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Letter from the National BDPA President

                           It is with great pride that we release the 2004 Natio...
2004 Corporate Sponsors & Supporters
Platinum Corporate Sponsors                                      Corporate Supporters...

                                                    The 2004 un-audited financial
2004 BDPA AWARDS                                        2004 BDPA ACCOMPLISHMENTS

2004 National Conference A ward W inne...
Message from the National BDPA Executive Director

  National BDPA, home to professional leaders in the information techno...
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2004 National BDPA Annual Report


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This is the 2004 National BDPA Annual Report issued during my first year as national BDPA president. We tried to be as transparent as possible about the results BDPA achieved in 2004.

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2004 National BDPA Annual Report

  1. 1. BDPA is a global member focused technology organization that delivers programs and services for the professional well-being of its stakeholders.
  2. 2. Letter from the National BDPA President It is with great pride that we release the 2004 National BDPA Annual Report. We respectfully dedicate the report to our predecessors on whose shoulders we stand and to our peers who continue to work to fulfill the mission of the BDPA Information Technology Thought Leaders. BDPA is a service organization that advances the careers of IT profes- sionals, entrepreneurs and students from the classroom to the boardroom through education, mentoring, services and business networking. Aside from being a powerful voice for African Americans in the IT industry, BDPA enhances innovation, technical skills, busi- ness savvy and personal growth in each of its chapter cities on a daily basis. The BDPA organization has been providing programs and services in this country since 1976. However, in the past three years (2002-2004), membership growth has reached its highest level ever. More importantly, our strategic plans call for us to grow BDPA to 15,000 by August 2007. BDPA was blessed in 2004 with 116 corporate sponsors. That was more than double the past number of corporate sponsors. Our hope is that you will enjoy this annual report. This booklet will become a cherished, tangi- ble reminder of the great people and efforts that were on display in the first year of my term as national president. Kudos to Gina Billings, Rick Giraudy, Milt Haynes, Vercilla Brown and the other officers of National BDPA who worked so hard in producing the results in 2004 that are doc- umented in this publication. I challenge all that read this report to look within. I challenge each of you to work with BDPA to support our programs and services on a corporate and individual level. It is time that we bring BDPA to each and every student, teacher, IT professional and entrepreneur where he or she lives and works. The Board of Directors and officers of BDPA stand ready to assist you. R. Wayne Hicks, President National BDPA National BDPA Past Presidents 1976-1980 Earl Pace (Philadelphia) 1981-1984 Norman Mays (Cleveland) 1985-1988 Gerard Anderson (New Jersey) 1989-1992 Vivian Wilson (Cleveland) 1993-1994 Diane Davis (Detroit) 1995 Ollie Morgan (Chicago) 1995-1999 George Williams (Cleveland) 1999-2001 Renee McClure (New York) 2002-2003 Milt Haynes (Chicago) 2004-Present Wayne Hicks (Cincinnati) 2 BDPA 2004 ANNUAL REPORT
  3. 3. 2004 Corporate Sponsors & Supporters Platinum Corporate Sponsors Corporate Supporters 1. Allstate Insurance 66. Adams Mark Hotel HBE Corp (St. Louis) 2. Microsoft Corporation 67. Associates For Computing Machinery (ACM) 68. Avue Technologies Gold Corporate Sponsors 69. BDPA Education & Technology Foundation 3. Bank of America 70. Black & Decker Corporation 71. Career Communications Group 4. Dell 72. CIGNA 5. Hewlett-Packard 73. CincyTechUSA 6. Mayo Clinic 74. Computer Horizons 7. Merck & Co., Inc. 75. Computer Resource Solutions (CRS) 76. Computer Technology Solutions (CTS) Silver Corporate Sponsors 77. Corporate Professional Service Inc. 8. Black Enterprise Magazine 78. Cummins, Inc., 9. Compuware Corporation 79. Dallas Convention & Visitors Bureau 10. Hewitt Associates 80. Dallas Ft-Worth Airport 11. Toyota Motor Manufacturing North America, Inc. 81. Delta Technology, Inc. 82. EDS 83. EduSerc Bronze Corporate Sponsors 84. Educational Advancement Alliances, Inc. 85. Educational and Technical Services Inc. 12. Abbott Laboratories 86. Excelsior College 13. ABN AMRO 87. First Bank 14. American Airlines 88. Getronics 15. Anthem Insurance 89. Global Employment Solutions 16. Blackwell Consulting Services 90. Global Lead Management Consulting 17. Blockbuster Inc. 91. Hiltronics Computer Associates 18. Citizens Bank 92. Imani Books 19. Computer