ATT vs. Verizon


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This presentation compares two titans in the wireless service industry: Verizon & AT&T. Although the notes for this presentation are not included, this is a strong example of how to incorporate pictures into a slideshow in order to break up text. I worked on a team of 4 students in a Fundament Information Systems course to produce this Powerpoint presentation.

*I do not claim ownership to the images in this slideshow.

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ATT vs. Verizon

  1. 1. AT&T VS. VERIZON
  2. 2. AT&T Largest provider• As of January 2011, AT&T had over 95.5 million wireless customers, just ahead of Verizon Wireless 93.2 million customers.
  3. 3. Verizon Global broadband & telecommunications company• Owns and operates the second largest mobile telecommunications network in the United States• In January 2009, Verizon Wireless acquired Alltel Wireless in a deal valued at $28.1 billion.
  4. 4. Sharing Problems• Both AT&T and Verizon have their fair share of problems, mostly due to external forces.
  5. 5. Key Issue• Customer Service Policy:*Forget about it.*
  6. 6. Verizon SWOT Strengths Weaknesses• Coverage • Customer Service• Brand Recognition • High Termination Fees• Share of Market & Market • Variety of Phones Position • High Overhead Cost• Resources &Assets • U.S. Coverage only• Convenience (# of Stores) • Corporate Culture• Number of Employees• $30 Unlimited Data• Contracted Customers
  7. 7. Verizon SWOT Opportunities Threats• Iphone • Economy• Technology • Legal: Regulations• LTE 4G and Laws• Growing need for • Major Competition: communication in AT&T business • Smaller Competition:• Big business contracts Metro PCS (Price)
  8. 8. AT&T SWOT Strengths Weaknesses• Brand Recognition • Wireless Network (dropped• Largest Wireless Carrier calls) (Revenue & Customers) • Largely focused around• Variety of Products Iphone• Contracted Customers • High Debt• Competitive Advertising • Customer Service• Largest Broadband Service • Losing Landline Customers provided in U.S. • Towers• Largest Landline Usage
  9. 9. AT&T SWOT Opportunities Threats • Economy• Large International • Iphone no longer Market Exclusive • Competitors• 4G Network • Prices need to be• Emerging T.V. lowered • Rapidly moving market Service (Uverse) and need for customers • Legal: Regulations and Law
  10. 10. Two Wireless Titans VERIZON AT&TStrength & Strength &Opportunity Opportunity
  11. 11. Verizon: New Focus on Customer Service
  12. 12. Customer Service Matters!• National Federation of Independent Business: Customer Service First, Pricing and Product Second• 1/5 of Consumers: Customer Service is #1 for building trust in any organization• Harvard University: 80% of customers will be repeat customers if problems are remedied quickly and to that customers satisfaction• 86% of consumers have left companies due to bad Customer Service experience(s)
  13. 13. Losing Customers = $$$• Retaining or satisfying an unhappy customer can cost as little as $15• Winning a new customer can cost up to $600
  14. 14. Verizon Customer Reviews• Nope, Sorry. We cant do that. Pros: I hate to admit it, but they have great coverage. Cons: CS reps are rude, untrustworthy, and pathetic.• Verizon isnt THAT bad, but the customer service is horrible. Pros: service area, plans, nice phones offered at comparable prices Cons: customer service• Verizon has the worst customer service Pros: None Cons: Horrible customer service Bad information Disgraceful policies• It Seems Their Intent is to Drive You Crazy. Pros: service is reliable, products are durable, relatively few technical problems Cons: customer service, customer service, billing issues, customer service, and customer service• Not worth the hassle. Pros: Decent phone and internet connections. Cons: Terrible customer service.
  15. 15. Mystery Charges?• - Investigation from Federal Communications Commission has forced Verizon to a $25 million settlement• -$52 million in refunds to approximately 15 million customers
  16. 16. The Plan Customer Relationship Management• Intense hiring & retraining phase• Restructuring of billing invoices• Customer satisfaction surveys• Employee incentive programs
  17. 17. Advertising A new focus• Aggressive promotional marketing campaign• Letters & emails to customers- about promos
  18. 18. Sprint • Lost $30,000,000,000 and 1 million customers in 2007 and 2008.
  19. 19. Making Telecommunications Simple• Cutting down the service: – More Affordable – Less Confusing – Easier to Solve Problems
  20. 20. Ready Now Program• A personal, scheduled appointment for: – Buying a new phone – Changing plans – Questions on billing – Any other questions/concerns *Undivided Attention from Sprint Representatives*
  21. 21. Customer Service ChampionSprint Verizon and AT&T• Recognized in 2011 as • 2011 Customer one of J.D. Power and Service Rankings: Associates’ Customer Verizon and AT&T Service Champions (only 40 companies are are on the bottom selected in total) half of 143 companies evaluated
  22. 22. Customer Service
  23. 23. Verizon’s Future• New Customer Service Policy?