscribes to a holistic lifestyle and is a vegetarian (90% she says with a smile). She also has another business, Magnetic Energy, that provides services to promote self-healing, therapeutic massages, stress therapy, and empowerment counseling. An avid reader, Beverly prefers nonfiction and motivational books. She loves the outdoors and exercises two-three times a week. Beverly is committed to making a value-added difference to BDPA members through innovative and aggressive new initiatives.Award for Excellence in TechnologyDarold L. Hamlin Scott MyersBDPA member Darold Hamlin received the Award for Newly elected Vice President Scott R. Myers has over 15 years experience in IT Security and NetworkingExcellence in Technology sponsored by Rep. W. Curtis technologies. Scott has led numerous multi-site networkThomas and the New Millennium Foundation Trust. deployments for financial, insurance, health care,Darold, CIO for the Social Services Cluster of the City of manufacturing, and e-commerce firms. He has extensivePhiladelphia, is responsible for managing the technology experience in developing secure networks based onprograms and assets for several social services technologies such as Cisco Systems, Checkpoint, Microsoft, and Sun. Currently, Scott is President ofdepartments. He also has responsibility for managing the enTRANS Solutions, Inc., an information securitycitys Digital Divide program, charged with bringing consulting firm. He is also Chief Technology Officer,technology to all segments of the community. Unwired Plus, Inc. (, a firm providing wireless network solutions to the education market. Scott is energetic, enthusiastic, articulate, and committed toKudos to Jennifer Pierce contributing to the improvement of our chapter. With overMany thanks to Jennifer Pierce, BDPA member and 10 years experience in photography, Scott has been aBoeing employee, who sold 40 tickets to the Black freelance photographer for the past 3 years, focussing on photojournalism, portraits, and fine art.Professionals Christmas party in December! Now that’smember support! THE PHILLY PORTAL 3 PHILADELPHIA CHAPTER
  4. 4. BDPA Member PROFILES continuedGigabit Memory Chips Duane HowardSamsung Electronics was first out of the gate with agigabit memory chip. The world’s first 1-Gigabit NAND Our new Treasurer, Duane Howard, has extensiveflash memory chip is fabricated with 0.12-micron management and financial systems analysis experience,technology. The new device boasts the world’s smallest including expertise in developing capital and operationalcell size that breaks the 0.1- micron2 barrier a record- budgets, income statements, and revenue forecasts for asetting achievement in the industry’s scaling technology. Fortune 500 corporation’s senior management. CurrentlyThe new device is expected to satisfy a variety of employed at Independence Blue Cross, Duane managesapplications: a professional staff with responsibility for financial processing and managed care systems. He is a graduate*PC Operating System of University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School ofWindows NT can be operated with a single 1-Gigabit Business, with a dual degree in Accounting andNAND Flash memory. Marketing. A ‘team player …who will work diligently to support the efforts, goals, and visions of BDPA’s future’,*Mobile handset: Duane is excited about serving in his new position.The compact handset has been restricted to a limited Duane is a member of 100 Black Men. Also, he hasutilization of operating software due to the low-density attained a ‘Competent Toastmaster Distinction’ and ismemory availability. The new device that provides up to a Area #17 Governor for the Toastmasters’ organization. Inmaximum 2 Gigabits resolves such demands. addition, Duane finds the time to serve as a youth counselor (handling teens ages 13 thru 18 yrs old) at his*Personal Digital Assistants: church.For PDA’s, it will also greatly enhance battery lifetimecompared to the low-cost commodity DRAM. The non- REMAINING CHAPTER BOARD POSITIONS FILLEDvolatile memory can preserve data over 10 years withoutadditional power back up. Emma Tramble, long time BDPA member, was recruited by President Beverly Chandran, and has accepted the po-*MP3 player / Digital camera: sition of Corresponding Secretary.An original application of the NAND flash memory willenjoy more memory capacity as the 2-Gigabit device is Kia Savage, BDPA member, has accepted the Recordingcapable of storing up to 4 hours of audio files and 2 hours Secretary position.moving picture images on the MPEG 4 standard. Congratulations to Emma and Kia!For more info: The new administration is in the process of reorganizing and launching several new initiatives. Their objectives include providing increased BDPA exposure in the technology community, as well as the Philadelphia community at-large; growing our membership rolls; improving membership value to constituents; andWho Is Philip Emeagwali? preparing to host the national BDPA conference in 2003, here in Philadelphia. Monthly Program Meeting ChangesSuperbrain of Africa • In lieu of the February program meeting, members should support the Black Family TechnologyHes developed the worlds fastest computer --- andthats just the beginning…… Awareness Week event, to be held…… The programHe left school in Standard 8 and lived with his family in a meeting is cancelled for the month of February andrefugee camp. But Nigerian Philip Emeagwali is now will resume in Marchregarded as one of the worlds best scientific brains --- aman who has won truckloads of awards and is worth a • There will be a $5.00 charge to non-membercool R200 million ... attendees of the Philly BDPA program meetings,Tim OHagan reports from Cape Town, South Africa starting in March.[Published in DRUM (Africas leading magazine) on March19, 1998]. THE PHILLY PORTAL 4 PHILADELPHIA CHAPTER