Associates 93. Ingenium Corporation 20. Eli Lilly & Company 94. ITS Corporation 21. GE Transportation 95. JCW Computer Consulting LLC 22. HSBC 96. Jobian 23. Kelly Services, Inc. 97. McDonald's Corporation 24. Kraft Foods 98. Miracles (Todd Wagner Foundation) 25. Limited Brands 99. Multi-Tek Associates 26. Marriott International 100. NAMD 27. National City Bank 101. NEC Unified Solutions, Inc. 28. North Carolina Mutual Life Insurance Co 102. Principal Financial Group 29. Northwest Airlines 103. Prudential Insurance 30. SAP America 104. Qnet Information Services 31. Sears, Roebuck & Co., 105. Quest Diagnostics 32. ThoughtWorks, Inc. 106. Raytheon Company 33. US Cellular 107. Rockwell Collins 34. Walgreens 108. Sempra Energy Utility 35. Wal-Mart Stores 109. Southern Progress Corporation 36. Walt Disney World 110. State Farm Insurance 37. Xavier University 111. TEKSystems 112. Texas Commission on Environmental Quality Corporate Sponsors 113. Texas Parks & Wildlife Department 114. The Rhode Island Foundation 38. Accenture 115. Tynic Solutions 39. Acxiom 116. Urban Life Marketing 40. Anheuser-Busch COS, Inc. 117. USAA 41. AON Corporation 42. ARINC 43. Cardinal Health Media Partners 44. Cincinnati Bell Black IT Magazine 45. Cinergy Black Tech Magazine 46. CitiGroup Black Enterprise Magazine 47. Coca-Cola Company Career/Diversity Magazine 48. Computer Science Corporation InFocus Magazine 49. Comsys IT Careers Magazine 50. Convergys 51. DaimlerChrysler Corporation 52. Deloitte 53. DeVry University 54. DiamondCluster 55. Freddie Mac 56. International Paper 57. Lockheed Martin 58. Monsanto 59. Office Depot 60. Procter & Gamble 61. Sara Lee Foods 62. TDC Systems Integration 63. The Kroger Company 64. University of Texas (Dallas) 65. Wachovia Corporation BDPA 2004 ANNUAL REPORT 3
  4. 4. BDPA 2004 ANNUAL FINANCIALS & PROFILE The 2004 un-audited financial statements for National BDPA show that income from the national con- ference was $886,165, an increase of 13% in corporate marketing sup- Administration port and conference registration. Income from national corporate mar- keting was $102,000 a 50% increase. The only area that showed a decrease in revenue was membership with $35,459 a 23% decrease. A conference expense of $635,106 is a 20% increase from the 2003 conference. Expenditures for Member Services totaled $39,788, Strategy & Planning totaled $11,054, The National Office expenses totaled $140,835; Finance and Travel $47,653 and membership $9,302. -VP Finance 4 BDPA 2004 ANNUAL REPORT
  5. 5. 2004 BDPA AWARDS 2004 BDPA ACCOMPLISHMENTS 2004 National Conference A ward W inners - Adam's Mark Hotel, Dallas TX CONFERENCE HIGHLIGHT o Increase in conference registration o Opening Ceremony Keynote speaker- Dr. Mae Jemison, Corporate Awards First African American woman in space Corporation of the Year Allstate Insurance CORPORATE SALES Chapter Awards o Incorporated CRM software tool to help manage corpo- Chapter of the Year rate sales using 1st Place: Cincinnati o Secured funding in excess of 611K to support local 2nd Place: Baltimore chapters. 3rd Place: Richmond o 25 corporations supported the BDPA resume database. o Increased corporate sponsors and supporters by 48% Chapter Community Service Award: Chicago Chapter Management Award: Richmond STANDARDIZED SOFTWARE PROJECTS Chapter Membership Award: Greater Columbia o BDPA Global Database - implemented in May 2004 - Chapter Professional Service Award: Cincinnati Membership, Events, Surveys o BDPA Resume Database & Job Posting Center Individual Awards STRATEGIC PLANNING PROCESS Outstanding NBOD Member: Joseph Taylor (Memphis) o 3-Year Strategic Direction & 2004 Business Plan National President's Award: Jackie Ockleberry (Dallas) o Legislative Goal Action Team (L-GAT) Outstanding Member: Dee Pearson (Dayton) STRATEGIC ALLIANCES STRENGTHENED IN 2004 HSCC Competition Winners o Information Technology Senior Management Forum 1st place: Memphis (ITSMF) 2nd place: Southern Minnesota o Society of Information Management (SIM) 3rd place: Albany o Information Technology Alliance Association (ITAA) T-Shirt Competition BROADENED OUR COMMUNICATION W/ BDPA 1st place: Southern Minnesota COMMUNITY 2nd place: New Jersey o BDPA Journal (monthly issue) 3rd Place: Washington DC o BDPA IT Magazine (a semi-annual new publication) IT Showcase Winner - High School Division CHAPTER GROWTH & SUPPORT 1st place: Andre Strong, Thomas Edison HS, DC o Chapter Building Workshops at National Conference 2nd place: Eric Lamison-White, Bowie HS, DC o Six new chapters added in 2004 3rd place: Julian Waller, Carroll HS, DC CAREER & PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT IT Showcase Winner - College Division o Career Coaches Program 1st place: Robert Garcia, DePaul University, o Established relationship with Avue Technologies for pub- DePaul University Chapter lic sector job openings 2nd place: Jessye Bemley, North Carolina A&T o Established relationship with or private University, DC Chapter sector job openings 3rd place: Chris Holt, Southern Illinois University, o Initiated tele-course offerings Central Illinois Chapter o Published an Entrepreneur Directory o Trained over 800 students and delivered 27 High School Best Company for Blacks in IT Student Computer Training programs Winner - Allstate Insurance o Provided 530 workshops o Maintained 4 BDPA community technology centers BDPA 2004 ANNUAL REPORT 5
