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Mock situation that helped us utilize efficient and effective crisis PR management

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Northwest Client

  1. 1. Impact Image PRNorthwest Airlines Crisis Management PlanHypothetical Client Scenario and StrategyApril 14, 2009SPCM 481 – Cases and CampaignsDr. BardhanBill Cozzie, Ryan Ederer, Craig Ramsey, Dominique Wash<br />
  2. 2. Client Profile: Northwest Airlines <br /><ul><li>In 1927, Northwest Airways began their first flights holding passengers. Since then, they have changed their name to Northwest airlines and has operated continuously under one name longer than any other U.S. airline.
  3. 3. The fifth largest airline in the world and was the first to ban smoking on its flights.
  4. 4. Each year it operates 1,500 flights to more than 1,000 destinations worldwide. These destinations include 120 countries on 6 continents transporting over 52 million passengers a year.
  5. 5. “Red-Tail” Logo recognized globally
  6. 6. Bridged the technological gap by:
  7. 7. Allowing E-ticketing passengers to check-in and obtain boarding passes in as little as 30 seconds.
  8. 8. Allowing customers to receive tickets and notifications via email.
  9. 9. Ensures the safety of children flying alone, and offers a guarantee on unaccompanied children on flights around the world.</li></li></ul><li>Moderate Case Scenario<br /><ul><li>Relax, It’s not that bad!
  10. 10. The story reaches many homes, but is not a regular household discussion or concern across the United States
  11. 11. Biggest problem is Mothers Against Misuse and Abuse
  12. 12. They have several different chapters across the nation
  13. 13. They have editorials submitted to newspapers 15 major cities nationwide, but other than that, the news trail ends.
  14. 14. Daytime talk shows pick up story
  15. 15. Includes two very popular shows, Oprah and Ellen.
  16. 16. Ultimately, The story stems to only about 75% of consumers who are aware of the situation as well as asking more questions, but besides MAMA making a big deal about it, no sales have been affected heavily.</li></li></ul><li>MCS: Opportunities and Problems<br /><ul><li>Problems:
  17. 17. Controlling MAMA and the audiences they reach.
  18. 18. Daytime talk show hosts instigating negative attention.
  19. 19. News outlets making this information easily accessible.
  20. 20. Opportunities:
  21. 21. MAMA isn’t a large activist group and not well-known.
  22. 22. International regulatory organizations aren’t as concerned with the use of the drug as U.S. organizations, making it easier to control an International Media Crisis
  23. 23. Mom is interested in incentives potentially offered by Northwest to compensate for the current situation.</li></li></ul><li>MCS: Goals and Objectives<br /><ul><li>Goals and Objectives:
  24. 24. Gain mother’s alliance.
  25. 25. Limit amount of international media attention.
  26. 26. Make audiences aware of MAMA’s lack of credibility.
  27. 27. Make audiences aware of the initiative Northwest has taken towards the situation.
  28. 28. Firing of flight attendant.
  29. 29. Further investigation into the case.</li></li></ul><li>MCS: Strategies<br /><ul><li>Gaining mother’s alliance with incentives and/or compensation for her troubles throughout this ordeal.
  30. 30. Financial Settlement
  31. 31. Free flights for immediate family for life.
  32. 32. Further medical and legal research reveal the drug is only of concern to U.S. regulatory programs.
  33. 33. Easy to make it of little or no concern to International Media.
  34. 34. Publically question the credibility of MAMA
  35. 35. Small size
  36. 36. Not affiliated with any other national organizations.
  37. 37. Has known to be radical in the past.
  38. 38. Publically terminate Flight Attendant
  39. 39. Make consumers and the public aware of the termination.
  40. 40. Make public aware that Northwest does not condone that sort of behavior whatsoever and the investigation is on-going.</li></li></ul><li>MCS: Evaluation<br /><ul><li>Evaluating mother and her reactions
  41. 41. Face-to-face interview.
  42. 42. Following her reactions and interviews through the media.
  43. 43. Hiring media watchdog group to monitor International media.
  44. 44. Evaluating primary data received will help us analyze the threat, or lack of, an international media crisis.