  5. 5. GET INVOLVED!! RBITP 2002 KickoffCome out to the Monthly Program Meetings! Roy Barnes Information Technology ProgramJoin a Committee! BDPA Philly is kicking off another year for our RBITP with invitations to all 8th grade and high school students toWhy NOT – A Slogan for an Interesting Life! participate in a high school computer-training program. This is an annual program sponsored by our chapter asBDPA needs interested members to work on various part of its Education Committee Programs.committees. Full descriptions of the functions andactivities of each committee can be found on the chapter During the program students obtain training in IT, BDPAwebsite: history, computer programming, web technologies, and presentation and teamwork skills. The program fosters the development of self-esteem, self-confidence, andCommittee Contact leadership skills. Students are afforded the opportunity to receive instruction from IT professionals – our BDPAAutomation automation@bdpaphilly.orgCareer volunteers.Communication The goal of the national BDPA organization is that all localCorporate chapters sponsor a computer learning program andEducation education@bdpaphilly.orgFinance prepare a student team for competition in the NationalFundRaising BDPA High School Computer Competition held at theMembership membership@ annual national BDPA conference. Our Philly chapter awards financial scholarships to those student participantsCommunications communication@ selected to compete at the national convention. TheProgram deadline for application submission is January 28, 2002. For more information, contact: Sharlene Roberson, Program Coordinator 610-355-2890 / svrqst@aol.comPhiladelphia Chapter Officers FREE EMAIL ADDRESSPresident Beverly Chandran BDPA offers free email addresses to all members. Check out the following URL to apply:Vice President Scott Myers Vp@bdpaphilly.orgTreasurer Duane Howard MEMBER RECOGNITIONCorresponding Emma Tramble Have you recently been promoted? Won an award?Secretary Landed a new job? Started a new business? Acquired a new degree or certification? We want to know! We’ll helpRecording Kia Savitz-Quick you to inform the technology world about yourSecretary accomplishments by printing your good news in our newsletter. Email your info to: THE PHILLY PORTAL 5 PHILADELPHIA CHAPTER
  6. 6. 2002 BDPA National Conference PHILLY CHAPTER SPONSORSAugust 7 - 11, Orlando, FloridaYou can register now for the 24th annual BDPA SAP AMERICA, INCconference. Visit: SAP AG is the third-largest software company in the world. Founded in 1972 by five former IBM systems engineers, SAP now employs more than 24,000 people in more than 50 countries. Companies of all sizes, includingBDPA MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS more than half of the worlds top 500 companies use SAP software. Customers using SAP software to increase theirThere are very practical benefits associated with a BDPA competitiveness and efficiency include Advanced Micromembership, discounts such as: Devices Inc. (AMD), Autogrill SPA, Chevron Corp., Colgate Palmolive Co., CompUSA, Deutsche Telekom American Airlines AG, Eastman Chemical, ENI SPA, Fiat SPA, The GilletteThe American Airlines Star Number for the conference Co., Microsoft Corp., Minolta Co. Ltd., Motts, Philipdiscounts: 5181AV. Please note you can use this for AA Morris, Pirelli SPA, Robert Bosch GmbH, Royal PhilipsOnly (AKA American Airlines, TWA, Americal Eagle, LLC) Electronics, Security National Servicing Co., Siemens AG,The discounts are as follows: Sony Corp., Statoil, Telecom Italia SPA, and Volkswagen AG. In addition, SAP customers include dot-com• AA/Oneworld only 5% off applicable companies around the globe, such as• AA Only 10% 7 day advanced notice, and Westell Technology. SAP has leveraged its extensive experience to deliver theif booked 60 days advance, discounts: definitive e-business platform for the new Internet• AA/Oneworld Only 10% economy –™. The collaborative• AA/TWA e-business platform allows employees, customers, and business partners to work together successfully – Handtech anywhere, anytime. is open and flexible,Up to 15% Discounts on Online Training available for supporting databases, applications, operating systems,BDPA Members. and hardware from almost every major vendor. Hertz10% to 30% Discounts for BDPA (Mention BDPA - CDP# Insurance Data431590 ) Processing Diversity Careers MagazineFree Subscription for BDPA Members (A $104 value) CIGNA Metropolitan Black Enterprise Magazine Career CenterDiscount on Subscriptions ($15 for BDPA Members) BOEINGNEWSLETTER STAFF:Sandi Anderson Editor, WriterMichael Barney Contributing EditorSabrina Reeves Contributing EditorRussell Jones Contributing Editor THE PHILLY PORTAL 6 PHILADELPHIA CHAPTER