  6. 6. Message from the National BDPA Executive Director National BDPA, home to professional leaders in the information technology industry, has a strong history of success. Black Data Processing Associates, Inc., began in 1975 in Philadelphia, Pa. Today, as one of the world's leading technology focused organizations, it has nearly 30 years of commitment "to the development of minority resources in the information technology industry." BDPA boasts an online community of more than 21,000 members. Sixty percent are IT profes- sionals (e.g., software developers, business analysts, testers, project managers, etc.), 25 percent are high school and college students, 10 percent are entrepreneurs and consultants, and 5 per- cent are managers and senior executives. The national organization, with a following of teachers, university professors and HR recruiters, represents all age groups and income levels. Members are geographically dispersed across the United States with an international following in Canada, England, France and Ghana. Organizational services touch nearly every facet of life at home and at the office. These servic- es act as a catalyst for high school and college students, IT professionals, entrepreneurs, IT sen- ior managers, corporations, educational institutions and government agencies, to explore IT opportunities for professional growth and technical development. BDPA services and membership have long been among the nation's leading resources for IT talent and skilled professionals. Through BDPA, members receive critical information on technology trends, business skills, management training and IT career skills development. We are widely known as an organization of skilled technologists doing the right things for "Securing One's Future Through Technology." The technically diverse membership of African-American information technology professionals and students gain positive exposure and develop to their highest potential, while BDPA provides value to its corporate investors, strategic partners and clients. There are endless resources available through BDPA that put an IT professional on the path to a rewarding career. BDPA membership offers the following advantages: an online resume serv- ice; online access to job postings; access to BDPA Career Coaches from around the country; career fairs; instructor-led and online courses as well as an executive protégé program. The annual national BDPA conference presents additional opportunities for business network- ing. The conference combines IT seminars and workshops with high school computer competi- tions, plenary sessions, national board events, sponsor exhibitions, a Career Fair, IT golf classic and an awards gala. Participants hail from such diverse backgrounds as academia, government agencies, research organizations and private industry. BDPA is making a difference in the lives of its stakeholders. Get linked in today! Vercilla Brown, Executive Director National BDPA 6 BDPA 2004 ANNUAL REPORT
  7. 7. BDPA Chapter Listings 46. St. Louis 1. Albany 47. Toledo 2. Atlanta 48. Triangle (NC) 3. Austin 49. Twin Cities 4. Baltimore 50. Virginia Commonwealth Univ 5. Bay Area 51. Virginia State Univ 6. Boston Metro 52. Washington DC 7. Central Illinois 9. Charlotte 10. Chattanooga 11. Chicago 12. Cincinnati State 13. Cincinnati National Executive Board 14. Cleveland 15. Columbus R. Wayne Hicks, National President 16. Dallas 17. Dayton Gina L. Billings, National President-Elect 18. DePaul University 19. Detroit Milt Haynes, Immediate Past President 20. Devry Chicago 21. DeVry Tinley Park Earl Pace, Jr., Founder 22. Fort Wayne 23. Greater Birmingham Rick Giraudy, VP, Finance 24. Greater Columbia 25. Greater Tampa Bay Brooks Baker, VP, Membership Management 26. Greenville 27. Hartford Tammy Wilkins, VP, Strategy & Planning 28. Houston 29. Indianapolis Betty Hutchins, VP, Member Services 30. Kansas City 30. Lexington Doug Ash, Outside Director 31. Los Angeles 32. Memphis Tyrone Taborn, Outside Director 33. Nevada 34. New Jersey Will Bundy, Outside Director 35. New York 36. Orlando Vercilla A. Brown, Executive Director 37. Philadelphia 38. Phoenix Wendy Wonsley, VP, Member Services 39. Pittsburgh 40. Rhode Island 41. Richmond 42. Rocky Mountain 43. Seattle 44. South Florida 45. Southern Minnesota BDPA 2004 ANNUAL REPORT 7
  8. 8. BDPA 6301 Ivy Lane, Suite 700 Greenbelt, MD 20770 Phone: 301-220-2180 Fax: 301-220-2185 (800)727-BDPA