  45. 45. Random surveys to NWA Customers on the termination of the flight attendant as well as their overall awareness and attitude about the situation.</li></li></ul><li>Worst Case Scenario<br /><ul><li> Food and Drug Administration decide to examine situation further and publically announce their investigation.
  46. 46. They find evidence that consumption of antidepressants can lead to a rare but serious lung disorder called: persistent pulmonary hypertension.
  47. 47. FAA holds national news conference involving all major media outlets.
  48. 48. Media questions Northwest and their flight attendants demanding answers if drugging of infants occurred on regular basis.
  49. 49. Media also questions how Northwest is dealing with their delinquent employee.
  50. 50. This scenario results in severely negative media attention as well as:
  51. 51. Suspension from major travel seasons
  52. 52. Severe loss in ticket sales
  53. 53. Re-evaluation of hiring process and training of Northwest employees by FAA.
  54. 54. International and national scrutiny.
  55. 55. Scenario causes an outrageous uproar amongst travelers and parents worldwide thus resulting in sever damage done to the reputation and image of Northwest Airlines</li></li></ul><li>WCS: Goals and Objectives<br /><ul><li>Northwest needs to separate themselves from the flight attendant who committed the alleged crime.
  56. 56. This is crucial because we need to isolate the incident to one person and stray away from NWA’s reputation
  57. 57. We plan on doing this by:
  58. 58. Publically terminating flight attendant
  59. 59. Inform public that NWA doesn’t support or condone this behavior
  60. 60. Create a public investigation by NWA looking into several aspects of the incident including hiring process and evaluation and flight attendant supervision. </li></li></ul><li>WCS: Problems and Opportunities <br /><ul><li> Following the implementation of our goals and objectives, our team hopes to turn public image by creating positive partnerships to help diminish these incidents. Possible partnerships include:
  61. 61. Teaming up with the FDA researching prescription drugs with infants specifically designed for flights.
  62. 62. Joining with the FAA developing government regulated training programs for professional flight attendants
  63. 63. A Large donation from NWA to a hospital prenatal wing/facility. </li></li></ul><li>WCS: Strategies<br /><ul><li> Keep it simple and straightforward:
  64. 64. Hold a press conference immediately to announce the flight attendant has been terminated and investigations are on-going.
  65. 65. This is a one-time, isolated incident that will never happen again.
  66. 66. Deeply regret this unfortunate situation by reaching out to mother publically, apologizing and claiming full responsibility.
  67. 67. Approach the FAA and propose joint partnership in launching mandatory training process for flight attendants.
  68. 68. Promote campaign world-wide through major news corporations to reach many different publics.
  69. 69. These will help eliminate this from ever happening again
  70. 70. Ultimately, we want the public to see that Northwest is taking a proactive approach to the situation and will do whatever it takes to make sure this sort of problem doesn’t happen again.</li></li></ul><li>WCS: Evaluation Techniques<br /><ul><li>After implementing the proposed strategy, we plan on evaluating the campaign by:
  71. 71. Analyzing and evaluating the financial return of NWA.
  72. 72. Assist in removal of travel season suspensions and return to or near the average ticket sales of previous fiscal year.
  73. 73. Poll major news stations, especially ones that were heavily included and interested in the situation.
  74. 74. Detect the number of positive media that NWA has received following the implementation of the FAA partnership
  75. 75. Ideally we would like to have turned 75% of nationwide media into positive attention, rather than negative and also eliminate connection of flight attendant and NWA.
  76. 76. Conduct survey to random sample of the general public about NWA
  77. 77. Will include several different aspects to be polled by consumers and the public which will be analyzed by our firm to give us a strong sense of public opinion
  78. 78. Will help us determine if strategy was successful or unsuccessful.</li></li></ul><li>Final Thoughts<br />Situations happen and Impact Image PR understands this. Regardless of each scenario given, Impact Image PR is confident that we can control this crisis. We are confident that we can completely rebuild the image of Northwest Airlines and allow them to be a successful, reputable and prominent leader in the aviation industry.<br />Impact Image PR<br />
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